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Book six


Tommy has a mommy and daddy.

Look! He has many brothers and sisters too.

His daddy and mommy and his brothers and sisters are a family.

Meg has a mommy. She and Meg are a family too.

I love my mommy and she loves me! We have fun.

They are good friends. The children like to have so many friends!

Has – 有 Mommy – 妈妈 Daddy – 爸爸 Brothers – 兄弟 Sisters – 姐妹

Family – 家庭 His – 他的 She – 她 So many – 这么多

双语图书 - © Aurora Productions. Used with permission.

英语阅读 - 第六部分  
英语阅读 - 第六部分  

English learning to read program that can be used to teach reading and English as a second language. Translation of words included at end of...