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If you have a low credit score rating you will essentially pay about 4 percent more interest on everything you buy on credit. Having a good credit score and maintaining it is easier said than done, and not many people practice what they preach either.The truth is that more and more everyday people around the world fall victim to the tempting sale adverts in shop windows and on TV and in turn these people fall victim to maxing out their credit cards. What Is Free Credit Score Commercials

This is not always a good thing, unless someone else pays their bills for them on a monthly basis.Maintaining a good credit score is a must, it is easier said than done but it is not impossible, the trick is to take a look at your credit score rating every few months, so you know if you are going wrong and how you will be able to fix it.For a good credit score rating finance experts say that you must try at

least to make a payment on every credit account you have every month. This will keep you in the good books and your credit score rating stable at all times, which his the way you want it and the way you need it.If you want to keep up with your credit score rating and if you want to maintain a good credit score it will be a good idea to know how credit score ratings work.

You will also need to know what credit score could land you on the bad credit list and the black list, and which credit score rating will see you paying less interest when you buy on credit.According to finance experts every American needs to have a credit score rating between 600 and 800, where the total average range for credit score rating is 300 to 900.Looking at statistics taken from a recent survey the average credit score rating for the United States of America is around 650. It is said that you will pay almost 4 percent more interest for purchases made on credit if you have a lower credit score rating and you will pay much less if you rate around 900. It is also said that the very minimum if 550, which is still said to be pushing you luck a tiny bit.

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Free credit score commercials  

Free credit score commercials

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