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Emerging stronger from the ashes of financial ruin Many people who have experienced bankruptcy, divorce, job loss and business failures know the anger, frustration, shame and hopelessness that overwhelms them, pushing them into a state of petrified inactivity. Picking up the pieces and emerging unscathed from personal financial crisis is possible. Negative thinking prevents you from taking the first tentative steps, therefore it is imperative that you stop mentally punishing yourself or repeating your failures or to keep thinking “I have caused financial ruin” and “I have failed my family, who are now worse off.”  Get a Job: without wasting a moment, get hold of the newspaper, pour over the job columns with a magnifying glass, and call the first employer who can give you an opening. Grab the first offer, don’t analyze, and join fast!  Use your strengths and skills and core competencies to settle for simpler jobs that you can handle efficiently, even if it is low paying-you need to boost your self-image with a string of successes, and somebody is bound to notice and give you the break you deserve.  If you have an expensive mortgage leave it and shift to a lower paying rental, again don’t go overboard and shift to the dumps, try a locality that is family friendly, the idea is to save money not step into poverty. Get rid of expensive habits and dine outs. Stock groceries and cook at home. You have to eat sufficiently, worry less.  Get your finances in order-that simply means writing a list of every debt and taking an inventory of all your assets no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, if there is farm land in Kentucky, write that too. You will instantly know what resources you command. You can use free online financial tools to evaluate these assets, and sell something for valuable cash.  Pay off debts to reduce your long term loan repayment burden. Regain your losses by managing your debt. If you get a job and if you have a car in good condition, taking title loans or personal loans would be great way of steadying the ship, but avail only the smallest loan that can be adjusted in the next pay check, otherwise you will sink like the Titanic. One loan is OK, don’t ever renew or recycle such loans. Hammer loan repayments down to less than 30% of your income, and never cross that.

 Liquidate your credit card outstandings, cancel cards that have the highest interest rates, don’t keep more than one.  Accumulate all your savings in a simple friendly neighborhood bank savings account. Use their free internet online payment option to set up bill payment schedules and drawing limits so that even as you salary lands in the account, all your utilities and debts get paid automatically. This way you will never be tempted to postpone repayments as and when they fall due, and you will know your surplus. It’s really incredible what these simple steps can help you achieve, your personal financial planning will add power to your debt management that will become streamlined, thereby creating greater stability in your finances, and you will be in a position to build on these resources and lead a tension free, happier life. Check used car loans.

Emerging stronger from the ashes of financial ruin  

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