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I’m Fred. I’m a BA Product Designer at Nottingham Trent University.

I have a deep fascination with all things design which I have been developing since my early teens. Every project I undertake starts with assimilating information from research and then prioritising the fundamental aspects of the brief to generate the most suitable design solution. Some of the projects highlighted in this portfolio are live briefs set by companies collaborating with Nottingham Trent’s College of Design.

direction The recreation of the emotional durability that timeless silhouettes possess through contemporary influences of shape, detail and colour which reflects my exploration of associated trends and modern living challenges the target user faces.

brief Explore the commercial home-ware market, developing a single or range of products specifically for sheet material manufacturing. There are no restrictions on the type of product, however awareness of target and route to market must be considered.

ideation Experimenting with the shape and ergonomics was essential so the stool maximises space efficiency through shape and dynamism with handle placement all while referring to the design’s inspiration.


Genu caters to the increasing number of users with more intimate living spaces who are also becoming increasingly design conscious. This is achieved through a design that attempts to be both dynamic yet unobtrusive within a modern home. Genu can become space-effecient when there is a need for more footprint in the home. The shorter components tuck away inside the tall Genu which has the ability to stand flat against the wall. This allows users to define the purpose of Genu. The design of Genu encompasses carefully considered design details that reflects past, present and future trends.

Live Brief

brief Deadgood would like you to design and develop a pendant light by ‘challenging’ the way they are made, used, or function to create a sustainable product that has a commercial appeal.

ideation Ideation explored a multitude of shapes that would have different effects of lighting including ambient, task and accent effects.

direction Development of similar shapes inspired the generation of a concept that had detachable components so the pendant light would have a degree of customisability in size, colour and lighting effect.


The Tulipa achieves sustainability through emotional durability. The pendant light has two sizes of lighting canopy and shade, all of which can be interchanged to produce slightly different lighting effects. The components are available with a range of colours in order to satisfy a multitude of commercial settings. The manufacturing process also contributes towards the sustainability element of the brief by limiting the outsourcing of processes to one fabrication shop.

materials The manufacture of the pendant light is outsourced to a metal fabricator where they can cut out, bend and join together a variety of metals. In this case the pendant body will be fabricated from aluminium. The fabrication shop should also be able to powder coat the components different colours depending on the order.

Group Project

brief Considering future macro trends and the Active/Explorer consumer profile, design a mobile communication device for the year 2025.



Using research methods we explored potential consumers associated with the Active/Explorer profile and honed in on their needs, crossing them over with technology trend research outcomes in order to create solutions that were realistic for 2025. This portfolio focuses on an innovator and creative professional user and is a speculative concept for Adobe.

We begun the project by producing a radar chart as a method to define what an active explorer is. Using four variables that represent the fundamental criteria of what being an active explorer meant, we were able to map an array of potential users and start to determine their needs based on their position on the chart.

ideation We initially started generating ideas that would challenge the definition of a communications device or a smartphone. These more radical ideas would help set realistic parameters for later concepts and the technology behind them in order to create solutions that prioritise the user’s needs.

Touch Pad Scroller Integrated Base Camera

App Shortcuts

Connected AR Module

Flick Stand

Module Attachment Rail




The Adobe Shift graphics tablet offers instant connectivity to the Adobe Creative Cloud. With the base tablet users can get innovating straight away. Creative Professionals who practice in a particular media can acquire additional interchangeable modules that facilitate the use of creative cloud applications. The visualisation shows the AR Shift Module connected to the tablet. Employing new multi camera and 3D sensor technology, the module helps users create, capture and share augmented reality experiences with the Adobe Aero and Dimension apps.

Live Brief

brief Design a decorative storage or organisational product/ collection suitable for a specific consumer of a competitive retailer in storage solutions.

direction Using macro and micro trend research, I would develop a product that enhances the users visual connection with the outdoors, targeting new home owners looking to make the best use of limited space. Development of a concept that can be attached to a wall mounted frame that would be available in multiple sizes in order to best make use of vertical space.

ideation A range of concepts were explored as viable solution; ceiling hung, desk topped and wall mounted. The connection with the outdoors was considered through use of material or storage contents.


The Store-Up collection consists of multiple sizes and shapes to increase versatility. Each storage component and wall mounted frame would be sold as individual units to encourage the target user to repeat purchase, customise and build their collection.

materials Key project considerations included attention to detail with the choice of materials highlighting the use of alternate solutions other than plastic. Sustainable materials were explored and narrowed down to bamboo as the ideal base due to cost effectiveness. Bamboo is grown rapidly in Asia, where the product would most likely be manufactured. The storage components are partially wrapped in felt, available in an array of muted colours to promote a degree of personalisation.

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Fredrick James Owen Design Portfolio 2020  

Nottingham Trent University, Product Design BA Portfolio Yr2, 2020 Please view in Full Screen

Fredrick James Owen Design Portfolio 2020  

Nottingham Trent University, Product Design BA Portfolio Yr2, 2020 Please view in Full Screen