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The Nonviolent Right To Vote Movement People’s Almanac 47th Anniversary Edition Compiled By

Helen L. Bevel Published by The Institute for the Study & Advancement of Nonviolence This book/almanac presents the people, places, actions and facts, about how nonviolence was applied to the civil rights movement to bring about the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It is a compelling journey through time, presenting the history of a people and the events that led to the historic Selma Right To Vote Movement of 1965. It also presents a dynamic case for why and how nonviolence can be used today to address personal, inter-personal and social problems, issues and concerns (bullying, war between the sexes, suicide, identity crisis, neighborhood empowerment, conflict resolution and much more). This is a history book for children and adults. It provides a clear understanding of how nonviolence as a strategy was used to overcome social problems and challenges us to use it to solve personal and interpersonal problems, the new frontier. It gives young people of all ages and races a rich history that provides hope that they can built on to create meaningful and productive life. Each year leading up to the Golden Jubilee in 2015 more and more content will be added to each edition as unsung heroes and sheroes are included to create a complete picture of those who made this movement a success. 480 Pages Three Sizes Hardcover 6” x 9” $49.99 Perfect Bound 6” x 9” $25.99 Perfect Bound 8.5” x 11” $35.99

Includes: Articles Charts Historical Documents Personal Histories Pictures Posters Quotes Quizs Timelines Therapies

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Every family, school, church, business and organization that has a commitment to the advancement and achievement of African American people thus America, should have a copy of this book so that they can know and share the facts about what happened. In this way young people in their charge can build on this monumental achievement of overcoming the great obstacles to freedom. The success of nonviolence in this overcoming means that there is nothing that cannot be overcome when it is understood and used strategically.

“It’s either nonviolence or nonexistence.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “We have overcome. Now let us continue to move forward by chosing the weapon of victory assured, nonviolence. To abandon nonviolence is to throw away the gains that our ancestors sacrificed, suffered, bled and died to achieve. In that nonviolence gained us the victory, it stands to reason that in order to maintain these rich achievements, we must employ nonviolence in all areas of our living; personal, interpersonal, social and environmental. In this we create a new foundation for institutional development and civilized living. This is a paradigm shift from the old, antiquated, co-dependent, outdated, violent based model. Which side are you on?” The Sponsorship Edition Of

The Nonviolent Right To Vote Movement People’s Almanac provides a way for any person or institution to become a part of this rich history, and a means by which we can distribute freely to schools and libraries. Sponsor a listing for $350 or pages (of various sizes). Place a bid for sponsorship of the back cover and/or inside front or back cover. For more information please visit our website.

The Nonviolent Right To Vote Movmenet People's Almanac  
The Nonviolent Right To Vote Movmenet People's Almanac  

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