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2017 NEW VMware 1V0-605: VMware Certified Associate 6 - Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers RELEASED in Online IT Study Website Today! 2017 Braindump2go Valid VMware 1V0-605 Exam Preparation Materials: 1.| 2017 Latest Dumps:

60Q&As 1V0-605 PDF Dumps and VCE QUESTION 26 An application needs to be deployed to corporate employees to assist them with daily administrative duties. In order to comply with corporate policy, the application needs to be verified to identify common application risks, such as access to privacy settings and insecure network connections. Which VMware AirWatch product provides this capability? A. B. C. D.

App Catalog App Reputation Scanning Mobile device management App Wrapping

Answer: D QUESTION 27 A user's laptop has a message displayed on screen indicating that all the data has been encrypted and requires payment to decrypt the data. Which action can an administrator take to recover the laptop? A. Deploy VMware Mirage Disaster Recovery Wizard. B. Terminate the current VMware Mirage image and roll back the user's image to the last known good image. C. Ask the user when the last time the laptop was working correctly, then deploy a VMware Mirage

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Guarantee All Exams 100% Pass One Time! Gateway and select the correct image. D. Configure a VMware Mirage Branch Reflector to correct the problem. Answer: A Explanation:: QUESTION 28 An administrator receives a trouble ticket reporting a low vRealize Operations for Horizon 6 score value on an object (for example, 15 out of 100). Which course of action should the administrator recommend? A. The value indicates a severe problem state, a red badge, and this should be investigated immediately. B. The value indicates a normal state and since there are no real Issues or current problems, no action should be taken. C. The value indicates a less severe state, a yellow badge, however this object should be monitored and should be flagged for investigation if the value changes. D. The value of a badge must be correlated with the color of the badge to determine if the state is normal or if there is a potential problem. Answer: D Explanation:: QUESTION 29 What two components must be installed and configured to allow RDS hosts to deliver application? (Choose two) A. B. C. D.

Windows Remote Desktop Services PCoIP agent Windows Routing and Remote Access Services View Agent

Answer: BD QUESTION 30 Several users of a desktop pool are complaining of slow login performance. How can Persona Management improve the pool's performance? A. By allowing the VMware administrator to store all user documents and settings directly to a VMFS datastore. B. By downloading the user's settings and desktop on demand, rather than downloading the entire configuration at logon. C. By frequently saving used files to a local SSD device to improve read performance. D. By allowing the user to store their desktop and settings to a USB device to improve recovery. Answer: B

Free Download Braindump2go Latest 1V0-605 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 60q from 100% Pass Guaranteed! 100% Real Exam Questions!

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1.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Dumps (PDF and VCE)Share: 2.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Questions & Answers: htt...

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