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Paloma Herringbone | A ntibes Chevron Cover – Nasrid Palace Mosaic | Serallo Mosaic | Darro Mosaic Border | Cadiz Mosaic Border

Paloma Herringbone | M arbella StriĂŠ | A malfi Damask


M acK ay Linen Stripe | M inzer Cotton Stripe K iawah Stripe | A ddison Cotton Stripe

Summerville Linen Stripe | Beaufort Awning Stripe | M inzer Cotton Stripe A ddison Cotton Stripe | Augustin Linen Stripe | K iawah Stripe

K alika Paisley Print | Vientiane Ikat Print

Timur Weave | Tokat Weave

Montalcino A ppliquĂŠ Damask | Bassano Embroidered Toile

Picard Weave | Luxembourg Velvet

Bruxelles Weave | Tournai Weave | Ch창telet Weave

Š Schumacher 2012

K asari Ikat | Soho Console Table | 800-523-1200

Schumacher | Spring 2012  

The Schumacher brand is known for exquisite textile and wallcovering design of the highest caliber and most luxurious quality. Since 1889, S...

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