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The boy 11 Years to Rome Without Passport

A boy of 11 years determined to travel to Rome, Italy, through an airport in England. The boy get on a plane without a passport or ticket. Manchester airport Party, the location where the boy take off to Rome said the company would investigate the problem seriously. The incident was investigated by the airport investigator and airline host. As reported by The Washington Post, Thursday (7/26/2012), that boy through the security without being checked. Then, he immediately boarded a plane from Jet2 airline. After the plane landed in Italy, the unknown boy was briefly detained in the plane. After that, the boy directly sent back to Manchester. Of course it is become remarkable experience for this boy. However, for the airport and airline, would indicate a lack of in security and their more at Related Posts Hijacking in Alitalia Plane Thwarted

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The boy 11 Years to Rome Without Passport  
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