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Listener Ratings Since Show Opened Listener's Per Week 56,000 55,000 54,000 53,000 Listener's Per Week

52,000 51,000 50,000 49,000

Jan 10'

Feb 10'

Mar 10'

There has been an increase in 10% of listeners since Jan 10’

Future Forecasted Ratings for 2010 90,000 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0

Listeners Per Week

Forecast pattern based on current growth rate of 5% per month

JUST SOME OF OUR GUEST SPEAKERS HIGH PROFILE GUESTS THAT DEBUT ON ALEX JONES SHOW Daniel Estulin, Author, (Our monthly guest) Bob Chapman, International Forecaster (Our monthly guest) Dr. Rima Laibow, Health Freedom USA ( Our weekly show host now) Lord Christopher Monckton (Monthly Guest) Greg Evensen, Former Kansas State Trooper Richard Mack, Former Sheriff in Arizona Debra Medina, Texas Govenor Candidate Stuart Rhodes, Oathkeepers Kurt Haskell, Witness to Underwear Bomber Shane Conner , Nuke Alert Analyst Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina Cindy Sheehan, Infamous War Protester Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Intriguing Guests Dr Orly Taitz, Original Attorney Birther Ralph Epperson, Author Kevin Trudeau, Famed Infomercial Author of “Natural Cures” What they don’t want you to know.” Peg Dunmire, 1st Official Tea Party Candidate Chris White, Zeitgeist Challenge Richard Rives, Ron Wyatt Museum Paul McGuire, Author and Fox Commentator Attorney Alan Phillips, Vaccine Russ Dizdar, Shatter the Darkness (monthly guest and regular on Steve Quayle Show) John Galt, Author of Atlas Shrugged Eric DeCarbonel , Market Skeptics Charles Bonner, Author & Civil Rights Attorney for Human Trafficking

Freedomizer Radio was discussed on Rachel Maddow's show Tuesday, March 23 on MSNBC

FEATURED MONTHLY GUEST DANIEL ESTULIN • Author • Public Speaker • Investigative Journalist Specializes in researching and author of the Bilderberg Group “Over 3 million copies sold”


Bob Chapman, Financial Analyst of The International Forecaster

Lord Christopher Monckton, former Science Advisor to Margaret Thatcher

FEATURED MONTHLY GUESTS Greg Evensen, Former Kansas State Trooper

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona

Both these guests are regulars on Alex Jones and Steve Quayle Shows

Our Line Up of Radio Hosts‌

Producer and Host: Proof w/The Proof Negative Show

David hosts several intriguing guests that have been on the Alex Jones Show that expose the New World Order’s agendas and also how it relates to Bible prophecy. Proof describes how we need to free ourselves from the Republican-Democrat boxes the Global Elites placed us in. Monday-Thursday, 6pm-9pmPST/9pm-12amEST

Hardtail News with Doc

Infamous Doc, You Tuber from SacramanicSMC Channel interviews fascinating guests that will blow your mind and make you think about current events as never before. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 4pm-7pmPST/7pm-10pmEST


Billy, this “No Holds Barred” prophetic watchman warns people like it is, whether you like it or not. His electrifying survivalist message keeps listeners on their feet. He is another infamous You Tuber. Mon – Fri 1-3pmPST/4-6pmEST


From Flint, MI, DEMCAD addresses the economy, politics, current events and just about anything that really matters. DEMCAD has a very popular You Tube channel too. Mondays at 3pm PST/6pm EST


After years of lecturing, LInda decided to begin posting videos of her work on You Tube and started the channel Morning Mayan. Today her popular channel has spilled over to the airwaves of Freedomizer Radio where she hosts her show where guests debate all current topics, political and spiritual. Airs Thursdays 4-5pmPST/7-8pmEST


David Acton is one of a few Hollywood actors that began his career in radio broadcasting. He was a public affairs radio personality for several radio stations in Texas and the Midwest. He is a distant blood relative of Lord Acton who coined the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely". . Fridays 3-4pm PST/6-7pmEST

The Dr. Rima Reports: Your Health, Your Way!

Founder since 2004, the Natural Solutions Foundation and Health Freedom USA has pursued vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social problems involving health and wellness. . Sunday Evenings, 7pm-9pm PST/10pm-12am EST


Travis "Travinyle1" is a business owner, researcher and activist from South Carolina fighting against the globalist plans for a one world government. He confronts politicians with the tough questions the media wont ask. Travis hosts the weekend round up show on Freedomizer Radio. Saturday's 4-6pm EST and Sunday’s 9-10pm EST.


“You are wonderful. I will make make sure you have the highest ratings of all time!! “ Daniel Estulin

SPONSOR TESTIMONIAL The opportunities given to us at Dehydrate2store and by Dave of Proof Negative exceed our utmost expectations. Proof Negative provided to us a fantastic vessel for the spread of our knowledge, radiation of our fan base, and branding of our name., a free “how to” site on dehydrating foods for long term storage, recently developed from a small following on YouTube. Through the help of the Proof Negative blog talk radio show our fan base has reached places unattainable by mere YouTube videos. Our site visits, as recorded by hosting software, consistently leap on interview days with Dave, and have since been gradually increasing at shocking rates. As a result, profits to from affiliate sales and in-site advertisement are at record highs. We constantly hear, “ we heard of you from Proof Negative!”. Dave provides to his listeners an opportunity to engage in an informative yet comprehendible and enjoyable radio experience. His great radio personality, humor, and ability to keep the conversation rolling is certainly a factor that keeps new listeners tuning in, and loyal listeners coming back. Without the help from Proof Negative our site could not have reached the size and self-sustainability it has. For this we at Dehydrate2store are grateful and wholly satisfied by the decision to accompany Dave on Proof Negative the many times we have, and the many more times to come. Steven Gangloff, Dehydrate2store President

SPONSOR TESTIMONIAL David and I have done well on his program and we have had subscribers come as a result of the broadcasts. The growth has been phenomenal as people worldwide seek the truth. David's show has great potential and we enjoy being on the air with him.

Bob Chapman The International Forecaster


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TIER 1 SHOWS The Proof Negative Show Hard Tail News with Doc End Time Watchman Dr. Rima Reports DEMCAD w/Reggie TIER 2 SHOWS Chad Jay The John King Show Joe Racer Val Valano Lions Den w/ Eric Lovely The Bunker Report Travinyle 1 w/Travis The Morning Mayan

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