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If you think leadership has no role in a small business setup, think again. I presume some aspiring entrepreneurs aren't so keen about becoming a leader mainly because they run their business single-handedly. But that's not the way it's supposed to be. I'm pretty sure as a small business owner you're looking forward to the day your business expands, and that's the time when you won't be working alone. To become a successful entrepreneur, become an effective leader. The qualities of effective leaders are almost always what it takes to manage a business, big or small, effectively. Leadership skills like emotional stability, visionary, and enthusiasm are all important ingredients in developing good business leaders. Cultivating those qualities and skills is crucial because you should not only strive to become a good business owner, but a good business leader. Leadership skills are always at work in a business setup. As the business grows and you begin to hire, you need to know how to manage and motivate your people well. But even if you haven't welcomed anyone aboard your business, you're already working with people the moment you started your venture. Remember the time you were negotiating with your vendors? Remember the time you were instructing contractors how to renovate your home office? Your leadership skills were put to work all those times. And the same skills are going to become handy in your entire entrepreneurial life. Become a good business leader by developing the necessary skills. Not everyone is considered a leader because they do not embrace the responsibilities it entails. Becoming one takes strong commitment and discipline to develop the skills and qualities necessary to lead. But the good thing about leadership is that it is a developed skill, not an innate quality. If you put your focus and effort into it, you could become a business leader, and a good one at that. As a business leader, you need to be foreseeing and proactive. One of the notable qualities of a good business leader is the ability to plan smartly and proactively. Do not wait for issues to happen and to escalate. Business leadership is about anticipating the future and preparing for it. You must be visionary and foreseeing of the coming opportunities and threats, so you prepare well ahead of time. If you're unprepared, you couldn't take advantage of business opportunities and you couldn't prevent risks from harming your business.

To become a good business leader, have a vision and share it. Another thing about business leaders is that they have a direction or vision, and they share it with others. Vision sets the course of your small business, and if you fail in the part of creating your business vision, you could expect your business to go nowhere. Your business vision functions as your leadership vision, which you share with others so they too can help bring about the realization of your goals. Become a leader by example to cultivate respect, not fear. Moreover, a good business leader takes charge and shows authority through example. There is no sense of being a leader if you have no follower. As they say, if you're leading without others following you, then you're merely taking a walk. Take your leadership to a higher level. You can't manage people using intimidation and fear, rather cultivate trust and respect. If others see you as a leader by example, it's not hard for them to emulate and respect you.

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