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Yes, It’s me !!

Hello ! My name is Louis. I’m 13 years old and I live in Saint Agathon, next to Guingamp. I’ve got 2 brothers: Charles and Alexandre. Charles is 16 Alex is 21. I have got brown hair and brown eyes. I like playing tennis and the piano. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is cola. I like surfing the Internet too. I am not very sporty but I like some sports. My father is an engineer and my mother doesn’t work. I’ve got one dog. His name is Couky. My mother loves gardening, but me, I hate it! My brother Alex loves listening to music and Charles loves… sleeping!

My name is Emmanuelle.I am 14. I live in Guingamp with my brother and my parents. My brother is 16 and his name is Thomas. I have a lot of fish. I practice tennis and swimming.I love chatting on the computer and watching T.V. I have long brown hair and I am quite tall. I love My friends. My best friends are Clement and Doriane. They are very nice. Sometimes I cook. My father Is a doctor and my mum is a nurse. My birthday is on the 25 July. When I am on holiday I go to my friends’ houses, I travel , I sleep , I go to see my family. I have been to England , italy , spain , U.S.A , Mexico , Egypt , Germany, Switzerland , Greece , Tunisia , Senegal , Canary Islands , Austria . In two weeks I’m going to Spain with my school and I am very excited. I want to be a doctor Good bye !

Louis and Emmanuelle