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Faster! I'm Starving! 2006 | ISBN: 1586857959 | English | 264 Pages | EPUB | 0.20 MB Who says there's no time to cook? In the time it takes to find the phone book and call the local pizza shop, busy parents across the country could be serving up a hot, home-cooked meal for their families. Now, the secrets to being able to cook quick and nutritious meals in the time it takes for a sitcom plot to be revealed are collected here by mother and son team Nancy Mills and Kevin Mills. Cook a healthy, interesting dinner in twenty-five minutes or less on any night of the week. These meals taste good enough to keep you from surrendering to the temptations of fast food or take out, and easy enough to make with a baby in one arm and a kid hanging onto each leg! Now, anyone can cook a complete meal in less time than it would take to order out and wait for delivery-and it's not just the same old fare. Try Pasta and Bean Soup, Chinese-Style Pork Medallions, and Roasted Portobello Mushroom Burgers! Helpful sections include: Techniques Geared for Speed-like buying prewashed vegetables and grated cheeses, or using stir-frying or hightemperature roasting as methods for cooking Techniques for Cutting Very Quickly-and still keeping your fingertips intact Speedy Ingredients like sirloin steak and ground meats that cook quickly How to Stock your Pantry Helpful Equipment to get the job done faster, like a blender for chopping veggies Plus delicious recipes for Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Eggs, Pasta, Rice, Grains, Poultry, Meat, Fish, and much more.

The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga: The Authoritative Presentation-Based on 30 Years of Direct Study Under the Legendary Yoga Teacher Krishnamacha

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