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New Beginnings and Happy Endings…. The year 2010 sees so many changes in the lives of realty practitioners, in particular, the members of PAREB-Cebu Realtors® Board, Inc. This year marked the 50th anniversary of our organization (PAREB-Cebu Realtors ® Boards, Inc.), which saw us renewing our SEC registration for the next 50 years. Another milestone is the implementation of the

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Real Estate Service Act (RESA) or R.A. 9646 which received different reactions from the whole real estate industry. Some Sellers who are compelled to attend a required seminar for them to qualify for a license or accreditation with PRC initially thought it might just be a money-making activity of the realty organizations concerned and that PRC isn’t requiring it. While others decided that nothing will be lost and everything gained, except a little over a couple of thousand pesos that they will invest to learn about the new law and to keep them updated of what’s happening in their circle. With all those professional adjustments and organizational changes that we have to go through, the real estate activity around Cebu has just become more vibrant, that the action is not about to stop, not for a year or two, but it is meant to last for a lifetime. Projects are sprouting here and there. Apart from the mushrooming condominium projects inside the

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City of Cebu, a new City is about to rise in SRP, as those familiar banners greet you somewhere. This is one of the reasons why these hardworking, dedicated and service-oriented officers of the PAREB-Cebu Realtors® Board, Inc. decided to squeeze in their busy schedule, a time to visit the South Road Properties (SRP), just before the action starts in that area. The Cebu government, together with a major developer, has already

Eva D. Miñoza Editor in Chief

lined up real estate undertakings beginning this year, and which is projected to last for decades. ® Thus, for PAREB-Cebu Realtors Board, Inc., this year closes a golden chapter gracefully, and opens up another one. With much confidence and ease, believing that for as long as we keep the rules, and follow them, then we will have more happy endings and new beginnings to see in our lifetimes.

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President’s Desk Emily Amie L. Cabillada

Happy Endings...Looking back It seems like yesterday when I was pondering what my thrusts were for CEREB, when I was writing my 10 goals to achieve for 2010. Now, we are at the end of our term. How have we done as a board? This question may be best answered by every member. I do not want to list down what we have achieved vis a vis our 10 goals. It is plain to see if indeed they have been accomplished. I write with nostalgia as one looks back on the year that was. I can now smile ruefully as I remember the vigorous start I put this board through. The early planning sessions we had and my objectives of forging a team that would work to the achievement of our goals. I always believe in dreaming big, imagining bigger and greater things. Luckily I discovered early on, the dreams of my team were not so different from my own. We all shared the same ambition and passion for CEREB. I believe this same vision made our team walk in unison and go in one direction. It’s like a puzzle, where each part fits the other, till the whole picture is revealed. So it was with us. Individually, we have our strengths and weaknesses. But together, each one fills the other up till we accomplished the task we set to do. One gargantuan task might seem so large a task and impossible to achieve. But if broken down to smaller tasks done by smaller teams, it would now seem achievable. And so it was. The ambience of friendship and equality that abound when we meet monthly for our board meetings set the tone of building a strong bond among us. Even if serious matters were discussed at length, abundant food and quick laughter always keep us company. Not only in board meetings, but in our general membership meetings, I would like to believe that members attend because they like the people they meet. Who would want to meet monthly old grumpy people . It is also with pride that my team has achieved a lot in so short a time. Though I promised not to list what these are but it would be remiss of me not to mention the major undertakings, so I would have to digress at this point from my musings. The Special Events Committee had mounted the 50th Anniversary Celebration and the Real Estate Expo. Our Meetings Committee, MLS, and I.T. Committees have given us a wonderful venue to share our time together once a month in a fun, and lively environment. Our Membership Committee has brought in new CEREB members with there vigorous campaign. Our Sports, Fellowship and Sunshine Committees have provided relief and balm to our mind, body and spirit. Our Publication Committee has made CEREB more accessible to the public at large. Our Awards Committee heartily prepares report in order to achieve the Best Board Award. The Secretariat have made our records in order. Our Treasurer has ensured proper recording and reporting of accounts. We are now in the process of automating this system so that by next year the system will be in full run. The Ethics and Grievance Committee has addressed conflicts within members. The Amendment Committee has started the process of updating our By-Laws to change with the times. The Education Committee has mounted an education campaign of 10 seminars and the ongoing 15 day 120 review seminar (CRES), educated about two thousand participants, and generated a very high income for CEREB. We have continuously and regularly updated our members on the Real Estate Service Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, on the ongoing registration process for our licenses, and have been at the forefront in our advocacy for professionalism. All of the above activities have generated funds which is now part of our Home for Cereb Fund, which is now at unprecedented level. After 10 years of savings, we are at the threshold of acquiring finally a home for CEREB. As I have prefaced in my 10 Thrusts for CEREB before, that we hope to achieve all, if not, start the process for the next boards to continue, and this is one of the legacies that we bequeath to the members. The realization of the long held dream is finally here. I can now sigh with relief, as the mantle of leadership slowly ebbs from me and is taken up by worthy successors. It is my belief that the major obligation of a leader is to prepare for a succession plan. To mentor leaders and successors who will ensure the continuity of the organization, ones who are willing to carry on the dreams of those who came before. We, the board would not have achieved all these if not for the support of all members. To quote “The level of celebration on a team depends upon the level of participation.” We all have participated. So we all deserve to celebrate! 4

ON THE COVER: by: Eva D. Miñoza Incoming and outgoing Officers and Directors of PAREB-Cebu Realtors Board, Inc. gamely posed for this issue’s cover at the South Road Properties, Cebu City. Braving the scorching heat of the sun and the uncontrollable gust of winds where the pictorial was done, they bared their all to get a good single shot to grace our cover. As our theme for this edition is “New Beginnings and Happy Endings”, we decided to gather the two boards to symbolize the transitions not only between the two boards but also of the changes that the real estate industry is undergoing at the moment. It is New Beginnings for the 2011 board, blessed to start the next 50 years for CEREB and Happy Endings for the 2010 board, lucky enough to be the board to sit during CEREB’s historic 50th anniversary. A job they did very well and the word fantastic isn’t even enough to describe all the efforts they have put into to leave a blast with all the wonderful activities that they have orchestrated for the whole year. A challenge that the new board

seminars, to name just two of the most successful undertakings they had, the new board has promised to continue and make innovations. As early as now, they have been making preparations for the possibility of hosting this year’s PAREB National Convention, a dream that has yet to be vied for as there are also other boards contending for it. They have also wished to expand the real estate expo by tapping not only real estate developers but also suppliers and other industries like furniture, fixtures and furnishings, paint and home accents, just anything and everything that you can put inside the house, or which the real estate practitioners need. New Beginnings indeed for the new board, and happy endings for the outgoing who can now sigh with relief that their term is over, a time that everyone in the organization remember fondly to be well served. They can then now go back to their normal daily life and enjoy whatever they’ve missed, knowing that they left behind a legacy worth emulating.

2010 Officers and Board of Directors

has accepted and aims to surpass. The incoming board has only made their first few baby steps towards more gigantic leaps ahead. But, with the nurturing hands of the outgoing board, the future becomes a pleasant thing to look forward to. Whatever the outgoing board has done this year: the 2nd real estate expo, series of real estate

2011 Officers and Board of Directors


THE REAL ESTATE SERVICE ACT ( RA 9646) 1. What’s new in the real estate industry?

The RESA Law or Real Estate Service Act, which was made into law on July 30, 2009. The IRR or the Implementing Rules & Regulations for the RESA Law was published for implementation on July 24, 2010, and became effective on August 9, 2010

2. Who can practice real estate in the Philippines?

Anybody, as long as they comply with the requirements to become licensed to practice in the real estate profession.

3. Are licensed real estate practitioners required a business permit to practice their profession? Generally, yes. And it should be displayed in their respective offices, together with the original and/or certified true copies of his/her certificate of registration as well as the certificates of registration of all the real estate service practitioners employed in such office. Exceptions are those individual practitioners.

4. What are the requirements for licensing?

For Real Estate Brokers (Without Examinations), Documents needed are the following; - Original & photocopy of Birth Certificate of Live Birth (NSO) and/or valid Philippines passport, or any other proof citizenship, - Original & photocopy of notarized certification by employer of his/her years of experience or pre-requisite Certification of Registration (COR) and/ or Professional Identification Card (PIC) or DTI license (for real estate consultants), - DTI Certification of Rating (for those who passed the examinations but failed to obtain their license) - Original and photocopy of NBI clearance, - Duly notarized CEP/CPE Certification, - Civil Service Commission Certification, DOF, or any other national government agencies, or GOCC Certification (assessors or government appraisers), or any certification of accredited seminar/training provider, - Appointment papers and service records to prove appraisal or assessment experience (for assessors and government appraisers), - Original copy photocopy of Marriage Certificate/Contract of Marriage (NSO), if applicable, - Four (4) colored passport size pictures with complete nametag in white background original and photocopy on community tax (CTC), and surety bond for Real Estate Brokers and private real estate appraisers .

5. Who are qualified to become accredited salespersons?

For Real Estate Salespersons, requirements are as follows; - No examination will be given but they should be accredited by the Board (PRC) if, - They have completed two (2) years of college, - Have undergone training and seminars of at least twelve (12) credit units in real estate brokerage. - Those salespersons who are registered with the DTI/HLURB or, - Other salespersons who are in practice for at least three (3) years, as maybe certified by a licensed broker or real estate developer, prior to the effectivity of the RESA Law maybe accredited by the Board until July 2011. - That both cases, such Real Estate Salesperson must have undergone at least one hundred twenty (120) training hours in real estate brokerage, - Have submitted original NSO-certified live birth/birth certificate, - NBI clearance, - Certificate of educational attainment or its equivalent, - Notarized certificate of training or seminar, - And notarized certificate of their supervising licensed real estate brokers, as required by the Board. - Real Estate salespersons are under the direct supervision and accountability of a real estate broker. More topics on RESA Law and its IRR or Implementing Rules & Regulation on our next issue‌ TONETTE TONGOY-FRITZSCHE 1st VP PAREB-CEREB, Incoming President RESA Law Committee Head-Cebu 6

PRC Application Procedures 6. Go to Counter 20 – Cashier and pay P900

1. Get forms at Customer Service. Fill it up. Use Black ballpen.

2. Get Picture taken at PRC Cooperative– P90.00 OR bring 4 copies passport size with white background, name tag

3. Go to Metered Doc Stamps and pay the fee – P25

7. Go back to Customer Service and fill up Permanent Examination and Registration Record card (PERRC). 8. Go back again to Thumb print area for Right Thumb printing and pasting of picture.

9. Go to legal office for notarization. 4. Go to Thumb print area for Right Thumb print andpasting of picture.

5. Go to Counter 8 for checking of complete documents: - see list on back of application form - only applicants with complete documents will be entertained. - Bring all original documents for authentication. Original documents will be returned except for NBI Clearance, Certification of CPE Units and Surety Bond.

10. Go to counter 4 – Issuance for submission of documents and issuance of Claim Stub. Provide 2 photocopies of filled up application form and one copy each of the payment and PERRC.

11. Go home. You’re done!

Contact Person: Atty. Dan Malayang OIC-PRC Cebu V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe, Cebu City (across Nichol’s Heights) 7

Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc. (PAREB) PAREB Lifetime . . . Several Member Boards of PAREB have already achieved a distinguished milestone in its existence. Our very own PAREB-Cebu Realtors Board is so proud to own that distinction of 50 years. This year, under the ablest leadership of President Emily Cabillada, brought us all together in a vibrant mood to the shore of unprecedented year of activities. As equally noteworthy, CEREB earned and won the most coveted board competition held last October at the Sheraton Century Park National Convention. Incoming CEREB President for 2011, Realtor Tonette Frietzsche was so gracious in leading our quest, that was so illusive over the years. Overall, what can one say? Top of the heap, CEREB is number one. The most cohesiveness that CEREB members shown is its unchallenged and unequivocal show of force in its contribution to PAREB thrust of owning its edifice. The building is soon ready for occupancy. Let us not allow it to go unnoticed. Again, CEREB is number one in bringing the contributed money for its cause. Yes,Tatang Gerry Manzano was and still is the Guru unparalleled, the master-orchestrator of the Most Popular Lady Realtor Contest all through the years. He is worth millions with his novel idea for PAREB. But, the other Realtor Gerry that I know of is again from CEREB. His attendance at the National Directorate Meeting is 100%. Invocation rendered thereat is three-forth on all its proceedings; 100 % attendance in Board of Directors Meeting (BOD) with CEREB; 100 % attendance with our very own General Membership Meeting (GMM). Prime money contributor for PAREB. All the accolades for his corporate participation are all superlatives derived herewith. In reference, he is Realtor Gerry Yangyang, our very own representative to PAREB, who will assume as Vice President for the Visayas by year 2011. Realtor Eve Mi単oza, bumped into me this afternoon or safe to say I met her at the lobby of Sacred Heart during the CPE seminar. She made me commit to submit this column, PAREB Lifeline or Lifetime. If it is a lifeline, then our last best contribution to PAREB is our latest version of CEREB taking the helm, the realm, the reason of virtues leadership with PAREB . If it is lifetime membership, then she makes it a double thumbsup to bestow her that recognition and its loudest applause because she is both, who gave her best services to PAREB-CEREB as its Past President , and likewise to PAREB as Past President -Realtor Daisy J. Kokseng, CIPS gave it all. Tomasito Z. Academia-Chairman Realtor/Appraiser/Consultant Environmental Planner 8

PAREB Updates: NCR-LUZON Regional Conference More than 500 delegates, representing local boards, trooped to Fontana Resort in Clarkfield, Pampanga on July 23 and 24 to attend this year’s NCR-Luzon Regional Conference. With the theme “PAREB, Professionalism at 50”, the NCR-Luzon Regional Conference was a resounding success as ably hosted by the Mexico Realtors Board, Inc. (MEXREB).

PAREB 50th National Convention and Elections PAREB held the 50th PAREB National Convention and Elections at the Century Park Hotel, Manila on October 7, 8, and 9. The three-day convention themed “PAREB @ 50: SOLID AS GOLD” is among the big events in 2010’s in celebration of PAREB’s 50th anniversary. It was attended by an unprecedented number of delegates of more than 700. CEREB was well attended with 31 delegates. The election was also conducted and the following members were elected: PAREB OFFICERS President – Ariel Martinez Senior VP – George Sanchez VP NCR – Ferdie Macabuhay VP North Luzon – Tito Lazatin VP South Luzon – Mel Lit VP Visayas – Gerry Yangyang VP Mindanao – Nora Gutierrez Secretary General – Daphne Bereciarte National Treasurer – Rey Lim Our very own Past President Tom Academia was recognized as the last PAREB Chairman, since the amended PAREB By-laws already deleted the position from 2011 onwards. During the fellowship night, A Glimpse of Broadway, PAREB CEREB won the Grand Prize for the board presentation of broadway musicals with the rendition of the CATS Broadway. The CEREB CATS meowed the crowd with their performance. Finally we got the GOLD! MPLR CEBU REALTOR Lucylyn Whysall won 4th place in the MPLR Contest. CEREB raised a huge amount in its history to contribute to the PAREB Center.. PAREB CHRISTMAS PARTY AND INDUCTION OF OFFICERS PAREB will have its Christmas Party and Induction of 2011 Officers on December 9, 2011 at the Manila Hotel, Manila. All officers and members of the local boards are invited to attend the affair.


Gerry Yangyang PAREB Director


Let’s Ta l k B us i nes s “Let Your Money Work for You” by: Realtor Samuel Lao

I know most of us have been working to earn money. It’s like saying, “we work for money”. How about Letting our Money Work for Us? Or shall I say, “LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU”? Can we really do this? Yes we can. There are lots of vehicles for us to do this, like: - Insurance - Bond - Currency - Stocks - Banking products - And many more But this time, I am sharing to you real estate as the vehicle to let your money work for YOU. Building assets through real estate is the most solid investment on earth, and this never evaporates in the air. I will share to you a simple secret of my friend Mr. Passive Investor. He is now living in passive rental revenue from the real estate rental business he has been building for a number of years.

How he did it? Simple: 1) He started setting aside at least 10% - 20% of his monthly income for investments; 2) After he was able to accumulate enough money for investments, he began scouting for good real estate properties to invest on with potential rental revenue; 3) The properties he chose had an option to pay either the whole contract price or just the down payment; but, he chose to get the latter. 4) He leveraged the balance thru bank or PAG-IBIG financing; 5) Had it rented ; 6) Used the rental revenue to subsidize/help pay the monthly amortization (MA) to bank/PAG-IBIG; 7) But he continued setting aside 10-20% to help subsidize his investments; 8) Build good handling on bank current account for future long term business relationship with them; 9) Having enough surpluses, he scouted for other properties to invest on. 10) The cycle continues…

Where to find good property to invest? Bank, developer, for sale by owner (FSBO) Now the real estate investment is not expensive anymore. Would you believe you can start this with as low as 300-500/day? It is never too late; remember for you to Do It. You only need to make a decision. • How would you like this Real Estate Asset help finance the future of your family? • See the sweet smile of your kid, you having enough time with them. • A true investment that can be passed on to your loved ones. • Many more reasons… So make your FIRST MOVE NOW, Start building your Real Estate Portfolio because in the Future, YOUR MONEY WILL BE WORKING FOR YOU and give you long term PASSIVE INCOME.

It’s easy to Say & write this, but word of Caution. Be SAFE, Consult a REALTOR.


Realtor Samuel Lao, REBL No. CEB-1341-02293 is a PAREB Life Time Member, and PAREB-CEREB Board of Director & Chairman of Committee on Membership (2010).


Bits & Pieces A Touch of History.… Series 2 by Ron S. Tan, REALTOR®

Encomenderos & Ways of Collecting Tributes An encomienda is the right to collect tribute from the inhabitants of a particular area, “with corresponding responsibility to provide protection and spiritual administration”. Contemporary accounts and existing studies suggest that encomenderos in the Philippines found it difficult to collect tribute from the dispersed native population and that encomiendas disappeared earliest in the more settled areas, surviving on the peripheries of the archipelago until the second half of the seventeenth century. Two general ways of collecting tributes (tribute de naturals or tribute de indios): 1) in areas that were less organized or not as well integrated into the colonial main stream, collection was performed by authorized collectors (cobradores) operating under encomenderos or provincial governors; 2) in organized municipalities and provinces, collection was the responsibility of native functionaries, cabeza de barangay and gobernadorcillos (the equivalent of municipal magistrates), who operated under the broad supervision of Spanish provincial governors. The establishment of the municipality (pueblo or pueblo de indios) invariably preceded the establishment of the parish (parroquia). Municipalities were formed by associating the visitas served by a particular mission station, with the latter becoming the cabecera, or sent of the municipality. As the municipality grew and became more settled, it was eligible for parish status, and when a priest (or friar) was available, the municipality was raised to a parish (parroquia), and received a resident priest. In some instances, a municipality may have existed for many years before it became a parish, but from the late eighteenth century on the two (municipality and parish) frequently emerged simultaneously or within a few years of one another. With a colonial civil service staffed at the municipal level with indigenous functionaries, the Spaniards came to rely on the spiritual records as the primary source for determining the number and classification of eligible taxpayers and missionaries and parish priests became an integral part of the colonial bureaucracy. The village chief, formerly called a datu, was now known as the cabeza de barangay (chief of the barangay), and helped to collect the tribute money (often appropriating any surplus to himself). Often grave abuses, were committed in the collection of tribute and the operation of encomiendas proved to be unpopular, for most of the encomenderos lacked sympathy for the complaints against the encomenderos were taken to Spain itself, Philip II in1574 forbade the encomienda system (just four years after it commenced). Gov. General de Sande tried to enforce the royal decree, but it was not until fifty years later, in about 1620, that this unpopular system of land holding was finally abolished. (Sources: Michael Cullinane, Accounting for Souls: Ecclesiastical Sources for the Study of Philippine Demographic History; and Vance, Lee W., Tracing Your Philippine Ancestors, 1980.)



Realtor Sylvia P. Castañeros

This is the first issue of Cebu Realtors’ Update Trivia. Its purpose is to know each other very well in the form of a blind article. This first is researched by the moderator. Send personally your guesses to The first one who could send his/her guess will receive a surprise gift from us. BLIND ARTICLE: I consider her as a Supermom. Our first acquaintance was when I was tasked to interview her husband about how their family business in realty evolved. How it started and so on and so forth. I even prepared a questionnaire for them as my guide since I’m not used to doing an ambush interview. I was at their new office at around 2:00 p.m. The first time I saw her, I felt a little bit nervous. To conceal it I scanned and read some articles from the newspaper. After a few minutes, she talked politely to me to wait for her husband for a couple of minutes more since he cannot be reached through telephone and cell phone calls. While waiting for her husband, I decided to ask her some of the questions that I already prepared. She politely replied that almost all my questions can be answered by her husband since according to her; she has only been 3 years doing the management area of their family business. So, I just nodded at her and smiled and did some casual questioning until finally, she sincerely answered my questions. She has been a REALTOR since 1998. She is also a Certified Public Accountant. She is a mother of five. She worked for a private company holding a position next to the President, for more or less thirty years with a very attractive salary. She decided to manage their family business three years ago. Their family business started on simple real estate brokerage which later progressed to developing mid-end subdivisions. Their kids are doing their responsibilities in the company particularly on the marketing aspect, despite the fact that their profession is medical related. For me, what’s the best in their husband and wife tandem is that they set their minds on the ultimate goal – to succeed not only on the business but also in raising their family well and treating everybody in a righteous way. Her favorite quote for her kids and even her employees is that “success is not as sweet as it is if it was done with crab mentality”, meaning there is no happiness being on top if it was done with somebody being stomped upon.

Bits andPi eces

Door 6, N & N Arcade II, S.B. Cabahug St. Mandaue City Tel. No. 420-5952 / Tel / Fax : 420-2065



By : Emily Amie L. Cabillada 2010 President A historic event for real estate practitioners occurred on November 29, 2010 as it held the First Oath Taking Ceremonies of Real Estate Service Consultants, Appraisers and Brokers at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel, Manila. Excitement permeated the pavilion as 1000 practitioners from all over the Philippines gathered to be part of this momentous event in the history of real estate practice. With the enactment and implementation of the Republic Act 9646, known as the Real Estate Service Act, the practice of real estate is now under the supervision of the Professional Regulation Commission and the newly formed Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES), under the able leadership of Honorable Chairman Eduardo G. Ong. Section 20 of the RA 9646 provides for the registration without examination for practicing licensed brokers at the time of effectivity of the new law. As such, those 1,088 enterprising practitioners who filed their application for registration with the PRC immediately upon its implementation have now reaped the fruits of their diligence! Counted among the first oath takers were Past President Purie Cabahug and president Emily Cabillada. It was an exciting moment for the two CEREB members who flew in to Manila just to be part of the occasion. The ceremony was solemn as all took their oath and swore “that at all times and places I will adhere closely to the ethical and professional rules generally accepted by the REAL ESTATE SERVICE profession in the Philippines.� The short ceremony was capped with a long picture taking as all practitioners gamely posed with the PRC and PRB-RES Commissioners. PRC I.D.s and Certificate of Registrations were distributed after the event. For Past President Purie and President Emily, it was a trip worth taking!


NARdigras...the NAR convention in New Orleans by Realtor Viethmier C. Cuevas

It’s my first time in the Unites States, and my first National Association of Realtors Convention. I arrived at New Orleans Airport at 730 pm of Nov. 3, 2010. I was very tired because I was travelling for the past 19 hours. I emailed Realtor Manny Bocaling, the current President of PAREB to meet me at the airport before I left the Philippines. But, he was nowhere to be found. It seemed he did not receive my email. After standing there for half an hour, I came to realize, “I guess I am on my own now”. I looked around and saw a REALTOR logo. It’s says Welcome Realtor’s Airport shuttle for your hotel accommodation. In our previous emails, Realtor Bocaling has told me where he was checking in. So, I just told them I am a delegate from the Philippines and my accommodation is at Spring Hills Suites at St. Joseph St., as if I have been there before. Actually, I was just following what the other delegates said. The one ahead of me said “I’m a delegate from California and I’m staying at Sheraton at Canal St. So what I did was simply filling in the appropriate information. Pretty slick huh… Indeed, they brought me to the hotel. Yet, I have to wait for a while because the hotel receptionist will not tell me which room sir Manny has checked in. She will not even tell me if he is in or out. She just told me to wait. After a while, a familiar face came in. Yes! It was sir Manny with his wife Nimfa and son Anton. I made a sigh of relief. The next day, November 4, was registration day. We woke up early to beat the long lines. Our hotel was just two blocks away from the Convention Center. But the organizers provided a shuttle bus to bring delegates to the venue. However, we opted to take a good walk. As I approached the Convention Center, I was in awe. It was huge… It’s twice bigger than SM City Cebu. We got into registration in a breeze because we got there early. I received my badge (convention ID) and my kit. In my kit was the schedule of the whole convention. We sat in a coffee shop to finalize our schedule and to decide which workshops and talks to attend. The convention was totally different from the conventions we have. There were 10 workshops done almost at the same time. We were to choose which or what suits us. After choosing our schedule, Iattended the international delegates welcome party that afternoon. Simultaneous with the convention was the Realtors EXPO. It's a different kind of expo if you compare it to what we have. Instead of having real estate developers, with realtors, brokers and agents manning the exhibit to make sales, they have exhibitors who offer services to Realtors. From financing institutions such as banks and mortgage companies, home improvement contractors, home inspection companies, home insurances, website developers, advertising companies to business card makers. Some exhibits have games with cash prizes and raffles draws. There were even small companies who offer essential accessories like bags, shoe soles, organizers, proposal folders etc. Of course there is also the NAR booth where they also sell Realtor shirt, jackets, pins, card holders, Realtor signage, etc… The good thing about it was that there were a lot of give-aways: from pens, pins, notebooks to IPAD raffle. All you have to do is ask for it, or if you have the guts, just grab it. The major give away was a brand new car, which was raffled off. I was very lucky among all the Philippine Delegates, through the kindness of our dear PAREB President , because he gave me his ticket for the inauguration of the upcoming NAR President. He said it will be a boring event of countless speeches but the food will be great. Since he was with his family, he’d rather join them for dinner. I accepted it because aside from the privilege, it was a free steak dinner anyway. Contrary to


what was expected, it was a first in NAR inaugural celebration that only one short speech was given and the rest was a mardigra celebration. The New Orleans street mardigra was brought inside the convention center complete with marching bands, floats, stilt walkers, jugglers, clowns, the whole nine yards. I would never forget that awesome experience. The four day convention went by like a breeze. It brings me to another perspective, that there are a lot of things to do for us to be worthy realtors, and as always there are still a lot of room for improvements. With that I would like to invite you to join the next NAR convention. Let us send a bigger delegation this time.

My PreNAR-digras Experience… When I attended my first national convention in Subic, I was so overwhelmed and enjoyed it very much. From then on I found myself attending national conventions every year. But last year in Davao, a friend from the Davao Board told me, this is nothing compared to NAR convention in the US. Since I already have a multiple entry US Visa, that dream started to grow. Sometime late last year, Realtor Tom Academia told me that the NAR convention this year will be in New Orleans, LA. I became very excited about it, to the extent that I told my wife about my plan to attend. Though it seemed to be a long shot dream, yet she was very supportive about the plan. So I said to myself, I have to work harder and save a lot of money if I’m going to do that. With the savings I already had, I was only a few thousand pesos short. Sometime at the last week of May this year, tragedy stuck our family. My father had aneurism and was in ICU for 2 weeks, and eventually died on the first Saturday of June. It was financially devastating to the whole family. So much for my savings and my NAR dream, suddenly it just went out the window. Still, hope was there, somehow I had a feeling that I can go there. I worked harder than I never worked before. There were some closings but cashing out those sales will be early next year. Not enough to make it this November 3, 2010. As the date drew nearer hope was getting bleak, yet I refused to give up and just hanged on it. The line of the poem “Don’t Quit” keeps playing on my mind…”when the funds are low and the debts are high, you want to smile but you have to sigh… when faith is beating you down to bit,… rest if you must but don't you quit”. It was the lone light that keeps me holding on. After the PAREB convention, I received a phone call from my old Canadian friend. He said he just arrived in Mactan Airport and on his way to Cebu City. I thought he was kidding because he just came here last June, and is not due here until January which was his usual visit to our country. Well, as usual, I will be his tour guide. One night while I was attending an investor’s night, he called to have dinner with me. I told him why not? “I’m treating you dinner tonight”. I gave him the directions to the venue of the investor’s night. As I met him in the hotel lobby, I briefed him on what’s going to happen. I told him there will be a project presentation and then they are going to serve dinner and after that we’re out of there. The presentation did not happen since most of the brokers and clients were already busy presenting the project themselves. So I just did what I was supposed to do and as I was presenting, he started to ask many questions then reached his pocket and started counting his money for the reservation. I never expected that I could close a deal that night. After we signed the papers, he said that we are going out to celebrate. As we were having beers, he asked me about my trip to New Orleans for the NAR convention. I told him that I can’t go. I can’t even afford an air ticket now. Then he told me, since you have given me a good deal today and you have been treating me well, I will pay for your air ticket as a reward. Thus I had the chance to make my dream come true. So, on the 2nd of Nov, off to New Orleans I went, for the NAR-DIGRAS convention.



Property Development & Consultancy, Inc.

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Sitting (Left to Right) Caroline B. Borres, Emily Amie L. Cabillada, Monina S. de la Calzada, Maria Corazon A. de la Fuente, Standing (Left to Right) Jocelyn A. Jamero, Rufilo L. Toledo, TomasitoZ. Academia, Gerardo B. Yangyang, Leticia B. Tauto-an F9 Board of Directors



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Development of the Real Estate Business Realtor ® Antonio V. Osmeña

The real estate business in the early 1950s was largely unorganized and the caveat emptor spirit of the time – “let the buyer beware” – prevailed. No government license laws existed to govern activities of real estate brokers and their salesmen. Congress later enacted Republic Act 9646, “An Act Regulating the Practice of Real Estate in the Philippines, Creating for the Purpose a Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes.” It took the government five decades to finally resolve the implementing rules and regulations urged then by the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards to establish trade ethics, to standardize the real estate brokerage practices, commission charges, and servicing fees. In the early 1960s, the Cebu Realtors’ Board was organized on the concept that the exchange of real estate practice and business trends information among the individual real estate boards instilled the need for unity in the real estate business. As a trade organization, the Philippine Association of Realtors Boards (PAREB) was patterned after the US National Association of Real Estate Boards, when it drafted and adopted in 1913 a comprehensive code of ethics which contributed greatly to the transition of real estate from an unorganized business to its current status of a profession. The adoption of the association’s emblem and the coining in 1916 of the trademark term “realtor,” which is reserved for sole use by the association’s active members, followed. The success of these individual real estate boards soon attracted the attention of organizing other real estate organizations. The creation of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) and the enactment of the condominium law during the Marcos rule eventually led toward the accomplishment of desirable social and economic ends to real estate development. Gone were the developers and fly-by-night operators whose road networks in the residential subdivisions are substandard, where road width is more of an alley and only open canal served as storm drainage. One such environmentally-friendly Marcos decree was prohibiting the development of land with a slope over 60 percent and the area to be used for silviculture only. The purpose of the decree is to prevent soil erosion where the trees and shrubs hold the soil. Critics argue that HLURB should re-implement the 60 percent slope prohibition to prevent future flooding of the coastal areas. The realtor’s preamble to the code of ethics set forth that, “under all is land, upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. The realtor is the instrumentality through which the land resources of the nation reach its widest distribution. He is a creator of homes, a builder of cities, a developer of industries and productive farms.” For the record, let it be recognized that realtors have, for many decades, played an important role in the development of the industry in Cebu. It is because a realtor endeavors always to be informed regarding the law, proposed legislation, and other essential facts and public policies, further, the “realtor pledges himself to be fair to purchaser or tenant, as well as the owner whom he represents and whose interests he should protect and promote as he would his own; it is the realtor’s duty to advise the owner honestly and intelligently regarding its fair market value.” It is the duty of every realtor to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices in connection with real estate transactions. Although most people think of real estate brokerage when the term real estate business is used, the greater part of real estate activity initiates in other areas of real estate specialization. Many who are actively or inactively engaged in real estate are not in the brokerage branch of the business and are not negotiating real estate transactions for others and for a commission. They are investing in real estate or mortgage, buying and selling an interest in real estate on their own account, appraising real estate, constructing buildings, or working in a government agency that owns, manages, regulates, taxes, finances, or seeks to stimulate the economic use of real estate. The challenge addressed to the Cebu Realtors’ Board is to broaden and encourage real estate education especially to the unlicensed “colorum” realty salespersons. Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on August 18, 2010. sil•vi•cul•ture (s l v -k l ch r) n. The care and cultivation of forest trees; forestry. ________________________________________ [Latin silva, forest + culture.] ________________________________________ sil vi•cul tur•al adj. sil vi•cul tur•al•ly adv. sil vi•cul tur•ist n. The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Green Building: A breakthrough in Modern Real Estate Development Realtor ® Viethmier Carcueva Cuevas

When we hear about Green buildings, we would probably associate it with plants and garden landscape incorporated in the building. Maybe because we are more familiar with that structure that contains plants, calling it a green house. True enough that plants are one of the essential elements in a green building. Its major use is actually not for just beautiful scenery but to reduce carbon dioxide emissions inside a building. In turn making that building healthier to live compared to ordinary buildings built in the usual way. Green Building goes beyond what we already know. From its architectural design, materials being used, lighting system, water and gas system, waste disposal and even property management. Each is carefully studied and implemented to attain maximum efficiency and energy savings for a long term sustainability of the project. Thus, offering the occupants of the building, a very healthy alternative lifestyle and an environment -friendly living. Green building offers us tremendous opportunities to save energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, improve air and water quality, and reduce waste. If all buildings in the Philippines and specifically in Cebu, met leading green building standards, national energy use and global warming emissions would drop. The potential for reducing waste is even greater, with the rate of construction waste recycling. As a tropical country, Green building is also critical when it comes to managing storm water runoff. Specifically, you can make your site work like a forest: absorbing water, nurturing trees that clean our air and cool our community, and give kids a place to safely play and explore the natural world. Comfortable, healthy, and safe homes and communities are at the heart of high performance green building. When you design to make the most of your development, work with community members and potential users even from day one of the project. Plan to enhance parks and playgrounds and to create safe, well-lit walking routes to transit and businesses where neighbours can get to know one another, exercise regularly and create a community where residents look out for one another. It is important that the evaluation of the entire life cycle of the building is required to determine if it is truly a green building. Thus, to do this kind of development, we need a third party to evaluate, monitor and certify. “The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)” The LEED is an environmental rating and certification system for residential and commercial buildings from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED provides benchmarks for the design, construction and operation of a property and covers site makeup, building materials, water and energy efficiency as well as indoor environmental quality. It also provides certification for people who demonstrate an understanding of green building practices. With these technologies at our disposal, we can expect more Green Building Projects rising at our horizons, changing and enhancing the skyline of Cebu. Looking at the benefits that green projects can offer to our consumers, the government and the environment, it is indeed a breakthrough in the modern real estate developments.


The PAREB Lifetime Members of CEREB Realtor ® Sunshine Hoyo

Cebu Realtors Board, Inc. is one of the local boards who aggressively answered PAREB’s campaign for Lifetime Membership. The proceeds of the campaign will go to the funds raised by the Realtors for the purchase of the lot and building that will be the future home of PAREB. CEREB without second thoughts gave out its all out support to this campaign and gained recognition as the board with the Most Number of Lifetime Members among all the local boards nationwide during the 50th PAREB National Convention held at Century Park Hotel in Malate, Manila. Last August 26, 2010 at Sarrosa International Hotel, Cebu City, fifty-three CEREB members were honored and pinned with the PAREB Lifetime pin during the 8th General Membership Meeting and Nomination. The PAREB Lifetime Members from Cebu Realtors Board are the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Asares, Richard G. Bacalso, Cyd C. Bacalso, Jeolius A. Baliguat, Percival C. Buena, Josephine P. Cabahug, Purificacion T. Cabillada, Emily Amie L. Cadavero, Hannah Capanas, Jonathan P. Capulong, Lunaliza Q. Co, Wallace S. Cuaton, Julieta Dayanan, Beverly M. Dayola, Degario C. Domingo, Teresita L. Flaminia, Rosemarie G. Gepte, Rosemary T. Godinez, Edgar Granada, Ramil L. Gulosino, Rene A. Inting, Ricardo N. Inting, Marissa S. King, Fiona E. King, Richard Ray T. Kokseng, Daisy J.

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

Lao, Samuel O. Leguera, John Brian C. Lim, Rachel Y. Locson, Virginia M. Luaña, Ofelia C. Macandog, Verna B. Narca, Joseph N. Navarro, Britta May B. Navarro, Donato Sotero A. Ng, Melanie C. Ouano, Leslie Y. Ouano, Melvin Lous R. Quiokeles, Dennis Quiokeles, Fleurdemae Y. Reynes, Ma. Teresa Jane O. Ruiz, Arnita G. Sarmiento, Christine E. Señora, Fleur De Liz L. Soberano, Ma. Rosario B. Solski, Brigida J. Talatayod, Nelson A. Tauto-an, Leticia B. Toledo, Rufilo L. Veloso, Melizza Ann L.

50. 51. 52. 53.

Villamala, Vicente T. Whysall, Ma. Lucy Lynn C. Woo, Doris Y. Yangyang, Gerardo B.

To all PAREB Lifetime Members, congratulations and we salute you!

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Cereb Realtors Updates Magazine 2nd Issue 2010  
Cereb Realtors Updates Magazine 2nd Issue 2010  

Cereb Realtors Updates Magazine 2nd Issue 2010.