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Andromeda's Fall (Legion of the Damned) ANDROMEDA'S FALL is full of action and suspense. I usually rate one of these novels by how memorable the battles are and two from ANDROMEDA'S FALL are emblazoned in my brain. I can't wait to continue the story of Andromeda McKee (there are definitely sequels on the way) and in the meantime I'll try and grab a few copies of the earlier books.

Aphrodite's Curse (Kallos Series) "Aphrodite's Curse" is very short and sweet. In this short novella we finally find out what led to Aphrodite being cursed. It tells us why she was cursed, who she was cursed by, and how the looking glass was made to hurt her not help her. We also get a glimpse of what happened between Aphrodite, Aries and Apollo. I always wondered about Aphrodite's past and now I know. I would definitely love to read more.

Adept (The Essence Gate War, Book 1) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Adept has all the right ingredients for this genre and the author blended them together into a story that starts well, stays interesting, develops in unexpected directions and finishes with both a sense of conclusion and a desire for more. The vocabulary and wording were outstanding, constantly surprising me with phrases that evoked the exact imagery of the moment and fit perfectly. I like that the author wasn't afraid to have

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