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Brute Force It isn't perfect yet, there is still a little too much military jargon, which as an ex-Army fellow I personally don't mind but I can understand where it might get difficult to follow for a civilian with no military knowledge. But if you've read and understood his previous offering, this only builds upon Nick Stone's pitiful existence and is completely followable and understandable. I've rated it a 5 because of the amusement factor it provided. It does what it says on the tin and is fun, addictive and a great story.

Touching the Surface TOUCHING THE SURFACE is a terrific debut. Sabatini has shown that she can handle big ideas in an individual, human manner. I also liked the little glimpses into the journeys other people are making at the Obmil. This is Elliot's story, but she's in a world where everyone is struggling with their own story. It's an intriguing take on life after death. TOUCHING THE SURFACE might be a good novel to introduce contemporary fans to something more fantastical. It's also a good choice for speculative fiction fans tired of monsters and dystopias and looking for something a little quieter, if no less dramatic.

The Most to Lose I couldn't put it down. It was descriptive and flowing. If you like historical romances, you will live this book. It has revenge, danger, and of course romance. The supporting charactors add to the story, as well as th main charactors. Overall it is well written. It is love story, yet the heroines brother want revenge against the man she loves, his old friend, thinking his old friend has wronged him, and caused the death off his love. It is definitely worth reading.

Stalked (Lucy Kincaid Novels)

I haven't finished the book yet but I am finding it to be a great read. I have read all of the books about the Kincaid family and enjoyed them all. The ones focusing on Lucy are my favorites. The books all have a great combination of romance and suspense and I enjoy the steady development of Lucy's relationship with Sean. I also enjoy keeping up with some of the characters from the earlier's looking like the next book may be about Lucy's brother Patrick.

Ruins (Pathfinder) I felt like most of the paradoxes were explained with enough satisfaction that I was able to put the book down and feel like I hadn't wasted my time. but had actually enjoyed the several hours reading the book. Orson Scott Card has been around long enough that his writing flows enough to make this a good read for about anyone teens on up and I felt like I enjoyed it enough that I look forward to the next one with earnest. I just hope it can come out somehow before a whole year!

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Roar and Liv I fell in love with Roar from his very first scene in Under the Never Sky, so when I found out Veronica Rossi was writing an entire novella dedicated to Roar, you can imagine my excitement. He's so funny and sweet and caring and sexy, and he was a bit of a scene stealer whenever he made an appearance in Under the Never Sky.

Fury's Kiss: A Midnight's Daughter Novel Prior to reading Fury's Kiss, out of Karen Chance's two series set in this world, my favorites were definitely Cassie's books. However, now that I have finished Fury's Kiss, I have to say that the scales have tipped in Dory's favor. Granted I realize some of that is probably due to the fact that Dory is fresh in my mind while the last Cassie book was released over a year ago, but there is more to it than that. Dory has grown so much from the angry and bitter woman we first met. She's still rather wary of most of the vampires (completely understandable due to her terrible history with them), but she also has made great strides in learning to work with them. Between her father, Radu, Louis-Cesare, and even Ray, she makes great inroads in this book towards opening herself up. Now, instead of blind mistrust standing in her way, it is more her own insecurities that seem to be her biggest road block. Of course, when you have been treated a vile thing your entire life, and are terrified of yourself because you hurt others in uncontrollable rages, it would be rather hard to have a good sense of self worth. That being said, Dory seemed to slowly be opening up to the idea of accepting and hopefully embracing both sides of herself, which will go a long way in overcoming those insecurities.

Enslaved (Eternal Guardians) She calls to him. Come to me. You can't resist. But Gryphon will not allow himself to be ruled by the insidious whispers in his head. And there's only one way to stop them: kill Atalanta, the goddess who enslaved him. But with so much darkness inside, he can't be sure what's real anymore. Even the Eternal Guardians, those who protect the human realms and the gods, want to exile him. Finding Malea is like a miracle. Somehow he doesn't feel the pull of the dark when she's near. And he's determined to keep her as near as possible, whether she wants him close or not. But she's a temptation that will test every bit of control he has left. One that may ultimately have the power to send him back to the Underworld...or free him from his chains for good.

Blind Eye Logan is under the strick disciplinarian, DCI Finnie, who never seems satisfied with Logan's work. Logan also works with Det. Inspector Steel, a fiesty lesbian officer who needs a curse box to donate to because she curses so much. She's currently under stress because she and her partner, Susan, have been turned down for adoption and now Steel wants Logan to donate the sperm needed for artificial insemination. This is a madcap police procedural. Since the police in Scotland don't normally carry guns, there are a number of skirmishes that could have involved the Three Stooges police officer hit with a beer bottle, kicked in the crotch and shot at without rear of return fire.

Blood Bond There is so much that happens in this book that I can't even scratch the surface of it in a review. As soon as I started this book I knew I had to finish it. And once I finished it I wanted to kick myself for reading it so fast. Now I am desperately waiting to get my hands on the next book. And I can't even talk about the whole Alex and Wes thing or else you will know exactly what happens.So lets just say I am still Team Alex all the way!!

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Birthdays for the Dead Henderson is a fascinating protagonist, 45 years old, with an ex-wife and twelve-year-old daughter and now living in a dilapidated council estate, he is not one to shy away from exacting revenge, or justice, when called for. But the most fascinating of the characters created by Mr. MacBride for this novel is Dr. Alice McDonald, brilliant forensic psychologist, somewhat mentally unstable, self-described as "delightfully quirky" - - a more objective viewpoint might include OCD and perhaps agoraphobia.

Binder Full of Women (Billionaire Binder Series) Would we all just love to fall in love with a Billionaire? Rachel and Trent have been best friends forever, but when he has to find a wife in a hurry, he asks her to help him find a wife in a binder full of women (loved how this mimics some real life political events!) This is a fun short read that you can complete in an hour or so. Perfect escape.

A Faraway Island Although this is a story about Jewish girls, the Jewish content is limited to anti-Semitism and when the foster mothers take the girls to church with them. When the singing and warmth makes Stephie cry because it reminds her of synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, Auntie Marta is thrilled that she has "embraced Jesus so quickly." The pace is rather

slow, setting the tone of how miserable Stephie feels. The story ends abruptly, with Stephie no longer feeling at the end of the world. An author's note describes the history of sending children to Sweden during World War II.

Alter Boys When Father Gus molested Corky at age four, dad didn't have the guts to prosecute and his mentally ill mom ignored it. Corky found a safe place in his head and hid there. He barely survives the destruction of his childhood and lands in the psych ward right before high-school graduation.

Cold Granite MacBride has created engaging characters, with layered dimensions. McRae has to earn the respect and trust of his co-workers and superiors. He is forced to work alongside his former lover, who is the icy medical examiner. The book contains gritty, realistic descriptions of crimes against children, so be forewarned. But for fans of Scottish police procedurals, MacBride is a welcome new addition to the bookshelves.

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Concrete Thomas Bernhard is a little-known Austrian writer who, during his life, won every major literary award save the Nobel Prize. Concrete is, in my view, his best work. The tone of this novel, like a Bach concerto, is intertwined and unrelenting. A singular shower of first-person philosophies and opinions from someone quite obviously conflicted. There are no chapters (there aren't any in Bernhard's work) as the text reads like you're inside someone's thought process as they are wrestling with an idea. Some claim Bernhard is a misanthrope and a sexist but this is a very thin reading of him. His wild assertions and outlandish remarks are, in large part, meant to be self-mocking and in that there is great humor. The subtext is as if coming from someone not entirely trustworthy when he speaks which, of course, makes you want to listen. Bernhard is not for everyone. But if you try him and you already are taken with writers like Henry Miller or H.L. Mencken, chances are he will appeal to you on several levels.

Correction This novel is essentially about a man (two men, really, in sequence although at times it feels like the narrator is of one piece) in a little dark room who cannot turn his brain off and has an incessant need to share it with you (the reader). I found the passage about the stuffing of the big black bird to be incredibly hilarious. People who aspire to be well-read must put Thomas Bernhard on the top of their reading list. Adjectives like obsession and neurotic don't do this particular book justice. I've read most of Bernhard's books (as translated in English) and this is certainly one of his strongest. I recommend this book to everyone...

Day of Reckoning This book is not bad, it is just too similar to his previous ones. There are only so many different terrorist situations to write about, and in two of Higgins' previous books, Dillon has already taken on the Mafia. It would be neat however if Higgins wrote about Dillon back in the day when he was an IRA gunman and/or an international terrorist. Overall, I would suggest reading this book if you enjoy a good old-fashioned thriller.

Die Twice Andrew Grant's second book didn't disappoint. It's definitely a page turner, and what I thought was a predictable ending turned out to be more of a twist than I realized. The end is a bit of a cliffhanger which should be resolved in the next book.

Dying Light I rated MacBride's first book as Very Good, but didn't feel this was quite up to the same level. There seemed to be a strong assumption that readers would have read the first book and, therefore, knew the characters and their history,

so individual character development in this book was very thin. I did feel the characters where realistic although not particularly likable. But MacBride's writing is very strong. It is graphically brutal balanced with the type of humor I, again, felt realistic to the characters and situations. I do like MacBride's use dialogue and ability to create sense of place. I shall definitely give MacBride another try.

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Fairytale of New York Although a little longer than some chick lit books, I finished it in two days! I found it difficult to put down and whenever I did, I found myself pondering the story and the intricate lives of the characters. Main character Rosie was well rounded and I loved her from the very start, as were all the other characters that featured in this delightful tale. I particularly love Marnie... what a personality she is!

Fifth Avenue I quite enjoyed this read and the myriad plot variations. Yes, some were discernable, predictable, but that is no different than reading any novel or watching any movie and determining beforehand what might happen. An inveterate reader will always look ahead and predict what might happen. That does not detract from the story, nor the ability to keep the reader interested. I have read multiple versions of the Battle of the Alamo. I ALWAYS know what is going to happen, but I read them nonetheless. The writing was quite well done, very few errors, duplicate words, misused words, or typos. And the length of the book is far beyond most of what have come to accept as a "novel" length piece of fiction. Well done, Mr. Smith. I commend this effort and look forward to more of your work.

Five Ways to Kill a Man An unpredictable killer is loose on the streets of Glasgow, experimenting with death. Beginning with brute force, the murderer moves on to poison and drowning, greedy for new and better ways to kill. Faced with a string of unconnected victims, DCI Lorimer turns to psychologist and friend Solomon Brightman for his insights. Lorimer is also assigned to review the case of a fatal house fire. His suspicions are raised by shocking omissions in the original investigation. Some uncomfortable questions have been buried but Lorimer is the man to ask them. As the serial killer gets closer to Lorimer's family, can the DCI unmask the volatile murderer before the next victim is found too close to home?

Flesh House The book's not perfect. Characterization's a little lacking will Steel ever be more than a foul-mouthed bull dyke, will Insch ever be more than a fat short-fuse, will Rennie ever be more than a walking bag of testosterone? I like Logan (thought I wouldn't to be him, forever getting saddled with other people's work and problems) but he's pretty static in this one - and his relationship with Jackie will cause a lot of people to scratch their heads if they haven't read earlier books in the series, as there's no explanation or summary of previous events. The biggest flaw is with the killer. MacBride almost seems to make fun of the profiler's attempt to sketch out the killer's motivation, and I'm not sure that we ever really know what's made that wackjob tick. "The Flesher" is probably the most depraved killer you'll ever meet in fiction (Hannibal Lecter is Little Bo Beep in comparison), so skimping on The Flesher's psychology left me with a dissatified feeling.

Frost Although not pretty, this is an important book, one very well worth the effort to read. Strauch, the painter, the primary character, is undeniably insane. Nonetheless, he is a font of philosophical observations - truths if you will - often exposing the dark side of the human condition. The relationship developed between Strauch and the anonymous young medical student who leaves his work to observe Strauch is engaging and psychologically astute. While extremely "raw", FROST is unforgettable.

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Future Weapons of War Joe Haldeman views writing as a craft, so its no surprise that an anthology of short stories edited by Haldeman would be chosen for their quality and originality. Although Haldeman may be best known for his Science Fiction works such as The Forever War, he has also written about his personal experiences in Vietnam ( War Stories ). The short stories in this collection are not "shoot'em up" stories, but thoughtful discussions of the future and philosophies of war. Haldeman and Greenberg have chosen their authors well and developed an excellent collection of short stories. Well worth reading!

Gravity (The Taking) Don't. Ever. Peek. When I saw that sentence, of course I knew I had to read this book. The year is 2040. The world as we know it no longer exists. After being destroyed by war, an agreement is established with an alien race, known at the Ancients. The earth no longer is able to produce food, but the Ancients have a special ability to make that happen. In exchange for this, each night the Ancients come in and perform "the taking," from the humans. Each human has one Ancient assigned to them. At midnight they come in and the "exchange" takes place, with the Ancient absorbing the necessary vitamins, energy, etc. from the human. There is one rule, a rule that is never to be broken. The humans are to wear a patch preventing them from seeing and moving, and they are to never look. As it happens, Ari Alexander breaks that rule and opens her eyes to see Jackson Locke, one of the most popular boys at her school, hovering over her.

London Eye (Toxic City Book One) Unlike most post apocalyptic stories where the entire world is affected, in LONDON EYE, the first book in Tim Lebbon's Toxic City series,only London was attacked. The story moves fast and many of the action scenes are wonderfully intense and scary especially the few that happen in dark enclosed places. What I really enjoyed was the profoundly creepy news blurbs at the beginning of the chapters consisting of the radio broadcasts immediately following the terrorist attack. These blurbs only start appearing before the chapters when Jack and his friends approach London. This helps increase the desolation and eeriness of the present day London Jack encounters when he enters the city.

Mr. Real (Code of Shadows #1) Alix, the book's heroine, is definitely difficult to love. (I liked her, but then I often enjoy heroines labelled "unlikeable" by other readers.) She is variously described as "free-spirited" (the author's web site), "a woman who doesn't take life too seriously" (the official book blurb), "unconventional" and "a wild-child" (quotes from other authors). She's all of those things she is also insecure, with low self esteem, and that goes a long way in explaining (not necessarily justifying) the immature behavior that I think some readers will find too annoying to get past. Which is unfortunate, because the beauty of this book for me is largely in Alix's growth -- as she gains a sense of self worth, she finds the strength to make better choices. She undergoes a metamorphosis that wouldn't be possible if she hadn't started out the way she does.

One, Two ... He is Coming for You Set in the Danish coastal town of Karrebaeksminde, journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six year old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter, when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the kingdoms wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence in Karrebaeksminde. While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man.

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Perigee It keeps you in suspense all the way to the end. The book invites you to make assumptions that turn out to lead to twists. It's a cleverly planned out story about a high stakes dramatic crisis in space.

Sawbones This book has the kind of very dark humour you find in the film Reservoir Dogs and the like. I found it both chilling and very funny at the same time. It's definitely unusual. As the narrator says while they're driving around with a corpse and a policeman in the trunk: And this time we're the good guys. And they are, compared to the serial killer, so having someone like that hunted by ruthless criminals is very satisfying and fun.

Shut The Fuck Up and Die! People aren't always what they seem and this book proved it. It takes the tired old "family of hillbilly psychos" and turns it on its ear. As another reviewer stated, there arent any decent humans in this book and I was hoping for just deserts for everyone but only a certain few received them. The author can really turn a phrase.

Sweetest Taboo As far as Eva Marquez and her writing, I couldn't fault it. Incredibly well written and easy to read. An amazing topic and storyline which grabbed me straight from the minute that I read the book description. As far as the characters, Isabel was strong and mature for her age but there were definitely times when the teenager in her was very evident. As for Tom, I don't think I ever doubted his feelings for Isabel, but I think I wanted him as the adult to have more restraint and to have a bit more backbone as far as his wife and children were concerned.

Them or Us THEM OR US is loaded with graphic, though not necessarily gratuitous, violence, and does not flinch away from descriptions of what occurs when food supplies dwindle to nothing and sewage disposal goes the way of the dodo. I made the mistake of reading the book during lunch at one point, and I don't recommend the experience. As with its predecessors, though, it paints a terrifying picture, in great part because the fraying of civilization described in its pages can be seen in our world. The spontaneous rioting that has taken place in major US cities in recent months is not at all different from what occurs in the early stages of HATER, and Moody paints a plausible and frightening picture of what the end game might be. Forewarned is forearmed. And stock up on those canned goods, too.

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The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole This book is a riot of psychotropic incidents and disturbing imagery...and yes, plenty of glory holes. For me, the most visually intriguing scene had to be the battle between the angels of heaven and the half man/half demon that occurs in the sex shop. It was also one of those rare moments when I am reading where I virtually laughed my butt off. I couldn't help myself. But to say that this particular scene came even close to being the most outrageous, the most jawdroppingly absurd in the book would be stretching it quite a bit.

The Domino Men The book is well-written, in a distinctly British style. The vocabulary alone is a joy to read, and though some turn their noses down at genre fiction, the use of language here is quite wonderful. Many times I paused to linger over a turn of phrase or sentence. There is a lot of humor that buoys the story as well. My biggest criticism, and the reason for the loss of one star, is that I believe that the novel could have been shorter. It dragged a bit in the middle and through the end. I'd find myself very caught up in what certainly felt like a denouement, and I'd find myself thinking, "There's another 150 pages? No, not possible!" The book was never boring, but I do think it could have been slightly condensed.

The Morcai Battalion

This is definietely Diana's writing and her wit but a new genre for most of her fans. It was a little difficult at the beginning to read and understand all the plot and characters but it gets better as it moves through the story. I am looking forward to reading more about these characters. Ms Palmer writes that she started this book when she was a teenager and this is a dream for her to get the book out and in a way she wanted. I liked the story and want to know more. One thing I think I should mention, I read the other reviews and here is my take, Diana Pamler is very up front about this is a different story then her normal (its sci-fi not western romance) and that she started this one as a teenager. Review the story on those merits not against her other work, she says it is different. They are not comparable, dont try. This is a pet peeve of mine if you feel you must judge something do it on its merits not against something that is irrelevant.

The Morcai Battalion: Invictus I'm glad that this book came out! Rushed to read it at the 12 o clock hour and enjoyed every minute. i loved every one of the morcai battalion and hope that there will be more in the future. The only thing out of place was the redundancy of many of the lines in the book and the comic relief/stupidity of some of the characters when "secrets" are revealed. Man i wished i could have seen him purr:)

The Morcai Battalion: The Recruit The Recruit gives you a wider view of Diana's galaxy. There is more information that was hinted at in the first book but there is still more to come. The relationship between Ruszel and Dtimun grows and becomes very complicated and by the end of the book you're ready for the third.

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The Murder on the Links: A Hercule Poirot Mystery The second Hercule Poirot mystery, The Murder on the Links, by Agatha Christie is a good example of the method of its detective and his little grey cells. The cast of charaters is small and there are some wonderfully complex twists but the main pleasure to be derived from this book is setting up Poirot in counterpoint to a more "modern" detective who uses less of a psychological approach and more of the blood-hound method examing the minutiae of the scene and following the scent. Hercule Poirot would definately not be a avid "CSI" watcher. The story also contains many romantic elements, another popular genre used by the author, that generally work better here than in other of her books. A good mystery, if not a Christie classic.

The Painted Drum The story of the painted drum is a tale that blends the pragmatism of the modern world with the unexplained mystical forces that inexplicably bind past and present together. When estate appraiser, Faye Travers discovers the drum found in the attic of a deceased client, she does something that she's never been tempted to do. She steals it and seeks out its rightful owner. When she finds the family of the man who initially crafted the drum, she hears the story of how it came into being. She comes to understand how the drum itself may have compelled her to act on its behalf.

The Prague Cemetery

This novel is a thriller in clown pants, a consipracy of dirty priests and nasty freemasons and horrible men and the smelly calvalcade of southern European bigotries. It is great fun, and surprisingly a rolicking good tail, but why, oh why has Mr. Eco never learnt to lead the reader into the labrynth of his genius? So, if you are in the mood for a good book that starts with a Master's degree level of litarary sophistication in one huge swallow, this is the book for you. If you are in a book that takes you through all of the many furtive nasty cracks in a bad man's mind, in order to make a point, this is the book for you...

The Somnambulist I was captured at once by Barnes's writing. He favors a blend of modern, easy to read, language mixed with a shading of the long-winded Victorian trappings and a touch of purple prose. It's a fine brew and I found myself sailing along within just a few pages. His writing is so smooth, and his imagery so evocative, that the world of Edward Moon and the Somnambulist grew larger and deeper and more textured with every word.

The Third Option Vince Flynn is an excellent writer and has a lot of detail and accurate info in his work. What some people need to realize is that for security reasons some of the info must be different in his books than it is in real life. I for one am very impressed with the way Flynn ties everything together in his stories. And apparently I'm not the only one who really enjoys his novels. But some people will always be haters no matter how great a writer is and how successful he becomes. Keep up the great work Vince and I will keep reading. On to the next Rapp novel.

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Transfer of Power Flynn is today's master of the political thriller. Clancy at his very best in "The Hunt For Red October" was terrific: but Flynn is better and he has been able to hold the Mitch Rapp character intact over a number of novels which Clancy was unable to do with Jack Ryan. In my opinion, every other political thriller novelist pales before Flynn. He is the master and of the three Mitch Rapp novels I've read to date, this is his best.

Valley of the Shadow If you haven't read Vanish, I'd suggest starting there. Valley of the Shadow will be a much richer experience if you do. In the end, Pawlik never preaches. He tells a story. A parable of sorts. And the lessons our characters learn of choice, temptation, sacrifice, risk, influence, and reward are all lesson we would do good to learn. An emotionally compelling thriller that will keep you up at night.

Anatomy of a Disappearance If you are seeking a profound revelation, this is not the book for you. If you are interested in the development of a character who develops in the aftermath of a political kidnapping this is a good choice. The book allows us to reflect on how we see each other and the relationships we form. It also makes us question how much we truly know ourselves and the others in our lives.

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion This book is loaded with information ranging from the author's writing career, to separate interviews with Alan Ball (TrueBlood) and Charlaine using reader's questions, Southern Recipes (definitely found a few I want to try), an unpublished Sookie story (Sam takes Sookie to his brother's wedding) , trivia tests (and I thought I knew the series fairly well - hah!) , a greatly shortened version of each book along with added personal correspondence between Eric and Bill as it relates to the happenings in each book. Not enough? How about a map of Bon Temps, a list of every character ever mentioned in the books and who they are. There are also sections on Sookie's take on vampires, the two-natured and fairies, an explanation for the Sookie and related short stories, and a section regarding the fan club. Whew!

The Time of the Dark Gil is a grad student in history. Rudy is an artist who paints garish designs on motorcycles. How do the two of them wind up in another universe, with an ice age coming on, the terrible Dark eating humans every night, and Rudy hopelessly in love with a queen whose husband is dead and Gil, with a wizard three times her age? The whole thing is impossible. But Gil and Rudy know they can never go home again, and they must make themselves functional in a world where nothing they know is of any use at all. Or is it? Is there a place for a hard-headed, hard-hearted, unfeminine scholar? Is there a place for a very stubborn Hispanic man? Maybe there is. And maybe you'd better read this book in a hurry.

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Ultraviolet "Once upon a time there was a girl who was special. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her." Sixteen-year-old Alison wakes up in a mental institution. As she pieces her memory back together, she realizes she's confessed to murdering Tori Beaugrand, the most perfect girl at school. But the case is a mystery. Tori's body has not been found, and Alison can't explain what happened. One minute she was fighting with Tori. The next moment Tori disintegrated into nothing. But that's impossible. No one is capable of making someone vanish. Right? Alison must be losing her mind like her mother always feared she would. For years Alison has tried to keep her weird sensory abilities a secret. No one ever understood until a mysterious visiting scientist takes an interest in Alison's case. Suddenly, Alison discovers that the world is wrong about her and that she's capable of far more than anyone else would believe.

Unstoppable This is definitly a MUST READ in the Tracers series. Its short but every single minute of it is packed with heat, suspence and everything else that you expect in a Laura Griffin book. This book brings back Kelsey from the previous Tracer books and we finally get to know her and introduces us to the ultimate alpha male SEAL Gage. I downloaded this one this morning and finished it this afternoon. I cannot wait unitl October when Scorched comes out which is the full length book for Gage and Kelsey. This book introduces us to them , they hook up hot and heavy and he protects her and keeps her safe and of course they end up falling in Love. There is much more to their story though so we have to wait till the fall... gosh this is going to be such a long wait !!!!

Underbelly: The Golden Mile This book is interesting due to the actual happenings of the events. It's easy to lose your bearings though with so many names, events. Highly recommend it to those with an interest in Australian true crime.

The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Coins 2013, 51st Edition English | ISBN: 0375723463 | 2012 | 640 pages | EPUB | 42 MB For over fifty years, The Official Blackbook Price Guide to United States Coins 2013 has been the bestselling sourcebook for collectors. Reflecting the current skyrocketing prices of gold and silver, this guide has all the information you need to become a knowledgeable coin collector. Features include: •Over 18,000 prices •Values for every U.S. coin ever minted •An updated market review that traces current trends in collecting and investing •Hundreds of coin illustrations and a fast-find index for easy identification •Extensive information on buying and selling coins at auction, coins shows, online, and through the mail

Elantris - Part 1 of 3 (Audiobook) English | 2009 | ISBN: 159950555X | MP3 | 173 MB The exciting debut of a fresh new voice in fantasy A s fantasy surpassed SF in popularity, much of it becamepredictable. Elantris is a welcome exception, a rare epicfantasy that doesn't recycle the classics. In GraphicAudio...A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. - Audiofile Magazine

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Elantris - Part 2 of 3 (Audiobook) English | 2009 | ISBN: 1599505622 | MP3 | 177 MB The exciting debut of a fresh new voice in fantasy A s fantasy surpassed SF in popularity, much of it becamepredictable. Elantris is a welcome exception, a rare epicfantasy that doesn't recycle the classics. In GraphicAudio...A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Elantris - Part 3 of 3 (Audiobook) English | 2009 | ISBN: 1599505703 | MP3 | 163 MB The city of the gods. Elantris once stood as the symbol of all that is beautiful. A sprawling metropolis of unrivaled grandeur, it was a symbol of power and strength, built to be as imposing as it was magnificent. The only thing more glorious than the city itself was its inhabitants, Godlike beings, with silvery skin and hair of the purest, flowing white. Able to create powerful magics with a mere wave of their hands, the Elantrians were able to heal mortal wounds and create any object they desired. To be an Elantrian was to be without sickness, without pain and without want. And anyone could become a god. Through a process known as the "Shaod",a normal person could go to bed one night, and awake the next morning to throw away the shackles of mortality and become a being of incomparable power and grace. With Elantris as their beacon, the light inside all humanity was allowed to shine, elevating it to new heights. But Elantris fell...ten years ago. (Part 3 of 3) Find out more information about the city, characters and the magic at The exciting debut of a fresh new voice in fantasy A s fantasy surpassed SF in popularity, much of it becamepredictable. Elantris is a welcome exception, a rare epicfantasy that doesn't recycle the classics. In GraphicAudio...A Movie in Your Mind with Full Cast, Narration, Cinematic Music and Sound Effects. GraphicAudio sets the gold standard for full-cast dramatizations, and new listeners will become instant fans. Audiofile Magazine

Slam (Audiobook) English | 2010 | ISBN: 0141807911 | MP3 | 343 MB Whoever invented skateboarding is a genius. There's only one skater, and his name's Tony Hawk. It doesn't matter if you don't know who he is, just trust me. Not only is Hawk the world's best skater, he's also good to talk to. So I talk to Tony Hawk, and Tony Hawk talks back. Because just when it seemed like everything had come together for me, I had to go and screw it all up. It only took two seconds. But all of me knew. One risk. One mistake and my life would never be the same. Hawk had a few things to say. And a few things to show me. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your own future?

Sad Cypress A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2003 | ISBN: 000715755X | MP3 | 173 MB Another classic Poirot story brought to life by Hugh Fraser. Beautiful young Elinor Carlisle stood serenely in the dock, accused of the murder of Mary Gerrard, her rival in love. The evidence was damning: only Elinor had the motive, the opportunity and the means to administer the fatal poison. Yet, inside the hostile courtroom, only one man still presumed Elinor was innocent until proven guilty: Hercule Poirot was all that stood between Elinor and the gallows!

Lord Edgware Dies AKA Thirteen at Dinner: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2004 | ISBN: 0007177453 | MP3 | 193 MB Beautifully re-packaged with stunning new cover illustrations and design that rival some of the best jackets and audio collections out there! The group as a whole stands out with an assortment of colours and gorgeous text on every spine. This is audio at it's best, read by Hugh Fraser. Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And yet the great Belgian detective couldn't help feeling that he was being taken for a ride. After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware to death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining with friends? And what could be her motive now that the aristocrat had finally granted her a divorce?

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Appointment With Death A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2003 | ISBN: 0007161085 | MP3 | 171 MB Among the towering red cliffs of Petra, like some monstrous swollen Buddha, sat the corpse of Mrs Boynton. A tiny puncture mark on her wrist was the only sign of the fatal injection that had killed her. With only 24 hours available to

solve the mystery, Hercule Poirot recalled a chance remark he'd overheard back in Jerusalem: 'You see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?' Mrs Boynton was, indeed, the most detestable woman he'd ever met!

Micro A Novel (Audiobook) English | 2012 | ISBN: 0062192930 | MP3 | 190 MB In a locked Honolulu office building, three men are found dead, covered in ultrafine, razor-sharp cuts. The only clue left behind is a tiny bladed robot. In the lush forests of Oahu, trillions of microorganisms are being discovered, feeding a search for priceless drugs. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, seven graduate students are recruited by a microbiology start-up and dispatched to a mysterious lab in Hawaii, where they are promised access to tools that will open a whole new scientific frontier. But once in the Oahu rain forest, the scientists are thrust into a hostile wilderness where they find themselves prey to a technology of radical and unbridled power. To survive, they must harness the inherent forces of nature itself. An instant classic, Micro pits nature against technology in vintage Crichton fashion. Completed by visionary science writer Richard Preston, this boundary-pushing thriller melds scientific fact with pulse-pounding fiction to create yet another masterpiece of sophisticated, cutting-edge entertainment.

Taken at the Flood A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2003 | ISBN: 0007172494 | MP3 | 178 MB

Part of the new look for Hercule Poirot titles for the 21st century. Read by Hugh Fraser, who plays Captain Hastings in the popular TV series. A few weeks after marrying an attractive young widow, Gordon Cloade is tragically killed by a bomb blast in the London blitz. Overnight, the former Mrs Underhay finds herself in sole possession of the Cloade family fortune. Shortly afterwards, Hercule Poirot receives a visit from the dead man's sister-in-law who claims she has been warned by 'spirits' that Mrs Underhay's first husband is still alive. Poirot has his suspicions when he is asked to find a missing person guided only by the spirit world. Yet what mystifies Poirot most is the woman's true motive for approaching him!

Poirot's Early Cases 18 Hercule Poirot Mysteries (Audiobook) English | 2005 | ISBN: 0007212879 | MP3 | 229 MB For the first time on CD the unabridged audio edition of the cases that made up Hercule Poirot's formative years as a detective. Read by the inimitable Hugh Fraser and David Suchet. Still in the formative years of his career, Hercule Poirot faces a most taxing case: who killed Lord Cronshaw? Was Coco Courtenay’s death on the same night a mere coincidence? And did she deliberately take an overdose of cocaine? No sooner has Poirot revealed his astonishing powers of deduction than he is faced with seventeen other mysteries to test his soon-to-be-famous ‘little grey cells’. As a matter of courtesy to a group of young people, he endeavours to solve the gruesome murder of a woman whose body they have stumbled upon whilst locked out of their flat, and with his usual precision and elan he discovers exactly how ‘Mary, Mary quite contrary’ makes her garden grow…

Evil Under the Sun A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2005 | ISBN: 0007201001 | MP3 | 184 MB Read by David Suchet, the voice of Hercule Poirot. One of Agatha Christie's most loved mysteries, Evil Under the Sun remains one of her best and most delightfully cryptic murder mysteries ever. It was not unusual to find the beautiful bronzed body of the sun-loving Arlena Stuart stretched out on a beach, face down. Only, on this occasion, there was no sun! she had been strangled. Ever since Arlena's arrival at the resort, Hercule Poirot had detected sexual tension in the seaside air. But could this apparent 'crime of passion' have been something more evil and premeditated altogether?

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After the Funeral A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2004 | ISBN: 0007191073 | MP3 | 361 MB A CD edition of this classic Christie read by Hugh Fraser, who plays Captain Hastings in the popular TV series. Beautiful packaging and cover designs that as an entire collection stand out not only as treasured audiobooks but as stunning, must have anthologies of Christie's passion with story telling. When Cora is savagely murdered with a hatchet, the extraordinary remark she made the previous day at her brother Richard's funeral suddenly takes on a chilling significance. At the reading of Richard's will, Cora was clearly heard to say: 'It's been hushed up very nicely, hasn't it!But he was murdered, wasn't he?' In desperation, the family solicitor turns to Hercule Poirot to unravel the mystery.

Death in the Clouds A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2004 | ISBN: 0007191111 | MP3 | 346 MB Designed to follow the new-look series of Hercule Poirot books for the 21st century. Complete and Unabridged edition read by Hugh Fraser now available on both audio cassette and CD. From seat No.9, Hercule Poirot was ideally placed to observe his fellow air passengers. Over to his right sat a pretty young woman, clearly infatuated with the man opposite; ahead, in seat No.13, sat a Countess with a poorly-concealed cocaine habit; across the gangway in seat No.8, a detective writer was being troubled by an aggressive wasp. What Poirot did not yet realize was that behind him, in seat No.2, sat the slumped, lifeless body of a woman.

Murder in Mesopotamia A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2002 | ISBN: 0007145306 | MP3 | 363 MB Something sinister is going on at the Hassanieh dig, something associated with Louise, the archaeologist's wife. Poirot was due to visit the site, but with Louise suffering from hallucinations and unbearable tension in the group, he might just be too late.

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future (Audiobook) English | 2012 | ISBN: 023076651X | MP3 | 452 MB In The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau shows you how to lead of life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living. Still in his early thirties, Chris is on the verge of completing a tour of every country on earth – he’s already visited more than 175 nations – and yet he’s never held a “real job” or earned a regular paycheck. Rather, he has a special genius for turning ideas into income, and he uses what he earns both to support his life of adventure and to give back. There are many others like Chris – those who’ve found ways to opt out of traditional employment and create the time and income to pursue what they find meaningful. Sometimes, achieving that perfect blend of passion and income doesn’t depend on shelving what you currently do. You can start small with your venture, committing little time or money, and wait to take the real plunge when you're sure it's successful. In preparing to write this book, Chris identified 1,500 individuals who have built businesses earning $50,000 or more from a modest investment (in many cases, $100 or less), and from that group he’s chosen to focus on the 50 most intriguing case studies. In nearly all cases, people with no special skills discovered aspects of their personal passions that could be monetized, and were able to restructure their lives in ways that gave them greater freedom and fulfillment. Here, finally, distilled into one easy-to-use guide, are the most valuable lessons from those who’ve learned how to turn what they do into a gateway to self-fulfillment. It’s all about finding the intersection between your “expertise” – even if you don’t consider it such -- and what other people will pay for. You don’t need an MBA, a business plan or even employees. All you need is a product or service that springs from what you love to do anyway, people willing to pay, and a way to get paid. Not content to talk in generalities, Chris tells you exactly how many dollars his group of unexpected entrepreneurs required to get their projects up and running; what these individuals did in the first weeks and months to generate significant cash; some of the key mistakes they made along the way, and the crucial insights that made the business stick. Among Chris’s key principles: if you’re good at one thing, you’re probably good at something else; never teach a man to fish – sell him the fish instead; and in the battle between planning and action, action wins. In ancient times, people who were dissatisfied with their lives dreamed of finding magic lamps, buried treasure, or streets paved with gold. Today, we know that it’s up to us to change our lives. And the best part is, if we change our own life, we can help others change theirs. This remarkable book will start you on your way.

Creole Belle (Dave Robicheaux series) (Audiobook) English | October 17, 2012 | ISBN: 1471203182 | MP3 | 610 MB Creole Belle begins where the last book in the Dave Robicheaux series, The Glass Rainbow, ended. Dave is in a recovery unit in New Orleans, where a Creole girl named Tee Jolie Melton visits him and leaves him an iPod with the country blues song "Creole Belle" on it. Then she disappears. Dave becomes obsessed with the song and the memory of Tee Jolie and goes in search of her sister, who later turns up inside a block of ice floating in the Gulf. Meanwhile, there has been an oil well blowout on the Gulf, threatening the cherished environs of the bayous. Creole Belle is James Lee Burke at his very best, with beloved series hero Dave Robicheaux leading the charge against the destruction of both the land and the people he has sworn to protect. Dave Robicheaux is back, in a gorgeously written, visceral thriller by James Lee Burke, "the heavy weight champ, a great American novelist whose work, taken individually or as a whole, is unsurpassed" (Michael Connelly).

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves (Audiobook) English | 2004 | ISBN: 0142800821 | MP3 | 62 MB

In 2002 Lynne Truss presented Cutting a Dash, a well-received BBC Radio 4 series about punctuation, which led to the writing of Eats, Shoots & Leaves. The book became a runaway success in the UK, hitting number one on the bestseller lists and prompting extraordinary headlines such as Grammar Book Tops Bestseller List (BBC News). With more than 500,000 copies of her book in print in her native England, Lynne Truss is ready to rally the troops on this side of the pond with her rousing cry, Sticklers unite! Through sloppy usage and low standards on the Internet, in e-mail, and now text messages, we have made proper punctuation an endangered species. In Eats, Shoots & Leaves, former editor Lynne Truss dares to say, in her delightfully urbane, witty and very English way, that it is time to look at our commas and semicolons and see them as the wonderful and necessary things they are. If there are only pedants left who care, then so be it. This is a book for people who love punctuation and get upset when it is mishandled. From George Orwell shunning the semicolon, to New Yorker editor Harold Ross's epic arguments with James Thurber over commas, this lively history makes a powerful case for the preservation of a system of printing conventions that is much too subtle to be mucked about with.

The Bell Jar (Audiobook) English | 2006 | ISBN: 0060878770 | MP3 | 410 MB The Bell Jar chronicles the crack-up of Esther Greenwood: brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going under -- maybe for the last time. Sylvia Plath masterfully draws the reader into Esther's breakdown with such intensity that Esther's insanity becomes completely real and even rational, as probable and accessible an experience as going to the movies. Such deep penetration into the dark and harrowing corners of the psyche is an extraordinary accomplishment and has made The Bell Jar a haunting American classic.

The Labours of Hercules (Audiobook) English | 2005 | ISBN: 0007212895 | ASIN: B008GZWD60 | 8 hours and 48 minutes | MP3 | 248 MB Hercule Poirot takes on his final cases, all of which will resemble the require Herculean feats in order to succeed. But whereas the Greek hero was blessed with gargantuan strength, Poirot’s only weapon against these monsters will be his brilliant powers of deduction. In appearance Hercule Poirot hardly resembled an ancient Greek hero. Yet – reasoned the detective – like Hercules he had been responsible for ridding society of some of its most unpleasant monsters. So, in the period leading up to his retirement, Poirot made up his mind to accept just twelve more cases: his selfimposed ‘Labours’. Each would go down in the annals of crime as a heroic feat of deduction.

The Big Four A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Audiobook) English | 2003 | ISBN: 0007157568 | ASIN: B008GZVT7Y | 5 hours and 33 minutes | MP3 | 157 MB Framed in the doorway of Hercule Poirot's bedroom stands an uninvited guest, coated from head to foot in dust. The man stares for a moment, then he sways and falls. Who is he? Is he suffering from shock or just exhaustion? Above all, what is the significance of the figure 4, scribbled over and over again on a sheet of paper? Poirot finds himself plunged into a world of international intrigue, risking his life - and that of his twin brother - to uncover the truth.

Zero Day: A Novel (Audiobook) English | 2012 | ISBN: 1250007305 | ASIN: B009GLTZ5K | 9 hours and 39 minutes | MP3 | 133 MB A technothriller for the malware and Stuxnet era An airliner's controls abruptly fail mid-flight over the Atlantic. An oil tanker runs aground in Japan when its navigational system suddenly stops dead. Hospitals everywhere have to abandon their computer databases when patients die after being administered incorrect dosages of their medicine. In the Midwest, a nuclear power plant nearly becomes the next Chernobyl when its cooling systems malfunction. At first, these random computer failures seem like unrelated events. But Jeff Aiken, a former government analyst who quit in disgust after witnessing the gross errors that led up to 9/11, thinks otherwise. Jeff fears a more serious cyber terrorism attack targeting the United States computer infrastructure is already under way. And as other menacing computer malfunctions pop up around the world, some with deadly results, he realizes that there isn't much time if he hopes to prevent an international catastrophe. Written by a global authority on cyber security, Zero Day presents a chilling "what if" scenario that, in a world completely reliant on technology, is more than possible today - it's a cataclysmic disaster just waiting to happen.

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Windows 8 for Dummies Dell Pocket Edition English | October 23, 2012 | ISBN: 1118371666 , 1118545583 | 144 pages | PDF | 10,5 MB The bestselling tech book of all time, now updated for Windows 8 Windows is the operating system that runs nearly 90 percent of the world's computers. Windows 8 will offer new interface updates, cloud-based services, and much more. This update of Andy Rathbone's bestselling Windows guide covers all the basics, plus the enhancements unique to Windows 8. Whether you're meeting Windows for the first time or upgrading from an earlier version, this book shows you how to navigate the interface, work with files, browse the Internet, set up e-mail, manage media, and more. Combined editions of this book, all by Microsoft MVP Andy Rathbone, have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, making "Windows For Dummies" the #1 bestselling technology book of all time Covers all the basics of using Windows 8--core desktop components, managing files and folders, saving files, using Windows search, printing, and working in the cloud Shows how to get online, set up and use e-mail, use the latest version of Internet Explorer, set up security and virus protection, add music to the media player, organize photos, and edit media Includes coverage on using Windows 8's new ''Metro'' interface on both a desktop computer and a touchscreen device "Windows 8 For Dummies" has what all Windows newbies need to know as well as complete coverage of the new version's bells and whistles.

The 150 Healthiest Slow Cooker Recipes on Earth: The Surprising Unbiased Truth About How to Make Nutritious and Delicious Meals that are Ready When You Are English | 2012 | ISBN: 1592334946 | 256 pages | PDF | 87 MB Discover how to make mouth-watering, super-healthy, and super-convenient slow-cooked meals! Nationally-known nutritionist Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S., and chef Jeannette Bessinger, C.H.H.C., take slow cooking to a whole new level with these easy, nutritious, and deliciously satisfying recipes! The “clean foods team” of Dr. Jonny and Chef Jeannette use wholesome ingredients, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, and pasture-raised poultry in their recipes. Losing none of the convenience, they skip the high-sodium canned food “products” used in many slow cooker recipes and bring you dishes with both traditional and ethnic flair. Try the Real Deal Beef Stew with Orange and Clove, the Quick Sesame Teriyaki Low-Carb Lettuce Wraps, the Hot and Hearty Red, White, and Blue Crab Dip, or the Gingered Honey Pears with Cinnamon Sticks. Bon appetit! "Jonny and Jeannette have done a wonderful job at marrying healthy, delicious recipes with invaluable (and surprising) nutrition information for each of these hearty slow-cooker recipes."—Alicia Rewega, editor-in-chief of Clean Eating magazine "The 150 Healthiest Slow Cooker Recipes on Earth is a foolproof guide to cooking flavorful, super satisfying one-pot dishes perfect for any budget or diet. You’ll feel good about eating meals made with the most nutrient-packed ingredients out there—and you’ll savor every bite while getting healthier!"—Nicole Brechka, editor of Better Nutrition

"Many people think choosing healthy foods means they won’t taste very good. Jonny and Jeannette prove otherwise. Even people who are eliminating sugar and other sweeteners from their diets can find dozens of simple, scrumptious, nutritious dishes."—Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC, author of Sugar Shock! and Beyond Sugar Shock (May 2012, Hay House) and founder of The Sugar Freedom Now Course

Living Canvas: Your Total Guide to Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Modification English | 2009 | ISBN: 1580052886 | 336 pages | PDF | 11,5 MB Tattoos. Given their permanence, why is it that we sometimes put more thought into what we’ll wear next Saturday night, or our next haircut? As a tattoo specialist and writer for, Karen L. Hudson has talked to far too many people who regret their tattoos. After years of fielding questions and concerns about tattoo health, she realized the need for a book that would cover all the bases of body art—from planning and choosing an artist to how to take care of your new piercing or tattoo afterwards. Living Canvas is a resource for body art enthusiasts, whether you’re thinking about getting your first or fifth tattoo, planning for your next bod-mod, or regretting a negative experience. Transforming one’s body into a living canvas should not be taken lightly, and Hudson covers the topics that too many people overlook. Encouraging readers to make safe, smart body art choices, Living Canvas is informative, preventative, and educational.

Flare - December 2012 | 98.9 MB

Vogue India - November 2012 | 162.3 MB

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Yummy - November 2012 | 52 MB

FHM - November 2012 / India | 49.7 MB

Global Golf Post - 05 November 2012 | 9.5 MB

Newsweek - 12 November 2012 | 30.6 MB

Vogue - December 2012 / United Kingdom | 179 MB

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Just Bikes - November 2012 | 132.3 MB

Nitro Circus The Movie - 781 MB Genre: Documentary | Action | Comedy Directed By: Gregg Godfrey, Jeremy Rawle Cast: Travis Pastrana, Jolene Van Vugt, Tommy Passemante Travis Pastrana and his tight-knit, highly-skilled, adrenaline-addicted friends bring their impossible, ridiculous, insane and hysterical adventures to the big screen for the first time.

Ted 2012 - 748 MB Genre: Comedy | Fantasy Directed By: Seth MacFarlane Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane As the result of a childhood wish, John Bennett's teddy bear, Ted, came to life and has been by John's side ever since - a friendship that's tested when Lori, John's girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship.

Snowmageddon 2011 - 744 MB

Genre: Adventure | Fantasy Directed By: Sheldon Wilson Cast: Laura Harris, Michael Hogan, Magda Apanowicz A story about a mystical snow globe that makes very bad things happen in the real world when it is shaken.

The Watch (2012) 732 MB Genre: Comedy | Sci-Fi Directed By: Akiva Schaffer Cast: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill Four men who form a neighborhood watch group as a way to get out of their day-to-day family routines find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion.

Skyfall (2012) Movie Soundtrack 01 – Skyfall – Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.mp3 02 – Skyfall – Voluntary Retirement.mp3 03 – Skyfall – New Digs.mp3 04 – Skyfall – Severine.mp3 05 – Skyfall – Brave New World.mp3 06 – Skyfall – Shanghai Drive.mp3 07 – Skyfall – Jellyfish.mp3 08 – Skyfall – Silhouette.mp3 09 – Skyfall – Modigliani.mp3 10 – Skyfall – Day Wasted.mp3 11 – Skyfall – Quatermaster.mp3 12 – Skyfall – Someone Usually Dies.mp3 13 – Skyfall – Komodo Dragon.mp3 14 – Skyfall – The Bloody Shot.mp3 15 – Skyfall – Enjoying Death.mp3 16 – Skyfall – The Chimera.mp3 17 – Skyfall – Close Shave.mp3 18 – Skyfall – Health & Safety.mp3 19 – Skyfall – Granborough Road.mp3 20 – Skyfall – Tennyson.mp3 21 – Skyfall – Enquiry.mp3 22 – Skyfall – Breadcrumbs.mp3 23 – Skyfall – Skyfall.mp3 24 – Skyfall – Kill Them First.mp3 25 – Skyfall – Welcome To Scotland.mp3 26 – Skyfall – She’s Mine.mp3 27 – Skyfall – The Moors.mp3 28 – Skyfall – Deep Water.mp3 29 – Skyfall – Mother.mp3 30 – Skyfall – Adrenaline.mp3

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USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart (10 November 2012) 1 – Maroon 5 – One More Night (03:39) 2 – Psy – Gangnam Style (03:39) 3 – Fun – – Some Nights (04:37) 4 – Ke$ha – Die Young (03:33) 5 – Rihanna – Diamonds (03:45) 6 – Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me feat Big Sean (03:47) 7 – Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (03:53) 8 – Alex Clare – Too Close (04:16) 9 – Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)(04:14) 10 – Chris Brown – (03:42) 11 – Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (03:11) 12 – P!nk – Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (04:15) 13 – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time (03:26) 14 – Phillip Phillips – Home (03:29) 15 – Flo Rida – I Cry (03:44) 16 – Kanye West, Big Sean & Jay-Z – Clique (04:53) 17 – Ellie Goulding – Lights (03:33) 18 – Miguel – Adorn (03:14) 19 – The Lumineers – Ho Hey (02:43) 20 – Neon Trees – Everybody Talks (02:59) 21 – Train – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye (04:07) 22 – Flo Rida – Whistle (03:45) 23 – Carrie Underwood – Blown Away (04:00) 24 – Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (03:29) 25 – Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (03:14) 26 – Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (04:04) 27 – Katy Perry – Wide Awake (03:41) 28 – Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj – Girl On Fire (03:44) 29 – David Guetta – Titanium (Ft. Sia) (04:05) 30 – Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (03:59) 31 – Enrique Iglesias – Finally Found You (Ft. Sammy Adams)(03:39) 32 – Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) (03:40) 33 – Maroon 5 – Payphone (Ft. Wiz Khalifa) (03:49) 34 – Ed Sheeran – The A Team (04:21) 35 – Lee Brice – Hard To Love (03:42) 36 – French Montana – Pop That (Ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne)(05:04) 37 – Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait (04:36)

38 – Kanye West – Mercy (Ft. (Ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)(05:31) 39 – One Direction – Live While We’re Young (03:20) 40 – Luke Bryan – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (03:23)

Merry Christmas With Shirley Bassey 01 – Kiss Me Honey Honey, Kiss Me 02 – Puh-Leeze! Mister Brown 03 – As I Love You 04 – There’s Never Been a Night 05 – As Long As He Needs Me 06 – Born to Sing the Blues 07 – If I Had a Needle and Thread 08 – Take My Love, Take My Love 09 – Hands Across the Sea 10 – After the Lights Go Down Low 11 – Beale Street Blues 12 – You, You Romeo 13 – The Birth of the Blues 14 – With These Hands 15 – Banana Boat Song 16 – Careless Love Blues 17 – Fire Down Below 18 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin 19 – Stormy Weather 20 – Burn My Candle (At Both Ends) 21 – The Wayward Wind 22 – Sex 23 – If You Don’t Love Me 24 – Tra La La 25 – Basin Street Blues 26 – Tonight My Heart She Is Crying 27 – The St. Louis Blues 28 – My Body’s More Important Than My Mind 29 – Wabash Blues 30 – Somebody Loves Me

Katherine Jenkins – My Christmas (2012) 01 – O Holy Night 02 – Panis Angelicus 03 – Silent Night 04 – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 05 – In Paradisum 06 – Ave Maria 07 – The Prayer 08 – Be Still My Soul 09 – Laudate Dominum 10 – Sancta Maria 11 – Hallelujah 12 – Ave Maria

Hank Williams – The Lost Concerts (2012) 01 – Comedy with Hank & The Drifting Cowboys 02 – I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You) 03 – Orange Blossom Special

04 – Why Don’t You Love Me 05 – Are You Walking’ And A-Talkin’ For The Lord 06 – The Funeral 07 – Hey, Good Lookin’ 08 – Cold, Cold Heart 09 – Lovesick Blues 10 – Introduction At Sunset Park 11 – Hey, Good Lookin’ [incomplete] 12 – Comedy with Hank & The Drifting Cowboys 13 – Fire On The Mountain 14 – Lonesome Whistle 15 – Jambalaya 16 – Long Gone Lonesome Blues 17 – Half As Much 18 – I Saw The Light 19 – Lovesick Blues 20 – Interview by Mack Sanders from September 14, 1951

Gary Moore – Legacy (2012) CD – 01 01 – Out In The Fields 02 – Ready For Love 03 – Wishing Well 04 – Hold On To Love 05 – Military Man 06 – Friday On My Mind 07 – Oh Pretty Woman 08 – Cold Day In Hell 09 – Still Got The Blues (Single Version) 10 – Story Of The Blues (Single Edit) 11 – I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow 12 – Beast Of Burden 13 – Need Your Love So Bad (Single Edit) 14 – Separate Ways 15 – The Loner 16 – White Knuckles (Live) CD – 02

01 – Over The Hills And Far Away 02 – After The War 03 – Rockin’ Every Night 04 – Rockin’ And Rollin’ (Live) 05 – Wild Frontier 06 – Since I Met You Baby 07 – Too Tired 08 – Walking By Myself 09 – Nuclear Attack (Live) 10 – Shapes Of Things To Come 11 – Take A Little Time 12 – Thunder Rising 13 – Dark Days In Paradise 14 – Burning In Our Hearts 15 – Empty Rooms 16 – Parisienne Walkways (Live)

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Chained (2012) Language: English 94 min | 720 x 304 | 23.98 fps | Mkv | AAC - 128kbs - 48KHz - Stereo | 294 MB Genre: Horror | Thriller Stars:Vincent D'Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Evan Bird This movie is about A cab driver called Bob (Vincent D'Onofrio) who picks up women and takes them to his house where he kills them. But on this one day he picks up a woman and her 9 year old son Tim. Bob then makes Tim live in the house with him all while he keeps killing women. Tim grows up there, watching, seeing all that happens. Bob wants to make him his protege. Will Tim carry on the legacy?

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 (2012) Language: English 89 min | 720 x 400 | 23.98 fps | Mkv | AAC - 128kbs - 48KHz - Stereo | 300 MB Genre: Comedy | Family Stars:Odette Annable, Ashley Boettcher, Garen Boyajian Papi and Chloe, joined by their five playful pups and their owners Rachel and Sam move into the posh Langham Hotel, complete with a luxurious doggy spa. But there's trouble when Rosa, the littlest member of the pack, feels smaller and less special than ever. Now it's up to Papi to help Rosa find and celebrate her inner strength, which turns out to be bigger than she ever dreamed...

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Language: English 97 min | 656 x 352 | 23.98 fps | Mkv | AAC - 128kbs - 48KHz - Stereo | 349 MB Genre: Animation | Comedy | Drama Stars:James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy Arthur Christmas reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child's question: 'So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?' The answer: Santa's exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the center of the film is a story about a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

Jack Irish: Bad Debts (2012) Language: English 01:39:39 | 1280x720 | x264 - 870Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 64Kbps | 698MB Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery Led by Emmy award winning actor Guy Pearce an outstanding cast of Australias best talent feature in the Jack Irish telemovies. They include Aaron Pedersen

The Lost Episode (2012) Language: English 01:16:50 | 720x400 | x264 - 480Kbps | 25.000fps | AAC - 64Kbps | 299MB Genre: Horror Years after its closure a local TV crew return to Pennhurst Asylum hoping to capture evidence of paranormal activity Instead they discover something completely unexpected and find themselves fighting for their lives as a maniacal surgeon picks them off one at a time.

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Greatest Hits of the 90s 3CDs Disc 1: 01. Arms Around The World (Louise) 02. Wannabe (Spice Girls) 03. Because We Want To (Billie) 04. Lift Me Up (Geri Halliwell ) 05. Uptight (Shara Nelson) 06. Just A Step From Heaven (Eternal) 07. A Little Bit More (911) 08. I Can Make You Feel Good (Kavana) 09. Heres Where The Story Ends (Tin Tin Out) 10. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead OConner) 11. Perfect Moment (Martine McCutcheon) 12. Come In Out Of The Rain (Wendy Moten) 13. Hold On (Wilson Phillips) 14. Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer) 15. The Tracks Of My Tears (Go West) 16. Outstanding (Kenny Thomas) 17. The One And Only (Chesney Hawkes) 18. Ordinary World (Duran Duran) Disc 2: 01. Cant Help Falling In Love (UB40) 02. I Just Wanna Be Loved (Culture Club) 03. That Girl (Maxi Priest) (Shaggy) 04. Baby Come Back (Ali Campbell) (Pato Banton) (Robin Campbell) 05. In The Summertime (Shaggy) 06. That Look In Your Eye (Ali Campbell) 07. Korean Bodega (Fun Lovin Criminals) 08. Mr Wendal (Arrested Development) 09. Got To Have Your Love (Mantronix) 10. Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) 11. Pray (MC Hammer) 12. 3 Is Family (Dana Dawson) 13. If You Go (Jon Secada) 14. Rush Rush (Paula Abdul) 15. Would I Lie To You (Charles & Eddie) 16. Let It Last (Carleen Anderson) 17. One (Mica Paris) 18. Sexy Cinderella (Lynden David Hall)

Disc 3: 01. Can You Dig It? (The Mock Turtles) 02. Not So Manic Now (Dubstar) 03. Smile (The Supernaturals) 04. Tubthumping (Chumbawamba) 05. Right Here Right Now (Fatboy Slim) 06. Stripper Vicar (Mansun) 07. Spaceman (Babylon Zoo) 08. Trouble (Shampoo) 09. Your Woman (White Town) 10. The Life Of Riley (The Lightning Seeds) 11. Over My Shoulder (Mike And The Mechanics) 12. King Of The Road (The Proclaimers) 13. I Can See Clearly (Deborah Harry) 14. Ill Be Your Baby Tonight (Robert Palmer) (UB40) 15. Rubberband Girl (Kate Bush) 16. ~censored~ (Meredith Brooks) 17. (We Want) The Same Thing (Belinda Carlisle) 18. Id Lie For You (And Thats The Truth) (Meatloaf)

Pure Christmas CD(1) 1 Last Christmas 4:27 2 Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord 5:08 3 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 2:32 4 Sleigh Ride 3:02 5 Must Be Santa 2:46 6 Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town 2:34 7 Santa Baby 3:27 8 Blue Christmas 2:09 9 Jingle Bell Rock 2:04 10 Cool Yule 2:28 11 Frosty the Snowman 2:25 12 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1:43 13 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 2:01 14 Zat You Santa Claus 2:49

15 Winter Wonderland 2:15 16 Christmas Song 3:12 17 When a Child Is Born 3:44 CD(2) 18 First Noel 3:16 19 World Christmas 4:02 20 Christmas Day 4:04 21 Early Christmas Morning 5:07 22 Rockin’ Little Christmas 2:34 23 My Only Wish (This Year) 4:16 24 It’s Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Christmas 3:18 25 White Christmas 3:43 26 C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 2:48 27 Pretty Paper 2:45 28 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day 3:04 29 Away in a Manger 3:54 30 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 2:31 31 Here Comes Santa Claus 2:32 32 We Three Kings 2:45 33 Kissin’ Christmas 2:38 34 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 2:37 CD(3) 35 Feliz Navidad 3:04 36 Joy to the World 3:03 37 Little Drummer Boy 2:33 38 Ding! Dong! Merrily on High 4:47 39 Deck the Halls 1:55 40 Jingle Bells 3:20 41 I’ll Be Home for Christmas 2:26 42 All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) 3:08 43 Silver Bells 3:21 44 Remember (Christmas) 4:07 45 Christmas for the Free 4:16 46 O Little Town of Bethlehem 3:58 47 Please Come Home for Christmas 3:37 48 Give Love on Christmas Day 3:48 49 Silent Night 3:46 50 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 5:56 51 Ave Maria, Dolce Maria 2:45 CD(4) 52 I Believe in Father Christmas 3:34 53 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 4:14 54 Power of Love (La Fuerza Mayor) 5:01 55 God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman 4:34 56 Grown-Up Christmas List 4:20 57 Christmas Time 4:15 58 Holiday Celebrate 4:00 59 I Don’t Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You 4:03 60 Merry, Merry Christmas 4:06 61 It’s Christmas Time Again 3:08 62 Merry X-Mas Everybody 3:38 63 It’s Christmas 3:51 64 Do You Hear What I Hear 3:58 65 Happy Holiday 1:58 66 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 2:01 67 O Christmas Tree 1:49

Baby Boost Nursery Rhymes – Sing-Along with Your Children DVDRip Engaging entertainment for infants is invaluable to early learning and positive growth and development, especially of motor skills. Baby Boost is here to help your young one learn, explore, and discover the world around them with interactive sing-alongs. Help your child sing, dance, and clap to live action and animated features that are entertaining and more importantly, educational. For toddlers and younger, Baby Boost includes favorite nursery rhymes I’m a little teapot; A-tisket, A-tasket; Hickory Dickory Dock; and more!

UK Top 40 Singles – November 05 2012 01 Robbie Williams – Candy.mp3 02 Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande – Beneath Your Beautiful.mp3 03 Wiley – Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya) ft Skepta, JME & Ms D.mp3

04 Swedish House Mafia (ft. John Martin) – Don’t You Worry Child.mp3 05 Adele – Skyfall.mp3 06 Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch.mp3 07 Psy – Gangnam Style.mp3 08 Rihanna – Diamonds.mp3 09 Maroon 5 – One More Night.mp3 10 Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.mp3 11 Disclosure – Latch (feat. Sam Smith).mp3 12 The Lumineers – Ho Hey.mp3 13 Fun Feat Janelle Monáe – We Are Young.mp3 14 JLS – Hottest Girl In The World.mp3 15 The Script Feat Will.I.Am – Hall Of Fame.mp3 16 Justin Bieber – Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj).mp3 17 Lawson – Standing In The Dark.mp3 18 David Guetta Feat Sia – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces).mp3 19 Flo Rida – I Cry.mp3 20 Paloma Faith – Never Tear Us Apart.mp3 21 Naughty Boy – Wonder (Lyrics) ft. Emeli Sandé.mp3 22 Conor Maynard Feat Ne-Yo – Turn Around.mp3 23 Fun – Some Nights.mp3 24 Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen.mp3 25 Calvin Harris – Drinking From the Bottle (Feat. Tinie Tempah).mp3 26 Otto Knows – Million Voices.mp3 27 One Direction – Live While We’re Young.mp3 28 Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks.mp3 29 Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You.mp3 30 Asaf Avidan – One day (Wankelmut Remix).mp3 31 Little Mix – Wings.mp3 32 Ben Howard – Burgh Island .mp3 33 Rebecca Ferguson – Backtrack.mp3 34 Jake Bugg – Two Fingers.mp3 35 Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Remix).mp3 36 Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait.mp3 37 Emeli Sandé – Read All About It, Pt. Iii.mp3 38 Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time.mp3 39 Nicki Minaj – Va Va Voom (Explicit Edit).mp3 40 Hot Natured & Ali Love – Benediction.mp3

Swinging Christmas

01. What Will Santa Claus Say (feat. Harry Allen & Jon-Erik Kellso) – Mark Shane 02. Christmas Night in Harlem – Lester Lanin 03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – Frank Sinatra 04. The Way You Look Tonight – Teddy Wilson 05. When the Saints Go Marching in – Cootie Williams 06. Greensleeves – Bill Smith & Jim Hall 07. Hootie’s Christmas Baby – Jay McShann 08. Frosty the Snowman (feat. Allan Vache & Randy Morris) – Charlie Bertini 09. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Dan Gottshall & Miriam Kaul 10. Santa Claus Came in the Spring – Ralph Sutton, Jim Galloway, Milt Hinton & Gus Johnson 11. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans – Louis Armstrong 12. Maryland My Maryland (feat. Randy Sandke) – Bob Wilber 13. Su?er Die Glocken Nie Klingen – Martin Sasse Trio & Peter Bernstein 14. I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Jim Galloway & Jay McShann 15. Christmas in New Orleans – Harold Smith 16. Georgia On My Mind – Wycliffe Gordon & Wycliffe Gordon 17. Winter Wonderland – Connie Francis 18. The Christmas Song – Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis & Shirley Scott 19. For All We Know – Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond 20. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (feat. Ford Leary) – Larry Clinton 21. Jingle Bells – Ella Fitzgerald 22. Honeysuckle Rose – John Bunch 23. Winter Weather (feat. Peggy Lee & Art Lund) – Benny Goodman 24. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Artie Shaw 25. Go Tell It On the Mountain – Janice Harrington & Linda Fields 26. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me – Dexter Gordon 27. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin

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Top 40 Xmas Party Hits

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01. Do They Know Its Christmas (Feed the World) 02. All I Want for Christmas Is You 03. Last Christmas 04. 2000 Miles 05. Fairytale of New York 06. Stop The Cavalry 07. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 08. Driving Home For Christmas 09. Merry Christmas Everybody (It’s Christmas!) 10. Feliz Navidad 11. Jingle Bell Rock 12. (Simply Having) A Wonderful Christmas Time 13. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 14. Jingle Bells 15. Step Into Christmas 16. Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth) 17. Let It Snow , Let It Snow , Let It Snow! 18. White Christmas (I’m Dreaming of) 19. The Christmas Song 20. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday 21. Frosty The Snowman 22. Another Rock and Roll Christmas 23. When A Child Is Born 24. Winter Wonderland 25. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree 26. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 27. Merry Christmas Everyone 28. Santa Baby 29. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 30. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 31. Here Comes Santa Claus 32. Marys Boy Child 33. Mistletoe and Wine 34. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 35. I Believe In Father Christmas 36. We Wish You A Merry Christmas 37. Blue Christmas 38. I’ll Be Home for Christmas 39. Auld Lang Syne (Happy Hogmanay) 40. Twelve Days Of Christmas

Football Manager 2013 - 1.2 GB Publisher: SEGA Developer: Sports Interactive (SI Interactive) Release Date: 05.11.2012 Platform: PC Language: English Genre: Sports Football Manager is the best-selling, most realistic football management series ever made. Football Manager 2013 celebrates 20 years of games from the people at Sports Interactive by introducing an array of new features. This year’s version allows you to take control of any club in more than 50 nations across the world and includes all of Europe’s biggest leagues as well as database of over 500,000 real-world players and staff. As well as some landmark new features in the Career Mode, there are now new ways to enjoy your Football Manager experience. Features: - Improved 3D match engine. - Scouting improvements. - Restructure of the manager’s backroom staff and a revamp of their roles. - Improved media interaction. - A huge revamp of the multi-player game. - Worldwide leaderboards. - New interface and skin for career mode. - A fresh new look for classic mode, as well as lots of work on navigation, an animated interface and a new search system. - Enhanced training. - Realistic tax regimes. Install Note: 1. Unrar with latest 7-Zip or equivalent 2. Run Setup.bat 3. Play Game from Desktop

Savages (2012) Language: English AVI | XviD 1387 Kbps | 640 x 272 24fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 2h 21mn | 1.37 Gb Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

Penguins Of Madagascar Operation Antartica (2012) Language: English AVI | XviD 1339 Kbps | 640 x 400 30fps | MP3 128 Kbps | 1h 33mn | 894 Mb Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family

Puttin the holidays on ice! Batten down the hatches and set sail for a thrilling all-new holiday adventures to – dramatic pause – ANTARCTICA!

Fire with Fire (2012) Language: English AVI | XviD 2157 Kbps | 720 x 304 24fps | AC3 448 Kbps | 1h 37mn | 1.47 Gb Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller A fireman takes an unexpected course of action when a man whom he's been ordered to testify against, after being held up at a local convenience store, threatens him.

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Dear Members Here is another Great Mix of Samples, Coupons & Links to Free Stuff! It's you chance to grab something for nothing! These pa...

Freebies 06 Nov 2012  

Dear Members Here is another Great Mix of Samples, Coupons & Links to Free Stuff! It's you chance to grab something for nothing! These pa...