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People who do not have capital to start an online business can still earn money by simply answering online surveys. Because of the relatively easy process that goes with them, online surveys are slowly gaining popularity. Even online jobsites post online survey respondents as an available job opening. There are online survey companies that provide access to the databases of research companies. They charge people a certain fee, usually $20 to $60, for the access that can later on be used to answer paid surveys. However, users should be wary of falling preys to such companies. The charge they implement is not really worth it. The access they provide is very limited and as such, there is really no guarantee that they could earn back their investment completely. The best thing to do is to search for research companies that pay people to answer surveys without the hassle of having to pay membership costs. Search tools on the Internet can be used to look for such companies. These companies pay the respondents in three ways. First, they can pay the respondent based on the number of surveys he or she completes. There are also those that pay respondents on a point basis. Still, others give respondents the privilege of joining sweepstakes. Survey companies that pay respondents depending on the number of surveys they answer usually pay out one to twenty dollars per survey. They send out the surveys to the email address provided by the respondent. Respondents can expect to receive one to five surveys per month from these legitimate companies. Some companies also maintain a database that holds points earned by each respondent. Each time a respondent completes a survey, points are added under his or her record. Once he or she reaches a certain mark, the points earned can be exchanged for money. Usually, these companies give out payments by making online deposits. Sweepstakes are also used by some companies to attract survey respondents. Though not as popular as those companies that pay cash, there are still people who participate in the surveys these companies offer. The chances of winning the prizes are high because only a small number of people are involved in the raffles. People from Canada and United States can expect to earn more money by answering online surveys because most survey companies are based in the said places. However, people from other countries can also earn additional income through online surveys because there are researchers that require respondents coming from non-Western countries.

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==== ==== Paid Surveys From Real Corporate Companies Like Wal-Mart Etc. Is Ready To Be Filled Out ->> ==== ====

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