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An Athlete, An Artist, and A Princess By: Lauren Fredericks

This is the story of how three unique girls came together to be best friends in college. They all had different backgrounds and had different qualities from one another, but friendships can form over the smallest things, and then best-friends grow from there through the little things they find in common. The story of the three college girls that became the three musketeers, shows how an athlete, an artist, and a princess came together.


Once upon a time there was a girl name Lo who was finally old enough to go away to college. Lo was from New Jersey and was going to go to school in Pennsylvania. She was very nervous about leaving behind her friends and family and go to a new place where she knew no one, but she was also excited! She was hoping to make new friends that she could call her best-friends forever, but was scared about finding those people. She was also really excited about studying communications, so she had some mixed feelings. 2

Ud had been home schooled until she was in high school, where she attended a private school. Ud was going to Elizabethtown to study Occupational Therapy, a difficult major to get into let alone stay in. She was so excited to start a new chapter of her life and meet new people, but her biggest fear, which is change, was going to be something she would have to overcome. Ud had mixed feelings about going to college because she was afraid to leave her friends and family, but excited for what was to come.


Prunelle was from New Jersey, near the Jersey Shore. She was so excited to leave home and go to college but she had her fears too. She was sad she had to leave her boyfriend, family and friends, but she was sure she would find new friends at school who supported her and she could have crazy adventures with. Prunelle was going to school to study early childhood with a concentration in special education in hopes to be a teacher.


Lo had to go to school earlier then a lot of the other incoming freshman because she was going to be playing soccer for the Elizabethtown College Soccer Team. The first night at school was awful. She was the only one in her hall and room, she did not have a comfortable mattress, and she was nervous for the next morning, when preseason would start. She was no longer that excited for college.


The next morning things changed as she became friends with some of the girls on her soccer team. Over the next few months Lo became closer to some of the girls on her team. She would hang out with her soccer friends at practice and during the day, as well as on the weekends. She didn’t feel like she fit in with the girls on her floor and wished she could be friends with them, but felt as though she had chosen soccer so that’s who she would get to hangout with. Everything was going great until Lo became sick at the end of the soccer season. 6

Lo felt more alone than ever when she was sick at school. She even went home for a few days to try and get better. When she came back from being sick she was amazed to find that the girls on her floor had made her a welcome back poster. Lo was in awe by this gesture and really appreciated it.


Soon Lo was hanging out and getting more involved with her floormates. She had a lot of fun with this new group of girls, and felt herself connecting. She loved that she was making new friends and that they reminded her of her friends back home. Well, one night when Lo was hanging out with a large group of people off campus and some of the girls on her floor, Lo’s floor-mate Ud got upset by a stupid boy and so she wanted to leave.


Lo and Ud left and Lo drove the two girls back to campus. They sat in the car for about an hour just talking and listening to each other not realizing that a strong friendship was forming. After that hour they went inside where Ud wrote a song about how she was feeling as Lo made Ud easy-mac and helped with the song when she could.


Ud was an artistic girl. Lo was an athlete. Ud loved to sing and play guitar. Lo liked to be active outside. Ud was from Maryland and was an Eagles fan. Lo was from New Jersey and was a Giants fan. Two different people, who should be rivals from their sports teams alone, found the small things they had in common. They both liked to laugh, meet new people, go on random adventures, and listen to music.


Soon enough Lo and Ud were best-friends. They were always together and loved every second of it. Eventually people came to know that if Ud was somewhere Lo couldn’t be far behind and vice versa. Lo found someone that she could call her bestfriend and a new place she was now considering a second home.


Ud and Lo had so many adventures together. Going to playgrounds at 6 in the morning, Movie dates, going out to places together, making friends, going to the gym, they did everything together. They even decided to room together the following year. These two basically became sisters.


After a few weeks, Prunelle, another girl on Lo and Ud’s floor became the third in their three musketeers. One day Lo and Ud asked some of the girls on their floor to go into town to a place called folklore to get coffee. Lo, Ud, Prunelle, and two other girls all went on a walk to folklore only to find that it was closed. After some deliberation everyone decided to go back to campus grab Prunelle’s car and drive to a Starbucks.


Lo looked up the nearest Starbucks on her phone and they were off on their way. When Prunelle turned into a hospital parking lot it was then Ud realized the Starbucks was in the cafeteria of the hospital. They debated weather or not to go in, and after laughter and gasping for air they decided that it would be inappropriate to go in. So still in search for coffee and hot chocolate they decided on Dunkin Donuts as their new destination. In the end, 4 hours later, they all ended up at Panera Bread.


After that little adventure on Sunday Prunelle fit right in with Ud and Lo. Prunelle was loud, outgoing, and wanted to be a teacher. Once again their differences drew them together and their similarities helped create a friendship. The rest of the semester was going to be great because they would be together!


Lo spent most of her time in Steinman the communications building. She would be in their taking classes, doing homework, and working in the mac lab.


Ud spent most of her weekdays in Esbenshade learning about her career choice. She basically lived in there, between her classes, labs, and schoolwork.


Prunelle was in a different building as well. Prunelle was learning how to become a teacher in Nicarry. She had classes in there, talked to her professors, and got involved in her department there.


Even though these three girls spent a lot of time apart they knew they always had time for each other. The girls loved to hang out on Brinser field in the warm weather, eat meals together in the cafe, or just chill in the dorm rooms. Watching movies, going on mini adventures, and just enjoying their time together was what made these three girls happy.


When things were not getting exciting enough the three musketeers would venture out and go find new things to do. They went on mini adventures always jumping in the car and singing with the windows down just having fun.


They knew they would always be there for each other. Whenever anyone had a boy problem the other two girls where there to help make it all better. They supported each other through every mistake, even though they were usually making the mistake together. They knew food was always a cure and that being together could help any situation.


These three girls were very different but also very much alike. There friendships each formed naturally because they just all fit together. They each had their moments with each other, but in the end they knew that their friendship would make it through any little bump.


Now it was getting closer to the end of their freshman year at college. They all lived in different areas but they had already checked out directions and ferry rides to get to each other. They knew that the summer was going to be long with out their best friends, but they would be ready to visit at any chance they got.


Reflecting back on the year and their first couple days here at school, the girls realized that the fears they had had, coming into college turned out to be nothing. Sure they all missed home at some points but they realized that they had a second home at school. They made real true friends that would be with them for the rest of their lives. The friendships these three girls made with each other, was probably one of the best experiences from their freshman year at college. Only time will tell with what happens in the next three years, but these girls will face it together. 24

An Athlete, An Artist, and A Princess  

The story of three friends.