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MASTERING GOOGLE PLUS NOW THE KEY ELEMENTS TO MASTERING THIS POWERFUL PLATFORM! Google Plus Will Dominate All Social Media Soon And So Will Your Competition UNLESS You Find Out More About This System Below Click here to grab your copy!

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Mastering Google Plus Now

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Table of Contents Introduction ......................................................................... 4

Mastering Google Plus Now

WHY GOOGLE PLUS? ................................................................... 5

The Best Elements Of Social Media ..................................... 6 Understanding Hangouts ..................................................... 8 Using Streamified ................................................................ 9 A Traffic Boost If You Do This............................................ 10 Ask Them To Click +1 ................................................................ 11

Other Great Tools .............................................................. 12 There Is Even More ................................................................... 13

Conclusion ......................................................................... 15

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Mastering Google Plus Now

Introduction Social media is becoming the primary way businesses are now marketing all their services. With the ongoing changes that are taking place in Google and all the other search engines following suit, it is important to utilize every tool to help you stay ahead of your competition. Google plus has been recently introduced by Google. It comes as no surprise that the people that choose to use this tool are seeing massive increases in their search engine page ranks, explosive growth in their business and the ability to streamline all of their social media work using just one platform. It just makes good sense to use it because its free. Google has made it abundantly clear that the people that cooperate with using this new social media platform will benefit in numerous ways. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are online and doing marketing of any kind you need to be ranked well in all of the search engines in order to be found by your customers. Once you begin to understand the amazing benefits of Google plus, which include the ability to do multiple forms of online marketing simultaneously, you absolutely will be sold on this power tool.

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In this report were going to discuss several ways your business can immediately benefit from using Google plus. You should take a look at each of these tools and see how you can use them now.

Mastering Google Plus Now

WHY GOOGLE PLUS? Social media is the new way to do business. Have a look at what is going on with the internet and you will see Google pushing the agenda: 1.

GOOGLE Dominates And Rewrites The Internet Daily Google is the undisputed heavyweight champion with its massive search engine that controls the world when it comes to finding information. All other search engines follow Google’s lead so it is important to watch and adapt to Google for all trends.


Not cooperating with Google Is Foolish This just means everything will be much harder for you to grow your business. Google is constantly tweaking search engine results which determine what the internet sees, so in essence they REWRITE what we see each day with more and more results that are returning linked to social media.


Cooperating With Google Means Customers Google plans to continue to expand Google plus, mobile and all forms of tools devoted to THEIR search engine. If you cooperate

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with them and stay on the cutting edge, Google will reward you with more and more ranked pages, leads and traffic.

Mastering Google Plus Now


Google Wants To Control ALL Social Media With the success of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media, Google has created a massive platform to counter their competition and to use its power to absolutely CRUSH all of the other social media services combined. Google plus is that platform.

Now is the time to get involved with this incredible game changer.

The Best Elements Of Social Media Google plus has taken the best elements of all forms of social media, and combined them into one place that allows you to run massive campaigns all from the ease of a single platform and all totally FREE. The principal focus of Google plus are innovative circles of connections of friends, family, business, social or any other kind of group that you wish to create. Understanding exactly how to utilize just this one tool can allow you to create endless marketing campaigns that are highly

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Mastering Google Plus Now

focused and specific to each group. This is a very good reason to get started with Google plus but the news gets better. The best part about this tool is the simplicity of use. It is much easier to use than either Twitter or Facebook's organizational options, and the use of circles and the related tools are very intuitive and make sense. The use of this one tool alone will allow you to get your feet wet quickly building a variety of different mailing lists, organizational structures and just about anything else you can imagine that links your business to people. This kind of organization is difficult with most social media tools. Google plus was designed with simplicity in mind. The creation of the “circle� allows you manage content like never before. So with just this one tool you have everything you need to launch a successful marketing campaign, inform people in your business exactly what's going on, talk to distributors, direct employees, schedule events, make purchases, just about any typical business function that requires you to contact a group of people, you can now do with your circles.

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Mastering Google Plus Now

Understanding Hangouts You may have some familiarity with Skype, even face-to-face chat features that allow video discussions. Google plus hangouts has taken this to a whole new level. You can now have up to nine people participating in a video chat conference at the same time. The quality of the video is definitely better than the old Gmail video chat version with a lot more reliable tools and all of it is state-of-the-art and 100% free. This is another really amazing tool that Google plus offers. The ability for businesses to now meet and have online video conferences is invaluable. In addition you can share documents, screenshots, audios, slideshows even additional YouTube videos on screen while simultaneously interacting with all the other users. Google plus hangouts also have a really awesome feature called On Air. This will allow you to broadcast and record your hangouts to your YouTube channel. So even though you may be limited to a total of nine people using hangouts, you have an unlimited number of viewers that can follow along on YouTube.

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This powerful feature of Hangouts is just like having the ability to create your own television program from your desktop!

Mastering Google Plus Now

Again this is 100% free and you had the ability to record additional presentations, discussions, forums and any other events and then organize them in a way that you want. There are literally a thousand uses for this kind of service and I bet you're beginning to see the value.

Using Streamified Both Facebook and Twitter give you a place where you can post live streams like comments, links, images, videos and other postings people are doing on their pages that you want to share. Wouldn't it be nice if you could merge all these forms of social media? Streamified allows you to merge, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts directly to your Google plus timeline. This tool makes using Google plus a godsend; now you can keep an eye on all of your social media accounts in one place. Think about that for a moment; you now have one place to see everything that is going on all the time... this one amazing feature will save you at least several hours a week agonizing over different accounts.

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Mastering Google Plus Now

By simply logging into your Google plus account you now have the power to see exactly what's going on in real-time to all of your social media accounts. Because you can also access Google plus from a mobile device this allows you to see everything that's going on with all of your accounts regardless of where you are. This is a very helpful and useful way to grow your social media accounts all from one place and is a “Master Control Bunker� for your business. You can also encourage people on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social accounts to join your circles and then you'll have the ability to respond immediately to them through Google plus.

A Traffic Boost If You Do This There are two really awesome ways that you can benefit using Google plus to generate traffic almost immediately to any website. Most people are aware of the +1 option which gives people the opportunity to vote up a page. Each time someone clicks the +1 button this will add additional weight in the search engines and help a website have higher gravity, when it comes to ranking a site.

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By installing a snippet of code you give people this option to “vote” on your website. If you need this code to put on your site, you can create and customize this +1 button by going to the link below:

Mastering Google Plus Now If you happen to have a WordPress site there are many free plug-ins that will do the same thing for you, simply Google, “plugin google +1” and you can have a look at many free word press plug-ins that will help you. This is a very simple way to increase responsiveness to your site, allow people the option to reward good content by clicking on the +1 button, and allowing you to track the number of people that like this specific page.

Ask Them To Click +1 By asking people to click on the button, they will! There is also software programs, scripts etc. that can create specific +1 effects on your website, like a fade in box that presents a place for a person to click +1, or perhaps when someone goes to leave your site, they are presented with this option as well. Both of these will generate social signals to search engines that will help your site rank better for its chosen keywords.

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Another option to increase traffic to your website is by linking your Google plus profile page to your author page on your website(s) and then linking your content to your author page as well.

Mastering Google Plus Now

Google uses this three-way connection to identify you as the original author of all content that you create and brand it to you. Because of this, Google considers that you are the author to YOUR original content and to ensure that anytime anyone searches for your specific content, that YOU get the highest search results. Most people are not aware of this simple tactic that will immediately increase their search engine page rank. When you combine this with the constant influx of social signals (+1), you have a one-two punch that the search engines absolutely will love and reward your site.

Other Great Tools In this report we wanted to cover some of the top tools of Google plus. Obviously there are more. For example, Google Sparks makes finding news and websites that you are interested in, much like Google alerts, only the alerts are directly in your Google plus dashboard and ready for you to utilize. Sparks is a great way to keep up on your business niche

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and a way to keep up on your competitors as well, without having to dig around in hundreds of RSS feeds and visit dozens of different sites.

Mastering Google Plus Now

Another tool that Google plus has created is called “Search Plus Your World� a wonderful combination of the standard Google algorithm combined with social signals created by the contacts in your circles and influenced by the behavior of those specific circles that you travel in. Again you can see the social signals will play an even larger role and will help you to intuitively find customers that are interested in your products and services specific to your circles. Another tool I wanted to mention was something called Direct Connect. Direct connect is a tool that greatly enhances the Google search function by linking it with your page and making it brand specific. This will allow you to search similar businesses to yours and add them quickly to your circles. Since these businesses are also interested in promoting their products and services there is a higher likelihood that they will want to link to your circles. As you can imagine there are also SEO benefits that link directly to your business profile and of course your other related URLs.

There Is Even More Is there more? Absolutely! Let's talk about Huddle (now Google Plus Messenger). I'm sure you've heard all about mobile marketing and how

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Mastering Google Plus Now

this will extend your reach into the ever-growing tidal wave of mobile devices that people use to connect to the Internet. This is a Google plus application that lets you group all contacts so that you can send them text messages. With this Google plus can create conversations with dozens of mobile users all simultaneously. This ties in wonderfully with Google's mobile marketing platform, and integrates everything in a way that is intuitive, easy-to-use and actually rewards people over a period of time for using mobile marketing and spreading the word about your business. But wait we are not done yet. Google Events is next. Google events will help users to connect with their friends and colleagues and is similar to Facebook events, but Events takes it to a whole new level. You can keep track of multiple upcoming events, RSVP events, integrate this with your Google calendar, create seminars, social events, charitable occasions, send invitations, and make all of this specific to your circles and e-mail addresses. You can even extend this service in a way that allows people to invite additional people and extend permissions to authorize specific guest to add photos, themes, and just about anything your imagination will allow you to consider. It is an absolutely fabulous tool.

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Conclusion Mastering Google Plus Now

As you can see Google plus has a whole array of tools and with additional plans on the drawing board to continuously improve this product and to keep all of the services, at least for now, free. I wanted to point out that we have not even half of the tools that are within Google plus. There is just too much to discuss in this report, but even using the highlighted tools that we discussed could completely transform your business overnight. Why not find out some more information about how to grow YOUR Google plus account?

Google Plus Will Dominate All Social Media Soon And So Will Your Competition UNLESS You Find Out More About This System Below Click here to grab your copy!

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