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Dev Blog: Makin ga More Huma n Bot

Welcome to another League of Legends dev blog entry. This time we’re taking a step away from the Gameplay team in order to talk about bots, which believe it or not inhabit a fair chunk of game time in League of Legends. We recently deployed a series of changes focused on making them more human-like opponents, and thought you might be interested in some of the stories behind the update. As always, your feedback would be awesome as we build a better dev blog, but in the meantime let’s find out what goes into building a better, more human, bot! Stepping up to the podium we’ve got Design Analyst RoamingNumeral, one of the brains behind our bot update efforts. Onward!

Pat ch 4.5Hey Summoners, It's mid season! That doesn't notmean we'll be making dramatic changes a la the 2014 preseason, es but it does mean we can make

some larger systemic changes in areas where we could. You'll see this in places like the support item recipe cleanup and the addition of two foundational support items. While we're not planning to completely change the landscape, this does mean that supports will be able to keep pace when purchasing ability power items and, in the future we'll be able to build out more support itemization paths for those who want it. Continue to Next Page

Also included in this patch are two gameplay updates (that's what we're calling ‘ em): Rengar and Gragas. Rengar's got some new tools to actually contribute to an ongoing team fight, while Gragas has traded some of his long-range barrel-sniping power for scrappy in-your-face brawlin' strength. Our overarching philosophy behind these two changes was mostly due to their binary gameplay, where both had clear success cases (usually involving the absolute destruction of a single target before they knew it) but, when they weren't succeeding, they were rarely allowed to contribute in meaningful ways. You can find out more details by reading below, but our goals were to provide more tools and, generally speaking, more cool things to do in a fight. Like belly slams.

Ultr a Ra pid Fire bo ws out

Like a manatee waving a spatula as he fades into the distance, Ultra Rapid Fire is saying sayonara. U.R.F. was never meant to be more than an April Fool’s gag, but the community’s response has been anything but a joke, so goodbyes need not be final. Ultra Rapid Fire will come back in one form or another, but like all Featured Game Modes it wasn’t designed to live forever. Later this week, we’ll be sharing more of our philosophy around Featured Game Modes and a behind-the-curtain look at the development of U.R.F. itself. In the meantime, recap all of the top community plays as well as professional Ultra Rapid Fire action. 

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