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FREDIDANCE Project   2013-­‐2014  Season    

  FREDIDANCE  Project  has  begun  its  2013-­‐2014  Season!  Currently,  FREDIDANCE   Project  Creative  Director,  Ferdinand  De  Jesus  is  giving  a  Performance  Workshop  at   The  Ailey  Extension.  He  is  excited  to  be  working  on  new  choreography  with  a   diverse  group  of  dancers.  The  workshop  is  still  open  for  enrollment  and  meets   Thursdays  8-­‐10pm.  Additionally  the  company  is  back  in  rehearsals  and  is  looking   for  additional  dancers.  To  audition,  you  may  attend  one  of  the  rehearsals.  Please   email  before  you  attend  stating  your  interest  and  attach  your  resume  and  headshot  .       Contact:   Kaarin  Shipitko     Rehearsal  Schedule:   The  Arts  &  Culture  Center  in  Washington  Heights   4450  Broadway  New  York,  NY  10040   (212)  569-­‐2224   Tuesdays  &  Thursdays  1-­‐3pm   1119  Bitter  Earth  &  Truth  Serum  (Kaarin  &  Nuney)   11/21  Bitter  Earth  &  Truth  Serum  (Kaarin  &  Nuney)   11/26  Company   12/3  Company   12/5  Company   12/10  Company   12/12  Company  

FREDIDANCE Project 2013-2014 Season Announcement  

Press Release for dance company FREDIDANCE Projects 2013-2014 Season. And call for dancers to audition.

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