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2017 NEW VMware 1V0-605: VMware Certified Associate 6 - Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers RELEASED in Online IT Study Website Today! 2017 Braindump2go Valid VMware 1V0-605 Exam Preparation Materials: 1.| 2017 Latest Dumps:

60Q&As 1V0-605 PDF Dumps and VCE QUESTION 21 An IT manager is looking for a solution to high maintenance and repair costs in their organization. Which solution would help reduce these costs? A. B. C. D.

Horizon (with View) Client vRealize Operations for Horizon Thin Clients VMware Mirage

Answer: C Explanation:: QUESTION 22 Which statement represents a Customer Requirement that could be met by implementing a VMware Horizon (with View) deployment? A. We need to centralize access to common services and provide a uniform, secure, easy to manage image for employee access. B. We want to reduce the amount of hardware in our datacenter by making more. C. We are looking for an easy way to recover our user services in the event bf unplanned downtime. D. We need to centralize our management functionality and be able to quickly and efficiently monitor

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Guarantee All Exams 100% Pass One Time! our datacenter services. Answer: C QUESTION 23 A company wants to purchase several physical servers, which will be deployed as Virtual SANenabled FSXi hosts. The company is unsure which disk architect tire types are required to be installed in the server in order to deploy Virtual SAN. Which two types of physical disks are required to deploy Virtual SAN? (Choose two.) A. B. C. D.

Flash based devices (SSD) for capacity Flash based devices (SSU) for performance Magnetic disks tor capacity SATA disks tor performance

Answer: BC QUESTION 24 In which two ways can an administrator directly distribute VMware ThinApp packaged applications to users? (Choose two.) A. B. C. D.

Deploy the application OVF using the vSphere Web client. Submit the file to the vSphere App Store for users to download Stream the application from a file server. Copy the application file locally and get the users to run it local

Answer: AC QUESTION 25 An administrator is concerned about reoccurring licensing issues within their; organization Which product or component will help resolve these issues? A. B. C. D.

View Administrator VMware Workspace Portal Linked Clones VMware Mirage

Answer: B

Free Download Braindump2go Latest 1V0-605 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 60q from 100% Pass Guaranteed! 100% Real Exam Questions!

[2017-New]1V0-605 Dumps(PDF & VCE) 60q Share(21-25)  

1.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Dumps (PDF and VCE)Share: 2.2017 New 1V0-605 Exam Questions & Answers: htt...

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