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MARK WILLCOX An Exhibition Commemorating the 21st Anniversary of the King’s Cross Underground Fire.

Front Cover: Turnerushour (from Rush Hour) Below: Fire Dance

On 18 November 1987 a massive fire engulfed Kings Cross London Underground station, killing 31 people. Mark Willcox left the station only a few minutes before it went up in flames Mark Willcox became sight-impaired in an accident at the age of 18. In spite of this he graduated in the visual arts and had a multi award-winning career in design. He now works as an artist dealing with contemporary urban themes and uses photography extensively as a medium

Below: Flashpoint

Overleaf: Two Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion Right: Fire Escape Below: Ticket Hall Melt

The artworks in this exhibition have been

Mark Willcox is a Fellow of the Royal Society

created as a commemoration, in response

of Arts, a Fellow of the Chartered Society of

to his memories of that night and thoughts

Designers and an Affiliate Member of the

of ‘what might have been’, after the

British Institute of Professional Photographers.

realisation earlier this year, that 2008 is the

He is associated with and co-manages

21st anniversary – a sad ‘Coming of Age’ -

Liverpool Contemporary Artists, a network of

of this tragic event.

creative practitioners in Merseyside.

With special thanks to Erwina A-Ghafar and Novas Arts, Freehand Design & Marketing. For further information go to: Š2008 Mark Willcox.

K X Fire 2 by Mark Willcox