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2017 NEW VMware 1V0-605: VMware Certified Associate 6 - Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers RELEASED in Online IT Study Website Today! 2017 Braindump2go Valid VMware 1V0-605 Exam Preparation Materials: 1.| 2017 Latest Dumps:

60Q&As 1V0-605 PDF Dumps and VCE QUESTION 11 A medium sized company wants to deploy on-premises desktops and application a unified workspace. The company has chosen to deploy Virtual SAN and offer a unified workspace. Which VMware Horizon edition does the company need to purchase? A. B. C. D.

VMware Horizon DaaS VMware Horizon Enterprise VMware Horizon Advanced VMware Horizon View Standard

Answer: C QUESTION 12 A growing company is experiencing scalability issues with delivering virtual desktops to its employees. The company has these requirements - The solution must allow many virtual desktops to be easily provisioned and delivered. - The solution should allow virtual desktops to be delivered and requested via a Self ServiceCatalog. Which VMware product meets these requirements? A. VMware vCenter Server B. VMware vReallze Automation

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Guarantee All Exams 100% Pass One Time! C. VMware Horizon with Blast D. VMware Mirage Answer: B QUESTION 13 Which VMware solution will allow an administrator to manage the migration and deployment of 100 or more desktops from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 with minimum downtime using a central management console? A. B. C. D.

VMware Thinapp VMware Workspace Portal VMware Mirage View Administrator

Answer: D QUESTION 14 A company wants to deploy VMware Workspace Portal in its environment, but is concerned that users will be able use unauthorized applications. Which mechanism of VMware Workspace Portal prevents this behavior? A. B. C. D.

Authorized user credentials are detected from Active Directory. Unauthorized access to applications is detected and the administrator is notified. User attributes are detected and policies are enforced across applications. Access to applications by default is not allowed. Each user must request access via the interface.

Answer: C QUESTION 15 Which statement reflects a Security challenge that could be addressed by a new VMwars Horizon (with View) deployment? A. We need a centralized way to store data that is under our company's control, regardless of whether the data is stored in local datastores or within a hybrid cloud provided solution. B. We want a simple, easy way to provision virtual desktops, determine who gets to use them, and specify who can check them out for remote access. C. Some of our sales force do not live anywhere near one of our offices. We'd like to issue them a laptop and manage the physical laptop remotely. D. We have a lot of our sales force that rarely work in the office. We need a way to deploy new applications to them and to keep them updated. Answer: B

Free Download Braindump2go Latest 1V0-605 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 60q from 100% Pass Guaranteed! 100% Real Exam Questions!

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1.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Dumps (PDF and VCE)Share: 2.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Questions & Answers: htt...

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