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April 6, 2017 Dear Friends, A scripture which captures the essence of what took place at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church in 2016 is Isaiah 43: 18-19, “Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” 2016 was a year of fruitfulness—building trust, seizing opportunities, giving generously, and addressing challenges. As a church, just to name a few things, we: • Experienced spiritual leadership and having the Holy Spirit in our church

Tricia Small Director of Communications

• Celebrated growth in our membership with 48 new members and baptized 14

Linda Klein Office Manager

• Finished the year in the soundest fiscal position we have had in the past six

Selena Hendrix Director of Finance

individuals years—income exceeded our budgeted expenses and allowed us to restore our reserves to a level of two months of operating expenses • Reached a difficult decision to close our Child Development Center • Offered vibrant Sunday school classes that enriched over 150 attendees each

Sunday Last year, we also initiated a Goal Development Process for church ministries. These goals guided our time, energy, and resources which resulted in a very fruitful year. It is a joy to share the fruits of their labor with you. We are indeed blessed to have so many who are committed to work for the glory of God. For those of you who would like to become involved, we encourage you to step forward and join us in achieving our mission. Yours in Christ,

George E. Lumpkin, Jr. Senior Pastor

Bud Harris Church Council Chair

Back Porch Youth Ministry Purpose: To connect youth (grades 6-12) with God, each other and a greater Cause through prayers, worship, fellowship and fun Staff: Director-Joel Griffin The Fruits of Our Labor: •Youth Ministry doubled in size going from an average of 20 youth a week to 40 youth a week •40 members of the youth group served the world through three mission summer mission trips to Bandera, Belize, and San Antonio •Conducted two spiritual weekend retreats with 47 youth and 8 adults attending •Youth coordinated and participated in 10 local community service projects •Seven youth were confirmed into the life of the church and six youth were baptize •Conducted six youth led worship services •Had a whole lot of fun!

Biblical Garden Purpose: Maintain a Biblical Garden which provides guest and church members the opportunity to enjoy time in mediation, prayer or just walking through. The garden is filled with Biblical Plants which are labeled with biblical plant names and the scripture verse where they are mentioned providing a unique education experience. Gardeners: Master Gardener-Peggy Benson, John Benson, Vernon and Linda Treibs, Al Bispo, Kenneth and Loes Williams, Ronnie Williams, Jim Wilhite, Richard Johnson, John Batterton, Hugh Reeves, George Kolb, Pat Weeden, Jerry Christensen, Lloyd Kneese

The Fruits of Our Labor: •Hosted two tours for church groups from Temple and Georgetown •Performed gardening and maintenance activities on a monthly basis to update and refresh the garden •Provided Biblical Garden information to a professor in Kentucky who is writing a book about international locations of Biblical Gardens and requested our garden be included in the book •Updated the Biblical Garden booklet to include new plants which were added and delete a few plants that were removed •Prepared the Biblical Garden grounds to host tours for District church members attending the Equipping the Saints’ Workshop hosted by FUMC in January, 2-17

Board of Trustees Purpose: Manage the maintenance, repair, and replacement of property, church facilities, parsonage, equipment and vehicles owned by FUMC to ensure a safe, secure, and accessible “Home” to carry out the mission of the church. Board Members: Chairman-David Wieting, David Wiemers, Janet Lindley, Todd Eidson, Linda Treibs, Mark Langerhans, George Murphy, Steve Cannon, Camey Stewart, Senior Pastor George Lumpkin, Bud Harris The Fruits of Our Labor: •As part of the church’s energy awareness program, all lights in the church were changed to energy savings LED lights which improved lighting efficiency and reduced utility expenses •Installed new signage in the entrance and exits points to the church property and directional signs for youth programs. Placed church signs on all major highways leading in and out of Fredericksburg to increase awareness and welcome all to our home •Performed day-to-day maintenance of all church facilities, equipment, and vehicles. Many of these accomplishments were performed by a group of volunteers called the “Wonder Workers” who donate their time and talents every week •Located and developed schematics for the church’s electrical circuits, sewer, water, and plumbing systems •Performed repair work on the church’s Bell Tower and exterior rock walls of the sanctuary. Initiated the refurbishing of the children’s wing which included painting and new flooring •Developed a clear and concise Facility Use Policy to address use of the property for destination weddings, family activities for members and nonmembers, non-profit organizations, city and school organizations

Children’s Ministry Purpose: To train up children in the way they should go to Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. Staff: Director-Ms. Lisa Davis The Fruits of Our Labor: •Have an average of 12 children in K-5 that meet every Sunday and added one new leader to the teaching team •Hosted special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt in Palmz on the Platz which attracted over 40 children and conducted a Christmas Puppet Show which that shared the true meaning of Christmas at the 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Service and for a group of wounded warriors and their families. The puppet team has grown to 11 and is an intergenerational ministry •Sponsor the Treehouse Kid’s Club which serves 29 kids and utilizes The Gospel Project as the curriculum for the afterschool program. The unique feature of the curriculum is that every story comes back to the saving grace of Christ. The club meets every Wednesday and has two group leaders and three helpers from our congregation helping with the program •Hosted Vacation Bible Study for 38 kids that focused on an Egypt/Joseph theme. Over 12 youth and 30 adults from our congregation helped put on VBS which included dinner for families. VBS is scheduled for July 10-14, 2017

Church Council Purpose: The church’s administrative leadership group charged with envisioning, planning, implementing, and annually evaluating our congregation’s mission and ministry. Council Members: Chair – Bud Harris Recording Secretary – Crawford Guthrie Members – Gregg Hagelstein, Terry Collier, Jim & Judy Ryan, Larissa Hallford, Jim Graham, Andrea Gentry, Leta Ann Metzger, David Wieting, Hugh Reeves, Brenda Miiller, Kay Telle, Alice Hahn, Caroline Eidson, Linn Brady, Jim Gedeon, Marcia Lyngaas, Randall King, E.W. Hallford, Sandy Phillips The Fruits of Our Labor: •Initiated a Goal Development Process for 15 ministries and committees which involved 116 members of our congregation •Initiated a 2017 Goal and Budget Development Process with the Finance Committee which integrates ministry goals with budget requests for funds to support operations committees/programs •Approved 2017 goal to explore new ministry opportunities through a process of evaluating existing ministries and identifying/implementing new ministries that support our mission •Implemented a Recognition Program to recognize members of our congregation for their service, passion and contributions to our church – Priscilla Althaus David Wiemers Cathy & Terry Collier Bud Harris •Adopted the “New Vision Thing” “20 20 plus 20 by 20” presented by Pastor George •Approved the new theme and branding logo “Make This Place Your Home” presented by staff •Established a team to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan for the church •Approved 2016/2017 Goals and Operational Budget

Communications Department Purpose: Compile, simplify, clarify, and manage information for distribution to the congregation, community and the world through print and digital media Staff: Director- Ms. Tricia Small The Fruits of Our Labor: •Collaborated in the creation and development of the church’s new theme “Make This Place Your Home” and developed a new logo to support the brand •Worked with the Factory group to develop visitor and new member packets •Restructured the church’s internal communication system and created a new church bulletin, a weekly publication (the Scoop), and published a every other month publication (the Thread) •Developed new design content for the church’s new visual system in the sanctuary •Worked with staff and members of our congregation to support the missions and ministries of the church through strategic communications

Congregational Care Purpose: Support and nurture all members of FMUC from birth to death: coordinates homebound visitations and communion; church support for funeral receptions; the Prayer Shawl Ministry; and Cards for Christ. Committee Chairs: Homebound Visitation and Communion - Alice Hahn Prayer Shawl - Judy Hickerson Cards for Christ - Sharon Massey Funeral Receptions – Judy Hickerson The Fruits of Our Labor: •Recruited 24 disciples and conducted two training sessions on serving communion to 33 homebound members. These disciples also conduct homebound visitations and provide Christian devotional materials for their spiritual enrichment •Coordinated church support (Fellowship Hall arrangements, food preparation, clean up) to host funeral receptions requested by members •Coordinated the ministry of over 20 disciples who meet weekly to create crocheted and knitted items for members and people in our community. This group provided 76 Prayer Shawls to members of our church who are hospitalized, grieving, or have special needs; 17 caps for Wounded Warriors at Nebo; 208 fleece/flannel blankets to HCMH, the elementary school and Project Linus; 105 washcloths to M. D. Anderson; 24 scarfs for Special Olympics; and 12 fetal tissue remains pouches to the delivery room at HCMH •Coordinated a group of 10 disciples who meet weekly to create original individually crafted cards which were sent out to over 768 recipients (44 cards were sent monthly to members who are ill, hospitalized or homebound and 240 cards were sent on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) •Conducted monthly meetings with pastors to share the needs and concerns of homebound Members

Finance Committee Purpose: Nurture the financial vitality of the church through the development and fiscal management of the annual missional, ministry, and operational budget, development of good stewardship practices, and financial transparency. Committee Members: Chair-Gregg Hagelstein, Treasure- Sharon McMahon, Terry Collier, Crawford Guthrie, Steve Cannon, Irene Mauldin, John Doudna, Bud Harris, Steve Allen, John Koepke, Kristi Stafford, Jim Ryan, Connie Eckhardt, Bill Strelke, Ken Sultemeier, Randye McAnally The Fruits of Our Labor: •Monitored the 2016 offerings and expenses through a quarterly financial review process •Established a cash reserve in excess of two months operating expenses •Communicated the financial health of the church through letters, quarterly giving statements and announcements in worship •Developed the 2017 Mission, Ministry and Operational Budget in conjunction with the Goals Process •Received a Letter of Commendation from the Rio Texas Conference for paying our church’s apportionments in 2016

Foundation Board Purpose: Support the Mission of FUMC Board Members: President-Hugh Reeves, Vice President-Jay Weinheimer, Secretary- Maryneil Dance,TreasurerJohn Benson, Senior Pastor-George Lumpkin, Lay Leader-Terry Collier, John Hutcherson, Debra Hadsall, Lizzie Bispo, Tom Cleckler, Loes Williams The Fruits of Our Labor: •Increased the corpus of the Foundation by $150,000 •Awarded more than $18,000 in grants to church and community programs and ministries •Sponsored a Retirement Seminar in conjunction with the Texas Methodist Foundation that was attended by 32 members of our congregation •Created a poster and rack card to increase awareness of the Foundation fundraising initiatives, support for church ministries, and ways of giving •Promoted February 2017 as Foundation Awareness Month

Memory Garden Committee Purpose: Create a Memory Garden which is the setting for the Columbarium, which provides members to have a place for their ashes, and the Memory Wall which provides a place to recognize members and family who were buried elsewhere with a plaque on the wall. The garden serves a peaceful place for family and friends to spend time remembering their treasured love ones. Committee Members: Chair-Peggy Benson, Senior Pastor-George Lumpkin, Tom Anderson, Kenneth Williams, Pat Weeden, Brenda Lumpkin, Paula Varney The Fruits of Our Labor: •Paid off the loan to the Foundation which enabled the church to construct the Columbarium and Memory Garden •Sold six plaques and four niches to church members •Enhanced Memory Garden landscape by adding foliage and upgrading the drip water system •Hosted a meaningful All Saints Day Service in the Memory Garden and a rose for each person named in the garden as well as a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday in the garden

Mission Committee Purpose: Responsible for the proper distribution of FUMC funds (budgeted or donated) for missionaries and non-profit Christian service groups in the local, national and international arenas. Plan and execute special mission projects to support community needs. Committee Members: Chair-Brenda Miiller, Judy Hutcherson, Jim Ryan, Beth Brady, Elaine Stewart, Charlie and Zala Koym, Liz Wunderlich, Cathy Welliver The Fruits of Our Labor: •Distributed funds to seven Christian based non-profit organizations providing community support services to area residents •Financially support missionaries that spread the gospel in six different countries and in one US city: Philippines, Madagascar, East Asia, Ecuador, Central Asia, Nicaragua and the Japanese community in Detroit •Provided scholarship to church members going on mission trips and financial assistance to the Youth Ministry for the Belize Mission Trip •Sponsored two Community Mission Days to assist local residents with projects (house improvements and yard maintenance) they are no longer able to do on their own. Also assisted the Black Methodist Church in the restoration of their fence •Contributed to eight statewide and international Christian based charities such as Kairos Prison Ministry, Mission Border Hope in Eagle Pass, Mission de Candelilla and Salud y Paz in Guatemala •Planned and executed special mission projects including special disaster fundraising, Flood Bucket Project and pre-disaster clothing drive •Distributed altar rail offerings on communion Sundays and Christmas •Achieved committee goals regarding the distribution of funds, creating a new bulletin board, establishing a Coffee Program and expanding our missionary services

Music Ministry Purpose: To lead our congregation in WORSHIP through our Chancel Choir and Praise Team and create music education learning opportunity in a Christian environment through our Kids Music Academy Staff: Director-Don Doss The Fruits of Our Labor: Chancel Choir •Expanded the opportunities for the choir to perform at community events including the Fredericksburg Historical Anniversary Program, the community Christmas Church Walk and at St. Mark’s •Added 4 anthems and new Christmas pieces to our music library •Hosted new events to enable members to interact and assimilate new members into choir activities Praise Team •Added new musicians and guest musicians to perform at special musical events •Added over 24 new songs to our Praise Team library •Exploring outside venues where the Praise Team can perform. Kids Music Academy (KMA) •KMA recognized throughout the area as a music school available to all community children at no or very low costs •Served 57 students in 16 classes offering instruction in chorus, bells, chimes, music theory, musical instruments, and Music Maestro computer lab. KMA has five paid music instructors, and 16 adult volunteers •Established the KMA Grant Advisory Board (Pam Wilhite, Judy and Bob Hickerson, Terry Hadsal) to assist in developing grants to enhance our ability to deliver Christian based musical education programs. To date, the KMA has received grants from Pedernales Creative Art Alliance, Fredericksburg Music Club, and the Moody Memorial Permanent Endowment Fund in Galveston which provided over $19,000 in support of the program

Staff Parish Relations Committee Purpose: The Staff Parish Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating the relationship between pastors and staff, congregation, and the District Superintendent so the mission of the church moves forward. Committee Members: Chair-Crawford Guthrie, Lay Leader-Terry Collier, Jack Stephens, Danielle King, Susie Thompson, Jim Gedeon, Cathy Ball, Gwen Fullbrook, Steve McAnally The Fruits of Our Labor: •Established job descriptions and expectations for each staff member •SPRC Chair, Senior Pastor and, where appropriate, the middle manager conducted annual performance evaluations for each member •Completed the Annual Pastor Consultation Form and submitted to the District Superintendent in December, 2016 •Collaborated with the Senior Pastor on the future plans for restructuring of current and future staff •SPRC Chair met with the Senior Pastor on a monthly basis to discuss and deal with issues confronting the church •SPRC maintained a healthy working relationship with church committees

United Methodist Women Purpose: A community of women (currently 88) whose purpose is to know God and experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the Global Ministries of the church Executive Committee: President-Leta Ann Metzger, Vice President-Martha Foster, Treasurer-Grace Cook, SecretarySandy Doudna, Chair of Nominations Committee-Pat White The Fruits of Our Labor: •Sponsored the UMW Annual Bazaar and Plant, Bake and Jewelry (PBJ) Sale which generated $9,394 to support area, conference and international mission causes •Contributed approximately $12,000 to denominational missions, two congregational committees, seven local community service organizations, and seven international missionaries •Contributed $2,000 to the Senior Pastor’s Benevolence Fund and for health supplies needed by the Fredericksburg Elementary School Nurse •Shared love and concern for congregational shut-ins and local elder care facility residents Delivered Valentine Cookies to 525 individuals Provided birthday cakes and gifts for Fredericksburg area nursing home residents in May •Attended District training and spiritual renewal events to become more effective in carrying out the UMW mission •Hosted recovery area and refreshment for SWT Blood Drive in August •Expanded our interest in the area of Domestic Abuse by designing, producing, and distributing flyers which provides information on local resources for assistance

Worship Ministry Team Purpose: Plan, facilitate and support the worship life of the church Team: Ms. Kay Telle - Special Events Ms. Maryneil Dance – Liturgical Décor Linda Klein – Communion and Lay Readers Rick Hoerster and David Wiemers – Ushers And a host of volunteers Fruits of Our Labor: •Coordinated the church’s community outreach event, “Palmz in the Platz,” which included the Palm Sunday service, a puppet show and Easter egg hunt for children, and hot dogs for all. This event was attended by 360 members and visitors •Hosted the church’s “Summer Celebration,” a worship and potluck lunch in the Pavilion at Lady Bird Johnson Park which was attended by 240 members •Decorated the church Sanctuary to reflect the Liturgical Seasons of the church – All Saints Day, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time, and also for Thanksgiving •Recruited church members to serve communion and share scripture as Lay Readers •Coordinated church ushers for Praise and Traditional church services

A Year of Fruitfulness at Fredericksburg UMC  

2016 was a great year for mission at ministry here at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of all t...

A Year of Fruitfulness at Fredericksburg UMC  

2016 was a great year for mission at ministry here at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of all t...