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The beginning of September has seen the Hillington Square project team start meeting to discuss the first draft design for the Square.

Ideas have been gathered from the community, local groups, schools and professional bodies. There will be a consultation period of about eight weeks on the first stage designs, which will take place towards the end of this year and the beginning of 2011.

A mini newsletter has been launched for the Square to keep residents updated on the project as events unfold. Further information will be in the next Streets Ahead and on the Hillington Square website. Would you like to get involved with the project? Contact the Project Manager, Jacqueline Fry on 01553 667707

Social Media Update Since the last issue of Streets Ahead, we have seen a large increase in the number of tenants using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with us on a daily basis.

Empowerment Team has access to social media most of the day so they are able to check what is being said on a regular basis. It’s all about providing Freebridge tenants with options.’

Our Facebook page currently has 293 fans and our Tenant Empowerment Team has 355 friends. On Twitter 142 people are following our updates.

Our tenants have recently been given yet another option when it comes to contacting us – The Tenant Portal was launched on 1st June 2010 and has been specifically designed to make things easier for tenants.

Although social media isn’t widely used by housing providers as an engagement tool, we are certainly seeing the benefits. TOWN Chairman, Albert Havard commented ‘Tenants seem to appreciate the fact that they can ask a question or make a comment while they are online rather than having to pick up the phone and possibly have to wait. The Tenant

Working Together

ICT Development Manager, Jacquie Yaxley said ‘Although we have always provided an out-of-hours service to report emergency repairs, many of you have told us that it is difficult to ring in non-emergency repairs during normal working hours as you are at work yourselves and often

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do not have access to a phone. We have listened to this and have now provided a portal on our website where customers can log in at any time day or night

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365 days a year and report a non-emergency repair via the internet. These repairs are then dealt with by our staff on the following working day’.


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