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The descriptions of people, places and things were so vivid, I could see them in my minds eye and this is important to me when I read. If I can't picture what the Author describes I'm left frustrated and unhappy but that wasn't the case here. I was very happy with the ever evolving storyline and very pleased with the characters development throughout. Thank you for a great story and I hope to read more soon.

The Heritage Paper This was another well crafted thriller by Derek Ciccone. He clearly did a lot of research before writing this fictitious conspiracy novel dealing with the concept that several of the Nazi hierarchy survived and had been ploting for years to re-establish themselves in the United States under assumed names with the goal of bringing about a new Nazi movement. There were numerous surprises and plot twists to keep the reader guessing and turning pages. And though there was considerable tension throughout the story, it concluded with a feel good ending.

The Great Unexpected This is a delightful book that I read in one sitting. Sharon Creech has done it again with this beautifully written and lyrical story. It is warm, witty, full of memorable and eccentric characters, secrets and coincidences, hidden meaning and life lessons for our children. As you begin to put the pieces of the puzzle of the story together it will remind you that we are all connected by that invisible thread and the actions of one many times affect the lives of others.

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Freebies 04 April 2013  

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