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Fire Hit Skyscraper in Turkey

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A great fire swept a building in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. This building has 42 floors. To extinguish the fire, local authorities reportedly fielded a fleet of fire and evacuation teams in large numbers. But according to the Anatolia news agency on Tuesday (7/17/2012) so far has been no reports related to injuries or those killed in this fire incident. According to the TV channel TRT Haber luxury building known as the Polat Tower Residence is a luxury shopping center that also functions as an apartment in Turkey. Polat Tower Residence itself located in the Besiktas district. A number of residents who live in apartment in that building reportedly had been evacuated. But until this news was revealed have not known for sure the cause of the fire. read more at Related Posts Syria Crisis heats up, Turkey Buy Weapons

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Fire Hit Skyscraper in Turkey