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The Heroes "The Heroes" is a great novel. Being set only over the course of three days is not as big an issue as some reviewers are making it out to be, as a lot of what has happened between novels is explained. Though I didn't care much for the outcome of the North, I still highly recommend this novel, even to those who have never read an Abercrombie Novel.

The Hidden This book was amazing and I LOVED reading how the whole trilogy just comes together. All of my questions were answered and all the pieces to the puzzle fit together perfectly.

The Hearing In this latest of the Dismas Hardy novels, John Lescroart shows that he is more than up to the challenge of continuing series. He brings back Hardy and Glitsky and a wealth of other characters. In past books he has tended to focus on Hardy or Glitsky as the main charater, but in this outing he gives them equal billing which provides for a nice balance. All of the secondary characters are eqully well developed and Lescroart keeps enough twists and turns going in the plot to keep this book from becoming predictable.

Darkfall Aside from improving on what I found to be the previous book's main weakness, the conclusion maintained all of its strengths: the worldbuilding is great, Nya's voice is strong and she's fun to read about, and the story is compelling. The only tiny quibble I had was that I don't think we got to know one of the characters who died very well beforehand, so it didn't have quite the impact it should have. That's an extremely minor complaint, though. The book is a solid five cupcakes, leaving the series as a whole at four and a half.

The Doctor and the Rough Rider In the summer of 1884, suffering from consumption, Doc Holliday expects to die shortly in a Leadville, Colorado sanitarium. Medicine man Geronimo arrives at the sanitarium wanting Doc's help to protect a visitor from the United States. The Apache explains that Theodore Roosevelt, whom he expected would be one day calling, is heading to Tombstone.

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The Guidance This book is a PERFECT sequel to the first one, and I really am amazed. This book is as captivating as the first one, if not more! There is action, suspense, mystery, and just so much more!!!

The Guardians I'm a huge fan of Andrew Pyper, particularly his first novel "Lost Girls". I am nearly through "The Guardians" after one day - it reminds me a great deal of Stephen King's earlier works such as "Stand by Me" and "It". Well worth reading.

Six Earlier Days The novel Every Day starts on Day 5994 of A’s life. In this digital-only collection Six Earlier Days, Levithan gives readers a glimpse at a handful of the other 5993 stories yet to be told that inform how A navigates the complexities of a life lived anew each day.

Shooting Elvis (DI Charlie Priest Mystery) The author is very comfortable with Charlie by this book, not that he was ever uncomfortable, and makes Charlie seem like an old friend you wish you had or worked with. This is one of the lighter Charlie Priest mysteries, which I like. I read them mainly to spend some time with Charlie Priest, lots of giggles/guffaws, and for a mind puzzle. A delightful read and onto the next one!

Serena There are two other Southern writers that this novel brings to mind. First is Cormac Mccarthy. Some of Mccarthy's works have the same lyrical dark depth that Serena has, particularly the brooding Child of God. Child of God has a wonderful phrase in it "The provinces of night" which was used as the title of a novel that the second writer used. William Gay's novels have the same dark nature that Child of God and Serena have. All three authors have a lyrical quality to their writing, an ease with words and phrases. "Southern Gothic" might describe their work. Serena is a strong work indeed, and one that you'll look forward to rereading.

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Seed While the story is very solid, enthralling and moves at the perfect pace, the end of the story is what truly sets this novel apart from anything else out there and the reason why you should get "Seed" as soon as it hits the market on June 1. The tremendous buildup might lead readers to expect a classic, Hollywood resolution. Instead, Ahlborn has crafted an ending that cuts through your expectations like a scalpel and leaves you thinking about it way after the last word. The visceral, violent ending is a testament to Ahlborn's talent and an invitation to expect more great books from her.

Secrets of the Fire Sea Secrets of the Fire Sea is a rollicking tale of high adventure and derring-do set in Stephen Hunt’s Victorian-style clockwork world filled with steammen and aliens, fantastical creatures and dastardly villains‌and some remarkable heroes that steampunk fans will cheer for.

Secrets of the Dead The utterly compelling new thriller from the author of The Lazarus Vault. To reach the living, navigate the dead.

In a villa on the coast of Montenegro, Abby Cormac witnesses the brutal murder of her lover, diplomat Michael Lascaris. The last thing she remembers is a gun pointed directly at her. She wakes to find herself at the centre of a diplomatic nightmare. Everyone wants an answer but no one wants to listen. Even her employers at the Foreign Office believe she's hiding something. She is completely alone.

Secrets from Beyond The Grave: A Biblical Guide to the Mystery of Heaven, Hell and Eternity Well researched and interesting. But I have never read one that actually keep you so interested as this one. From the opening introduction, "They are praying that you will not come here," Perry draws you into a gripping journey through the two worlds of eternity. I have read the Bible all of my life, but the research, word studies, history and the stories will inform and amaze the reader. He answers many questions I have had, especialy the one about the souls of aborted infants! I am sure some will disagree with certain parts, but you will be hard pressed to prove him wrong from a Biblical perspective. Get this book. It is also a great resource for the "unsaved" person.

Secrets and Shadows: A 13 to Life Novel This is an engaging fast-paced young adult werewolf urban fantasy starring a heroine who has come a long way since entering Pietr's world (see 13 to Life). Though with all that has happened to her readers would expect a besieged Jessie to show more moxie rather than the Perils of Pauline. Yet she still holds the entertaining tale together as she feels pulled from all sides with no one to turn to while dealing with agents, beasts and a boyfriend.

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Secretariat Mr. Nack has done a wonderful job telling Secretariat's story, and what a story it is. I have allways loved Secretariat, but Mr. Nack has taught me about things such as running a "twelve clip" and changing leading legs in the turns and about lineage and people as well. But beyond that, it's great to read something about Secretariat that reaffirms how so many felt about the greatest horse of all time. I'm glad Mr. Nack loved that horse as so many of us did. He has written it into his book and I couldn't put it down. I wanted to run right out and find more books on Secretariat. Thank you Mr. Nack!

Search: A Novel of Forbidden History This is a novel that can be enjoyed on many different levels. It works very well as a straight-up adventure book - a perfect companion to pass the day away on the beach. There are exotic locations, lost treasures, and danger enough for the most demanding reader. If, however, you want to read deeper, it also works as an exploration on the nature of learning, and the place of knowledge in society.

Searching for Caleb

One additional thought on Anne Tyler's writing style: she's amazingly talented. I've never read anyone who is as capable of making you understand a character though details of converstation as is Anne Tyler. It's more than worth giving her a chance.

Scotched (Liss Maccrimmon Scottish Mysteries) Kaitlyn Dunnett packs as much page-turner suspense into her Scottish tales as Jan Karon did with quirky humor in Mitford. Her murder serial rampage began with "KILT DEAD" and protagonist Liss barely escapes her own bloody-fine death each time. Will she finally turn her back on murder sleuthing? Let's hope not! This is not a Christmas story, but is a perfect Christmas gift for the cozy murder mystery lover.

Scarlet Women This is a fantastic book I would even say that she writes better than Martina Cole.

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Scar Tissue: A Brady Coyne Novel Scar Tissue is unquestionably one of Tapply's best works to date. Tapply's description of a small, northeastern town, and its inhabitants, captures the stereotypical small town paranoia perfectly. And as always, Brady Coyne is charming and funny as he pursues the truth in this tangled mystery.

Save Me This is a great thriller that grips the audience from the opening explosion and never slows down as Rose is vilified unfairly by the families and the media. Her only public defender is her husband until her dark secret surfaces. Readers will feel for the beleaguered heroine as much more implodes in her life, but like the Energizer Bunny she keeps on ticking.

Saving Max Danielle Parkman is a single mother who has combined a successful career as an attorney with parenting her teenage son Max, who has Asperger's syndrome. As the story opens, Danielle's parenting skills are being tested by Max's violent outbursts and she is concerned for his emotional wellbeing because of his expression of suicidal thoughts and drug use. Danielle takes Max to a psychiatric hospital for assessment in the hope of finding treatment which will help to manage his volatile behaviour. The assessment leads to a recommendation is that Max requires in-patient treatment for more specialized psychiatric assistance and he is admitted to the Maitland Psychiatric Unit.

Portlandtown: A Tale of the Oregon Wyldes Past-times Oregon is rendered with such beauty and authenticity in "Portlandtown," I'm feeling homesick. My husband and I lived for sixteen months in Portland, OR and we got a chance to explore a lot of the coastal portions of the state. Much of the scenery is familiar, thanks to the Oregonians effort to keep as much of their state pristine as possible.

Poe Must Die I have loved this book for years. A superb mystery, expertly crafted, with all the appropriate historical touches and characters. And while I'm at it, the villain in this story is the personification of evil. You'd much rather go to Hannibal Lecter's for dinner than Jonathan's home. The heroes, Poe and Pierce James Figg, and a perfect match.

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Over the Edge (DI Charlie Priest Mystery)

The novel is suspenseful from the start. It's main character, Charlie Priest, is very human & believable. There's a bit of time also spent on Priest's less than stellar love life. Mr. Pawson winds his way through the novel not wasting words & pages on drivel. The book is poignant & the story good. There's no real twist to the ending which would have been nice. It was my first Pawson book & surely not my last

Outcome (Breakers) I was very pleased with this book and I can hardly wait for the next installment in the series. I would highly recoment this series of books to anyone who likes to read post-apocalyptical books

Neverwinter: The Neverwinter Saga, Book II I want to apologize to all who read it, because I didn't warn about the spoilers. No spoilers in this review, just praise. This was a very good book. Lots of action although a little slow in the beginning. I am not a Forgotten Realms expert, so I found myself frequently looking up the types of characters that are in the book (tiefling,malebranche, etc). That is my only complaint and it is a small one. I feel that Mr. Salvatore addresses the many complaints longtime fans had about Gauntlgrym concerning Drizzt. I left this book satisfied about the present and looking forward to the future. I miss the Companions, but I am eager to read about the new friends and alliances Drizzt develops. Long Live Drizzt :)

No Dominion: The Walker Papers: A Garrison Report This is a story that was written for the fans of C.E. Murphy's Walker Papers series. This is the story of what happened to Gary (from his point of view) during Raven Calls. Don't read this if you've not read Raven Calls. We learn quite a bit more about Gary. I really enjoyed it.

Never Knew Another (Dogsland) The beautiful writing and perfectly realized characters combine to create a heady brew that is equal parts meditation on humanity and grim adventure, an engrossing, fast-paced tale that should appeal to fans of literary fiction and traditional fantasy alike. McDermott's very first page crackles with style, and he somehow manages to maintain that energy and depth of language throughout the novel. It doesn't even suffer from the dreaded first-book-in-a-series syndrome the ending will give you some small measure of resolution, yet still leave you salivating for more like one of Erin's own. Unlike anything else out there, and we're fortunate indeed to have two more entries coming down the quay.

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Never Apologise, Never Explain (Inspector Carlyle 2) Carlyle's own caseload includes the murder of Agatha Mills. Her husband, Henry, has been arrested for murder but his explanation is so outlandish that Carlyle wonders if it may just be true. Agatha is the sister of William Pettigrew, a priest killed in Chile during the Fascist coup in 1973 and after 30 years of campaigning, Agatha was about to see his killer brought to justice. So a seemingly straightforward case of murder quickly escalates into a diplomatic incident that has Carlyle, once again, clashing with his bosses and their political masters...

Laughing Boy (Dectective Inspector Charles Priest Mystery) This was a very engaging and enjoyable book. I'm giving it only four stars because the American characters all "speak" British English. Other than that it was excellent and I'd recommend it to friends.

Last Reminder (A DCI Charlie Priest Mystery) If you enjoy British mysteries in which the setting seeps into the plot, you'll appreciate this modern Yorkshire mystery which is full of local color and crime. Described as Yorshire's answer to Inspector Morse, Detective Inspector Charlie Priest is much less curmudgeonly and more humorous than Morse. I'd date either of them.

Grief Encounters This is the first Pawson novel I have read, after coming across it at the local library, but it won't be the last. The characters come alive and it is a refreshing change from the usual dogged crime novel.

Black City (A Black Wings Novel) Henry's strength comes from her characters. They are truly multidimensional. It is rare for an author to make their hero, especially one told from the first person POV, to be morally ambiguous. But Maddy is headed down a dark path. We are hoping she learns a lesson while also understanding how she got to where she is. Nathaniel's character grows a lot in this book, too. His character goes from bad to good to bad all the time. He is ambiguous, and I like him that way. I was disappointed that J.B. was barely present, he's such a sweetheart and deserves more airtime.

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Dualed In Dualed, Chapman ups the ante by making the doppelganger an actual harbinger of death. Because in the city of Kersh, citizens have to fight their genetic doubles or Alts to the death before their twentieth birthday. Those who survive, are able to live out their days in relative comfort. But that's only IF you survive.

A Very Private Murder: A DI Charlie Priest Mystery I've been steadily working my way through the Charlie Priest series and find each addition better than the one before. Charlie is one of the most likeable, relatable protagonists you'll find in fiction today. I've not gotten through a book without laughing outloud on several occasions and I've been kept guessing as to the outcome until very close to the end of the tale. I've recommended the books to several people and they share my delight with the writing, characters and plots. Pawson's Charlie Priest mysteries are like potato chips you can't stop at just one.

Here I Am: The Story of Tim Hetherington, War Photographer Published: 2013-03-12 | ISBN: 0802120903 | PDF | 256 pages | 3 MB

Tim Hetherington (1970-2011) was one of the world’s most distinguished and dedicated photojournalists, whose career was tragically cut short when he died in a mortar blast while covering the Libyan Civil War. Tim won many awards for his war reporting, and was nominated for an Academy Award for the critically acclaimed documentary, Restrepo. Hetherington’s dedication to his career led him time after time into war zones, and unlike some other journalists, he did not pack up after the story had broken. In Here I Am, journalist and freelance writer Alan Huffman tells Hetherington’s life story, and through it analyzes what it means to be a war reporter in the twenty-first century. Huffman recounts Hetherington’s life from his first interests in photography, through his critical role in reporting the Liberian Civil War, to his tragic death in Libya. Huffman also traces Hetherington’s photographic milestones, from his iconic and prize-winning photographs of Liberian children, to the celebrated portraits of sleeping U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Here I Am explores the risks, challenges, and thrills of war reporting, and is a testament to the unique work of people like Hetherington, who risk their lives to give a voice to people ravaged by war.

Frugal Family Activities: How to Keep the Children Busy All Year Without Spending a Fortune 2012 | ASIN: B007F1FPSY | 101 pages | MOBI | 0,15 MB When you have children, it can be a real struggle to keep them occupied without spending a lot of money on expensive forms of entertainment. In this guide to frugal family activities, the authors give you a range of ideas on how to keep your children busy all year round without going over your budget. In this guide you will learn: + The best ways to keep your children busy during the long summer vacation + Great ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving activities + How to enjoy the end of year holidays like Christmas without getting into debt + Terrific ideas for spring celebrations + Excellent activities you can do any time of year. In this invaluable guide, you will also discover: + Fun outdoor activities every member of the family will enjoy + Great year-round indoor activities when the weather is too terrible to go outside + The best ways to save on movies, swimming and more + How to plan great "staycations" the whole family will love + How to handle the touchy subject of expensive school trips + Ways to have a frugal Christmas without seeming as though you are skimping and much more. No matter what your children's ages and your budget, you are sure to find a wealth of frugal and fun activities to keep them occupied for hours and still stick to your budget—and even have some left over to save for your family's better financial future. Download this guide now and get your family on the fast track to frugal family fun.

Homemade Tomato Ketchup 2013 |ASIN: B00AQ9FBWW | 86 pages | MOBI | 0,7 MB Homemade ketchup is not only delicious but healthy too because you use only the best ingredients and spices. It will contain no added preservatives so if you are concerned about you and your family's health you should make ketchup at home. Who is this book for? Even if you have never cooked before you can still use the book because you will learn about what you need to prepare ketchup in your home, and the recipes are easy to follow. If you are an experienced cook you can use the recipes to prepare some really tasty ketchup. You may want to make several varieties. I would recommend making at least one sweet ketchup and one hot ketchup. People who are on a special diet or who want to lose weight can still use the book because there it includes salt free and sugar free recipes. Is it hard to make ketchup at home? No. Making ketchup following the recipes from this book is simple, and you also don't need complicated kitchen equipment. Homemade ketchup for busy people Even if you are busy you can still make ketchup at home because it does not take a lot of time to prepare and cook ketchup.

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Make and Freeze Recipes: Great Foods You Can Cook, Freeze, and Use Quickly and Easily 2013 | ASIN: B0071NM5UW | 96 pages | MOBI | 0,1 MB Everyone is crunched for time these days, and on a tight budget as well. When we are always so short of time and money, how can we ever feed our families well? Convenience foods and takeout all cost far more than cooking at home. They are certainly NOT as healthy. So what is a responsible parent supposed to do? Look to your own kitchen and especially your freezer for help. In this guide, you will discover 30+ recipes that can be made ahead FROM SCRATCH, frozen, and thawed in minutes in the oven or microwave. With the help of this guide, you can put a piping hot meal in front of the whole family for pennies on the dollar compared with the cost of eating out, takeout, or TV dinners. You will know EXACTLY what you are feeding your family as you create these mouthwatering recipes, rather than anything from a can or box. You will be able to offer them breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options that they can eat at home or even on the run. Fast food will be a thing of the past as your family devours your delicious homemade breakfast burritos, hearty burgers and more. Use each recipe on its own, or in combination, to help create a complete meal, from appetizer to main course, side dishes plus dessert. Be able to serve anyone an impressive hot meal at any time, even if guests arrive unexpectedly. Stock your freezer before the holidays or school vacations so you will never have to worry about what to feed the children when they are home, or what your family is eating when you are not there. All they will have to do is take out one of these tasty dishes from the freezer, heat and eat any time. From Homemade Chili to hearty Chicken Pot Pies, Bean Burritos to Bonbons, you will find a range of recipes for every occasion and every eating lifestyle, including vegetarian options. You will never have to wonder what's for dinner again once you pack your freezer with these homemade, wholesome foods. If you are looking to feed your family for less and spend quality time with them more often, use this guide to get started on the road to more nutritious eating without having to slave in the kitchen for hours every night or reading food labels for ages in the supermarket wondering what's in the things you are buying. Discover how easy it is to make your own fresh tomato sauce, salsa, vegetable stock and more. From soup to jams, your own pie crusts to casseroles, these make-ahead and freeze meals are sure to please and soon become family favorites. In fact, why not double the batches, eat one tonight, and parcel up and freeze the rest for future meals? The smiles on your family's faces and your healthier bank balance will make you glad you did.

Magical Spells for Your Home: How to Bring Magic into Every Area of Your Life 2002 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 0764155164 | PDF | 20 MB This book's original approach takes readers through the home, room by room, focusing on life-enhancing spells, charms, and rituals that are appropriate for each living area. Living room spells promote relaxation and deflect everyday stress, while kitchen and dining room spells promote good health, friendship with neighbors, and easy communication around the dining table. Bedroom spells promote rest, but also enhance fertility and love-making, and bathroom spells cleanse the mind of confused thoughts and help the spell-caster attain inner harmony. There are additional spells for the front door and study rooms, as well as for the yard and garden. All of the approximately four dozen spells point out benevolent ways in which magic can be used to promote health, good relationships, and harmony throughout the entire household. Directions for casting each spell come with a list of ingredients, such as candles, herbs, and essential oils. More than 100 attractive color photos enhance the "recipes" for all of the book's spells and help to create a propitious mood.

Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner - A Satisfying Diet for Unsatisfying Times ISBN: 1608681645 | 2013 | EPUB | 264 pages | 1 MB What do we turn to for both everyday sustenance and seasonal celebration? Food. Often, though, we’re like the hungry ghosts of Taoist lore, eating mindlessly, wandering aimlessly, and wanting more — more than food itself can provide. Ellen Kanner believes that if we put in a little thought and preparation, every meal can feed not only our bodies but our souls and our communities as well. Warm, wicked, and one-of-a-kind, Ellen offers an irreverent approach to bringing reverence into daily living — and eating. She presents global vegan recipes that call you to the table, stories that make you stand up and cheer, and gentle nudges that aim to serve up what we’re hungry for: a

more vital self, more loving and meaningful connections, a nourished and nourishing world, and great food, too. Feeding the Hungry Ghost will challenge you to decide: keep reading or start cooking?

The Soup Mix Gourmet: 375 Short-Cut Recipes Using Dry and Canned Soups to Cook Up Everything from Delicious Dips and Sumpt ISBN: 1558322086 | 2001 | EPUB | 498 pages | 691 KB Mainstream short-cut cooking at its best, with 375 recipes that use dry soup mix or canned condensed soup as a key flavor ingredient.

Sips & Apps: Classic and Contemporary Recipes for Cocktails and Appetizers ISBN: 0811864065 | 2009 | MOBI | 204 pages | 10 MB When it comes to cocktails and appetizers, chef Kathy Casey is an expert at balancing flavors and textures. Sips & Apps has 100 recipes that include not only classics like the Martini and Manhattan but also creative new concoctions like the Douglas Fir Sparkletini and the Blue Thai Mojito. Appetizers include simple finger foods like Roasted Pear Crostini with Gorgonzola and ChaCha Cashews and more substantial treats like Asian Shrimp Cakes with Sweet Chili Sauce. Lots of info on stocking a home bar and plenty of techniques and extras (like a nifty double ribbon marker labeled "sips" and "apps") make it easy to match up the right sip with the right app.

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Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself English | ISBN: 0979226821 | 2008 | PDF | 130 pages | 14.8 MB Kids will learn how to shoot candy and soda 10 feet up in the air or create a crystal collage with the key chemistry concepts and exciting yet educational projects in this handbook. With more than two dozen fascinating projects illustrating major chemistry themes—including atoms and molecules; the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases; chemical reactions; acids and bases; and the properties of water—children learn the theory behind each project and then see the principles in action. A combination of wacky experiments, yummy cooking projects, and unusual creations, the activities can all be completed using common household materials and include walking on “goop,” making taffy, viewing the world from inside a giant bubble, and many more sure to keep kids investigating how the world works.

Agent Garbo: The Brilliant, Eccentric Secret Agent Who Tricked Hitler and Saved D-Day 2012 | ISBN: 0547614810 | English | 320 Pages | EPUB | 3.15 MB Were the D-Day landings saved from failure because of a lone secret agent? Agent Garbo tells the astonishing story of a self-made secret agent who matched wits with the best minds of the Third Reich — and won. Juan Pujol was a nobody, a Barcelona poultry farmer determined to oppose the Nazis. Using only

his gift for daring falsehoods, Pujol became Germany’s most valued agent — or double agent: it took four tries before the British believed he was really on the Allies’ side. In the guise of Garbo, Pujol turned in a masterpiece of deception worthy of his big-screen namesake. He created an imaginary million-man army, invented armadas out of thin air, and brought a vast network of fictional subagents whirring to life. His unwitting German handlers believed every word, and banked on Garbo’s lies as their only source of espionage within Great Britain. For his greatest performance, Pujol had to convince the German High Command that the D-Day invasion of Normandy was a feint and the real attack was aimed at Calais. The Nazis bought it, turning the tide of battle at the crucial moment. Based on years of archival research and interviews with Pujol’s family, Agent Garbo is a true-life thriller set in the shadow world of espionage and deception.

How to Be Irresistible to Colleges: The Essential Guide to Being Accepted 2009 | ISBN: 1932662324 | 224 pages | PDF | 16 MB Likening the search for the perfect college to the search for the perfect mateboth are confusing, stressful, and importantthis guide full of real-world examples and advice from students and college admissions deans, makes the admissions process clear to both students and their parents. Offering answers to the applicant's common questionsWhat should I expect in an interview? What should I do if I am wait-listed? How can I improve my scores?the relatable resource explains how all the pieces work togetherfrom pre-date primping” (course work and standardized tests) and the first date” (the interview and visits) to the love letter” (personal essay), paying for dinner” (financial aid), and mixed messages” (the wait list). This guide goes step-by-step through the college admissions process, offering honest stories, tried-and-true advice, and humorous cartoons to make this serious process more palatable, while dating tips at the end of each chapter continue the analogy and keep the tone light and fun.

Creative Careers: Paths for Aspiring Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers 2009 | ISBN: 1932662340 | 352 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB Offering a wealth of creative career paths, accurate income information, job descriptions, and relevant college courses to take, this guide shows that creative people aren't doomed to be "starving artists" and that there are numerous ways to make a living in creative fields. More than 75 creative professions are featured from across the arts spectrum, with practical advice from working professionals about the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen creative careers. Whether one wishes to pursue the traditional path of professional performer or writer and find a related part-time arts career or wants to investigate full-time employment in creative fields, this guide shows that real world jobs can offer creative fulfillment.

Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes: An After-College Guide to Life 2008 | ISBN: 1932662251 | 224 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB Encouraging college graduates to avoid a quarterlife crisis and embrace--instead of dread--life after school, this uplifting guide identifies ways to harness postcollegiate enthusiasm. From managing finances with an eye to the future and embarking on a fulfilling career path to balancing work and personal life, recent graduates will learn how to navigate this opportunity-packed time. Copious anecdotes illustrate the postschool ups and downs experienced by many of today's graduates and identify common issues and possible solutions--including effective job hunting, evaluating the benefit of graduate school, living at home, and general stress and depression. While acknowledging that this can be a tumultuous and anxious phase, particular emphasis is placed on the positive aspects of the period immediately following higher education, such as career advancement and personal growth.

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Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets: A Prominent Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon's Insider Guide to Facial Rejuvenation 2009 | ISBN: 0470294035 | 272 pages | PDF | 5,4 MB Learn the beauty and skin care secrets of the stars! The complete insider guide to today's facial care treatments and procedures Find out how celebrities look their best in Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets. From Botox to facelifts, two top Beverly Hills doctors tell you what you need to know about today's key surgical and nonsurgical facial care treatments and procedures to look terrific for your own red-carpet moments. With real-life examples from their celebrity clientele and the authors' lifelong Beverly Hills Beauty Program used by many of their famous clients, you'll have all the advice you need to have a lustrous, youthful-looking face for years to come. "Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets takes the mystery—but not the magic—out of all the modern miracle cures that help you put your best face forward. From page one, these doctors share their wisdom, take you behind the curtain, and reveal the true colors you can choose from to paint a prettier picture!" —Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., BeverLy Hills psychiatrist, author, and talk show host

Hankie Couture: Hand-Crafted Fashions from Vintage Handkerchiefs English | ISBN: 0762440171 | 2011 | EPUB | 184 pages | 26 MB What isHankie Couture? A stunningly original collection of doll-sized fashions--everything from pajamas to wedding gowns--meticulously crafted from vintage handkerchiefs. Accented with slyly witty Hankie Couture girl "philosophy," this book is a stylish showcase of 125 unique fashions and accessories. It is also a how-to guide that allows you to transform treasured heirlooms or colorful flea-market finds into one-of-a-kind fashion ensembles. Whether it's a floral sundress that fans out as it twirls, an apron dress with a scalloped border, or a neatly pin-tucked linen dress with pearl buttons, the book encompasses a seemingly infinite variety of exquisite dresses. Neither crafters nor doll collectors have ever seen a book like this, making Hankie Couture a uniquely irresistible challenge to crafters. And with its beautiful design and kitschy lifestyle advice, this makes a great gift book.

Is This Thing On?: A Late Bloomer's Computer Handbook ISBN: 0761146199 | 2008 | EPUB | 408 pages | 30 MB "Stokes gives the feeling that a friend is explaining it all to you." — The New York Daily News Is This Thing On? is a reassuring, jargon-free, and totally straightforward nuts-and-bolts guide that introduces late bloomers, grandparents, technophobes, and the digitally challenged to all the wonders of using a computer, and will even have them using digital cameras and PDAs with ease. Written for the reader who did not grow up with personal computers, this book updates and expands on Stokes's previous title, It's Never Too Late to Love a Computer. It covers everything you need to get wired: how to select, buy,

and set up a computer; how to sign up for e-mail and internet access, and how to use the world wide web. There's information on peripherals—printers, scanners, wireless routers—and basic software, such as word processing programs. Plus, this new edition delves further into the online world to cover search engines and web navigation, information on online banking, shopping, travel planning, and dating. It covers security issues, "netiquette," instant messaging, and blogs, and there's an entire chapter devoted to digital photos—transferring them from camera to computer and sending them as attachments. Abby Stokes—who has a gift for taking the terrified by the hand and teaching old dogs new tricks—branches out into other essential digital accoutrements: cell phones, iPods, and Blackberries. A companion website,

Amateur Photographer - March 09, 2013 English | PDF | 94 Pages | 107.34 Mb

Modelz View - March 2013 English | HQ PDF | 48 pages | 7.9 MB

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Glamour UK - April 2013

English | 358 pages | HQ PDF | 198,7 Mb

Website Magazine - April 2013 True PDF | English | 68 Pages | 21.8 MB

Electronics For You - March 2013 (True PDF) English | True PDF | 170 pages | 24 Mb

Conde Nast Traveller UK - April 2013 English | 254 pages | HQ PDF | 165,2 Mb

The English Garden Magazine April 2013 English | 132 Pages | True PDF | 71MB

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Classic Ford - April 2013 English | 140 pages | HQ PDF | 124.00 Mb

Oxygen - April 2013 English | 156 pages | 105.97 Mb | HQ PDF

Classics Monthly - April 2013 English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 128.00 Mb

Fast Bikes - April 2013 English | 132 pages | HQ PDF | 106.00 Mb

Popular Science Australia - March 2013 English | 84 pages | HQ PDF | 57.00 Mb

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PC Advisor - May 2013

English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 63.00 Mb

Workshop Storage Solutions: 16 Storage Projects to Shape Up Your Shop (Popular Woodworking) English | 2013 | HQ PDF | 82 pages | 7 Mb

Gibbons Stamp Monthly 2013. 01 English | PDF | 112 pages | 59.99 Mb

Gibbons Stamp Monthly 2013. 03 English | PDF | 123 pages | 55.18 Mb

Gibbons Stamp Monthly 2013. 02 English | PDF | 136 pages | 58.3 Mb

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Garden Railways - April 2013 English | PDF | 92 pages | 105 MB

Fabulous 40rties - Spring 2013 English | True PDF | 36 pages | 30.3 MB

Fashion - April 2013 204 pages | 88MB | PDF | English

Science Illustrated - MarchApril 2013 English | 72 pages | PDF | 62 MB

Freebies 06 Mar 2013  

Dear Members Here is another Great Mix of Samples, Coupons & Links to Free Stuff! It's you chance to grab something for nothing! Th...

Freebies 06 Mar 2013  

Dear Members Here is another Great Mix of Samples, Coupons & Links to Free Stuff! It's you chance to grab something for nothing! Th...