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When starting your home business you probably had a list of "to do's", right? Advertise with free Classifieds Join Twitter Google AdWords Developing leadership skills was probably not on there, but having read magnetic sponsoring should have been top of the list! Thinking about it logically, when you work from home with YOUR online business who will make the decisions? Who is responsible for the results generated? Who dictates how much money you earn? The answer to all of these questions is the same...YOU! It is you who makes any decisions on marketing, decisions on strategies; you are effectively both the leader and follower. To add to this when you are contacted by leads what is it they are looking for? A business model? A particular product? No, what they are looking for is a LEADER, someone they believe in, someone they see as successful and influential. Developing into a leader is not something we can do overnight, its take time, investment in education, however there are steps you can take to speed up YOUR development. At your next business seminar NETWORK!! Get introduced to the people who are successful within your industry, ask them how they got to make such a success of their business, share experiences. People who make the BIG money, who are recognised within industry do so because they are leaders. Mike Dillard the author of Magnetic Sponsoring is a leader, people want to learn from him and be associated with him. Stop selling your products as the main reason people should deal with you, sell yourself, people want a leader. I want to finish with some free advice: o Recognise that you are 100% responsible for your business and its success. o Learn as much as you can about your industry. o NETWORK with successful people within your industry. o Eventually you will be equipped with enough information within your business that people will want to deal with you because of your leadership. o Never stop reading and educating yourself!

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==== ==== Get 21 ebooks all free! ==== ====

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