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Insight Spring 2016


A Message from the President

A Message from the CEO

Stephen Hill, President

Krista Ross, CEC




s an organization focused on networking and advocacy, communicating effectively with our members is a key piece of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s operation. We try to accomplish this is many ways and while we’ll never be able to replace speaking face-to-face, our communication vehicles have evolved over the years with new technology and member needs.

n January, the board and staff of the chamber participated in a strategic planning session, with chamber member Symplicity Designs leading the process for our team. We spent two full days working on our direction, our path, and objectives - and a process to help us improve! We began by defining our vision and passion which we agreed was ‘community prosperity through business”.

You may have noticed that this issue of Insight Magazine has a new look and feel. We would like to thank Emerge Designs for producing our magazine for the past few years and are excited to have a new designer - Pete Stafford at Cambridge Pen & Design. It is great to have a fresh look to go along with our new quarterly printing schedule.

Our SWOT analysis told us that our strengths were our team, reputation and voice. And that our weaknesses were understanding member needs, the number of events and getting our message out. Our value proposition was to help business improve, innovate and grow through our networking, shared services, advocacy and events.

We have also recently launched a new website that is more user friendly, simpler to navigate and easier on the eyes. Thanks to Outreach Productions for their great new modern-looking design. You can find information about our events, our advocacy work, Member 2 Member deals, benefits that could save you money and much more. Please let us know what you think about both of these changes!

To work with our strengths, and work towards overcoming our weaknesses, we determined some projects that will help guide us moving forward. First, we are working on a better process of onboarding new members when they join. It is imperative that we better understand how we can help them and what services and benefits they need as well as how best to communicate with them. It is also key to ensure that they understand the importance of taking advantage of our benefits and other offerings.

Our new “Members Around Town” bi-weekly Eblast has also been an effective way to get the word out about new developments with our members! Members are invited to submit their news on our website for the next upcoming addition. On the opposite weeks, we still have our “Chamber Connections” newsletter that focuses chamber activities or other information that may of interest to our members. I would also encourage everyone to follow the chamber’s social media accounts, you can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn - just search “Fredericton Chamber of Commerce” - and Twitter. The chamber’s Twitter handle is @Fton_Chamber, our CEO Krista Ross is @KRossChamber and our Policy and Research Manager Morgan Peters is @ MPetersChamber. Of course, the board and staff are always happy to speak in person - feel free to call the office (458-8006), drop by our office at 364 York Street, or even better - attend one of our many events throughout the year! Insight Spring 2016

Secondly, our full team (staff and board) will be organizing a schedule of one-on-one visits with members in the coming months. The goal is for our volunteers and staff to visit members to do a survey with them to get a better understanding of what shared services (benefit program) they expect the chamber to provide, the areas of advocacy that we should be focusing on, the number and type of events they want, and how best to communicate with them. Additionally, we want to learn more about our members business - we want to find out the challenges, growth, plans and what makes them tick. All of this information will help us to do a better job of being the chamber that you, our members, want us to be. Of course, with nearly 950 members, it will not be possible to visit everyone… our goal is to reach 20 - 30% of our members. Our third project, which will be guided by our staff and by the information gleaned from onboarding and the one

Ready Pass 495 Pugh Street, Unit A3 Fredericton, NB E3A 1Y7 Tel: (506) 259-1738 Contact: Taeler Dixon

on one visits will be an event review. And finally, we want to develop a better way to track our metrics so that we can have better data with which to make decisions. At the end of the process, our hope is that we become and even stronger Chamber of Commerce than we are. That our membership will continue to grow. That we will serve you, our members in the best way that suits your needs, and that your chamber will be the organization that works towards “Community Prosperity Through Business”. Let us know your thoughts - help us serve you better by telling us what we can do to help your business grow and prosper. I welcome your input and encourage you to contact myself or any member of our team with your feedback!

Maritime Travel 1381 Regent Street, Suite 219 Fredericton, NB E3C 1A2 Tel: (506) 450-6055 Contact: Lubyca Gyuk

Riverside Living Magazine 19 Orchard Lane Upper Kingsclear, NB E3E 0E1 Tel: (506) 476-6961 Contact: Lucianne Henry

Refreshed Designs 1939 Route 148 Taymouth, NB E6C 2C7 Tel: (506) 461-1607 Contact: Kelly Anderson

Crown AutoPro 180 Riverside Drive Fredericton, NB E3A 6P8 Tel: (506) 472-5525 Contact: Dave MacFarlane

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Advocacy Update

State of the Province Address & Budget by Morgan Peters


ver the course of five days in late January / early February, Premier Gallant and Finance Minister Melanson laid out the government’s plan for getting New Brunswick’s fiscal house in order through the State of the Province address and the 2016-17 provincial budget.

goals laid out by the premier, but it does appear that the fund will apply to both the K-12 and post-secondary education systems.

State of the Province Address

1. HST Increase 2. Corporate Tax Increase 3. Tolls 4. Civil Service Reductions 5. Healthcare cuts 6. Education cuts

In the 2016 State of the Province Address, Premier Gallant focused extensively on the importance of education as key to improving social and economic woes in the province. Only 47% of New Brunswickers score a Level 3 or above (out of 5) against national standards and this is unquestionably holding back our economy in a myriad of ways. The most substantive announcement to come out of this piece was a “Education and New Economy Fund” - we are waiting for details on how specifically the establishment of that fund will accomplish the aspiration

The Premier also reiterated that the upcoming budget would be ‘painful’ and that six ‘major’ (based on dollar value associated with them) choices were being considered, including:

Somewhat surprisingly, the Premier announced that to achieve the goals of the strategic program review, the government would have to choose “3 or 4” of these. With Healthcare and Education cuts previously taken off the table, little suspense remained for Minister Melanson’s second budget. The vision for how to move New Brunswick forward after the strategic

program review and the 2016-17 budget was not clearly expressed outside of improving education outcomes.

2016-2017 New Brunswick Budget In the end, the government chose not to install tolls in this budget, saying they didn’t think that New Brunswickers were in a position to handle both an HST increase and tolls. Here are some of the highlights of the budget of interest to the business community.

Key Numbers Deficit & Debt - In all, the government says that through the strategic program review (and previously implemented measures) they are implementing $296 million in spending cuts and $293 million in increased taxes and fees. Despite these measures, the government is still only projecting a balanced budget Insight Spring 2016



by 2020-21 fiscal year, including a $347 million deficit in 2016-17 - nearly $1 million per day. Population Growth Division (Department of PostSecondary Education, Training and Labour) PGD is the branch of government responsible for growing the population - including administering immigrant services. They are seeing a budget increase from $4 million to $5.7 million. Attracting and retaining newcomers is essential to any future economic revival in the province. New Brunswick is currently capped at 650 immigrants per year under the Provincial Nominee Program and the provincial government has been lobbying Ottawa to increase that number to 1500. If approved, these additional funds will be critical to servicing the increase in newcomers. Opportunities NB - As ONB continues to get its feet under itself, it only spent $38.5 million in 2015-16 on a budget of $50.8 million. It is earmarked for $46.4 million in 2016-17 as ONB continues to organize. The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture has seen its budget drop by about $3 million while the government has also deciding to close two visitor information centres.



As expected, several taxes were increased to raise revenue for the province and presumably address the deficit: • The Harmonized Sales Tax will be increased from 13 to 15% - tied for the highest sales tax of any province in the country; • The Corporate Income Tax will be increased from 12 to 14% - which will be the third highest, trailing only Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; • The Tobacco Tax will increased from 19 cents per cigarette to 25.52 cents (the government also estimates that the province already loses $100 million in revenue annually in contraband tobacco); • The real property transfer tax will double from 0.5% to 1.0%; and • The financial corporation capital tax rate will increase from 4 to 5 %. Additionally, the government is eliminating the top personal income tax bracket for income over $200,000 and reducing the rate on income of over $150,000 from 21 to 20.3%. It is still hard to see this as good news given that the Province’s stated reason for doing so is due to the federal rate increasing 4% in the coming federal budget and despite the reduction, it also means only Quebec and Nova Scotia will have a higher rate. Perhaps most surprisingly, a small business tax rate reduction was not announced, although government officials have assured us that it is included in the overall Insight Spring 2016

numbers and an announcement is shortly forthcoming. The government has promising to lower the rate to 2.5% by the end of their mandate (from 4.5%). One of their first decisions after taking office in October 2014 was to lower the rate to 4.0%, where it has stagnated.

Civil Service Reductions The government has already reduced the number of deputy ministers by 30% and plans to reach that same benchmark for senior managers by March 31, 2016. They also plan to reduce the size of middle management over the next five years by 30%. While these reductions may be necessary and we look forward to a more efficient and reorganized government, these cuts will have a disproportionately negative effect on the province’s three cities (and particularly Fredericton) where the majority of these positions are located. This is problematic for the entire province since it will result in an economic slowdown in the parts of the province are where most economic activity and wealth creation are happening.

Partnerships The government plans to establish an Alternative Service Delivery unit within the Department of Finance to examine what services could better be delivered through the private sector. As a first step the government will pursue partnerships with private sector organizations for the management of the following registries: Real Property Registry, Motor Vehicle Registry and Corporate Registry. These will provide direct opportunities for business, but also may be seen as pilot projects to further expand this process.

Summary It would be hard to call the 2016-17 New Brunswick budget “business friendly”. Cuts were made, taxes went up and we are still not expecting a balanced budget this decade. By that time our debt will approach $15 billion on a provincial budget of about $9 billion. We need economic growth to have any chance of climbing out of this whole. We look forward to the government articulating its vision to create the conditions for this growth in the coming weeks and months.

A Big Decision in Mactaquac by Morgan Peters


he Mactaquac Hydroelectric Generating Station is a major power generator for the province but will reach the end of its service life by 2030 and NB Power must make a decision on what to do with the dam this year. A problem known as Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) is affecting the concrete portions of the station, including the power house and spillways. AAR happens when concrete paste reacts with silica in the sand and gravel mix that is used to make the concrete.

Citizens can more broadly make their views known by taking a 15minute survey: The deadline for comment is March 31, 2016. The three possible options for the station, which NB Power has identified are:

The reaction causes the concrete to swell and crack over time. Hundreds of hydro stations around the world are affected by AAR. The earthen dam, which supports the Mactaquac head pond, is a rockfilled structure sealed with clay and does not have AAR. Generating 670 megawatts of energy, the Mactaquac station provides about 12% of the province’s power and is the only asset with ‘black start’ capacity (can run in the case of a catastrophic, provincewide outage). It’s place in the province’s energy mix is currently crucial and any decision will have to take into account these important factors (amongst others). There are three primary options for the station that NB Power has identified, each with broad implications for people and the natural environment. The utility has been consulting with experts, First Nations groups, scientists, environmental groups, local residents and other stakeholders since 2013. They are now seeking comment on draft environmental and social impact reports, which can be found here:

• Repowering the station with a new powerhouse and spillway and maintaining the existing earthen dam. This would most likely mean building a new powerhouse and spillway on the opposite side of the river from the existing ones. Top photo - left to right - Jeff Earle, Kristen Hawkes, Joseph O’Donnell, Christine Little, Stephen Hill, Ryan Boyer, Krista Ross, Keir Clark, Morgan Peters, Wendy Morrell

Insight Spring 2016



• Building a new spillway on the opposite side of the river from the existing ones, maintaining the earthen dam and decommissioning the existing concrete structures leaving the head pond intact. This option means there would be no ability to generate electricity at the station.

Capstone Computer Consulting 780 Regent Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3Y4 Tel: (902) 218-2065 Contact: Harold McDonald Miah’s Secret Women’s Beauty Inc. 671 Prospect Street Fredericton, NB E3B 6B8 Tel: (506) 292-4833 Contact: Manani A-Halaoui


• Restoring the river. This option means draining the head pond and removing the powerhouse, spillways and the earthen dam, allowing nature to bring the river back to a natural flow.

Shuning Clinic 281 University Avenue Fredericton, NB E3B 4H9 Tel: (506) 444-9100 Contact: Dr. Xie Shuning LSW Wear Parts Ltd. 440 Urquhart Crescent Fredericton, NB E3B 8K5 Tel: (506) 458-5613 Contact: Gregg Carr Khadia Conseil Mode Et Design 538 Queen Street, Apt 3 Fredericton, NB E3B 4B9 Tel: (506) 899-2788 Contact: Khadia Dia

At the end of the day, the decision will be made by experts at the utility, but they have repeatedly said that a large part of that decision is understanding “what is important to people”. This approach allows NB Power to consider all of these seemingly disparate interests when making the final decision. Whichever option is chosen, the costs will be in the billions and will affect the province for generations. In addition to the price tag, the decision also has broader economic, ecological, social, and spiritual consequences and we encourage anyone with an opinion to make your voice heard. Insight Spring 2016

Opportunities NB PO Box 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 Tel: (855) 746-4662 Contact: Lori Armstrong

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Trites Orthodontics 899 Prospect Street Fredericton, NB E3B 2T7 Tel: (5606) 462-7670 Contact: Dr. Brian Trites Kinsmen Club of Fredericton 303 Waggoners Lane Fredericton, NB E3B 2L4 Tel: (506) 455-9341 Contact: Lee Burry Goggin Consulting 276 Parkhurst Drive Fredericton, NB E3B 2J9 Tel: (506) 470-3242 Contact: Mary Goggin Hermez Logistics Solutions 50 Crowther Lane, Suite 120 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J1 Tel: (506) 292-9290 Contact: Hamdi Fannoush JMC Young Forestry 802 Route 670 Ripples, NB E4B 1G2 Tel: (506) 292-1113 Contact: Danny E Young Brookstone Massage Therapy 1757 Hanwell Road, Suite 4 Hanwell, NB E3C 2B9 Tel: (506) 470-9763 Contact: Tom Peppard Explosive Business Solutions Inc. 99 Valcour Drive, Unit 214 Fredericton, NB E3C 0J2 Tel: (506) 238-1390 Contact: David Newbury Continues on page 12

Chamber Meets with Netherlands Economic Policy Official by Morgan Peters


embers of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce recently met with Arie Plieger, Senior Economic Policy Advisor with the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa. Mr Plieger spoke about the longstanding relationship between our countries and mutual respect as a result of Canadian forces liberating the Kingdom of the Netherlands towards the end of the Second World War. The Dutch people still celebrate this event annually and Mr Plieger presented the chamber with a 70th anniversary commemorative pin. Mr Plieger also spoke about the Netherlands’ desire to become more active trading partners with Canada and New Brunswick in particular. He is gathering information about our economy, industries, innovations, potential niche activities that could be of mutual benefit as well as gaps that could be filled by The Netherlands. Companies thinking about doing

business in the Netherlands have a number of resources available to them, including: the Embassy in Ottawa, the ConsulatesGeneral in Toronto and Vancouver, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in the Hague. Still known primarily for their agriculture and food products, in recent years the Netherlands has placed increased emphasis on energy, with a particular focus on sustainability and have become world leaders in waste disposal. With 16.5 million residents, the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world which has required the development of unique technologies in a number of areas that may be of interest to Canadian business. More information can be found at or Facebook. com/thenetherlandsincanada. Insight Spring 2016


Chamber Welcomes Student Interns


Denise Kervin I’m a grade 12 student at Ecole Sainte-Anne, and as my last year, I took advantage of the school’s Co-op program. I have been at the Chamber of Commerce since September and I have learned many new skills that will certainly help me with my future career. All the staff have been welcoming and willing to answer any questions I have had. Although I was not completely sure what my future would bring, working here had opened my eyes to new career paths. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with such amazing people.

Jiselle Belliveau joined us on December 14th. She is taking the Administrative Specialist program at Eastern College and has chosen the Chamber of Commerce as her work placement. “The Chamber of Commerce is a great way to bring the business community together and to meet new people. I am glad to be a part of the team.” Jiselle is from Stanley, New Brunswick and enjoys travelling, hiking, reading and... filing!

Brookside Wellness Centre 435 Brookside Drive, Unit 34A Fredericton, NB E3A 8V4 Contact: Shiona McIntosh Brookside Wellness Centre is owned by Dr Shiona McIntosh, and opened its doors in November, 2014. The Centre offers yoga classes, Mindfulness programs for adults and teens, a variety of weekend workshops and provides Reiki and Reflexology services. Oromocto First Nation 33 Hiawatha Avenue PO Box 417 Oromocto, NB E2V 2J2 Tel: (506) 357-2083 Contact: Chris Atwin Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton 470 Bishop Drive Fredericton, NB E3C 2M6 Tel: (506) 300-1818 Contact: Janet Pratt Allscripts 13888 Wireless Way # 110 Richmond, BC V6V 0A3 Tel: (403) 616-3256 Contact: Jennifer Godsman Dr. Matthew Moore Professional Corp. 169 Dundonald Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1W7 Tel: (506) 455-3766 Contact: Julianne Moore Rally Engineering Inc. 30 Knowledge Park Drive, Suite 200 Fredericton, NB E3C 2R2 Tel: (506) 442-7400 Contact: Eric Boudreau Continues on page 14

Insight Spring 2016

Ten Years: A Look Back At Bullying by Rob Frenette, O.N.B


hat were you doing in 2005? I can easily recall what I was trying to accomplish. I was a grade 9 student at Bathurst High School at the time, trying to get the courage to do something that no one ever thought I would do – come forward as a sixteen year old teenager who endured years of bullying. Coming forward to try and accomplish one task, prevent bullying by the year 2008; the year I graduated from High School. The year that at the time, I was hoping would be enough to prevent one more kid from being silenced about the pain, thoughts, the abuse, the pain they were enduring. The same thoughts, abuse, and the pain I was enduring. I was kicked, spit on, called names because of the way I walked- a name that that unfortunately I will remember for the rest of my life. Prior to going public, I wrote an anonymous letter to the editor of my local newspaper The Northern Light. That letter turned in to a column wrote by the editor of the paper at the time. His column entitled “Even in so-called enlightened times, bullying is still a problem”. That headline spoke volumes to me, and it still does today, but for a different reason. I can clearly remember the nightmares, the night sweats, the headaches, not being able to do my homework because I had to pay more attention to was I going to get thrown down the stairs? Tripped? Shoved?

Kicked? How could I concentrate on learning while trying to prevent another sleepless night? I remember two students who I went to school with, two girls who were sisters who publically never got identified, and how they burnt the back of my neck on the way to school, and how unfortunately no punishment could be handed out because a) no one would say a word on what they witnessed in fear that they would be the next target and b) the location the bullying happened – a on school bus. The bus driver didn’t see the incident happen and the bus did not have a camera. In ten years, bullying has changed dramatically. The forms of bullying have changed, the way bullying is reported has changed, the way schools handle bullying has changed to and most importantly youth hopefully know they now have a voice, and can speak out and get bullying support when they need it most. Over a ten year span, I’ve been able to help grow a national antibullying charity, share my story about how a student with cerebral palsy, was bullied, and most important on how I can now help other youth and their families get the support they need. Policies have come and gone over the years, some have helped prevent another child ensure what I did while others are newer and provide something that was not there when I was in school – more support for teachers, more information on the new forms of bullying.

I’ve been recognized for my tireless work, ranging from my first award being the Chaleur Youth Outstanding Awards, a part of an award ceremony that the Bathurst Youth Centre offers, to Community Leader Awards, to most recently the Order of New Brunswick in 2011 at the age of 21. The youngest New Brunswicker to receive this honor since its creation. Over the next years, I hope to see more programs, support networks, laws, and policies to help handle this problem. To the educators who did all they could with the resources they had at the time, thank you. To the media, especially The Northern Light and MAX 104.9 FM (formally CKBC), thank you for helping tell my story. To the national media, thank you for helping get my message out, coast to coast to coast. To any child or teen who is afraid of coming forward to tell someone, I have a very important message to you, your parents and family: tell someone. Tell a teacher, a guidance counsellor, a school official. Tell someone. You do not need to live in silence. Any child or teenager or their family can reach out to BullyingCanada 24/7 for support, information and resources by telephone at: 877-352-4497, or by email: Rob Frenette 25, is the CoExecutive Director and Co-Founder of BullyingCanada Inc, a national anti-bullying charity. He resides in Fredericton, NB with his Common-Law Husband .

Insight Spring 2016


Considerate Property Management 129 Saint Mary’s Street Fredericton, NB E3A 2S1 Tel: (506) 206-3141 Contact: Adrian Butts Merrithew’s Appliance Sales & Service 790 Hanwell Road Fredericton, NB E3B 2R7 Tel: (506) 458-1022 Contact: Marilyn Boulter Velante 418 York Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3P7 Tel: (506) 452-0122 Contact: Nola Carr


Chimo Helpline Inc. PO Box 1033 Fredericton, NB E3B 5C2 Tel: (506) 450-2937 Contact: Nikita Moriarty Cinnamon Cafe (Arvand Ventures) 469 King Street Fredericton, NB E3B 1E5 Tel: (506) 454-9011 Contact: Shokooh Mostafaie Whitney Coffee Company Ltd. 880 Hanwell Road, Unit 205 Fredericton, NB E3B 6A2 Tel: (506) 461-7474 Contact: Ron Whitney

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What’s Your Legacy...


f NOW is the right time for YOU to make a difference in your community we have created the opportunity for you to take action and begin what will be YOUR legacy.

Non-profit organizations rely on strong leadership to drive change and achieve their missions. Expertise in human resources, technology, finance, marketing, real estate, law and many others are needed on the boards of our non-profit organizations to help them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their mission. Companies that support the volunteering efforts of their employees experience lower staff turnover rates, stronger relationships with staff, improved corporate image, leadership development, increased productivity and morale.

Professionals who volunteer on boards have the opportunity to expand their work portfolio, increase networking opportunities and are seen as leaders in the community. Research has shown that people who volunteer tend to live longer, have lower rates of depression, enjoy better physical health, have more friends and are more self confident. Connect with your community and get involved. Complete the form at - Social Innovation Fredericton. com, under the What’s Your Legacy tab We will connect you with a caring organization in our community that is looking for your skills.

Insight Spring 2016


AV Nackawic Why We Are A Member by Krishna Khaitan


he Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is, hands down, the BEST game in town! It’s leadership attracts an amazing group of like-minded business people who walk the talk in creating community by helping each other and coming from a place of contribution. As a new member, I found FCC and its members are very welcoming and engenders relationship-building, and collaboration.

business and product. Chamber provided us an opportunity to share with its members about our business which helped people to understand that AV Nackawic is in textile industry rather than in paper industry. Chamber networking is also a great resource to know about product and service available locally and improve our partnership with local businesses. I found Chamber as a great tool to connect with local community and works together for better future. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is the best outreach and networking organization in the area. In the era of social networking, I appreciate the old style face to face networking opportunities provided by Chamber. At the same time, FCC has kept pace with time and is equally active on electronic social media. FCC connection ions have worked two ways for me. Firstly, I met new people and secondly, I met people in person whom I was connected on social media. This has expanded and deepened my relationship and networking. Krishna Khaitan Vice President & CFO AV Nackawic 103 Pinder Road, Nackawic, NB, E6G 1W4 Canada

Since we are located in Nackawic, Chamber Events provide an excellent networking opportunity with local businesses and people on increase awareness about our company,

We Want You! Share your expertise, submit an article, gives us your feedback on our new look, what would you like to see?

Refer a future chamber member and receive a $50 gift certificate to a member restaurant. Contact Christine Little for details. Kerry Atkinson, Wilson Insurance Ltd. referred Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Andrew Steeves, referred Rally Engineering Inc. Vicky Andrews, CIBC referred Kinsmen Club of Fredericton Wendy Williams, Andrew H. Williams Insurance Agency referred Williams Chiropractic Health & Performance Centre Zak Wyles, KPMG referred Special Olympics New Brunswick Joseph O’Donnell, National Bank Financial referred LSW Wear Parts Mary Ellen Landry, SLS Health Coaching referred Brookside Wellness Centre Kelly Richard, Kelly A Richard Bookkeeping Services Ltd. referred Lori Clark Interiors

Insight Spring 2016


stop our busy agenda. Despite the cold, we were immediately warmed by Maritimer hospitality.

Israel and New Brunswick: Natural Partners in Cyber Security by Rafael Barak



afael Barak is Israel’s ambassador to Canada. You can connect with the Embassy of Israel on twitter (@IsraelinCanada), Facebook (/IsraelinCanada) or email information@ Separated by over 8,000 kilometres, the hot and humid breeze of Israel’s Mediterranean climate will never be confused with the cold and snowy maritime winter of New Brunswick. However, once you get past differences in geography, we share much in common. In particular, we are natural partners in the emerging sector of cyber security where some of the world’s leading experts and businesses are coming to us. It is not a coincidence that IBM has chosen Fredericton, New Brunswick and Beersheba, Israel to set up two of their cyber centres. In the middle of a blizzard on a cold January morning, I landed in Fredericton, along with my colleague Consul General to Quebec and Atlantic Canada, Ziv Nevo-Kulman. Thanks to the efforts of Lana Tingley-Lacroix and Dorine Albert with the Office of Protocol, we did not let the weather Insight Spring 2016

We had excellent meetings with political, academic and business leaders including Lieutenant-Governor Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, Deputy Premier Stephen Horsman, David Burns and Ali A. Ghorbani with the University of New Brunswick, Stephen Lund with Opportunities New Brunswick, Ed McGinley with Techimpact, and representatives from IBM. It was really meaningful for us to end our day by meeting Fredericton’s small, but vibrant Jewish community. I was drawn to New Brunswick after meeting Premier Brian Gallant at the Halifax Security Forum last November. He shared with me his vision of making his province a cyber hub and how the roots are already established with companies such as IBM and institutions like the University of New Brunswick’s Information Security Centre of Excellence. The rapid development of cyber has created unprecedented opportunities, yet it has also brought new threats to our privacy and even our well-being. In this new age, Israel has made cyber security a national priority. Like in New Brunswick with strong government leadership, advanced universities and leading companies working together, Israel has seen a cyber ecosystem bloom in the desert city of Beersheba. Global multinationals, startups, academics, researchers and the military have come together to collaborate. This ecosystem has helped Israel become the world’s second largest exporter of cyber security solutions with over $3.5 billion in 2015 or around 5% of the $75 billion global market. Our expertise has attracted significant foreign investment with an estimated 20% (second only to the US) in private investments and $1.3 billion raised in mergers and acquisitions of Israeli startups and companies. Canadian companies have also taken notice including BlackBerry, which purchased

WatchDox and announced plans to setup the only Canadian R&D centre in Israel, and auto part giant Magna International’s partnership with Argus to develop technologies to secure connected cars. After seeing your province with my own eyes, it is my vision that Israel and New Brunswick will establish an agreement to help overcome our geographic distance by connecting our cyber entrepreneurs, researchers and companies. On the federal level, we already have the CanadaIsrael Industrial Research Foundation (CIIRDF) that has financed more than 90 bilateral technology partnerships and engaged more than 160 Canadian and Israeli companies since it was established in 1994. I envision a similar framework on the provincial level that will result in jobs and prosperity for the people of Israel and New Brunswick.

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4 PHOTOS 1. The recipients of the 2015 Business Excellence Awards held in October. 2. November’s Business After Hours was cohosted by Gardiner Realty / Royal LePage and Magee Jewellers & Designers.


3. November’s Business Over Breakfast was hosted by the Downtown Optometry Clinic.


4. Mayor Brad Woodside delivered the State of the City Address on November 24, 2015. 5. December’s Business After Hours and Holiday Celebration was hosted by the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel. 6. Thank you to everyone who attended the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Warmer – Open House.


7. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce hosted its first Lunch & Learn webinar in January!


8. On January 28, 2016, Premier Brian Gallant gave his second State of the Province Address.





Spring Issue of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Insight Magazine  
Spring Issue of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Insight Magazine