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An Amsterdam Idea Publication - Circulation 30,000 - Edition 4 - Fall/ Winter 2008 -

AMSTERDAM ART CITY van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer. City museums open doors again

HOLIDAY SEASON CELEBRATIONS Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year’s eve

Capital Cool PAGE 4


HOLIDAY SHOPPING The best places to buy your gifts PAGE 7

”THEY REALLY EAT THAT HERE?” Culinairy habits and traditions of The Dutch PAGE 9

“Abusus Non Tollit Usum”


According to the fall 2008 issue terdam “Reigning Capital of of the New York Times, Ams- Cool” terdam is “the coolest city in From big-ticket furniture galleries the world.” to workaday markets, every inch On the website of the NY Times of town bears that knack for deit says that Art and Commerce sign, the paper says. Most Amshave always been cosy in Amster- terdammers would agree that the dam, and that now as a building city is a magnet for creativity, boom shakes up this free-spirited though they are not always happy city, with cutting edge architec- with the way this creativity is exture, a subway line on the way and pressed. design at its peak. The Dutch capital has emerged as a cultural Amsterdam’s status as a creative juggernaut, with everyone from capital has evolved from grassdesigners to DJ’s flexing their cre- roots movement to city-sanctioned marketing plan. And now ative muscles. once-dead neighbourhoods around town are being reinvented From designers to as cultural utopias. Glimpse the DJ’s flexing their renaissance in these thriving discreative muscles tricts. America’s largest newspaper, The New York Times, declares Ams-

Coffeeshops finally legal? Netherlands preparing for Cannabis D-day Every week thousands come to the Netherlands to enjoy a society where cannabis is available to anyone over 18 years of age, and able to identify themselves as such.

The winter issue of Free Amsterdam marks the one-year anniversary of what we now can proudly say is one of the city's new leading visitors & tourist newspapers. The publication started on a whim but has built enough readership to merit many hours of the staff's time each edition.

The first year of publishing is a major feat for any publication, let alone a newspaper that serves a particular niche (English speaking visitors of Amsterdam) within a nation.

The city is a magnet for creativity

Der Spiegel, Germany’s biggest and most influential weekly, confirms Amsterdam’s status as Reigning Capital of Cool. It recently wrote that “Amsterdam is one of Europe’s five cities that are most successful at attracting the ‘creative class’ and most advanced in their transfer to a knowledge economy.”

land’s neighbouring countries, the current situation is not about to change.

Not knowing how to successfully and responsibly exploit and structure this situation, these boarder towns are left heavily burdened by the pressure on their infrastructure.

For example in Belgium it is allowed to possess three grams of cannabis, but there is no establishment to purchase it responsibly anywhere in the country. However, it convinced some Many, coming by car from Bel- boarder towns that closing all gium, France and Germany, head shops within their municipals is from the country’s boarder the only solution. straight for the nearest town with a Coffeeshop. But not everyone involved agrees this is the smart thing to do. As the flow of visitors is a direct result of failing policies of Hol- Continue on page 17 >

Read Free Amsterdam Cannabis City

online at: 100% Fun & Fully Interactive, available World Wide

First Year Anniversary

THE FINEST LOCAL GENEVER From the Oldest Dutch distilleries

Nevertheless, with current circulation of 30.000 copies per issue, and a multitude of interested readers online, Free Amsterdam, the city's quickest growing visitors newspaper, celebrates it’s very successful first anniversary with this brand new exciting edition. Enjoy!

New Amsterdam New York 400 Years In 1609, the Dutch East India Company ship De Halve Maen (The Half Moon) entered the harbor of what is now called New York

cation of the almost mythical purchase by the Dutch provincial Director General of the land now known as Manhattan .

The river it explored still carries the name of the ship’s commander, an Englishman named Henry Hudson.

Subsequent trading missions led to the formation of the New Netherland Company which stretched from Delaware to Connecticut. In 1621, the States General of the Netherlands established the Dutch West India Company. Around this time, Dutch and Walloon families formed a small community at the southern tip of the island, though the precise date and circumstances of New Amsterdam’s creation remain the subject of debate. Also in question is the lo- Continue on page 14 >

10. Music 11. Night Life 16. Red Light

21. Fun Page 22. Ghost Stories 24. Free City Map





Cannabis City


In This Issue...

SEASON SPECIAL: 4. Amsterdam Art City 6. Holiday season 7. Gift Shopping 8. Genever 9. They really eat that here? 16. Red Light District

CANNABIS CITY: 15. Hemp In Holland 17. Recreational Information 18. Return of the Stock Report 19. 10 years Cannabis College 20. Legal or permitted?

NEWS: Prohibition is counter productive Coffeeshops finally legal? World Drug Report

DEPARTMENTS: 10. Music & Festival Agenda 11. Dinner? Ask Larry! Night Life 12. Free Things 14. History of Amsterdam 21. Fun page 22. Amsterdam Ghost Stories 24. Free Amsterdam City Map

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General Information: Contests & Surveys: PUBLISHER: Amsterdam Idea

CHIEF EDITOR: J.S. van der Stad ART DIRECTOR: J. Pfeiffer

DEPARTMENT EDITORS: P. T. Dante, W de Geus, Zara Godet PHOTOS: J.S. van der Stad, Zara Godet ’Ask Larry’ Larry, Morguefile


Free Amsterdam Cannabis City is published four times per year and is available for free at locations all over Amsterdam and online. Subscriptions are available for € 15,= per year within Europe and € 20,= world-wide. Ideas, tips and contributions are welcome. Any use of copyright material is un-intentional. All rights reserved. Amsterdam Idea.

Free Amsterdam - Cannabis City

The 30.000 Free Amsterdam/ Cannabis City copies are distributed over more than 150 prominent tourist locations in Amsterdam; museums, cultural centres, concert venues, shops, bars & cafés, restaurants, hotels, clubs and coffeeshops. We are looking for enthousiastics paperboys & girls to help us get the paper out there!

Looking for a fun job? With a truly unique company? With Flexible working hours? In the center of Amsterdam? Send your application to:

Westerkerk, Rozengracht

photo: Ask Larry

2009 Amsterdam Art City 4


E - Het Rembrandthuis

During the 2009 theme year ‘Amsterdam Art City’, the Netherlands capital will pay tribute to its ‘museological’ marvels.

Inspiration for the theme year is the opening of the Hermitage Amsterdam -the most significant annex of this renowned museum outside Saint Petersburg -and the renewed Stedelijk Museum, with one of the most esteemed collections of modern art and design in the world. Amsterdam has long been considered an influential cultural capital in Europe, with leading institutions such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest, De Nederlandse Opera and a wealth of history and modern architecture. With the opening of two new major museums and several extraordinary exhibitions, Amsterdam will be the place to be in 2009.

A - Hermitage

Hermitage Amsterdam is situated in the Neerlandia building on Nieuwe Herengracht. The objects displayed come from a collection of over three million from the ‘mother museum’ in St Petersburg.

From spring 2009 onwards, these treasures from Russia will have ample space in Amsterdam. Address: Amstel 51

Van Gogh Museum (D)

(Rembrandt House Museum) The museum displays approximately 250 etchings by Rembrandt and paintings by his predecessors and pupils. The museum is housed in Rembrandt’s former coach house (1639-1658), the only residence and studio still standing of the famous artist Rembrandt van Rijn, where you can get to know the master personally. He was master of the house as well as an art dealer, painter, instructor and a collector of various exotic objects, weapons, antique pictures, stuffed specimens and so on. Address: Jodenbreestraat 4

F Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam


B - Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands, and built in 1876 by architect P.J.H. Cuypers (who later also did Central Station). The museum houses a world-renowned collection of Vermeer, Frans Hals and Rembrandt, including the famous Nachtwacht (Night Watch). In addition to this collection of paintings, the museum also displays a variation of Delft Blue, sculptures, Asian art and prints.

The Masterpieces

During renovations of the main building, top works of art by world-famous artists have been brought together in a single wing of the Rijksmuseum. More than 400 pieces are on display. The 'Masterpieces' exhibit shows the very best paintings, sculptures, and applied art of the Netherlands, as well as the history of the Golden Age. Address: Museumplein

In 1656, the marine leadership in Amsterdam ordered the construcphoto: Amsterdam Idea tion of a large warehouse. This marine warehouse served as storC - Stedelijk Museum age for sails, ropes, weapons and The Stedelijk Museum has one of ammunition, enabling the marine the most esteemed collections of to equip a war fleet on short nomodern art and design in the tice. world. With big names like Appel, Chagall, De Kooning, Malevich, Matisse, Mondriaan, Picasso, Rietveld and Warhol. It is up there with the Museum of Modern Art and Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Tate Modern in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The Museum will reopen its doors on Museum Square 2009.

The museum now houses the largest maritime collection on display. January 2007, the Maritime Museum closed its doors due to large-scale renovations! The Dutch East Indiaman ‘Amsterdam’ will stay open to the public in front of Science Centre NEMO (date to be announced). Following the renovations which begin in 2007 and end mid 2010, the newly designed Maritime Museum will stand ready for the future. Address: Kattenburgerplein 1

A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. The museum contains the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world. It provides the opportunity to keep track of the artist's developments, or compare his paintings to works by other artists from the 19th century in the collection. The museum also holds an extensive offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th century art history.

G - Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Long ago, Amsterdam was a just small settlement on the Amstel River. In the 17th century, it would become the centre of world trade. Today it is a colourful international city, with a unique appearance and independently-minded inhabitants. The Amsterdam Historical Museum tells the compelling story of the growth and ‘heyday’ of this city. Go on a fascinating journey of discovery through seven centuries of the city’s history displayed in the intimate rooms and courtyards of the former Civic Orphanage. Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 357

Starry Night

(Dutch: Sterrennacht) is one of Vincent van Gogh’s most renowned paintings.

Discussing the work in a letter to his brother Theo, Vincent writes about Starry Night:

”… Where these lines are close and deliberate it begins to be a picture, even if it is exaggerated. That is a little what Bernard and Gauguin feel, they do not ask the correct shape of a tree at all, but they insist absolutely that one can say if the shape is round or square - and my word, they are right”. Since 1941 it has been in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, but Starry Night will be on display in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam from 13 February as part of the exhibition Van Gogh and

Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh, 1888

the colours of the night. Throughout his career, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890) attempted the paradoxical task of representing night by light. His procedure followed the trend set by the Impressionists of "translating" visual light effects with various colour combinations. At the same time, this concern was grafted onto Van Gogh's desire to interweave the visual and the metaphorical in order to produce

fresh and deeply original works of art.

These different artistic concerns found themselves powerfully bound together in Van Gogh's nocturnal and twilight paintings and drawings. This exhibition will present new insight into Van Gogh's depictions of night landscapes, interior scenes, and the effects of both gaslight and natural light on their surroundings. Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7

On Friday nights the Van Gogh Museum is open until 22.00 and there’s always something special going on. Every Friday night, lounge chairs, video projections, DJs and a bar transform the museum’s central hall into a relaxed place to meet.

H - Tropenmuseum

The Tropenmuseum is an anthropology museum housed in one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful historic buildings. A variety of exhibitions, which focus on diverse populations, take place throughout the year.


seven Canal houses offer a magnificent array of styles, from 17th-century opulent simplicity to 19th-century revival. From traditional kitchens and exquisite stairwells to painted ceilings. Each museum has its own distinct character, reflected in its collection and exhibitions. They add an extra dimension to a visit to Amsterdam.



The following museums are all located on the Amsterdam canals.

1 November 2008 to May 2009. A major exhibition on voodoo in Haiti, with over 250 spectacular objects from one of the most significant Haitian collections, ‘The Lehmann Collection’. With lifesize zombie sculptures, complete altars and phenomenal work of art, the exhibition offers insight into this folk religion with its African, Christian and Indian elements. Adress: Linnaeusstraat 2

I - Joods Historisch Museum

Located in the centre of Amsterdam’s former Jewish Quarter, the Joods Historisch Museum (Jewish Historical Museum) is housed in four 17th and 18th century HighGerman synagogues. The permanent exhibition reflects the versatility of Judaism in past and present. November 2006, the museum opened its own children’s museum. The museum, consisting of three floors and eight different halls, is a meeting place for children from all cultures. Adress: Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1

J - Museum Van Loon

In the heart of Amsterdam on the Keizersgracht stands the house of the regent family Van Loon. Willem van Loon co-founded the Dutch East India Company in 1602. Six days a week the family opens their home and collection to the public. The house still evokes the time when Mrs van Loon came rustling down the stairs, Mr van Loon made his daily visit to the Stock Exchange and employees were in abundance.

Visitors can enjoy the richly ornamented rooms on the first floor, as well as the bedrooms and the kitchen. The collection includes portraits, signed furniture, silver and porcelain. Exhibition 2009: The Amsterdam Portraits of Thérèse Schwartze. Address: KeizThe Amsterdam canals and the ersgracht 672 breath-taking estates which line them are a reminder of times past. Behind the façades K - Huis Marseille of these houses lie centuries of Museum for photography Huis historic interior design. The Marseille is situated in a seven-

Canal Museums

The Royal Palace and Dam Square

teenth century canal-side estate. You can find out all about in the For more information about canal The building has housed the Huis Willet-Holthuysen Museum. museums visit Marseille photography museum Address: Herengracht 605 since 1999. Every three months the museum offers a new exhibition programme, focusing on both the rich history and the various applications of photography. Adress: Keizersgracht 401

L - Museum WilletHolthuysen

In 1895 Mrs Willet-Holthuysen left this 17th century canal house to the city of Amsterdam, together with all that was in it, including the art collection of her late husband. The house has been turned into a beautiful museum that keeps the name of her family alive. How did the wealthy live in an Amsterdam canal-side estate?

Museum Map




Sinterklaas’ steamship and head for the Netherlands. Around midNovember they arrive in a harbour town - a different one every year - where they are formally greeted by the Mayor and a delegation of citizens. Their parade through town is watched live on television by the whole country and marks the beginning of the "Sinterklaas season".

Being similar to both German and English, the Dutch language is relatively easy to pick up. The closest language to Dutch (apart from Frisian, the language spoken in the north of the Netherlands) is in fact English, making the Dutch language surprisingly understandable even for those who have never laid their ears on it before. German is comparable to Dutch with it’s similarities of grammar, mainly with verbs typically thrown in at the end of a sentence.

All Dutch children know that Sinterklaas (the name is a corruption of Sint Nikolaas) lives in Spain. Exactly why he does remain a mystery. But that is Try the language out for yourself what all the old songs and by saying a simple “hi”, this one is nursery rhymes say. easy. Say ‘hoi’, pronounced ‘hoy’, rhyming with boy. Put extra em- Whatever the case may be, in phasis on the ‘y’ and then you’ve Spain he spends most of the year got it. For a more formal greet- recording the behaviour of all ing a simple “hallo” will be ac- children in a big red book, while his helper Black Peter stocks up ceptable. on presents for next December 5th. In the first weeks of NovemHoe gaat het? As with most ber, Sinterklaas mounts Amerigo, greetings it is also polite to ask his white horse and Peter (Piet) how the person you are talking to swings a huge sack full of gifts is doing. For example, “how’s it over his shoulder they then board going?” Try saying ‘hoe gaat het?’ literally meaning ‘how goes it?’ Literally spoken as “who ggháát hat”. This more difficult pronounciation takes a little more practice due to the ‘g’ in the Dutch language. Try pronouncing the ‘g’ as if you are clearing your throat. Doei! In any language to end a conversation properly a farewell is spoken, in our case a simple “goodbye” or as the Dutch say it “doei!” Pronounced literally as ‘do-we’ or ‘dewy’. For a more formal parting say “tot ziens”, literary meaning ‘till seeing’. This would be pronounced ‘todd zeens’ and is always a safe way to say good bye. Lekker is a word that is almost impossible to translate into English. Lekker can apply to just about anything - delicious food is "lekker", nice weather is "lekker", sex can be “lekker” and subsequently, attractive women or men are “lekker”. It's a word that generally denotes something really good. The double ‘k’ in the word may be pronounced as ‘ck’. Like double decker, dubbel lekker Genotmiddel literary means ‘Agent of pleasure’ and can apply to things like drugs, alcohol and tobacco, but also things such as tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and even pepper or nutmeg can be considered ‘Genotmiddellen’. There is the ‘g’ again, clear your throat and say ‘Ghe- Not- Middle’

Did You Know?

Dutch is spoken by over 22 million people as a native language, and about 5 million people as a second language. Most live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles.

Sinterklaas candy

On the eve of the 5 December, the children leave their boots by the fireplace, hoping to wake up to find them filled with sweets. On the day itself, families traditionally gather in the morning, or evening to see what presents the ‘ Pieten’ have brought for them this year. The older kids and parents usually exchange silly wrapped or self-made gifts accompanied by cheeky poems.

If you find yourself in the city this Christmas, the following are a few suggestions to help you pass the time and incorporate a little Dutch culture into your holidays.

Museumplein is turned into a Christmas Square every year, boasting a market and craft-making displays perfect for passing an afternoon. There is also an ice rink which is open well into the evening. Christmas lights have been up since November, and an evening stroll in any direction from the brightly-illuminated tree in Dam Square can prove a pleasant one, especially through the Leidseplein and its surrounding area or towards the Jordaan, which is full of cosy cafes and unique shops. The Red Light Dis-

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam is named Oudjaarsdag or Oudjaarsavond, meaning "Old Year's Day" and "Old Year's Evening," respectively. You might also see and hear December 31 referred to as Oud en Nieuw, or "Old and New."

New Years Eve in Amsterdam means fireworks everywhere! As soon as it's dark, kids start shooting, throwing and lighting all sorts of crackers, bangers and sparklers. And while it's all in the name of fun, in the more crowded touristy areas, it can be downright scary. So, be warned and take cover or Whatever you call it, if you are take part! celebrating the end of a year, and welcoming a new one in Amster- Large displays of organized firedam, you are in for a memorable works take place at Dam Square, party. So practice saying ‘gelukkig Rembrandtplein and every bornieuwjaar’ and find the right rev- ough of the City. The squares elry for you. and the streets are packed. Nieuwmarkt is especially wild, as is the heart of the Chinese Citywide Free-for-All this community in Amsterdam and and Fireworks the fireworks are plentiful.

So where's the biggest New Year's If you prefer to watch the fireEve party in Amsterdam? The works from a calmer location, the city streets, of course! bridges throughout the city are perfect vantage points, especially The streets and squares of central the ones over the Amstel River, Amsterdam are filled with throngs like the Magere Brug or ‘skinny of people especially at Dam bridge.’ Square, Rembrandtplein, Nieuwmarkt and Leidseplein. Try the Bars, Clubs, Music & Parties: fun, funky Jordaan neighborhood It's no surprise that there are endand the cafés of the Western less organized parties and themed Canal Ring for a more local feel. events in Amsterdam's bars and It seems almost everyone has a clubs on New Year's Eve. Tickets trict has Christmas lights of its bottle of Champagne in tow, and range from €10 to more than own (not just red ones!) and if they don't, they are probably €1,000 and sell out quickly, so buy lighting fireworks. seems to never shut down. in advance! Several of the churches around Amsterdam are offering seasonal concerts, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sint Nicolaaskerk (, for instance, has free services featuring Gregorian music. The concerts are at 21:00 on 24 December, and 10:30 on 25 and 26 December. Museum Amstelkring, a church located on the top two stories of a canal house in the heart of the Red Light District, is offering Christmas Eve masses at 20:00 and 22:00.

Christmas For visitors to the city, who are more used to the Anglo-American Christmas held on the 24 and 25 December, there is still plenty of fun left to be had.


In Amsterdam many museums, shops, cafés and restaurants as well as the casino are open on Christmas day.

Amsterdam gift shopping for the holiday season



canal belt, focusing on the areas 9 Straatjes" on the street signs and around Haarlemmerstraat and pick up a district shopping map Rozengracht.” from any of the charming retailers.

F - De Negen Straatjes

Amsterdam is an old city and almost the whole centre dates from back to the 17th century, when towns were much smaller. Amsterdam remained until today a small metropolis, and referred to as the ‘smallest of the big cities’. That makes shopping in Amsterdam fun, because you can shop as you walk through the city, seeing the sights as you go. Amsterdam is full of unique small shops, with a choice of products different from any other European city. These are the top ten of the best shopping locations Amsterdam has to offer:

A - Magna Plaza

This shopping centre is located in the building of the former main post office of Amsterdam, right behind the Dam’s Royal Palace. The building has been beautifully restored and converted into a striking shopping complex with lots of fashion and specialty shops.

B - Kalverstraat

Probably the busiest of all the shopping streets in Amsterdam of which goes across the city centre. Kalverstraat is usually crowded with many shops selling competitively priced products. This pedestrian-only street is one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam and its adjacent alleys and "Kalvertoren" shopping centre features a mix of clothing stores, dozens of shoe stores, Dutch staple stores like HEMA and V&D and a pricy, chic department store called Maison de Bonneterie.

Translates to “Nine Streets”, situated in the heart of Amsterdam's canal district and is one of the city's most delightful shopping areas. Just a two minute walk from the Royal Palace in Dam Square these picturesque streets straddle the 17th Century canals from the Singel to the Prinsengracht. Spend a fabulous day wandering from one to the next exploring the designer boutiques, art galleries, jewellers, gift shops, fashion shops, specialist businesses and plenty of great bars, restaurants, and is located at the cafes and restaurants to refresh south end of Kalverstraat, near Munttoren (Mint Tower). Its you along the way. Look for "De stairs, escalator and glass elevator take visitors to the Cafe & Brasserie Kalvertoren on the top floor for a view of the entire city. The famous floating Flower Market is right around the corner.

G - The Jordaan

dents and artists. Many of the antiques dealers in the area specialize in art nouveau and art-deco items and will arrange shipping abroad for antique furniture. Be sure to visit the antiques market De Looier on the Elandsgracht. Also, the Jordaan is a tempting route for a stroll. Just across the canal from the Anne Frank Huis, a sixminute walk west of Dam Square.

H - Leidsestraat Discover hidden treasures in this funky Amsterdam area. The Jordaan has always had an atmosphere all of its own. With its narrow streets, picturesque canals and quaint little shops in mostly 17th century buildings, it is almost as if you have gone back in time. Second-hand shops and trendy boutiques make it a haven for stu-

On your way to the Museum Quarter you might pass through the always busy Leidsestraat, features chic clothing stores like the UK-based Karen Millen alongside cheap souvenir traps, night shops and fast-food joints. There are also shoe stores galore (Camper is a favourite) and a high-end department store in a monumental building (Metz & Co.), on the top floor you can have lunch overlooking the Central Canal Belt and the Leidsestraat.

Shopping Map

The North section of the Kalverstraat continues from the Dam square, but then it is called Nieuwendijk (D) which makes a sharp curve left and after a crossing falls into yet another interesting shopping street, Haarlemmerstraat.

E - Haarlemmerstraat

Probably the youngest of the trendy shopping streets in town, C - Kalvertoren Haarlemmerstaraat is less expensive, with a big variety of shops, many of them new trying to propose new consumer products and the new shopping formula. Starting near Centraal Station, this street offers many one-of-a-kind stores and trendy coffeeshops, brasseries, and restaurants. The fall 2008 issue of the New York Times comments on the HaarThis shopping centre has about lemmerstraat: “Drop into the design and fashion boutiques in the 30 stores, specialty shops and



GENEVER The famous Dutch Jenever or Genever is the strongly alcoholic traditional liquor with its roots in Amsterdam. Jenever is made from the berries of the Juniper plant, and is the liquor from which gin evolved.

I - ‘Spiegelkwartier’

This is situated on a pretty little canal and narrow brick street (Nieuwe Spiegelstraat) just north of the Rijksmuseum, you'll find one after another of beautiful antique shops with art, furniture, Delftware, prints and books. The many art galleries on the crossstreet Kerkstraat are also part of this antique & art dense quarter, known as the "Spiegelkwartier."

is close to the neighborhood of the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and the Van Gogh Museum, and is home to high-end clothing (Chanel, Gucci, Hermés, Louis Vuitton), jewelry (Chopard, Cartier) and specialty (Mont Blanc, Henckels) stores. Hardly anywhere else in Europe will you see such a small street with so many good cars parked one by another.

L - Albert Cuyp

This outdoor market stretches for almost a kilometer down the Albert Cuypstraat, through the heart of the lively area ‘de Pijp’. Stalls sell everything from fruit, cheese and freshly baked fish to cosmetics, toys, shoes and clothing. Some of the best deals can be found here. Open daily and, at times, very busy.

M - Waterlooplein

Waterlooplein Flea Market, Amsterdam Originally a Jewish market going back to 1893, the Waterloo-square Flea market is a outdoor bazaar, best for the second hand clothing, bric-a-brac artifacts and jewelry. You can buy here trendy t-shirts, old military uniforms, second hand books, bicycle locks and art objects from African and Asian countries. There is also a Tattoo place here.

Happy Shopping Tips Did You Know?

Tax free shopping for international visitors For visitors from outside the EU it is possible to get a refund for the VAT (BTW in Dutch) paid on products bought in the Netherlands. The percentage of BTW that is paid over goods is 19% of the price.

It is possible to get a refund if the products are bought for personal use and if they are declared to Customs when leaving the EU. For more information:

1. Get some nice gifts for yourself, without spending extra. Why make gift-giving all about others? You deserve something too!

De Ooievaar

Distillery de Ooievaar, in business since 1782, is the last authentic distillery left in Amsterdam. At their tasting room in the old Jordaan neighbourhood, you can choose your favourite as employees give you advice and pour you a drink that suits your taste and appetite. Address: Driehoekstraat 10

Happy Feet

The foot is the part of the body that takes most the heaviest hits, bumps, start/stop, up/down and they have to hold you and your 6. It’s always useful to check the shopping load up all day… everyprice of an item, before asking, or day. going to the counter to pay for your purchase, to prevent mis un- Take care of them. Buy shoes that derstandings. fit. Give them a little extra attention, even in the winter when no 7. If you are buying clothes at the one can see them still make them end of the season, buy timeless look, and most off all feel good. items and/ or buy them a bit bigger, so they will still fit next year. Perhaps a Chinese foot massage?

House of Bols

Founded in Amsterdam in 1575, Bols is the world’s oldest distiller. The House of Bols is the companies Jenever museum, located in the museum quarter. The Bols building also houses the International Bols Bartender Academy (IBBA) — Europe’s largest bar school, sporting 14 bars. Visitors will be presented a free Jenever cocktail. Address: Paulus Potterstraat 14

Wynand Fockink

Wynand Fockink opened his spirits and liqueur distillery on the Pijlsteeg in 1679. In those days distilleries usually included a tasting house and a shop. Today, about three centuries later, the Pijlsteeg distillery contains an extraordinary collection of antique bottles in premises still furnished in the style of the seventeenth century. specialise in liqueurs and jenevers which you can still see being made in the distillery. Address: Pijlsteeg 31

De Drie Fleschjes

Het oldest ‘Proeflokaal’ (tasting room) of the city is located in the hart of Amsterdam. According to the local story, famous Dutch painter Rembrandt, war-heroe de Michiel Ruyter and philosopher Spinoza in 1650 present at the opening celebration (complete 8. Shop at stores with good qualwith haring). Although this might ity and prices. Some stores are all sound a little rich, fact remains known for that. that over the centuries, many 9. Think of what you want ahead known Dutchies must have drank of time, so you don’t waste time nor money.

Perfume gift sets that come with bags and other add-ons make an ideal dubble gift; give the fragrances away and keep the bonus 10. Walk properly. Yes, there is a gifts yourself. Some nice presents proper technique! for you, without spending more! Keep your chin up and your 2. If you have time enough to shoulders back. Make sure that shop, you could visit different you divide the weight of your stores to compare prices before shopping over both arms you buy. Walk so that the heel of your foot 3. Make use of the winter- and touches the ground first, then roll Christmas sales. your weight forward. 5. Check your gifts over before you buy them, to make sure there are no holes, stains or cracks in your item and/or if everything works.

There are two types of jenever: "Oude" (Old) and "Jonge" (Young). This is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques. Jonge Jenever has a lighter and less dominant taste.

Jonge Jenever can be served cold from the freezer, however, the higher-quality oude Jenever is usually served at room temperature. When jenever is drunk with lager beer as a chaser, it is referred to as a kopstoot (headbutt).

K - Utrechtsestraat

This street goes out of the Rembrandtplein and has many shops. This busy street has enough specialty stores and boutiques to make it worth a look if you are in the neighborhood. Best for the design items, gadgets, but also shoes and clothes with probably the best records shop in town in the middle and a shop called “In de Keuken” (the name means "in the kitchen"), a specialty kitchen supply store that doubles as a posh restaurant. With very narrow sidewalks, trams passing in the middle and noisy traffic, but the shops there are quiet, interesting and close one to another. SevJ - P.C. Hooftstraat Amsterdam's mini version of eral good restaurants and Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive is excellent wine shops are located at expensive and posh, but the the Utrechtsestraat as well. choice is good. The small street

Jenever is believed to have been invented by the 16th century Dutch chemist and alchemist Sylvius de Bouve. It was first sold as a medicine but in the 17th century it became popular just for the flavour. Today, the traditional Jenever is still very popular with both locals and visitors.

their Jenever here. Address: Gravenstraat 18

Lucas Bols - 1664 Painted by one of Rembrandts students

”They really eat that here?” FREEAMSTERDAM.NL

Though the Dutch have no significant traditional cuisine, there are a few simple, but typically dutch dishes.

with anise, cinnamon and clove. A more crunchy variety, that uses the same ingredients as Speculaas is nowadays more common.

Bar Food

Speculaas are cookies that are also traditionally baked for consumption on St Nicholas' Eve. They are thin, very crunchy, slightly browned and, most significantly, have some image or figure (often from the stories about Sinterklaas) stamped in bas-relief on the front side before baking; the back is flat.

* Toasty Small grilled sandwich with melted cheese (preferably Edam or Gouda) and ham. A great quick snack, available at most neighbourhood pubs.

* Uitsmijter A few open slices of white bread with Dutch cheese and/or ham (and/ or roasted beef) topped with two or three fried eggs ‘sunny-side-up’. Best ordered as sturdy breakfast or early lunch in a old Amsterdam café (pub) in the Jordaan area.

* Bitterballen A one-bite snack dipped in mustard, dubbed ‘Dutch Tapas’ by our Spanish friends. It does have the same function as the Mediterranean equivalent; eating to support drinking.

This little ball of ragout in deepfried breadcrumbs is essentially the same as a kroket (see below), but much smaller and round rather than cylinder shaped.


* Patat met Mayonaise You probably remember the conversation in Pulp Fiction about the French fries in Amsterdam, where they discuss that the most common condiment served with them is mayonnaise. Not only is that true, but French fries are an obsession in the Netherlands and it’s difficult to find a restaurant in Amsterdam that doesn’t serve them.


Speculaas are flavored with cinnamon and special ‘Speculaas spices’.

but in the 19th century in Holland it turned in to a convenient way to utilize meat leftovers. Having overcome this somewhat shady reputation, today’s kroketten are available with a wide variety of stuffings. In Amsterdam they even have them at Mickey D’s.


* Drop The Dutch are crazy about liquorice, or as they call it, ‘drop’, * Stamppot and have the highest per capita Mash Pot is a traditional Dutch consumption of liquorice in the dish made from a combination of mashed potatoes with one or sev- world (two kilo per person per eral sorts of vegetable, sometimes year). also with bacon. These vegetable Best place to get a kroket: FEBO, pairings traditionally include sauerkraut, endive, kale, or carrot Kwekkeboom or Van Dobbe & onion (the latter combination is known as hutspot). It is usually * Haring served with smoked sausage or stewed meat. When served, most locals make a small 'pond' in the mash and pour gravy in there. Best place to get Stamppot is at the ‘Keuken van 1870 (Spuistraat 4)

Eating herring, raw, with onion chips and pickle, is a century-old tradition in Holland. In the 15th century a technique called ‘kaken’ was invented that allowed haring to be kept longer. The little fish from the North Sea became an important source of food and a part of Dutch folklore. Herring is still as popular now as it was back then.

Today the herring is to the Amsterdammer what the Hot Dog is to the New Yorker; a quick treat on the street corner. Unlike Hot Dogs though, herring is a very healthy meal (and usually sold on A couple hundred years ago, in bridges rather than on street corthe part of the Netherlands that ners). is now Belgium, some genius decided to slice up some potatoes Most Dutch eat their herring by and then deep fry the slivers. The taking it by the tail, throwing their Brits call them “chips,” the French head back and dangling the whole call them “pommes frites,” and fish above their mouth while takfor some reason the Americans ing bites. In Amsterdam, on the call them “French fries.” But in other hand, they like their herring the Netherlands and Belgium they sliced, to be eaten with a little call them “Vlaamse frites” (Flem- cocktail stick that is supporting a ish fries) attributing them to Flan- tiny Dutch flag. ders, the region in northern Best place to eat Haring: Stubbe’s (Top Belgium where they originated. of the Singel canal) Best place to get Patat: Manneken Pis (Damrak 41), Vlemminckx (VoetDid You Know? boogstraat 33) Hemp oil is an excellent source of protein, fatty * Kroket acids, and dietary fibre. It The Kroket is a gold & brown, cylinder shaped snack filled with contains natural Omegas ragout and minced meat (or veg3 and 6, a great replaceetable), rolled in breadcrumbs and ment for codliver oil and then deep-fried. It is eaten by itsupports the concept of self or with white bread, usually individual ecological rewith mustard. The kroket started sponsibility. out as French cuisine (croquette)

* Pannenkoeken Dutch pancakes are larger and thinner than in most other countries and are prepared with toppings such as cheese, banana, smoked bacon & syrup, or apple & raisins. Other famous combinations are ice-cream & Grand merrier or strawberries & whipped cream. Plain pannekoeken are often eaten with just some brown sugar or syrup.

Sweet Tooth

* Appeltaart Recipes for Dutch apple pie go back centuries. There exists a painting from the Dutch Golden Age, dated 1626, featuring such a pie. Though it originated in The Netherlands, it is now a delicacy served around the world. In The Netherlands it is usually eaten cold with whipped cream.

* Pepernoten & Speculaas This candy is only available during the weeks leading up to the St Nicholas' Eve celebration on December fifth (see page 6)

Pepernoten are tough, cookie-like candy and is traditionally made

* Stroopwafels Stroopwafels are the thin Dutch waffles with a syrup filling. They were first made in Gouda in the North of the Netherlands, in 1784. Large versions are sold on street markets.




and ‘A Grand don’t come for free’ has a reputation for his style and comical revelations. His new album is a complete new mixture of music and current day issues. Address: Paradiso

7 November CSS

Cansei De Ser Sexy, literally translated means “got tired of being sexy”. This Brazilian band from São Paulo produces electro-pop sounds mixed with indie rock and pop songs, while their lyrics express pop culture. Address: Melkweg, The Max

1 November


8 November LADYTRON

Ladytron, a unique band from Liverpool, England, re-invented electro-pop using a large collection of vintage musical equipment to achieve their distinctive sound. With a worldwide cult following, Ladytron successfully released their new album, Velocifero, in February of this year. Address: Melkweg, The Max

In the original setup Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Cahoun and Doug Wimbish make this American funk-metal band from New York City. After their two mayor hits 'Love Rears Its Ugly Head' and 'Time's Up' in the early 1990's the band split up till 2002. Eventhough the band members are all doing their solo projects, a new Living Colour album is on it's way November and pending release early 2009. Address: Paradiso N*E*R*D Born from the bands, The Neptunes and Spymob, N*E*R*D has successfully brought mixes of November funk rock, soul, R&B, rap and alCYNDI LAUPER Spend an evening with one of the ternative rock sounds to the forebiggest pop stars of the 80’s that front of the music business. is of course if you “Just wanna Collaborating with numerous pop have fun.” Address: Melkweg, The and R&B stars, including Britney Spears, NSYNC and Jay-Z brings Max this unique band to the top of the list for eclectic music lovers. Address: Heineken Music Hall November




This grunge and punk rock band from Brighton, England formed just three years ago hitting the festival seen by storm, now their European tour visits Amsterdam. Great tunes to rock the night away from this duo team. Address: Melkweg, Oude Zaal

4 November THE SADIES

With Canadian indie rock and alternative country music, this band will bring a full flavoured taste of rock ‘n’ roll. Address: Paradiso, Kleine Zaal

4, 5 & 6 November BLUE MAN GROUP

Blue Man Group is best known for their wildly popular shows and concerts which combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. Their new show is a dynamic workshop satire on how to create the perfect rock-concert. The innovative lightshows, music, video and theatrical mixture makes it another endless Blue Man Group show. Address: Heineken Music Hall

6 November


‘Everything is Borrowed’ is Mike Skinners new album. The Streets, also known from his previous albums ‘Original Pirate Material’



out of Iceland. Amazing vocals December from lead singer Jonsi Birgisson, D12/ OBIE TRICE/ this band is known for their ambient and alternative classic music. ROYCE DA 5’9” Mainly to the success of band Address: Heineken Music Hall member, Eminem, D12 have stormed the world with their mix of R&B, hip-hop and funky rap November sounds. While collaborating with TANYA STEPHENS other artists such as Obie Trice Yes WoMan! It’s Tanya Stephens, and 50 Cent, D12 keep producing big up! Tanya Stephens, mostly fresh music with controversial known for her track ‘It’s a Pitty’ is lyrics. Address: Melkweg, Oude Zaal coming to Amsterdam once again. The hot and sweaty Reggae/ R&B vibe will be in the air, December and the revolution is on its return. NEW MODEL ARMY Address: Heineken Music Hall For nearly 3 decades New Model Army, named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver November Cromwell, has bought political SLIPKNOT Influenced by bands such as Korn and humanitarian messages Their and Black Sabbath, this masked through their lyrics. melodic rock style crossed with band brings heavy metal with thepost-punk and gothic rock gives atrical intervention. Slipknot is a Grammy award winning and this band a cult status to be proud album chart topping band that of. Address: Melkweg, Oude Zaal will never disappoint. Address: Heineken Music Hall




04, 12 & 22

cember ANOUK


Join this award winning artist, Anouk, and supporting act Voicst for an evening of pop-rock music straight out of the Netherlands. Address: Heineken Music Hall

3, 4 & 5 December DEUS

A very interesting Belgian indierock band that writes and performs unlike any other indie bands. With a mixture of musical tools, like banjo's, mellotrons and horns they produce unconventional song structures and raw November lyrics. The band became most LONDON CALLING If you want to join a crowd of de- known for their 1999 album ‘The voted music and culture fans, then Ideal Crash’. Address: Paradiso grab your tickets fast, soon there will be none left! Bands include December The Courteeners, Friendly Fire, Twisted Wheel and many more. FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND A show not to be missed. This Address: Paradiso Welsh post-hardcore and alternative rock band described as “a fusion of emo-pop tinted with November metal rock,” is the best Brittish OKKERVIL RIVER Cryptic songwriting and insightful newcomer. Address: Melkweg sounds from this indie rock band straight out of Austin, Texas. AdDecember dress: Melkweg, Oude Zaal

12 - 15


14 14



9 January


Brit Award winner for Best Male Solo Artist and winner of a Mobo Award for Best Reggae act, Finley Quaye really cannot do wrong. Inspired by early jazz musicians his direction in sound has produced a unique twist to reggae and jazz and he has always delivered music that is both innovative and deeply individual. Address: Paradiso

Festivals 12 - 30 November


Around 30 locations in Amsterdam will host this city-wide event, the sounds, colours and smells of the east will fill the air of this multi-cultural city. Address: Various

16 November


St. Nicholas arrives to Amsterdam after his long journey from Spain. Together with the ‘black petes’ certain to entertain the children. The fun begins at noon with a big parade where the kids will be handed out ‘pepernoten’ and candy. From this day on, all children will be waiting in anticipation for December the fifth, when ‘Sinterklaas’ gives all the good children presents. Address: Central Train

American hip-hop band from Philadelphia, famed for their jazz November style and use of musical instruHOT CHIP ments with electric hip-hop comAlternative dance and electropop bined. This critically acclaimed, music celebrated with this group award winning band never disapfrom London, England. Address: point and their unique sound keep Melkweg, The Max November fans coming back for more. Address: Paradiso THE CANNABIS CUP The Cannabis Cup is a harvest November festival that takes place annually in MGMT Amsterdam and celebrates all December Previously known as “The Man- EVERLAST things marijuana-related. agement” these two rockers from From rapper Everlast to Address: Powerzone Brooklyn, NY bring a mixture of Crossover Country, Blues, Rapper psychedelic pop and indie rock ‘Whitey Ford’. The former House for all those eclectic music fans. January of Pain member worked with Address: Melkweg, The Max many great artists over the years JUMPING AMSTERDAM like Cypress Hill, Ice Cube and Business Center RAI hosts Jumpothers in the industry. With quite ing Amsterdam, the city's annual November some titles he has launched his international equestrian show. An SIGUR ROSS fifth album 'Love, War and The enormous varied program featurThis elemental band bring Ghost of Whitey Ford'. ing jumping and dressage compemelodic, post-rock music straight Address: Melkweg, Oude Zaal titions. Address: Amsterdam RAI




23 - 27

22 - 25

t ‘Geveltje

- Bloemgracht 170 For 25 years Cafe 't Geveltje has been open in the heart of Amsterdam. Many of the musicians who perform in well-known Dutch jazz-formations started their careers in 't Geveltje.


- Piet Heinkade 3 The Bimhuis provides a perspective on Dutch and international music in over 300 concerts annually, at which a variety of jazz and improvised music can be enjoyed.

Al t o Ca f é

- Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115 For more than 20 years, Alto is THE people's choice when it comes to Jazz Music, with every night Live performances of the best musicians.

Cotton Club

- Nieuwmarkt 5 The Cotton Club is a bar in the heart of Amsterdam with an interesting history. Every saturday there is Live Jazz with Dutch and international top musicians.

C a s s ab l a n c a

- Zeedijk 26 The Casablanca jazz club is one of the oldest and most celebrated in Amsterdam. Since 1946, numerous groups, jazz legends and spectators have come together in this smoky, jazzed up box. Bourbon Street, Bix, Vondelpark & Wicked Jazz sounds.

Pa n a m a

- Oostelijke handelskade 4 Panama can be found East of Central Station. As well as being a contemporary nightclub with great theatre shows, live jazz & popular club evenings, Panama also offers a trendy dance studio and a cafe restaurant with a grand terrace to the south for those mid-summer-nights...

Pa r s l e y C l u b

- Haarstraat 20 Live jazz combined with a daily fresh Italian/ French kitchen. The club is called after the herb Parsley. A small ingredient, but an unmistakeable, spicy and unforgettable flavor. Good food, Light Jazz and an elaborate and carefully selected wine menu.

Did You Know?

The new Lotus Elise sportscar has a solid fiber cast body of Dutch hemp


Bourbon Street Leidsekruisstraat 6-8. Late night live entertainment. Blues, Jazz and Rock ‘jam nights’. A mixture of all ages and different backgrounds.

Flexbar Pazzanistraat 1 Located at the Amsterdam Cultural Park Westergasfabriek, this night bar is a special place: the bar with its exquisite and abstract interior can be split into two separate rooms, a bar and a dance Sinners In Heaven club. Besides dj’s you can also exWagenstraat 3-7 ’Jet-set club’, frequented by soc- pect performances and bands. cer players and soap actors. Designer interior. Come early and Rain dress up if you want to get in Rembrandtplein 44 Hip club-bar-restaurant. Tasteful without membership. interior with lots of dark wood and bamboo Lounge. Jazz tunes, Club Chi hip-hop and house. N.Z. Voorburgwal 161 Modern, futuristic look, balcony and bar overlooking the dance De Duivel floor. Spacious dance floor and Reguliersdwarsstraat 87 lounge area with comfortable Amsterdam's one and only hipseats and sofas. Tunes from hop club, with the latest beats and House, techno, trance to R&B a crowd to match. Occasional DJ sets are dropped on the weekends. and Hip-Hop.

Jimmy Woo Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18 Hot trendy night club. 19th century Hong-Kong mixed with modern black design. Infamous for its selective door policy.

Melkweg Café- Restaurant Eat @ Jo’s: Marnixstraat 409

If you like good music to go with good food, then we may have the recipe for you: Take a five star chef, mix her with a Wisconsin drummer, and put them in the restaurant of one of Amsterdam’s most famous venues, the ‘Melkweg’. What you get is an excellent meal, served in a dawning rock star atmosphere. Jet Lounge: Westermarkt 25

A little piece of L.A. in Amsterdam. A great location across from Westerkerk on the Rozengracht. Chef Dell is ready to Thai-Mex your taste buds in the stylish cocktail bar setting. Most evenings start out nice and chill but you never know when it’s about to change. All of the sudden someone at the next table, or the chef could be ready to start their DJ set or maybe a small jam session. What ever it is, it’s sure to be remembered. Gusto: Kloveniersburgwal 7

Mama herself is in the kitchen, stewing up authentic Italian delights. Fine dining in an Italian setting is made complete here with quality wine. If you like cheese, the flaming spaghetti is for you. Get this: a giant wheel of cheese (50kg.) is sliced lengthwise, flaming cognac is poured into a hollow in the cheese, then fresh pasta is stirred around inside and the whole thing is topped with scraped curls of the parmesan. Delicious!

You’ve got two choices at this local eatery: meat or meat. Ok, they offer a few sides such as onion soup (wow), baked potatoes, and a few other typical complementary dishes, but meat is the menu here. Steaks, lamb shoulder, veal, chicken, and my favourite flesh on earth: BBQ ribs. That’s right, I said BBQ! All meat is mouth wateringly cooked over an open flame. See you there. Wok to Wok: Various locations throughout Amsterdam

It is what it says. You choose the fresh ingredients: meat, veggies, noodles, rice etc., and they cook it up fast in front of you. This is the perfect stop for a quick hot meal to wok off with. That’s all you need to know- wok on!

Castell: Lijnbaansgracht 252

Castell is one of those restaurants that you want to make reservations at. You will not be let down. There are 3 cozy eating corners, of which one has a fire place. You can also choose to sit at the bar and have your meal there. Always ‘gezellig’. The atmosphere is great for a weekend night out, trendy AND the kitchen is open until 11.30. Great beef steaks, skewers, Tuna steaks and jacket potatoes. Everything straight from a coal grill.

The Keuken van 1870: Spuistraat 4

This cozy restaurant serves traditional Dutch meals like ‘Stampot’ (a bla with meatball) and musselesman at a very reasonable price.

Korsakoff Lijnbaansgracht 161 Alternative club with two floors. Downstairs playing hard punkrock, techno, gothic area, and the upstairs bar, where the atmosphere in general is a little more relaxed. Live music On Wednesdays.


Weteringschans 6-8

Most famous pop stage of Holland, during the weekend it also hosts club and occasional cross-over nights. Live music website

Melkweg Lijnbaansgracht 234 Mainly a live music venue, but during weekends it also hosts a va- Escape Rembrandtplein 11 riety of dance events. One of the larger clubs in town. Most nights rented out to party organizations. The club in general pulls a younger crowd. Evenings start at 12.00 Industry

Paardenstraat 17

What’s For Dinner? Ask Lar r y de Klos: Kerkstraat 41

Onassis Westerdoksdijk 40 Club-bar-restaurant on the banks of the ‘IJ’, delicious Italian food accompanied by jazz sounds.

La Bettola: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 82

Aha! The “five euro spaghetti place” is what we call it around town! Conveniently located on a busy street in central Amsterdam (next to Hempshopper), this bistro style eatery is a pleasant break from an afternoon’s shopping and sightseeing. Inexpensive pizza and pasta are on offer here while maintaining a taste of Italy. “Good food for a good price.” Ponte Arcari: Herengracht 534

One of the most difficult restaurants to reserve with. Chances are high that the little restaurant is packed with people, and most likely there are even customers outside waiting for their table. The small space, which fits a maximum of about 30 people has an almost hidden downstairs which fits about 6 people and easily creates a very cozy atmosphere. The opinions in the service vary from arrogant to Fantastic.

Eetcafé Stoop and Stoop: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 82

Now I must include a typical Amsterdam-Dutch place and this is it. Situated on ‘Restaurant Row’ near the Leidseplein, it’s the only place on the whole street that doesn’t have someone standing outside trying to coerce you into their empty restaurant. If you come across a place like this, full to capacity with indigenous people, you know it’s a safe bet for a meal. Be prepared to wait a bit. New King: Zeedijk 115-117

On the Zeedijk across from the famous Chinese temple you will find all the things you expect and more from a Chinese restaurant, for reasonable prices. This is a very busy place and people wait in line for a seat, but it’s worth the wait!

Large club in a small alley just off Rembrandt square. Music is mostly R&B, with the dance floor downstairs and the bar on the first floor to get yourself a drink.

Amsterdam Marcanti Jan van Galenstraat 6-10

Marcanti is a big club in Westmostly known for great houseparties and small concerts.

TIPS: no sweatpants, no sneakers, no caps, it’s curtosy to tip the doorman




The Dutch themselves are frugal making it easier for a visitor to keep their bills moderate. Remember the word gratis (GRAAH-tis), which to the Dutch as well as Americans means free. It is a popular word here. You need not feel grabby when using it.

A - Begijnhof and the Wooden (oldest Amsterdam) House

Flowers, serenity and a medieval atmosphere in the hart of a modern city. A small rural square in the heart of Amsterdam hidden behind the gables of the Spuisquare. A lawn with high trees, flanked by centuries old houses and a little medieval church.

The Begijnhof was built in the 14th century as a place of residence for pious women. The oldest house of Amsterdam, with a wooden gable from approximately 1475, can be found here too. The entrance is the ‘Gedempte Begijnensloot’, a lane between the Spui and the Rozenboomsteeg. Address: Begijnhof/ Spui

B - United Europe in Roemer Visscherstraat


with a spectacular view of the passenger terminal where international ocean liners dock. Address: De Ruyterkade/ Central Station

D - Hollandsche Manege (Royal Dutch Riding School)

Pretty much in the centre of Amsterdam, inspired by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna you will find truly beautiful stables worth a visit. With an in-house bar on the balcony overlooking riders and horses being schooled below you can have a coffee and enjoy some beautiful moves. Just around the corner you can find the beautiful Vondelpark. The Hollandsche Manege is open to visitors from Monday till Saturday. Address: Vondelstraat 140

E - The Rijksmuseum

over the country. Gothic columns, old stone tablets and even complete city gates. Various portions of torn-down monuments have been set into a ''building of fragments”, which look like a quilt of stone. Address: 42 Stadhouderskade

F - Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP)

The Amsterdam Ordnance Datum is a vertical reference point in use in large parts of Western Europe. Originally created for use in The Netherlands, the zero level of NAP was the average summer flood water level in the IJ-lake in the centre of Amsterdam, in 1684 still connected with the open sea. Currently it is visualized by a bench mark in brass in the main hall of Amsterdam town hall. NAP is close to the sea level at the Dutch coast and Amsterdam lies only 1.42 m higher up. Contrary to most of the Netherlands (see picture below for reference). Address: Town hall/music theatre, Amstel 1/Waterlooplein

broader. Still, the narrowest house of Europe can be found in the very centre of Amsterdam.

Between the Dam and the Nieuwmarkt you can find a teeny-weeny maisonette, with a typical Amsterdam bell gable. It is only 2.02 meters wide, and six meters deep. Address: Singel 7 and Oude Hoogstraat 22

I - Outdoor chess in Max Euweplein

G - 15 bridges

Amsterdam's vast cultural monument the ‘Rijksmuseum’ has a quite unknown but interesting, and free-of-charge, garden. Besides the gardens’ beautiful kept plant beds and fountains there are some nice statues and sculptures. But more particular is a collection of samples from five centuries of architecture, collected from all

From this bridge you will be able to see 15 of Amsterdam’s famous bridges. With your back to the square, Thorbeckeplein, you can see six arc bridges in a row. At the left-hand side you’ll see six more, and on the right the following two. The 15th bridge is the one on which you stand! In the evenings the arcs of the bridges are lighted with hundreds of lights. Address: Reguliersgracht/ Herengracht

If you’re into a nice game of Chess, visit the Max Euweplein. A small square in between the Vondelpark and Leidseplein. It is a bit hidden, so easy to pass by, but definately fun to hang out. Many bars, restaurants and shops surround the square making it a good location to grab a bite to eat or have a drink. Address: Max Euweplein

The narrowest house in the world can be found in Amsterdam, on Singel 7: One meter wide, hardly broader than the front door. In all honesty it is the rear side of the house; the front is actually a lot

Where can you find what?

In Amsterdam Roemer Visscherstraat you can make a tour of seven European countries within a minute. In 1894 architect Tjeerd Wet Coopers (1858-1942) finished his ‘United Europe’, built in the styles of seven countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Address: Roemer Visscherstraat 20-30a (near Vondelpark)



C - Boat trip from downtown to the North of Amsterdam.












The IJ (pronounce as ‘Aye’) is the oldest part of the port of Amsterdam. You can make a trip across the water with the ferry, 24 hours per day, for free. There are four different ferry lines, giving you the chance of a splendid view over the water plain, the passing ships and the banks of the IJ. They leave daily, every 15 minutes, from behind Central Station. Tip: Real Italian ice cream on IJ-square

H - The narrowest house in the world.




J - 17th century paintings‌ in the street. (Schuttersgalerij)

place. Housed in an authentic Dutch windmill, various types of beer, brewed on the premises, are offered each in their own special glass. Watch out, as some hover well above eight percent. Situated in the east, just past the Zoo, Tropen Museum, and Dappermarkt, the IJ Brewery will take up the nicer half of an afternoon out. Address: Funenkade 7

Many prominent citizens of Amsterdam were member of these city militias or (Schutters Gilden), and paid a lot of money to be in these prestige’s group portraits. These paintings became knows as 'Schutters Stukken'

M - Carillon concerts

The Amsterdam historical museum has a gallery which is actually part of a public street. The gallery shows 15 giant 17th century paintings of civic guard groups much like Rembrandt's famous painting: the ‘Night Watch’.



One of the most uplifting ‘free things’ in Amsterdam are the Carillon Concerts that chime from the local church towers four times a week. The city's Carillons are From Amsterdam historical museum, quite popular and you sometimes see an office window, a kitchen Kalverstraat 92 shutter or a hatch open up to let in the sounds in of these glorious 17th-century bells.



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photo: Amsterdam Idea

Het Blauwe Thee Huis: (The Blue Tea House) in Vondelpark is not just for sitting down and ordering a refreshing drink, or having a small nack. Multiple film festivals are presented here each year.

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In summer it is the place to relax, play games, roll a joint or a have picnic with friends or family. In winter the Vondelpark is a romantic spot for a stroll.

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The park opened in 1865. Originally it was named the New Park, but the public quickly started calling the park Vondelpark after a statue of the famous writer was placed, and eventually the name was adopted officially.




O - Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is one of the oldest, largest and most popular parks in Amsterdam, named after the 17th century poĂŤt, Joost van den Vondel.

On Tuesdays, at 12:30 pm, the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Stoperaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hosts free concerts performed by its permanent ensembles, the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and the Choir of the Netherlands Opera . Address: Amstel 1 (near Waterlooplein)

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NEMO is the biggest science center to visit in The Netherlands. Here you can discover the wonderful world of technology and science in a playful and entertai- Every Wednesday, from SeptemIf you like beer, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave ning way. The NEMO building, ber through to June at 12:30 pm, Amsterdam without visiting this which looks like a huge ship, is lo- the Concertgebouw treats visitors

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P - Lunchtime Concerts: Hear Free Performances at Concertgebouw & Muziektheater


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Next to the NEMO building, in the water, you can find a spectacular full-size replica of the 17th century merchant ship, the Amsterdam. Address: Oosterok 2

L - Het IJ Brouwerij


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The Buddhist Temple in the heart of Amsterdamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s China Town is always worth a visit. The Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple is the largest temple in Europe, that has been built in traditional Chinese palace-style. Spend a few minutes of tranquillity in this colourful shrine

Oude Kerk (Oudekerksplein 23) Saturday from 4 till 5 P.M.

photo: Amsterdam Idea



Munttoren (Muntplein) Friday from 12 till 1 P.M.;

to a 30 minute concert, which is often a public rehearsal from world renowned orchestras or ensembles that will perform "officially" later that evening. Address: Concertgebouwplein 2-6 (off van Baerlestraat)


To catch these concerts, be cated close to Central Station and around the Church on the fol- next to the Amsterdam Maritime (Scheepvaart) Museum. lowing times: On the roof there is an impressive terrace that allows visitors to liteWesterkerk (Prinsengracht 281) rally see Amsterdam from another Tuesday from 12 till 1 P.M.; angle. In the summer, as one would imagine, the roof is filled Zuiderkerk (Zandstraat) with sun worshippers. Thursday from 10 till 11 A.M.;

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The music ranges from classic to folk to modern music. Programs are usually posted the day before at the foot of the tower.


K - China Town

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400 years New York


The year 2009 will mark the 400th birthday of New York City, as it will be four centuries ago that captain Henry Hudson made his voyage up famous river that would named for him, and claimed Manhattan for the Dutch.

Meeting the native inhabitants for the first time, Hudson’s first mate, Robert Juet, wrote on September 2 1609, “the people of the country ‘seemed’ very glad of our coming and were very civil.” But it seems that by the second day the welcome was already wearing out, and on the third day, he reported that five sailors on a scouting mission were “set upon” by two dozen natives in two canoes and that an Englishman, John Coleman, was killed with an arrow to the throat.

In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant was appointed as the last Dutch Director General of the colony. New Amsterdam was formally incorporated as a city on February 2, 1653.

Dam from Middle Dutch dam (compare Amsterdam or Rotterdam)

In 1664, the British conquered the city and renamed it "New York"

Dark pages of history pany’ was founded. This company was actual a collection of mostly Amsterdam traders. The WIC got hold of large areas around the Atlantic Ocean, along the west Coast of Africa and in the ‘New World’. Nobody but the WIC was allowed to sell slaves in these territories.

Paul Godess (1618-1690), a member of a powerful Amsterdam family, was very active in the slave trade ,making a fortune of more than 130,000 guilders He lived in a beautiful mansion at the Herengracht 502, which is now the official residence of the mayor of Amsterdam. A plaque on the façade of the building reminds us of these dark pages of Amsterdam’s history. Amsterdam ship brought approximately 100.000 people under The large-scale and organized duress to the Americas, especially trade in Africans started, in 1621 to Surinam and the islands Cuwhen the ‘Westerly Indian Com- raçao and St. Eustatius.

Almost half of the Netherlands lies below sea-level. In the early 1600’s the Dutch started to gain land by creating dykes and pumping the water out by hand. This later was taken over by windmills.

Dutch ...ish

land were not contacted or consulted about the transfer.

In 2009, the Dutch will for the first time exhibit evidence of the legendary sale of Manhattan Island for $24: Peter Schaghen’s 1626 letter announcing to the “High and Mighty Lords” of the West Indian Company that the settlers in Lower Manhattan were in good spirits; had borne some children; grew wheat, barley and other grain; and bought the roughly 22,000-acre island for 60 By 1624, the presence of the guilders worth of goods. Dutch became permanent with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement on Governors Island. In 1625 construction was started on a citadel and a Fort Amsterdam on Manhattan Island, later called New Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam). Its 1625 establishment is recognized as the birth date of New York City. In 1626, Manhattan was acquired from native people in exchange for trade goods worth 60 guilders (about 500 euros in today’s money) Additionally, the sale was transacted with the Canarsee tribe, who did not live on the island. The tribe that did live on the isAmsterdam is the most important city of the Netherlands. Slavery has contributed to this status. It was important for the Amsterdam economy for quite a long time. A lot of money was earned with the slave trade itself and with the products that were grown using slaves, especially sugar and coffee.


Old Amsterdam

In the above map from early 1600 you can see an outline of the planned development for the city of Amsterdam. Eventually being surrounded by 26 Windmills at the city wall, keeping the land dry and water fresh.

In the same period Dutch had settled on the island of manhattan and were building ‘New Amsterdam’. Typically the city streets were also named after streets which originated from Amsterdam like Broadway for instance. As the name implies, still today is a wide avenue in New York City. The name Broadway is an English translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg. A stretch of Broadway is famous as the pinnacle of the American theater industry.

Dope old meaning: sauce, now drugs, comes from the Dutch verb (in)dopen (usually ="to baptize", but here ="to dip in") Decoy from de kooi (="the cage") Gin from jenever

Iceberg probably from Dutch ijsberg (literally ice Some of the similar streetnames mountain). and typical Dutch names that one could find in Amsterdam and Landscape New Amsterdam during that time from landschap were: Mannequin De Heere Straet (now Broadway) via French from Dutch manneken (=litHet Cingel (now Wallstreet) on the erally "little man") ouside of the wall called Nassau st. The Plein (now Bowling Green) Mart Heere Gracht (now Broad st.) from Middle Dutch marct (=literally Noort Rivier (now north river) "market") (modern Dutch: markt) Prince Straet (now Beaver st.) Begijn Gracht (now Beaver st.) Santa Claus Paerel Straet (now pearl street) from Middle Dutch Sinterklaas Het Marckvelt (now whitehall st) (="Saint Nicholas"), bishop of Asia Harlem Meer (from Haarlemmer Meer) Minor who became a patron saint for Brugh Straet (now Bridge st.) children. (Dutch and Flemish feast celStadt Huys Laan ebrated on the 5th and 6th of December Fort Amsterdam respectively) (Origins of Santa Claus in Hoogh Straet US culture) Brouwer Straet Tuyn Straet Skate, to skate from schaats. The noun was originally adopted as in Dutch, with 'skates' being the singular form of the noun; due to the similarity to regular English plurals this form was ultimately used as the plural while 'skate' was derived for use as singular."

New Amsterdam

Sketch from schets

Sled, sleigh from Middle Dutch slede, slee

Slim "thin, slight, slender," from Dutch slim "bad, sly, clever," from M.Du. slim "bad, crooked,"

Broadway originated as a Native American trail called the Wickquasgeck Trail, which was carved into the brush land of Manhattan. This trail originally snaked through swamps and rocks along the length of Manhattan Island.

Later the settlements of Harlem (Haarlem) and Brooklyn (Breukelen) were founded. In the image below you can get a good idea of how big New Amsterdam was at the time. You can see the new city’s grids in the background.

Upon the arrival of the Dutch, the trail soon became the main road through the island from New Amsterdam at the southern tip. The Dutch explorer and entrepreneur David de Vries gives the first mention of it in his journal for the year 1642 ("the Wickquasgeck Road over which the Indians passed daily"). The Dutch named the road "Heerestraat". diverted from the similar called canal in Amsterdam. stippling indicates streets/blocks of the city today

Snack perhaps from Middle Dutch snakken (="to long" (snakken naar lucht="to gasp for air") originally "to eat"/"chatter") Snoop from snoepen (to eat (possibly in secret) something sweet) Spooky from spook (="ghost(ly image)") Stoker from stoken (="stoke a fire")

Yankee from Jan-Kees, a Dutch personal name, originally used mockingly to describe the pro-French revolutionary citizens of New Amsterdam. Bowery (neighborhood in southern Manhattan) Bouwerij was the old Dutch word for farm (today boerderij)

Hemp in Holland the secret of our success



salt water damage and mould that were among the common wear and tear experienced in the nautical industry.

Even flags, uniforms and fishing nets were fashioned from the fibre, and all these were above decks. Below, ships’ logs, maps, charts and bibles were printed on hemp paper as it was up to 100 times stronger than traditional papyrus preparations, and many of the lamps that lighted the dark evenings were dependent on hemp oil fuel. In fact, prior to 1883 between 75% and 90% of everything made of or printed on paper was from hemp, and before petrochemical companies most paints, oils, varnishes, and even glues and adhesives were manufactured from hemp.

Paintings of the time show sailors and farmers smoking

The Amsterdam

It’s no secret that the Netherlands and cannabis have a special relationship. Most commonly discussed is the tolerance towards recreational use and possession of small amounts of the plant. However history goes much further back.

The Dutch have also made strides in modern hemp production and processing it into household goods, cosmetics, food, and clothing. In fact, the Dutch have cultivated hemp for centuries and several hundred years ago were responsible for spreading a large amount of genetics across the planet. In order to supply the ships navigating the world with necessities such as ropes and sails, hemp crops were grown at home in the Netherlands, abroad in the colonies and at trading posts tracking their progress around the world.

While hemp, the non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years for spiritual, medical, nutritional, and industrial purposes, it was also partially responsible for enabling European imperialism in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

For hundreds of years the Dutch have cultivated hemp

Other nations such as Spain, Portugal, and England also depended heavily upon hemp for their industrial use and therefore the ability to trade, explore (and possibly conquer) new territories, expand business and simply travel. At a hemp refinery in 1629

...flags, uniforms and fishing nets were fashioned from the fibre, and all these were above decks. Below, ships’ logs, maps, charts and bibles...

Some say that the value of the hemp plant and its seeds rose to that of almost currency in different societies of different centuphoto: Amsterdam Idea ries. Competing European nations Supporting a famous history in often stole seed stocks as part of horticulture and botanical breeding, it’s been said that the Dutch were integral in the later development of the hemp plant as well as for introducing it to the American colonies in the 1600’s. After that time much of the paper and clothing in colonial America was made from hemp, with the textiles being recycled into ‘rag paper,’ known to this day as one of the strongest and most long-lasting types of paper in the world. During colonial hemp shortages it was a punishable offence for landowners (sometimes by death) for refusing to grow the plant.

Dutch would never have been as successful without the strong fibres

Along with new technologies and crops the Dutch hemp influence was also visible in other arenas. The modern English word ‘canvas’ is believed to be a Dutch pronunciation, derived from the Latin Cannabaceae, meaning ‘made of hemp’. ‘Canvas’ has roots in French and Latin and today is known as thick cotton cloth, but was until the last century almost always made from hemp fibres. Although people these days still encounter hemp in the form of clothes, shoes, tents, twine and nautical equipment, the availability of and dependence on hemp is nothing compared to a few hundred years ago.

A custom still alive 400 years later

Most of the seagoing nations, including the Dutch, would never have been as successful without the strong fibres with which to craft 90% of their sails, plus ropes, rigging, and even the ‘oakum’ that sealed cracks in the boats and made them watertight. In basic terms, if it wasn’t made of wood on a ship, it was made of hemp! Hemp rope and sails were incredibly strong and resisted the

the bounty that accompanied vic tory over the enemy at sea, bolstering the winner’s agricultural (thus nautical) value while depleting that of his rival.

The Dutch imported hemp seeds from South Africa and India upon return from their missions past the Cape of Good Hope. In addition to industrial applications the flowers of the plant were used as a substitute for the highly popular yet expensive tobacco. Paintings of the time show sailors and farmers smoking at inns and coffeehouses, a custom still alive 400 years later.

Red Light District


In early 2008, fifteen Dutch designers opened shop, rent-free for a year, in some of the former brothels, with scantily-clad window prostitutes replaced by trendy clothing. The sex workers union protested, claiming that the new businesses would bring the kind of clientele who would not be interested in them and lower their earnings while raising their rents.

The (in)famous red-light district of Amsterdam called ‘de Wallen’, is one of the city’s major tourist attractions. It is located in the heart of the oldest part of Amsterdam, covering several blocks south of the church Oude Kerk and crossed by several canals.

Mariska Majoor of the Prostitution Information Centre and representatives of the sex worker rights group De Rode Draad have criticized the decision, claiming it would not reduce crime but would only lead to higher rent and more competition for the remaining windows.

The branding pliers carry the oldest images of Amsterdam’s crest ever found. The stamp had the three detailed characteristic ‘Andreas Crosses’ or ‘St. Andrew’s Cross.’ The appointed cities archaeologist, Jerzy Gawronski, calls the discovery of the two tools unique.

Working & living in Amsterdam Looking for a life in the Netherlands? Well, Amsterdam is certainly the place to be…

There is a large number of ‘Expat’s’ (short for expatriate) living and working in Amsterdam. The recent figures taken show the number of expat’s in Amsterdam to be around 10,000, of which is over 13% of the population. Citizens coming from the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the Vatican City are only required to register with the foreign police (Vreemdeling Politie or IND) and the tax office (Belastingdienst) to be able to begin working here in the Netherlands. You will also have to request a residence permit but you can begin working without this as long as you have been registered with the tax office. If you are of another nationality then a work permit and residency visa will be required, but this is usually arranged by your employer.

Amsterdam has a wide variety of occupations available so make your choice a wise one. If the company you are working for has arranged your visa then it may be hard to change your vocation.

Not only will new expats be able to experience the relaxed attitude of this remarkable city but also the relaxed work ethics of the Dutch. If you are contracted to work a 40 hour week then 40 hours is what you will work and the Dutch will not readily go over that amount. The majority of companies in Amsterdam operate on a five-day working week (Monday - Friday), some even close early on Fridays and open late on Mondays. The average wage in the Netherlands is lower than a lot of other western countries but the demands on life are less. The high quality of life over-rules the lack of high income for many expats. Housing is expensive, especially within the city, yet the standard of living is high.

The discovery happened on the Damrak, the pliers were fished out from between the mud 7.5 meters down. After a thorough cleaning and deeper study, Gawronski knew that he held in his hands an object of great importance to Amsterdam’s history. ''It is the oldest Amsterdam brand pliers ever found,” Gawronski stated, “and it even has the cities weapon engraved. In previous documents, the weapon comes from the year 1419. So right now, the symbol goes about 70 years further back, to 1350.”

The red light district has existed almost as long as the city itself. It formerly contained many distilleries, mainly catering to sailors, and strangely enough, many monasteries were also located here. The name Wallen (walls) refers to the medieval retaining dam walls in the old centre of Amsterdam.

Last year, the city council of Amsterdam, concerned about trafficking and pimping in the area, closed 51 prostitution windows, reducing the total number of windows in De Wallen by a third. Amsterdam authorities ordered 18 properties to be sold to a housing corporation that planned to reinvent them as apartments and shopping malls, and started new development of the area with fashion designers and other up scale, non erotic businesses.

The Coat Of Arms

A rare find at the construction site of the new south bound metro line reveals that the coat of arms (three crosses) of Amsterdam is about seventy years older than previously preIn January 2008 the city council sumed. The discovery of the announced plans to close the Casa unique seal pliers from 1350, Rosso live sex theatre and the Ba- found during the construction nana Bar strip club in the area. of the North/South metro line has lead archaeologists to reevaluate the city’s history books.

De Wallen is a network of alleys containing several hundred tiny one-room apartments rented by female prostitutes (and some ladyboys) who offer their services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights. The area also has a number of sex shops, sex theatres, peep shows, a sex museum, a cannabis museum, bars, and a few coffee shops.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, with the exception of streetwalking. However, only EU citizens can work legally in the sex industry, since no working permits are given for prostitution.


Amsterdam sex workers are determined to get back the respect of the community. In the Spring of 2007, they were honoured with their own statue in front of the Oudekerk.

Amsterdam historian Chap the Rooij of the UvA praises Gawronski and his continuing study. ''There is relatively little information about the birth of Amsterdam. There are not many documents about this city. Do not forget that the city, for a long time, was an inconsiderable settlement. So, little was documented in those times and therefore such archaeological discoveries are so important.''

The crosses have no definitive origin but theories suggest they may be a warning against dangers of which the city of Amsterdam has survived through; Fire, Flood and the Black Death. Other theories tie the crosses on the coat of arms to the noble family, Persijn. The Knight Jan Persijn was ‘Lord’ of Amstelledamme (Amsterdam) from 1280-1282. These dates seem to be consistent with the recent find at the Amsterdam metro construction site.

Did You Know?

The Red Light District is located in the oldest part of Amsterdam existing since the 14th century.



According to a study called the ‘World Drug Report’ performed by the UN (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) cannabis was reported in 172 countries and territories world wide, with more than a million European consumers in the last month.

Coffeeshops finally legal? Netherlands preparing for Cannabis D-day

continuation of frontpage… the mayor of Maastricht (a middle-sized city close to both the German and Belgium border) says that “closing coffeeshops in one town, just moves the problem to the next”, and therefor is no solu-

War on Drugs Film Festival Monday 24 Tuesday 25 November November 15.15 - 16.10 Damage Done (206) documentary by Connie Littlefield (CAN) 16.10 - 16.15 LEAP promo film Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (US)

16.15 - 16.45 Interview with Connie Littlefield and Frank Serpico 17.00 - 18.00 Grass (1999) documentary by Ron Mann


18.00 - 18.25 Dutch Glory (1999) documentary by Johan Elings (NL)

18.30 - 18.55 The War on soft-drugs (2005) news report on Dutch television (NL)

13.15 - 14.55 The War On Drugs (2007) documentary by Sebastian J.F. (AUT) 15.05 - 16.05 War on Drugs part 1 documentary by Frank Wiering (NL)

16.15 - 17.15 War on Drugs part 2 documentary by Frank Wiering (NL)

17.20 - 8.00 You Tube - collage shorts 18.00 - 18.15 Hemp for Victory (1943) documentary by Raymond Evans (US) 18.15 - 18.50 Surprise!

20.00 - 22.00 Jack Stevenson (US) presents: ‘Unique 16mm footage of drugs in cinema – part II’

20.00 - 22.00 Jack Stevenson (US) presents: ‘Unique 16mm footage of drugs in cinema – part I’

‘Famous Friends of Cannabis’ is an idea of Self-Hemployed Amsterdam. The website was inspired by a chapter from the book 'Cannabis' by German writer Mathias Broecker (published in 2002). has been online since 2004 and is the largest archive on notable historical and contemporary Friends Of Cannabis (Industrial hemp AND Marijuana).

The report also showed that the prices have been stable or dropped since 1996. With Spain being the cheapest and Norway being the most expensive when it concerns retail prices.

Cannabis College

Recreational Information

The highest concentration of THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) the active ingredient in cannabis seems to be in the Netherlands at a little over 20%. Portugal and Italy scrape the bottom of the bag When consuming cannabis at less than three percent. and enjoying our lovely city please keep these tips in mind The report shows a quite diver- to prevent possible negative exgent regulatory landscape in the periences. EU, with decriminalization trends in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal * THC, one of the active ingrediand Luxembourg but toughening ents in cannabis, is a mood enregulations in Denmark, Italy and hancer. Make sure you are having The Netherlands does not occur surprisingly, the big example, the a good day that you wish to make more intense or refrain from in this list of top users, according Netherlands. using cannabis products. Drug use is a personal choice and should not be influenced by another person’s opinion.

Prohibition is counter productive

tion. According to the mayor it is time for a national ‘weed congress’ to decide once and for all if cannabis should be legal, and if so, how to regulate this nationwide, and not per municipal, as is The Beckley foundation, an UN recognized NGO will pubnow still the case. lish a report done by the ‘Global Cannabis Commission’. An international group of academics and experts in drug policy analysis, commissioned by the Beckley Foundation to produce a Report on cannabis policy in a global perspective.

Cannabis College

13.15 - 15.05 Serpico (1974) movie starring Al Pacino (US)

The Danish are way ahead of other European countries when it concerns Cannabis use. From the age of 15 to 34 some 50% have tried Cannabis at a certain point in their lives. This is quite the difference compared to the 30 percent European average. Other European countries with higher than average use are France, Spain and the UK. Canada (at 58.6%), and the United States (at 49%) are the leaders when it comes to the world wide consumption of cannabis.

to researchers, this could have to do with the fact that Cannabis is freely available to those 18 years and older in the Netherlands.


The report, which should be available early 2009 will address the shortcomings of the current cannabis prohibition.

It argues that although cannabis can have a damaging effect in health and on mental health, it is actually far less damaging than alcohol and tobacco. "Historically, there have only been two deaths worldwide attributed to cannabis, whereas alcohol and tobacco together are responsible for an estimated 150,000 deaths per annum in the UK alone", the report alleges.

* Use caution when combining cannabis and alcohol. Smoking a joint can make your drinks feel Much of the harm associated with many times stronger! cannabis use is "the result of prohibition itself, particularly the so- * Allow 20 minutes to two hours cial harms arising from arrest and for a space product to start workimprisonment". It also states that ing, and if the cake is larger try “Retaining a criminal law on pos- eating half and wait at least an session on the books as a handy hour before consuming more tool for discretionary police use cannabis. tends to result in discriminatory application of the law against the * All cannabis users: (but especially medical users) should make disadvantaged”. sure to consume only organically Any state should be allowed to grown products (no chemical nuadopt, implement and evaluate its trients or pesticides). own cannabis regime within its borders (something the Dutch * Smoking joints, eating space have bravely been doing for 30 cake or using a vaporiser will years). This should however in- lower the amount of sugar in your volve state licensing of entities blood. This can sometimes lead to producing, wholesaling and retail- nausea, ringing ears, and sweating. ing the drug (much like tobacco If this occurs just drink some sugar water or juice, or eat someand alcoholic beverages). thing sweet (avoid caffeine). Fresh air usually helps and so does a The report also recommends good meal, but panicking will not! “The state should control potency and quality, assure reasonably high prices and control access and * Regular consumers of cannabis availability in general and particu- are encouraged to take frequent breaks from their habit. Rememlarly to youth”. ber, smoke less and enjoy it more!

* Unfortunately someone who has consumed too many “space” products will notice no relief from sugar water, as the metabolised cannabinoids are unaffected by sugar. When visiting coffeeshops there are certain things you can keep in mind:

* Don’t feel obliged to consume the entire amount of cannabis purchased in that same coffeeshop, as you may carry up to five grams and enjoy it at the next shop you visit, or at home.

* Not all coffeeshops are the same. Trust your instincts and if you can’t get enough information from the menu, feel free to ask for a sample to see and smell, or go elsewhere. * The toleration of cannabis is restricted to primarily coffeeshops, meaning that smoking in public or in bars is not always permitted.


Return of the ‘Stock Reports’ FREEAMSTERDAM.NL

Now, as Dutch parliament is calling for an evaluation of the 30 year old Dutch drug policy in November we take a trip down memory lane ourselves.

tice this means in the Netherlands, the selling of Cannabis is "illegal, but not punishable", so the law is not enforced in establishments following these nation wide rules:

Digging through the long and vibrant Cannabis history we found • no advertising the ‘Stock Reports’. Price an- • no hard drug sales on the premises nouncements, dubbed ‘beursbe- • no sales to minors (people under the age of 18) richten’ by Koos Zwart. • no sales transactions exceeding a quantity threshold (5 grams) • no public disturbances

Stock Reports, Ask Larry

In 1970 Dutch radio DJ, Koos Zwart, started announcing the prices of hashish on Dutch radio during his (nation wide) weekly show.

Two years later, in 1972, the first Coffeeshop in Amsterdam was opened. In that same year a commission report appeared. In this report a distinction was made between drugs with an unacceptable risk (hard drugs) and Cannabis products.

Koos Zwart started announcing the prices of hashish

In 1976 the ‘Opiumwet’ (drugs laws) changed and the distinction between Cannabis and hard drugs was legally determined. In prac-

Free Amsterdams’ flying reporter ‘Ask Larry’ Larry went around the coffeeshops to give us an inside look on todays prices:


Cheese: 8 to 12 Euro per gram Amnesia: 10 to 12 Euro per gram Jack Herer: 8 to 12 Euro per gram Silver Haze: 10 to14 Euro per gram Diesel (New York or Sour): 9 to 12 Euro per gram Kush: 7 to 9 Euro per gram Bubblegum: 8 to 10 Euro per gram Blue Berry: 8 to 10 Euro per gram White Widow: 6 to 8 Euro per gram AK-47: 6 to 9 Euro per gram Jamaican (Import): 4 to 5 Euro per gram

HASHISH ”Yo Yo everyone. Today I decided to take a little ride on my scooter which has been in limbo longer than I care to remember. I stopped by more than a few coffeeshops to see what flavors were available. These are the range prices of the most noticeable pot and hash varieties”.

Coffeeshop Map

Isolator/Bubble hash (Domestic): 25 to 50 Euro per gram Nepalese: 10 to 14 Euro per gram Charas: 8 to 12 Euro per gram Ketama: 6 to 10 Euro per gram Based on the survey of 20 popular Amsterdam coffeeshops

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

In a report from the EMCDDA we found the average European consumer prices and usage The average retail price of cannabis resin (hash) in the EU varies from 2.3 euros per gram in Portugal to over 12 euros per gram in Norway, while the price of herbal cannabis (pot) ranges from 2.7 euros per gram in Portugal to 11.6 euros per gram in Malta. A majority of countries reported prices for cannabis products of between 5 and 10 euros per gram.

Most cannabis use tends to be occasional or discontinued some time after its initiation. On average, 33 % of Europeans who have ever tried cannabis have also used it in the last year, whereas only 16 % have used it in the last INT 30 days.

A random list of Coffeeshops in the centre of Amsterdam A - Rokerij Singel 8

K - Homegrown Fantasy Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87a

C - Central Prins Hendrikkade 89

M - Amnesia Herengracht 133

B - Pablo Picasso Haarlemmerstraat 6 D - Dampkring Haarlemmerstraat 44

L - Grasshopper Oude Brugsteeg 16

N - Barney’s Haarlemmerstraat 102

E - Resin Hekelveld 7

O - The Bulldog Singel 12

G - Café 420 Oude Brugsteeg 27

Q - Hortus Plantage Middenlaan 2

F - Siberie Brouwersgracht 11

P - Dolphins Kerkstraat 33

H - Greenhouse Haarlemmerstraat 64

R - Kadinsky Zoutsteeg 14

J - Grey Area Oude Leliestraat 2

T - Feels good Oudezijds Voorburgwal 36

I - Anyday Korte Kolksteeg 5

S - Blue Bird Sint Antoniebreestraat 71

10 Years Cannabis College FREEAMSTERDAM.NL

This November the information centre Cannabis College will be celebrating itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ten year anniversary!

To mark the occasion several events such as a street party and the Cannabis Film Festival will be organized in and around the Cannabis College on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of November from 12.00 PM until 4.00 PM. Festivities start on Sunday, with an open invitation to the public for the long-awaited grand opening of the Hemp Gallery situated on the O.Z. Achterburgwal, two doors down from the Cannabis College. The beautifully renovated Hemp Gallery will exhibit the myriad uses of the Hemp plant throughout the centuries. At the Cannabis College itself there will be several stands demonstrating a variety of traditional hemp trades and handicrafts. You can also join in and try out some of these skills for yourself! Guests will also have an opportunity to sample some of the delicious hemp food and drinks.

On a more serious note, on the first and second of December a cannabis tribunal will be held in Den Haag (The Hague). This will be a predominantly Dutch event, but in light of the current legal restrictions that coffeeshops and the whole Cannabis industry are facing, this tribunal is of the utmost importance, long overdue and couldn't have come at a more critical time. Hopefully many of the invited politicians will have their eyes and ears opened in time to reverse the draconian policies by which many Dutch businesses have been thwarted. Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124 (Red Light District)



Legal? Or permitted? Websites: 20

Dutch Marijuana Legislation Facts

Amsterdam is known to be a liberal city. Although many people exaggerate the freedom here, the Amsterdammers and Dutch in general do have a few liberties that are unique in the world. Still, whenever you visit a city in a foreign country it is always a good idea to inform yourself about the local laws and rules. In Amsterdam's case this can be a difficult task, therefore this article will try to inform you about the basics of the Dutch legislation and specific things you should know about Amsterdam and its Coffeeshops.

You are allowed to purchase and possess up to five grams of cannabis


The specific rules are as follows: • You are allowed to purchase and European Coalition for Just possess up to five grams of can- and Effective Drug Policies nabis. Possessing more is interpreted as if you want to trade it, United Nations Office on which is illegal. Drugs and Crime • Only specially permitted “Coffeeshops” are allowed to sell soft drugs, and never more than five Netherlands Institute of grams per person per day. You Mental Health and Addiction have to be 18 or over to access a Coffeeshop. Dutch Drug Policy Foundation

You have to be 18 or over to access a coffeeshop

The paradox in the Dutch drugs policy is that the growing and trading of large amounts of soft drugs is illegal and not allowed, yet Coffeeshops still need to buy their stock. This phenomenon is referred to as the “back door/ front door” paradox: Coffeeshops are allowed to sell (and pay taxes for it), but can not legally buy stock.

It is not illegal to smoke outside the Coffeeshop, but things have changed over the past few years, and it is no longer acceptable to smoke cannabis just everywhere.

Restricted areas around Central Station and the Red Light District have a “zero tolerance” policy. In In the Netherlands we distinguish other areas in Amsterdam where between two types of drugs: soft it is forbidden to smoke Marijuand hard drugs. By law both of ana, official “no-pot-smoking” them are illegal, but the use and street signs will indicate this clepossession of small amounts of arly. soft drugs is decriminalized and regulated. This led the Dutch to Although you are not expected to having a unique drugs policy in know local regulations, you might the world. Although the use of very well risk a fine when smoking addictives in general is discoura- in these areas. ged, the Dutch politics reasoned that cannabis does not have physically addictive qualities, and are not more harmful than, say, alcohol. Therefore the Netherlands allow limited forms of possession and trade in soft-drugs.

Effective Drug Policies The European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) was founded in 1993 and is a NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). It is a wide European network of about 156 organisations and individual citizens affected and concerned by current drug policies.

Among their members are cannabis and hemp organizations, health workers, doctors, researchers, grassroot activists as well as media, companies and many individual European citizens. According to ENCOD, drug policies deprive society from benefiting from the positive applications of plants such as hemp or coca leaves, while they guarantee criminal profits, which, according to the UN agency in charge of drug control, can be estimated at 400 billion euros per year.

ENCOD members believe that drug prohibition should be replaced by a rational and balanced approach as the only sensible way of reducing drug related problems. Based on evidence and on respect for human rights.

Also you can become an ENCOD member. Surf to the website to find out how.

Henry Ford Hemp Car v=OlwLw-a0HJM

John Sinclair It’s All Good

"Legal" Marijuana in Holland 1 v=sbun--oaTi4

"Legal" Marijuana in Holland 2 v=yLW8hN4OfjM DRUGTEXT, Harm Reduction Information Center "Legal" Marijuana in Holland 3 The Netherlands and the Uni- v=vKZjIuU-dJk ted Stated: A Comparison Hemp Museum Tour v=KAyOxsSJknY and-analysis/WDR-2007.html The UN Office on Drugs and Paris Hilton & Eagle Bill Crime ‘2007 World Drug Report’ v=wbHV5wXpkIY The EMCDDA lobal issues and Did You Know? local experiences on Cannabis Vaporzing is a smoke-free and healthier option than http:// smoking cannabis. Information on vaprozing cannabis

When you go to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam they got people coming there from all over the world to check out the finest marijuana grown by the seed companies of Holland for us to smoke & get high & enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a society where people just don t care if you wanna get high--

Hey, that's just fine, c ‘mon over here to the Cannabis Café de Kuil & order up whatever kind of weed or hash you might wanna smoke because it's all good-It's All Good

And by the end of the week they gonna pick the finest marijuana that's been submitted for the testing of the exalted panel of judges here at the Cannabis Cup

& guess what? While we re smoking all those different kinds of weed & trying to figure out which one is gonna win the Cup, every different brand we try is gonna be the BOMB because it's all good-It's All Good

So we gonna forget about America & enjoy ourselves here at the Cannabis Cup all week long & on Thanksgiving Day when they announce who grew the best pot for us to smoke & get high on

Let's give thanks for every strain of weed that's made its way here to us--

With special appreciation for all the growers of marijuana all over the world

& our intrepid comrades who risk life & limb to supply us with the substances we require

& all the warriors doing time in the vast penitentiaries of America as prisoners of the War on Drugs-We salute you all & thank you once again for all the good you have done because it's all good-It's All Good

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4MST3RD4M 1N NUMB3RS Founded: 1306 (City Rights) Population: 747,290

Location: 52°22’23”N 4°53’32”E

Size: 219 km2 (84.6 sq mi) - Land 166 km² (64.1 sq mi) - Water: 53 km² (20.5 sq mi) Distance to: New York, NY, USA 5867 km/ 3646 mi

London, United Kingdom 355 km/ 221 mi Sydney, Australia 16673 km/ 10362 mi Mexico City, Mexico 9223 km/ 5732 mi

Buenos Aires, Argentina 11436 km/ 7108 mi

Amsterdam has 174 nationalities. (out of 249 world wide) It consists of approx. 90 islands, separated by some 100 kilometres of canals and linked with about 1,281 bridges. About 20,000 buildings make up the historical city centre (800 hectares). One third was built before 1850.

Amsterdam has approximately 6,700 ‘national monuments’.

Central Station is build on 6,000 poles in the ground.

21 markets 28 parks 600,000 bicycles 6,179 shops 250 restaurants 232 city trams 24 diamond polishing factories 1,281 bridges 165 canals 45 theatre schools 2,500 houseboats 350 hotels (with about 18,000

rooms where almost 45,000 beds are provided)

5 camping sites 220,000 trees 40 performances per day 16,000 concerts and theatrical performances 302 statues & sculptures and 51 museums 44533 daily visitors (averaging 15,749,000 per year)

Over 22,000 students attend the ‘Universiteit van Amsterdam’. The University uses about 95 buildings throughout the city.

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Coffeeshops: 234 (statistics pu-



blished Jan 2007)


25% of the Netherlands is below sea level. 75% of the world’s entire flower bulb production comes from the Netherlands. The Netherlands still has around a thousand original working windmills scattered throughout the country. The Dutch are in average the tallest people in Europe.

Tobacco 16+ Voting: 18+ Driving: 18+ Drinking age 16+ (for beer or wine). Hard Liquor: 18+ Pot smoking age 18+ Cannabis possession 18+ Max 5 g. p.p. (Hash or Weed) Average Annual Precipitation: 32.1 inches/ 81 cm Average January Temperature: 38 degrees F/ 3 degrees C Average July Temperature: 62 degrees F/ 17 degrees C


January 1st - New Year's Day April 30th - Queen's Day May 4th - Commemoration Day May 5th - Liberation Day December 5th - Saint Nicholas Dec. 25th - Christmas Day Dec. 26th - 2nd Christmas Day


Emergency Services - tel.: 112

Public Transport - tel.: 0900 9292 Lost & Found - tel.: 0900 8011 Schiphol Airport - tel.: 0900 7244 7465





There are in total 2,556 locations where alcohol can be consumed (excluding hotels and

liqueur stores)








































































4 Letters Walk Hemp Seed







5 Letters Canal Dance Enjoy 6 Letters Museum Coffee Season

7 Letters Organic Freedom Culture



































8 Letters Amsterdam Dutchman Legalize

Words may be found in any direction possible. © 2008 Amsterdam Idea

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What Day Is It?

Alice is walking throught the forest of forgetfulness. She wants to know what day of the week it is. She stops and asks a lion and a unicorn. Now the lion lies all of the time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The unicorn always

lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Alice asks the lion what day it is, he says, "Well, yesterday was one of my lying days." Alice can't figure it out just from the lion's answer so she asks the unicorn and the unicorn says, "Yesterday was also one of my lying days." What day is it?

Spot & Shot!

Guess what location it is you see in the picture and mail your anwser to: for your own Amsterdam t-shirt! Hint: Look up...

The anwser to the last ‘Spot & Shot’ was, the beautiful little flowerstand in the red light district.

Sudoku And the winneris: T. Salvo, Amsterdam, NL

1 4

5 2

7 5 8 1 5 8 6 7

7 8

7 5 8

6 9 3

5 6



4 8 1 9

4 3 6 9 2 7


3 2 9 7

1 6 2 7

4 8 3

1 6 2

8 1



3 7

Fill in the grid with digits in such a manner that every row, every column and every 3x3 box (one block consisting out of nine boxes) accommodates the digits 1-9 without repeating any. Find solution on:

La b y r in th

Electricity: 220/240 volts, electrical sockets have two round holes.

Internet/ Mobile: Amsterdam has about 70 internet ‘Hot Spots’ and there are 5 major Mobile Phone Network operators.



2 9 1 6

For 24-hour emergency medical and dental service, call the Central Doctors Service tel.: 020 - 5923434

+31(0)20 420 0445


8 3

2 6

6 7 2

5 6 3 1

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The legend of The Flying Dutchman 22


There are ghost ships in other parts of the world that are often called "The Flying Dutchman", but the one that still tries to round the Cape of Good Hope, at the southern tip of Africa, is the original.

She was an Amsterdam vessel. Her master’s name was Captain Willem Vanderdecken. He was a staunch seaman, and would have his own way in spite of the devil. For all that, it is said never a sailor under him had reason to complain. Around 1676 while on one of his journeys, he disappeared. A rumour started about how the ship’s crew had tried for days to get through the traitorous waters where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet at the southern tip of Africa, known as Cape of Good Hope. However, with the wind against them, they were forced to retreat and seek shelter in a nearby bay. As Vanderdecken walked the deck, swearing at the wind, he threw his bible (which every captain wore on him) overboard and shouted: “Even if I should beat about here till the day of judgment, I will round the Cape!” As it happened, the following day brought Easter, a holy day, but still the captain was determent to sail out again. This ultimate sacrilege invoked the curse he had set upon himself the previous day. A (heavenly) voice said: ”Till the day of judgment!” on which the ship became completely blackened, and its sails turned blood red. He was condemned to forever try, but never succeed to round the Cape of Good Hope. It is said this Flying Dutchman could move though other ships like a ghost. For any ship encountering this grim vessel it meant certain doom. Letter of doom Vanderdecken would try to send letters back to his (long since deceased) family by handing them over to passing ships. On such occasions a boat with three or four pale men would be rowed over to the passing ship and the

The British South Africa Annual of 1939 included the story, derived from newspaper reports : “With uncanny volition, the ship sailed steadily on as the Glencairn beach folk stood about, keenly discussing the whys and wherefores of the vessel. Just as the excitement reached its climax however, the mystery ship vanished into thin air as strangely as it had come.”

According to some sources, a 17th century Dutch captain called Bernard Fokke is the model for the captain of the ghost ship. Fokke was renowned for the uncanny speed of his trips from Holland (around the tip of Africa) to Java in Dutch-India. He was suspected of being in league with the devil to achieve this speed.

Possible explanations for sightings

Recently, scientists have offered a new explanation for the Flying Dutchman sightings. A common effect known as looming occurs in optics when the rays of light are bent across different refractive indices. This could make a ship just off the horizon appear as if it were hoisted in the air

Other Dutch ghost ships

The Flying Dutchman by - Alfred Pinkham Ryder, 1887

letters would be offered to the Captain. It was said that whoever accepted the letters would not see land again.

The Englishman Sir Walter Scott wrote of the Flying Dutchman "She is distinguished from earthly vessels by bearing a press of sail when other vessels are unable, from stress of weather, to show an inch of canvas." According to one account, the ship was painted yellow when it left Batavia, but it must have been much weathered by the time that it reached the Cape. All agree that Vanderdecken tries to pass letters home to other ships, but to accept these letters is certain doom. An anonymous account found in the British Museum library tells of a passenger ship which did allow Vanderdecken to send across a boat with four men. One of these Dutch seamen tried to hand letters to the passenger ship's chaplain, who wisely de-

In the fog of war As recently as March 1939, the ghost ship was seen in False Bay, South Africa by dozens of bathers in neighbouring Glencairn who supplied detailed descriptions of the ship, although most had probably never seen a 17th century merchant vessel.

Origins of Captain Vanderdecken

H.M.S. Jubilee was on the way to the Brittish Navy base at Simonstown, near Cape Town. At 9 p.m., a phantom sailing ship was seen. The second officer, Davies, was in charge of the watch. Sharing this duty was the third officer, Nicholas Monsarrat. Monsarrat signalled to the strange ship, but there was no response. Davies recorded in the log that a ship, of a class that he did not recognise, was moving under full sail, even though there was no wind. The Jubilee had to change course to avoid a collision. Davies' superiors would have been in no mood for nonsense, and he had to weigh that against the danger, especially in wartime, of not recording the strange things he saw.

According to Nazi Admiral Karl Doenitz, U-Boat crews also logged sightings of the Flying Dutchman off the Cape Peninsula. For the crews, these sightings On the third of August, 1942, proved to be a terrible omen. INT

clined to take them. The ghostly seamen left the letters on the deck, weighted down with an iron bar, and returned to his ship. Fortunately, the passenger ship lurched, dislodging the bar, and the letters were blown overboard. All passengers survived the journey.

The well-organized British Royal Navy is not short of official accounts of the Flying Dutchman. A Captain W.F.W. Owen, Royal Navy surveyor, made a record in the log of H.M.S. Leven, in 1823, about some strange events. Twice a phantom ship was sighted, and on one occasion it was seen to lower a boat, to attempt communication. Aware of the dangers, Captain Owen did not respond. Other Royal Navy records of the same period show that a group of mutineers rigged their ship to resemble the Flying Dutchman and took up piracy. However, they surrendered themselves at the

Cape, after being terrified by a real ghost ship.

The most famous Royal Navy sighting was recorded by King George V, who in 1881 was a midshipman on H.M.S. Bacchante. In his diary, for July 11, he unequivocally wrote "At four a.m., the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows." The lookout on the forecastle, and the officer of the watch, also saw the ghost ship off the port bow. Prince George described "a strange red light, as of a phantom ship, all aglow in the midst of which light the mast, spars and sails of a brig two hundred yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up." The ghost ship was sighted from other ships in the squadron, the Cleopatra and the Tourmaline. Thirteen crewmen, in all, witnessed the phenomenon. The seaman who first reported the ghost ship died from a fall, only INT seven hours afterwards.

Versions of the Flying Dutchman story are numerous in nautical folklore and are often related to earlier medieval legends such as that of Captain Falkenburg who was cursed to ply the North Sea until Judgment Day, playing at dice with the Devil for his own soul.

Almost forgotten nowadays is another phantom Dutch East Indiaman that haunts the Cape. This ghost ship is the Libera Nos, aboard which Bernard Fokke captains a literally skeleton crew. The Van Diemen, another Dutch ghost ship, haunts seas close to modern day Indonesia.

Inspired by the legend The Flying Dutchman is the most famous ghost ship inspiring Wagner's opera Der Fliegende Hollander. Wagner, however, calls the captain himself "The Flying Dutchman". The air miles club of Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) is also, predictably, called "The Flying Dutchman". A popular class of yacht is called "Flying Dutchman" and in Amsterdam there is a cannabis seed shop called “The Flying Dutchmen”.

The ghost ship provides the name for traditional English pubs, and even a great American baseball star, Honus Wagner, was nicknamed "The Flying Dutchman". You may have seen the old movie Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, starring Ava Gardner. Even cartoon hero, Sponge Bob has a nemesis called the Flying Dutchman. And then of course there is the ghost ship (complete with skeleton crew) in the blockbuster ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ starring INT Johnny Depp.






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