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There are almost 80 million dogs in the U.S. in over 46 million households All of these dogs rely on their families for safety and security Over 15 million dogs escape or are lost every year, and millions never return home

WorldWide Pet Products (WWPP) has developed a system that can seamlessly integrate with and enhance HomeAgain’s products and services, particularly HA’s lost dog notification program, to provide additional peace of mind to pet owners With the Border Patrol system, HomeAgain can attract new customers and create new revenue streams

If a pet wanders outside a defined “safe zone,� the Border Patrol system will automatically report the escape to Home Again or directly to the pet owner on behalf of HomeAgain By providing this notice immediately, the WWPP system significantly increases the chances that a pet will be found and returned home Notifications can be delivered via e-mail, text message and/or voice message

The collar is stylish, loaded with features and comfortable If a pet escapes, in addition to the escape notification alert, the collar flashes bright red LEDs to make the pet more visible (for added protection and to help locate the pet) The collar also integrates with other existing WWPP devices, including training, wireless indoor containment, and bark suppression


Safety Station monitors pets

24/7 If a pet travels outside the “safe zone,” the Safety Station will sound an audible alarm and deliver a notification via e-mail, text message and/or voice message so the pet owner may initiate a search immediately, drastically increasing the chances of finding the pet. The notification feature can alert PetRescuers and other HomeAgain resources to be on the lookout for the lost pet

Dog travels outside safe zone

Home Again Customer

WWPP servers notify

Home Again Monitoring


Border Patrol System also includes other products:

- Devices that create “off-limits” zones inside homes - A feature that helps reduce unwanted barking - Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers - A comprehensive website that allows system features

to be enabled or disabled remotely - Mobile Apps

GPS -

The Border Patrol system has been designed to easily incorporate GPS technology to track and locate lost pets


The system has been designed to solve the issues found in most other pet GPS systems (such as high unit cost, extremely short battery life and excessive monthly service fees)


Using the Collar and Safety Station, HomeAgain will be able to alert customers when their pet has left a safe zone, and then allow the customer to track and find their pet


Service plans can be set up as monthly plans or “pay-as-you-go” so customers only pay for the service when they need it

Outdoor Containment -

Wireless outdoor containment (like “Invisible Fence” without wires)  - Revolutionary technology with extended range and control

• Leverage the existing relationship between the veterinarians and the pet owner • Strengthen the relationship between the veterinarians and HomeAgain • HomeAgain reps have their veterinarians install a window cling revealing The First Ever Pet Security’ brought to by HomeAgain • Veterinarians will receive credit for sending their customer to Stay Home by HomeAgain by entering the veterinarians access ID on the web portal to activate • Veterinarians use their credits to receive cash or credit with HomeAgain • No paperwork & easy setup • Veterinarians have nothing to stock, store, or purchase, just recommend • When the Stay Home by HomeAgain customer registers the system, it will automatically include the veterinarian as a point of contact and medical info should the pet escape.

• With no out-of-pocket costs or inventory, veterinarians have a major upside sharing with their customer a new service designed to stop dogs from getting out, and help reunite lost dogs and owners immediately should they escape, while earning residual income and working with HomeAgain to reduce lost dogs around the world • HomeAgain can use their existing vet reps without needing to purchase excessive inventory. • Leveraging the tens of thousands of vets HomeAgain currently services, and the millions of existing customers, there is a massive opportunity to recommend their customers additional products and services, that can really spring board Home Again into a complete pet technology business for new revenue generation like Radio Systems very quickly.

Mailings, Email Blasts, Website Banners, Newspapers, Magazines,  Television Ads, and Social Media Communications 

WWPP managed HomeAgain branded call center to call existing HomeAgain customers: Representatives thank existing customers for being loyal Home Again customers and introduce the Border Patrol System

Customer Conversion will be high due to: Loyal customer base Affordable price Customers have a strong desire for pet safety and peace of mind


pet owners spare no expense on their pets


for new, significant revenue streams (equipment and/or

service) 

A. Equipment Sales  One (1) collar  One (1) Safety Station

If HomeAgain sells the equipment to approximately 10% of its dog customers for $125, gross revenue of $50 million is generated  

B. Monitoring and Notification Fees  $5-$10 per month (charged by HA to customer)

If HomeAgain receives this monthly fee from approximately 10% of its dog customers, gross revenue of $24-$48 million per year is generated

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