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The Queen And The Cross


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The Queen And The Cross



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The Queen And The Cross

Contents Exorcisms

Table Of Contents Introduction


Preparing To Run This story Scene Structure Gamemaster’s Tips Read The Adventure  Be Prepared To Freestyle Know Your Players Take Notes Stay Calm  General Rules House Rules Non-Player Characters

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Scene Outline


The Book Of Curses


Spotlight: Reverend Alexander Norwood The Silent Siege

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Spotlight: Sir Devin Woods Dark Thoughts

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Spotlight: Tabitha Sinclair The Haunted Church

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Spotlight: Lady Ferria Gilmarand Old Bones

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Spotlight: Scott Franklin


Story Goal & Opposition Genre, Time, Setting & Mood Backstory: Scene Breakdown


Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) The Arrival Of The Archangels Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 hour or more)

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Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) The Dream Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 Hour Or More)

Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) Inside The Office: Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 Hour Or More)

Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) The Raised Platform Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 hour or more)

Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) Henry VII’s Lady Chapel Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 hour or more)

Quick Glance Close Look: (20 Minutes) The Secret Stash Brief Search (30-40 min) Thorough Investigation (1 hour or more)

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The Queen And The Cross


Introduction The Queen And The Cross is an adventure designed originally for Gems Of Night, although it can be easily converted to work with any other game system since it consists of mostly plot information. Like all of the official FreeFall RPG Studios adventures for Gems Of Night it is a story crafted using a system of interconnected scenes. The adventure’s primary setting is the lawless city of Port Royal, Jamaica. The Queen And The Cross is designed to be an extremely gripping and emotional adventure creating heroes out of ordinary people and placing them on an epic stage. This adventure consists of six scenes strung together in a fashion that allows each of the primary characters a chance to use their unique abilities without disrupting the enjoyment of the other players. Once all of the scenes have been played out, whether in the exact order or in a different order, the story will have been told and the adventure will be completed. By this time each of the players should have had their opportunity to be “In The Spotlight”.

these characters are described as having abilities and features consistent with the Gems Of Night system these abilities can easily be omitted or changed to fit whatever system you are playing.

Scene Structure In The Queen And The Cross written by FreeFall Studios the following layout is used to script each scene. Introductory Text: This paragraph sets the mood for the scene. It is designed to allow the gamemaster to better understand how to present the scene to his or her players. Scene Props: This is a list of items that can be found in the scene setting. If the gamemaster wishes he or she can use this information to develop an accurate map of the scene and use this section as a legend. Quick Glance: This section consists of an Introductory Text section and a Scene Props section. It describes the events that occur just as the heroes arrive on the scene. At this point the heroes will only receive a brief description of the scene. Close Look: This section consists of an Introductory Text section and a Scene Props section. It describes the events that occur as the heroes settle into the scene. After approximately 20 minutes of game time the characters will be given a more in-depth description of the scene. On many occasions a second “sub-scene” will enter at this time. Brief Search: This section consists of an Introductory Text section and a Scene Props section. It describes the events that occur after the characters have officially settled into a scene. After approximately 30 - 40 minutes of game time the characters will be given a more in-depth description of the scene. Thorough Investigation: This section consists of an Introductory Text section and a Scene Props section. It describes the events that occur around the end of the scene. After approximately an hour of game time the characters will be given a more in-depth description of the scene.

Preparing To Run This story The Queen And The Cross is intended to be used with Gems Of Night. Although the quick start rules are sufficient to run this adventure. It is recommended that the gamemaster obtain a copy of the core rules guide (Pictured Above) in order to have a more complete set of rules available to him or her. Sample descriptions of characters have been provided for this adventure. Although


Some scenes will need to be mapped out in order for the players to get an accurate feel for them. For the scenes that require maps we will provide them in the back of the book. We will also provide sample character write-ups for each of the main characters of the adventure so that you can recreate them in your chosen game system. Keep in mind that at some point during the adventure each character should be granted an opportunity to stand in the spotlight. The Talespinner system provides spotlight scenes and additional

The Queen And The Cross

Introduction scenes for each adventure. The usual setup should include an inciting event that will draw the players into the adventure, a planning scene where they can cook up their ideas on how to handle the inciting event, at least one spotlight scene for each character in the adventure, a climax, and finally a resolution scene in which the characters reap their rewards and walk off into the sunset.

Gamemaster’s Tips Each and every gamemaster who was ever run Gems Of Night has always had their own style. Some are fans of dramatic roleplaying. Others are action junkies. Regardless of your style there is no right or wrong way to run Gems Of Night. Whatever feels comfortable to you and makes the game fun for your players is all right with us. With that in mind we recommend that every gamemaster at least use the same basic framework for running games. These basic tips will help you get the fundamentals of running Gems Of Night under your belt.

and each character and the connection between them. This will allow you not only to ensure that each player is involved in a story on an emotional level but will also allow you to know exactly how far to push the envelope.

Take Notes This step is extremely important as most game masters tend to forget small tidbits of information during the course of the story. When a player has a vested interest in the events of the story they tend to keep track of every detail of their characters lives. The last thing any gamemaster wants to do is deprive a player of the excitement of gems of night by forgetting a minor detail that might mean so much to that player. We understand that people do not take notes the exact same way. Therefore we encourage you to take notes in your style so that you can keep track of the details of the events of your story.

Read The Adventure We cannot stress how important this first step is to making a game fun and enjoyable to for all of your players. Many times we have been the victim of an unprepared Gamemaster and our nights have been ruined by stories that were more “roll playing” than “role-playing”. Read the entire adventure before presenting it to your players. This way you are prepared for what ever your players can throw at you and you know exactly where the game is leading and can react accordingly. Every official adventure from FreeFall RPG Studios reads like a novel with information that is only revealed when the gamemaster reads each specific scene.

Be Prepared To Freestyle All of the official adventures for Gems Of Night have been written with as much flexibility in mind as possible. That does not, however, mean that anything written between these covers is written in stone. As a gamemaster if there is anything written (rule or otherwise) that does not sit well with you feel free to change it. Jim’s a Veritas is as much your game as it is ours. As such you are free to do what ever it takes to give your characters and players a wonderful adventure.

Know Your Players Many gamemasters take up the mantle for the first time by running games for their friends or family (or any combination of the two). Doing this gives each gamemaster the opportunity to understand the personalities of the people he or she is taking with them through the wondrous journeys of gems of night. We recommend getting into your players heads and understanding both them and their characters. That way you will be prepared to know exactly how they’ll be thinking and you can react accordingly. Surely there will be times when your players will surprise you. Knowing them on a personal level will mitigate most of the damage that can be done to a story this way. Take the time to understand each player


Stay Calm Gems Of Night is a new system featuring many new concepts in tabletop role-playing. The details of this game can become so intricate at times that the scope of rules can take up several pages of text. In the core rules guide you will find over 500 fully detailed skills, 20 playable stage types, dozens upon dozens of pages of custom content creation rules, and a master’s class and storytelling. Surely the depth and breadth of detail injected into the core rules guide alone is more than enough to power the average tabletop role-playing game. Keep in mind that these rules are scalable. The rules presented in the quick start guide are but the tip of the iceberg. Just enough rules to get the game going without having to worry about strenuous details. For a new gamemaster we recommend that you start with a limited set of rules and begin injecting new rules as your comfort level increases. Keep in mind that as the gamemaster you have the right and authority to change any part of his game that does not mesh well with your style of role-playing. Also remember that as the gamemaster you are in charge of your game session. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of rules in this game.

The Queen And The Cross


General Rules Many of the general rules for playing gems of night can be found in either the Quick Start Rules or the Core Rules Guide. Rules on conducting combat, skills, character creation, and statistics are listed there These rules will not be repeated in this adventure. Several adventure specific rules will be found in this adventure. These rules are designed to accentuate and flesh out the various concepts brought forth in this adventure alone. You will find all of the rules that you need in the core rules guide.

House Rules In Gems Of Night, just like many other games, the rules are what makes the game unique. But keep in mind that this is just as much your game as it is ours. Feel free to add any house rules or options to the game to make it your own. If you would like to create your own rules or disregard any of the ones that we have made we recommend that you make sure that every player is informed of the new rules or changes before you begin playing. In the effort at fairness we also recommend that rules be made universal so that they apply to all characters and not just a chosen few. If all players do not agree on house rules we recommend using the standard rules. Of course if you are not using the Gems Of Night rules to run this adventure then we recommend using the standard rules of the game system you are using. Keep in mind that house rules are best when they apply to everyone involved.

Non-Player Characters Non-Player characters (NPC’s) are an essential part of any adventure. They make up the population of the world around the characters. These characters, who’s parts in the story are played by the gamemaster, breathe life into an otherwise lonely world. In the official Gems Of Night adventures these Non-Player characters are represented both in the main cast chapter of each book and in a less detailed version with character sheets similar to the sample characters presented at the end of the Quick Start Rules. It is recommended that each gamemaster make these NPCs as unique and as “Human” as possible. Even for the faceless minions of more powerful NPCs we advise that you come up with, at the very least, a short background story and personality for each person. Keep in mind that NPCs will, for the most part, not just throw themselves at a powerful hero unless they believe that the consequences for not doing so will be worse than the possible punishment they will receive at the hands of the heroes. It is this concept that also makes for great stories as the heroes can roleplay the interrogation of a defeated foe. Even a lowly minion values their pitiful lives and if they believe that there is a chance for survival they are most likely to trade information for safety. Not every NPC is willing or even able to just throw their lives away for a cause that they aren’t that attached to.

The Queen And The Cross


Scene Outline Story Goal & Opposition Story Goal: While enforcing the Act of Supremacy, discover & exorcise a Fallen Angel that has infiltrated The Most noble Order of the Garter. Main Villain: Thane Lifebane, the Fallen Angel and underground leader of the rebelling churches. Villain’s Allies: Earl Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury, Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland, Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montague, Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland, Henry III of France (in line to be the King of France).

Genre, Time, Setting & Mood

Step 1 in the fallen angel’s plan is to infect the Most Noble Order of the Garter, a chivalric order consisting of 25 of the most powerful members of the English aristocracy. Thane Lifebane has completely taken over Henry III, who is in line to become the next King of France. He has also corrupted several other members of the Knights Of The Garter, including Earl Talbot, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury, Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland, Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montague, Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland.

Scene Breakdown 1: The Book Of Curses Goal: Visit and convince Earl Francis Talbot to swear an oath of loyalty to the Queen as the Supreme Governor.

Genre: Drama Time Period: 1559 A.D.

Opposition: Earl Francis Talbot, 5th Earl Of Shrewsbury.

Setting: The Royal Residences of the English Aristocracy. Mood: The Queen And the Cross is a gripping story of conspiracies set in several residences of very important people in the English Aristocracy in the year 1559 A.D. What begins as a common religious conspiracy soon becomes a dark tale of Gothic fantasy involving supernatural forces and challenges of faith.

Backstory: Queen Elizabeth I has just taken the throne less than a year prior to the events in this story. She is the sixth and final monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Her supremacy, however, is not recognized by all within her realm. There are those who defy her. Therefore the Queen has set forth the Elizabethan Religious Settlement. The Elizabethan Religious Settlement was Elizabeth I’s response to the religious divisions created over the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I. This response was set out in two Acts of the Parliament of England. The Act of Supremacy re-established the Church of England’s independence from Rome, with Parliament conferring on Elizabeth the title Supreme Governor of the Church of England, while the Act of Uniformity set out the form the English church would now take, including establishing the Book of Common Prayer. With the Church Of England split from Rome the Fallen Angel Thane Lifebane would love nothing more than to seize control of the Church and consequently the faith of all England. With the


souls of the entire kingdom in his grasp his power on earth will grow exponentially.

Setting: The Earl’s estate of Haythrop, Oxfordshire Tie-In: Discovery of a book of Black Magic, along with a letter from the Earl of Derby. Notes: The players may not notice Thane Lifebane lurking in the background. He is originally present to take part in Earl Francis Talbot’s lesson in Dark Magic. The arrival of the heroes has delayed his lessons so now he must attempt to blend in.

2: The Silent Siege Goal: To capture and interrogate Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl Of Derby Opposition: The illusory magic of Edward Stanley, 3rd earl Of Derby Setting: The estate of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby. Tie-In: A ledger and list of activities of the Most Noble Order of the Garter Notes: Earl Stanley has been trained in the art of Black Magic. He has prepared a few dark curses for the occasion and will use them at the first opportunity.

3: Dark Thoughts

The Queen And The Cross

Scene Outline Goal: Talk to Henry Nevill, & resist possession & influences by a Fallen Angel, who stages a counterattack. Opposition: Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland, a Fallen Angel, the characters themselves. Setting: The Manor House of Henry Nevill, 5th Earl of Westmorland Tie-In: The fallen Angel cannot be banished without the use of a Holy Relic. Notes: The players will soon find out that they are unable to so much as touch the Fallen Angel with normal weapons such as they possess at the time. Thane will use several enchantment powers to influence the actions of the group to make them eliminate each other. Eventually it becomes apparent that the players need to obtain a Holy Relic from Wetsminster Abbey, The home of the Benedictines who are to be subsequently ejected by order of the queen as part of the English Reformation and Acts Of Supremacy in which the group is to enforce. By Order of the Crown all Catholic monastery lands are to be confiscated.

4: The Haunted Monastery Goal: To find how to defeat the dark conspiracy (acquire Holy relic and perform exorcisms). Opposition: Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montague & his men, Evil Spirits.

Tie-In: After the confrontation with the players the fallen Angel has taken steps to protect himself from any further risk by having the Earl of Rutland, Henry Manners go to Westminster Abbey and remove the Stone Of Benedict. He was ordered to hide in the last place anyone would find it. With that command he has taken it to the unfinished Belvoir Castle to be placed in the soil so that when construction concludes it will be tucked away under the castle forever. This actually serves a twofold purpose. Henry Manners is not a completely trusting man and wishes to keep the relic safe under his control in case his affiliation changes. With the arrival of the players Henry will raise several of the bodies of sacrifices that were made throughout the years and buried on the property, which was at one time served as a Norman castle. The current castle is the fourth building to stand on this site since the Norman times.

6: Exorcisms Goal: Remove the Fallen Angel’s influence from members of the Order of the Garter. Opposition: The remaining evil spirits possessing members of The Most Noble Order of the Garter Setting: St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle New Equilibrium: The exorcism of Henry III will not be necessary due to the fact that he is not under any dark influences. His eccentric actions and flamboyance is purely the result of his own odd tendencies.

Setting: Westminster Abbey Tie-In: The Stone Of Benedict is missing. Interrogating a survivor reveals that is in the hands of Henry Manners. Notes: The players have arrived at Westminster Abbey in order to obtain the Stone Of Benedict, a Holy Relic that is said to be able to allow them to banish the Fallen Angel Thane Lifebane. Unfortunately, waiting for them in the Abey is the 1st Viscount Montague, Anthony Browne, and company. The first ordeal the players ill have to endure is the retinue of men sent to kill them. Second is the host of evil spirits that will plague them upon their victory, should that be the case. Anthony Browne himself will surrender as soon as his options are exhausted. If the players question him as to the location of the Stone he will tell them that it was taken for safe keeping by the 2nd Earl of Rutland, Mr. Henry Manners. It is more than likely on it’s way to the construction site of Belvoir Castle.

5: Old Bones Goal: Find a Holy Relic hidden by the Earl of Rutland. Opposition: Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland, his men, and a Fallen Angel Setting: The construction site of Belvoir Castle

The Queen And The Cross


The Book Of Curses Quick Glance Earl Francis Talbot lives in an utterly gigantic manor house on the southern edge of Oxfordshire. Upon entering a visitor is usually met with the Grand Foyer, a room designed to greet guests and have them immediately seated for a feast. The room also contains several other elements to ease the stress of day to day life as an official of the town, city, and state for that matter. 1. Banquet Table: A large wooden table dominates the front room. Mainly used for dining guests. 2. Chairs: Each chair appears to have been hand crafted in an Italian style. 3. Place Settings: Extravagant dishes set for each expected guest sit upon the table ready to be of service. 4. Large Rug: A huge thick rug lays on the floor. It seems to be of a Southeast Asian design quite possibly from an island nation. The design shows an extreme amount of attention to detail. 5. Fireplace: A warm and cozy fire is lit here. A high backed chair sits before the fire. More than likely this is the studying or meditative area for the man of the house. 6. Curtains: The curtains and rug match. A royal purple with gold leaf design and a moderate green ivy design along the seams. The colors are amazing. 7. Large Chair: Sitting before the fireplace there is a rather large master chair. More than likely this is where the Earl does his studying in comfort. 8. Study Desk: A large wooden desk of high quality sits in the corner of the room unused. It is littered with many books


ranging from biblical references to matters of state and the royal family. 9. Book: One book in particular stands out from the rest. It is a massive tome set in what appears to be leather with silver studs bound into the material. There is a jewel set in the center of the face and the entire thing is fastened with a leather band with what appears to be a pair of claws clasping together. 10. Stairs: A set of stairs leading from the opposite side of the room to the rest of the home.

Close Look: (20 Minutes) As soon as the honored guests arrive they are greeted by one of several butlers who takes their name and then immediately seats them at the banquet table. He informs them that the “Master” will be with them shortly. As he is seating them he will ask for any weapons that they have brought with them. At his side he has three attendants to handle the load. These are rather large gentlemen who are themselves armed and ready to take on whatever challenge the guests might throw at them. 1. Banquet Table: The banquet table normally has room for fourteen guests. there are currently settings for as many people as the players group plus five.. 2. Chairs: The cushions on the chairs match the rug and curtains. Various parts of the chairs seem to have been fashioned in several places then assembled in it’s final location. 3. Place Settings: The dishes feature art from an unknown place. Various scenes of what appear to be dolls dressed in beautiful dresses dancing with fans. 4. Large Rug: The main scene depicted o the rug is that of a creature similar to a wingless dragon winding it’s way through a forest setting. The rest of the rug is a deep purple. The colors appear fresh despite the heavy foot traffic that this area must encounter.

The Queen And The Cross

The book Of Curses 5. Fireplace: The fire blazes with an almost unnatural ferocity as if it is alive and watching the players. 6. Curtains: The fabric of the curtains gives off a shimmer that dances in the eye. It is very hypnotic. 7. Large Chair: The back of the chair faces the characters. If someone studies the chair for some period of time they will notice that there is something that appears to be the shadow of another person sitting there. 8. Study Desk: A few other items litter the study desk. Several bottles of an unmarked fluid and a rosary are present. Francis Talbot must be a devout Catholic. 9. Book: Any character who succeeds in a religion test will realize that the symbols on the book are actually words written in an obscure biblical language. Attempting to open the book will expose the character to both a sleep spell and possession by the Fallen Angel who is present. If the character should fail both tests he or she will be controlled by the Fallen Angel while asleep. They will also be the victim of dream warfare. 10. Stairs: The double doors at the top of the stairs will be locked as soon as the Earl comes through.

The Dream The dreamer “Awakens” in a stone cell as a group of men who appear to be heavenly angels burst through the door. They scrams at the dreamer and splash him with foul pigs blood. They then release his chains from the wall and lead him out into what appears to be a city in the desert. As his eyes clear he notices the alter ahead. 11. Statue: A statue of Jesus Christ looks over the alter as if ready to receive an offering. 12. Alter: Iron links are embedded into the alter. It is set to have the offering chained to it. 13. Crowd: A crowd of angry people cast stones and spit on the dreamer as he or she passes. 14. Bejeweled Cross: The Angelic Soldiers cower in fear as pure sunlight reflects off of this cross. 15 Angelic Soldiers: These wingless soldiers glow with a holy light. They are dressed in chest plates and carry swords of gold that glow and hum with Holy Power. 16. Fire Wood: As the dreamer is chained to the alter he or she can feel the heat from hot coals that smolder under the wood pile that is scattered around the alter. A fire is brewing underneath.

The feast is a heaven-sent delight of roasted beef and hearty potatoes prepared by a master chef. The Earl examines the group as time passes almost as if he is exploring their capabilities. If someone has already opened the strange book on the study desk then this is the time that questions are most likely to be asked. 1. Banquet Table: The five places set aside for the Earl and his security have slots underneath for weapons. 2. Chairs: These chairs have iron cores underneath the wood. They make excellent clubs. 3. Place Settings: Knives and forks from these place settings can be used for weapons. 4. Large Rug: 5. Fireplace: On a successful Awareness roll the player will notice the shadow of the Fallen Angel. 6. Curtains: Characters staring at these curtains must make a save versus natural magic to break free. 7. Large Chair: If a character searches the chair before the Fallen Angel leaves they will suffer the same fate as a character who opens the book. If the save is successful the Fallen Angel will be a part of the fight. After the first round of combat he will burst into flames and his ashes will smolder into the floor. 8. Study Desk: There are hidden panels in the desk as well. In one such panel the player will find a letter. 9. Book: A successful Religion test will reveal this to be a book of black magic. 10. Stairs: A set of stairs leading from the opposite side of the room to the rest of the home.

The Dream As the dream continues the dreamer finds themselves bathed in the light of the sun reflected off of the bejeweled cross. The crowed chants of “Unwanted, descend into the world of man” As the firewood finally bursts into flames the dreamer is engulfed. The crackle can be heard along with the smell of burning flesh. 11. Statue: As the dreamer is burning the statue comes to life and makes the sign of the cross. 12. Alter: The alter holds the dreamer fast as he or she is consumed by the etherial flames. 13. Crowd: The crowd suddenly bears their wings and begin singing hymns. 14. Bejeweled Cross: The light from the bejeweled cross becomes too bright to see into. It is the last thing the dreamer can see. 15 Angelic Soldiers: The Angelic soldiers reveal their true forms as the Archangel’s of Heaven.

Brief Search (30-40 min) 15 The Queen And The Cross

The book Of Curses 16. Fire Wood: All of the wood is consumed in the heavenly flames.

Thorough Investigation (1 Hour Or More) Upon the demand to swear an oath to the Queen as the supreme head of the Church Of England Earl Francis Talbot demands that the characters leave his home. More than likely the players will and make the demand again, this time with force. At this point if not already in progress the security should be in the process of retrieving weapons and preparing to eject the characters by force. 1. Banquet Table: Some of the Earls security (2) will use this table as cover while they ready crossbows. 2. Chairs 3. Place Settings: -.

the group Earl Talbot is in the middle of a visit from his current master, the Fallen Angel Thane. Thane has come to follow up on the delivery of one of three copies of a vile book not meant for the eyes of human beings. This book is a powerful tome of spells and rituals to be performed only by creatures so foul and evil that they defy all human logic. If a character notices that Thane is present in the home he will instantly burst into flames and the ashes will be blown into the fireplace. This effect will take at least one full round to complete so the characters are free to attack him for that round. As soon as a character notices the book and attempts to open it they will be greeted by an effect put in place as a security measure. The character must pass two tests, one to resist a sleep spell and the other to resist possession by the Fallen Angel. If the sleep spell takes effect then conduct dream warfare normally. The possession attempt will automatically succeed if the character falls asleep. If not then they will have to resist an attempt at spiritual warfare (possession) as well.

4. Large Rug: If the character who falls into the dream examines or has examined this rug he or she will notice that there is a flag in the dream that exactly matches the scene depicted. 5. Fireplace: If the Fallen Angel is involved in the encounter his ashes will blow into the fireplace. 6. Curtains: There is nothing magical about the curtains beyond their hypnotic shimmer. 7. Large Chair: The high-backed chair is nothing more than a large leather master seat. Not magical. 8. Study Desk: The letter found in the desk is from Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby. It describes the delivery of the book and details in it’s use. It also mentions a “Master” that is unnamed. 9. Book: After careful study it is determined that the book is bound in human flesh and written in human blood. Inside it contains spells of a dark and sinister nature. 10. Stairs: Notes: In this scene the characters arrive at the home of Earl Francis Talbot, the 5th Earl Of Shrewsbury. Their mission is to enforce the Acts Of Supremacy placed into effect by Queen Elizabeth I. Unbeknownst to

The Queen And The Cross


Spotlight Reverend Alexander Norwood Demographic Information Age: Height: 44 5’11� Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Black Brown Skin Color: Handedness Profession: Right Priest Religion: Distinguishing Marks: Cross shaped brand on right upper chest near collarbone

181 lbs Dark Tan Protestant

Game Qualities

Physical Strength Mental Strength Spiritual Strength Physical Agility Mental Agility Spiritual Agility Physical Speed Mental Speed Spiritual Speed Physical Endurance Mental Endurance Spiritual Endurance Physical Toughness Mental Toughness Spiritual Toughness

Above Average Above Average High Average High Very High Average High Average Average Above Average Above Average Average Above Average High

Relevant Skills

Religion Ambidextrous First Aid Leadership Blind Fighting

Heraldry Swordsmanship Tactics Psychometric Abilities Spellcasting

The Queen And The Cross


The Queen And The Cross 3