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The Legend of Eli Monpress This is where the second main character comes in. A young lady named Miranda from the Spirit Court, a magical law enforcement / environmental protection organization. She's come to capture Eli and ensure he doesn't steal some magical relic. To be honest, she's rather annoying at first but I think that's the point. The embodiment of all that is good and right with a short tempter. The hero that will rant to the villains on their evilness in the middle of combat. But its clearly apart of her character growth as you continue. So she arrives to find the king gone and begins the hunt for Eli and his odd crew.

Skinnydipping Five years later, Faith has found her groove as an entrepreneur and manages to land a spot on a hot new reality TV show hosted by her idol the domestic goddess Sybil Hunter. Soon, however, Faith’s loud mouth and tell-it-like-it-is style get her in trouble with her fellow contestants the delusional socialite, the boozy lifestyle coach, and the moody headband designer. Even the ambitious housewife, Faith’s closest friend on the show, eventually stabs her in the back. As the show comes to a dramatic close, Faith discovers that the man of her dreams may have just walked into her life. Will she choose fame or love? Or can she have it all?

Darkness Hunts: A Dark Angels Novel This is definitely a series that should be read in order. The main missing key storyline keeps building with each book and the relationship between Risa and Azriel is more powerful to have followed them from the beginning. Risa is turning into a strong fighter, even if all she wants to do is be left alone to run her restaurant with her two best friends that's not a possibility for her right now. She's too unique a character to just sit on the sidelines and she's proving to be a kickass heroine who has to play a lot of different sides to balance all the people in her life who want something from her. I'm enjoying this series more and more with each book and love the direction its heading.

Dire Wants: A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan The supernatural world is rising up against the human one. The weretrappers want to control the humans, and only the immortal Dire wolves stand in the way of total destruction. Stray, a Dire, and his long-lost brother, Killian, emerge as the leaders of their pack. To keep themselves and the humans safe, the Dires must find a witch as powerful as the one who has been helping the weretrappers.

The Hallowed Ones Katie turned out to be a very compelling main character. While those around her expect her to be a good Amish girl and to settle down into marriage with her childhood friend, Elijah, right after her Rumspringa, Katie wants more. It is her internal fight against these wants that, in essence, prepares Katie for the events about to befall the entirety of the world. Her resistance of denial is fascinating to observe, especially when compared to the reactions of those around her to the nature of the disaster. There's everything from corruption to unexpected betrayal amongst this tight-knit community, which makes nearly every event so unexpected. I really enjoyed the different aspects of human reaction that were displayed within this book.

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A Paris Affair Want more than Fifty Shades? Mills & Boon have the answer with 12 Shades of Surrender! All 12 stories promise unforgettable romances with a sinful edge surrender to pure reading pleasure‌ After years of child rearing, chores and hard work, Valerie feels the sensual heat in her life has cooled. All she wants is a break from her everyday routine until an unexpected reunion with a man from her past awakens the pure sexual wanting she thought she'd lost.

A Question of Identity: A Simon Serrailler Mystery The latest Simon Serrailler police procedural (see The Betrayal of Trust) is a fabulous whodunit that is incredible when following the investigation or centering on Keyes (circa 2002 and 2012). When the storyline focuses on Simon's affair with married Rachel it adds depth to understanding the protagonist but detracts from an otherwise great mystery.

Blaze of Glory I highly recommend this book!! These authors take the reader on an exciting action adventure while maintaining there realistic nature of the story. This novel made my hair stand on end because I knew that most of the military drama, both on the field and off, and the scenes depicting how soldiers struggle with PTSD, are real either Major Jeff

Struecker experienced them or someone he knows did. This is the second book in a series...Certain Jeopardy was the first.

Blueeyedboy Ouf! Dangerous Liaisons meets Rickety Tickety Tin! Joanne Harris always crafts a superb plot. She really must have had fun doing this one. The structure of the tale is based in webjournals like the letters in Dangerous Liaisons. As in Dangerous Liaisons, rapier-like twists leave one quite lacerated. A fascinating exploration of the creation and functioning of psychopathic minds. And like Tom Lehrer's song Rickety Tickety Tin, things become increasingly ghoulish. In this schizpophrenic world, sudden shifts in personalities and identities leave one doubting reality. Joanne Harris takes a radical departure from the pastoral French rural idylls for which she is best known- such a departure that I was regaining my breath after each new mindbender and didn't have the time to miss the trademark rustic foodie world I love so much. It was like the buildup to a rollercoaster smash. This tale was hard to put down. What a versatile author. The story and style of the book call for an intense degree of perception, which she delivers. But don't expect the gentle entertainment that her better known books offer

American Empire: Blood & Iron Harry Turtledove continues his sprawling saga of the Confederate Nation in the aftermath of defeat. Prices are rising as the currency devalues, the old way of life is fading fast as the CSA must pay reparations to the USA. All of our characters return, as they try and rebuild their lives following the war Jake Featherston builds his Freedom Party to restore the CSA, along with the help of Anne Colleton and Roger Kimball in an eerie parrallel of Nazism. While the Confederates try to rebuild, Flora Hamburger and the Socialists try and wrest power away from Teddy Roosevelt and the Democrats to salvage a USA wracked with labor strife, while the soldiers of the war desperately try and hang on to the strength that helped them win. There is little war in this novel, but Turtledove sets the stage for a WWII pitting CSA vs USA in a most interesting way. As we end the book, Featherston is considering ways to spread his message of hatred via radio broadcast, and there are tantalizing hints of former Confederates fighting in various wars in South America (think Spain in the early 30's) who are bringing information about barrels (tanks) and other techniques of war home for future use. That Turtledove will make Featherston his Confederate Hitler is a foregone conclusion, but it remains to be seen how the next war will play out as there is little info in this book as the state of the Confederacie's

allies, England, France and Japan, and there are hints that the USA doesn't exactly trust the German allies that helped them win. I said it after Breakthroughs, and I'll say it again, DAMN!

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Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men This book is about a woman who survives an attempted honor killing after she has gotten pregnant by a neighbor. the neighbor professes his love for her, impregnates her and then, leaves her to deal with the consequences. she discusses village traditions which mandate that she be killed for premarital sex. She is also quite honest about her difficulties after moving to Switzerland. What makes this book a wonderful read is that she does not portray herself as "cured" after replanting herself in Switzerland. she discusses the psychological challenges that await her, as she tries to make a new family and also connect her old one, as her child from the improper union was adopted by another family . My only problem with the book is that Souad seems quite eager to adopt western traditions, morals and actions. I wonder if this is a product of translation.

Swordbird The blue jays and cardinals of Stone-Run Forest have turned against each other. According to legend, only Swordbird, son of the Great Spirit, has the power to conquer evil and restore peace to the land.

Sword Quest Yin and Yang's other apparent appearance is in the form of the most evil and greedy villain, Yin Soul. In Chinese culture, Yin is thought of as the dark side representing all of the evil. I am surprised that the author did not go the whole way and make Yin Soul male, seeing as Yin is usually paired with any feminine. Its less obvious appearance in the story is when the main character, Wind-voice, realized that birds are not easily separated into "white and black, good and bad". Life and people have a lot of gray in them. This belief is depicted in Yin and Yang by the small circle of the opposite color in the fluid shapes of white and black.

The End of the World Club The story takes place mostly in Spain, but Mayan folklore is still central and includes the Spanish conquistadors' impact on society. This sequel is no slouch in the adventure department. The danger and suspense is nonstop, with many surprises, along the way. The intensity gradually builds throughout the last half of the book to an unexpected ending. With plenty of humor to lighten the dark and ominous mood, this fantasy adventure series is a fun read for middle readers on up.

Chance of a Lifetime This story is very short but delightfully naughty. I really enjoyed the quick read.

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Chaos Space Having fled the invasion on Araldis, Mira Fedor travels to the nearest Orion League planet seeking aid for her devastated world, but the authorities seem more interested in stealing her bio-ship, Insignia, than in rendering help. While Mira flees from world to world, Araldis burns. Why is the initiate Tekton taking such extreme measures just to acquire a mineral alloy? Why do so many of the protagonists in this galaxy-wide drama have links to the Stain Wars?

Chasing the Dead Another cracking debut novel. David Raker finds missing people but one day Mary Towne comes to his office to tell him that she's just seen her son who died a year ago in a car crash. When David starts to investigate things become very, very violent.....

Cuffing Kate Well, this is just excellent. So glad I bought it. Wonderful words, funny moments, three characters intricately winding round each other to reach their goal. Lovely!

Daughter of the Blood Daughter of the Flames introduced the great main character of Izzy, and in this terrific sequel the heroine is sent off in new directions - exciting and different, yet comfortably familiar. The ordinary and extraordinary elements of the supernatural world come together seamlessly. Holder's writing style is terrific. Worth checking out.

Daughter of the Flames DAUGHTER OF THE FLAMES is an incredible romantic fantasy in which the characterizations are so real the audience will quickly believe in a protector, vampires, werewolves and other ilk as well as a realm in which magic is a form of physics. The story line is fast-paced and action-packed, but it is the cast especially the heroine now the keeper of the flame who turns this into a must read superb thriller.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Buried The latest Gourmet Detective, EAT, DRINK, AND BE BURIED, provides n intriguing look at Medieval recipes, but is no Medieval Times. The hero remains fresh and fun to observe whether he is in the kitchen or searching for evidence. However, the problem with the plot lies with the myriad of suspects that the Gourmet Detective investigates. They seem more like Borgs sharing the same personality, which leaves the reader struggling to discern who is who even with a scorecard. Still, Peter King provides an entertaining culinary amateur sleuth mystery that may not be up to his star's palate, but will provide a decent snack.

Eggs in Purgatory Suzanne's lawyer Brian has some papers for her to sign regarding her late husband's estate. When she steps out into the cafe's parking lot she finds him murdered in his car. Not long afterward, she sees a pickup truck being followed by a SUV she follows them observing the truck tip over while the SUV drives away. Resident Teddy Harlingen, who first noticed Brian dead in the car, is found dead too. Suzanne believes the deaths are linked and soon learns of a million dollar kickback deal in which late husband's firm is being blamed. Refusing to accept the seemingly irrefutable evidence that her spouse committed a felonious deed, Suzanne investigates seeking the ties between three dead men while a fourth watches her every move.

Flight Behavior When I first heard the title to Barbara Kingsolver's seventh novel, I thought of airplanes. Such is the orientation of the 21st century. Well, prepare to step into the rural, economically depressed farming and sheepherding town of Feathertown, Tennessee, where the shepherds flock on Sundays to commune with Pastor Bobby Ogle, their beloved and kind preacher and spiritual leader. This is the kind of repressed, technologically challenged community who believes that weather is determined by God, not by science, and that the past year's flooding was decreed by the heavens and can only be reversed by prayer.

Embedded Great fast read. Just got the book and I can't put it down. The action sequences are outstanding and it just drops you into the story right away. Just enough backstory to get you into the story without a full blown explination of the universe. Absolutly a must read for any action junkie.

Empire of the Sun This is an account of JG Ballard's childhood in Shanghai during World War II when he was imprisoned in an internment camp away from his parents but just knowing that alone tells you nothing about the book. Yes, it takes place in WWII but that's almost irrelevant to the book, Jim is barely aware of the war as far as most people would

conceive it and the entire war seems to take place mostly on the periphery . . . if it doesn't affect him directly than he doesn't care. On one level this is a nicely detailed account of life in Shanghai, especially in the beginning. Ballard is a good enough writer that he can describe such mundane events with enough flair that they take on another ambiance entirely. This becomes more pronounced as Jim winds deeper into the war itself, with the book becoming almost dream like in its quality. A lot of people I think object to the actions of Jim, which are very much what we don't expect. He's fairly self centered and makes a lot of weird rationalizations but I had no trouble understanding his POV, even if I didn't totally agree with it. He's a kid caught in something he can barely understand, so he has to break it down into something he can understand and sometimes that means making it a game and sometimes that means doing some things that most of us would interpret as cruel. That was the most interesting part of the novel for me, watching Jim trying to cope with the events around him, deal with the fact that he can barely remember his parents, with the fact that the only life he can really remember after a while are in the camp itself. With everything filtered through his perceptions the reader has to evaluate for him or herself what exactly the truth is . . . Jim's perception of some characters can change over and over, or maybe not even agree with what the character is doing, but that's because he's looking at it through the eyes of a child and by way of Jim, so is the reader as well. The white flash of the atom bomb that comes toward the end isn't even a climax, it's just another strange event in a war where everything strange is normal and for Jim it doesn't even signify the end of the war, for him the war never really seems to end. Haunting in its grim depiction of reality, this stands as one of the better books to come out about WWII simply for its personal perspective.

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Enigma Lindsay B does it again! I can't get enough of her work. I don't normally purchase novella's because I find them too short, however I make an exception for Lindsay. It's been a while since I read Encrypted, but was easily taken back to where we left Rias and Tikaya. Looking forward to her next book!

Going Down Want more than Fifty Shades? Mills & Boon have the answer with 12 Shades of Surrender! All 12 stories promise unforgettable romances with a sinful edge surrender to pure reading pleasure‌ Jennifer hoped she'd meet someone

during her six-month stay in Paris, but she didn't expect to find a man like Armand Lazare on her very first day! He makes her feel wanton. But as much as this new desire unnerves Jennifer, she's even more eager to explore it with Armand as her master...

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