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Nude man Give Respect To Police

Photo : Rex Feat

A naked man in China make the excitement by running on the highway. This man was seen standing up straight and salute in front of the police who drove his car. At first, he was only wearing underwear and jump into the minibus hood. This man Immediately release underwear and lying naked on the highway in Hefei City, China. After that he jumped on the taxi hood. When a policeman came to the location where this naked man in action. This man jumped at the police who came then salute in naked condition. He was immediately dancing in front of the police car. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (07/18/2012). Before arrested, he had wrestled with the police. The police had to admit, it is not easy for them to catch him. He was immediately handcuffed and transported in a police car. Until now, information about this man not yet reported by the police. This man was also proved create chaos on the more at Related Posts Shakira Will Pose Nude in Playboy?

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Nude man Give Respect To Police