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The object of carrying out in-home surveillance has been fostered with the advent of the nanny cams. These are hidden video cameras installed within some common object of household use. The word nanny cam is used because of the use of such hidden cameras for monitoring and recording the activities of child care providers or home care givers (who are also called nannies). The offence or innocence of a nanny suspected in committing an act of abusing a child is best established with the help of recordings in a nanny camera. Such camera is made available in various forms and they may be purchased hidden inside a teddy bear used for playing by the child, some a clock radio or even a pot housing a plant. A Kleenex box used for housing tissue papers may also keep concealed a nanny cam. Usually there are built in wireless transmitters by which the nanny cams transmit the video pictures taken to the wireless receivers of the recording device (VCR or DVR) located in another room. Whether or not it is right to install the nanny cams is a question that often comes to the mind. Some feel that it is a good idea to set up the nanny cams for surveillance while others opine that this is tantamount to invasion of privacy. It is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons of the product before coming to a decision regarding the purchase of the device for installation at home. There is a variety of such cameras on offer today. The wireless varieties are much sought-afterespecially the ones that can be kept hidden in almost any kind of household item. These useful cameras are coming in a range of prices and some of the rates offered are pretty attractive too. One thing is for sure, the nanny cam ensures peace of mind and confidence in child care using the spying techniques. That is why an increasing number of parents and guardians of children prefer to opt for the cameras. The nanny cams can be put to good use for keeping an eye on activities when the home is being cleaned, for watching occasional in-home sitter services opted for and for ascertaining security. The child care providers have raised the point that they need to be apprised of the nanny cams being introduced. The question of trust and feeling of deception are the concerns raised in this regard. Caution needs to be observed while installing the nanny cams too. There have been incidents in which the security of the homes instead of being increased by the introduction of the nanny cams has actually been breached. The home has become unknowingly exposed to some person equipped with a cheap receiver. It is certainly not illegal to use a nanny cam to capture pictures or images of things and activities at one's home for monitoring. However, there may be the restriction on recording of speech without a

person's consent.

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