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An Amsterdam Idea Publication - Circulation 20,000 - Edition 2 - Spring 2008 -

SPRING FLOWERS AND KEUKENHOF The opportunity to see millions of bulbs

ueen's Day (in Dutch ‘Koninginnedag’) is the unique Dutch 24-hour Mardigras-like event on the 29th and 30th

STOCK REPORTS Prices of Hashish from Koos Zwart to Ask Larry

U.N. MANIPULATE DRUGS FIGURES “experts have been calling for years to end this fight”

“Abusus Non Tollit Usum”

HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD, but what about Holland? Missing the Hemp boat

Queen’s Day 2008 Special PAGE 9




Each year, Queen's Day draws around 750,000 visitors to Amsterdam, turning the city streets into a sea of orange; the colour of the Dutch royal house, and symbolic for this day.

By far the biggest party of the year

What makes Queen's Day in Amsterdam so special, is having an all day flea market (in Dutch ‘Vrijmarkt’) in almost every street combined with an everlasting across the whole city. It is by far, the biggest party of the year. Despite all this celebrating and the city being crowded beyond imagination, the often mild, not too hot, April weather, traditionally makes it a relaxed, joyful and unforgettable Queen’s Day experience.

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The end of Amsterdam as you know it photo: Amsterdam Idea

Liberation Day in Amsterdam

The unique and world famous ‘Red Light District’ in Amsterdam is being closed down and replaced by, quote: “fashion studio’s, upscale restaurants & boutiques”.


Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, is Liberation Day in Holland. It marks the end of the German occupation over the Netherlands during World War II. This is when the Dutch people celebrate their deliverance from the brutal Nazi regime with festivals and gatherings throughout the country.

The ‘growshops’, where the Dutch legally buy supplies that can be used to grow Cannabis for personal use, are banned by the Ministry of Justice, as new strict laws are being passed.

of what it means to have your country taken away from you; and your government and public institutions used against you, all to serve the purposes of the enemy. It’s a jubilant affirmation of the inalienable human right to freedom and liberty and self-determination. And it keeps alive in the national consciousness the triumph...



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Next will be the ‘coffeeshops’ when they are subjected to the “250 or 500 meter rule”. This means all coffeeshops with schools located within this radius will be closed down. This would leave Amsterdam with only 16 of the now 240 existing establishments, practically ending a way of life for many and a unique Dutch industry for the world.







Cannabis City In This Issue...

FEATURES: 3. Queen’s Day in Amsterdam 4. Memorial and Liberation Day 13. End of Amsterdam as we know it

NEW: Growshops outlawed in the Netherlands U.N. manipulate Drugs figures All Coffeeshops in Amsterdam to be closed? Yearly THC research shows decrease of strength Marijuana Return of the Cannabis Stock Reports TRAVEL: 5. Hortus Botanicus: Amsterdam’s Botanical gardens 5. Holland in spring: ‘We’re going up the country’ 6. Annual flower parade 6. A tripto the ‘Muiderslot’ castle PEOPLE: Criminologist T. Boekhout van Solinge Noam Chomsky on drugs DEPARTMENTS: Sight seeing top five Shopping Dinner: Ask Larry Night Life Fun Page City Map

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DEPARTMENT EDITORS: P. T. Dante, W de Geus, Zara Godet GUEST WRITERS: J.Sinclair, ’Ask Larry’ Larry ART DIRECTOR: J. Pfeiffer


Amsterdam Cannabis City is published four times per year and is available for free at locations all over Amsterdam and online. Subscriptions are available for € 15,= per year within Europe and € 20,= world-wide. Ideas, tips and contributions are welcome. Any use of copyright material is un-intentional. All rights reserved. Amsterdam Cannabis City 2008.

Rectifications winter issue 2007:

- Article ‘The Truth About Coffeeshops’. It states: “Recently alcohol was banned from Amsterdam Coffeeshops, but not in the rest of the country”. This should have said: “whole country” because, even though it is not nation-wide policy yet, other municipals, like Rotterdam, also banned alcohol from Cofeeshops. - ‘City Map’ The announced ‘Amsterdam City Map’ was not included in the issue.

‘Wester Kerk’

photo: Ask Larry

- Article ‘Smoking Ban’. It states: “In 200??? in New York the smoking ban”. This should have said: “In 2003”



The world’s biggest street party!



Queens Night (April 29 th)

During the preceding 'koninginnenacht' (Queen's Night) many bars and clubs throughout Amsterdam organize big parties. This tradition started in the city of The Hague in the early nineties when pre-Koninginnedag riots were an increasing problem. The idea of convincing the rioters that a celebration was a much better way to spend the night proved so successful, that now the event draws tens of thousands of visitors every year. The festivities start before midnight (so technically on the 29th) and last throughout the night, though official rules state that pubs must close for an hour or so before sunrise. Especially for young people this is the night to be in Amsterdam.

The streets are traditionally very busy as many people move across the city from one party to another, while others prepare the next day market. So, just take a walk around downtown Amsterdam On the Amsterdam Canals and you’ll find plenty going on!

All clubs and many pubs and Coffeeshops in Amsterdam organize parties on Queen’s Day. In many parts of the city, improvised parties & block parties take place: Stages and speakers with loud music are put out on the street and people start dancing spontaniously! It’s natural to join them, even if you don’t know anybody.

people ends on the Prinsengracht by the Westerkerk and Anne Frank Huis. There, ‘bumper to bumper’ the canal party will last and blast it’s music down the canals with boats coming and going, Every year there is a route set out as the sun goes down and Queen’s for them to avoid complete chaos Day night sets in. By this time, the in the Amsterdam canals. Usually streets will be covered with a blanthis extraordinary cruise of party ket of plastic cups, cans, random The boats full of people dancing circulate Amsterdam’s canals. Many have their own, amplified music and are in fact sailing parties by them selves.

Pa r t i e s F R E E Night Time

Radio Soulwax Presents Soulwax live, 2 many dj’s,Vitalic, Goose (dj set), De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Joost Van Bellen, Le Le, Aka The Junkies Heineken Music Hall, 10PM till 6AM

Speedy J & Richie Hawtin “Electric Delux” Speedy J, Richie Hawtin, Bart Skils, Perc, Danton Eeprom Live, George Issakidis, Perry Melkweg Venue, 10PM till 6AM

Queensnight Cruise Control Victor Coral, Philip Young, Natarcia, Joey Daniel, Edu de Leau, Roundhouse, Berend Kirch, Lin, Bastique, Joosd, Jeroen Kok, Roderik Flohil


PARTIES Radio538 - Museumplein

biggest Queensday party in Amsterdam (actually in the whole country) is hosted by Hollands most popular radio station, Radio 538. Each year, more than 300.000 spectators enjoy

Amstel/ Stopera

Traditionally one of the big street parties. Live music and Djs. For the brave: Bungy Jumping – Location: Waterlooplein/ Stoperaplein

100%NL - Thorbeckeplein

from 11am till 9pm. 100% Dutch music on the Thorbeckeplein in het teken live: I.O.S. , Bastiaan Ragas, ‘Idol’ Floortje, Starkoo XL, Vertigo, Yellow Pearl and DJs – Location: Thorbeckeplein

Superclub Boat. Pier 4 (behind Central Station). 0.30 AM

Too Dutch Presents ‘Dubfire’ Dubfire (deep Dish), Nic Fanciulli (skylark), Jan Boom, Santito Solo, VJ Zenthar Panama, 10PM till 4AM

Zoetzaligheid Benny Rodrigues, Gregor Salto, D-Rashid, Graphix, Tony Cha Cha, Leroy Styles, Fetish Verdi, Kriss One, MC Pryme Powerzone, 11PM till 5AM

Illuminated party by the lake

Big Queen’s Night celebration on the west-side of Amsterdam. Free boat rides onthe lake, acts, outdoor cinema and fireworks. Location: Sloterplas/ Slotervaart (starts 29th at 6pm).

orange items of all sorts, handmade signs, leftover flea market goods, flyers and decorations.

photo: Cheryl Duivesteyn

The cities cleaning activities already start early morning, when most of us are possibly still at a party or on our way home for a good night/ morning sleep. ACC Annual Under the bridge party

Hortus de Overkant

Hortus de Overkant organises a small event with several live acts. Lots of African music. The stage will be across from th oldest dutch botanical garden, ‘the Hortus’. Location: Nieuwe Herengracht 71

Queen’s Day 2008 in Amsterdam! CANNABIS CITY


The annual ‘Vrijmarkt’

Starting at 6 am, and closely following the festivities of the previous night, the street markets open.

Spread over almost all districts in the city, the street markets offer excellent bargains on second-hand clothes, furniture and any trinket or treasurable trash you can imagine. The combination of street markets and stalls, live musicians and performers and the aroma of roasted satés and Vietnamese spring rolls create an extraordinary atmosphere.

The ‘Vrijmarkt’ (free market) started out as a children’s event but has over the years turned into a national sport. The Dutch love to trade, it is in their blood, although more a social occasion than a real commercial, the whole of Amsterdam transforms in to one big flea market.

Owing to a holiday dispensation from the Dutch government, people do not need to pay taxes on their sales. Many people set up stalls or blankets in parks, on sidewalks and even on the roads themselves (cars are banned in some streets). The items sold are traditionally old rubbish, but for commercial traders this is also an extremely profitable day.

April 30 th

‘Prices are symbolic and the most important is having fun’

One of the best places to absorb the traditional atmosphere of Queen’s Day is the city park, ‘Vondelpark’, where commercial trading is not allowed. The free market here is a unique family event with children actively participating. Prices are symbolic and the most important is having fun.

Useful tips for Queen’s Day!

• As you are going to spend your day among the crowd, leave you valuables in your hotel.

• You are going to walk a lot. Comfortable shoes are essential. • Make sure you have small change in your pockets, especially 1 and 2 Euro pieces. • All the main food stores are open on the Queen’s Day.

• While on Queen’s Day you may smoke a joint and drink alcohol in the street, it is not allowed to carry more than five grams of Cannabis, and one alcohol drink with you (one bottle or can). • Drinks on the street are usually €1,50 or € 2,-.

• There is NO public transport within the city center.

Foods & Drinks - City Rules

• You may, for yourself, have no more then a two alcohol beverages with you at any time. So watch out with those ‘six packs’!

• You are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks or perishable foods (See foods) or to provide it free of charge. You are allowed to sell soft drinks in plastic (so not glass) bottles.

Queen's Day was first celebrated August 31st 1889. As it was the custom to celebrate Koninginnedag on the Queen's birthday, the celebrations moved to April 30th after the coronation of the new Monarch, Queen Juliana, in 1948.

On the day of her investiture, 30 April 1980, Queen Beatrix stated that she wished to continue celebrating it on April 30th, as a mark of respect for her mother, Juliana. Not sure is whether the soon to be King, Willem-Alexander will do the same. His birthday is officially on the 27th of April. ACC

The Queen

The Queen's official birthday (Koninginnedag) is a National Holiday.

Each year the Queen and other members of the royal family visit festivities in a different place in the Netherlands. The royal visits are always broadcasted live on the television. This year Queen Beatrix will visit the Frisian towns of Makkum and Franeker in the north ACC of the Netherlands.

• Private people in the possession of more than two cans/ plastic bottles or alcoholic drinks in other packing are considered to be merchants and risk confiscation of their goods. • The mixed drinks from glass bottles, such as "breezers", must be poured out in to plastic cups.

On the Amsterdam Canals

Kids Queen’s Day on KNSM Island

Starting at 10 am, on the KNSM Island (east of Central Station) the kids Queen’s Day parade starts, opening the festivities at the Levantkade and the Levantplein.

Untill 6 PM young and old can enjoy the free market, and live music on stage. There will be dance workshops and various fun

photo: AskLarry

games throughout the day like; Throw Ball, a ride with a pony and wagon (full is full), Penalty Goal Shooting or a fun little boat ride through the Ertshaven (Ore harbour) of Amsterdam. You can get to the KNSM Island by taking tram 10 leaving from Leidseplein, or citybus 41 and 42 leaving from Central Station. ACC


The prevalent colour, symbolizing national and royal pride, stems from the royal family name – Oranje-Nassau: The Family Nassau, House of Orange. Officially the Dutch flag is supported by a long ACC orange banner.

Cannabis City Says:

You may trade, party, dance, drink and smoke in the streets, but mind others!

Liberation Day in Amsterdam


Contiuation of page 1 *** of humanism and democracy over the cruel system of oppression and exploitation imposed and enforced by Adolf Hitler and his psychotic Nazi regime.

The memory of Liberation Day— the 5th of May, 1945—remains fresh and potent in the Dutch mind because it was only 63 years ago that Hitler and his Nazi minions were defeated and driven out by the power of allied forces. While circumstances have changed and greatly improved in Europe since the end of World War II and with Germany and The Netherlands now being fellow members of the European Union; few Europeans are able to forget the ruthless rise of the Nazis and their unquenchable thirst for power and domination that ruined so many lives in Europe for at least 5 long years in the middle of the 20th century.

An extraordinary spirit of tolerance and personal freedom

The tiny nation’s recent experience with occupation and domination by the Nazi regime and the joy of liberation from alien rule seems also to have engendered an extraordinary spirit of tolerance and personal freedom amongst the populace. Dutch people fully enjoy their freedom as individual citizens to live and comport themselves as they may wish as long as they are not harming others.

Demanding freedom from official interference with their own chosen life-ways, the Dutch tend to extend this freedom to their fellow citizens across the board and let people enjoy themselves in their homes and their public pursuits. Professional sex activity is tolerated and even licensed and allowed to thrive in its own district. Recreational drug users of every sort are not regarded as criminals and possession of small amounts of one’s drug of choice is not regarded as a crime.

The Dutch allow free use of Cannabis

Most spectacularly, the Dutch allow free use of Cannabis and provide for its retail sale over the counters of hundreds of licensed coffeeshops around the country. There are nearly 250 surviving coffeeshops in Amsterdam itself, warmly and efficiently serving the Cannabis-smoking community with top-quality Dutch-grown Marijuana and imported hashish which may be smoked and enjoyed on the premises. For an American, the situation in Holland is as close to a condition of social freedom as one can imagine. In the United States, Cannabis users are legally defined as


criminals and hounded and persecuted by the police all their lives as smokers. Citizens are subject to drug testing as a condition of steady employment or for the successful completion of a probationary sentence. They live in constant fear of police raids on their homes, businesses and the incessant stops; searches and seizures of their personal stashes when arrested in their cars or public places.

They know what freedom means because of those who had none and those who fought to be liberated.

The burgeoning American police state has been built on the framework of the government’s 40-year War on Drugs, in which the preponderance of victims of the drug warriors are Marijuana smokers. Hundreds of thousands of American pot smokers are incarcerated in federal and state prisons as we speak, but they represent only a mere fraction of the citizenry victimized by the police and courts simply for smoking Marijuana.

A vast industry of punishment and social pain has been erected on the backs of American Marijuana smokers. Legions of special narcotics police stalk the streets of our communities seeking to harass and arrest every Marijuana user or supplier they can find. The arrestees are dragged before special drug courts and tried by special drug prosecutors in front of special drug judges armed with the most draconian set of drug laws imaginable.

Once convicted, usually following a guilty plea arranged by one of the thousands of lawyers who specialize in defending drug cases, the smoker is fined, sentenced to a probationary term and ordered into a drug treatment program to insure that the cited recreational drug use will abruptly cease. Their urine is assessed in drug testing labs and their conduct scrutinized by drug treatment professionals, drug probation officers and the ever-present drug police. That’s a whole lot of people and facilities lined up against Marijuana smokers and dedicated to their capture and punishment. Thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans are employed at taxpayers’ expense by the insane mechanism created by this War on Drugs. From the drug police at the front end of the deathly funnel, through the ranks of the defense lawyers and prosecutors and judges who deliver the verdict, to the probation departments, drug treatment centers, jailers and penitentiary guards at the ass end of the system; a vast force of drug law enforcers prospers by delivering severe punishment to an entire national community of

recreational Marijuana smokers.

My own experience with the law goes back to 1964, well before Richard Nixon declared a War on Drugs in the early 1970s, and when the population of pot smokers in America was relatively tiny. I lived in Detroit, and Michigan law mandated sentences of 1-10 years upon conviction for possession of drug war Marijuana and a minimum mandatory 20-year sentence for sales or dispensing, with a maximum of life imprisonment. Marijuana was classified as a narcotic and considered no less serious a violation than heroin, cocaine and other drugs.

in the individual smoker. All of a sudden one is no longer a criminal, and the veil of fear and trembling rises and floats away in the breeze. Life begins a new in liberated territory, and we are free to live our lives as Marijuana smokers without fear at last. Liberation from oppressors, liberation from terror, these are good things, and we will continue to celebrate them as long as we may live.

John Sinclair, a regular visitor of Amsterdam, is a Detroit activist and poet. Sinclair is the one-time manager of the hard After a series of arrests and con- rock band MC5, and leader of victions for Marijuana possession the American political collecI ended up in prison, first for 6 tive, the White Panther Party. months in the Detroit House of Correction in 1966, and finally on a 9-1/2-to-10-year sentence of which I served 29 months in Marquette and Jackson prisons before my legal challenge to the constitutionality of the state laws was successful and the Michigan Supreme Court overturned the narcotics statutes in March 1972. Thereafter called a “controlled substance,” Marijuana remains a serious criminal matter, carrying one year for possession and 4 years for sale.

In the city of Ann Arbor, where I lived after my release from prison, Marijuana smokers organized for political action and brought about the enactment by the City Council of the $5 Marijuana fine for any Cannabis violations. Similar ordinances were passed in Ypsilanti and East Lansing, but the forward motion of the Marijuana liberation movement came to a grinding halt by the mid-‘70s and remains only a brief moment in history today.

I’ve managed to avoid arrest while smoking quietly each day

Sinclair was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1969 after giving two joints of Marijuana to an undercover narcotics officer. This sentence sparked the landmark "Free John Now Rally" at Ann Arbor's Crisler Arena in December 1971. The event brought together 15,000 protesters and a who'swho of the 60’s generation, including John Lennon (who wrote protest song ‘John Sinclair’), Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger and Allen Ginsberg. Three days after the rally Sinclair was released from prison when the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the state's Marijuana statutes were unconstitutional.

Early March a new television series took off in the U.S.

“When you've lived here as long as I have," homicide detective John Amsterdam (Nikolaj CosterWaldau) says of his New York City home at the outset of the new drama New Amsterdam, "you've seen everything." He's lived there a long time too. He's 400 years old and immortal, which adds a whole new meaning to the concept "world weary." Amsterdam, you see, was a Dutch soldier in the pioneer colony of New Amsterdam- the community that would later become New York. Being a man's man, Amsterdam stepped in front of a sword to save the life of a Native American girl during a massacre. She repaid his act of sacrifice by weaving a spell that made him immortal. The not so original twist is, that he won't age until he finds his one true love.

He’s lived here a long time too. He’s 400 years old and immortal

New Amsterdam is not a bad show. At times, it's a pretty good show. But it's peppered with clichés, and it can use some work on that quality so many mystical, sci-fi and fantasy shows are missing – a sense of humor.

Still this series may air somewhere on Dutch television next year, as in 2009 Amsterdam (and the rest of the Netherlands) will celebrate its 400 year relationship with the city of New York. A relationship that started when Henry Hudson, sailing for the Dutch East India Company, came across Manhattan Island and its native inhabitants Sinclair’s weekly radio show can on September 11, 1609. be heard on Radio Free Amsterdam. New Amsterdam Global and Fox/ Check local US listings and internet for the times.

Since my release from prison 36 years ago, I’ve managed to avoid arrest while smoking quietly each day, but the shadow of the drug police is always hovering overhead no matter where you are and is even more ominous when you’re driving your car. Carrying a small smoking stash in public or even toking in your home can bring serious grief if you’re apprended, and the pothead lives in a continuous state of terror even if the police remain at bay. The Liberation Day Concert on the Amstel River, Classical Liberation for the Marijuana smoker in America, sad to say, is not music, broadcasted live on naon the near horizon. The mam- tional television. Best view is moth drug law enforcement in- from the Magere Brug (the dustry built up around the War on skinny bridge). Drugs channels billions of dollars each year to the worst segments of our society, and I’m afraid they’re so deeply entrenched that their Her Majesty The Queen is attenoverthrow will be particularly pro- ding the concert, and traditionally blematic. Pot smokers will conti- she will sail away on a boat, pasnue to suffer fear and ignominy sing the bridge... She always waves and unceasing police terror as long May 5th as the drug war remains essentially back! unchallenged.

Liberation Day

But liberation for the weedhead is real when one arrives in Amsterdam. Purchasing and smoking Cannabis is perfectly okay, and the police have no interest whatsoever

New Amsterdam

Memorial Day

During the National Remembrance of all Dutch war victims (especially those in World War II)

Remember: Two minute silence at 8pm! May 4th



it sometimes hosts club nights. Sinners In Heaven Proprietor of live music website Wagenstraat 3-7 (620 13 75). Amsterdam's one and only hip- ’Jet-set club’, frequented by sochop club, with the latest beats cer players and soap actors. deand a crowd to match. Occasi- Rain signer interior. Come early and onal DJ sets are dropped on the Rembrandtplein 44 (626 70 78). dress up if you want to get in weekends. Hip club-bar-restaurant. Tasteful without membership. interior with lots of dark wood Escape and bamboo Lounge Jazz tunes, Club Zyon Rembrandtplein 11 (622 11 11). hip-hop and house. N.Z. Voorburgwal 161 (427 59 61) One of the larger clubs in town. Modern, futuristic look, balcony Most nights rented out to party Bourbon Street and bar overlooking the dance organizations. Leidsekruisstraat 6-8 (623 34 40). floor. Spacious dance floor and Late night live entertainment. lounge area furnished with Industry Blues, Jazz and Rock ‘jam nights’. comfortable seats and sofas. Paardenstraat 17 A mixture of all ages and different Tunes from House, techno, and Large club in a small alley just backgrounds. trance to R&B and Hip-Hop. off Rembrandt square. Music is mostly R&B, with the dance floor downstairs and the bar on the first floor. De Duivel

Reguliersdwarsstraat 87 (626 61 84).

Jimmy Woo

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18 (626 31 50).

Hot trendy night club. 19th century Hong-Kong mixed with modern black design. Infamous for its selective door policy. Korsakoff

Lijnbaansgracht 161 (625 78 54).

Alternative club. punk-rock, techno, gothic. Live music On Wednesdays.

Melkweg Lijnbaansgracht 234 (531 81 81). Mainly a live music venue, but during weekends it also hosts a variety of dance events. Keen eye for 'world music' trends. Ministry

Regulierdwarsstraat 12 (623 39 81).

Small upstairs club with an intimate atmosphere. For Hip Hop and R&B lovers. Varying sounds on different nights. Onassis

Westerdoksdijk 40 (330 04 56).

Club-bar-restaurant on the banks of the ‘IJ’, delicious Italian food, jazz sounds. Paradiso

Weteringschans 6-8 (626 45 21).

Most famous pop stage of Holland, during the weekend

Friday Nights at Van Gogh’s

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. The museum contains the largest collection of paintings in the world by Vincent van Gogh. It provides the opportunity to keep track of the artist's developments, or compare his paintings to works by other artists from the 19th century in the collection.

Theatre performance Spring by Olivier Provily

Friday nights during the John Everett Millais exhibition (until 18 May) will feature the theatre performance Spring. This performance has been developed exclusively for the Van Gogh Museum by theatre director Olivier Provily. The museum entrance is The museum holds an extensive at Paulus Potterstraat 7. offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th century art Please note: the Friday Night prohistory. gramme is subject to modifications.

A relaxed place to meet

On Friday nights the Van Gogh Museum is open until 22.00 and there’s always something special going on. Every Friday night, lounge chairs, video projections, DJs and a bar transform the museum’s central hall into a relaxed place to meet.

How to get there:

The Van Gogh Museum is on Museumplein in Amsterdam, between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. The museum entrance is at Paulus Potterstraat 7. (Take tram #1, 2 or 5. Check the city map for the exact location).

Amsterdam top must-see list

would imagine, the roof is filled museum; Temporarily located next to Central Station), the Van with sun worshippers. Gogh Museum, FOAM (photoNext to the NEMO building, in graphy museum) and the Diathe water, you can find a specta- mond Museum. It’s close to cular full-size replica of the 17th Vondelpark, our next stop. 1. NEMO century merchant ship, the AmsterNEMO is the biggest science cen- dam. ter to visit in The Netherlands. Here you can discover the wonderful world of technology and science in a playful and entertaining way. The NEMO building, which looks like a huge ship, is located next to the Maritime 3. VONDELPARK (Scheepvaart) Museum. The Vondelpark is one of the oldest and largest parks in Amster2. RIJKSMUSEUM On the roof there is an impressive Of all the museums in Amster- dam, named after the 17th terrace that allows visitors to lite- dam, this is one of the most visi- century poët, Joost van den Vonrally see Amsterdam from another ted, primarily due to the world del. angle. In the summer, as one famous Nightwatch painting by The park opened in 1865. OrigiRembrandt.. nally it was named the New Park, The ‘Museumplein’, behind the but the public quickly started calRijksmuseum is called this way be- ling the park Vondelpark after a cause of all the museums located statue of the famous writer was around the square: like Rijksmu- placed, and eventually the name seum (national museum), the Ste- was adopted officially. delijk Museum (contemporary art In summer it is the place to relax,

Dinner Ask Larry


Melkweg Café- Restaurant Eat @ Jo’s: Marnixstraat 409

If you like good music to go with good food, then we may have the recipe for you: Take a five star chef, mix her with a Wisconsin drummer, and put them in the restaurant of one of Amsterdam’s most famous venues, the ‘Melkweg’. What you get is an excellent meal, served in a dawning rock star atmosphere.

Mary Jo and Eric make you feel right at home and present an ever-changing menu to entice your palate. For a festive meal, enjoy the backstage vibe surrounding the 7:30 concert rush. Dining here certainly makes one feel like part of a scene. So stop by and say “hi” to Mary Jo and Eric, have a bite and enjoy the show. Eetcafé Stoop and Stoop: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 82

Now I must include a typical Amsterdam-Dutch place and this is it. Situated on ‘Restaurant Row’ near the Leidseplein, it’s the only place on the whole street that doesn’t have someone standing outside trying to coerce you into their empty restaurant. Over the past few years this area has experienced a marked decline in tourist traffic, so if you come across a place like this, full to capacity with indigenous people, you know it’s a safe bet for a meal. Since Stoop is always packed with people “in the know” be prepared to wait a bit. New King: Zeedijk 115-117

On the Zeedijk across from the famous Chinese temple you will find all the things you expect and more from a Chinese restaurant, for reasonable prices. This is a very busy place but worth the wait!

Gusto: Kloveniersburgwal 7

Mama herself is in the kitchen, stewing up authentic Italian delights. Fine dining in an Italian setting is made complete here with quality wine, appetizers, and a wide variety of tasty main courses. If you like cheese, the flaming spaghetti is for you. Get this: a giant wheel of cheese (50kg.) is sliced lengthwise, flaming cognac is poured into a hollow in the cheese, then fresh pasta is stirred around inside and the whole thing is topped with scraped curls of the parmesan. Delicious!

La Bertolla: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal

Aha! The “five euro spaghetti place” is what we call it around town! Conveniently located on a busy street in central Amsterdam (next to Hempshopper), this bistro style eatery is a pleasant break from an afternoon’s shopping and sightseeing. Inexpensive pizza and pasta are on offer here while maintaining a taste of Italy. “Good food for a good price.”

Restaurant de Klos: Kerkstraat 41

You’ve got two choices at this local eatery: meat or meat. Ok, they offer a few sides such as onion soup (wow), baked potatoes, and a few other typical complementary dishes, but meat is the menu here. Steaks, lamb shoulder, veal, chicken, and my favourite flesh on earth: BBQ ribs. That’s right, I said BBQ! All meat is mouth wateringly cooked over an open flame. See you there.

play games, roll a joint or a have pics Museum, and Dappermarkt, picnic. In winter the Vondelpark is the IJ Brewery will take up the a romantic spot for a stroll. nicer half of an afternoon out. Het Blauwe Thee Huis: The Blue Tea House in Vondelpark is not just for sitting down and ordering a refreshing drink. Multiple film festivals are presented here each year.

5. RED LIGHT DISTRICT We know you’re going there anyway, but we thought “The Wallen” (The Walls) are worth pointing out just in case. It’s no secret that prostitution is legal in 4. Het IJ BROUWERIJ the Netherlands, and for many a If you like beer, you can’t leave simple walk through the District Amsterdam without visiting this is a real eye-opener. Leave your place. Housed in an authentic camera at home; no picture taking Dutch windmill, various types of allowed! beer, brewed on the premises, are offered each in their own special glass. Watch out, as some hover well above eight percent. Situated in the east, just past the Zoo, Tro-


Dutch balconies CANNA BIS CITY

In the Netherlands, you are al- ter from view from the street. lowed to grow up to five Cannabis plants per household for The position of the balcony garden to the points on the compass personal use. is of major importance. If the Come springtime, many Amster- balcony is facing north and east, dammers find inventive ways for there will not be as much sun as cultivating various plants in their when it faces south and west relimited space. Herbs, along with sulting in much smaller plants and other colourful flowers and plants flowers. make for a unique, sweet smelling You can make a balcony garden sight! Keep your eye out for them on your walks through the City.

Sweet Smelling

Amsterdammers effectively use the limited space on their balconies through cultivating plants that grow upward and downward, mounting wall shelves, hanging up pots and utilizing trellises against a wall. Situating those plants that are smaller in front of taller ones, Cannabis plants usually end up in the last row as they can grow quite tall, and usually need a bit of shel-

Taking a break from travelling and travelling...

Travelling can be exhausting, especially if you have children. While Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife, some visitors seek more daytime activities. Hotels are accustomed to accommodating children, and there are quite a few kid-friendly tourist attractions in Amsterdam as well.

For animal lovers, the Naturis Artis Magistra, founded in 1830, is a must-visit spot. Amsterdam’s famous zoo houses around 700 species of animals, as well a stateof-the-art aquarium, planetarium, and geological museum. It’s not just the critters that attract attention: Artis also hosts around 200 types of trees, including one near the chimp exhibit that is estimated to be around 250 years old.

Mum and Dad need a break sometimes, too, so if your feet have had enough of our aged cobblestone streets, take the kids over to the TunFun playground near the popular Waterlooplein. After a day of shopping in the colourful Waterloo market, the kids ages one to twelve can enjoy TunFun’

s indoor playground, filled with all kinds of child-distracting games and installations. They can enjoy bouncy castles, ball pools, trampolines, and even indoor football! Finally, a rest for the parents, who can relax at the TunFun café (HapSap) while the wee ones use up all their extra energy!

Amsterdam’s floating flower market

Kids and adults alike can learn about the plants but of course more focus is on the animals, such as the impressive butterfly collection, or perhaps even catching a penguin feeding session.

English-language tours are given on Sundays at 11.00AM. The Dutch website is, and an international version is availa- The Singel flower market is ble at ACC one of the most colorful and fragrant places of interest of Amsterdam in all four seasons. How to get there: It is unique in that the merArtis Magistra is easiest reachandise is displayed on floached by public transport. Take ting barges. This is a relic from tram 9, 14, or 10 (the last stops the days when the flowers and behind Artis. You can also take a plants sold at this market were canal boat trip there! No waiting shipped in from the horticultuin line, you’re dropped off at the ral areas around the city by barZoo’s dock at the back entrance ges. Fresh flowers are still brought in every day; by vans however, and no longer by How to get there: boat. Tun Fun is located very close by Waterloo Square in the center of Amsterdam. From central station take metro 51, 53 or 54 and get out at the second stop. If you are going by tram, take 9 or 14. Tun Fun is also quite easily reached by car, because of underground parking at Waterloo Square.

Dutch tulips

This floating flower market on one of the oldest canals of Amsterdam was first held in 1862. It has since developed into the bestknown flower market of Holland. Whatever your favorite flower,

you are bound to find it here. Merchandise ranges from the traditional Dutch Tulips and Geraniums to delicate indoor Cypresses and Manobole plants from the Easter Islands. Typical Dutch souvenirs are sold too. In December the market colors green with masses of Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes. The market is open Mondays through Fridays from 9AM till 6PM and Saturdays from 9AM ACC 5PM. How to get there:

Tun Fun market is located in the center of Amsterdam on the Singel canal. From Central station you can stroll through shopping street Kalverstraat till the end, or take tram #1, 2 or 5. Check the city map for location.

come alive with plants in all colours, shapes, and sizes. However, one has to be sure plant combinations are compatible. E.g., Cannabis, tomatoes and basil go well together as they have the same need for light, water, and feeding. ACC



The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world. Today, the Hortus houses more than 4,000 different species of plants, which is about 2% of all plant species growing on Earth. The plants grow in the gardens and greenhouses of Hortus as they occur in nature. Frequently, they are cultivated from seeds that were collected in the field and, thus, definitely belong to the pure natural form of the species. By cultivating and propagating these plants, the

Hortus contributes to the conservation of the species and acts as a gene bank.

Spring fields & flower parade CANNABIS CITY

The Hortus is located in the Plantage district on the edge of the hectic center of Amsterdam. Behind the 300-year-old gates, ho- Flowering bulb fields wever, the bustle of the city seems to disappear. Originally, the Hortus was a medicinal herb garden, founded in 1638 by the Amsterdam City Council. At that time, herbs were of vital importance as the basis of medicines and the city had just experienced a plague epidemic. Doctors and pharmacists trained in the preparation of prescriptions at the Hortus.

don’t forget to bring

Café the Orangery is located in the middle of this living museum and possesses one of the most beautiful outdoor cafés in Amsterdam. After an extensive renovation, it reopened late in 2003. Now, in addition to it’s function as a café, the Orangery rents two assembly rooms for exclusive par- Nowhere else are the colours ACC of spring as glorious as at the ties and meetings.

From Amsterdam. Follow the ‘Schiphol’ signs; you will then reach the A4 heading for The Hague. Take exit 4 and follow the N207 towards Lisse. In Lisse, you follow the sign boards to Keukenhof. Public transport

plenty of space on the roadside for the hundreds of thousands of spectators who always congregate along the route.

Friday April 25th in the evening there will be an illuminated parade in Noordwijkerhout. The parade and floats will also be illuminated in Haarlem on the evening of Saturday April 26th and will remain on view in Haarlem on Sunday April 27th till 19:00 hours. ACC

The most environmentallyfriendly way to visit Keukenhof is by public transport. This is why Connexxion bus company has greatly improved its bus services to Keukenhof. From 20 March a direct bus will run to Keukenhof from Schiphol, and Haarlem. This year, Connexxion is has gone a step farther and is offering a Combi-ticket from the centre of Amsterdam. Combi-tickets from Amsterdam

Combi-tickets are on sale at VVV tourist information offices and Connexxion points of sale.

The combined bus and entrance ticket is valid on all direct Connexxion routes to Keukenhof and, this year, also on Interliner 370 between Amsterdam and Schiphol. Travellers with a Combi-ticket from Amsterdam can switch to the Keukenhof shuttle bus at Schiphol (no. 58).

The Shuttle bus from Schiphol was a resounding success. After last year’s trial, bus 58 will again be running between Schiphol train station and Keukenhof. This year with a 15-minute interval. Schiphol Station can be reached directly by train from almost every city in the Netherlands. International trains from Paris, Berlin and Brussels also stop at Schiphol.

flower park ‘Keukenhof ’ in Lisse. Here you can find endless inspiration while you relax in the beautiful surroundings of the park. Keukenhof offers

A trip to the ‘Muiderslot’ castle

Almost half of the Netherlands lies below sea-level. In the early 1600’s the Dutch started to gain land by creating dykes and pumping the water out by hand. This later was taken over by windmills.

By car

you the opportunity to see millions of bulbs in flower, fantastic flower shows and the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands. It is the most photographed place in the world. Enjoy the spring!

In the period March, April and your camera! May all bulb fields near the coast of Holland are in full bloom. First the Narcissus, Flower parade 2008 then the Hyacinths and Tulips. Thanks to the ships of the Dutch There are several walking, cy- On Saturday April 26th at East India Company (Verenigde cling and car routes throughout 9.30 AM the annual Flower PaOost-Indische Compagnie, rade will leave the coastal town the area. VOC), the Hortus expanded quicNoordwijk to travel its 40-km kly in the 17th and 18th Centuries. route, along the main roads, to The VOC ships brought not only arrive in the city Haarlem at herbs and spices, but also exotic about 9 PM. The procession ornamental plants. In fact, a few will comprise of 20 large floats of the Hortus' 'crown jewels' date and more than 30 decorated from that time, e.g. the 300-yearluxury cars, interspersed with old Eastern Cape giant cycad. marching bands. There will be

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Plantage Middenlaan 2 A +31 20 6259021

How to get there:


The Muiderslot is the famous 13th century castle located strategicly at the mouth of the river Vecht, about 15 kilometers south-east of Amsterdam. It's one of the most famous castles of the Netherlands and has been a set for many TV series and movie productions based on the Middle Ages.

The History The history of the Muiderslot (Castle Muiden, where muiden means rivermouth) begins in 1280 when Floris V gained command over the area. This famous and liked Count of Holland builds the stone castle at the mouth of the river. The ‘Vecht’ river was the trade route to Utrecht, one of the most important trade towns of that time. The castle was used to enforce a toll on the traders. A hundred years later, in 1370, the castle was rebuilt to it’s original state, on the same plot by the Duke of Bavaria, who was also Count of Holland.

Golden Age The next famous owner of the castle shows up in the 16th century, when P.C. Hooft (15811647), a author, poet and historian took over sheriff and bailiff duties for the area. For 39 years he spent his summers in the castle and invited friends over, such as the poet Vondel, (who has a park in Amsterdam named after him) Huygens, Bredero and Maria Tesselschade,. This group became known as the Muiderkring . He also extended the garden (which included Cannabis plants) and the (plum-) orchard, while at the same time building an outer earthworks defence system.

From prison to museum At the end of the 18th century, the castle was used as a prison. Later it was abandoned and became derelict. Further neglect caused it to be offered for sale in 1825, with the purpose of it being demolished. Only intervention by the King (William I) prevented this. Another 70 years went by

until enough money was gathered to restore the castle in its former glory. The Muiderslot is currently a national museum (Rijksmuseum). The insides of the castle, its rooms and kitchens, have been restored to look like they did in the 17th century and several of the rooms now house a good collection of arms and armour. You can also visit the garden, the harbour and have lunch in the restaurant. ACC Muiderslot Herengracht 1 1398 AA Muiden tel.: 0294-256262 email: How to get there:

By car: Take the A1 from Amsterdam to Amersfoort, get off at EXIT #4. By public transport (bus): Take line 101, 102, 152, 157 or 158 from ‘Amsterdam Amstel’ station or ‘Bijlmer’ station. Busses leave every 15 min.


Return of the ‘Stock Reports’ CANNA BIS CITY

Now, as Dutch parliament is calling for an evaluation of the 30 year old Dutch drug policy we take a trip down memory ourselves. Digging lane through the long and vibrant Cannabis history we found the ‘Stock Reports’. Price announcements, dubbed ‘beursberichten’ (stock news) by Koos Zwart.

tice this means in the Netherlands, the selling of Cannabis is "illegal, but not punishable", so the law is not enforced in establishments following these nationwide rules:

• no advertising • no hard drug sales on the premises • no sales to minors (people under the age of 18) • no sales transactions exceeding a quantity threshold (5 grams) • no public disturbances

Reason enough for flying reporter Ask Larry Larry to get an insight on the prices today.

In 1970 Dutch radio DJ, Koos Zwart, started announcing the prices of hashish on Dutch radio during his (nation wide) weekly show. In 1972, the first Coffeeshop in Amsterdam was opened. In that same year a commission report appeared. In this report a distinction was made between drugs with an unacceptable risk (hard drugs) and Cannabis products.

Koos Zwart started announcing the prices of hashish

In 1976 the ‘Opiumwet’ (drugs laws) changed and the distinction between Cannabis and hard drugs was legally determined. In prac-

Stock Reports: Ask Larry

”Yo Yo everyone. Today I decided to take a little ride on my scooter which has been in limbo longer than I care to remember. I stopped by more than a few coffeeshops to see what flavors were available. These are the range prices of the most noticeable pot ACC and hash varieties”.

WEED Cheese: 10 to 14 Euro per gram Amnesia: 10 to 14 Euro per gram Jack Herer: 10 to 12 Euro per gram Silver Haze: 8 to14 Euro per gram Diesel (New York or Sour): 8 to 12 Euro per gram Kush: 8 to 10 Euro per gram Bubblegum: 8 to 10 Euro per gram Blue Berry: 8 to 10 Euro per gram White Widow: 6 to 9 Euro per gram AK-47: 6 to 8 Euro per gram Jamaican (Import): 3 to 6 Euro per gram


Isolator/Bubble hash (Domestic): 25 to 50 Euro per gram Nepalese: 10 to 14 Euro per gram Charas: 8 to 12 Euro per gram Ketama: 6 to 9 Euro per gram

Each proprietor must display a license in a visible spot, usually the front window, and this green and white sticker means that they are allowed to sell Cannabis and hash to patrons over the age of 18.

This is just one of the rules that shops must abide. Back in 1996 a set of six guidelines was enacted in order to create some sort of standard for shop owners in different parts of the country. The age limit stems from research suggesting that children under 18 should not use drugs, any drugs, as the brain is not yet fully formed. Other rules are pretty self-explanatory, such as preventing trouble in the neighbourhood and disruption to the local community. Some restrictions, however, don’t make

much sense to locals or members of the Cannabis industry. Recently alcohol was banned from Amsterdam coffeeshops, but not in the rest of the country, leading to revenue loss throughout the city. Some of the older restrictions make just as little sense, such as the ban on Coffeeshop advertisements or the 500 gram capacity limit.

The inability for businesses to promote themselves seems a bit ridiculous, considering the Netherlands’ Cannabis-friendly reputation around the world. This includes a prohibition of both artwork pertaining to Cannabis leaves or drug use and also the word ‘Coffeeshop’ on store merchandise; keeping the menu from public view, and more.

The police raids are a point of contention, as no other business in the Netherlands is subject to random searches.

Concerning capacity half a kilo may sound like a large quantity, but remember that a Coffeeshop in a busy part of town may be forced to re-stock several times a day in peak season, leading to more trafficking of the substance, putting the carriers at risk. Patrons may purchase and possess small amounts but the guys on scooters replenishing Coffeeshop stocks are not really safe until they and their heavy cargo are back inside the shop Other guidelines, however, are understandable, such as the zero tolerance policy regarding

‘Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction’

Dutch research showed that THC (the active substance in Cannabis) in the Dutch Cannabis dropped from 17,5% in 2006, to 16% in 2007. The THC contents of the ‘import hash’ dropped in the same time span from 18,7% to 13,3%. The average price however has gone up 20% compared to 2006. These are results of the yearly THC research the Dutch Trimbosinstitute does for the ministry of public health.

Since 1999 the Trimbos-institute is assigned by to do research after the strength of Cannabis ‘products’ sold in the Dutch Coffeeshops. Untill 2004 there was an increase of THC contents in Dutch Cannabis. Recent results show that from 2004 till end 2007 the THC contents dropped from more than 20% to only 16%.

Increase For the First time since starting the research the price of Cannabis has gone up. The average Did You Know... (Based on the survey of 15 popular gram of Dutch Cannabis costs 1/8 oz. is about 3.5 grams? Amsterdam coffeeshops) €7,50. An increase of almost 20% since the last research in 2006. The price increase most likely has to do with the more intensive investigations into (home)growers hard drugs. It is not only illegal ses is usually off-putting to po- with as consequence, a lower supbut also disrespectful to the esta- tential customers. ply than demand. blishment to carry hard drugs inside, as their license could be This ‘tolerant’ approach jeopardised. Some shops are fitted leads to problems such with CCTV to make sure that the as Coffeeshop owners customers, staff, and other visitors are behaving themselves, plus this being refused loans in presents a record of exactly who public banks, and more. did what in the event of a police raid. Owning a Coffeeshop is a complicated endeavour. No matter The police raids are a point of how honest and open the procontention, as no other business prietor is with the police and local Polluted in the Netherlands is subject to community, they are still looked A lower supply and high prices random searches. The cops first upon somewhat as criminals due could be also the cause of ‘polluclose the place down, and then ted’ Cannabis. There have been the tax police and employment ofreports of Cannabis mixed with ficials begin investigating the losubstances like sand, baking powcation. der and glass-pearls. This to make poor Cannabis look better, and Sometimes customers are ordered make more per kilo sold. Because to leave, and yet others they are in Dutch neighbor countries, due required to stay and show ID (but to the legislations these pollutions are not usually searched) while the have been reported more the repolice check the shop’s books to search was started. So far, with the see if the drug numbers match last random tests Cannabis from and look for hidden stashes. the local Coffeeshops did not Often the focus is on whether the show any pollution. employees are legal and taxes are being paid; also, the cops may try to the issue that the product in Hashish to coax the whereabouts and ori- which they deal is in fact illegal An other very interesting result of gin of the stash for that particu- under United Nations mandate. the Trimbos research is the drop lar shop out of its employees. This ‘tolerant’ approach leads to of THC contents in foreign Hasproblems such as Coffeeshop ow- hish, which dropped from 18,7% For the most part police raids are ners being refused loans in public in 2006 to only 13,3% in 2007. Also here a light increase in price more surprising than they are banks, and more. was noticed. Going from €7,30 scary, although for many pot smokers any police presence will cause The Dutch Cannabis scene, like per gram, to €7,70 per gram. It’s some nervousness. As long as the the Netherlands itself, is built possible the climat change has shop owner has been vigilant and upon a shaky foundation. Still, had effect on this change. Bad wekept good records, the raid may other countries are slowly beco- ather in Morocco for instance, has be over in an hour or two. From a ming more progressive in terms lead to a bad harvest in general inbusiness perspective, it doesn’t of medical and recreational Can- cluding the Cannabis/ Hashish matter how well things progress nabis. We shall, however, have to harvest. An other influence could with the raid: having large num- wait and see if Dutch-style cof- be the sharpened rules on making ACC bers of cops swarming the premi- feeshops start popping up abroad! hashish and exporting.

The truth about Coffeeshops Amsterdam is known for many things such as its lovely canals, architecture, history, culture, etc., but many people revere it for another famous (or perhaps infamous) reason: Cannabis culture. Patrons may purchase and consume small amounts (up to five grams) in designated locations referred to as “coffeeshops.”

THC drops Prices go up

Legal? Or permitted? Dutch Marijuana Legislation Facts





soft drugs do not have physically addictive qualities, and are not more harmful than, say, alcohol. Therfore the Netherlands allow limited forms of possession and trade in soft-drugs.

Recreational Information

When consuming Cannabis and enjoying our lovely city please keep these tips in mind to prevent possible negative experiences.

The specific rules are as follows:

Amsterdam is known to be a liberal city. Although many people exaggerate the freedom here; the Amsterdammers and Dutch in general do have a few liberties that are unique in the world. Still, whenever you visit a city in a foreign country it is always a good idea to inform yourself about the local laws and rules. In Amsterdam's case this can be a difficult task, therefore this article will try to inform you about the basics of the Dutch legislation and specific things you should know about Amsterdam and its Coffeeshops.

Coffeeshops are allowed to sell (and pay taxes on it), but can not legally buy stock.

Soft Drugs In the Netherlands we distinguish between two types of drugs: soft and hard drugs. By law both of them are illegal, but the use and possession of small amounts of soft drugs is decriminalized and regulated. This led the Dutch to having a unique drugs policy. As formerly stated, possession of soft drugs (hash & weed) is illegal. The use of drugs is not illegal; consumption is considered a medical issue, not a criminal one. The Dutch politics reasoned that

• You are allowed to purchase and possess up to five grams of Cannabis. Possessing more is interpreted as if you want to trade it, which is illegal.

* THC, one of the active drug compounds in Cannabis (called “cannabinoids”), is a mood enhancer. Make sure you are having a day that you wish to make more intense, or please refrain from using Cannabis products. Drug use is a personal choice and should not be influenced by another person’s opinion.

• Only specially permitted “Coffeeshops” are allowed to sell soft drugs, and never more than five grams per person, per day. You have to be 18 or over to access a Coffeeshop.

The paradox in the Dutch drugs policy

The paradox in the Dutch drugs policy is that the growing and trading of large amounts of soft drugs is illegal and not allowed, yet Coffeeshops still need to buy their stock. This phenomenon is referred to as the “back door/ front door” paradox: Coffeeshops are allowed to sell (and pay taxes on it), but can not legally buy stock.

For customers it is not illegal to use soft drugs outside the Coffeeshop, but things have changed over the past few years, and it is no longer acceptable to smoke Cannabis every where in the open streets. Limiting your consumption to Coffeeshops or perhaps a very remote corner of a park.

Restricted areas around Central Station and the Red Light District have a “zero tolerance” policy. In other areas in Amsterdam where it is forbidden to smoke Marijuana, official “no-pot-smoking” street signs will indicate this ACC clearly.

6500 years history

The Chinese were already cultivating Cannabis 4500 years BC. They were able to spin yarn for clothing, and make fishing nets and rope with it. The first medicinal applications were described two thousand years later. It was used for rheumatism, gout, malaria, and a number of other disorders. From China, Hemp travelled to Arabia, and appeared in the writings of the Greek philosopher Herodotus. He describes ritual use of burning Hemp by the Scythians. Hemp grows everywhere, and so via India and the Roman Empire it was also introduced in Europe. In the Middle Ages, Hemp's intoxicating effect was described by Boccaccio and Rabelais, among others. Later, it was used by Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, and Alexandre Dumas in the (in)famous Latin Quarter in Paris. Scholars do not agree as to whether the Spaniards were the original importers of Cannabis to America. It is certainly true that Colombus' ships were outfitted with Hemp rope, and sails made from Hemp cloth. The plant spread quickly in America, and at the beginning of the seventeenth century, large-scale Hemp plantations proceeded in order to supply the needs of the ship - and clothing industries.

Cannabis in the Netherlands

It wasn't any different in the Netherlands. It's not exaggerated to suggest that a considerable portion of the wealth of the Golden Age came from the cultivation of Hemp. Some 11,000 ships sailed at that time, rigged with rope and sails made of Hemp. Hemp was the leading agricultural product in the Netherlands, the stalk was primarily valued. The stalk, only from the male plant, was processed into Hemp fibre.

* Smoking joints, eating space cake, or using a vaporiser will lower the amount of sugar in your blood, at worst case leading to nausea, ringing ears, and sweating. If this occurs simply drink some sugar water or juice, or have some chocolate (avoiding caffeine). Fresh air usually helps and so does a good meal, but panicking will not!

* Unfortunately someone who has consumed too many “space” products will notice no relief from sugar water, as the metabolised cannabinoids are unaffected by sugar. Please allow 20 minutes to two hours for a space product to start working, and if the cake is larger try eating half and waiting an hour before consuming more.

The female plants were used for other purposes. These were harvested later and then threshed. The seed was processed into oil, green soap, and raw material for paint. For the latter application, a thick pulp remained which served * Please use caution when combias animal food. ning Cannabis and alcohol. SmoAfter the Golden Age, less and king a joint can make your drinks less Hemp was cultivated in the feel up to three times stronger! Netherlands. Competition arose from cheaper Russian Hemp, * All Cannabis users (but especialong with other fibrous materials ally medical users) please make such as coconut and sisal. The sure to consume only organically steam engine made its entry, so grown products (no chemical nuless rope and sails were needed in trients or pesticides). the shipping industry. Just as in other countries, the medicinal ef- * Things have changed over the fects of the plant did not go un- past few years, and it is no longer noticed by its growers. Rumours acceptable to smoke Cannabis in had it that witches used Hemp in the open streets. Please limit your their witches' salves. The effects consumption to coffeeshops or of Hemp had already been des- perhaps a very remote corner of a cribed in "The Herb Book" by park. Rembert Dodoens in the six- When visiting coffeeshops in the Netherlands there are certain teenth century. things you need to keep in mind: Using Cannabis products for pleasure really didn't come about * Not all coffeeshops are the in the Netherlands until after the same. Trust your instincts and reSecond World War. After jazz, member that the shop is selling and later the hippie influences, you soft drugs. If you can’t get Marijuana smoking blew over enough information about the from America. In 1962, Simon menu from which you are chooVinkenoog a Dutch liberated sing, feel free to go somewhere poet, wrote: 'In ten years, this will else. be as common as drinking whis- * “Magic” mushroom products key or beer, or just as normal as are to be purchased at a “Smart an ordinary cigarette. And it Shop.” You are not required to doesn't give you lung cancer. In consume the entire bag of Canthe first decades, people smoked nabis or mushrooms before leaimported hash other than 'Neder- ving the shop! weed'. Still, growing at home was so energetically pursued, that, thirty years later, Dutch weed ranks as the best in the world. There has been improvement, cross breeding, and cloning, fighting the currents, at first. Until the mid-Seventies, growing, possessing, and use of soft drugs was still punishable. Not until after the mid-Seventies tolerated points of sale originated - the coffeeshops.

Friends of Cannabis


Rick Ross



In a recent interview with Media Take Out, Rap star Rick Ross talked about smoking Treasurer Mr Swan spent yesMarijuana with celebrities. terday playing down revelations that he smoked Marijuana as a student and Prime Minister Mr Rudd batted away poll results indicating he's among Australia's top 10 most stylish people.

Labor and Liberal politicians defended 53-year-old Mr Swan yesterday after he admitted to smoking pot. Mr Swan admitted to "have an experience with Marijuana" in the 1970s but said he “I'm a weed fanatic. I've smoked quickly decided “it was not for blunts with some of the biggest people in the world. To me, that's him”. my hobby. To be able to say I smoked blunts with Snoop Dogg, “Mr Swan should I've smoked blunts with Bruce not be judged for Willis, I've smoked a blunt with Too Short. I'm what you call a his youthful alliance Cannabis Cup Champion!”.

with Marijuana.”

Mr Rudd who attended the same Queensland high school as Mr Swan defended his Treasurer, saying none of his ministers claimed to be perfect. "I don't think anyone in this Government has ever pretended to be some sort of paragon of moral virtue, least of all, yours truly," he said in Brisbane.


*Less than 24 hours after Snoop Dogg was "ticketed" for weed possession in Manhattan, singer J. Holiday was actually arrested for the same deal after being pulled over in Salisbury, Maryland.

According to a local news channel, the singer was arrested after being pulled over for "driving in tandem" with another "at a high rate of speed."

officers picked up a strong Marijuana odor

Sgt. Frank Russo said officers picked up a strong Marijuana odor coming from his car, which led to a search of his vehicle. According to the news channel, a small amount of Marijuana was found in the center console of Holiday's vehicle. Holiday and his passenger face charges of drug possession charges.

BARRACK OBAMA: “WHEN I WAS A KID I INHALED FREQUENTLY, THAT WAS THE POINT!” Now, with Obama saying, "We need to decriminalize the Marijuana laws," pot policy promises to be an issue during the showdown between Democratic contenders Obama and Hillary Clinton. Here's what Obama has said about Marijuana and the Drug War so far:


Pop singer Aaron Carter was arrested on suspicion of Marijuana possession on Thursday, west of San Antonio, reports People. Carter, 20, was driving on Interstate 10 when his Cadillac Escalade was pulled over for speeding around noon near Junction. No one else was in the car, but officers say they did find Marijuana.

Did You Know...

1 in 100 U.S. Adults are behind bars, bringing it to almost 1.6 million? Another 723,000 people are in local jails

Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson said: “Mr Swan should not be judged for his youthful alliance with Marijuana.”

• "The War on Drugs has been an utter failure."

• "We need to rethink and decriminalize our Marijuana laws."

• "Mandatory sentences for cerWe need to rethink tain violent crimes may be approand decriminalize priate, but it has been too widely used. And it is using now a discriour Marijuana laws minatory impact... We need diversion, like drug courts. Non-violent • "Pot had helped, and booze; offenders should not be serving maybe a little blow when you hard time in our prisons. They could afford it." need to be diverted from our prison system." • "When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point." • "I'm not someone who believes in the legalization of Marijuana." • "I'm not interested in legalizing drugs."

• "If the science and the doctors suggest that the best palliative care and the way to relieve pain and suffering is medical Marijuana, then that's something I'm open to."

The War on Drugs has been an utter failure

Perhaps Obama will clarify his postion in the coming days. We're patiently awaiting his tactful but salient words of wisdom on this potent subject. Until then he remains stuck between Barack and a hard place.

Film: Humboldt County

‘Famous Friends of Cannabis’ is an idea of Self-Hemployed Amsterdam. The website was inspired by a chapter from the book 'Cannabis' by German writer Mathias Broecker (published in 2002). has been online since 2003. It is the largest archive with information on notable historical and contemporary friends of Cannabis (Industrial Hemp AND Marijuana).

"Humboldt County," is a new film by Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, who co-directed and co-wrote it. The two have been friends since they met over two decades ago as first graders in St. Louis. "Humboldt," which marks their feature directorial debut, pays homage to films from the 1970s, their favorite era of American filmmaking.

Dourif, Chris Messina and Jeremy Strong. Set in a part of Northern California known for its redwood forests, the film's story revolves around a disillusioned medical student (Strong), who after being failed by his med school professor who's also his father (Bogdanovich), winds up taking a long drive north to Humboldt County with a seductive model called Bogart (Balk). What follows is a life-changing encounter with a remote Produced by Jason Weiss and exe- community of counterculture cutive produced by Todd Senturia, Marijuana farmers and Bogart's "Humboldt" stars Fairuza Balk, very eccentric family. Peter Bogdanovich, Frances Conroy, Madison Davenport, Brad

Did You Know...

Industrial Hemp is used in various appliances by many big companies like: BMW, Levis, Mercedes, Nike, Versace, Converse, The Body Shop, Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, Ipath, Australian Gold and of course not to forget our Euro & Dollar Bills?

20 th Cannabis Cup: categories and winners CANNABIS CITY


Last November, the 20th edi- ‘Counter Culture Hall Of Fame’. Sativa Cup tion of the Cannabis Cup took In turn, Chong presented the Ma- 1. Kia Kush - Apothecary place in Amsterdam. rijuana competition winners with 2. Tasman Haze - Kiwi Seeds their prizes. 3. The Purps - BC Bud Depot

Many parties, with performances Neder Hash by celebs such as Moe, Redman and Sixties icon John Sinclair flan- 1. Violator Ice-o-lator - Barney's ked the festivities, celebrating the 2. Bubble Mania - Greenhouse anniversary of this one-of-a-kind 3. Grey Crystals - Grey Area Marijuana festival.

Results Cannabis Cup

1. G-13 Haze - Barney's Farm 2. Chocolope - Grey Area 3. Super Silver Haze - Greenhouse

Import Hash

1. Triple X - Barney's 2. King Hassan Supreme - Greenhouse 3. Rifman's Habibi - De Dampkring

Product Cup

1. Barney's Gift Bag - Barney's 2. Vapezilla Vaporizer - Wicked Roots 3. Vapostar Vaporizer - Vapostar

Tommy Chong, of the legendary Best Booth movie duo 'Cheech & Chong', Indica Cup 1. Barney's Farm flew in from the US especially for 1. Top Dog - Amnesia Seeds 2. DNA Seeds the event and was given a hono- 2. Crimea Blue - Barney's Farm 3. Reserva Privada #18 - Reserva Privada 3. Greenhouse Seeds rary place in the infamous

N o m o r e C o f fe e s h o p

While Amsterdam still has the highest concentration of coffeeshops in the Netherlands, (or in fact, in the world) their number has been drastically reduced over the past years

tion of coffeeshops in relation to schools. Details have yet to be worked out, but under the most stringent interpretation pushed by the CDA and CU, coffeeshops may not be located within 250 meters of primary or extended eduOf the 350 Amsterdam coffees- cation schools. hops initially licensed in 1995, today, only 234 shops are still in If that becomes law, 93% of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops would have business. to close. Under the less stringent norm of 500 meters (employed by a third of the shops most Dutch municipalities with at closed down, and least one Coffeeshop within their the remaining ones borders) 44 coffeeshops (19%) would be located too close to may soon follow. schools. It is not for lack of demand. Aside from local consumers, a recent re- Currently, Amsterdam’s rules for port by Amsterdam’s Department coffeeshops merely state that they for Research and Statistics shows may not be located close to that of the 4.5 million annual visi- schools, without actually stating a ting tourists, a quarter visit a Cof- minimum distance. feeshop. According to the Meanwhile some coffeeshops in Amsterdam Tourism & Conven- downtown Amsterdam have votion Board, 10% of tourists even luntarily raised the age limit to 21 mention this as one of the pri- in a preventive effort. mary reasons to visit Amsterdam. Soft Drugs Tourism Still, a third of the shops closed Government officials are planning down, and the remaining ones to address drugs tourism in Holland’s border towns as well. Belmay soon follow. gium and Germany are not amused by the ease with which Biggest Threat For the coffeeshops the biggest their citizens can obtain soft drugs threat comes from the current, in the Netherlands. conservative government. The city of Maastricht, in the CDA (Christian Democrats), the south-east of Holland, is experimost powerful party in the Dutch menting with a system of Coffeescoalition government constantly hop passes in an effort to curtail pushes toward more stringent drugs-tourism. control of coffeeshops. Under the current cabinet, it does so in tan- In reaction to our inquiry, an offidem with the Dutch orthodox cial for the city of Amsterdam stated that the Extinction Policy will Protestant party, CU. remain in place. “That said, AmThe current coalition agreement sterdam realizes that the presence includes guidelines for the loca- of coffeeshops is important

Tommy Chong anouncing the cup winners


for tourism. So they won’t ALL disappear.”

From tolerated to legislated

The reduction in the number of coffeeshops is largely due to the effects of new local and national policies.

Initially, in the 70’s and 80’s, coffeeshops were tolerated under that peculiarly Dutch approach known as gedogen. The goal with this pragmatic approach was to separate the sale of soft drugs, seen as relatively harmless, from the sale of hard drugs - considered far more problematic. Over the years this tolerant approach evolved into stricter policies — often due to violations of the rules by the coffeeshops, but also due to international and national political pressure.

Amsterdam realizes that the presence of coffeeshops is important

Since 1995 coffeeshops are subjected to strict rules such as a stringent 500 gram stock limit on which any violation may result in a closedown of the shop. Licenses for new coffeeshops are rarely given. Instead, Amsterdam, like most municipal governments in Holland, follows a so-called Extinction Policy: Break the rules and you’re out. No other Coffeeshop may fill the vacancy. In 2007 the so-called hash cafés where made to choose between their Cannabis permit and their alcohol license. (Most proprietors preferred the permit became ‘regular coffeeshops’.)






Cannabis City Interview: Criminologist Dr. T. Boekhout van Solinge

Amsterdam: Utopia of free drug use, rampant sexuality, and parties in the streets, right? Not exactly, according to drug policy expert and criminology lecturer Dr. Tim, a faculty member at the University of Utrecht. The Dutch grey area regarding drug policy and legislation requires some explanation for both tourists and sometimes residents, and recently Cannabis City was able to ply this knowledgeable professor for some clarification.

proposition and Cannabis was and the War on Drugs were cauadded to the list of prohibited sing more harm than the drug itsubstances. self. So basically the remedy was worse than the disease. Drug proIt’s quite surprising that it became hibition, drug control is causing illegal without a real discussion re- more social harm than the disease, garding the benefits or dangers of the so-called ‘disease’ known as the plant. drug use.

Dr. Tim: Many visitors think Cannabis is legal in Holland because it’s sold in shops, in ‘coffeeshops.’ Unlike what many people think, Cannabis is actually illegal, technically it’s illegal. But the possession and sales are allowed in the coffeeshops.

There are actually three treaties The sale of Cannabis is that make drugs illegal: the UN Single Convention on Narcotic allowed but the supply Drugs of 1961, Convention on to the shop is illegal Psychotropic Substances 1971 and the 1988 Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and CC: What are the positions of Psychotropic Substances. There is the Dutch government and Parlia possibility of discussing alternaament regarding Cannabis? tives for the drug policy.

CC: What is the legal status of Cannabis in the Netherlands?

The reason why it’s allowed in the coffeeshops is because of public health concerns. It’s considered an interest of public health to not criminalise or penalise usage of Cannabis and allow them to buy Cannabis without legal consequences. CC: Why is Cannabis illegal?

Dr. Tim: Cannabis became internationally illegal in 1925 at the [Opium] Conference in Geneva. Cannabis was added to the list of illegal substances such as opium, cocaine, heroin and morphine that were internationally ‘controlled’ since 1912.

It’s quite surprising that it became illegal without a real discussion regarding the benefits or dangers of the plant.

Cannabis was added in 1925 [at] the proposal of an Egyptian delegate. Even though Cannabis prohibition was not on the agenda, since there were no documents nobody objected to the Egyptian

CC: Is there currently an active This is growing, this criticism is international discussion on drugs? growing, so it’s actually logical and effective if grass roots moveDr. Tim: There is a new UN mee- ments move in too, to ask for ting in 2008 and 2009 where there change and ask their local gowill be more fundamental discus- vernments… to seriously evaluate sions on the position of Cannabis the effectiveness of their policies and other drugs in the internatio- or see if there are maybe alternanal drug treaties. tives that are workable.

CC: What can activists do on a Dr. Tim: Their positions are not really the same; the Dutch Parliapersonal or community level? ment over the last few years has Dr. Tim: I think activists can do a been a majority wanting to have lot. Because there is, in the inter- an experiment on legal supplies to national meetings, a lot of criti- coffeeshops, which is one of the cism on the current international big controversies of the Dutch model on drugs prohibition by Coffeeshop system: that the sale academics and NGOs. Many spe- of Cannabis is allowed but the cialists think there are more effec- supply to the shop is illegal. This tive alternatives starting with harm is the so-called ‘front-door/ backreduction, but especially with Can- door’ problem. nabis also maybe on regulation or legalisation. These issues are dis- Local municipalities want to cussed in more intellectual circles change this and want to have legal but it would be good if we as a supplies of Cannabis- a legal promovement can join that whole for duct… not illegally produceda change of international drug which causes problems. But the national government doesn’t prohibition. allow this for international reaDrug prohibition has already been sons, which are the UN treaties of criticised for a long time, since the 1961, 1971 and 1988 as well as for UN drug summit in ‘98 when the the other countries involved that UN General Assembly was in are not ready yet for a change in Special Session (UNGASS) in their Cannabis policies, and who New York. There was an open let- sometimes put pressure on the ter from 600 people from all over Dutch government to tighten, or the world to Kofi Annan publis- not further liberalise its drug poACC hed in the New York Times. licy. Annan then was asked for an open debate on international drug poli- This interview is a reprint from the last cies, because these people were of Amsterdam Cannabis City issue. the opinion that drug prohibition

Noam Chomsky on Drugs

The big guys are largely ignored”. Drug-related crimes, usually pretty trivial ones, are mostly what’s filling up the prisons. I haven’t seen many bankers or executives of chemical corporations Drug use is falling anyway; in prison. People in the rich sudrug war is fraudulent burbs commit plenty of crimes, but they’re not going to prison at “The utterly fraudulent war on anything like the rate of the poor. drugs in the US, was undertaken at a time when everyone knew Noam Chomsky (1928) is an that use of every drug-even cof- American linguist, philosopher, fee-was falling among educated political activist, author, and lecwhites, and was staying sort of turer. He is an Institute Professor level among minorities. The police and professor emeritus of linguisobviously find it much easier to tics at the Massachusetts Institute make an arrest on the streets of a of Technology in the US. black ghetto than in a white suburb. By now, a very high percenDid You Know... tage of incarceration is It is not legal to smoke joints drug-related, and it mostly targets while walking around the little guys, somebody who’s streets of Amsterdam? caught peddling dope.

Marijuana, which hadn’t caused any known deaths among some 60 million users. In fact, the crackdown exacerbated the drug problem.

Target tobacco & alcohol instead of Marijuana

“At the time the drug war in the US was launched, deaths from tobacco there were estimated at about 300,000 a year, with perhaps another 100,000 from alcohol. But these aren’t the drugs the Bush administration targeted. It went after illegal drugs, which (all drugs together) had caused many fewer deaths-3,500 a year.” The administration also targeted

NYT 1994

Growshops banned supplies illegal!



Minister Hirsch Ballin of Justice will prohibit so-called growshops. Entrepreneurs that knowingly sell equipment or other things used to grow Marijuana will become punishable under law.

That is the core of a bill the minister recently presented to parliament. Growshops, according to

a lose definition; sell lamps, nutrients, soil and seeds for Marijuana cultivation. Because these things can be used for other purposes, selling them is not illegal. Hirsch Ballin is not satisfied though. Not only does the availability of supplies used for the culture of pot disturb him, but also the advice about growing that

customers may receive in the shops. With the bill, Hirsch Ballin follows the wishes of parliament. In November a motion submitted by the Christian Democratic Party to prohibit the shops was accepted. The party considers the stores as 'vestibules of organized “Educate Not Criminate” Hemp production'.

Pot smokers

foto: Cannabis College

Criminals take advantage support terrorists of ban growshops The anti-growshop law will only encourage the criminal organizations it is meaning to counter. Prohibiting the sale of growing supplies will probably only hit the small ‘home grower’. This is what Bert Bieleman, of re-

search bureau Intraval in Groningen, tells Dutch media. On the order of the ministry of justice, the bureau recently conducted a large investigation into the Cannabis- sector in the Netherlands. "With the closing of the growshops you take away the home


Besides seemingly all being gang- Party member Van der Staaij goes sters, weed smokers and growers on to state that “With that the growers possibilities too. BieleNetherlands is also one of the man says. “They can no longer support terrorists as well. most important financiers of the breed, but criminal organizations, who are more likely to find some At least that is what the ultra or- Taliban in Afghanistan and drug way to keep supplying themselves thodox Christian party, SGP, barons in South-America. From with the necessary equipment, will seems to think. The small politi- all sorts of investigation, they say, go on and take over production cal party has managed to turn it appears that growshops induce completely. peace-loving Dutch ‘stonies’ into organized crime. ACC Taliban supporting narco-terrorists. In an exercise of ‘free asso- Besides this great news, Van der ciation’ the party found that “The Staaij is now also raising questions Netherlands is Europe’s largest about the 23 year old Amsterdam The party states on her website: importers and exporters of ana- Coffeeshop named after the Parli“From the ongoing discussion esthetizing means” The SGP has ament, the ‘Tweede Kamer’ (Seabout the legalisation of ‘soft also found the cause: Holland’s cond Chamber). “This way the drugs’ (pot and hashish), it beco- “impossible system of condo- parliament becomes associated with drugs and such. ACC mes clear that legalisation has ning”. some large advantages. It prevents organized crime groups making tremendous amounts of money with the production and trade in soft drugs. More so, it makes the qualities control possible of the soft drugs that is offered in coffeeshops (such as The UN is a declared supporter that Sweden has the highest numcontrol on the THC-content, or, of the tangle on drugs, a war ber of lethal drug victims of Eumore importantly, traces of pesti- against growers, dealers and users rope, is not reported either. ACC that must lead to a drugs lynx When it comes to drugs, the U.N. cides in weed)”. world. “All experts have been cal- is not a trustworthy club. There’s ling for years to end this fight that nothing scientific about it”. can never be won”, says BoekDid You Know... hout van Solinge. “and it is only Another example? “In a WHOIt is virtually impossible to overreport about Cannabis a dramatic getting worse”. dose from Marijuana, which image of that drug is sketched. sets it apart from most drugs But the remarkable conclusion of Meanwhile the U.N. sees Sweden the underlying documents: Canas the big example. There they nabis is less harmful than, say, altry to fight drugs with strict mea- cohol or tobacco was kept out of sures since 1977. And with great the summary”. success, the U.N. reports, as Netherlands Institute of Sweden has the lowest number of Striking is that the Netherlands reMental Health and Addiction weed smokers of Europe. But ally does reasonably well, despite also in the case of Sweden, the (or thanks to) the tolerant adminiDutch Office of Medicinal manipulation of figures is evi- stration. In Europe the Dutch Cannabis dent, says Boekhout van Solinge. Cannabis use is average. In con“The fact that the Netherlands trast to the European trend of co has viewer addicts, or that 8 per- caine use, it’s not rising and there European Coalition for Just cent of the Swedish students are no lethal drug victims related and Effective Drug Policies sniff glue, isn’t mentioned. And to Cannabis. INT The Netherlands and the United Stated: A Comparison

Socialists plead for legalization

UN manipulate

Dr ugs figures

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4MST3RD4M 1N NUMB3RS Population: 743,027

Location: 52°22’23”N 4°53’32”E Size: 219 km2 (84.6 sq mi) - Land 166 km² (64.1 sq mi) - Water: 53 km² (20.5 sq mi)

Average Annual Precipitation: 32.1 inches/ 81 cm Average January Temperature: 38 degrees F/ 3 degrees C Average July Temperature: 62 degrees F/ 17 degrees C

Amsterdam has 174 nationalities.

It consists of approx. 90 islands, separated by some 100 kilometers of canals and linked by about 400 stone bridges.

About 20,000 buildings make up the historical city centre (800 hectares). One third was built before 1850. Amsterdam has approximately 6,700 ‘national monuments’.

Burning Witches

When the Bible was translated into the version we know today as the King James Bible, the King changed, added, and dropped a few passages here and there. One of those was "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" Exodus 22:18.

Trough time witches were tolerated and even welcomed by people because they were good midwives and could make salves and other medications that healed and eased people's pain. But one day, a witch tried to poison King James and his wife and this led the King to take radical measures against all natural healers.

When in England the new Bible came out (1611), of course the priests taught it to the parishioners. Since these witches took care of the sick and needy, they had people die in their care. Because the people were being taught these ‘holders of ancient knowledge’ were evil, the people began to believe that these women were making the sick sicker and healthy people ill.

Things escalated quickly, soon there were pamphlets circulating throughout Europe on how to recognize a witch. Many women were tried for heresy, a charge that, for most of them, resulted in being burned alive. Witches also died in failure in the water test, where a woman was thrown into a body of water; if she sank, she was considered innocent, but if she stayed afloat, she was found guilty – and burned.

The Hysteria was fuelled by a hallucinations caused by a, then unknown, parasitic fungus called ergot, that grows primarily on rye. Rye bread was eaten by the poor as it was cheaper than wheat bread. As a result of this, the lower class citizens were primarily the ones doing the accusing.

Central Station is build on 6,000 poles in the ground.

persecuted. They went to Amsterdam to free themselves from religious persecution. But in AmsterdamAmsterdam, it became hard to find work. Because Amsterdam was tolerant, the Protestants were being exposed to the "evil" of the place. They all needed "a better and easier place to live". So off they went to America.

They went to Am-

sterdam to free The first city to stop persecuting people believed to be witches was themselves Amsterdam. This was due in part to a better economy and a very to- The American climax of the lerant religious outlook. witch trials happened in Salem in 1692. Resulting in the executions Sometime after Amsterdam be- of 14 women and 6 men and the came known as tolerant place, the imprisonment of about 200 peEuropean witch trials reached ople. Still, this is nothing compatheir climax. Thousands of pe- red to the European numbers. ople were being killed. At this time, the Protestants in Europe Today, when people call somewere also being persecuted in the thing a "witch hunt", they mean same way that people who were that you are looking for somebelieved to be witches were being thing that isn't there.

21 markets 28 parks 600,000 bicycles 1,679 shops 250 restaurants 232 city trams 24 diamond polishing factories 1,281 bridges 165 canals 2,500 houseboats 350 hotels (with about 18,000 rooms and almost 45,000 beds are provided) 5 camping sites 220,000 trees 40 performances per day 302 statues & sculptures and 51 museums 25% of the Netherlands is below sea level.

75% of the world’s entire flower bulb production comes from Netherlands Major Industries: Service Industries, banking, electronics, digital media, horticulture, agriculture, shipping. Over 22,000 students attend the ‘Universiteit van Amsterdam’. The University uses about 95 buildings throughout the city. Driving: 18 Voting age: 18

Electricity: 220/240 volts, electrical sockets have two round holes. Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 Country Dialing Code: (00)31 Area Code: (0)20

There are in total 2,556 locations where alcohol can be consumed. (excluding hotels& liquer


Coffeeshops: 234 (statistics published Jan 2007)

Legal soft drugs possession (Hash or Weed): 5 grams pp. Legal drinking age: 16+ (for beer or wine) Hard Liquor: 18+

Legal smoking age 16+

Condoned pot smoking age 18+

Lost & Found - tel.: 0900/8011 Public Transport tel.: 020-5578544

Schiphol Airport - tel.: 0206491433

For 24-hour emergency medical and dental service, call the Central Doctors Service (tel.: 020-5923434). January: 1, New Year's Day April: 30, Queen's Day

May: 4, Remembrance of the dead 5, Liberation Day December: 5, Saint Nicholas 25, First day of Christmas 26, Second day of Christmas Distance to:

New York, NY, USA 5867 km/ 3646 mi

London, United Kingdom 355 km/ 221 mi Sydney, Australia 16673 km/ 10362 mi Mexico City, Mexico 9223 km/ 5732 mi

Buenos Aires, Argentina 11436 km/ 7108 mi

Adverteren? 020 420 0445




“Hemp can save the world”, but what about Holland? CANNA BIS CITY


The 1990’s protest slogan “Hemp can save the world” still echoes in the 21st century. Even tough industrial Hemp is still illegal in many countries, true believers have been advocating the bright future for this diverse plant, also known as Cannabis for a very long time. And with good results: As a health food, Hemp has become increasingly popular.

Countries such as Canada, China and Romania have been increasing the crop and exports of Hemp. The increased demand for health food has stimulated the trade of shelled Hemp seed, Hemp protein powder and Hemp oil as well as finished and readyto-eat food products, using these derivatives as ingredients. The use of Hemp oil in the manufacturing of body care products has also increased. The bright future of Hemp exists in the environmental merit. Hemp is sold alongside organic cotton for clothes and is becoming popular, as environmental awareness becomes more prevalent.

A crop that had not been produced for 50 years

Hemp Plastic is a new technology based on 20-100% Hemp fibrebased plastics that can be moulded or injection moulded. The use of fibre-reinforced composites and other natural plastics are expected to become more popular as oil prices rise and the world becomes more environmentally aware. If The Netherlands want to be part of this future, the question rises; how is it going to reintroduce this once typically Dutch industry in The Netherlands?

processed Hemp fibers

duction process should be much about the possibilities of industrial Hemp and the Dutch history more affordable. of Hemp growing and procesOne of the projects they are cur- sing, it was Dronkers who reinrently working on is called ‘Cha- troduced industrial Hemp in the maeleon’, a variety created Netherlands. especially for the textile industry. When this variety will be fully up to the expectations of the University, they will investigate whether it is a financially viable crop.

The Hemp crop does not need any pesticides, nor does it need fertilizers. Better yet, Hemp can be used to revitalize ‘dead land’ by leaving the bottom of the Hemp stalk on the land as fertilizer during harvest. In the south of Holland there is currently even research after filtering groundwater by cultivating Hemp in specific areas.

Affordable production

Dr. Marcel Toonen has worked on improvement of industrial crops at Plant Research International (University of Wageningen) since 1998. The work covers a broad spectrum of research themes which include a Hemp breeding programme, molecular improvement of fibre quality and chain project to develop new fibre-based products.

The university focuses mainly on the use of Hemp for the textile industry and food industry. It does so by trying to develop special genetics to reduce costs on harvesting and processing the plant. This is done through extensive research into the cell and stem bindings of the Hemp plant. The idea is if the fibre would be less strong to begin with, the pro-

For a crop that had not been produced for 50 years fundamental adaptations to harvesting and processing machines were required. Like any plant, Hemp has specific needs as to planting and harvesting, but the equipment available The strongest fibre at the time could not meet these needs. Much time was spent on known to man research and development to adapt the equipment to the highly ”Cultivation of ‘industrial’ plants specific requirements of the is still relatively expensive in Wes- tough, fibrous stalks of the Hemp tern Europe.” Dr Toonen says “It plant. has to compete with Hemp production in other continents and In the period from 1994 till 2001 with other fibre plants on the Hempflax reinvented the harvest world market. Industrial Hemp in ting and processing methods for the Netherlands and other EU industrial Hemp. At the kick off countries is possible, but then of the enterprise there were no there has to be more demand harvesting machines or bale presfrom European companies.” ses able to handle “the strongest fibre known to man”. Specialized Ben Dronkers & Hempflax Hemp harvesters were designed, One man, who tried to get the developed and patented. Netherlands involved with industrial Hemp, but failed, is the founDid You Know... der of the Hemp & Marijuana Hemp seed oil is the only one Museum in Amsterdam, Ben on the planet that contains all Dronkers. But it was not the price of the essential omega acids of production that ended the efand is excellent source of fort. Ben Dronkers, founder of Netherlands’ only Hemp produprotein, fatty acids, and diecing company, ‘Hempflax’, started tary fibre? in the early nineties. After learning

The future seemed bright until the Justice Department in Groningen demanded a jail sentence of fifteen months against Dronkers. Next to detention, the department ordered a fine of 100,000 Euros.

photo: Amsterdam Idea

The future

Looking at the future, Marcel Toonen says: “At the moment, much Hemp still comes from Romania and China, where production is cheaper. The focus lies now on North and Eastern EuThe business of Dronkers furnis- rope for production.” hes seed at field builders for the breeding of Hemp. During an in- And so the future for Hemp in spection of the General Inspec- Holland remains under the surtion Service (AID) found that a face, and, for now, prices remain group of farmers used other too high for any significant conseeds then mentioned on the offi- sumer use. cial papers. Dronkers recognized the mistake and claimed an administrative chaos of the young and unique company was the cause of this. Even though the seeds used where also just industrial Hemp seeds, about twenty farmers missed out on European subsidy, and were fined thousands of Euros. Dronkers says there was never any intention and according to him the affair was blown up tremendously by the Justice Department because it involves Hemp. Dronkers compensated the farmers as much as possible from his own pocket...

Blown up because it involves Hemp

Now, before the Hemp industry in Holland actually started, it seems Dronkers is already thinking about leaving the country. “It is not me that is on trial, it is the Hemp plant”, he says, “I am tired of the fighting” Dronkers: “Because of this treatment by the Justice Department, many farmers in Groningen and Drenthe lost their confidence in me. “It is a terrible pity that Hemp, a beautiful product, is killed off this way.”

Hemp Facts

1. Hemp is the oldest cultivated fiber plant in the world. 2. Hemp produces 10 times more methanol than corn and is one of earth’s best biomass resource.

3. One acre of Hemp can yield as much usable fiber as 4 acres of trees or 2 acres of cotton.

4. 50% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow cotton. Hemp can be grown naturally. 5. Industrial Hemp is not marijuana - if you smoke it you simply get a headache.

Hemp and Holland The



Secret of our Succes

ment, the availability of and dependence upon Hemp is nothing compared to a few hundred years ago.

evenings were dependent on Hemp oil fuel. In fact, prior to 1883 between 75% and 90% of everything made of or printed on paper was from Hemp, and before petrochemical companies People these days still most paints, oils, varnishes, and encounter Hemp in the even glues and adhesives were form of clothing, shoes, manufactured from Hemp.

tents, twine, and nauti- Some say that the value of the cal equipment Hemp plant and its seeds rose to

Most of the seagoing nations, including the Dutch, would never have been as successful without the strong fibres with which to craft 90% of sails, plus ropes, rigging, and even the “oakum” that sealed cracks in the boats watertight. In basic terms, if it wasn’t made of wood on a ship, it was made of Hemp! Hemp rope and sails were incredibly strong and resisted the salt water damage and mould that were among the common wear and tear experienced in the nautical industry.

It’s no secret that the Netherlands and Cannabis have a special relationship. Most commonly discussed is the tolerance towards recreational use and possession of small amounts of the plant. However the Dutch have also made strides in modern Hemp production and processing into household goods, cosmetics, food, and clothing. In fact, for hundreds of years the Dutch have cultivated Hemp and several hundred years ago were responsible for spreading a large amount of genetics across the planet. In order to supply the ships navigating the world with necessities such as ropes and sails, Hemp crops were grown at home in the Netherlands, abroad in the colonies, and at trading posts tracking their progress around the world.

Other nations such as Spain, Portugal, and England also depended heavily upon Hemp for their industrial use and therefore the ability to trade, explore (and possibly

conquer) new territories, expand colonies in the 1600’s. After that business and simply travel. time much of the paper and clothing in colonial America was While Hemp (what we now call made from Hemp, with the textithe non-psychoactive version of les being recycled into “rag the Cannabis plant) has been used paper,” known to this day as one for thousands of years for spiri- of the strongest and most longtual, medical, nutritional, and in- lasting types of paper in the dustrial purposes, it was also world. During colonial Hemp partially responsible for enabling shortages it was a punishable ofEuropean imperialism in the 16th, fence for landowners (sometimes 17th, and 18th centuries. by death) for refusing to grow the plant.

Dutch have cultivated Hemp and several hundred years ago were responsible for spreading a large amount of genetics accross the planet.

Supporting a famous history in horticulture and botanical breeding, it’s been said that the Dutch were integral in the later development of the Hemp plant as well as for introducing it to the American

The Dutch Revolt

From Prince to rebel

The Dutch Revolt (1568 -1648), was the Dutch uprising against the Spanish Empire. During the revolt, the United Provinces of the Netherlands, better known as the Dutch Republic, rapidly grew to become a world power through its merchant shipping and experienced a period of economic, scientific, and cultural growth.

The 23rd of May 2008 marks the 440th anniversary of this historic battle for freedom, self-determination and tolerance that would lead to the first republic in modern European history (and, oddly enough to the Dutch royal family).

William Orange Nassau (15331584), was born into the House of Nassau. He became Prince of Orange in 1544 and is thereby the founder of the House of Orange-Nassau. He was the main leader of the revolt against the Spanish.

A wealthy nobleman, William originally served at the court of the governor of the Spanish Netherlands. Although he never directly opposed the Spanish king, William soon became one of the most prominent members of the opposition. He was mainly seeking more political power for the Dutch nobility, and complained that too many Spaniards were involved in governing the Netherlands. But William was also dissatisfied with the increasing persecution and killing of Protestants in the Netherlands. Brought up as both a Lutheran and later a Catholic, William was very religious but still was a proponent of freedom of religion for all people.

Along with new technologies and crops the Dutch Hemp influence was also visible in other arenas. The modern English word “canvas” is believed to be a twice removed Dutch pronunciation of the Greek Kannabis. “Canvas” has roots in French and Latin and today is known as thick cotton cloth, but was until the last century almost always made from Hemp fibres. Although people these days still encounter Hemp in the form of clothes, shoes, tents, twine, and nautical equip-

The inquisition policy in the Netherlands increased opposition to the Spanish rule among the — then mostly Catholic — population of the Netherlands.

In early 1565, a large group of lesser noblemen, including William's younger brother Louis formed the Confederacy of Noblemen. They offered a petition to Margaret of Austria, requesting an end to the

Even flags, uniforms and fishing nets were fashioned from the fibre, and all these were above decks. Below, ships’ logs, maps, charts and bibles were printed on Hemp paper as it was up to 100 times stronger than traditional papyrus preparations, and many of the lamps that lighted the dark

that of almost currency in different societies of different centuries. Competing European nations often stole seed stocks as part of the bounty that accompanied victory over the enemy at sea, bolstering the winner’s agricultural (thus nautical) value while depleting that of his rival.

In different societies of different centuries.

The Dutch imported Hemp seeds from South Africa and India upon return from their history making missions past Cape Fear. In addition to industrial applications the flowers of the plant were used as a substitute for the highly popular yet expensive tobacco. Paintings of the time show sailors and farmers smoking at inns and coffeehouses, a custom still alive 400 years later! ACC

...flags, uniforms and fishing nets were fashioned from the fibre, and all these were above decks. Below, ships’ logs, maps, charts and bibles...

persecution of Protestants. From August to October 1566, a wave of iconoclasm, ( known as the Beeldenstorm) spread through the Low Lands. Calvinists angry with their being persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, destroyed statues in hundreds of churches and monasteries throughout the Netherlands.

Hearing of the situation, the king of Spain dispatched his loyal general, the Duke of Alba (also known as "The Iron Duke") to restore order. After the arrival of Alba, to avoid arrest, as had happened to other noblemen, he fled. All his lands and titles in the Netherlands were forfeited to the Spanish king. After his arrival in August 1567, Alba established the Council of Troubles (known to the people as the Council of Blood) to judge those involved with the rebellion and the iconoclasm. William was one of the 10,000 to be summoned before the Council, but he failed to appear. He was subse-

quently declared an outlaw, and his properties were confiscated. As one of the most prominent and popular politicians of the Netherlands, William of Orange emerged as the leader of an armed resistance. He financed the Geuzen, refugees who formed bands of Privateers ('legal' pirates) and raided the coastal cities of the Netherlands. He also raised an army to fight Alba on land. Led by his brother Louis, the army invaded the northern Netherlands in 1568. On 23 May, the army won the Battle of Heiligerlee in the northern province of Groningen against a Spanish army. This battle is now considered to be the start of the Dutch revolt we came to know as the 'Eighty Years War'.

Did You Know...


There is about 60 tons of Hemp on the U.S.S. Constitution alone and it carries well over 4 miles of Hemp rope?



The Chinese Horoscope 2008 - Year TIGER Tigers are strong, noble, aggressive, independent and above all courageous. But they also tend to be selfish and short tempered. Tiger characteristics are considered unfeminine. Aggressive business will bring more favourable returns. Tigers are likely to succeed in sales, personnel management and uniformed careers. 2008: The Tiger is said to have a year of mobility, meaning move home/office, travel and experience different changes.

Chinese astrology © 2008 Meiying Mei

In China, in imperial times, astrologers watched the sky for heavenly omens that would predict the future of the state and the emperor.

RABBIT (CAT) Rabbits are uncomplicated, affectionate, attractive to the opposite sex, talented and ambitious. Realistic about their characteristics they leave leadership roles to the stronger. Traditionally associated with clear-sightedness and an excellent judge of character, with an instinct for recognizing sincerity in others and an almost uncanny ability for sensing falsehood. In personal relationships, even the most innocent deceptions will be identified almost at the moment they are perpetrated.

2008: The Rabbit will find this a rather good year. Rabbits are blessed by the strongest star of positive relationship. He/she will continue to win successes, especially in the field where creativeness is the key factor. But victory, hoIn particular, it is based on a cycle wever brilliant it may be, won't be of 60 years that has been docu- enough for Rabbits and won't mented since at least the time of prevent them from having painful the Shang Dynasty feelings of emptiness from time to time. This basic cycle has been constructed from two cycles: the 10 DRAGON heavenly stems (the five elements Dragons, powerful, gifted, full of in their yin and yang forms) and vitality, possesses outstanding the 12 earthly branches, or the 12- leadership capabilities, are quickyear cycle of animals, referred to tempered, prone to worry, and as the Chinese zodiac. perhaps too fastidious. The Dragon is strong and decisive, deterRAT ment to follow interesting tracks, Rats lead an active social life. His even if they may lead nowhere. or her presence is always welco- Dragons would become wealthy med. They love entertaining and were it not for the fact that specdo so with a lot of know-how and tacular gains are as often as not refinement. Rats are most remar- offset by money wasted elkable hosts and are inclined to la- sewhere. vish compliments. The Rat is often very popular with both 2008: Luck will smile to the charsexes. ming Dragon. Dragons will enjoy excellent interpersonal relationsThe Rats will not meet a hip and a stable love relationship. there are some little signs of lot of trouble in their life Yet, trouble in Spousal Relationships. this year... In order to be happy, the Dragon must, right now, begin to learn 2008: Rats will not meet a lot of wisdom. trouble this year. They charm numerous members of the opposite SNAKE sex, and may experience many Snakes are intellectual, quick-witlove adventures. They will feel ted, passionate and sometimes restless and their romantic relati- feared. Females are noted for their onships will be unstable. They brains and beauty. Snake-types are may end an existing relationship also adept at giving the impresand start a new one. The Rats will sion they know far more about a have a lot of changes in their life subject than they intend to dithis year... vulge. Though this was quite a different practice of divination from the present-day methods, Chinese astrology is still based on astronomy, and ancient Chinese philosophy.

BUFFALO (OX) Buffaloes have a good sense of humour and are capable of making fun of themselves or any situation they might be involved in. It would not be exaggerated to say that buffaloes are rather easy to live with.

2008: This year, the Ox will have stability and fewer changes. It will bring the Ox a pleasurable sensation of physical and mental wellbeing. Oxes will close their eyes on the faults of close ones and will thus preserve their inner peace.

Although it’s not the year of relationships, the ox’s career will be improved indirectly, especially if you are in a partnership. The astral environment this year will incite the Oxes to devote themselves more to reading.

2008: will have an ordinary year with stable luck. The Snake may expect some conjugal or family difficulties, just as many other people. But, instead of taking the bull by the horns , Snakes may prefer burying their head in the sand.

However, nobody can solve their problems by fleeing or pretending they don't exist. It is all a question of courage. Even if no solution can be found, an optimistic, philosophical attitude could soften the cutting edge of problems. HORSE Horses love life, have plenty of sex appeal and are charming, smart, popular and moody. On the serious side, they are hardworking, tenacious, and loyal. Horse-types are good talkers,

of the Rat

never short of conversation, though less quick with ready ideas. The latest news is always a good opening gambit, and the Horse is always keen to hear other peoples' opinions. Deep-seated prejudices however are hard to dislodge. Love of social contact remains the most important force in the Horse's life, and whatever career is chosen, ideally it will involve close liaison with others.

2008: Horses are especially likely to move home/office in this year; to travel or experience change. Such changes could also happen to their relationship This will be the year of amorous fury. The Horse will have a very hard time resisting his/her desire to indulge in foolish love affairs. Close ones will find it difficult to keep the Horse in the conformist path, not out of ethical considerations but out of concerns to spare him/her annoying complications. Weigh the pros and the cons carefully before embarking on any amorous adventures.

SHEEP (GOAT) Sheep with their strong forehead and horns represent strength and fortitude, confident, persevering, and protective of the weak. Nonjudgmental of others, it is comfortable to be with the Sheep and its cousin, the goat. A Sheep’s nature is best seen in its artistic talent. Sheep can be a touch fastidious, which is often a result of their creative natures not (fully) being explored. Sheep may be involved, either professionally or voluntarily, while sensitive for the arts. Sheep often have successful careers in music and crafts.

2008: Eager for action, Sheep may get somewhat bored this year and commit the worst foolish things. In order to canalize their energy into useful channels, they must join cultural clubs or participate in different debates and seminars.

Sheep are prone to gossips and arguments this year. Yet, the effects of it are so mild that you can almost disregard them. If an occasion presents itself, Sheep will have an interest in going to the discovery of countries, civilizations, and people still unknown to them.

MONKEY Monkeys are intelligent, have a sense of humour, are original thinkers, and practical. They carry out plans successfully. They are friendly, curious, observant, and introvert. In general, they are extremely versatile and can do well at almost anything. Success however can easily go to their head, bringing out a latent arrogance that often alienates friends. But before too long the Monkey's agreeable humour and other engaging sociable qualities win them back. Older and wiser Monkeys are able to channel their energetic and fertile imaginations into the solving of extremely complex problems.

2008: Monkeys are in excellent terms with everyone and enjoy stable love relationship. Although there isn’t any specific lucky star in their constellation this year, they would still get help from others and should allow others to give that help. ROOSTER Roosters carry out the assignments conscientiously and when faced with an adversary they fight boldly. Always busy, seemingly self-centred, sensitive and attentive to its friends. The Rooster is alert, joining a fundamental

punctiliousness with precise attention to detail. The problems arrive when so many projects are taken on that, inevitably, the less troublesome get lost in the sheer volume. In business and personal relationships the quieter more reserved members of the Rooster's social circle or family, may be neglected or forgotten.

2008: This year, Dogs would enjoy better social status and get hold of more authority, which may prove to be advantageous. Some sentimental deceptions may be feared this year. They'll be due to a lack of imagination on the part of the Dog: Everybody knows that routine is the worst enemy of romance!

2008: Single Roosters will have many potential dates, but might have a hard time making choices. This year they have double luck in relationships as they have both lucky stars. The Rooster always considers life as a comedy rather than a tragedy, and this preserves him/her from pessimism and discouragement. Roosters will therefore enjoy themselves this year and do foolish things. Beware, however! The Rooster should stop to believe that other people are dumb and foolish.

PIG Pigs are courageous, independent, quick-tempered and do not like to compromise. Pigs can be loners with few (but life-long) friends. They possess great inner strength and fortitude. In business, they are the finishers who put the last necessary touches to a project. In this respect they may become extremely successful financially. On the debit side, they are naive and trusting, falling easy prey to the confidence trickster. For a career option, better consider caring professions such as nursing or counselling.

DOG Dogs are loyal, trusted, compassionate, protector and are always ready to give aid. Dogs are intensely defensive where friends and family are concerned. They will not stand by while others are maligned. But sometimes refusing to listen to those early, little warnings signs from loved ones, can lead to severe domestic problems. Still, Dogs have a sympathetic ear for other people's woes, and are al ways ready with a shoulder to cry on. Rare displays of violent anger are almost always justified, and wrongs are quickly forgotten. Resentment is only borne against those outside the intimate circle.

2008: Pigs may exceptionally encounter some financial difficulties, for business won't be at top prosperity. But they should not wreck their health by working excessively -on the contrary.

Pigs have experienced a lot of changes last year in terms of love relationship, living environment or career. Pigs who have moved home or changed job, should realize that such changes are settled and they might just work with them. Pigs would be bookworms, and they will profit.

Word Find Puzzle



















































































































4 Letters Rain Love Bike 5 Letters Radio Dream Dance 6 Letters Famous Museum Flower








7 Letters Friends Freedom Holiday



8 Letters Amsterdam Queensday Marijuana

Words may be found in any direction possible. © 2008 Amsterdam Idea

Puzzle solution can be found online at

Fun & Games Eevn wtihuot a bzuz

Wraning tihs txt culod skerw you up! Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at a Prarlalel Uinervtisy, you do not hvae to be udner the infulecne to fnid tihs txet a tltite dffilcut to flolow. It deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Crossword Puzzle 1

Where did the Euro go?

Three travellers check into a hotel. They pay €30 to the desk clerk and go to their room. The desk clerk suddenly remembers that the room rate is only €25 and gives €5 to the bellboy to return to the people. On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that €5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets €2 and gives €1 to each person. Now each person paid €10 and got back €1. So they paid £9 each, totalling €27. The bellboy has €2, totalling €29. Where is the missing €1?

Spot & Shot!

The anwser to the last ‘Spot & Shot’ was the side of (old) TBoat Coffeeshop.

Winner of the last prize is: Chuck McNary, SF, California New Picture Guess:

Guess what location it is you see in the picture. and mail your anwser to: for your own Amsterdam t-shirt!











48 55


Left to Right






19 25







17 21

27 33
















28 A mixture of music, poetry, interviews, cultural news, political commentary and live on-air performances. Live from Amsterdam!




39 44

46 49


52 60

1. Hoofed mammal 5. Graphical element 7. Mythological creature 11. Temperate season 12. Part of a house 13. Uncommon or Scarce 14. Social gathering for celebration 15. Biblical figure 18. Traveling company of performers 21. Like 22. Series of rail vehicles 23. Movie character 24. Queen of the Netherlands 27. Person from Turkey 28. Piece of furniture 31. Second subject 32. Absence of interference 33. European Union (A) 35. Netherlands neighbouring country 36. Casino game 40. Sexual orientation (A) 41. Amsterdam soccer team 43. Type of plant 44. Artificial earthen wall 45. Information on current affairs 46. Capitol of the Netherlands 48. Main airport of the Netherlands 51. Infrared (A) 52. Part of (alternative name for) the Netherlands 55. Institute which conserves and exhibits artifacts 56. Baked food made of pastry dough 57. Lack of water 59. Mathematical constant 61. Low lying tract of land enclosed by embankments 62. Product of condensation of atmospheric water

50 56






Top to Bottom

1. Self-contained part of a building 2. Traveler for leisure 3. Solfege syllable 4. Writing material 6. Post-punk and Dark Wave lifestyle 7. Colour 8. Plus 9. Shelter, consisting of sheets. 10. Vehicle 14. State of harmony 16. Common English preposition 17. City in Holland 19. Asian astrological sign 20. Attractive in an erotic way 25. Attention Deficit Disorder (A) 26. 17th century painter 27. ‘Dutch’ Flower 29. Plea of defence 30. Inclusive disjunction 34. Artificial channels for water 36. Position above/ supported by or in contact with 37. Friendly 38. Specific area, found in most big cities 39. A concentration of riches 40. Distilled liquor 42. Lovable and charming 44. Gemstone 47. Diary product 48. Bony structure 49. Device used to move liquids 50. Musicstyle since the 60’s 53. Part of the Dutch coat of arms (animal) 54. Dutch Liquorice 58. Opposite of down 60. Co-ordinative preposition

(A) = Abbreviation.

© 2008 Amsterdam Idea - Puzzle solution can be found online at Math Puzzle:

The second triangle is formed by rearranging pieces used to create the first. Note that the pieces in both pictures are identical.. Yet there is a strange gap in the second triangle. Can you explain? Solution can be found online at

What’s the anwser to the puzzle above? Did You Know...

Archeologists agree that Cannabis was among the first crops purposely cultivated by human beings at least over 6,000 years ago, and perhaps more than 12,000 years ago?




Cannabis Shopping



With the holiday season approaching and only a few weeks left to complete the annual shopping list Amsterdam is a great place to spend your cash. Along with its famous shopping streets (Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk, PC Hoofdstraat) the city also hosts a few retailers touting slightly more creative and long-lasting wares. Hemp is known to be the strongest natural fibre on the planet, and Hemp fashions have now well surpassed the old-fashioned, roughly textured wheat-coloured garments previously available in hippie haunts.

Hemp is the non-psychoactive version of the Cannabis sativa plant, containing less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient. Hemp seeds, stalks and flowers have been used for thousands of years for nutritional, medical, spiritual and industrial purposes. The seed

oil is rich in omega acids and vitamin E and the fibres from the stalks boast an unusually high tensile strength, leading to incredibly high-quality, durable and wearable clothing items.

dam. Known around town as a Hemp emporium of sorts, Hempworks offers a wide and complete range of Hemp goods, specialising in the most modern and desirable fashions and accessories from companies such as THTC, Braintree Hemp, iPath, Komodo, Pure Sativa and many more. If you’ve been thinking about going a bit greener, the clothes and goods at this retailer will help you on your way.

Hemp specialty shops in Amsterdam have put together great displays of Hemp textile clothing, bags, wallets, cosmetics and more, and within a few easy shops in the centre of the city your holiday gift Brands along the lines of Hoodlist will be covered. lamb, Livity, and Arbor Bamboo Clothing combine the latest technologies in blending Hemp with other sustainable or recyclable materials such as straw, recycled rubber and plastic, as well as bamboo- and soy fibres. This shop is definitely the place to find the freshest threads and latest trends Hempworks: in the Hemp industry. For examNieuwendijk 13 Founded in 1993 “to promote a ple, Hempworks are the first in contra-movement against the the Netherlands to retail Blackmass production and mass pollu- spot eco-friendly sneakers. tion of the clothing industry,” this shop sits atop one of the more famous shopping streets in Amster-

but aren’t sure which will suit your needs. With so many brand names flooding the Cannabis and Hemp markets, whether for seeds or clothes, food products, or cosmetics, it’s nice to know that a shop has already researched each genre in order to help their customers make the right choice.

so make sure you check out the new décor. Each room is furnished along varying themes, so you can stay in a different atmosphere during each visit to Amsterdam. The hotel bar serves until three in the morning, and is pretty much the only place in town to sip a Hemp beer (regular drinks are also available).

A retailer of many different brands, Hempshopper specialises in Design Studio ’93 clothing, combining Hemp and Hemp composite blends such as silk with creative designs that are functional and wearable. Backpacks and bags are available at Hempshopper, with unusual additions such as The Pollinator Co. shares a name Hemp yoga trousers, mats and with a well-known hash making device that is one of a plethora of animal bedding. Cannabis and Hemp related products for sale in the shop. An extensive library of books relating to anything from medicinal Cannabis to the history of peyote is the first thing that will distract you, but please make sure to check out the whole place, ending in a garden of entheogenic plants As for skin care, you can rely on the shop to offer the widest range of natural Hemp toiletries with the expected lines of shampoo, crème rinse, body lotion, etc., but also sun lotion, hand soap, and even washing up liquid. In the Hempshopper it’s easy to purchase products that will not only please you but are also responsible towards the environment. Centrally located in Amsterdam, the Hempshopper is a one stop shop for anything Hemp related.

Pick up a few Hemp accessories to match a new Hemp dress, or grab one of the much soughtafter Hemp Hoodlamb winter jackets (complete with stash pocket and rolling paper dispenser). They’re perfect for staving off Amsterdam’s wet winter weather, and the line has expanded to include furry earmuffs, (Hemp) furlined hunter’s caps, zip and pullover hoodies, tanks, tees, and much more. Make sure to check out Amsterdam’s famous Hemp Pollinator Company Nieuwe Herengracht 25 retailer. Famous for her work as an activist in the medical Cannabis field as well as ground-breaking hash production techniques, Mila is the proprietor of the Pollinator Co. and the Hemp Hotel, two landmarks in Amsterdam’s Cannabis Hempshopper: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 80 and Singel 10 Sensory overload is the idea in this series of two locations, presenting an unbelievable amount and variety of Cannabis products in the centre of the city. Each shop is packed wall to wall with merchandise ranging from oneof-a-kind Hemp designs and the latest and most reliable brands of Hemp cosmetics and fashion wear to vaporisers and smoking accessories (and of course Cannabis seeds). In Amsterdam Hempshopper is the largest independent source of A-brand Marijuana genetics. Not only will you be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products on offer but also may find it surprising that there is so much information from the staff members to go along with your purchase. Maybe you’ve been growing for a long time and are looking for some new genetics to spice up your garden. Perhaps you’re a recent medical Cannabis user and wish to purchase a new vaporiser,

scene. The latter, as its name suggests, is a hotel completely furnished in a wide range of Hemp and Hemp composite textiles. Recently the hotel experienced an upgrade,

and cacti. This is the kind of place where you can find original gifts, clothing, and products that may not be available anywhere else in town. For example, items such as Hemp pasta and other food goods are becoming increasingly difficult to find around Amsterdam, but the Pollinator Co. usually prevails and supplies locals and tourists alike with things they didn’t even know were needed! We all know of Amsterdam’s reputation for the smoking cafes; however, we at Cannabis City urge you to take advantage of our local Hemp shopping treasures.

Did You Know...

You can not get high from smoking Hemp?





Nr. 15 - Frederiksplein 15

Nr. 6 - O.Z. Achterburgwal 148

3 2




Nr. 3 - Prins Hendrikkade 48






7 6 8








Nr. 12 - Halvemaansteeg 12



Nr. 8 - O.Z. Achterburgwal 131

Nr. 5 - O.Z. Achterburgwal 150

Nr. 1 - Nieuwendijk 3

Nr. 7 - O.Z. Achterburgwal 124

Nr. 14 - Marnixstraat 409

City Sights

Nr. 13 - Nwe Herengracht 25


Central Station




Waterloo Square


Nr. 9 - Nes 33

4 6 7 8 9

Nr. 10 & 11, See Map

Nr. 2 & 4, See Map


Dam Square

Nieuwmarkt Hortus

Rembrandt Square Flower Market

Leidse Square Vondelpark

Free Amsterdam Spring/ Queensday Issue  
Free Amsterdam Spring/ Queensday Issue  

Free Amsterdam Cannabis City Newspaper Spring/ Queensday Special! In This issuu; Where to go on Queensday, Spring Flowers and Keukenhof, The...