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Using ecommerce advertising on your site allows you to maximize your profits, capturing those visitors not interested in your main product. Ecommerce advertising allows you to place adverts for other companies and services on your site in the form of banners or, perhaps text adverts using a contextual advertising program such as Google Adsense. The two most popular forms of advertising are cost per impression and cost per click. Each has its own benefits: Ecommerce advertising using the cost per impression model If you use a cost per impression ecommerce advertising solution, you are making use of the simplest type of ad revenue generation. This is the best system as you will be paid a certain amount of money for a certain amount of ads being displayed on your website. Advertisers will vary with how much they will pay, but a good example is $1.00 CPM. If they had the ad campaign set at 500 views, you would get $1.00 for every 500 ads that are displayed on your website. You don't have to do a selling job on potential customers of these advertiser's online businesses in order to benefit from this type of ecommerce advertising. Your job is just to display the advert to your visitors. You may not get rich using this type of advertising but it is hands off and it may just pay for your hosting costs every month. Ecommerce advertising using the cost per click model In addition to displaying the adverts in the cost per impression model above, cost per click ecommerce advertising demands that your visitors click on the advert to visit the advertiser's site before you get paid. As you only get paid if a visitor clicks through to the advertisers site why should you consider using the cost per click model?

Simply because you stand to gain more money using this model, particularly in the more competitive niches where advertising budgets are larger and businesses spend more to bring in customers. You may be able to earn anything from a nickel up to even $70 per click this of course has made the cost per click model very attractive. Ecommerce advertising using the pay per click model allows you to blend in the adverts into your site. You can change the colors and fonts so that they blend into the existing color scheme of your website. Arguably the best and most flexible cost per click advertising program is Google Adsense.

Trevor Sadowski has been building ecommerce web sites for two years and has built up a wealth of experience to help others. Visit his own ecommerce web site to pick up your copy of his free 7 step ecommerce guide.

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==== ==== Download this free ebook to learn more! ==== ====

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