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Welcome to - the UK's newest voucher code & discount website. Our site is updated once an hour - every hour, without fail - by humans only. It's our main aim to provide you these great savings to help you save a little here and there when you need it most. Because our site is a human edited website we don't allow just any deals or vouchers, we hand pick only the best promotions to list. We make sure all vouchers are tested & 100% working before we make them accessible to you, so you can enjoy the best savings with codes that actually work.

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Using Our site was made for one thing, and one thing only. To provide you great savings on some of the UK's biggest stores. Our site was made for the customer, easy to use, and easy to navigate though, we want everybody to be able to search and find a saving. Simply click on any store that you need a voucher code for, it could be anything from Clark, to Argos, we've got them! After you have found the store your looking for, look for an offer that will benefit you, something that you would normally need to buy.

What is a voucher code? Voucher codes, or sometimes known as discount codes, coupons and even promo codes, are codes that customers can use to save money when they next make a purchase. The retailer will release these codes normally every week / month in a bid to get new customers.

How do we use your site? Don’t worry, we’ve created a little page for that question, click here to go to it.

How often is your site updated? We add new offers to our site every day – 7 days a week. We work non stop to provide you these savings and don’t stop hunting around for the best deals. We test every voucher to make sure it works at the time of posting, and clearly display a count down for each offer. This date has been provided to us by the retailers.

Is this all Free? Yes! Our site is completely free. We don’t want anything from you but your click of the mouse. It’s simple, if you like our site and our offers, you’ll click and buy, and this is how we earn. The retailer will normally give us a percentage typically anything from 3% to 7% of anything you spend. That makes us all winners, don’t you agree? You save money, the store earns money, and because we helped you, the store pays us!

What if the code didn’t work? As we all know, it's really frustrating when you think your getting a good deal but then you realise the code doesn’t work.

Well, we hate that too! So here’s the deal – if you’ve already paid for your items and its too late to get money off, contact us asap and we will send you out a FREE £5 Love2Shop voucher to be spent at your local high street. We will have to confirm the purchase within our system of course, but this information is available as soon as you have paid for your items if you have clicked via our links on

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Voucher codes is the UK's newest voucher code & discount website. Our site is updated once an hour - every hour, without fail - by...