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A Different Blue I enjoyed this book because I love how Blue overcomes the person she thinks she should be to become the person she wants to be. It is a great story of redemption. A Different Blue has more adult content than the previous books I've read by Amy Harmon. I would not consider this book part of the young adult genre. It's definitely for grown-ups. But if you enjoy a good story of redemption and overcoming tough obstacles, you will enjoy this book, too.

Unlucky Charms (The Cold Cereal Saga) Last seen with twins Erno and Emily, their gargantuan housekeeper, Biggs, and an accountant named Merle Lynn who claims to be a scientist from the future or something, "Scott" is suffering from a sick delusion that your beloved Goodco Cereal Company is secretly run by a fairy named Nimue with a sinister plot to take over the world. That Goodco is selling cereals with NEW! Intellijuice in order to turn kids into a kind of zombie army, if you can believe this. That Goodco has kidnapped the Queen of England and replaced her with two goblins in a queen suit. Have you ever heard anything so crazy seriously, we're asking.

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