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saturday oct. 22 12-7

finlay park 930 Laurel St. columbia




elcome to the first annual Columbia Carolina Green Fair. We are so excited after four years in Charleston to be able to celebrate the green movement in our state capital. The purpose of the Carolina Green Fair is to create excitement and enthusiasm for green practices, products, services and technologies available to the residents of South Carolina using an environmentally responsible forum of education and entertainment. We are proud that in our first year in Columbia we have nearly 70 organizations participating in the Fair. The City of Columbia did not hesitate to jump onboard as a sponsor, and we are grateful for the support we received from our partners, Conservation Voters of South Carolina and Sustainable Midlands. A large part of our success this year has been through the support of our Columbia Host Committee — a group of passionate individuals, who believe that by educating both consumers and businesses through the Columbia Green Fair Events, it is possible to make South Carolina an even finer place to live. We hope you enjoy your day in Finlay Park and leave the Fair with lots of new ideas on how to incorporate green into your life in a meaningful way! Suzie Webster

Executive Director Carolina Green Fair

Vanessa Driscoll

Executive Director Columbia Green Fair

What Makes Columbia Green Fair Unique? Our Host Committee makes Columbia highly unique … We reached out to the community to create a committee of Columbia natives and conservation leaders to act as Green Fair ambassadors. They contribute to all aspects of the Green Fair from programming, to connecting the Green Fair to potential sponsors and exhibitors, to representing the event and supporting our marketing. We could not represent Columbia accurately and regionally without the support of the following people: Ryan Nevius – Sustainable Midlands Executive Director Rebecca Howser – Rebecca Howser Interiors Suzie Sale – Conservation Voters of South Carolina Director of Development and Marketing Sarah Robinson Lyles – PalmettoPride Public Relations Director Daniel Rickenmann – City of Columbia Council At-Large Member Mary Pat Baudaulf - City of Columbia Sustainability Director Anna Lange – Richland County Sustainability Coordinator Eric McClam – City Roots Farm Manager Heather Spires – The Nickelodeon Theatre Director of Development Jill Armbruster – Blue Cross Blue Shield Marketing Coordinator Laurie Acker – Earth Fare Community Outreach and Marketing Director Merrill McGregor – Coastal Conservation League, Government Relations Coordinator Sara Green – South Carolina Wildlife Federation Tracie Broom – Slow Food Marketing and Events Coordinator Joan Traylor – SC Hospitality Association Amanda Loveday – Political Campaign Consultant Christie McGregor – The Nature Conservacy, Legislative Affairs Director Bruce Lawrence Jr. – Strategicents


Special thanks to our Columbia Host Committee, in particular, Eric McClam from City Roots, Ryan Nevius from Sustainable Midlands, Ann Timberlake from Conservation Voters of SC, Anna Lange from Richland County, Sarah Robinson Lyles from Palmetto Pride, Merrill McGregor from Coastal Conservation, Christie McGregor form the Nature Conservancy, Mary Pat Baldauf from the City of Columbia, City Councilman at Large Daniel Rickenmann; also our Resource and Recovery guru Jeremy Grant; and of course, Jen Coody and our friends at Free Times; our Progressive Dinner Partners, Cellar On Green, Mr. Friendly’s, Saludas, Goatfeathers, Motor Supply, Pearlz, Blue Marlin, Mezza; Earthspun Tees for providing our T-shirts; and especially Chef Ryan Whittaker from @116 Espresso and Wine Bar and Chef Mike Davis from Terra; lastly thank you to our Carolina Green Fair Board Members and friends who are joining us from Charleston.



Columbia: Seeking the Path to Sustainability By Ryan Nevius


On your first-year anniversary at New Belgium Brewing you get a shiny new cruiser and employee-ownership. It comes with a feeling of trust, empowerment, and the desire to do what’s right. Together, we have decided that minimizing our environmental impact, contributing to our community, and encouraging the growth of each other is the right path for us. We call it Alternatively Empowered. And it pedals us all.

hat do Wal-Mart, Nike and NASCAR have in common with the Irmo manufacturing company Sleep Comfort and The Publick House restaurant on Devine Street? They all have sustainability plans and a companywide commitment to better utilize natural resources. In other words, they are going green. People in Columbia are discovering that green is the new color of a successful bottom line for business and a better bank account for the individual. They are also experiencing a sense of accomplishment in taking control of waste and finding that it feels good to work together to ensure that future generations have clean air and water and the natural resources they need. Our community demonstrates a high level of interest in green initiatives. When Sustainable Midlands and partners organized a conference to encourage faith-based organizations to hear about ways to green their buildings and educate their members, people from more than 50 churches and synagogues attended. When we offered a seminar about energy efficiency, the room filled. And when we hosted Rudy Mancke to talk about caring for our natural world, 200 people came to listen. Groups are meeting regularly throughout Columbia about community gardens, local food, bike paths and connectivity. Each year, businesses are inspired by the Green is Good for Business Conference and more homebuilders respond to the market and offer energy efficient homes. Yes, interest is high. Our local governments have taken solid steps forward, too. For example, they have utilized stimulus grants to upgrade lighting in government buildings; changed fleets to biodiesel; and even offered residents opportunities to exchange inefficient light bulbs for new CFLs and receive discounts on electric lawnmowers. What do we lack? A comprehensive Sustainability Plan embracing 21st century community concepts. We have not identified the areas where our resources can make the most difference. One example of the need for such a plan is our contradicting use of

Ryan Nevius. File photo.

resources to build additional parking garages on some of our most valuable downtown land. Yet a recent panel of experts reported that we have an excess of empty and underutilized parking spaces and that to revitalize Main Street we should add residential units. Our goal must be to establish a set of priorities for the key sustainability areas and outline how we will accomplish them. Once developed, this plan must be embedded in our every decision. The plan would address reduction in solid waste; energy efficiency; water efficiency; connectivity and smart growth that fits with the long-term public transportation plan. This is not unchartered territory; many governments across the U.S. have hired sustainability directors and developed such action plans, cities such as Newark, Philadelphia, Austin and Charleston. To achieve our goals, we must first know what they are. Together as One Columbia, we can and will create an alternative vision for our community. The more citizens that share the vision and the more we continue to celebrate, educate and advocate for these changes the faster the reality will occur. Join us on the path to a Sustainable Midlands, as we make the commitment to find the balance of needs for the planet, the people and the economy. Ryan Nevius is executive director of Sustainable Midlands. Learn more at






Litter (noun) - trash not disposed of in a proper container.





Eco Trend Expands with Launch of Green Fair Event Highlights Bikes as Transport Option By Trevor Baratko


ollowing the lead of community planners in Charleston, Columbia will host its first Carolina Green Fair on Saturday, Oct. 22, at Finlay Park from noon to 6 p.m. Admission is $5 — or free if you bring four incandescent light bulbs or women’s winter clothing.

Columbia Green Fair is a branch of the statewide Carolina Green Fair, which was established to create excitement and enthusiasm for green products, services and technologies available to the residents of South Carolina. Attendees will have an op-


portunity to learn about and celebrate the latest eco-friendly trends around the Midlands at the all-day event. Cycling is one of the simplest ways to enhance your sustainable lifestyle — it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new HVAC — and the Green Fair will highlight the activity with the New Belgium Bike Parade starting at 1:30 p.m. at Finlay Park. The ride will be approximately 2.5 miles, running along Lincoln, Greene, Sumter and Laurel streets. Tim Malson, a local cyclist and co-owner of Summit Cycles on Two Notch Road, is a promoter of the ride. He’s hoping for 100 riders to turn out for the family-friendly trek, he says. “People don’t realize how accessible of a city Columbia is to take by bike,” Malson says. He readily admits,

How GREEN is your printing? Here are some things you should know about Sun and our “green” printing efforts: • FSC, SFI and PEFC Chain of Custody Certified. • Comprehensive Recycle Program and Re-Purpose Program • Community advocate for Green Business Certification Programs. • Promoter, educator and mentor for other businesses and organizations who are “Going Green” • Award Winner for Recycling Programs • Community Projects, Partnerships and Sun Cares Print Grants • Last year, Sun recycled 1262 tons of paper Find out about Sun’s Green efforts at, or by calling 803.791.1786.

Have you done something GREEN today?

The Green Fair in Charleston. Organizers hope the idea takes off in Columbia, too. Courtesy photo.

though, that there is still a long way to go toward making it more safe. “We have a lot of trails, bikeways, but we do need to raise awareness in drivers,” Malson says. Malson says he believes cities such as Charleston and Greenville are more educated about and cognizant of bikers. “I’ve heard a lot of talk from officials about making this more of a bike-friendly city, but I don’t feel the action has been there,” he says. “I’d give the city maybe a healthy C when it comes to cycling laws. We need more signage here, lower speed limits, more bike lanes … we have a long way to go.” In addition to the bike rally, the Green Fair will feature an art walk, beer and wine tastings, an agriculture tent, an eco-fashion station, a kids tent and more. Live music will also be performed throughout the day. The first step in constructing the capital city’s Green Fair was seeking partnerships, says organizer Vanessa Driscoll, which she found in the Conservation Voters of South Carolina and Sustainable Midlands, two environmental advocacy groups. “It’s really about educating people and letting them know how they can be good stewards of the environment,” says Ryan Nevius, executive director of Sustainable Midlands. “We’re also celebrating the efforts of groups that are in place to promote conservation and sustainable living.” Simple things people can do to enhance their sustainable lifestyles, Nevius says, include bundling their trips running errands, buying products with the least amount of packaging

and walking or riding bikes whenever feasible. Driscoll, meanwhile, believes a common mistake regarding green efforts is that people don’t recognize the many forms environmentalism or conservation comes in. “Hunter, fisherman, preservationist, farmer, kayaker, politician, gardener, restaurant owners, etc. — all of these people care about keeping South Carolina rivers clean, land preserved, wildlife managed, having fresh local food which all in turn protects our environment,” she says. In addition to Sustainable Midlands and Summit Cycles, key sponsors for the Green Fair include @116 Espresso and Wine Bar, American Harvest Organic Spirit, New Belgium Brewing, Conservation Voters of South Carolina and Free Times. Other exhibitors include South Carolina Wildlife Federation, Slow Food Columbia, Keep the Midlands Beautiful, City Roots Farm, the Coastal Conservation League and many more. (For a full list of sponsors, exhibitors and events, visit Columbia might be a bit slow to awaken to the green revolution, but Driscoll, a Columbia native, is proud of her hometown, as are many of her colleagues and friends, she says. “Columbia has one of the rarest communities in the Southeast,” she says. “I have lived a lot of places and never have I been anywhere with a more supportive community of people who feel a bond to their hometown, colleagues, friends and state.”

green passport Hey Kids, Make sure to visit the Eco-Carnival to play all sorts of fun games. Win a game and get a stamp on your passport. Three stamps win a Seedling Prize, six win a Sprout Prize, and all eight for an Evergreen Prize. Once you’ve collected your stamps, visit the Earth Force KidZone Info & Prize Tent to pick up your prize. Games can be played more than once, so keep trying.

Recycling Ring Toss

Eco-Spinning Wheel

Go Fish?

Try your luck (or skill) and toss your ring around the recyclables.

Spin the wheel, answer the question, get it right, and you win.

Try your luck at fishing. What did you catch?

Carbon Footprint Race Reduce your carbon footprint in this fun race for reduction.

Toss Your Trash Football Challenge

Healthy Food Knockdown

Knock ’em Down

Knock down a healthy meal to win.

Knock down all the cans and you win.

Ready, aim, throw. Get it in to win.


exhibitors saturday oct. 22

finlay park 930 Laurel St. columbia Non-Profit Tent Alston Wilkes Society

Local Agriculture Buy Certified SC

A statewide nonprofit organization that provides at risk youth, veterans, the homeless, offenders, former offenders, and their families the tools they need to become productive citizens.

T-shirts, embroidered shirts, hats, visors and baby outfits.


Beverage Tent/Style Market Sponsor American Harvest Organic Spirit American Harvest, a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste. Proudly handcrafted in small batches in the USA. Organic Vodka & Organic Flavor. One Nation. One Spirit!

Eco-Carnival The Barclay School

The Barclay School is a small, private, K-12, non-profit school for creative students who learn differently. Practices self-paced, strength-based learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

Local Agriculture Becky’s Soap Shoppe A Certified SC business that currently participates in six different local farmers markets in the Midlands.

Booth 13 Belle Terre Belle Terre is a purveyor of natural handcrafted soap, lip balm and related products.

Beverage Tent/Style Market Sponsor Bota Box Wine We are excited to have Bota Box as our official wine of the 2011 Carolina Green Fair for the second year! Bota Box is printed on recycled paper containing 100% post-consumer fiber and the box is 100% recyclable. They now print directly on Kraft paper which doesn’t need to be bleached like white paper. The paper layers are bonded together with cornstarch instead of glue. All inks and coatings are soy based and the bag does not contain phthalate plasticizers.


Bike valet Capital Pedicab A new way to travel in downtown Columbia, S.C.

nonprofit tent/Eco Carnival City of Columbia’s Water Resources The City of Columbia’s Department of Utilities & Engineering manages drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. Learn to save money with water conservation, to protect your pipes from grease clogs and simple tips for protecting our rivers and streams.

Energy conservation Tent Sponsor City of Columbia Climate Protection Action Campaign The City of Columbia Climate Protection Action Campaign (CPAC) is an exciting program to give everyone in Columbia the information and tools needed to start making a real difference in the areas of water conservation, energy conservation, air quality and recycling/waste reduction.

Local Agriculture City Roots City Roots’ vision is to produce clean, healthy, sustainably grown products while enhancing and educating our community about the benefits of locally grown food and environmentally friendly farming practices.

wildlife & Nature Conservation Coastal Conservation League The Coastal Conservation League’s mission is to protect the natural environment of the South Carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life in our communities by working with individuals, businesses and government to ensure balanced solutions.

Talkin’ Trash Coca-Cola Coca-Cola uses the “Live Positively” platform to encourage recycling, climate protection and water conservation. At a local level, re-

cycling is encouraged through the use of the Coca-Cola “Give it Back” program.

Health & Wellness Tent Green Life Cleaning Company

Proud to offer earth-friendly cleaning services in the Midlands area.

Local AgriculturE Columbia Veg Columbia Veg is a community group for area vegans, vegetarians and those transitioning into a veg lifestyle for ethical, environmental, spiritual and/or health reasons.

wildlife & Nature Conservation Conservation Voters of South Carolina Conservation Voters has been turning conservation values into state priorities since 2002. Its unique strategy combines education, accountability and electoral action to create a bipartisan majority of elected leaders committed to a safe, clean and healthy South Carolina.

Booth 10 Dr. Energy Saver Dr. Energy Saver is your prescription for lower energy bills® as well as a healthier, more comfortable home.

Booth 2 Dust to Dust Green Burial/Nature Preserve Cemetery, LLC A natural burial facility that doesn’t allow vaults or embalmed bodies. Caskets are optional. Specializes in helping families perform their own funerals without the help of a funeral director.

Eco-Carnival Earth Fare – The Healthy Supermarket Earth Fare is a full scale all natural and organic grocery store as well as a café. From fresh, local produce and meats to baked goods made with all natural cane sugar, Earth Fare will help feed and inspire the healthy person inside you.

Style Market Earthspun Apparel These 100 percent recycled tees are some of the softest, most comfortable available anywhere. Saving The World One Tee at a Time.

Booth 12 Sponsor Free Times Established in 1987, Free Times is Columbia’s weekly newspaper covering news, politics, arts and entertainment. Certified Columbia Green Business.

Booth F1 Good Life Café The Good Life Café is a unique experience with an extensive menu that is comprised of raw vegan foods, fresh juices and smoothies.

wildlife & Nature Conservation Sponsor Greenhaven Preserve – A Natural Burial Cemetery Greenhaven Preserve is a 360-acre nature preserve and natural burial ground located just east of Columbia. Provides a secluded, natural setting for earth burials, cremains interments and pet burials.

Booth 7 Sponsor Holiday Inn & Suites Columbia-Airport At Holiday Inn & Suites Columbia-Airport, a top priority is ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for guests, employees and future generations by implementing environmentally responsible practices in every aspect of the hotel, from the original design to the day-to-day operations.

Local Agriculture Just Wanna Melt Just Wanna Melt, LLC produces high quality, all-natural skincare products that are gentle on the skin and the environment.

style market Sponsor K.D.’s Treehouse K.D.’s Treehouse is an eco-chic children’s boutique offering eco-friendly clothing in sizes newborn to size 14, shoes from Livie & Luca and Chooze, toys from Green Toys and Plan Toys, innovative and stylish baby gear and more.

Talkin’ Trash Keep the Midlands Beautiful Established in 1989 to serve Richland and Lexington Counties, the mission of Keep the Midlands Beautiful is to engage, inspire and educate the Midlands to invest in our community through litter prevention, recycling and beautification.

Booth 14 Kelly Wenner Designs Handmade wearable art jewelry. Mixed metals, vibrant stones, organic leaves preserved in metals, and vintage pieces are used to create one-of-kind pieces.

Booth 4 Kinder Soles Kinder Soles is a socially responsible designer of eco-friendly flip-flops.

Local Agriculture La Cucina di Paulina Homemade cookies, breads and dog treats using fresh natural products.

Talkin’ Trash Lexington County Solid Waste Management Lexington County Solid Waste Management operates 11 Collection and Recycling Centers, a Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill as well as a solid waste transfer station and a wood grinding and compost facility.

style market A family business focused on providing greener options for babies and families.

Local Agriculture Old McCaskill’s Farm A farm raising livestock for meat and wool products medicatoin & antibiotic free.

Booth 5 Paintbreak, LLC Go GREEN! This Earth-friendly Paintbreak® roller tray saves paint, roller refills and eliminates interim clean-ups between stops and starts.

Booth F3 LowCo Barbecue & Catering LowCo Barbecue & Catering is a local catering business specializing in slow, pecansmoked, hand-pulled pork, sliced brisket, ribs, and chicken. Barbecue is seasoned with a homemade rub and complimented with special recipe vinegar-based barbecue sauce.

Booth 8 Maximized Living Maximized Living is beyond health care and wellness. It’s a complete system for living. The Maximized Living health delivery system is based on five essentials: Maximized Mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Nutrition, Maximized Fitness and Minimized Toxins.

Booth 1 McDaniel Subaru of Columbia Your Midlands exclusive dealer of fine Subaru products. Subaru of America understands, as should all manufacturers, that it has a great responsibility to the environment and our clean vehicles are just one part of it.

Booth 9 Mr. Tint, Inc. Provides professional installation and removal of Automotive, Commercial and Residential window tint.

wildlife & Nature Conservation The Nature Conservancy The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Beverage Tent Sponsor New Belgium Brewing Company This is New Belgium’s third year as a sponsor of the Carolina Green Fair. They are the official beer of all of our Green Fair Events! They are environmental stewards who: Lovingly care for the planet that sustains us; honor natural resources by closing the loops between waste and input; minimize the environmental impact of shipping its beer; reduce our dependence on coal-fired electricity; and protect our precious Rocky Mountain water resources.

Nature Conservation Palmetto Conservation Foundation The mission of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation is to conserve South Carolina’s natural and cultural resources, preserve historic landmarks, and promote outdoor recreation through trails and greenways.

Talkin’ Trash PalmettoPride Statewide anti-litter and beautification organization providing education, enforcement, awareness and pickup programs throughout South Carolina. booth f2

Polliwogs Eat local, drink local, be local. Polliwogs has recyled more than 31,000 pounds of glass, aluminum and plastic.

Non-Profit Tent RCCASA, Inc. RCCASA recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to advocate for the best interest of children whose matters of child abuse/neglect are before the Richland County Family Court.

booth 15 Rewined Candles

Style Market Sponsor Revente Revente is Columbia’s top shopping destination for shoppers looking for the best in consigned clothing and accessories for women.

Style Market Revente’s Last Call A charity resale shop benefiting The Women’s Shelter in Columbia, S.C. Women’s clothing and accessories, books, menswear and more.

Gift Tent Rewined Candles Candles Crafted from wine bottles.

energy conservation Sponsor Richland County Residents will be able to “Make the Switch; exchanging regular household bulbs for four energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. The limit is four per person. It’s a bright idea

that saves green while helping residents go green! By making the switch, residents can save up to 20 percent a year on their utility bills, plus if every house in the United States changed all of the light bulbs in their house, it would be equivalent to taking one million cars off the streets. For more information about the Light Bulb Exchange program and other recycling events in the Richland County call 576-2067 or visit The Richland County Sheriff’s Office has purchased two solar electric vehicles that willl be on display at the event.

Eco-Carnival Richland County Public Library Richland County Public Library is here to inspire you, to entertain you and inform you!

Local Agriculture Righteous Ranch Righteous Ranch raises Heritage breed cattle, hogs and poultry using sustainable methods. The ranch also serves as an online retailer for other heritage and pastured livestock farmers and ranchers in North and South Carolina.

Eco-Carnival Riverbanks Zoo and Garden Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is home to more than 2000 magnificent and fascinating animals and one of the nation’s most beautiful and inspiring botanical gardens. The lush 170acre site features dynamic natural habitat exhibits, scenic river views, spectacular valley overlooks and significant historic landmarks.

wildlife & Nature Conservation SC Sierra Club The SC Sierra Club’s mission is to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth.

Style Market Sponsor Sid and Nancy Buy-Sell-Trade! An edgy little shop in Five Points with lots of cool stuff for both guys and gals.

Style Market Sponsor The ShopTart Everything you need to know about shopping in Columbia.

Local Agriculture Slow Food Columbia

wide leadership, education, advocacy and partnerships.

wildlife & Nature Conservation The Saluda Chapter of Trout Unlimited The purpose of the Saluda Chapter of Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect and restore local coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Booth 16/bike valet Sponsor Summit Cycles Summit Cycles is a full service bicycle shop selling the best bikes from Giant, Felt and Cervelo. Also offers unparalleled repair work and the best bike fittings around.

Booth 11 Sun Printing South Carolina’s greenest printer.

Health & Wellness/ energy conservation Sustainable Midlands Sustainable Midlands is a non-partisan, nonprofit corporation whose mission is to foster and advocate for sustainable, healthy communities in the Midlands of South Carolina by providing educational resources and facilitating communication among citizens and community leaders.

Local Agriculture Swansea Milling Co. Local manufacturer of all natural and antibiotic-free poultry and livestock feeds. Distributor of Fertrell organic fertilizers and livestock needs.

Non-Profit Tent Transition Columbia Transition Initiatives differ from other sustainability and environmental groups in that it seeks to mitigate the converging global crises of peak oil, climate change, and economic instability by engaging our communities in home-grown, citizen-led education, action, and multi-stakeholder planning to increase local self reliance and resilience.

Talkin’ Trash USC Sustainable Carolina

Slow Food Columbia’s mission is to support the movement behind GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR foodways.

Sustainable Carolina promotes collaborative relationships among students, faculty, staff, and community members for exploring and implementing the changes required to create a sustainable campus and community.

Booth 6 Solar Energy Access LLC

Booth 3 Columbia’s Own WACH FOX

Solar Energy Access LLC is a company dedicated to providing solar energy systems design, installation and service.

wildlife & Nature Conservation South Carolina Wildlife Federation The South Carolina Wildlife Federation, SCWF, promotes effective habitat conservation and respect for outdoor traditions through state-

Health & Wellness YMCA of Columbia, SC The mission of the YMCA of Columbia, S.C., is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy, spirit, mind and body for all.



Finlay Pa

ark map


Main Stage

Schedule saturday oct. 22

finlay park 930 Laurel St. columbia

Noon 12:15 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 3:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

Introduction; “The Star Spangled Banner” performed by Katie Franyo David Reed Soul Mites The Blue Dogs Whiskey Tango Revue Uncle Mingo

second Stage

1 p.m. 2:15 p.m. 3:15 p.m. 4:15 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Marionette Theater John English Lunch Money Katie Franyo The 3 Dudes

Additional Activities

1:30 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

New Belgium Beer Tastings: Enjoy a variety of unusual beers from New Belgium you don’t normally find in the Midlands. Tickets are $5.

New Belgium Bike Parade lead by the Breakaway Betties: The police-accompanied parade starts at Lincoln Street to Greene Street to Sumter Street to Laurel Street and back to Gadsden Street.

1:30 p.m.

Eco-Carnival: Take your passport to our eco-friendly carnival games and win fun prizes! Enjoy interactive activities from a variety of local non-profit organizations. Free!

Green Style Market sponsored by Revente, Sid and Nancy and The Shop Tart: Specialty bar from American Harvest and Bota Box Wine. Enjoy a delicious cocktail while you shop at all of the exciting vendor booths featuring green fashion and accessories for all ages. Don’t miss the photo booth!

Bike Valet sponsored by Summit Cycles and Hosted by Capital Pedicab: Creative ways to get around, info on ride sharing, updates on bicycling initiatives and activities and more! Be sure to check your bike into the Summit Cycles Bike Parade.

throughout the day `

Energy Conservation Tent sponsored by Richland County: Featuring the Lightbulb Exchange Program!

Agriculture Tent: Check out your local food options!

Health & Wellness Tent: check out how to be to be sustainable from the inside out!

Wildlife & Nature Conservation Tent sponsored by Green Haven Preserve: Conservation goes local with information on how to help our community preserve our parks and open spaces.

Sonoco Recycling’s Talkin’ Trash: Learn how to recycle in your neighborhood and find out what to do with your old windows, appliances, etc., when you want to remodel your house!

Art Walk featuring a multitude of paintings, jewelry and other handmade items, incorporating the most creative of materials!

Meet us at Kelly’s Pub after the Green Fair! Take a pedicab from Capital PediCab to the after party!


after the green fair




E N E E E FR ULBS TB N E I C I F F E u bring

when yo


t bulbs


incan in FOUR

Saturday, October 22nd Noon – 6pm | Finlay Park For more information please call Anna Lange at 803.576.1364

Basil is giving FREE TIMES readers

20% off



Almost Everything in the store when you mention this ad! *Deli not included. Other exclusions may apply

2803 Rosewood Dr. | 803.530.3270 | Columbia, SC


Tuesday, October 25th and Wednesday, November 2nd 8:00am – 8:00pm

Kick off your holiday shopping and fun at the Vista’s 26th annual street party. Stroll through stores, galleries and restaurants with your family and friends. Enjoy music from Bandkamp and Lunch Money plus much more street entertainment. Watch for the FreeTimes’ insert on November 16 for all the details. Make plans now to be in the Vista on Thursday, November 17.

“Thanks to Free Times readers for voting us Best Natural Food Store”


David Reed is gifted with the ability to not only write but also sing near-perfect pop-rock singalong anthems. He performs at 12:15 on Saturday.

Sounds of the Green Fair Longtime Acts, Newer Sounds on Tap in Finlay Park by kevin oliver


he Columbia Green Fair is all about sustainable living, recycling and other environmentally friendly concepts, so it is perhaps appropriate that the event is presenting a musical entertainment lineup that not only features popular, newer local acts, but also bands that have sustained careers in the South Carolina music scene and beyond since the 1990s. The biggest surprise on the bill is Charleston funk-rock ensemble Uncle Mingo, which has been playing a limited schedule of live dates in recent years that has kept them mostly close to home and out of the Columbia clubs they used to visit frequently. Formed in the early 1990s as a funky rock band with jam tendencies (early gigs featured a spot-on cover of the Allman Brothers Band’s “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” as well as the Sanford and Son theme song), Uncle Mingo released several independent albums and toured pretty much nonstop for a decade, earning a reputation for high energy, highly


entertaining live shows. Fans can probably still sing along to “Bottle of Moonlight,” “Friends,” “Steer” and “Little Baby Brother,” to name a few of the band’s best known songs. The current lineup features all of the original band members with the exception of drummer Robert Thorn, whose spot has been occupied since 2006 by Greg Walker, and there is talk of the band finally releasing a new album in the near future. Walker will be pulling double duty as he’s still behind the kit for The Blue Dogs, too. Led by singer-guitarist Bobby Houck and singer-bassist Hank Futch, the Blue Dogs have long been a popular regional act for their mixture of country, bluegrass and classic rock sounds. The band’s trio of proper studio albums — 1997’s Blue Dogs, 1999’s Letters From Round O and 2004’s Halos & Good Buys — contain classic fan favorites such as “Walter,” “Half of My Mistakes” and “Isabelle.” Every other album the band has released has been a live recording, including two from the historic Dock

Whiskey Tango Revue plays Finlay Park Saturday at 3:45 p.m.

Street Theatre in Charleston, the most recent issued as a concert DVD; nobody puts out that many live albums unless they can deliver the goods — and The Blue Dogs certainly can. Columbia’s own Soul Mites are another act on this bill that’s less than fully active these days, but they have just about as long a history, with the gruff soul of singer Tim Davis and funky guitar sounds from Frank Robinson a fixture on the local club scene since 1993.

and a follow-up is in the works with Eddie Bush and Sadler Vaden (of Leslie). David Reed is a more familiar local name, from his work with Thomas Reed, Closer and his current solo project, The Private Life of David Reed. Gifted with the ability to not only write but also sing near-perfect pop-rock sing-along anthems, Reed’s sound falls somewhere between the Goo Goo Dolls and Fountains of Wayne on the power pop scale.

Whiskey Tango Revue is as much of a variety show as a band, careening from foot-stomping country to rousing anthems and laid-back Americana. Of the newer acts, the one Columbia audiences will be least familiar with is the 3 Dudes. The fact that they’re brothers isn’t as unusual as the fact that they’re 11, 11, and 9 years old. Far from a Jonas Brothersstyle pop group, however, the brothers rock out to classic rock, ‘90s alt-rock and their own original tunes. Producer Paul Ebersold worked with the boys on a four-song EP released last year,

Whiskey Tango Revue is an increasingly popular local country-rocking outfit that recently issued its debut album, Seersucker Soldiers. With pedal steel, a brass section, and both male and female singers, Whiskey Tango Revue is as much of a variety show as a band, careening from foot-stomping country to rousing anthems and laidback Americana.

in addition to our daily farm-to-table menus, enjoy: TUESDAY DINNER




NOVEMBER 15, 2011 Meet the Farmer: Emile DeFelice, Owner, Caw Caw Creek Pastured Pork, St. Matthews, SC Featured Dish: Porchetta of Caw Caw creek suckling pig, stuffed with Sky Top Orchard apples and turnips, finished with a cider-infused demi glace.

Join us for a full week of special farmto-table dishes from local, sustainable producers, created by Executive Chef Tim Peters. Plus: Meet-the-Farmer Cocktail Hours daily from 5:30–7pm with Caw Caw Creek, City Roots Urban Farm, Freshly Grown Farms, Doko Farm and Wil-Moore Farms!

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NOVEMBER 16, 2011 Meet the Farmer: Eric McClam, Farm Manager, City Roots Urban Sustainable Farm, Columbia, SC Featured Dish: Handmade, rustic raviolis filled with a ragout of seasonal City Roots vegetables, tossed Pauperstyle with whole egg, olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano. THURSDAY DINNER

NOVEMBER 17, 2011 (VISTA LIGHTS!) Meet the Farmers: Amanda & Joe Jones, Owners, Doko Farm, Blythewood, SC Featured Dish: Doko Farm heritage Buckeye chicken breast topped with a spiced pumpkin sausage, finished with a natural jus.

NOVEMBER 18, 2011 Meet the Farmer: Paul Grant, Owner, Freshly Grown Farms, Columbia, SC Featured Dish: Freshly Grown Farms greens tossed with a roasted garlicsherry vinaigrette, topped with a slab of house-cured, Caw Caw Creek pastured bacon. NOVEMBER 19, 2011 Meet the Farmers: Keith & Robin Willoughby, Wil-Moore Farms, Lugoff, SC Featured Dish: Wil-Moore Farms lamb three ways: roast lamb saddle stuffed with collard greens; braised lamb neck, barbecued Southern-style; and smoked leg of lamb. SUNDAY BRUNCH

NOVEMBER 20, 2011 Featured Dish: Wil-Moore Farms eggs in handmade brisee (pie crust made with veal renderings), with housemade mustard, Freshly Grown Farms arugula and oregano, and autumn vegetables from City Roots.


Going Green at Home Everyday Choices Beyond the HVAC and Water Heater By Katie Alice Walker


ure, you recycle, keep your thermostat at a moderate temperature and turn off the water while brushing your teeth; people’s homes are getting greener and greener all the time.

But while big-ticket upgrades like overhauling your HVAC system, converting to a tankless water heater or purchasing more efficient washers and dryers are top solutions for going green at home, you probably can’t afford to tackle them all at once. If you’re looking to invest a little less but still make eco-friendly choices at home, read on for our list of local and regional vendors, most of which are exhibitors at the Carolina Green Fair in Columbia.

Clean Green Green Life Cleaning Service

If they make you cough or have a strong odor, your cleaning products

are probably hard on the environment, too. “I like clean windows as much as the next person, but instead of Windex, I use a glass cleaner made by a company called Full Circle,” says Christie Fleming, owner of local cleaning service Green Life. “They have the vinegar and water solution just right, so I can be sure there will be no streaking. And when it comes to wood work, I really like Murphy Oil Soap, which contains 98 percent naturally derived ingredients.” Fleming says there has been a recent increased demand for green cleaning services, which is why she opened her business less than a year ago. “I also have allergies, so the harsh chemicals in your typical cleaner really bother me,” Fleming says. “By using earth-friendly products, it was better for me physically. Also, I wouldn’t want to use anything in my home that I would be afraid for kids to touch. By using a more eco-friendly approach, we are improving more than just the aesthetics of our home.” Fleming also says that potential customers tend to think her company’s services are going to be more

Christie Fleming, owner of local cleaning service Green Life, charges less than $100 to clean a three-bedroom home. Photo by Thomas Hammond.

“Actually, we’re often less expensive because our biggest concern isn’t making money; it’s making a difference.” — Christie Fleming, owner of local cleaning service Green Life expensive because it’s a green company. Green Life general charges less than $100 for a three-bedroom home cleaning. “Actually, we’re often less expensive because our biggest concern isn’t making money; it’s making a difference.”

Sun Blocker Mr. Tint Window Film It’s hard to beat beautiful windows and natural light at home, but windows are often the weakest link when it comes to lowering high energy bills.

More Locally Available Eco-Friendly Options Noritz tankless water heaters save energy by providing hot water on demand rather than constantly heating water. Available through Meetze Plumbing,, 723-3747. Glass tiles can only be made better when they’re recycled. Recycled glass tiles available through Creative Tile,, 796-4867.


Billy Hucks, owner of Paint Break, created a roller tray with a flip-top lid that latches closed when you aren’t painting, which reduces the amount of paint lost to drying and spilling, as well as reducing cleanup time. Paint Break,, 834-6821. Want a more eco-friendly way to control roaches, ants and spiders? Ledford’s Pest Control offers green pest control services,, 754-3434.

Billy Hucks, owner of Paint Break, came up with the idea of creating a roller tray with a flip-top lid that latches closed when you aren’t painting.

Mr. Tint, a Columbia business that will be at the Green Fair, offers window film, a 3M product that can be applied to existing windows to filter the sunlight that enters your home. Besides reducing your energy bill and controlling heat, tinted windows protect floors and furniture from damaging sun rays.

Soapbox Becky’s Soap Shoppe, Belle Terre

It’s no secret that locally grown foods are better for our environment. Less travel time for your fruits and vegetables means better taste and fewer gallons of fuel used. But it can also be better for the environment to use local products in our homes, including soap and bath products. Becky’s Soap Shoppe is based in Camden and offers solid and liquid soaps, candles, linen sprays and fragrances made of local goat’s milk, grits, honey and other herbs. All of the company’s products are Certified South Carolina products. North Carolina-based soap company Belle Terre will also be at the Green Fair. The company uses organic

essential oils, recycled or recyclable packaging, and creates its products with a minimal carbon footprint. Besides soap, look for its salt scrubs and lip balms.

Baby Green Little Green Pumpkin Baby Products The youngest members of our families often come with the largest volume of stuff. From diapers to toys, making small eco-friendly choices when it comes to baby and children’s products can make a big impact. Little Green Pumpkin, an online store based in Summerville, became a reality when Tricia Andrews had her first child and decided cloth diapers would mean keeping thousands of diapers from landfills. The boutique sells eco-friendly cloth diapers, toys, bottles, bath, baby products and more. “Everything we carry is something we use ourselves,” Andrews says. “I just wanted to provide better options for my son and it was hard to find the products we liked near us.” If you think going green is more costly, consider this: “Cost is relative. Initial purchases appear higher, but

Little Green Pumpkin, an online store based in Summerville, sells eco-friendly cloth diapers, toys, bottles, bath, baby products and more.

these products last,” Andrews says. “For example, we spent money on cloth diapers — once. The reusable bags and stainless cups we bought — once,” Andrews says. “I’m not perfect by any means and I still use zipper bags at times and disposable diapers,” she says. “But I

plan my use to make small changes in my life and my son’s life. Anything helps.”

For more information on the Carolina Green Fair in Columbia, as well as a list of exhibitors, visit



Great Wine

Doesn’t Need To

Cost The Earth

Award winning wines in environmentally friendly packaging

“Best Buy”Value Superstar

Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Merlot Wine Enthusiast – March 2011



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