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Kristen Stewart affair with Rupert Sanders?

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A rumor sticking out, Kristen Stewart affair with the film director Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. In fact, the director is known to have married and has two children. This news is sticking when Rupert caught on camera hugging and kissing Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend from behind. A paparazzi who take the picture is said, both look intimate. After the photo spread, Kristen friend said she felt sorry for play fire with Rupert. She also did not intend to hurt Robert or Rupert family. “Kristen is completely destroyed. That was a mistake. She does not have a special relationship with Rupert. It’s just a feeling for a moment that should not have happened. She did not intend to hurt anyone. She a good girl who made a wrong choice,” said Kristen friend. Kristen and Robert have been dating since playing in the movie Twilight. However, this couple was never sure of their relationship to the public. Even so, both are not ashamed to spit romance when dating. Meanwhile, Robert had revealed that Kristen is the girl who most understand him in the world. This British actor is also comfortable with his girlfriend. Responding to affair rumor, Kristen, Robert and Rupert parties has reportedly issued the statement to cool down this news. Similarly, as reported by Aceshowbiz, Wednesday (07/25/2012).read more at Related Posts Robert Pattinson Want one Movie More with Kristen

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Kristen Stewart affair with Rupert Sanders?