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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 1) Ethan Sullivan was the vampire who turned her, he also happens to be the head of the Cadogan House in Chicago. Ethan is an arrogant 400 year old vampire who wears his confidence and power like a mantle. Merit finds herself drawn to him, and then repulsed by his decisions and 'lording' over everyone under him.

Son of Sedonia "Son of Sedonia" is one of the best science fiction books I've had the pleasure to read since some of Ray Bradbury's short stories. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Chaney, and I'll be looking/hoping to read more.

Operation Sea Ghost (Pirate Hunters) The trail of the weapon eventually finds Snake Nolan his team the movie star and a person known to those who read other of Maloney's series chasing the Al Qaeda operative to New York City, where an event worse than 9-11 is about to occur. The climax finds the Pirate Hunters successful but with several highly unforeseen circumstances surrounded the victory.

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