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Fredericksburg, Texas 78624


Early voting pace heaviest in recent memory Tuesday is general election; early voting ends at 4 p.m. Friday   Early voting in Gillespie County preceding the Nov. 6 general election has hit what is believed to be record levels, according to Mary Lynn Rusche, county clerk, and her staff.   Through Tuesday, 6,280 early votes had been cast, including mail-in ballots in Gillespie County. Early voting continues through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily, in the Commissioners Courtroom at the Gillespie County Courthouse, 101 W. Main.   Lines have stretched out the door daily, as clerks have helped 650 or more voters on six of the seven early voting days to date.   “Typically, turnout for presidential elections is higher,” said Betty Crenwelge, who has worked in the clerk’s office for eight years. “But we talked with former County Clerk

Doris Lange and she said she didn’t remember a heavier turnout.”   Clerks also recorded 477 early votes last Saturday and Sunday during weekend voting times. That included 291 votes on Saturday and 186 on Sunday. This week’s balloting included another 650 early votes on Monday Early voting and 533 on totals chart, T u e s d a y . page A17 (See chart on page A17 for daily totals.)   Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6 and poll locations (listed below) will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.   Voting can be done with a voter registration card, or if the person is a registered voter but does not have his or her card, with a driver’s license matching the place of residence. County workers have been Cont. on A17


• Annual Big Band Bash stretched to three nights — A17 • First Friday Art Walk will showcase talents — A6 • Harper High School celebrates annual homecoming — C1 • Food & Wine Fest draws thousands on chilly day — D1 • Fall Fling draws 100 to Lady Bird Johnson Park — D7 •  Politics brings out the worst in some early voters — D2

Animals rebound from drought year; food plentiful throughout Hill Country Deer hunters, take note. Things are looking up. The upcoming season — which starts Saturday, Nov. 3 — has all the signs of outdoing last year’s drought-affected experience, according to a local wildlife official. “The (deer) population looks pretty good to me,” said Gillespie County Game Warden Sam Harris.

Sport grows in popularity among Gillespie women By Lisa Treiber-Walter

FHS band tops all at area; advances to state on Nov. 5


Officials eye a better deer season The animals, he added, are looking healthier this year than in recent years because this part of the Texas Hill Country received “good rains at the right time.” Harris went on to say that he wouldn’t be surprised if the deer tend to shy away from feeders, especially during the early going, because of plentiful vegetation. “The acorn crops and pecan crops are much better than last year,” the local game warden commented, adding that the deer should feed on the naturallyoccurring nourishment before turning to the feeders.

Statewide hunting season prospects “The white-tailed deer herd in Texas is doing well and stable. Despite one of the worst droughts on record last year, the deer population came through with minimal population impacts, which I think in part is a tribute to hunters and landowners doing a better job of managing deer populations and the native habitat across the state,” Alan Cain, deer program leader with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said. “Most areas experienced a low fawn crop last year, as to be expected, but we had very Cont. on A4

Archery a bull’s-eye for local female shooters

FREDERICKSBURG High School Band Drum Majors (from left) Karson Melcer, Josh Sanchez and Ariana Detmar accept the UIL Area E 3A Marching Contest trophy Saturday in Corpus Christi. FHS dominated the field, earning a perfect score and a ticket to the state contest on Monday, Nov. 5, in San Antonio. More on A18-19. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

Winning region with a perfect score, the Fredericksburg High School Band qualified to compete in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) State 3A Marching Competition on Monday, Nov. 5. The “Pride of the Texas Hill Country” will take the field at the Alamodome in San Antonio at 10:45 a.m. that day in the seventh position in a lineup of 21 area qualifiers for the

A SIGHT LIKE THIS is what brings hunters back to Gillespie of white tail country to try and bag a trophy buck like this one, County year after year. With the Saturday opening of hunting photographed near Stonewall. — Standard-Radio Post photo by season, thousands will flock from around the state to this cradle Yvonne Hartmann

state preliminaries. Among those bands scheduled to march in the 2012 state meet are 15 high school groups who also qualified in 2010 — the most recent year 3A bands could advance beyond region. Of those, there were nine bands (including Fredericksburg) which were among the Top 10 to qualify for 2012’s state finals. Cont. on A18

WEATHER Oct. 24-30, 2012 Rainfall this week 0.70 Rainfall for October 1.44 Rainfall for 2012 29.12 Normal for date 24.82 Same date last year 7.35 Low – Oct. 29, 30 34 High – Oct. 24, 25 85 For real-time weather information, go to:

High Low Rain Wednesday 85 68 Thursday 85 50 Friday 55 43 0.70 Saturday 57 38 Sunday 65 35 Monday 69 34 Tuesday 75 34 Total Rain 0.70 Courtesy Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park


When Fredericksburg friends Kris Ritter and Sarah Kammlah get together for a little “girl time,” it’s a safe bet they’re not going shopping. These days, they’re more than likely to spend all their spare time at “the range” — and that doesn’t mean a hot kitchen stove. The two young mothers have been swept up in the same national craze over archery that continues to exponentially captivate so many of the fairer sex. Whether the movement was spurred on by movies which featured archery in a favorable light

(such as “The Hunger Games” and its bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine, Katniss) or the recent 2012 Olympics competitions, America’s women are flocking to the sport. “If someone had said a year ago that I’d be into archery, I’d have said ‘no way!’,” Ritter said during a recent practice at the indoor, strip-mall range located in Bow Pros archery store, 1581 E. Main Street. But, she explained, “The satisfaction of being able to hit a target that far away that is that small is very gratifying.” “Ten years ago, I would never have seen myself doing this and now I’m in a deer blind every weekend,” Kammlah said. “It’s the feeling I get when I draw back the string, focus and fire. Cont. on A2

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT — Each time Sarah Kammlah of Fredericksburg takes aim at a target and successfully hits the bull’s eye, she sees improvement that serves to fuel a passion for her newfound sport. Whether inspired by films that spotlight archery, such as “The Hunger Games” or “The Avengers,” or because they’ve gotten comfortable with the sport in a non-boys’ club environment, Kammlah is one of an increasing number of local women who are taking bow and arrow in hand. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

Young girl first local West Nile Fever victim The 2½-year-old daughter of a local family is the first confirmed case of West Nile Fever (WNF) reported in Gillespie County. West Nile Fever is less severe than the West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease variety. Within the past couple of weeks, the girl has returned home where she is described as “great; everything looks good,” according to her mother.

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The youngster was taken to Hill Country Memorial with symptoms of dehydration, lethargy and a prolonged fever. Diagnosis was made at the hospital, with information about the reported case sent on to the Texas Department of State Health Services. This is the third case so far identified in the seven-county area, which includes Gillespie


Cont. on A4

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Time to ‘fall back’ an hour this Sunday Remember to adjust all clocks and watches back one hour starting Sunday, Nov. 4, when Central Standard Time brings an end to Daylight Savings Time (DST). Since the seasonal time-keeping adjustment officially occurs at 2 a.m., many residents get a jump on the time change by set-

ting their watches and clocks to “fall back” an hour prior to going to bed Saturday night. The end of DST, which has allowed for more naturally-lit outdoor evening activities for the past eight and a half months, will make it seem like the sun is coming up and setting an hour earlier. @fbgstandard


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Archery a bull’s-eye

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“It’s cathartic,” Kammlah said. Swoosh … tha-thump! Swoosh … tha-thump! (Heavy, contented sigh.) “For the ladies, it’s all about the moment — how it sounds — how it feels — the experience of it,” said Larry Morse, of Bow Pros, who said he has seen an increasing number of Gillespie County women coming into the archery shop to use the range more frequently over the past few months. “It’s so different than with the guys. They are worried about the end result. When they start shooting, their form goes out the window. They just shoot,” Morse said. “The girls pick it all up so much faster, because they are better focused and mindful of form and technique,” he said.

‘The girls pick it all up so much faster...’

- Larry Morse, Bow Pros archery shop

Already, Ritter and Kammlah have been heavy into the sport for less than a year and both are competitive. Both have competed in Fredericksburg Archery Club tournaments and both have hunted. But getting started in archery was something that took them by surprise. Their gateway to the sport was their children. Ritter’s son, Kyle, was the initiator in their family, while Kammlah’s daughter, Sadie, 10, was the one to get the arrows flying. “It has been good for my son

and I,” Ritter said. “He’s 13 and sometimes 13 is hard to relate to as a mom. But we did a lot this summer together. We came up here quite a bit (to the shop’s range). It gave us some common ground and it helped our patience and with our ability to work through something. It gave us something to relate to with each other.” Since then, Ritter picked up the bow and now her husband, Eric, has also been bitten by the archery bug. Although busy with football, Kyle still asks to go to the bow shop some afternoons. “Anytime he doesn’t have something scheduled, that’s what he wants to do. He wants to come here, even though we have a place to shoot a bow at home,” Ritter said. At the shop/indoor range, there are lots of products and toys, but there’s also potential coaching and camaraderie among other young shooters. For Kammlah, daughter Sadie has been her reason for picking up the sport. Once they brought Sadie (then nine years old) into the store for an introduction to archery, “it came to her naturally. She really just took to it,” Kammlah said. “She is a true competitor.” Although Kammlah’s husband, Kris, is a hunter, the couple’s other child, Colton, 11, is now tentatively picking up the bow after having attended several tournaments in which his little sister was competing. “I think archery is a good thing for children because it teaches them patience,” Kammlah said. “We’re kind of in an era of instant gratitification

DRAWING A BEAD on a target at the end of this inside range at Bow Pros archery shop, 1581 East Main Street, is archer Kris Ritter of Fredericksburg. Already, Ritter has had success in competition shooting after just a few months of picking up the sport. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter


AMID ARROWS FLYING, Fredericksburg residents Kris Ritter (left) and Sarah Kammlah have become friends after both adopted archery as a hobby when their children showed an initial interest in the sport. They

and ‘the now’.” When her daughter first went to a deer blind, she didn’t understand why deer didn’t immediately show up when the feeder went off. “Well, that’s TV editing, for you,” Kammlah explained. “Nature doesn’t just come at the click of a mouse.” Their children even participated in a tournament over the summer at the shop, with prizes for age group winners. But, it’s now their mothers — one a tomboy and one a girly-girl — who meet there frequently for a few practice rounds they define as therapeutic. “My son just wants to hunt, but, for me, I would love to go down a competition avenue,” Ritter said, adding that the thrill of a target shoot takes the killing away, but still offers the suspense of hunting (especially in a tournament using 3D pop-up targets.) But target shooting in a tournament is not as easy as it may sound, Ritter said. “You’re under a time restraint so you’ve got 10 seconds to shoot the target at different ranges. And, you’ve got an audience standing behind you — anywhere from one to two to 50 to 100 people standing be-

are just part of a rapidly-increasing contingency of women and youths who are picking up the sport in Gillespie County and across the nation. — Standard-Radio Post Photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

hind you watching. The pressure is definitely on,” she said. Practicing to hone her tournament performance, Ritter has a range at home upon which she shoots on a 20-yard range. “I will then reposition my targets to shoot them from different angles,” she said. But, it seems to be time spent at the range that has helped her forge friendships with other powder-puff archers as they bring their families into the mix. “Larry has made it so comfortable here,” Ritter said, adding that women aren’t made to feel like they are encroaching on the “boy’s club” by hanging out at the range. What they have found is a welcoming community. “People are not secretive about the sport. They want to give you tutorials on how to

do something correctly,” Kammlah said. “There’s usually someone talking to Larry, but he always stops what he’s doing and talks to everyone,” Kammlah said. “Larry is a huge supporter of archery,” she added. “He just wants everyone to have fun. He’s not super competitive.” “When someone is really enthusiastic about something, like Larry is, it’s infectious,” Kammlah said. And, “when you’re enthusiastic about something, you want to share it,” she said, adding that any woman who would like to come and just try archery out is welcome to call either her or Ritter. “We’d be more than happy to meet them up here at the range.” Those interested can call Ritter at 456-8328 or 997-0983 or Kammlah at 285-0477.

Doors open at 5:00 and show time is 6:30 each night.

Proceeds benefit Fredericksburg Youth Music and Theatre programs which provides scholarships, workshops and mentoring for area youth who are interested in the arts. 6851.21


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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| A3

Open house, carnival, parties to help celebrate Halloween Ghosts and goblins, princes and princesses, cartoon characters, cheerleaders and more will be out tonight (Wednesday) to celebrate Halloween. Children will be going trick or treating throughout the neighborhoods, and several businesses and organizations are also inviting youngsters to stop by tonight. The following have announced that they are planning special events for Halloween tonight: FVFD Open House Fredericksburg Volunteer Fire Department members will host a Halloween open house from 6-8 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, at the main fire station on Marktplatz. “The fire station will be open on Halloween for visits from any local trick-or-treaters and their parents,” said Frank Stead, FVFD spokesman. The fire department will sponsor a safety fair with participation from local service providers, including Atmos Energy, Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support, Central Texas Electric Cooperative, Sutherlands Lum-

ber Company, American Red Cross-Central Texas Chapter and the Fredericksburg High School Medical Reserve Corps. “This will be a fun event for children and parents, and we will provide handouts and safety demonstrations from the participating organizations,” Stead said. Stead said signups for free smoke detector installations will be available from the FVFD. For more information, call FVFD at 997-5603. Hallelujah Harvest First Baptist Church is holding a Hallelujah Harvest tonight from 6-8 p.m. There is no admission fee. The family fun fair includes a bounce castle and slide, games for all ages, hay rides, snow cones, popcorn and candy. Participants are encouraged to wear their favorite costume, but no scary costumes will be allowed, according to organizers. First Baptist Church is located at 1407 East Main Street.

Victory Block Party Victory Fellowship is hosting a Halloween block party tonight, and everyone is invited to join in the games, candy and live music. The event is free, and everyone is invited. Activities will take place from 6-8 p.m. Victory Fellowship is located at 414 College Street. Halloween carnival The public is invited to attend the annual Halloween carnival tonight at Knopp Nursing and Rehab Center, 202 Billie Drive. Featuring refreshments, the event will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Costumes will be worn, games played and trick-ortreating carried out at the facility. More information is available by calling 997-8840. Heritage Place Heritage Place is also inviting trick or treaters to “come by for some Halloween loot,” tonight from 6-8 p.m. Heritage Place is located at 96 Frederick Road.

Community Ed to offer classes Fredericksburg Independent School District Community Education is offering a variety of classes to the public in the coming weeks. To sign up for any of the courses or to get more information, contact Community Education Director Carol Reeh at 234 Friendship Lane, or call 997-7182. KNITTING: BEYOND THE BASICS Baffled by patterns, purls and knitting in the round? Participants in this class will review knit and purl stitches, learn to read patterns, investigate increases, gauge decreases and learn techniques to knit hats, mittens and simple lace. Class will be taught primarily in continental method. Participants should be familiar with the knit stitch.  For the first class, participants are asked to bring straight needles (#8 or #9) and 100 yards of worsted weight wool yarn. It was noted that scrap yarn is okay. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays on Nov. 5, Nov. 7, Nov. 12 and Nov. 14 from 6-8 p.m. in Room 235 at Fredericksburg High School. Stacey Smith is the instructor, and the cost is $49.

Local Texas Exes ‘Thirsty Thursday’ gathering slated Fredericksburg Texas Exes will be holding its monthly Thirsty Thursday tomorrow, Nov. 1, at the Fredericksburg Brewery starting at 5:30 p.m. Austin Sendlein, president, will discuss upcoming activities, results of recent fundraisers and more. Alumni, students and Longhorn supporters are invited. For more information, call Sendlein at 830-456-0574 or email asendlein1@gmail. com.   

BEADS AND BAUBLES Learn to create “fabulous and fun” gifts and keepsakes — just in time for the holidays. Using beads, leather, cording and findings, participants may choose to create items such as earrings, bracelets, key chains, bookmarks and ceiling fan pulls. Come sip hot cocoa and visit with new friends while working on unique pieces of art.  Participants will take home gift making ideas and three completed projects. The class will be offered on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 2-4 p.m. in Room 235 at FHS. The cost is $30, and the instructor is Diane Brandenberger.   DEATH AND TAXES This seminar provides a discussion of the basics of wills, a look at living trusts and an overview of the probate process.  In addition, there will be a discussion of the other documents that are critical in today’s estate planning: advanced medical directives, medical and financial powers of attorney, guardianship declarations, HIPAA autho-

rization forms and more. The class will be held Monday, Nov. 19, from 6-7:30 p.m. in Room 236 at FHS. Chris Schoessow is the instructor. Cost is $20. YOGA FOR ALL — Men and Women Yoga is noted for relieving stress in the body and enhancing a sense of well being and health. This class uses body postures, breath and awareness to assist students in improving strength, flexibility, balance and focus.  It is designed to acknowledge different levels of experience and capabilities.  Participants will practice individual poses and combine them in a flow of movement that connects body, mind and spirit. Participants are asked to bring a mat. The class meets on Monday and Wednesday from 4:155:15 p.m. in the 900 Gym at the Fredericksburg Elementary School. Cost is $30 per month. Mariah Malec is the instructor.

Community Orchestra opens new season with Sunday concert UNDER THE DIRECTION of guest conductor Mark Nugent, the Fredericksburg Community String Orchestra performed its fall concert Saturday afternoon in the Fellowship Hall of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Also taking the stage were the group’s quartet as well as the Ambleside Quartet. At left, FCO director Theresa Britt discusses some of the music being performed. — Standard-Radio Post photos by Danny Hirt

Art Guild making plans for juried show Area artists are invited to begin preparing works for the annual “What I Like About Texas” juried art exhibit that opens on May 3, 2013, in Fredericksburg. To help artists prepare for the show, the sponsoring Fredericksburg Art Guild has announced several changes that have been made to the show for the coming year. This year there will be four categories instead of three, including the following: •Drawing and Printmaking, which includes all traditional drawing and printmaking media. Pastel and mono prints belong in this category. •Painting, which includes all paint medium, including watercolor.

•Photography, including traditional, digital, altered and 3-D. •Mixed Media, including all  sculpture and 2-D mixed media such as collage. There will be cash awards for first, second and third-place in each category, and a “Best Of Show” award. The juror will be international watercolor artist, Kathleen Cook.   The invitation to participate extends to artists at least 18 years of age, residing in Mason, Llano, Blanco, Kendall, Kerr, Kimble and Gillespie counties. Artists who live outside eligible counties, but belong to an art organization in one or more of those counties, are

also eligible to participate in the show. No work larger than 40 inches in any direction will be accepted. Only work created within the last three years and not previously exhibited at the Fredericksburg Art Guild will be eligible for entry. Artists may enter up to three works per category. This exhibit is funded by the Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance/Oktoberfest.  Artists interested in entering work in this show should watch the media for more details after the first of the year. For questions related to entry eligibility or categories, contact Laurie Mahling at 830-992-5292.

First Friday

Victory Fellowship is hosting a Halloween block party! Join us for a fun time with games, candy and live music! THIS EVENT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE so bring all of your friends!! We hope to see you there! Where–414 E. College St. When–Wed., Oct. 31st 6-8pm Victory Fellowship 414 East College Street 830-997-9717


Friday, November 2nd 10:00am-8:00pm


1717 N. Hwy. 87 • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Open 7 Days • Hours 9-6 We Grow It! Our Prices Show It!

Winter Flowering

Kale & Cabbage $2.99 each 4” Pansies, Vegetables & Herbs 99¢ or $13.99 for flat (18 plants)

Like us on Facebook 6762.21


Directions: Half-mile past Post Office on 87 N. on left. (Mason Hwy.)


| October 31, 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


Officials eye

Cont. from A1

few reports of any significant adult mortality related to the drought.” The Texas deer hunting season opened Saturday, Sept. 29, for bow hunting and will open Saturday, Nov. 3 for the general gun season after a special youth-only weekend season on Oct. 27-28. The general season runs through Jan. 6 in North Texas and Jan. 20 in South Texas. A late youth-only season is also slated for Jan. 7-20. For additional late season deer hunting opportunities, consult the 2012-13 Outdoor Annual of hunting and fishing regulations. “Whenever a wildlife biologist talks about hunting prospects, weather is the ca-

veat. It’s the one variable that land managers, biologists and hunters have no control over, yet it plays a critical part of the hunting equation,” Cain said. “Couple the results of good management, lower harvest in 2011 and some late winter and spring precipitation and the stage is set for a good deer season in 2012.” TPWD Big Game Harvest survey results confirmed that the 2011 deer harvest was down compared to 2010. Last year’s estimated harvest was 574,808 white-tailed deer; 309,207 being bucks and 265,601 antlerless deer, while the 2010 season’s harvest was estimated at 647,975 deer; 336,550 being bucks and 311,425 antlerless deer.

The 11-year average for annual total harvest is 574,423 deer with the lowest estimated harvest occurring during the 2007-08 season with an estimated 512,852 deer. “Winter and spring moisture was much better compared to last year, and most of the state has received much-needed rain this spring to boost forage resources needed for antler development and fawn rearing,” Cain said. The abundant forage, critical to help deer meet nutritional demands, will help to bolster fawn production as well as antler quality. Late summer rains should help bucks bulk up and insure good fat reserves to make it through the rigors of rut and

improve overall survival this winter. The only downside to the late summer rains is deer may not readily come to feeders or food plots early this fall so hunters may have to change up their strategies to bag a deer during the first weekend or two of general season. Hunters can expect to see fewer bucks in the 1½-yearold age class as fawn production was very low across many regions of the state in 2011. However, good fawn crops in 2005, 2007 and 2010 should translate into more bucks in the 7½, 5½, and 2½-year-old age classes as compared to other age classes. “Hopefully, hunters will find what they’re looking for this

fall,” Cain said. “I’ve already seen pictures of an eight-point harvested in Bandera County this year that scored on the 159 Boone & Crockett scoring system, maybe sign of good things to come this season. Keep in mind this is well above the average antler quality for bucks 6½ years of age or older.” Based on over 30 years of TPWD’s age and antler data, the average estimated B&C score for 6½-year-old or older bucks is 125.34. The South Texas and Eastern Rolling Plains regions have the highest estimated average B&C scores for bucks 6½ or older at 134.59 and 129.82, respectively. The remaining regions pro-

West Nile Fever victim and the six contiguous counties. Other area counties to report cases are Kerr (one West Nile Fever) and Blanco (one West

duce great quality mature bucks with estimated average B&C scores in the low to mid 120s. “As always we encourage hunters to harvest antlerless deer to help with overall population management, which is an important component to maintain quality native habitats for all wildlife,” Cain said. He said, “One thing for sure is that we are blessed with the largest white-tailed deer herd in the nation, approximately 3.3 million deer, and opportunity can be found in nearly every region of the state. So don’t sit on the couch this fall watching the hunting shows, get outdoors and be a part of what will hopefully prove to be a great deer season.”

Cont. from A1

Nile Neuroinvasive Disease — WNND). To date, no cases have been seen in Mason, Llano, Kimble and Kendall counties.

Statewide, the TDSHS webIn all, 120 counties in the attributed to West Nile. site ( in- state (out of a total of 254) The hardest hit county in the dicates a total of 1,683 West have reported cases of West state, Dallas County, has had Nile cases, with 918 of those Nile. 375 cases and 18 deaths. being West Nile Fever. In all, 77 deaths have been Two other counties in the

same north central area of Texas — Tarrant and Denton — have seen 256 and 171 cases, respectively, and a total of 12 deaths.

Workshops on schedule at Kerrville Arts Center Several workshops are planned at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center in Kerrville during the coming months. A “Collage Greeting Card” workshop with Jeanne Heise will be offered on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 1-3:30 p.m. The workshop fee is $35 and includes most supplies. Participants will learn easy ways to personalize holiday greeting cards as well as collage techniques while producing their own cards. During the workshop, participants will complete several greeting cards. A full-day “Beading Class” with Mary Helen Johnson will be offered on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuition is $50 and the supply kits are $20-$35, depending on the project chosen. A youth art workshop called “Thinking Inside the Box” with Saundra Kattawar will be held on Dec. 27 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for youth ages six to eight years and on Dec. 28 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for ages nine to 12. The fee is $25 and participants are urged to bring a sack lunch.

Participants will receive personalized attention and end the session with a completed 14x18 painting on canvas. Parents should call 830895-2911 to register since the classes are being kept small and space is limited. The final workshop of the winter season is a three-day “Mixed Media” workshop by Gale Webb on Feb. 20-22. The fee for the workshop is $225 and focuses on techniques and materials involved in abstraction, collage and texture, and will be centered around composition and design. Abstraction will be the focus of the beginning piece, then participants will experiment with placing subject matter within that structure. Participants will also work in acrylics and/or water media. More information is available by visiting the KACC website at www.kacckerrville. com or by calling 830-8952911. The gallery is located at 228 Earl Garrett in Kerrville. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday.

Blood drive set Nov. 10 Fredericksburg Masonic Lodge No. 794 will host a blood drive on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center will be set up in the parking lot of the Masonic Lodge for the drive. Anyone who is 16 years of age weighing 120 points (with a parental consent form) or at

least 17 years old weighing 110 pounds and in good general health can donate blood. Donors must present a photo ID, the last four digits of their Social Security number and their birth date. All presenting donors will receive a T-shirt. More information is available at


JACK DANIEL’S Tennessee Whiskey 1.75 L 80°






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SARACCO Moscato d’Asti 750 ML



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Pedernales Lobo Negro 6pk LN


We accept:

706 East Main St. • 830.997.9768 • Mon.-Sat. 10am-9pm Prices good Oct. 31-Nov.3, 2012

In case of printing error, store price prevails



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Patterson to sign copies of new book At Vereins Kirche on Nov. 10 Texas Hill Country author Becky Patterson will be at the Vereins Kirche on Saturday, Nov. 10, to sign copies of her latest book, The Ranch That Was Us, from 2-4 p.m. The book is available for purchase at Pioneer Museum, 325 West Main Street, as well as at the Vereins Kirche. Braiding strands of earthen insight with uproarious storytelling, Patterson recreates the history of the Stieler Hill Ranch in the 24 ancedotal chapters of The Ranch That Was Us. The book is also interspersed with Patterson’s original artwork. Patterson, the daughter of Texas folk hero and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Hondo Crouch and Schatzie Crouch, has big shoes to fill, and she does so successfully in this colorful collection of Hill Country and Texas ranch vignettes, explained a spokesman. Patterson is also the granddaughter of Adolf Stieler,

“goat king of Texas,” and grew up in the Texas Hill Country on the Stieler Ranch. The ranch foreman and general cowboy Raymond Kuhlmann tell stories of the Goat King and German drinking songs, the buzzard traps and Mexican corridos that filled the nighttime pastures. First-person accounts and historical narratives evoke the ranch’s past overlaid with Patterson’s breathless personal histories of afternoon rescues of wildlife, the spokesman explained. This is a book that will connect readers to whatever patch of earth they hold dear, the spokesman said. “It is a poignant reminder of the landscapes we’ve for-

gotten to keep close and of the land that does not belong to us but simply is who we are,” the spokesman said. “ T h e Ranch That Was Us is an affectionate reminder to go outside and touch the earth that is you as written by Willie Nelson, a personal friend of the family, in his foreword to the book,” the spokesman said. Readers will identify their memories of shearing time, ranching, taming land and livestock with the memories of Schatzie Crouch and other family members. In 1960, Schatzie Crouch was president of the Gillespie County Historical Society and was honored in 2002 with the Texas Star Award from the state of Texas and the Gillespie

County Historical Society in appreciation for her labors, achievements and contributions to preserving Texas historical culture. Becky Crouch Patterson is the author of the best seller, Hondo, My Father, a memoir of life with her folk-hero father, Hondo Crouch. A textile artist for more than 40 years, Patterson has sewn appliquéd tapestries for many business and individuals. She is also a liturgical artist and designer and has created stained glass windows and furnishings for churches throughout Texas. She is the owner, with her sons, Kit and Sky Patterson, of Stieler Hill Ranch, near Comfort, where Sky is an artist and Kit continues the family’s 135 years of ranching. Patterson helps out with the activities of the ranch, including the Texican Single Action Shooting Society, the hunters, art workshops and her husband, Oscar Barrales’ horse training business.

Influenza vaccine covers new strains Baylor professor encourages vaccinations This year’s influenza vaccine has changed to cover new strains expected to be active this season, according to experts at Baylor College of Medicine. “The new strains in the vaccine are based on the strains that circulated in the Southern Hemisphere that are expected to be prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere this winter,” said Dr. Flor Muñoz, assistant professor of pediatricsinfectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. This year’s flu vaccine covers the same 2009 H1N1 influenza A strain that continues to circulate since the pandemic, but will include a new H3N2 influenza A strain as well as a new B strain, Muñoz said. It is important to receive this year’s vaccine to be protected against the flu. According to Muñoz, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations indicate that everyone six months of age and older should get vaccinated against influenza. Influenza vaccines are avail-

able in the form of a shot given in the muscle and a nasal spray. Healthy persons between the ages of two and 49 years have the option of getting the nasal spray instead of the shot, but anyone with underlying health conditions needs to get the shot. Because the vaccine is currently readily available and it takes about one to two weeks to have full protection against influenza, it’s recommended that people get vaccinated now. Children between six months and eight years of age who have never been vaccinated before must get two doses of the vaccine within one month of one another to be fully protected. Children in that age group who were not completely immunized in the past must also get two doses this year to be fully protected. Muñoz recommends parents consult with their child’s pediatrician to see how many doses their child needs. For those who are hesitant about getting vaccinated, Mu-

Surles to give program for watercolor group The Guadalupe Watercolor Group will host abstract painter and retired art educator Judy Surles at its Tuesday, Nov. 13, meeting set for the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center in Kerrville. The public is invited to attend this 1 p.m. program. Surles, who earned a B.A.

and master’s degree in art education as well as degrees in interior design architecture, library science and English, will demonstrate surface treatments for water media working with acrylics. She will also paint over some old, failed watercolors that members can bring in.

Like our photos? Order reprints of at

ñoz emphasizes that the influenza vaccine is safe. Symptoms such as body aches and malaise are common after receiving the flu vaccine, but the influenza vaccine does not cause the flu. The vaccine has proven to be quite effective in preventing complications from the influenza virus, the doctor said. This is especially important for older adults and young children, who are more susceptible to severe complications if they get the flu, including hospitalization and death. Although some people may still get the flu after being vaccinated, the illness may be milder than it would be if they were not vaccinated. “Remember that getting vaccinated protects you and others around you, especially if you have a newborn infant or someone in your household who cannot be vaccinated. You will be protecting them by vaccinating everyone around them to prevent bringing the

Locals earn degrees from Sam Houston Two Fredericksburg students received their bachelor degrees from Sam Houston State University during summer commencement ceremonies held in August. Jessica Parker earned a bachelor of business administration in general business while Dorothy Sears earned a bachelor of music in music therapy.


Register for prizes to be given away

$400 Towards a Gun, Bow or Cross Bow $250 Gift Certificate - Restrictions Apply ...Plus a Lot More! • Hunting, Leases & Trapping Licenses • Cold Storage • Deer Feeders, Portable Blinds & Tripods • Hunting, Archery, Reloading & Muzzleloading Supplies • Deer Pellets & Blocks • Corn & Milo • Wizard Pecan Harvester & Dumper • Golden Nuggets, Trophy Rocks • Rifles, Ammo, Bows, Knives • Meat Grinders, Butcher Paper

Kramer’s Wood Knife g& Metal Works Sharpenin 1 mile out Hwy. 87 North 830-997-9457

What is the health of your Will? The TheHCMH HCMHFoundation, Foundation, ininconjunction conjunctionwith witharea area attorneys donating their attorneyswho areare donating their time, time,is issponsoring sponsoringthe theevent event asasa free public service toto a free public service thethecommunity. community.There Therewill will bebetwo twosessions, sessions,each eachwith witha a variation variationininspeakers. speakers. Provide and Protect books will be

available at no cost for all participants. The provide part shows you how to make good decisions to help your family. With a good plan you can avoid an accidental disinheritance and leave your family the gift of peace. The protect part explains how you or a family member can make important medical decisions. If you are very ill or have a major medical problem, there are ways to protect you and your property.


Fredericksburg Attorneys

Jennifer Bryla

Chris Schoessow

Gayle Schoessow

Jay Weinheimer

Why you need a will

Current developments of estate and tax planning

Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations

Advance Directives


Monday, Nov. 5 1pm or 5pm (Each class will last 3 hours) WHERE:


Hill Country Memorial Tomforde Learning Center 1020 S State Hwy 16 Fredericksburg Reservations are being taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Tonight the goblins go out & GATHER their treats and this weekend begins the HUNTING season. While the kids are recovering from their sugar rush and the big game hunters are out, come to

to do your HUNTING AND GATHERING! Located just two blocks S. of Main on Washington and E. Auguste

| A5


Saturday, November 24th

nd, Nov. 1st, 2) & (3rd?

flu into the home,” Muñoz said. This is also true for those with underlying conditions such as asthma and heart disease that cause them to be more susceptible to severe complications from influenza. They and others in their household should be vaccinated to prevent complications from influenza.

| October 31, 2012

Seats are limited, so make your reservation by calling the HCMH Foundation Office at (830) 997-1297.

Ugandan Women’s Tapestries Sat., Nov. 3, 2-6 p.m. Sun., Nov. 4, 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. St. Barnabas Church

Hill Country Memorial is a TOP 100 US Hospital Remarkable Health Care 1020 S State Hwy 16 / Fredericksburg (830) 997-4353

601 W. Creek St.

Tapestries, pillows, jewelry, dresses, shirts

100% of the cost of each item is returned to the artist. 6779.21 6834.21



| October 31, 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


Galleries to open doors for First Friday Art Walk Receptions, demonstrations, exhibits on schedule First Friday Art Walk Fredericksburg galleries invite everyone to come and celebrate fall in the Texas Hill Country on Friday, Nov. 2, and see what’s new in the local art scene. Thirteen art galleries, all located within the Historic Shopping District, invite the community and visitors to join them in their celebration of art. Art Walk is an all-day event from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with most galleries hosting receptions on Friday evening. Each gallery will celebrate Art Walk by showcasing various artists and mediums through demonstrations, opening receptions and casual art talks. More information is available on the First Friday Art Walk website at The schedule of events for the participating galleries includes the following: Agave Gallery, 208 East San Antonio, is continuing the photographic exhibit featuring images by Jim Heupel. Also featured are pastels from the American Plains Artists Show by Kathleen Cook, new work by Roy Lee Ward and the Lady Bird Johnson 100 project. There will also be live music in the courtyard by Mike Childs and the Agave Singers. Artisans At Rocky Hill, 234 West Main, is presenting “Oil & Water,” a fine art showing featuring the latest works by Freder-

icksburg artists Marion Loucks and Melissa Starry. The opening reception will take place on Friday from 5-8 p.m. Refreshments include wines by Torre di Pietra, Lobo beers and cheeses from the Amish Market. Their works will be showcased through Saturday, Nov. 17. On Saturday, Nov. 3, the two will be demonstrating at the gallery from 2-5 p.m. for “art in action”. Starry has a mixed media format incorporating printmaking, acrylics, oil pastels, collage and photography onto papers or canvas. Loucks works primarily in oil and oil pastel. Her subject matter, landscapes and botanicals, reflect the Texas Hill Country and beyond. Beckendorf Gallery, 105 North Adams, was opened by Charles and Dawn Beckendorf in 1971. Beckendorf produced thousands of art pieces during his lifetime (1930-1996). The gallery is filled with watercolored prints (large and small), giclées, limited edition prints, books and sculptures all representing the Texan life. The Beckendorf family strives to produce new pieces of Beckendorf art in the form of prints and giclee prints from rarely seen collections. In the past months, they have produced eight new giclees and a series of 26 small hand-watercolored prints, now hand-colored by his son, Ben Beckendorf. Cowboy Bronze, 211 West Main, is now featuring JaNeil Anderson’s western oil paintings. Anderson captures the unique relationship between horse and rider with vintage-style monotone golds, browns and rusts, according to a gallery spokesman.

Also featured are Karen Cooper’s pastels, Roger Archibald’s graphite pencil and Bub Vicker’s bronzes. Fredericksburg Art Gallery, 314 East Main, is presenting the 14th Annual Contemporary Masters Invitational — Fall Event. Featured are new works of art from eight nationally celebrated Texas artists. Artists include Phil Bob Borman, Fran Rowe, Kay Walton, Travis Keese, Greg Glowka, Jack Terry, Donald Darst and Glenn Lyles. The Opening Artists Reception and Awards Ceremony will be held Friday from 6-8 p.m. Refreshments and wines from Grape Creek Vineyards will be served. Artists demonstrations and casual art talks will be offered on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The show will run through the end of November and all show paintings are available for viewing online at www.fbgartgallery. com. Fredericksburg Art Guild, 308 East Austin, invites everyone to come meet November Artist of the Month, Bonnie Bondurant. Bondurant works in oils and acrylics and also designs jewelry. On Friday, the gallery is also opening its new members’ show, “Defining Abstract.” Bondurant will be demonstrat-

ing in the afternoon from 2-5 p.m. and the reception will take place from 5-8 p.m. The Fredericksburg Art Guild represents over 20 Hill County Artists and exhibits fine art, jewelry, photography and more. The guild is a nonprofit organization that also receives financial support from the City of Fredericksburg Hotel/Motel Tax Fund and annual grant funding from the Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance/Oktoberfest. Galeria 19 Fine Art, 222 West Main, is presenting “The Language of Color,” featuring new work created Evelyne Boren and Rhea Gary. “The Language of Color” continues at Galeria 19 Fine Art through November. Wine and refreshments will be served on Friday from 5:30-8 p.m. The Good Art Company, 218 West Main, is featuring a new collection by artist Lee Casbeer entitled, “Beneath the Surface.” A reception will be held on Friday from 5-8 p.m. Wine, desserts and live music will be offered. The featured artist for November is San Antonio artist Teri Jo McReynolds with her show entitled “Reflections”. InSight Gallery, 214 West Main, is featuring “The Fruits of Their Labor: Aleksander Titovets

Food manager certification training set Nov. 13-14 A food manager certification training course will be offered at the Gillespie County Extension Office on Nov. 13-14 by Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Gillespie County. Cost of the training is $115, which includes materials and the state food manager certification examination. Deadline for registering for the course, “Food Safety: It’s Our Business,” is Nov. 2.

Community garage sale set in Comfort Bargains will abound throughout Comfort on Saturday, Nov. 3, when residents and businesses host garage sales in front of their homes and businesses. The town-wide sale begins at 8 a.m. More information is available on Facebook, on the web, or by calling 830995-3131.


New Crop Pecans, Pumpkins, Pears and in-season Vegetables. Homemade Peach Ice Cream & Baked Goods at BEHRENDS ORCHARD

ance and medical bills, Nebgen said. With these statistics, knowledge of how to prevent foodborne illness is essential, she added. The benefits of improved food safety include increased customer satisfaction, improved relationships with health officials and prevention of bad publicity and lawsuits due to foodborne illness. By attending this course, food service managers will learn about identifying potentially hazardous foods and common errors in food handling; preventing contamination and cross-contamination

BUYING ALL GOLD & SILVER Call Jackie 830.456.6523

RS Hanna Gallery, 208 South Llano Street, opens the “Spirit of the Horse” with Lindsey Bittner Graham, Elizabeth Pollie and Daniel Glanz. This show is for all horse lovers and those who appreciate the classic form of strength and freedom they represent, said a spokesman for the gallery. River Rustic Gallery, 215-A West Main, is hosting a reception from 5-8 p.m. on Friday night featuring wine and light snacks. The holiday shopping season

Whistle Pik Galleries, 425 East Main, is hosting its 2012 National Fall Show. The show features new work from painters John Cook, Larry Dyke, G. Harvey, Chauncey Homer, Michael Malm and Sonya Terpening as well as bronzes from Gerald Balciar, Mick Doellinger, Veryl Goodnight and G. Harvey. The show runs through the end of November and all show pieces are available for viewing online at Whistle Pik Galleries is hosting a Jewlery Showcase on Friday. Plata del Carmen specializes in vintage Mexican and Taxco sterling silver jewelry, classic Taxco designs in sterling silver and silver and original silver jewelry with a vintage Mexican flavor. Designers represented, include William Spratling, Antonio Castillo for Los Castillo, Hector Aguilar, Margot van Voorhies Carr for Margot de Taxco, Frederick Davis, Antonio Pineda, Sigi Pineda, Ana Nunez Brilanti for Victoria de Taxco and Cony, Matilde Poulat for Matl and Valentin Vidaurreta. Carmen Armstrong founded the company in 2005 and has just recently completed renovations on a historic home in Fredericksburg. Everyone is invited to stop by and view her “treasures” on Friday from 4-8 p.m.

Giant Gourmet Garage Sale Salesman samples; all types of kitchen gadgets, cookware, cutlery, kitchen electrics. Mostly new, deep discounts. One day only Saturday, Nov. 3, 8 am-2 pm 807 W. San Antonio St. Don’t miss this one!


Tuscan Sun Trattoria

Experience the spirit and lightheartedness of the Italian kitchen.

1311 Highway 16 South ~ 830-990-6929 Open Daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

$6.95 ~ LUNCH SPECIAL ~ includes iced tea or coffee

Get Top Dollar Same Day Cash!

Fresh baked bread, hand-made salad dressings and tomato sauce available to go.


Wanted ALL Gold Coins, Jewelry (even Broken Gold), Silver Coins, Sterling Tea Sets, Flatware, even Gold Teeth.


of food; teaching and encouraging personal hygiene for employees; complying with government regulations; maintaining clean utensils, equipment and surroundings, and controlling pests. For more information or to register, call Nebgen at 9973452.

Larry Jackson Antiques, Art & Estate Services, 209 South Llano, is opening a new exhibit during Art Walk this month featuring a collection of paintings by Kerrville artist Tissa Fitzhugh Osborne. Live music by Austin Street Jazz Band, along with Texas wine and light hors d’oeuvres will be offered at the artist reception from 5-8 p.m.

is here, and artist Carlos Moseley has been busy creating new pieces that would make excellent gifts, said a gallery spokesman. Each of his “rocks with personality” are unique and one-of-akind.

Call me first or get your bid, but sell to Jackie @830.456.6523.

I drive to you or walk in at Valeskas Iron & Pottery at 406 E. Main in Fredericksburg.

3 miles east of Fredericksburg on US 290, Open Daily

Call 830-997-4420

The program is designed to not only prepare food service managers to pass the certification examination but will also provide education regarding the safe handling of food. Almost 50 cents of every dollar Americans spend on food is spent on meals prepared away from home, according to Gillespie County Extension Agent Shea Nebgen. “Therefore, careful attention to food safety will help keep customers safe and satisfied,” she said. Foodborne illnesses are estimated to cost thousands of dollars in lost wages, insur-

and Lyuba Titovets.” Aleksander and Lyuba Titovets immigrated to the United States from St. Petersburg, Russia 20 years ago. Aleksander Titovets was commissioned to paint then First Lady Laura Bush for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. “Their story is compelling and uplifting and we are honored to share the current fruits of their labor with you,” said a gallery spokesman. An artist demonstration will take place on Saturday with Lyuba Titovets from 10 a.m. to noon.

I pay more because I have Low Overhead. No High Rents, No Fancy Buildings, just Me & My Car. 4061.10tf

Saturday, November 3

5:30 - 10 p.m.

$20 Admission

Expanded lunch menu with lighter options: Crostata di Formaggio Big Tuscan Sun Tossed Salad Meatball Sandwich on Fresh Baked Roll Eggplant Parmesan Foccacia Sandwich And more!



Kendall County Fairgrounds 1307 River Road * Boerne, Texas Door Prizes * Live & Silent Auctions Games * Family Fun

(830) 249 - 8000

Featuring a traditional dinner with all the trimmings. This year dine out on November 22. Give thanks to a leisurely feast, without the cooking and cleaning. Reservations highly recommended.


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| A7

Harper to host turkey shoot, fish fry To help usher in white-tail hunting season Two events are planned this weekend in Harper to coincide with the opening of the of the 2012-2013 big game hunting season. First on the schedule is the Harper Turkey Shoot on Friday, Nov. 2. Then, on Saturday, Nov. 3, members of the Harper Volunteer Fire Department and EMS will host their annual benefit fish fry. Turkey Shoot (Friday, Nov. 2)

Sponsored by Harper American Legion Post 650, the Turkey Shoot will begin on Friday at 10 a.m. at the rodeo grounds in the Harper Com-

munity Park. Offered will be archery targets and rifle targets. There will also be a paddle wheel with a large selection of prizes for the winners. The auxiliary will be offering food and drinks throughout the day. Persons can also purchase tickets for a prize drawing that features a $500 savings bond donated by Security State Bank and Trust in Harper as well as a gas grill. Tickets for the drawing are $1 each or six for $5. The winning tickets will be drawn on the first Thursday in December.

Benefit Fish Fry (Saturday, Nov. 3)

On Saturday, Harper Volunteer Fire Department and EMS will host their annual benefit fish fry from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the HVFD station. The cost for a plate of food, including all of the trimmings, is by donation. A prize drawing will follow the meal for nearly 100 prizes. The grand prize is a Marlin 30-30 custom rifle engraved by master jeweler Terry Theis. Among the many other prizes are a Ruger 10-22, Rossi 22-20 combo, wine tasting, gift certificates, jewelry, ice chests, barbecue pit and more.

Tickets for the prize drawing are $1 each or six for $5. Tickets will be sold at the event. In advance, prize drawing tickets are available from department members as well as at Waldo’s, Bode’s and Dauna’s, all in Harper. Prize drawing tickets are also available at Bee Creek Communications in Fredericksburg, located in the Tivydale Business Park, and at Allied Ag in Stonewall. KRNH Ranch Radio will have a live remote, which is sponsored by Security State Bank and Trust, during the fish fry.

Deer photo policy announced for newspaper Each hunting season, the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post recognizes the importance of the sport to the area by publishing photos of successful hunters and their treasured white-tailed bucks. To qualify for free publication in this newspaper, photos must meet the following qualifications: • All animals pictured must be legally-harvested following all Texas regulations; •Either the animal or the hunter must be from Gillespie County; •Only the hunter who shot the deer may appear in the

photo — no exceptions; •The animal’s entire carcass must be present and attached to the head. (No caped out or head-only/antler-only photos will be accepted.) •Photos of does or spikes will not be accepted; •During regular business hours — Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. — available staff photographers will take photos of those stopping in at the newspaper office, 712 West Main Street. (Such images are in digital format and photo reprints will be made available for purchase at the newspaper’s website and

www.fredericksburgstandard. • Hunters may submit their own color photographs in a digital format by emailing the original, unedited image as a separate .jpg attachment to: (Digital submissions should be 300 pixels per inch or higher in resolution. Photos printed off home printers or that are of low resolution will not be accepted.) • All emailed photos should also contain text with the following information: name of the hunter, daytime contact phone number, the location of

where the deer was harvested, time and date of the kill, a field-dressed weight of the deer (if available,) the buck’s number of points, size (width and height) of the antlers and a Boone & Crockett score (if applicable.) All photos from the 20122013 season will be published prior to the Feb. 13 2013, issue. Any hunters wishing to see their photos in print should submit them in a timely manner following the kill so that the photo may be processed in time for publishing prior to the cut-off date.

‘America’s Parking Lot’ to screen at Odeon Theater The Hill Country Film Festi- also the story of how modern out of being able to attend to learn more about the Hill val (HCFF) will stage its third corporate interests have shut games, he added. Country Film Festival, visit independent film screening at those fans out by pricing them For more information, or the Odeon Theater in Mason when it airs “America’s Parking Lot” on Nov. 7, a documentary “ode to tailgating,” as Texas Monthly wrote. The screening will take place at 6 p.m. at the Odeon. Interested parties can reserve a seat online by visiting www.eventbrite. c o m /e v e n t / 4 6 6 6 2 0 7 7 5 3 / es2/?rank=1#. HCFF has partnered with the Texas Independent Film Network and the Odeon Theater in Mason to screen independent films made in the Lone Star State. “This film is Jonny Mars’ directorial debut. He was inspired by a fanatic subculture of Dallas Cowboys fans and saw the writing on the wall with the plan to demolish Texas Stadium and build a new venue. He knew there was a story there and went for it,” said Chad Mathews, HCFF founder.  The film is an ode to the devoted sports fan, those true supporters who love their team with an unmatched wild devotion, Mathews said. It’s

WHILE HUNTING with a bow and arrow on the first day of his first hunt, 10-year-old Coleman Schmidt of Flower Mound bagged this seven-point white-tail buck on the Schmidt Place out the San Antonio Highway on Wednesday, Oct. 24. He is the son of Stuart and Karen Schmidt and the grandson of Charles and Loretta Schmidt of Fredericksburg.

Christian singer Kauffman to play Nov. 5 concert here Christian musician David Kauffman will present a concert at St. Mary’s Catholic Church’s Holy Family Parish Center Monday, Nov. 5, beginning at 7 p.m. Kauffman will present songs from his new solo release, “A Hand To Hold.” The concert is free to the public but a free will donation will be accepted. The parish center is located at 306 West San Antonio Street Among his signature songs are “Behold,” “Be Still” and the “Mass of Renewal.” Kauffman began his Chris-

tian music career in 1987, writing songs, performing at churches and leading youth rallies. Landing a national recording contract, he received substantial radio airplay in many American markets and went on tour, crisscrossing the country and performing overseas. One of his career high points was a performance for Pope John Paul II and more than one million Catholic youth during World Youth Day in 1997 in Paris, France. More of his songs can be heard on his website, www.

Divorces Granted Kimberly Ann Milinowicz and Jamie Arispe, granted Oct. 11, 2012, by Judge Robert R. Barton. Melody D. Klein and Herbert M. Klein, granted Sept. 18, 2012, by Judge N. Keith Williams. Dena Stewart and David Stewart, granted Oct. 22, 2012, by Judge N. Keith Williams. Riva Martinez and Eloy John Martinez, granted Oct. 22, 2012, by Judge N. Keith Williams.

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KERRVILLE SOUTH 830-896-5000 207-C Sidney Baker South FREDERICKSBURG 710 South Adams Country Music Legend, Hall of Fame Member and Grammy Award Winner

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Cailloux Theater, Kerrville, Texas For Show Tickets Call (830) 896-9393

or go online to or email:

BOERnE LOan PRODUCTIOn OFFICE 309 Water Street 830-816-5199 5758.19-21

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5570.16-18, 20-22



October 31, 2012


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BUSINESS ‘What is worth doing, even if you fail?

FREDERICKSBURG Mayor Jeryl Hoover (left) helped Hill Country Recording for the Handicapped honor its volunteer narrators Oct. 23 during a special reception held at Memorial Presbyterian Church. New officers for the 2012-2013 year for the group elected at the meeting include (from left) Peggy Hartwein, secretary; Valorie Dorer, vice president; Gary Mayer, president, and Paula Swenson, treasurer. — Standard-Radio Post photo

Last week I attended the 13th Annual Texas Conference for Women in Austin, a one-day event that provides connection, motivation, networking, Penny C. Reeh inspiration and skill building President & CEO for women, as the guest of Cris Fredericksburg Graham and Robin Boone. Chamber of Commerce When our group of eight ladies left Fredericksburg in Most currently, we have the wee hours of the morning, we immediately made a committed to some changes connection and started shar- that we believe will enhance, ing ideas, entertaining stories enliven and add excitement to and, most importantly, empa- the beautiful lighted Christthy for other talented profes- mas parade the Chamber has hosted for many years. For sional women. For me, arriving in the the first time in our city’s hisexhibit hall for the opening tory, parade goers will have Nearly 200 members of District 9 of A free reception will kick off the event vice. It also strives to create better comkeynote sessions was some- the opportunity to purchase Altrusa International, Inc., will gather Friday evening, Nov. 9, at 7:30 p.m. at munities worldwide. what other-worldly. There, a dedicated bleacher-style here for a leadership conference Saturthe Inn on Barons Creek. Altrusa is made up of civic-mindright before my eyes, were seat, with nearby restrooms, day, Nov. 10. It is open to all who are interested in ed people who find joy in enhancing 6,000 women! Being among a to view the parade. And to Representatives from most of the 33 Altrusa and possibly making Altrusa a the lives of others. They welcome the gender-specific crowd of that launch the parade in the spirit chapters in District 9 will meet at the permanent part of Fredericksburg and involvement of new members who want size is unusual, to say the least, of Christmas glitter and wonInn on Barons Creek, 308 South Washits surrounding communities. to advance their skills, meet new friends, der, there will be a musicallybut also awe inspiring. ington Street, to learn leadership skills Altrusa is a non-profit organizavolunteer among community leaders or Despite all the technol- choreographed Laser Light and how to be a force in their local comtion, making local communities better simply want to add meaningful new ogy gadgets I wrote about Show. munities. through leadership, partnership and serexperiences to their lives. Since its inception, the last week, I am an old-fashioned note taker at events and Chamber Lighted Christmas I wrote pages and pages of Parade has been free and will observations during that one, continue to always be free. women-on-steroids, day. Of With exception of the bleachthe powerhouse speaker line- er seats that will be erected up, I most enjoyed a woman in front of Pioneer Memorial named Dr. Brené Brown. She Library for guests who desire is a well-known research pro- dedicated seating, the entire Lemon Tree Cleaners of FredThe work of Barry Bradley furniture makers and their most exquisite design and fessor and the author of sev- parade route remains free to ericksburg has relocated to 1009 followers,” he said. “People the highest levels of craftsand Rex White of Frederickseral books. But in 2010, her all! South State Highway 16. who love one-of-a-kind manship.” burg has been accepted for On that same day, Friday, presentation at a TED confer“Convenient location as well as While the show will be the 13th annual 2012 Texas finely crafted furniture ence went viral, making her Dec. 7, the Chamber will presa much newer, cleaner and more come from literally every up for a month, many of Furniture Makers Show at the a somewhat wary staple on ent a one-day version of its modern space,” is the reason for the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center in corner of the country every the finest pieces sell early, media shows and speaker cir- Christmas-themed St. Nikomove, according to Denny Foster, year to see what Texas art- even before the awards are Kerrville. lausmarkt, including local cuits. owner of Lemon Tree Cleaners. ists have created.” announced, Minns said. The show will open Nov. 8 Her book, Daring Greatly, foods, beverages, shopping The new location is in the shopHe said that this year’s Anyone looking for that and continue through Dec. 8. is next on my reading list, and entertainment, also for ping center on Texas Highway 16 show will feature pieces by special piece of hand-craftA reception and awards cerdue largely to one comment free. across from Hill Country Memorial many of the past winners ed furniture for their home emony for the 2012 Texas FurWhen I ask myself, “What she made in her remarks. Hospital. niture Makers Show will be plus work by some new art- is encouraged to visit KerShe opened a portion of her would I do if I knew I couldn’t Lemon Tree Cleaners has been ists. rville early. Saturday, Nov. 17, from 5:30-8 presentation with a popular fail,” the answer is always to serving the Hill Country with its Debbie Minns, KACC Regular gallery hours are p.m. at the KACC, located at quote, “What would you do if think, work, live and lead six locations throughout Kerrville, executive director, said, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday 228 Earl Garrett in Kerrville. you knew you couldn’t fail?” more boldly. And in the quiet Boerne, Bandera and Fredericks“This annual juried show “This show is our premier through Saturday and from It is a favorite quote of mine. moments since the conference burg. Lemon Tree is a full-service event of the year. You won’t 1-4 p.m. on Sundays. features the best furniture While I am uncertain of the last week, I have asked myself, dry cleaners with 24-hour drop find any “cedar log” furniFor more information makers in Texas,” according to originator of the quote, the “What is worth doing even if boxes and drive-through pickup. ture here — this show is all call 830-895-2911 or visit Larry Moss, show chairman. earliest attribution I have seen I fail?” My boldness answer Lemon Tree Cleaners was previabout the finest woods, the “This event is one of the is to televangelist, speaker and is nearly the same, but with a ously located at 209 North Crockett. highlights of the year for Texas nod to the traditions and hisauthor Robert Schuller. But what truly inspired tory that so strongly shaped me was Dr. Brown’s follow- my upbringing here. a 401(k) with a previous employer mean about leaving it I am could truly excited up question: “What is worth News Updates doingto even if you fail?” ith no one watch overWhat it. a the Chamber’s plans for the gut-check question to ponder. parade and see it as an excitat the Touch The question came at an ing way to add beauty, mystheRe’s No Place like hoMe! ard Jones, we can explain options for your 401(k) and help of a Button interesting moment for me tique and joy to a community ect thepersonally. one that’s for you.that If has you’d likehard to to roll it over Thebest Fredericksworked preWith a Reverse Mortgage you can get the burg Chamber of Commerce, serve its Christmas traditions. dward Jones Individual Retirement Account (IRA), we can money you need and still live during my first year and a half Could it fail? No doubt. Is it independently at home. u do itaswithout taxesa orworth penalties. So you can feel president,paying has changed trying despite the poslot of things about our sibility? Absolutely. • Tax Free Money nt someone is looking out profor you and your 401(k). gramming, events and operThe benchmarks of its suc• Make no payments as long as you live in ating philosophy. And I am cess will be measured in laughhumbled and grateful for ter, glittering eyes, clapping your home out whyboth it makes to talk Edward Jonesastonishabout your Subscribe — the support sense for change thatwith hands and children’s • You keep the title to your home been to ourlocal staff financial ment. And advisor I invite your particfbgnews@ options,hascall oropened visit your today. by our board of directors and ipation as the Fredericksburg membership at large. Christmas tradition grows. Call the Reverse Mortgage professionals at


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October 31, 2012

| A9

Update on wind transmission Hill Country Memorial Auxiliary projects slated Nov. 8 at CTEC awards scholarships to employees Updates on industrial wind and transmission developments will be featured at an informational meeting hosted by Save Our Scenic Hill Country Environment (SOSHCE) at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 8 at Central Texas Electric Cooperative Community Room, 386 Friendship Lane. “The presentations are consistent with SOSHCE’s ongoing efforts to actively monitor industrial wind and transmission developments and to help keep landowners, public officials and others informed,” said Robert Weatherford, president. “The meeting is timely as it will follow

the presidential election and as the candidates have taken opposing positions regarding the extension of the federal production tax credit for industrial wind.” In addition to discussing the federal subsidy issue, updates will be provided on wind development activities across the state, he said. Transmission developments will be presented as well. An update on the status of the construction of the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission lines will be covered. Those lines include the high voltage line that is being built along Interstate 10 through the Kerrville and Junction areas. SOSHCE’s on-going efforts to monitor transmission planning activities will be covered. These efforts

Enchanted Rock site of ‘Dark Sky’ meeting Enchanted Rock State Natural Area will be the site of a “Better Lights for Starry Nights” program, Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6:30-10 p.m. The program will be held at the group pavilion, an open air facility. Attendees should bring blankets and Thermoses with their favorite hot beverage, said Melissa Mial, Enchanted Rock SNA ranger. The program is free and open to the public, and children are welcome to attend. Bill Wren of the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis will share his expertise on the value of protecting starry skies, plus strategies to do so, Mial said. Wren, who one fellow astronomer calls “the Godfather of Dark Skies,” spreads the message that “less is more” where light is concerned. Wren stresses that the light source isn’t the critical issue, but what matters is where the light goes when it leaves the fixture. He advocates for well-designed, shielded or full cut-off fixtures to prevent light from spraying above the fixture’s horizontal plane and into the sky. Combining full cut-off fixtures with lower-wattage lighting can yield the same amount of illumination for about half the electricity cost, he said. In a recent article in Texas Coop Magazine, Wren said the biggest fear he has to overcome is that people think he wants “to chain myself to the nearest lamp post and never let them turn it on.” After reassuring governmental bodies that he really does want them to have lights, Wren cuts to the cost and energy savings — music to the ears of any city council trying to balance a budget, he said. Other topics include: • Money-saving tips and how to fix wasteful outdoor lights at a residence, ranch, neighborhood and commu-

nity. • Sports fields, commercial buildings and schools and effective lighting techniques that reduce light spread. • Star gazing after the program with the San Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers (weather permitting). “Enchanted Rock SNA is making the switch to dark sky friendly lighting in time for the program,” said Ray Sierra, superintendent. Friends of Enchanted Rock, the Hill Country Land Trust, Hill Country Alliance and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will co-sponsor the event, along with Kyle Biedermann’s Ace Hardware. Biedermann will offer tips on lighting for homeowners and businesses to make a switch to more “skyfriendly” fixtures. More information about the program is available by visiting

include following near term activities that could impact the Hill Country area. The 20-year-long term study that is being conducted by ERCOT, the grid operator for most of Texas, will also be addressed with particular emphasis on potential impacts on this area. The featured presentations will be preceded by a brief annual meeting of the SOSHCE organization which will include election of six directors and submittal of an annual report, summarizing key activities for the past year. Soft drinks will be served. More information on SOSHCE can be found on the group’s website,, or by contacting Weatherford at 830-6853063 or rweatherford@ctesc. net.

Five Hill Country Memorial (HCM) employees were awarded scholarships during the Sept. 26 HCMH Auxiliary meeting held at Memorial Presbyterian Church. Linda Blevins, chairman of the Scholarship Committee, presented the $1,000 scholarships to the recipients. HCMH Auxiliary scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Recipients were Amy Crenwelge, HCMH Foundation; Monica Fiedler, HCMH Foundation; Crystal Dorado, HCM nursing; Chelsea Kenney, HCM nursing; and Bruce Daley, HCM nursing. The HCMH Auxiliary scholarship fund began in 1986. To date, $75,000 in

SCHOLARSHIPS − From left, Charlie Wilson, president of HCM Auxiliary; scholarship recipients Monica Fiedler and Amy Crenwelge, and Linda Blevins, scholarship chairman. Not pictured: Crystal Dorado, Chelsea Kenney and Bruce Daley.

scholarship money has been awarded to 83 recipients. To be eligible for an HCMH Auxiliary Scholarship, a recipient must be a current employee of HCMH and submit two letters of recommendation with transcripts, scholarship applica-

tion and a personal essay. For more information about what volunteers can do at the hospital, view the volunteer opportunities page at or call Linda Davis at 997-1307 for additional information.

Comptroller offers matching scholarships, tuition grants to students in ‘prepaid’ plan

Hill Country Astronomers to hear talk on astrophotography The Hill Country Astronomers will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5 at the Hill Country University Center to hear member Ken Kattner give a program on how he images celestial objects, using his observatory near Putnam Mountain, northwest of Fredericksburg. “One of the aspects of amateur astronomy is taking photographs of objects through a telescope,” said Jason Fry, HCA president. “With new technology, it’s even possible to engage in this activity from a different location from the telescope — ‘remotely.’” This local group of those interested in amateur astronomy from Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Harper, Johnson City, Blanco and the surrounding area meet on the first Monday of each month and periodically out under the night sky to observe through telescopes. “All these gatherings and activities are open to anyone interested in learning about the night sky,” Fry said. For more information, call 830-992-0181 or

There is a new way to save for a child’s college tuition. To encourage families to put aside money for the cost of higher education, the Texas Comptroller’s office is offering competitive matching scholarships and tuition grants to 150 students this year through the Texas Match the Promise Foundation. The matching scholarships and tuition grants are available for sixth through ninth graders whose families have an income of $75,000 or less and participate in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund (TTPF) — the state’s prepaid college tuition plan. Families participating in TTPF purchase prepaid “tuition units” that can later be used toward undergraduate tuition and required fees at Texas public colleges and universities. Match the Promise will

award tuition units to approved recipients, supplementing what a TTPF participant contributes to their account. There are two levels of scholarships: a match of up to $500 worth of the same number and type of tuition units a participant purchases, and a one-time grant of tuition units worth $2,000 at today’s prices. The matching scholarships will be approved for up to 150 top scoring applicants. The five applicants who score the highest will receive the one-time grant. (A minimum of $100 must be contributed to an approved recipient’s TTPF account to receive a matching scholar­ ship or grant.) Eligible applicants can apply for Match the Promise now through Dec. 31, 2012. Families can also enroll in

TTPF during this time if they haven’t already done so. Students must write a career essay and submit a copy of their 2011-12 school report card or transcript with the scholarship application. Scholarship winners will be notified by March 31, 2013, and will have until Aug. 31, 2013, to meet contribution requirements. Funding information For more information, go to www.MatchThePromise. org or call 1-800-531-5441, ext. 3-7570. Match the Promise is funded by individuals who have donated the cash value of property held in the state’s Unclaimed Property program, as well as donations from individuals, businesses and organizations through the state’s website at tolapp/txsmp/

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| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Local DRT chapter urges ‘Operation Orphans’ gives area hunting opportunities public to fly Texas flags HUNTING SEASON

Now in its 52nd year, the “Take a Child Hunting” program will again offer hunting opportunities for boys and girls from child care facilities around Texas. Four dates have been selected for doe hunts for the “Take a Child Hunting” program by the board of directors of Operation Orphans, Inc. Hunts for boys have been scheduled for Nov. 17, Dec. 1 and Jan. 12. A hunt for girls was held on Oct. 27. To date, Operation Orphans, Inc., has hosted 17,533 youngsters with a total game harvest of 17,184 animals. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Operation Orphans, Inc. website for information and videos of the program (www.operationorphans. org). During the “Take a Child Hunting” program, landowners from the surrounding Hill Country allow children from child care facilities to harvest deer from their property, explained camp supervisors, Jerry and Lyla Crouch. Ranchers use the “Take a Child Hunting” program as a means to reduce the over-population of does and to get buckto-doe ratios in order. Landowners and hunters also participate in this program to help educate youngsters about the outdoors and provide a worthwhile outdoor adventure field trip, the Crouches said. A summer fishing program was added in 2004. Operation Orphans, Inc., provides the children with guides and food. The guides which Operation Orphans, Inc. provide have successfully completed the Hunter Safety Course. Some landowners wish to provide their own guides. One guide in assigned to each child. During the girl’s hunt, a woman or a man/woman team serve as guides.

All guides will have a background check. The meat which the childcare facilities receive from these hunts helps to relieve some of the burden of their rising food costs for the year, according to the camp supervisors. Some people use the meat in their outreach program. It all began when the late Gene Ashby, a state game warden, realized the Hill Country, primarily Mason and Llano counties, had an excessive deer population and needed a means to reduce the deer numbers. He approached some local ranchers with the idea of allowing orphans to harvest antlerless deer. They liked the idea, and Operation Orphans, Inc. came into being. Housing the young hunters was a problem, so another idea was realized, according to the camp supervisors. With backing from sportsmen’s clubs throughout Texas and other concerned individuals, a 320-acre tract of land on the north bank of the Llano River in Mason County was purchased from a landowner at a fraction of its market value. Through donations, a kitchen/dining hall, three dormitories, showering facility and basketball court were built. In 1994, an orientation and recreational building, The Milton and Janie Jordan Building, was constructed. It includes a clothing room which allows the kids to obtain boots, coats, jeans and other clothing items that are donated by concerned individuals. The camp is managed by a supervisor who resides at the camp. Camp Gene Ashby, named in honor of the founder of Operation Orphans, is today a facility capable of housing and feeding 250 visitors. During the first 20 years of the program, only boys were al-

t s 61 al u n An

The Dr. Wilhelm Keidel Chapter, Fredericksburg, of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) invites and encourages citizens to fly the Texas flag on two upcoming Texas Honor Days. Saturday, Nov. 3, is Stephen F. Austin’s birthday and Tuesday, Nov. 6, is DRT Founders Day. Born in 1793, Austin is known as the “Father of Texas.” He carried on the work of his father, Moses Austin, to establish the first Texas Anglo-American colony by bringing 300 families to a part of Mexico in what is now known as Texas.  Referred to as  “The Old 300,” they settled along the bottomlands of the Brazos, Colorado and San Bernard Rivers. The organization was chartered in 1895 and currently has 7,000 members within 106 chapters.  Any woman is eligible for membership provided she is a lineal descendant of a man or woman who rendered loyal service for Texas prior to the consummation of the Annexation Agreement of the Republic of Texas with the United States of America on Feb. 19, 1846. One of the treasures of the DRT is the Re-

lowed to hunt. In 1980, a girl’s hunt was added. Boys and girls fishing days were started in 2004. Many volunteer organizations assist with the hunting and fishing programs. Several service organizations and individuals prepare the Friday evening meals while others prepare the sack lunches for the children and guides during the hunts. Individuals who lease property for hunting may also participate by hosting a child, giving up one day and one deer for the benefit of allowing more children to participate in the outdoor activity, according to the Crouches. The children arrive at Camp Gene Ashby from homes throughout Texas on the Friday preceding the Saturday hunt. The youngsters will attend an orientation and safety meeting and will be given an opportunity to visit the “Boot Room” where they can obtain booths and other clothing which will be theirs to keep. They will be housed, fed and transported to the host ranches before daylight the following morning by guides from various Texas sporting clubs and other interested individuals. Operation Orphans, Inc. is a non-profit organization made up of a board of directors whose sole purpose is to serve less fortunate youngsters by offering them a positive outdoor experience, Crouch said. Any persons who are interested in assisting with the “Take a Child Hunting” program, are asked to contact the camp supervisors at 325-347-6745; write Operation Orphans, Inc., P.O. Box 535, Mason, Texas 76856, or email Persons interested in guiding are asked to contact director Bob Moore at 903-258-4366 or email fiddler22243@juno. com.

public of Texas Museum. Founded in 1903, it was once housed at the State Capitol, and in 1916 was moved to the Old Land Office. In the early 1990s, it was transferred to its current location at 510 East Anderson Lane in Austin.  The Republic of Texas Museum is an invaluable tool for teaching visitors of all ages about the unique history of the Republic of Texas, explained a spokesman for the DRT. The DRT is currently raising funds to move the museum to a more accessible and historical setting — on historic Robertson Hill near the French Legation Museum between the State Capitol and the State Cemetery.

‘Global Islam’ topic for new TTU history class Texas Tech University will be offering a new history course at the Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg and the Frank Fickett Education Center in Marble Falls starting in January “Global Islam: Past and Present” (HIST 4385) will offer both current TTU students and visiting students from the Hill Country an opportunity to learn more about Islam, not just as a religion, but also as a global phenomenon that has a wide-reaching impact on issues around the world, explained Jerrie Dooley, senior academic advisor at Texas Tech. In the job market, an understanding of Islam is valuable as major U.S. companies, such as Halliburton, have moved their international headquarters to the Arabian Peninsula, Dooley explained. Dr. Keith King, who has

taught a number of United States history courses at the Hill Country TTU campuses, will again bring his broad knowledge and expertise to present this new course, Dooley said. King has been teaching history in colleges and universities for 40 years. He holds advanced degrees, including a PhD in American History with minors in the history of religion and the British Empire. Current students attending the Fredericksburg and Highland Lakes sites may register for the class beginning Thursday, Nov. 1. Non-TTU students may apply for admission as transient students at Total tuition and fees run about $1,200, but students who are 55 years and older are eligible for a waiver of the

tuition part. The class meets every Wednesday from 6-8:50 p. m. beginning Jan. 16 and ending May 1. The Hill University Center in Fredericksburg is located at 2818 East U.S. Highway 290. The education center in Marble Falls is located at 806 Steve Hawkins Parkway. For more information on this class or other TTU programs offered in the Hill Country, call 830-990-2717.


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9th Prize: Kramer Deer Feeder 10th Prize: Ruger 10/22 Carbine Stainless Steel Cal. 22 11th Prize: Hog Hunt Archery or Crossbow only 12th Prize: Nikon Pro Staff Scope Matte BDC 3-9 x 50 13th Prize: Bushnell Powerview Binoculars 10x mag 14th Prize: Bushnell H203 Binoculars 8 x 25 Waterproof 15th Prize: LEM Jerkey Cannon, Heavy Duty 1.5 lbs. Capacity 16th Prize: Nut Wizard with Dumper

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First Friday Lunch to salute Gillespie County’s veterans “Throughout our country’s history, it has been our military’s service and sacrifice that has guaranteed our freedoms, including our right to vote in the national election on Nov. 6,” said Food Ministry founder, Catharine Vinson. “Although the nation’s official Veterans Day is Nov .11, we are grateful for our military’s service every day of the year and hope many of our regular lunch attendees invite a veteran or other member of the Armed Forces to lunch as their guests.” Representing Gillespie County Veterans Service Office, Lt. Commander Tami King, U.S. Navy (ret.), will kick off the lunch by acknowledging all the members of the Armed Forces — past and present — attending the lunch. She will also briefly discuss services available to veterans through her office. The Gillespie County Veterans Service Office is responsible for assisting veterans and their dependents who reside locally in obtaining legal benefits available to them under U.S. federal and state laws. There is no charge for services and the office does not adjudicate claims. Approximately 1,000 clients are seen each year.

Local German choirs plan Harvestfest Sunday evening

Frederickburg’s two German “Mein Mund der singet,” “Wie choirs continue their more herrlich ist’s im Wald,” “Erithan 100-year-old tradition of ka,” Wohlauf in Gottes schoepresenting their Harvestfest ne Welt,” “Wir gratulieren,” “Praege Deiner Liebe,” “Das concert for the community. This year’s event is set for Lied der Freude,” and “So ein Sunday, Nov. 4, at St. Joseph’s Tag.” A few selections of favored Halle on West San Antonio sing-alongs will be included Street. The Arion Maennerchor at the intermission. Concert and the Hermann Soehne Ge- admission and refreshments mischter Chor will open the are free and donations are acevening with Gemuetlichkeit cepted. Both choirs are under the diat 6:30 p.m., followed by the rection of Mark Hierholzer. concert at 7 p.m. New members are always The Arion will sing: “Das Lied,” “Mein Bluemelein,” welcome. More information on the “Wenn alle Bruennlein fliessen,” “Abendlied,” “Schwarz­braun ist Arion Men’s Choir is available die Haselnuss,” “Verheissung,” from Franz Dieter Kemper and “Kling-Klang, Brueder at 997-9371 and on the Hermann Sons Mixed Choir from stosst an.” ewood isThe theHermann premier private office firm at 990Genevieve McCaffrey Soehne Ge- family 9232. mischter Chor will perform: Texas Hill Country, providing handcrafted

Some 3,200 military veterans are registered and receiving VA benefits in Gillespie County, King said. “This number does not account for many veterans who are not using VA benefits, and also the approximately 800 surviving spouses of veterans. Approximately 14 percent of the population of Gillespie County is veterans.” Local veterans and surviving spouses receive an estimated $6,888,000 per year in compensation and pension payments, King said. Following her opening remarks, lunch of a “purely American” menu will be served. Included will be baked, whole spiral cut hams with a ginger glaze, almond-crusted mac ‘n’ cheese, roasted broccoli crowns, Thomas Jefferson’s sweet potato biscuits, and a salad of fall greens with a maple-mustard vinaigrette. For dessert, there will be warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Vinson commented that the choice to include Jefferson’s sweet potato biscuits was not accidental. The first Continental Congress held in Philadelphia from Sept. 5 to late October, 1774, brought together delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies. The 55 delegates, most of whom were strangers to one another, included the framers and architects of the United States. With varying opinions and personalities, discussions became heated and, at one point, the delegates were ready to “pack it in and go home” but Jefferson served platters of piping hot sweet potato biscuits to revive everyone’s spirits and the delegates stayed on task. “We’re serving biscuits from that very same recipe at our Nov. 2 First Friday lunch honoring the men and women who have served our country in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf,” Vinson said.

October 31, 2012

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HCM Wound Clinic offers

Wounded Warriors to be special guests during event at Methodist church Representatives of the nonprofit Fredericksburg Salutes Our Wounded Warriors (FSOWW) and the National Museum of the Pacific War will attend the Fredericksburg Food Ministry’s “First Friday Lunch” this week, joining local residents in saluting the men and women of America’s Armed Forces. The lunch will kick off at noon on Friday, Nov. 2, in the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 1800 North Llano Street. FSOWW offers wounded warriors at Brooke Army Medical Center and Fort Hood’s Warrior Transition Brigade outings to Fredericksburg for a “Day on the Town” with their families throughout the year. FOSWW representative Bob Hickerson has confirmed that there will be Wounded Warriors in attendance at the lunch. The National Museum of the Pacific War is the only institution in the continental United States dedicated exclusively to telling the story of the Pacific Theater battles of World War II. Richard Koone, education director of the museum, will also be an honored guest, dressed in an authentic World War II uniform and providing a few remarks.


“Active duty, veterans and wounded warriors continue the commitment to freedom that sparked in Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia some 238 years ago,” she said. Ticket prices to the lunch are $9 per person and are available in advance at the Fredericksburg HEB Customer Service desk, at the church and online at Tickets will also be available at the door, providing the lunch has not sold out in advance. Take-out orders for ticket holders will be available at 12:30 p.m. All food is prepared fresh, from scratch, using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. At the lunch’s conclusion, the Academy Award-winning film of Ernie Pyle’s The Story of G.I. Joe (1945) will be shown. It is a tribute to the American infantryman during World War II, told through the eyes of Pyle, a Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent. Military leaders, including General Dwight Eisenhower, characterized the film as the greatest war film ever made. The film will be introduced by Pat Vinson of Fredericksburg, known as the voice of “Axis Sally” in the film and who sang the theme song “Linda” in the original film, gathering an Academy Award nomination for her performance.

Aggie Moms plan bake sale benefit Saturday A bake sale is planned Saturday, Nov. 3, by the Hill Country Aggie Moms Club. The sale will be from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Jek’s Pit Stop, 1110 East Main Street. All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund for students attending Texas A&M University in College Station. More information is available from Kay Steinbring, social chairman, at 685-3215.

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Schreiner to honor veterans on Nov. 9 New exhibit to showcase women in Marine Corps Schreiner University will celebrate Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 9, with two events. War veterans who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam will be honored on the Schreiner campus with a Veterans Memorial Wall, and students and residents will be able to experience what life was like for women in the Marine Corps by visiting an exhibit at Schreiner Mansion. Paying tribute to Schreiner veterans Former Schreiner students who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam will honored for their service at 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 9, when the new Veterans Memorial Wall is unveiled in The Commons at Schreiner University. The event is open to the public. “The idea of the Veterans Memorial Wall arose from the fact that we have had, for years, a modest alcove on that site housing two plaques recognizing Schreiner students

who had died in war service,” said Dr. Tim Summerlin, president of Schreiner University. “When we determined the Commons area would be our first major master plan project, we believed that a more suitable shrine for honoring these veterans should be a part of that project,” he said. James Avery, a long-time member of the Schreiner board of trustees and a veteran of World War II, was selected to design the Memorial Wall and also will speak at the event. “The plaques and men who served deserve attention,” said Lane Tait, assistant vice president of marketing. “This is our way of saying, ‘We’re never going to forget.’” For more information on the Memorial Wall dedication, call 792-7462.

ter in downtown Kerrville will host the Women of the Corps Collection exhibit, “More Than a Footnote: Women of the United States Marine Corps — Historical Perspectives” from Nov. 9 through Dec. 8. The mansion’s hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The exhibit’s opening reception is 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 9. The reception is open to the public, but historic building occupancy regulations require reservations. To make reservations, call the Schreiner Mansion at 830896-8633. “It’s a powerful exhibit because it reflects the deep roots of the Kerrville community in the military,” said Charlie McCormick, provost and vice president of academic affairs Exhibit showcases women at Schreiner University. “This in the Marine Corps exhibit reflects, therefore, not The Schreiner Mansion His- just an interesting diversion, toric Site and Education Cen- but a celebration of the com-

munity’s experiences and personal history.” This major exhibit will feature an historical overview of each generation of the women of the Marine Corps including a look at their lives, occupations, accomplishments, styles of dress and grooming requirements, according to Nancy Wilt, Women Marines Association historian and exhibit curator. “Photos, uniforms, artifacts and memorabilia bring the collection to life and create a look at the fairly unknown women’s lives in the corps,” she said. “In our fast-paced, technology-based world, few understand how we have developed into the corps of today. Touring exhibits such as ours provide a look into the past, when the laws were much different and the rights of women not assured.” For more information on the mansion, visit or call 830896-8633.

Fredericksburg Volunteers in Police Support, Inc. (FVPS) will meet Thursday, Nov. 8, 6:30 p.m. at the Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center. Alumni graduates from any of the 11 previously held local Citizen Police Academies and all FVPS members and their families are invited to the organization’s annual election of officers meeting followed by a covered dish meal and social. Members are asked to bring a main dish, side dish and/or dessert.

Paper goods and beverages will be furnished. All are reminded that a Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and Refresher Course is being offered by local instructor Frank Stead on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. through Nov. 20 at the Law Enforcement Center. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up to help during the Friday, Dec. 7, Community Christmas Parade, in addition to daily shifts at the Fredericksburg Police Department Substation.

up contact, new officer training assistance for exercise scenarios and meals, the business identification and emergency notification data program and pawn shop ticket database entry. For information about joining FVPS, contact the Law Enforcement Center Monday through Friday at 830-9977585 or visit, click on Departments and then on Police Department. The Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center is located at 1601 East Main Street.

TYLER LYON, 9, shot his first white-tail buck while hunting on Saturday morning, Oct. 27, in Willow City. Lyon took advantage of the Special Youth Only Hunting weekend to bag the eight pointer.

Hill Country MHDD Police volunteers to meet Nov. 8 for dinner, election honors local employees The FVPS partners with and supports the local law enforcement agencies to provide opportunities for civic-minded citizens to give back to the community as volunteers. FVPS volunteers assist the police department in many functions, such as traffic control during parades and special events, vacation residence checks using the marked volunteer car, downtown foot patrol to deter shoplifting, clerical assistance at the Law Enforcement Center and Substation, warrant service follow

Singing Water Vineyards sets Freedom Day celebration for Nov. 10 Singing Water Vineyards at Comfort will host its third annual Freedom Day celebration on Saturday, Nov. 10, beginning at 1 p.m.

Dr. Mark Jones, official sing- speakers and the Lone Star er of the San Antonio Stock Swing Orchestra until 4 p.m. Show and Rodeo, will sing the Buzzie’s Barbecue will be National Anthem followed by serving from noon to 5 p.m. the posting of the colors, guest Singing Water produces a

In Russian it’s NOVOE In French it’s NOUVEAN In German it’s NEU

In ENGLISH . . . It’s



wine, “Freedom,” and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the wine go to the Fisher House Foundation and the USO.

Employees of the Hill Country MHDD Centers (Hill Country) and their families gathered recently for a picnic at the Riverside Star Event Park in Kerrville to celebrate another year of serving individuals living with mental illness and developmental disabilities. During the picnic, employees were honored for their years of service. From Gillespie County, five were honored for their 15 years of service, including Karen Klein, Dolores Menchaca, Gay Nell Royea, Nathan Usener and Gerald Wendel. In all, 82 employees were recognized during the picnic including 59 for 15 years, 10 for 10 years and 13 for five years of service. “These individuals, along

with our dedicated board and all of our staff, are truly devoted to helping improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness, developmental disabilities and recovering from substance use disorder,” said Linda Werlein, CEO of the Hill Country center. She added, “Together, we make a difference in individuals’ lives by promoting independence, community integration and recovery for those we serve.” Hill Country serves individuals from 19 counties throughout the Hill Country, including Gillespie County along with Bandera, Blanco, Comal, Edwards, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Kimble, Kinney, Llano, Mason, Medina, Menard, Real, Schleicher, Sutton, Uvalde and Val Verde counties.

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Jaycees’ Turkey Shoot set Friday at Tivydale Range The second and final day of the Fredericksburg Jaycees’ 61st Annual Turkey Shoot is coming up on Friday, Nov. 2. Set for the Tivydale Shooting Range (15.3 miles from Fredericksburg out FM 2093 — Tivydale Road), the event will

have a live turkey head shoot, a sight-in range and a separate archery section to give hunters some practice ahead of the general season’s Nov. 3 start. (No hand guns are allowed.) The Turkey Shoot takes place from 10 a.m. to dusk and

Bush donates painting to Tannenbaum Ball sale An original painting by nationally known Fredericksburg artist Nancy Bush will be a featured item in the live auction at this year’s Tannenbaum Ball on Saturday, Dec. 8. Entitled “Autumn Moon At Sunset”, the work is a 16” x 16” oil on Belgian canvas mounted in a custom gold leaf frame. Valued at $3,600, this piece is being donated for the event by Nancy Bush and her husband, Bill. Texas Traditions, Contemporary Artists of the Lone Star State, a companion book, will be presented to the purchaser of the art work. This book contains a feature on the artist and her works. Bush is currently displaying her art at a museum show at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, N.Y. Her works hang in many galleries across the United States, including the Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, N.M.; the Astoria Gallery in Jackson, Wyo.;  the M Gallery in Charleston, S.C., and Dawson Cole Fine Art in Laguna Beach, Calif. The Bushes moved to Fredericksburg in 1994 and established the Fredericksburg Artists’ School, where art lessons are offered 50 weeks of the year.  They have been active supporters of community efforts, donating art works in past years to benefits for the His-

also includes food and beverages available for purchase and daily attendance prizes. Chances will also be sold for prizes to be awarded in a paddle wheel game and a prize drawing. Featured in the main prize drawing will be 16 prizes, including rifles, a deer feeder, binoculars and more. The tickets are $2 each or six for $10. Tickets may be purchased at the event or in advance at Kneese & Son, Kramer’s Wood and Metal Works, Woerner Feed and from any Jaycees member. Winners need not be present, but must claim their prizes within 60 days of the official drawing on Friday. To be awarded are:

torical Society, Hill Country Memorial Hospital and Ambleside School. Other items to be offered in the live auction include a Mossberg 12 gauge pump action shotgun donated by Edward Stroeher,  a pair of custom made boots donated by L.M. Easterling Boot  Co.,  a •1st prize — Core 15-AR-15 chuck wagon dinner/dance (223). for 30 at the Flying G Ranch •2nd prize — Savage 10x Predunderwritten by GCHS board ator Camo Package. •3rd prize — Weatherby Vanmembers, and a South African Safari for two, as well as other guard 308 Cal. with scope and case. items. •4th prize — Remington 700 The silent action portion of Special Purpose Synthetic Cal. the event will run all evening 7mm-08. •5th prize — Rossie Circuit and features many items donated by local merchants and Judge 45LC/40MSS. •6th prize — USSG, Inc. Over individuals, ranging from vaand Under 12 gauge. cation accommodations to as•7th prize — Thompson Ctr. sorted gift baskets, jewelry, art Arms Venture Pred. Camo Cal. work, furniture, accessories 308. •8th prize — Mossberg Model and gift certificates. This year’s fifth annual Tan- 484 Brush Gun Cal. 30-30. •9th prize — Kramer Deer nenbaum Ball will be held on Feeder. Dec. 8 at St. Mary’s Event Cen•10th prize — Ruger 10/22 ter. Carbine Stainless Steel Cal. 22. •11th prize — Hog hunt arTickets may be purchased by phone at 990-8441 or in chery or crossbow only. •12th prize — Nikon Pro Staff person at the Pioneer MuseScope Matte BDC 3-9 x 50. um, 325 West Main Street or •13th prize — Bushnell PowerHistorical Society Office, 312 view Binoculars 10x mag. West San Antonio Street. •14th prize — Bushnell H203 Online purchase  can be Binoculars 8x25 Waterproof. •15th prize — LEM Jerkey Canmade at  www.pioneermusenon, Heavy Duty 1.5 pounds  pacity. Tickets, which include the •16th prize — Nut Wizard with catered seated dinner, music Dumper. and dancing, are  $110 each (The first day of the Turkey through Nov. 26 and $125 Shoot was held on Sunday, from Nov. 27-Dec. 6. Oct. 28, at Tivydale.)

| October 31, 2012

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Take Us Along

WHAT BETTER WAY to spend a day in the woods than reading news from back home with a copy of the Fredericksburg StandardRadio Post while bow-hunting on a trip to Crested Butte, Colo.? That’s the way

it went for the hunting party of, from left, Ben Cantu, Larry Morse and Dylan Burg. The hunting was not so bad, either, as the trio bagged two bull elks and a mule deer buck.

Country School ‘Friends’ meeting Monday at CTEC Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools will meet on Monday, Nov. 5, at 7 p.m. at the Central Texas Electric Cooperative Building at 386 Friendship Lane. The Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools is a non-profit organization whose members are preserving 12 former country schools in Gillespie County for use as community centers. These schools are Cave Creek, Cherry Spring, Crabapple, Lower South Grape Creek, Luckenbach, Meusebach Creek, Nebgen, Pecan Creek, Rheingold, Williams Creek (Albert), Willow City and Wrede. These 12 schools, along with the Vereins Kirche (first school in Gillespie County), Cherry Mountain, Grapetown, Junction and White Oak, comprise the Gillespie County Rural Schools Trail. 

Schools on the Rural Schools Trail may be open by advance appointment. Persons interested in visiting a particular school are invited to check the website for contact information.  In addition to members of the community clubs representing the 12 former coun-

try schools, anyone interested in preservation of the former country schools is encouraged to attend the meeting. For more information on the former schools/community centers or activities, visit or contact Clayton Klinksiek, president, at 456-1052.

Handwerkers sharing skills Saturday at Pioneer Museum Pioneer Handwerkers will meet Saturday, Nov. 3, at Pioneer Museum beginning at 10 a.m. Purpose of the group is to promote, support and educate about all types of traditional handwork. New members are always welcome. The group supports the mu-

seum by greeting visitors and demonstrating traditional techniques such as knitting, spinning, crocheting, sewing, embroidery and weaving. Membership is free to all interested handwerkers. More information is available by contacting, contact Kay Doehling at 830-4566495.

Honoring those who serve.

Ambleside School of Fredericksburg cordially invites you to attend Veterans Chapel, a service honoring men and women who have served or are presently serving our country. This event provides an excellent opportunity for Ambleside students and the Fredericksburg community to broaden their understanding of their country’s history and to be inspired by unique persons and experiences beyond their own daily lives. Refreshments, memorabilia and a Q&A panel with Veterans immediately following.



| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


Veterans Day salute scheduled National Museum of the Pacific War to host program Sunday, Nov. 11 in Memorial Courtyard

Richter. Ambleside School Choir will perform a musical medley during the program. Ake was born in Okinawa, Japan to MSG (ret.) Gene R. and Gayle W. Ake. He served as the Assistant S3, 89th MP Brigade at Fort Hood and subsequently commanded the 411th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, with duty in Panama, the Caribbean and Southwest Asia. Ake then served as a Small Group Leader and Team Chief for the MP Officer Advanced Course, 701st MP Battalion, and later served as the Secretary of the General Staff for the U.S. Army Chemical and Military Police Centers

and Fort McClellan. He also served with the 16th MP Brigade (Airborne) as the Adjutant and later as Brigade Executive Officer. Ake has been awarded many honors, including the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal (2 OLC), the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal (6 OLC). He has had five combat tours, including while in company and battalion command. The National Museum of the Pacific War is a Texas Historical Commission property supported, operated, and managed by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation.

The National Museum of the Pacific War will host its annual Veterans Day program on Sunday, Nov. 11. The observance will start at 11 a.m. in the NMPW Memorial Courtyard. The program is free and open to the public. Col. Robert Q. Ake, JFLCC/ United States Army North (Fifth Army), Fort Sam Houston will be the keynote speaker. Opening remarks will be given by Gen. Michael Hagee USMC (ret.), president and

CEO of the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. The invocation will be given by Capt. Roger Spencer, USN (ret). Colors will be posted by the color guard from National Security Agency, Central Service Section based at Lackland AFB. Fredericksburg Independent School District NJROTC will lead the National Anthem. A three-gun volley will be performed by the Nimitz Living History Detachment, followed by “Taps” performed by Bill Smallwood and Randy

Patriotism topics featured in new SAR essay contest

Ambleside School to hold 13th annual veterans chapel Students and faculty of Ambleside School will pay tribute to local area war veterans at 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 7 in the Greater Life Christian Center adjacent to the school at 106 S. Edison St. This is Ambleside’s 13th annual Veterans Chapel service. “This program allows the school to voice its appreciation to all veterans who have served their country,” said Ambleside Principal Bill St. Cyr. “It is also an opportunity for the students to broaden their connections to history, better understand the meaning of service to one’s country, and to be inspired by persons and experiences beyond their own lives.” The presentation of the flag will be by the Fredericksburg High School. Junior Naval ROTC Color Guard. The program will include an address by guest speaker Pat Klein, a native of Fredericksburg and a Vietnam Era veteran, having served as an officer in the U.S. Army’s 1-6th Artillery, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood. There will also be singing of patriotic songs by the students; and the recitation of

Student Council at FMS to host vets event Nov. 9 The Student Council of Fredericksburg Middle School will host a Veterans Day program to honor all of the nation’s veterans from all branches of service on Friday, Nov. 9, 8:15-9 a.m., in the gymnasium. Gen. Mike Hagee (USMC, ret.), will be the guest speaker. The program is open to the public.

poems and prayers dedicated to living, deceased and active military service members and their families. Refreshments, donated by Austin Street Java & Muffin Haus, will be served afterward for all attendees. Veterans’ military memorabilia will be on display inside the assembly hall. The National Museum of the Pacific War will provide an assortment of World War II equipment artifacts for the students and attendees to examine, including a WWII vintage vehicle. Members of the Fredericksburg Army National Guard unit, the 1st 141st Infantry Battalion, will display several current U.S. Army vehicles and other military equipment. Later in the morning a panel

of veterans from the different wars will convene to answer questions from the older students. The Ambleside Choir will be under the direction of Tricia Eilers. Musical selections will include “Let There Be Peace On Earth” and “Thank You Soldiers.” The Ambleside Strings, directed by Theresa Britt, will perform selections, including the “United States Military Hymn Medley.” Taps will be rendered by student Neil Sutton and his father, Troy Sutton. Master of Ceremonies will be Col. Ward Miller, U.S. Army, retired. All veterans are invited to attend. For more information, call Ambleside School at 830990-9059.

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‘ Friday’ Breed: Schnauzer/Terrier Mix Age: 11 months • Sex: Male Color: Tan

Background: I’m tall and lean and weigh about 20 pounds. I love to play fetch and exercise. I’m neutered, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. If you’re looking for an active, furry friend — come meet me! Anyone interested in Friday and/or his friends can stop by the SPCA at 2981 State Highway 16 South. Adoption hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Closed Sundays. The phone number is 990-9085 and its website:

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Fredericksburg Girl Scouts will participate in raising the American flag at the last Fredericksburg High School Battlin’ Billies home football game on Friday night. The Girl Scouts will assist the FHS ROTC students in presenting the colors, raising the flag up the flagpole and saluting the flag during the playing of the National Anthem. Girls wishing to participate should meet at the front gate at 7 p.m. to enter the football stadium together. Girl Scout leaders will be present to walk the girls into the stadium.  Girls participating should wear their Girl Scout uniform or a red shirt in support of the Billies.  The flag will be raised at approximately 7:20 p.m. and girls will be dismissed to their parents immediately following.  There will not be supervision provided during the remainder of the game, and parents are asked to pick up their girls by kick-off. Girls will earn a participation patch for attending this activity.  More information is available by contacting Shannon Rhodes, local volunteer service unit director, at 830-889-0345 or emailing

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High school sophomores, juniors and seniors in the Hill Country are invited to compete for cash and travel by entering the annual Knight Essay Contest, writing about an event, person, philosophy or ideal associated with the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence or the events leading to the proclamation of the U.S. Constitution. Area winners in the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) contest will receive $300 for first place and $150 for second place, and will become eligible to compete for larger sums and travel to competitions at the state and national levels. Students who are interested in writing essays for the Knight Contest may obtain further information from Hill Country Chapter President T.E. Carswell at (830) 792-2160 or via email at tecarswell@ or Past President and Registrar Gerald Irion at (469) 585-0959 or via email at The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is one of the nation’s oldest and largest patriotic organizations for men, with chapters in every U.S. state and many foreign countries. Its missions include promoting respect for the nation’s founding fathers, their sacrifices in winning independence, the American flag, as well as support for veterans, active duty military and ROTC programs, and participation in patriotic events. The Hill Country Chapter meets for programs at Rails Cafe by the Depot in Kerrville at 11:30 a.m. on the second Tuesdays, January-May and September-December.

Girl Scouts to raise flag at last home Billie game

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Book review: Concussions and Our Kids by Robert Cantu, M.D., and Mark Hyman c.2012, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $24 / $27.95 Canada 181 pages By Terri Schlichenmeyer Special to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

The game, as they say, is the thing. It’s the thing at your house, that’s for sure. Ever since your child’s friends started playing sports at school, it’s been the number-one topic around. He craves competition. She wants to sign up yesterday. He sees trophies and medals and honestly, you see them, too. After all, having a pro athlete in the family is a good thing, right? For your child, it’s all about the game. Still, you’ve got lots of reservations and, according to Robert Cantu, M.D., that’s great. In his new book Concussions and Our Kids (with Mark Hyman), you’ll see how competition is important, but it’s also potentially deadly. Playing a team sport was

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Concussions and Our Kids

something you enjoyed as a child and you want the same thing for your kids, too, but you worry. Even though your young athlete denies it, you’ve seen enough accidents on the field to know there’s danger out there. Maybe you remember knocking noggins in a game yourself. You wonder: are your kids safe enough in today’s game? Maybe not. Sports, says Cantu, are the “second leading cause of traumatic brain injury” for youth ages 15-24. Every sport, no matter how little contact there is between players, has some risk and helmets aren’t always protection enough. That’s because a concussion can occur from something as minor as a hard bump or fall

that snaps a player’s head. Even if they’re expecting it, a tackle or body check can jostle a child’s brain enough to cause damage. If the player is under age 14, his muscles probably aren’t mature enough to withstand a blow. And if there are multiple injuries, the danger multiplies, too. To best protect your child, know the symptoms of concussion and be sure your child’s coach knows them, too. Don’t rely on helmets and don’t waste your money on fad fixes. Insist on a baseline brain test before the sports season begins. Lobby for less violence in children’s sports. “Calm down” and remember that the players are just kids.

And don’t accept “it’s not cool” as an excuse not to wear protective gear. That extra-padded helmet might not be “cool,” but neither is being in a coma. You wince. You gasp. You want to cover your eyes when your child takes a hit on the field, but you should never look away from the play. Read Concussions and Our Kids and learn why. Knowledge is key when it comes to head trauma, and authors Cantu and Hyman do a thorough job in preparing parents to be eagle-eyed on the subject. There’s a lot of information packed in this book, along with myth-busters, blunt words, worksheets, cautionary tales and one modern proverb that you can repeat to kids and coaches alike: “No head trauma is good head trauma.” There’s always another ball season around the bend but before you sign that permission slip, read this book. With Concussions and Our Kids and the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll see that sports sometimes ain’t no game.

‘Complete Streets’ discussion slated for Nov. 7 A public meeting to help formulate a Complete Streets initiative for the City of Fredericksburg will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 7 at Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center. Complete Streets are designed to accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians, making transportation safe and acces-

sible for all. “Come and learn about different options and practices in use in cities around the world to create safer, more convenient pedestrian and bicycle routes,” John Watson said. “Share your opinions and experiences with us and have your say about bike facilities, sidewalks and trails

in our town. Show us which destinations around the city you would most like to walk or bike to.” Additional information is available from Walter Moldenhauer via email at or John Watson at and 998-4133.

This initiative is organized by Fredericksburg CARES (Community Awareness Regarding Environmental Solutions), a group of local citizens interested in making sustainable, environmentally-friendly changes in the community. Fredericksburg CARES is a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2007.

Deep brain stimulation topic for Parkinson’s Support Group meeting A meeting is set Monday, Nov. 5, at 10 a.m., at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, 1800 North Llano Street, by the Parkinson’s Support Group. The group meets the first

Monday of each month and welcomes those with Parkinson’s Disease, their spouses, friends, caregivers and anyone else interested in attending. This month, the group will hear from Dr. Leigh Ann Ba-

ines, a local neurologist who has expertise with movement disorders. She will speak on deep brain stimulation. Afterwards, she will answer questions on that or any other

| A15

| October 31, 2012

topic related to Parkinson’s. Coffee and light snacks will be served. More information about the meeting or the group is available by contacting Judy Hoopman at 830-997-7705.

WHILE WAITING at the train station in Skagway, Alaska, to get a ride on the White Pass Railroad, Bill and Ruby Kettenhofen of Fredericksburg catch up with the news back home in the latest edition of the Fredericksburg StandardRadio Post. The couple has been on 96 cruises and this was the last cruise of the season in Alaskan waters.

Hill Country Evening MOPS to meet Tuesday Hill Country Evening MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) will meet Tuesday, Nov. 6, Bethany Lutheran Church. A potluck meal will be served at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 6:15 p.m. This month’s meeting will be a Thirty-One Gifts party. A Thirty-One consultant will be on hand to showcase products including bags, totes, purses, wallets, home organizing, stationery and more. Cindy Monroe, founder and CEO of Thirty-One, said that, “Through God’s strength, Thirty-One has built a family of individuals who feel wom-

en deserve to treat themselves and those around them to something special.” Following this theme, Hill Country Evening MOPS will collect monetary donations during the meeting, then use the hostess rewards to purchase Thirty-One gifts for local women’s shelters. Anyone interested in placing a Thirty-One order, making a donation or receiving more information about MOPS is asked to contact Elizabeth White 830-4565789. MOPS is a non-denominational Christian group for mothers with children ages infant to five-years-old as well as expectant mothers.

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PROPOSITION ONE - $15 MILLION BOND FOR NEW JAIL • $15 million price tag for a 96 bed facility, including - a new 70 seat courtroom - new dispatch center - new adult probation offices - new training center - possible new emergency operations center • This 47,650 sq. ft. center replaces current county jail that is in compliance with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards • Staffing, maintenance and debt service not included in the $15 million – how much more will that cost? • Property tax will increase by at least 20%! • Pay out for 44 years! • Cost to house inmates: -$40 - $45 per day to house inmates out of county - With new jail, the cost will double to $89 per day!

VOTE ‘NO’ ON PROPOSITION ONE pd. for by the Patriots of Gillespie County



| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


A SHOUT OUT to the

Calls to local police jump to 162 in week Calls requiring assistance from the Fredericksburg Police Department (FPD) rose to 162 from Oct. 22-28. Shooting There was a self-inflicted accidental shooting on the east side of Walmart in the parking lot, 1435 East Main Street, at 12:40 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18. According to FPD Lieutenant Steve Wetz, the incident involved an employee of Walmart who was making his rounds in the parking lot picking up trash when he stopped at his vehicle, retrieved a pistol and, after walking to the back of the parking lot, accidentally discharged the firearm, striking himself in the arm. The person who accidentally shot himself then called the police for help, Wetz said. Out of respect for the privacy of victims and their families, this newspaper typically does not report incidents in which a person commits violence against oneself — accidental or intentional (suicides.) This brief, anonymous account is being provided, however, to help dispel a wide range of untruths that have been circulated in the community. Accidents According to Chief Paul Oestreich, officers with his depart-

ment responded to 11 motor vehicle accidents over the past week. All but one of the wrecks were eventually deemed “minor.” On Oct. 24, a five-vehicle accident was reported in the 600 block of West Main Street when one person driving down Main Street struck four parked vehicles. The driver was later transported to Hill Country Memorial for medical reasons. Thefts Investigators are also busy this week looking into seven cases of theft and five cases of shoplifting that were reported over the week by Walmart, where charges are pending against suspects. On Monday, Oct. 22, an officer was dispatched to Highland Oaks Apartments in reference to a stolen bicycle. On Wednesday, Oct. 24, theft of mail that was left in a carport was reported at a residence on Cross Mountain Drive. On the same day, Oct. 24, a complainant reported prescription medication was stolen from his/her vehicle. On Thursday, Oct. 25, a local convenience store reported a gas drive-off worth $40.04 in diesel fuel. On Saturday, Oct. 27, police took a call in reference to the theft of an Apple iPod, valued

Citizens of Fredericksburg.... IT IS TIME TO AMEND OUR

at $450, as well as separate cases of $12 and $18 items shoplifted from a local store. And, on Sunday, Oct. 28, a complainant reported that there were items stolen from an estate sale. Arrests FPD officers arrested 12 individuals over the course of the week for the following offenses:

• 2 Driving While Intoxicated; • 2 Driving While Intoxicated 2nd Offense and Resist Arrest Search and Transport; • 1 Driving While License Invalid; • 1 Driving While License Invalid with Previous Conviction; • 1 Local Warrant; • 4 Public Intoxication, and, • 1 Public Intoxication/ Resist Arrest Search and Transport. Oct. 22-28 • 11 motor vehicle accidents (one major.) • 8 alarms. • 12 animal control calls. • 1 assault. • 4 civil disputes. • 5 criminal mischief cases. • 18 disturbances. • 4 emergency assists. • 5 harassment cases. • 6 reports of lost or stolen property. • 35 public relations calls. • 1 incident of recovered property. • 1 stolen bicycle. • 6 reports of suspicious activity. • 12 thefts. • 20 traffic hazards. • 7 welfare concern calls. • 6 miscellaneous.

Gillespie County Sheriff ’s report Officers with the Gillespie County Sheriff ’s Office (GCS) responded to 126 calls from Oct. 22-29. According to Chief Deputy Jim Judd, those calls included two burglaries, one theft and one assault. The assault was called in at 7:46 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 23, when there was a “minor shoving match” that resulted in no injuries in the Stonewall area, Judd reported. A theft was called in to deputies at 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at a residence on Harrell Road in the Harper area. Reportedly, a suspect

or suspects entered the home through unlocked doors and took a number of household items, the value of which is still being tabulated. The burglaries involved one of a vehicle and one of a home, Judd said. The vehicle burglary happened on Monday, Oct. 22, at 12:04 p.m. in the 400 block of Kerr Road. The suspect or suspects entered an unlocked car and took a number of personal items of an unknown value from the vehicle. The second burglary was phoned in at 6:53 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27, by a home-

Gillespie County fire, rescue calls Fredericksburg •Wednesday, Oct. 24 — 7:53 a.m., Main and Acorn streets, five-vehicle accident. •Wednesday, Oct. 24 — 9:42 p.m., 96 Frederick Road, fire alarm (fire sprinkler system leak). •Friday, Oct. 26 — 9:34 a.m., 4773 Old San Antonio Road, general investigation of report of smoke smell (call cancelled). •Saturday, Oct. 27 — 9:18 a.m., 1125 South Adams, Apt. 1002, report of smell of smoke (no fire found). •Saturday, Oct. 27 — 10 a.m., 7086 State Highway 16 North, roadside fire (controlled burn). •Saturday, Oct. 27 — 9:55 p.m., Windcrest and South Adams streets, motor vehicle accident. •Sunday, Oct. 28 — 2:08 p.m., approximately 13 miles out Ranch Road 1631, motorcycle accident. •Sunday, Oct. 28 — 5:35 p.m., Llano and Mulberry streets, minor motor vehicle accident. •Monday, Oct. 29 — 2:29 p.m., 604 Prickly Pear Court, investigate smell of smoke; possibly from burnt electric wires. •Monday, Oct. 29 — 4:20 p.m., Enchanted Rock, rescue. Stonewall •Tuesday, Oct. 23 — 9 p.m., U.S. Highway 290 East at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site, medical call. Willow City •Saturday, Oct. 27 — 11:49 p.m., 12779 Ranch Road 1631, medical call.

PECANS Shelled or Whole H Custom Pecan Cracking H

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997-8407 6776.21-24

•Sunday, Oct. 28 — 2:08 p.m., approximately 13 miles out Ranch Road 1631, motorcycle accident. •Monday, Oct. 29 — 4:20 p.m., Enchanted Rock, rescue. •Tuesday, Oct. 30 — 4:34 a.m., 2300 Ranch Road 1323, medical call.

owner in the 1200 block of West Travis Street. Entry to the home was gained through an unlocked door and money was taken. Investigators are still estimating the total value and there are no suspects as of yet.

Oct. 22-29 • 3 911 hang up calls. • 4 alarms. • 17 animal calls. • 12 arrests. • 1 assault. • 2 burglaries. • 14 citations and warnings. • 5 civil disturbances. • 15 disturbances (minor.) • 7 civil process cases. • 3 cases of criminal mischief. • 1 report of debris on roadway. • 1 major accident. • 7 minor accidents. • 0 mental commitment. • 5 prisoner transports. • 3 public assist. • 3 public intoxication. • 4 reports of reckless drivers. • 3 suspected DWIs. • 6 reports of suspicious activity. • 1 theft. • 4 warrants served. • 5 welfare concerns. There were 26 people booked into jail during the week and, as of Monday there were 29 inmates in Gillespie County custody.


BLC Weekend Resale Shoppe


SIGN THE PETITION ––––> Amend the charter! Here’s the problem: A City Hall summary of golf course operations for 1994-2013 shows that the golf course has been subsidized a total of over $6 MILLION. The Fredericksburg Standard was correct in stating that the nearly $2 million in utility fund transfers may only be the tip of the iceberg as an additional $2,750,000 was owed to Electrical Department. (September 12, 2012.) Now the total from all sources, not only utility funds, seems to be over $6 million. This pattern of redirecting reserves is being done without voter approval. Other examples: In this year’s budget a portion of the City Attorney’s salary and a “Committee for Economic Industry and Business Development” are also being funded with RESERVES from the Electrical Department.

MEANWHILE ... UTILITY RATES ARE HIKED! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only a charter amendment can stop future abuses State law may allow such allocations but city residents do not have to tolerate it! Enterprise Funds include the Electric Department, the Water & Sewer Department, the Solid Waste Department and the Drainage Department. The difference in revenue collected and expenditures made in each of the four funds is called a reserve. In our opinion, Councils have historically used RESERVE funds to finance major projects and programs that should have been brought before the voters for approval. A charter amendment can make that a requirement. In 1991, Fredericksburg residents voted to become a Home Rule Charter City as opposed to a General Law City. General Law Cities are governed by what the state dictates they may do. Home Rule Charter Cities may do anything not prohibited by the state or their Home Rule Charter. This is why city councils may allocate reserve funds in any way they deem appropriate, unless the charter imposes some controls. WE CAN FIX THIS WITH AN AMENDMENT TO OUR HOME RULE CHARTER Under Texas law, citizen sponsored amendments to the Home Rule Charter require submission of a petition signed by 5% of qualified voters.

114 W. Austin St.

(across from Marktplatz) Open 10-3 Fridays & Saturdays Quality Items: Jewelry, Clothing, Books, Dishes & Misc.



Volunteers will have petitions for you to sign on Election Day, November 6, in the vicinity of the following three polling sites: Precinct 1 — Gillespie County Extension Building, 95 Frederick Road Precinct 3 — EMS Building, 221 Friendship Lane

Locally Owned & Operated Virginia Oehler & Family For 36 Years

Precinct 4 — Girl Scout Cabin, 202 W. Austin

Home Oxygen • Hospital Beds Walkers • Wheelchairs • Commodes Chair C-Pap • Scooters Jobst Medical Legware - Custom Fitted

If you voted early, take a minute to come by Precinct 1 at the Gillespie County Extension Building, 95 Frederick Road to add your signature to the petition.

We File Medicare & Most Other Insurance Therapeutic Shoes For Diabetic KYNA GRONA REID CERTIFIED PEDORTHIST ON STAFF

(830) 997-2609 1025 Hwy. 16 S After Hours Across Hwy 16 From Hill Country Memorial


If you would like a copy of the petition to circulate in your neighborhood, or want to volunteer at one of the Precincts for a 1, 2 or 3 hour shift, or simply want more information, please send an E-mail to Remember your signature does not commit you to supporting the Amendment once it is on the May 2013 ballot. It will give you and your friends and neighbors an opportunity to voice your opinions at the ballot box. Political Advertising paid for by Committee for Fiscal Responsibility



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

Early voting busy getting the more than 6,000 voters through the early voting process. Rusche and others also were busy keeping a level of decorum for some who politicked while in line for early voting. One man came in with a Tshirt that sported a derogatory message about the president, and the clerks made him turn it inside out. “We can’t have messages like that,” the voter was told. Several other incidences of

Cont. from A1

rude behavior and comments were noted by some early voters and in calls and emails to the newspaper office. “We do the best we can,” said a clerk. The clerk’s office put up signs which read “No political talk, please” near the front entrance, where the line frequently stretched, and at the entrance of the commissioners courtroom, where early voting is taking place. A non-partisan League of

EARLY VOTE TOTALS Date Mail-in In-person Ltd. or Total provisional 10/19 1,096 1,096 10/22 16 671 687 10/23 18 694 2 714 10/24 20 682 6 708 10/25 10 699 2 711 10/26 16 686 2 704 10/27 0 288 3 291 10/28 0 184 2 186 10/29 34 613 3 650 10/30 14 515 4 533 Grand Total


Tables filling up for Big Band Bash Tables are filling up for Johnny Nicholas’ 15th Annual Big Band Bash fundraiser, scheduled this year for Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 8-10  at  Hill Top Café, located north of Fredericksburg on U.S. Highway 87.  Dinner shows are $75 and include four courses of Hill Top Café meals and an lineup of swing, zydeco and bluesrock talent. This year’s lineup includes The Resentments, Golden Triangle Swamp Blues, Floyd Domino  & The Texas Horns featuring Al Gomez, Johnny Nicholas & Hell Bent, featuring Cindy Cashdollar, Greg Piccolo and Heavy Juice. Big Band  Bash is the brain-

child of world renowned bluesman and former Asleep at the Wheel lead singer and writer, Johnny Nicholas, having raised  over $60,000 in the form of college scholarships, band instruments  and workshops for Fredericksburg Performing Arts students and programs over the past decade and a half.  “The Bash” has become a Hill Country musical draw, and  the dinner shows have been extended to three nights this year. Dinner show reservations and more information are available  by calling  Hill Top  Café at 830-997-8922 or  emailing  reservations@

Kerr GOP women to honor vets The Republican Women’s Club of Kerr County will conduct a short ceremony on Friday, Nov. 9, at the Kerrville National Cemetery, Spur 500, to honor fallen service mem-

| A17

bers. The club members will then place red ribbons on the gravestones to honor their service to our country. Everyone is invited to attend.  

Weinheimer & Son Open MOn.-Sat, 8


- 6:30


Stonewall • 644-2352 Prices good Oct. 31-Nov.6, 2012

Welcome Hunters!! Lone Star Beer, 24-12 oz. cans ......................... $15.98 Dr. Pepper, 12-12 oz. cans.................... 2 for $8.00 Boneless Sirloin Steaks....................... $4.39/lb. Wright’s Thick Sliced Bacon.............. $3.59/lb. Jumbo Sweet Onions ...................................... 99¢/lb. Russet Potatoes........................................ 39¢/lb. Large Eggs............................................ $1.39/dz. Texas York Nut Sheller .............................$7.75 Wrangler Blue Denim or Chambray Shirts 70127MW/70136MW.........................$20.98

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Don’t forget to Fall Back for Daylight Savings Time

Women Voters Texas Voters Guide outlining candidates stances on major topics was included in the Oct. 17 edition of the Standard-Radio Post. The Oct. 24 edition had a sample ballot.

Tierra Linda from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (The final day to register for the upcoming election was Oct. 9.) Precincts and their locations for regular Nov. 6 election day balloting are listed below. AdElection day dresses are in Fredericksburg, On election day, the coun- unless otherwise noted. ty will set up 13 polling lo-              cations at Fredericksburg Pct. 1 — Gillespie County Ex(four), Harper, Stonewall and tension Building, 95 Frederick

tion, 2553 Ranch Road 1323 in Willow City. Pct. 9 — Doss Community Center, 14174 N. Ranch Road 783 in Doss. Pct. 10 — Pat’s Hall, 406 Post Oak Rd. Pct. 12 — Faith Baptist Church, 3022 N. State Highway 16. Pct. 13 — Disabled American Veterans Building, 4076 N. U.S. Highway 87. Pct. 15 — Tierra Linda Fire Station, 406 Oak Alley.

Wild Game Dinner tickets now on sale Tickets are now on sale for the annual Gillespie County Wild Game Dinner on Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Gillespie County Fair Grounds. Gates will open at 5 p.m. and activities — including exhibitors, games and prizes — begin at 5:30 p.m. before the food court opens at 6 p.m. Tickets are available for $20 — all food, wine and beer included — at Arrowhead Bank, Lochte Feed and General Store and Allied Ag in Stonewall. Tickets can also be purchased at the gate for the same price. “We will be selling prize drawing tickets and giving away door prizes early,” Shawn

Lehne, executive board member, said. “There are around 40 door prizes, including a Remington .270 rifle with scope and 100 silent auction items to bid on.” Beer, wine and soft drinks are available and the prize drawings happen throughout the evening. “Every year, we find ways to make this Wild Game Dinner bigger and better,” Lester Meier, executive board chairman, said. He added, “We are so proud of how the community supports this event and it’s important that we provide a good value for the money.” The event will see an increased number of guns avail-

able at the auction, up from 35 to 45 this year. Additionally, the Wild Game Dinner will host five special games, where winners can take home James Avery and Champe Jennings jewelry, guns, archery bows and more. “We have all of our long time cooking teams back and they will be preparing their special ‘double secret’ recipes,” board member Dac Penick said. “On the menu so far are white-tailed deer, Axis, Black Buck, Nilgai, turkey, mountain sheep and goat, elk, and always a few surprise entries.” Additionally, this year the event will feature a special “alligator picante” cook, quail eggs, boudin balls and fried

“mountain oysters.” Former Texas State and World Champion auctioneers Craig and Angie Meier will return to lead the auction. “As ranchers with ties to Fredericksburg, they take time out of their busy schedules to help us and it’s so much fun to watch them work,” board member Billy Teague said. “I don’t know how they can do what they do with their voices and still talk so fast. It’s amazing.” More information about the upcoming annual Wild Game Dinner at the fair grounds is available from Lehne at 997-5508, Christie Mohr at 456-5003 or via email at

November 551 Hill Country Drive • Kerrville, Texas •

This mont h at PeteorrtsGoronu!p

Save The Date! Peterson Hospice Tree of Lights 2012 December 13, 2012 Peterson Regional Medical Center 5:30pm

Diabetes Supp ber 9th em Join us Friday, Nov

Time: 10 am -11 am Care Center Place: Ambulatory . Conference Room emeier ag Speaker: JoAnn H p is free and This support grou . Door prizes! open to the public for info. Call 830-258-7285

Community Joint up Replacement Gro h

r 5t Monday, Novembe . pm from 3:30 - 5:00 m Allen Speaker: Dr. Willia Center Ambulatory Care e information or Classroom. For m . Registration is call 830-258-7106 ht encouraged and lig served. be refreshments will

my HIll Country Osto Group Hill

r A support group fo nts. tie pa Country Ostomy November 8 3pm - 4 pm Medical Peterson Regional assroom B. Cl Center, 2nd Floor, n, please io For more informat . call 830-258-7891


The Baby Place

Learn about our inagural event at

As we begin the holid ay season, remember to take us eful items, clothing and furniture to Hospice Thrift S tore 1121 Broadway , Kerrville call them to pick up large items.

830-896-7770 nal r is Natio e b m e v ice No nd Hosp a re a C Home month. edical gional M e R n o rs ank Pete like to th ld u o w s, Center ns, nurse ia ic s y h p ts, all of the therapis , s e id a eers nurse d volunt n a , rs e ork ether social w sely tog lo c o s rk e who wo ts with th n ie t a p e to provid comes. e b st out

Tree of Lights 2012

“3rd Saturday”

Affordable Wellness Lab Testing on

Saturday, November 17th

8am - 11am

at PRMC Outreach Lab at Five Points, 320 West Water St. in Kerrville. Panels to choose from: • Lipid Panel for $20. • Wellness One Panel for $65. • Wellness Two Panel for $95. • Women’s Health Panel for $150. • Men’s Health Panel for $150. • Healthy Heart Panel for $180. • PLAC Stroke Test for $70. (Cash or Checks only - No Appointment or Physician order needed.)

All results are reviewed by a local pathology eterson about P re o m e m o H specialist and will be sent to you and kept in your To learn n rso nd Pete a m e o ic .c p c s Ho electronic medical records at Peterson Regional etersonrm it www.p is v , re a C Medical Center.

Classes arenting P to es y c n PR Class regna • From P Aid, Safety and C irst • Infant F lasses s-to-be hC ers mom t ff ir o r b d te il n e h •C al C ranging

147A East Main

Rd. Pct. 2 — County Courthouse, 101 W. Main Street. Pct. 3 — EMS Building, 221 Friendship Lane. Pct. 4 — Girl Scout Cabin, 202 W. Austin St. Pct. 5 — Harper Fire Station, 84 N. Ranch Road 783 in Harper. Pct. 6 — Stonewall Fire Station, 14854 E. U.S. Highway 290, Stonewall. Pct. 7 — Farm Bureau Insurance Hall, 237 Equestrian Dr.   Pct. 8 — Willow City Fire Sta-

For more information, call 830-258-7708.

*Remember...a 10 hour fast is required for all lab tests. Black coffee and water permitted.

Medic ith topics s to Regional classes w l ia c e Peterson sp measure partners ain relief . and their ages of labor to p r delivery e st and aft . rn o le b b a w from the il e a also av re of a n ition are taking ca tr ! u s n il t a n t n infa he de Classes o 4 for all t

(in front of Books on Main)


Thursday, November 8 3 to 6 p.m. Live Music Hors d’oeuvres Free Wine Tastings 6741.21


Call 830-2

For These classes are designed specifically for healthcare professionals: *All classes meet at Healthcare • ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support Peterson Regional • CPR Basic Life Support Medical Center Professionals • PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support on the 2nd Floor. Note: Registration is required: Call 258-7625 for the details on dates and times of each class, and to register. 6840.21

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

FHS Band



The decision that the FHS Band was the best was universal with a “1” ranking coming from each judge. The closest band, Rio Hondo, which earned secondplace in the finals had a total score of 15. The other three bands to qualify for state included: Port Isabel (21), Rio Grande City Grulla (25) and Hidalgo (29). Bands ending their season at the area finals round were: Stafford (30), Boerne (32), Crystal City (35), Kinsgville H.M. King (40) and La Vernia (43). Fredericksburg won the favor of the judges, who commented: “Very strong fundamentals shown. Great individual effort and execution. Well planned drill and excellent presentation. Very nice color guard. Congrats to all!” stated George Strickland, a marching judge. The other marching judge, Don Thoede, said, “Oustanding job of marching tonight! Way to go band! Wow! I am impressed! You should be very proud of yourselves. Be sure to thank your fine teachers. Congratulations!” The three music judges included Wade McDonald, Paul Fullerton and James Marioneaux. “Beautiful sounds brass and woodwinds! Very nice colors! Good tough book from percussion. Very well done musically,” said McDonald. “Mature sounds throughout all sections. You have excellent command of your music,” commented Fullerton, while Marioneaux cited “great” performances by winds and per-

awards for Outstanding Percussion and Outstanding Color Guard. At Harlandale, Fredericksburg also gathered another straight “1” performance (the only band in its division to do so,) for first place, as well as trophies for Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding Color Guard, Outstanding Brass and Outstanding Woodwind. Before the state show Prior to Monday’s state appearance, the band will travel to San Antonio’s East Central High School to compete in the U.S. Band Texas State Championships. The FHS Band will compete in a field of eight other groups in Class 4 Open, which is grouped together based on band size, not UIL classification. Therefore, the band will march against: John Marshall

Old Peanut Mill Steakhouse la ce

rn to Buy Fu





cussion, as well as, “What a beautiful vocal soloist. Great job with dynamics.” Winning To reach area, the FHS Band had qualified for advancement by winning first place with a perfect, across-the-board first division rating at the UIL Region XI 3A Marching Contest held Saturday, Oct. 20, in Hondo. That day, they were competing against 27 bands from the southern part of Texas. To get ready for UIL competition, the band dominated in a double-header of marching contests on Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Judson Rocket Review and the Harlandale High School Marching Contest, both in San Antonio. At Judson’s contest, the Billie Band received straight “1”s to win the Class-3A field, plus

Year E AS CA






(Class-5A); Uvalde (4A); W. Charles Akins (5A); Floresville (4A); Summit (4A); Cypress Springs (5A); Wagner (5A) and Cleburne (4A) A piece of history Since the UIL State Marching Band Championship contest was sanctioned by UIL in 1983, the FHS Band has placed in the state finals listing four different times. In 1983, the band was second in Class-4A competition. In 1989, the band ranked third among 3A bands. In 1993, Fredericksburg placed fourth among 3A bands. And, in 2010, the band ranked 10th in state. Prior to the establishment of the UIL-sanctioned state contest, the FHS Band was named the 3A State Marching Band Champions in 1979.



ness and darkness. The band has extended its contest season another week by qualifying to compete in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) 3A State Marching Competition on Nov. 5. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa TreiberWalter



THE ANGEL (Madison Grumbles) suddenly appears above a silky white cloud that covers most of the stadium’s midfield in the Fredericksburg High School Band’s contest production “Angels in the Architecture.” Grumbles is “wired” with a cordless microphone system that enables her to sing live while dancing to represent the light in the match between light-


by the wind as she struggled to hold it in place. She was a trooper and did an amazing job,” Rauschuber said. Of the remaining 3A bands, others that qualified for the finals (and their scores) included, in order: 2. Rio Hondo (23), 3. Stafford (28), 4. Rio Grande Grulle (28), 5. Port Isabel (29), 6. La Vernia (31), 7. Hidalgo (36), 8. Boerne (37), 9. Crystal City (42), and 10. Kingsville H.M. King (48). Bands not advancing to the area finals included: La Feria (50), Canyon (62), Pleasanton (71), Carrizo Springs (75), Ingleside (83), Rockport-Fulton (83), Orange Grove (92), Needville (93), Hondo (95), Columbia (95), Zapata (97), Sinton (98), Somerset (104), Sweeny (110), Robstown (112), El Campo (114) and Pearsall (135). “The staff and I agreed early last week that we would not tell the students what they were ranked after preliminaries,” Rauschuber said. “We wanted to make sure they remained focused going into the finals. We knew they were first in prelims with a sub-par performance (by our standards) and didn’t want the kids to settle and accept that. So, we focused on one judge’s rank (which was 13th in marching.) I showed them the video and played them the recorded comments from that judge. The staff then focused only on visual problems with the show and let them know that this one judge did not think they were worthy of being in finals based on their preliminary performance.” “I asked them what they were going to do about that. I also reminded them that they all had individual visual assignments that must be performed to the best of their abilities” Rauschuber said. “I reminded them of what Coach Lance Moffett said a couple of weeks ago at a pep rally about us not needing luck for our performance. We only needed to do what we had been taught and to do it well. I let them know that was their job — to get on that field and do what they have been taught to do and to do it to the best of their ability,” he said. “If they came off the field feeling like they gave their best (even if they made mistakes,) I would be very proud of them,” Rauschuber said. The band didn’t disappoint. o m e Furn “The kids did in s H amazing is e’ their finals performance. Every aspect of the performance was better,” Rauschuber said. hi

The state itinerary calls for Hidalgo to kick off the contest at 9 a.m. and bands will appear every 15 minutes through 3:15 p.m. Following a 3:30 p.m. exhibition performance by the Texas A&M University-Commerce band, the bands who have earned a ticket to the state finals competition will be announced at 3:45 p.m. Marching in the finals will start at 6:15 p.m. in the same location. Fans of the Billie band are invited to show their support by dressing in red and being there to cheer on the local student musicians as they make a bid at the state title. (See separate story on A19 for ticketing information.) The show The FHS Band’s contest show this year is titled “Angels in the Architecture” based on the music of Frank Ticheli, led on field by drum majors Josh Sanchez, Karson Melcer and Ariana Detmar. Unlike previous years, the production employs a large prop — a tall, glittery backdrop stage that stretches across the middle of the football field upon which the “angel” (performed by FHS junior, Madison Grumbles) sings live via wireless microphone system that allows for her freedom of movement for dancing. The music weaves a tale of the inherent struggle between lightness and darkness. “This year’s show is just as hard as any Class 5A band show,” said FHS Head Band Director John Rauschuber this week. “I think what is so attractive about this show is that it is a complete, total package. It has amazing music, difficult drill, great choreography for the color guard and is performed at a high level of achievement,” he said. John Meehan of JKS Music arranged the music for the show and it is complimented by a custom drill written by Richard Lopez of Performer’s Academy, based in San Antonio. Lopez and Rauschuber collaborated to come up with the idea for the stage’s architecture and the employment of a massive white silk rippling “cloud” bank that stretches out at the feet of an elevated angel at the conclusion of the show. The color guard’s choreography was custom written by Ali Martinez of San Antonio. Taking their works and blending them into an awardwinning show is an ever-evolving process and Rauschuber said the band will continue to be hard at work this week polishing up for a final push at the state title. “Angels in the Architecture” was originally performed by the FHS Wind Ensemble for UIL competition last year, when it won the band the title of Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) 3A State Honor Band. UIL Area E 3A Champions The FHS Band earned a perfect score to top a field of 27 bands during the UIL Area E Class-3A Marching Contest held Saturday, Oct. 27, at Calallen High School’s Wildcat Stadium in Corpus Christi. In the preliminary rounds, Fredericksburg’s musician marchers tallied a score of 19 from a panel of five judges, three who evaluated music and two who sized up the bands’ marching capabilities. With scores of 2, 1, 1, 13, 2, FHS tallied a total score of 19 to become the lowest score and the winner of preliminaries, heading into the finals competition later that same day. “The students were focused mentally going into the performance, but, unfortunately, the long bus ride left them stiff physically and they suffered in their visual performance throughout,” Rauschuber said. “Once they started making individual errors visually because of being stiff and slow, I think they started doubting themselves and made even more errors,” he said. In addition, gusty coastal winds proved problematic for the show, particularly at the point when the enormous white silk was “unveiled.” “Poor Hailey Harris was almost lifted off the ground

Cont. from A1



itu re

| October 31, 2012

P Best



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I-10 Exit 505 Harper Road at Junction Highway in Kerrville Monday thru Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-5 • 895-5311

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


October 31, 2012

| A19

Billie Band fans invited to ‘the show’ Fredericksburg High School Band fans are invited to cheer it on as it marches at state on Monday, Nov. 5. The “Pride of the Texas Hill Country” will compete in a field of 21 Class 3A bands in San Antonio’s Alamodome. Fifteen of those bands qualified for state preliminaries in 2010 and nine of those made it into the round of 10 finalists. Tickets to state will cost $12 for students (grades 7-12) and $17 per adult, with a one-day $30 pass offered that includes both preliminaries and finals. Tickets may be purchased from Ticketmaster at 1-800745-3000 or at online at www. The order and times for bands to march in preliminaries is as follows: 9:00 a.m.—Hidalgo 9:15 a.m.—Henderson 9:30 a.m.—*Kennedale 9:45 a.m.—*Cooper (Lubbock) 10:00 a.m.—^Canton 10:15 a.m.—*China Spring 10:30 a.m.–BREAK 10:45 a.m.—^FHS 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00

a.m.—Spring Hill a.m.—^Wills Point a.m.—Burnet a.m.—^Port Isabel p.m.—!Argyle

A SPARK of excitement jumps through the ranks of the Fredericksburg High School Band (as well as their supporters) Saturday afternoon upon hearing that they had qualified to advance into the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Area E Marching Contest finals later that evening at Calallen High School Stadium in Corpus Christi. The “Pride of the Texas Hill Country”

not only won first place in the preliminaries, but also went on later that night to dominate the nine other bands that had made it into the finals. Fredericksburg earned a perfect “1” rating from each of five judges evaluating the level of their “musicality,” their marching drill and more. —Standard-Radio Post photos by Lisa Treiber-Walter

12:15 p.m.—LUNCH 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45

p.m.—*Wylie (Abilene) p.m.—^North Lamar p.m.—^Princeton p.m.—Grulla (Rio Grande) 2:00 p.m.—*Monahans

TAKING MUSIC and marching fans on a tale of light against dark, good against evil, members of the 2012 Fredericksburg High School Marching Band perform their show “Angels in the Architecture” by Frank Ticheli. The production has seen the local band rise to the top in every UIL competition so far this contest season, with the next stop being the UIL 3A State Marching Competition in San Antonio’s Alamodome on Monday, Nov. 5.

2:15 p.m.—BREAK 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15

p.m.—Springtown p.m.—^Rio Hondo p.m.—^Atlanta p.m.—*Castleberry

*2010 state preliminary band ^2010 state finalist ! 2010 state winner 3:30 p.m. — Exhibition performance by Texas A&M University – Commerce. 3:45 p.m. — State finalists to be announced. 6:15 p.m. — 3A finals begin

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10/26/12 8:14 PM



| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Halloween has gone to the dogs ‘Dogtoberfest’ parades adoptable pups, raises funds for SPCA

REPURPOSED TELEVISION — An old-timey console TV cabinet that was recycled into a dog bed was one of many items on display during Dogtoberfest, a day to honor canines, sponsored by the Hill Country SPCA. A VISION IN PURPLE AND PINK — Babe, the boxer, is dressed up as a vampire fairy at Saturday’s Dogtoberfest activities held at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. The event was sponsored by the Hill Country SPCA. — Standard-Radio Post photos by Danny Hirt

STAYING WARM — Hill Country SPCA worker Rachel Gerrard, left, snuggles up with Howie at Pavilion 5 as Gerrard waits to sign up contestants in the Halloween costume contest at Dogtoberfest held Saturday.

UP CLOSE WITH PERSONALITY — Hayley, a two-year-old border collie, was one of several adoptable dogs on display during Saturday’s Dogtoberfest event sponsored by the Hill Country SPCA.


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Living Well College will present play at FUMC Living Well College students will present a free performance of “The Dark Day of the Missing Sushi Chef,” a play written and acted by Living Well students, at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7 at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church’s Family Life Center. The play is directed by Kimberli Hood-Easeley. A free-will donation will be accepted. An evil mystic ninja warrior plans to take over the world so that with help from his faithful sidekick, he can control the entire sushi industry. H i s strategies include kidnapping and enslaving Master Chef Wiley Riley, the world’s greatest living sushi chef, along with his sous chef and pet tiger, Mike. Living Wellville’s police captain and first officer, and the

mayor call on Super Bat Girl to work with the police to help save the day. Living Wellville’s reporter covers the frightening events from start to finish.   Living Well College, founded in 2004 to serve adults with developmental disabilities, is a private non-profit corporation that is governed by a board of directors and operates solely on tuition, fundraisers and donations. Students participate in classes and programs involving continuing education, community volunteerism, personal growth and community involvement. Classes meet at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.  For more information contact Executive Director Catherine Jeffrey at 830-456-4584.

Pumpkin Patch concludes; water project next at Pioneer Museum The Pumpkin Patch has concluded at the Pioneer Museum. Museum spokesperson Evelyn Weinheimer listed winners for the pumpkin decorating contest as follows: Age 5 and under — Jayden Stone, most creative; Logan Bellino, most unusual. Ages 6 to 9 — Lindsey Chapa, most creative; Sidney Schandua, most unusual; Della Threadgill and Harley Boerner, best of show. “The Historical Society thanks the volunteers who unloaded and sold pumpkins, and served as judges,” Weinheimer said. School classes took trips to the patch during October, including those from St. Mary’s, Fredericksburg Primary and Fredericksburg United Methodist preschool. The patch has been a fundraiser for the museum for the past two years.

project for the museum. An early Eclipse windmill which originally pumped water on the Eddie Grobe family property has been relocated to the grounds. The Eclipse pump was restored to full operation by local machinist Robert Straube. The Eclipse tail has been repaired, restored and repainted with the historic markings by artist Cole Lewis. The eight-foot fan blades are being restored locally by Wayne Klier.  The windmill project will tell the story of some of the many different types of windmills found in Gillespie County as well as how the wells were drilled.  The original, fullyfunctional Aermotor windmill will allow the public to view and better understand the use of this early “green” energy.   Over the next few months, three additional towers and windmills will be relocated on Water projects The story of water sources in the Pioneer Museum campus, early Fredericksburg is the next Weinheimer said.


Hours: Tues-Wed- Thur 7am-8pm Fri-Sat 7am-9pm Sun 9am-3pm Closed Mon

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SPORTS Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



October 31, 2012

TRYING TO KEEP HIS BALANCE is Battlin’ Billie running back Brayden Beard during Friday night’s varsity football game with visiting Navarro. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

Billies to host defending state champs here Friday Fredericksburg High School’s football team will face what it aspires to be on Friday, when the Billies (4-5, 0-3) host defending Class 3A Champ Wimberley Texans (5-3, 3-0) at 7:30 p.m. “They’re kind of our measuring stick in regard to where we want our program to be,” said FHS Head Coach Lance Moffett. “One of our goals is to build a successful program like they have had.” Wimberley seems to be hitting its stride just as it nears the end of regular season play. The Texans struggled early on with losses to Giddings, Llano and Liberty Hill. Many wondered if the defending state champs would even contend for their district title. In the past three weeks, the Texans soundly beat Bandera 40-6, topped Geronimo Navarro 21-20 and destroyed Canyon Lake 40-3. Coach Weldon Nelms’ young Texans team is averaging 183 yards

FHS volleyball wins bi-district banner, headed next to area Pleasanton down, La Grange to go for 27-17 Billies By Danny Hirt With the exception of a few minor glitches, the Fredericksburg High School varsity volleyball team came out with guns blazing Tuesday night to defeat Pleasanton in three straight games — 25-9, 25-18, 25-14 — in Region IV, 3A bidistrict action to advance in the post-season playoffs. The Billies will now face the La Grange Leopards at 2 p.m. on Saturday in an area match-up that’ll be played at New Braunfels Canyon High School. Fredericksburg suffered a three-game loss against Alamo Heights, 18-25, 19-25, 18-25, in a warm-up contest played Friday in San Antonio. On Tuesday night against

Pleasanton, “We came out swinging to start the match, slowed down a bit in set two, but finished strong in set three,” said FHS head coach Jason Roemer. “Our middle blockers had a distinct advantage in the middle and we did a great job of using that to our strength.” Roemer cited the play of Trista Hartmann and Allie Doucet who, he said, “had a great night and the stats showed it. They combined for 18 kills and zero errors. Monica Montgomery did a great job of getting them the ball.” Roemer went on to praise the effort given by the serve receivers who “did a great job of passing. Payton Robertson made some incredible digs to keep the plays going. Tori Robertson did a great job of serving; she went back to serve in set one with a 16-9 lead and served us out, eight serves in a row with three aces Cont. on B8

ROLE REVERSAL — Normally on the throwing end of a pass, Fredericksburg quarterback Kyle Grona also caught one aerial against Navarro for 14 yards. However, the home-standing Billies came up short and lost the game by a 54-23 margin. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

passing per game and 160 on the ground. The Billies defenders will concern themselves with seniors Kolby Kelley, who has racked up 516 yards rushing and 413 receiving this season and receiver Bryce Rainwater, who has 355 yards receiving. Wimberley’s defense also has gotten more stingy as the season has progressed, led by two-way starter Alden Mann, one of the best linebackers in the league, who averages 12.8 tackles per game, including 69 solo tackles this season. Wimberley sits atop the District 27-3A standings at 3-0, followed by Navarro, Boerne and Canyon Lake at 2-1, with Fredericksburg and Bandera winless at 0-3. “I knew by this time of year, Wimberley would be rolling,” Moffett said. “Still, we’re not going to back down because we have lost three in a row Cont. on B3

FHS runners lacing up for regionals

BLOCKING BILLIES — Fredericksburg High School teammates Allie Doucet (left), and Katie Kuhlmann keep the ball in front of them during Tuesday night’s 3A bi-district round of the Region IV UIL volleyball play-

Fredericksburg High School varsity cross country teams are advancing to regionals after finishing in the top three teams at the District 27-3A Meet Wednesday, Oct. 24 at Starke Park in Seguin. The FHS varsity boys finished second — two points behind Boerne — while the varsity girls finished third. The junior varsity boys and girls each won the district title in their respective divisions. Fredericksburg’s varsity runners will head to the National Shooting Complex — located at 2 Gass Road in San Antonio — for the Region IV-3A meet Saturday. The varsity girls will run at 11:40 a.m. and varsity boys will run at noon. Varsity boys Top 10 finishes from Travis Koenig (17:05, 2nd place), Jose Meza (17:15, 3rd) and Nick Martinez (17:41, 10th) offs. FHS took the match in three straight helped the Fredericksburg games and will face La Grange in area comHigh School varsity boys to a petition Saturday. — Standard-Radio Post second place finish Oct. 24 at photo by Danny Hirt

Cont. on B2

Lions claw Harper, 40-2 Longhorns setting sail toward Center Point’s Pirates On a cold and windy Homecoming night on Friday, host Harper High School found itself on the wrong end of a 40-2 final score in District 14 1A varsity football action against Ozona. While the visiting Lions amassed nearly 400 yards of total offense, the Longhorns reached only 136 yards, with 135 of those coming from an 8-of-20 pass effort by quarterback Gus Sagraves. He also suffered five interceptions for the game. Sagraves’ top two receivers were Brayden Hagendorf with two receptions for 58 yards

and Caleb Schmerback who hauled in three aerials for 35 yards. The ’Horns will travel to Center Point this Friday in an effort to rise out of the league cellar. Both schools are currently tied at the district’s bottom spot in the standings at 0-3. The highlight of the weekend’s district action will be the showdown of the unbeatens when Mason travels to Brackett Friday evening. Each team enters the contest with identical 3-0 league marks. A win will give the victorious school a leg up in post-season posi-

tion in the playoffs. The Lions got on the scoreboard first with a touchdown in each of the first two periods and both coming as the result of 25-yard runs. The pointafter kicks were good, giving Ozona a 14-0 lead. Cont. on B2 PROTECTION — Harper quarterback Gus Sagraves, right, gets a good look downfield for a receiver while he gets pocket protection from Preston Adkins (64) and Micah Middleton, middle, during Friday’s Homecoming game with Ozona. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Danny Hirt

FHS varsity girls basketball to open season A new season with a new head coach begins this week for the Fredericksburg High School varsity girls basketball team. Carrie Grona is taking over as the new head coach, and since her arrival, she has been stressing the importance of a positive outlook. “We are not focusing on what we are doing wrong, but Cont. on B8



| October 31, 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



FHS runners

Cont. from B1

That initial touchdown was made by Adam Gonzales, who totaled three scores for the night. His other TDs were from runs of four yards and one yard, respectively. Harper received its only points of the night on a safety when a snap went high over the head of the Lion punter and rolled out of the end zone to pull the Longhorns to within 12 points (14-2) with 34 seconds remaining in the half. But Ozona made Harper pay for the Lions’ miscue when the visitors connected on a 37-yard pass from quarterback Jayton Rodriguez as time expired in the second period, giving them a 20-2 margin at intermission. Ozona wasted little time in reasserting itself in the third stanza, scoring two more touchdowns — on a 27-yard pass and a four-yard plunge — to build up a 34-2 advantage. An insurance TD was tacked on with less than 10 minutes to go in the contest on a oneyard plunge.

• Recent Results (Friday, Oct. 26) Ozona 40, Harper 2 Mason 46, Junction 21 Brackett 40, Center Point 19 Upcoming Games (Friday, Nov. 2) Harper at Center Point Mason at Brackett Ozona at Junction (Friday, Nov. 9) Junction at Harper, 7:30 p.m. Center Point at Mason Brackett at Ozona District 14-1A Mason Brackett Ozona Junction Harper Center Point

standings 3-0 8-0 3-0 7-1 2-1 6-2 1-2 2-6 0-3 1-7 0-3 0-8

AND THERE HE GOES — Longhorn running back Micah Middleton (right in top photo) sidesteps an Ozona defender moments after taking hand-off signal 999the TOO LATE TOfrom CLASSIFY caller Gus Sagraves in the Homecoming football game played Unfortu2012 Friday NEW night. WINNEBAGO nately the AND home-standing CLASS for A GAS DIESELS IN Longhorns, theBocks final Ker score STOCK! Ronnie rville went the yourself...”If other way, 40-2. — RV. Ask not now, Standard-Radio Post 5711 photo WHEN?” Call 1‑888‑412‑ or by Danny Hirt 2004 MALIBU; $2,500 OBO cash or bank check only. Needs TEAMING UPinspection. to tameCall a windshield and Lion runner are Harper High 210‑705‑4573. School’s Jacob Pierz FOR SALE: Lovely but(13) usedand red Grant OtherbrocadeEdwards couch, (65). 3‑seater. You wise, it $75. was Singer the host Longmove it! Confidence horns who found the going sewing machine, computerized, 999 TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY rocky as they dropped their like new, needs adjustment. Homecoming match-up $100. NEED: Firm queen with bed Ozona by a 40-2 score. — 2012 NEW WINNEBAGO mattress, good brand, clean, Standard-Radio Post photo CLASS A GAS AND DIESELS IN make offer. 830‑307‑3113. by Danny Hirt STOCK! Ronnie Bocks Kerrville HELP WANTED: Part‑time Of‑ RV. Ask yourself...”If not now, fice Assistant: Must have some WHEN?” Call 1‑888‑412‑ 5711 or bookkeeping and retail sales ex‑ perience, must be organized and 2004 MALIBU; $2,500 OBO able to multi‑task. Flexible hours 25-21 Lumpkins Guerrero 1, M‑F 3, with about 4 2, hours per day. cash 26-24, or bank25-21, check only. Needs rns Kills: Courtney Ahrns 11, TayWhite send 1. Please resume to Sound windshield and inspection. Call J. lor Reid 8, Logan White 7, Jordan Wave Digs: Guerrero 6, Electron ics at10, PO Ahrns Box 146, 210‑705‑4573. White 3, Macie Lumpkins 2, Al- Whitten 6,burg, L. White 5,email Payton Fredericks TX or to FORGuerrero SALE: Lovely but used red Reid 3, Sydney Collins 2. exa 1, Kendall Cooper brocade couch, 3‑seater. You 1, Sarah Whitten 1. Blocks: Guerrero 2, Collins 2, FOR SALE: Ruger Mark1.II, move it! $75. Singer Confidence Assists: Reid 18, Lumpkins 8, Ahrns 1, Whitten 1, M77 L. White 30‑06 caliber, bolt action, Hawk‑ sewing 6, machine, Cooper Guerrerocomputerized, 1. 100% Service: J. White 9/9, eye Sporter stainless steel with like new, needs4, Reid adjustment. Aces: L. White 3, Ah- Cooper 5/5, Collins 3/3. $100. NEED: Firm queen bed a laminated wood stock. New in mattress, good TO brand, clean, box, never shot, with rings. $650. TOO LATE CLASSIFY 830‑997‑7016. make offer. 830‑307‑3113.

Harper volleyball headed to area competition Following a first round bye in the Region IV 1A volleyball playoffs, the Harper Ladyhorns return to action later this week when they face Weimar — a winner over Somerville in five games Tuesday night — in an area contest. That best-of-five match will be held Thursday, Nov. 1, at Pflugerville Connally High School, starting at 7 p.m. The Ladyhorns finished Dis-

Private Golf Course Lodges & Restaurant Positions Available

• Housekeeping 830-990-7623 Benefits included Weekdays and Weekends


Full & Part Time


trict 27 as champions, sporting a 25-11 record. 2012 NEW WINNEBAGO Harper hosted Brackett in a CLASS A GAS AND DIESELS IN warm-up Monday night, STOCK! Ronnie Bocks Kerwinrville ning the event in three RV. Ask yourself...”If notgames now, — 26-24,Call 25-21, 25-21. 5711 or WHEN?” 1‑888‑412‑

Harper defeats Brackett (Monday, Oct. 29) 2004 MALIBU; $2,500 OBO cash or bank check only. Needs 999 TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY 999 windshield and inspection. Call 210‑705‑4573. 2012 NEW WINNEBAGO FOR SALE: Lovely but used red CLASS A GAS AND DIESELS IN brocade couch, 3‑seater. You STOCK! Ronnie Bocks Kerrville move it! $75. Singer Confidence RV. Ask yourself...”If not now, sewing machine, computerized, WHEN?” Call 1‑888‑412‑ 5711 or like new, needs adjustment. $100. NEED: Firm queen bed 2004 MALIBU; $2,500 clean, OBO mattress, good brand, cash bank check only. Needs make or offer. 830‑307‑3113. windshield and inspection. Call HELP WANTED: Part‑time Of‑ 210‑705‑4573. fice Assistant: Must have some FOR SALE: Lovely but sales used red bookkeeping and retail ex‑ brocade couch, perience, must be 3‑seater. organized You and move $75. Singer Confidence able toit!multi‑task. Flexible hours sewing computerized, M‑F withmachine, about 4 hours per day. like Pleasenew, sendneeds resumeadjustment. to Sound $100. NEED: ics Firm queen bed Wave Electron at PO Box 146, mattress, good TX brand, clean, Fredericksburg, or email to make offer. 830‑307‑3113. thomas.seg HELP WANTED: Part‑time FOR SALE: Ruger M77 MarkOf‑ II, fice Assistant: Must have Hawk‑ some 30‑06 caliber, bolt action, bookkeeping and retail steel saleswith ex‑ eye Sporter stainless perience, must be orga nized a laminated wood stock. Newand in able never to multi‑task. Flexible hours box, shot, with rings. $650. M‑F with about 4 hours per day. 830‑997‑7016. Please send resume to Sound HELP WANTED, COUNTER/ Wave Electronics at PO Box 146, CUSTOMER SVC: Hill Country Fredericksburg, TX or email to Dry Clean, 507‑B E. Highway Street, Fredericksburg, for appli‑ FOR SALE: II, cation. Must Ruger work M77 someMark Satur‑ 30‑06 No caliber, bolt action, Hawk‑ days. phone calls please. eye Sporter stainless steel with a laminated wood stock. New in box, never shot, with rings. $650. 830‑997‑7016. HELP WANTED, COUNTER/ CUSTOMER SVC: Hill Country Dry Clean, 507‑B E. Highway Street, Fredericksburg, for appli‑ cation. Must work some Satur‑ days. No phone calls please.

HELP WANTED: Part‑time Of‑ fice Assistant: Must have some bookkeeping and retail sales ex‑ perience, must be organized and able to multi‑task. Flexible hours M‑F with about 4 hours per day. Please send resume to Sound Wave Electronics at PO Box 146, Fredericksburg, TX or email to

HELP WANTED, COUNTER/ CUSTOMER SVC: Hill Country Dry Clean, 507‑B E. Highway Street, Fredericksburg, for appli‑ cation. Must work some Satur‑ days. No phone calls please.

FOR SALE: Ruger M77 Mark II, 30‑06 caliber, bolt action, Hawk‑ eye Sporter stainless steel with a laminated wood stock. New in box, never shot, with rings. $650. 830‑997‑7016. HELP WANTED, COUNTER/ CUSTOMER SVC: Hill Country Dry Clean, 507‑B E. Highway Street, Fredericksburg, for appli‑ cation. Must work some Satur‑ days. No phone calls please.

Team results

Varsity Boys: 1. Boerne, 38 points; 2. Fredericksburg, 40; 3. Bandera, 80; 4. Wimberley, 86; 5. Canyon Lake, 130; 6. Navarro, 153. Varsity Girls: 1. Bandera, 42 points; 2. Navarro, 45; 3. Fredericksburg, 54; 4. Boerne, 99; 5. Wimberley, 132; 6. Canyon Lake, 135. JV Boys: 1. Fredericksburg, 18 points; 2. Boerne, 56; 3. Bandera, 66; 4. Canyon Lake, 113; 5. Navarro, 131. JV Girls: 1. Fredericksburg, 23 points; 2. Bandera, 32; 3. Boerne, 84.



Wed., Oct. 31st – Penny Ney – 5pm Thur., Nov. 1st – ShAnnie – 5pm Fri., Nov. 2nd – T & C Miller – 1pm Hayden Whittington – 4pm Drew Womack – Dance – 8pm Sat., Nov. 3rd – Kimberly Dunn & William Clark Green – 1pm HUNTERS BALL – CHRIS WALL BAND – 9pm Sun., Nov. 4th – KEVIN WELCH • SLAID CLEAVES • ED JURDI • MICKY BRAUN BENEFIT FOR FREDERICKSBURG FOOD PANTRY

Bring Non-Perishable Food Items Bill Lewis – 5pm

Mon., Nov. 5th – Royce Laskoskie – 5pm

Join us for these dances. Rain or shine — under the tree or in air-conditioned (or heated) hall. Beer and wine cash bar. No BYOB. Children 12 and under free!

8 p.m.— midnight

JV Boys: Gabe Rivera, 18:24, 1st place; Chase Junell, 18:53, 2nd; Daniel Rojas, 19:00, 3rd; Samuel Jaimes, 19:01, 5th; Christian Neri, 19:17, 7th; Dominic Espinoza, 19:28, 1st among seniors; Drew Bonillas, 19:30, 8th; Irvin Licea Silva, 19:50, 11th; David Stotz, 19:59, 12th; Bryce Trois, 20:04, 13th; Fabian Reyes, 20:34, 16th; Jonathan Espinoza, 21:04, 20th; Donovan Lozano, 21:05, 21st; Adolfo Enciso, 21:05, 22nd; Christian Wortman, 21:15, 24th; Ethan West, 21:18, 25th; Noe Martinez, 21:20, 27th; Jace Jennings, 21:22, 28th; Emanuel De La Torre, 21:34, 31st; Samuel Bullion, 22:09, 37th; Clay Enderlin, 22:23, 3rd among seniors; Brian Heifner, 27:52, 52nd. JV Girls: Anytcy Neri, 13:33, 1st place; Katie Husfeld, 14:10, 3rd; Jorden Moretti, 14:12, 4th; Payton Rosenbusch, 14:26, 6th; Taylor Husfeld, 14:52, 9th; Catherine Romanick, 14:57, 11th; Hannah Embrey, 15:07, 12th; Alexia Rodriguez, 15:13, 13th; Annsley Vasquez, 15:20, 15th; Kaitlyn Esensee, 15:41, 1st among seniors; Hanna Castillo, 15:56, 21st; Arleen Ibanez, 16:08, 23rd; Alex Herbig, 16:25, 24th; Kelby Lackey, 18:36, 32nd; Payton Nash, 19:27, 34th; Emily Shepherd, 19:37, 35th.


H e r e’s W h y.. .

(The Key’s in the Mailbox)

week with the varsity teams at the regional meet. Personal bests for the season at the district meet for the JV runners were Anytcy Neri, Husfeld, Moretti, Hanna Castillo, Rojas, Jaimes, Dominic Espinoza, Irvin Licea Silva, David Stotz, Adolfo Ensico, Christian Wortman and Noe Martinez.

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D a rn R igh t I L i k e Pa t ’s Hal l !


the District 27-3A meet. Also running for Fredericksburg were Scott Willome (17:58, 12th place), Sammy Garcia (18:01, 13th), Ricardo Martinez (18:16, 17th) and Abraham Devenport (18:17, 18th). Fredericksburg head cross country coach Dan Aldrich said that he expects the FHS boys to be ranked fifth heading into regionals behind Boerne, Zapata, Giddings and La Vernia. “It will be very close now that the boys have closed the gap to within three points to Boerne who was an early favorite to be one of the state qualifying teams next week,” Aldrich said. “If we can finally beat Boerne next week, we know the boys’ team will be able to have a great opportunity to run again at the state meet.” Varsity girls Led by top-15 finishes from Jacquelyn Crenwelge (12:32, 2nd place), Serena Rivera (12:59, 7th) and Hannah Cheeseman (13:05, 11th), the Fredericksburg High School varsity girls finished third Oct. 24 at the District 27-3A meet. Also running for the Billies were Vanessa Sanchez (13:29, 16th), Mireya Robles (13:36, 18th), Zoe Eisenberg (13:40, 19th) and Alex Taylor (14:13, 31st). “On paper, it looks like our girls team is ranked about sixth with La Vernia, Zapata, Needville, Bandera and Navarro in front of them,” Aldrich said. “We know that if we can beat Bandera and Navarro next week, then that will give us the opportunity to grab one of the qualifying spots.” Junior varsity Junior varsity medalists at district included Gabe Rivera, Chase Junell, Daniel Rojas, Samuel Jaimes, Christian Neri, Drew Bonillas Anytcy Neri, Katie Husfeld, Jorden Moretti, Payton Rosenbusch and Taylor Husfeld. “Both of our junior varsity teams did an outstanding job of winning their divisions and ending their season with a good vibe for next year,” Aldrich said, adding that the times for individual winners Gabe Rivera and Anytcy Neri were good enough to be moved up to participate next

Cont. from B1

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


October 31, 2012

| B3

Billies’ early lead disappears to Navarro

TRIPPED UP — Fredericksburg quarterback Kyle Grona Friday night’s home varsity football game with Navarro. — takes a tumble after picking up a few yards on a carry during Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

FHS JV, freshmen to play Wimberley this week eighth straight contest, defeating Navarro, 38-6, while the junior varsity fell to Navarro, 40-18. Junior Varsity Playing in a “hard-fought” game, the FHS junior varsity football team fell to Navarro, 40-18, on Thursday night on the road. “It was a hard-fought game where the Billies couldn’t get any breaks,” reported Coach Todd Doucet. He said that a touchdown early in the third quarter was called back due to holding, and a couple of holding calls


stopped a couple of “crucial” drives. “Wade Shepard was unstoppable all night as he caught several passes,” Doucet said. “Mark Rodriguez also had some outstanding catches.” Doucet added, “The offense had an outstanding night.” Outstanding offensive players, according to Doucet, were Lance Patteson, Jacob Hartmann, Bryce Johnston, Caleb O’Connel, Nathan Baca, Christian Ramirez, Justin Nebgen and Wade Shepard. Outstanding defensive players included Evan Bell, Luis Rubio, Josh Cleland, Nathan Brenner, Braden Bowers, Kyle Guynes, Isac Zumudio and Matthew Halderman.

FHS Stadium. “The guys came out and played a great first half of football that really allowed us to control the game early,” according to Coach Dusty Gibbs. “We played with a lot of energy right from the opening kickoff and that got us a win.” Gibbs said, “They have a ball control offense and our defense did a great job getting them off the field and allowing our offense several opportunities to score.” “The offensive line did a great job picking up their multiple stunts which allowed us to have some big plays in the passing and running game,” the coach reported. He added, “We look forward Navarro 40 — FHS JV 18 to playing Wimberley at home FHS JV 0 6 6 6 -- 18 this week.” Navarro 12 6 14 8 - - 40 Gibbs recognized Blake Moffett as a defensive standout FHS Freshmen Keeping their season perfect and Blake Vick as an offensive through eight games, the FHS standout. FHS 38 — Navarro 6 freshmen defeated Navarro, FHS 13 18 0 7 -- 38 38-6, on Thursday night in the Navarro 0 0 6 0 -- 6

FHS Varsity — Friday, Nov. 2, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 7:30 p.m. FHS JV — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, there, 7:30 p.m. FHS Freshmen — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 7:30 p.m. Harper Varsity — Friday, Nov. 2, Center Point, away, 7:30 p.m. Harper JV — Thursday, Nov. 1, Center Point, home, 6:30 p.m. Harper Junior High — Thursday, Nov. 1, Center Point, home, 5 p.m. Heritage Varsity — Friday, Nov. 2, Seguin Lifegate, away, 7:30 p.m. FMS 7th grade — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, FHS Sta- and it’s Wimberley. dium, B game at 4:30 p.m. and A game at 6 p.m. “I’m proud of our kids beFMS 8th grade — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, there, B cause they have not quit all game at 4:30 p.m. and A game at 6 p.m. year,” he said. “They have



FHS Varsity — Saturday, Nov. 3, La Grange (Area round), at New Braunfels Canyon High School, 2 p.m. Harper Varsity — Thursday, Nov. 1, Weimar, at Pflugerville Connally High School, 7 p.m., Area round. FMS 7th, 8th Grade — Monday, Nov. 5, Navarro, FMS Gym, 7B and 8B at 5 p.m., 7A and 8A at 6 p.m.

played their tails off until the end of every game, so I’m not concerned about our effort and fight. We just need to play our game and execute.” Advance tickets will be on

Cont. from B1

sale from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday in the FHS office for $5 for adults and $3 for students. All ticket sales at the gate are $6 for adults and students. During district play, FISD faculty passes (admits one faculty employee only) and student athletic passes are good at home games only.


FHS Varsity Boys, Girls — Saturday, Nov. 3, Region IV-3A Meet at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. The girls run at 11:40 a.m. and the boys at noon. Harper Varsity Boys, Girls — Saturday, Nov. 2, Region IV Registration is continuing 2. 1A championships, San Antonio (girls run at 10 a.m., boys for the Little Billies BasketPractices will begin Jan. 7. run at 10:20 a.m.). ball program sponsored by the The registration fee is $40,

Little Billies Basketball taking sign-ups


FHS Varsity Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Faith Academy and St. Stevens (scrimmage), there, 5 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 3, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 12 noon; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 6:30 p.m. FHS JV Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Robert Lee High School (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 11 a.m.; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 5:15 p.m. FHS Freshmen Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Robert Lee High School (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 10 a.m.; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 5:15 p.m.

Fredericksburg Independent School District Community Education. Little Billies Basketball is open to all boys and girls in the fifth and sixth grades. Games will be played on Saturday morning in the Fredericksburg High School Gyms beginning on Jan. 19 and continuing on Jan. 26, Feb. 2, Feb. 9, Feb. 16, Feb. 23 and March

which includes a T-shirt and basketball. To register by telephone, call Carol Reeh at the Community Education office at 997-7182 and sign up using MasterCard or Visa. Persons can also stop by the Community Ed office at 234 Friendship Lane to register. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

GENERAL ELECTION For November 6th, 2012

Elecciones Generales Para el 6 de Noviembre de 2012


Votación anticipada en persona se llevará a cabo en el Condado de Gillespie en la corte del Condado:

OCTOBER 22nd, 2012 THRU NOVEMBER 2nd, 2012 From the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

22 de Octubre de 2012 hasta 2 de Noviembre de 2012 Entre las horas de: 8:00 a.m. hasta 4:00 p.m.


Votación de fin de semana:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2012 Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sábado, 27 de Octubre de 2012 entre las horas de: 9:00 a.m. hasta 2:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 2012 Between the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Domingo, 28 de Octubre de 2012 entre las horas de: 1:00 p.m. hasta 3:00 p.m.

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A Beautiful Smile H New Patients and Emergencies Welcome H Family Dentistry H Cosmetic Dentistry H Implant Restoration and Dentures


104 E. Ufer Street • Fredericksburg 428.47tf

Live Music in the Courtyard!

Thurs., Nov. 1-Aaron Kothman, 6:30-9 pm

Thirsty Thursdays


Special Drink Prices on the Courtyard KFAN 107.9 Streaming Live from 7-8pm Appetizer and Drink Specials $2.50 Well Drinks $3.00 Domestic Beers $4.00 Import Beers $4.00 House Wines $4.00 Margaritas Mozz Dippers $4.00 Garlic Knots $3.50

232 West Main • Fredericksburg 830-990-8646


With only two more games left on their schedule, the Fredericksburg High School junior varsity and freshmen football teams are readying for their match-ups with Wimberley on Thursday night. The freshmen will be hosting the Texans in the FHS Stadium at 7:30 p.m. while the JV will be on the road to Wimberley for a 7:30 p.m. game there. Both teams will round out their schedule on Thursday, Nov. 8, with games against Bandera. In football action last Thursday, the freshmen won their

After starting off with a start of the fourth quarter. But bang against the Navarro Pan- Conlin put on a show to end thers, Fredericksburg High the night, running for scores School’s Battlin’ Billie foot- of 60 and 87 yards in the final ball team was smothered by a period. high-octane offense in a 54-23 “We gave up three exploloss Friday at FHS Stadium. sive plays, big runs, which we FHS jumped out to a 14-0 haven’t really done all year,” lead, scoring on its first two Moffett said. “Navarro hadn’t possessions. Brayden Beard run the trap much against got loose for a 56-yard TD other teams. They did a good and QB Kyle Grona scored on job coaching against what we a four-yard keeper. PAT kicks were doing up front.” by Omar Flores put the Billies FHS also was plagued by inup with just over two minutes juries, losing three starters by gone off the clock. halftime. But fortunes turned from Moffett said Matthew Itz there. graded out best on the offenNavarro answered with 3:03 sive line, following two other in the first quarter when QB Ty solid games. Outside lineDurham hooked up with Evan Deleon on a 10-yard strike to backer Kyle Patteson was a close the gap to 13-7. Deleon defensive standout. On offense, Beard finished scored again with 7:06 in the the game with 135 yards rushsecond from three yards out, ing, finishing the game at QB then again less than a minute after Grona was injured. later from five yards away. Moffett “We just By Quarters put the loss shot our- FHS Score 14 7 0 2 - 23 in perspecselves in the NHS 7 14 20 13 - 54 Statistics tive where foot,” Head FHS Navarro C o a c h 39-230 Yards Rushing-Carries 46-372 the turnovers were Yards Passing 99 Lance Mof- 32 Passes Att.-Compl. 11-7 concerned. fett said. 12-4 3 Passes Intercepted 0 “It’s really “We didn’t 262 Total Offense 471 Return Yards 19 a sign of e x e c u t e 111 Punts-Average 1-37.0 our youth,” well and we 1-45.0 3-25 Penalties 5-55 gave them a he said. chance to get back in it.” “I’ve got to get it fixed, and Fredericksburg also gifted we’re turning over every stone Navarro with five turnovers, to try and figure out a way to four of which resulted in fix it.” touchdowns. Moffet said that He said the team will conis unacceptable. tinue to try to learn what it “It doesn’t matter if it’s Pee can and build on a solid seaWee League or the National son. Football League, if you turn “Our spirits are still good, the ball over four times in your and the kids played hard as own red zone, you’re going to always,” he said. “We still have lose,” he said. a winning program and we’re Fredericksburg wasn’t fin- going in the right direction.” ished though. With 6:21 remaining before the half, Paco Martinez struck from five Varsity...At A Glance yards out, followed by the Navarro 54, FHS 23 1st quarter: (F) Brayden Beard steady Flores’ PAT kick. 56-yard TD run, Flores PAT kick “I think if we had been able (11:42); (F) Kyle Grona 4-yard TD to go into the half with a lead, run, Flores PAT kick (9:56); (N) Ty 10-yard TD pass to Evan Dethe result would have been dif- Durham leon, LJ Anderson PAT kick (3:03). ferent,” Moffett said. 2nd quarter: (N) Evan Deleon But with just over a minute 3-yard TD run (7:06); (F) Paco Martinez 5-yard TD run (6:21), Flores PAT remaining in the half, the Pan- kick; (N) LJ Anderson 9-yard TD run, thers’ LJ Anderson ran for a Anderson 2-point PAT run (1:03). 3rd quarter: (N) Zane Conlin nine-yard TD. The PAT knot- 24-yard TD run, Anderson PAT kick ted the contest at 21 at the (8:02); (N) Conlin 1-yard TD run, Anderson PAT kick (3:23); (N) Anderson break. TD run (1:13). The third quarter was all 5-yard 4th quarter: (F) Anderson tackled Navarro, who now sits at 2-1 for safety (9:52); (N) Conlin 60-yard in district play in a three-way TD run (6:03); (N) Conlin 87-yard run, Luis Jiminez PAT kick (1:00). tie for second (with Boerne Rushes-Yards (F) Brayden Beard 14-136; Paco and Canyon Lake) behind 3-0 Martinez 9-56; Edgar Castro 2-16; Wimberley. Kyle Grona 8-15; Seth Studebaker Zane Conlin broke loose on 4-11; Joaquin Rivera 2- -2. (N) Zane Conlin 13-213; Evan Dea 24-yard TD scamper with 7-86; LJ Anderson 19-66; Jay 8:02 on the clock, then struck leon Leal 3-4; Ty Durham 4-3. again five minutes later from Passes-Yards (F) Kyle Grona 2-4-0-18; Brayden one yard out. Conlin ended the Beard 2-8-0-14. night with 213 yards. (N) Ty Durham 7-11-1-99. Pass Receiving-Yards LJ Anderson scored from (F) Grona 1-14; Kim Ross Baethge five yards out with 1:13 left in 1-11; Omar Flores 1-7; Kyle Patteson third period. 1-0. (N) Desmond Smith 5-90; Evan DeAnderson was caught in the end zone for a safety at the leon 2-9-1.


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

FMS 7th volleyball FMS 7A Volleyball

Monday, Oct. 29 FMS 7A falls to Wimberley 25-14, 10-25, 22-25 Aces: Taylor DeForge 4, Adi Styles 2, Aubrey Sultemeier 2, Ali Grona 1. Digs: Grona 12, Kristi Coolidge 11, Courtney Petsch 2, Landry Moffett 2, DeForge 2, Sultemeier 2. Kills: Grona 5, Sultemeier 4, DeForge 2, Styles 1, Petsch 1. Assists: Moffett 10. Coach’s comments: “As the season continues, the girls just keep getting better and better,” Coach Sasha Sharp said. “The first set they did a great job and meshed very well,” Sharp said. “I was impressed that they came out fearless and put away

the first set very quickly. In the second set, it was difficult to get going again and the third we just got down early and couldn’t come back.” She added, “Next week will be another difficult game but the girls are more than ready for it.” Next game: Monday, Nov. 5, Navarro, FMS Gym, 6 p.m. (last game of the season).


FMS 7B Volleyball

Monday, Oct. 29 FMS 7B beats Wimberley 22-25, 25-23, 26-24 Aces: Chenoa Munoz 9, Oneida Cruz 2, Brenda Rubio 2, Trinity Puckett 1, Morgan Boos 1, Ashley Elkins 1. Digs: Puckett 4, Cruz 2, Taylor

Wilder 1, Abi Cabral 1, Latisha Quezada 1, Munoz 1. Kills: Puckett 1, Megan Daley 1, Munoz 1. Assists: Boos 1. Coach’s comments: “The 7B volleyball team played well and beat Wimberley in three games, 22-25, 25-23, 26-24,” according to Coach Kent Culpepper. With the win, the Billies are now 6-3 on the season. Culpepper said that the Billies were led by Chenoa Munoz who had nine aces, one dig and one kill; Oneida Cruz with two aces and two digs, and Trinity Puckett with one ace, four digs and one kill. Next game: Monday, Nov. 5, Navarro, FMS Gym, 5 p.m. (last game of the season).

FMS 8th volleyball FMS 8A Volleyball

Monday, Oct. 29 Wimberley wins over FMS 8A 24-26, 20-25 Aces: Lindsey Behrends 2, Brooke Nevins 2, Gabby Torres 1. Digs: Katelyn Zuberbueler 14, Kinsey Stevens 13, Nevins 9, Emily Myers 9, Morgan McBee 5, Torres 2, Behrends 1, Kendall Huizinga 1. Kills: Behrends 3, McBee 2, Zuberbueler 2, Mandy Yocham 1, Torres 1, Stevens 1. Assists: McBee 5, Stevens 2. Coach’s comments: “Although we lost, I am proud of the effort my girls gave,” Coach Mich Robertson said. “Comparatively speaking, we have improved dramatically,” she said. “The last time we played Wimberley, they killed us. To-

night we had an opportunity to beat them, and just made a few too many unforced errors (particularly hitting) at critical times.” She added, “On a positive note, as a team we had 63 digs, so defensively we are doing the right things.” Next game: Monday, Nov. 5, Navarro, FMS Gym, 6 p.m. (last game of the season).


FMS 8B Volleyball

Monday, Oct. 29 FMS 8B falls to Wimberley 15-25, 13-25 Aces: Chumani Munoz 4, Daisha Pfiester 2, Cristina Diaz 1, Maggie Mohr 1. Digs: Olivia Radle 5, Aylin Neri 5, Kelsey Lansford 4, Lizeth Albiter 3, Mohr 3, Munoz 3, Carli Cole 1, Leslie Espinoza 1, Isabel

Wells 1, Diaz 1. Kills: Espinoza 2, Pfiester 2, Wells 1, Mohr 1, Munoz 1. Assists: Radle 2, Espinoza 1, Mohr 1. Coach’s comments: “The 8B team lost a hard match to Wimberley despite only three service errors in the entire match,” Coach Jennifer McBee reported. “All three misses came in the second set, so we served 100 percent in the first.” “Our performance at the line was the best it’s been all year, but we had too many hitting and serve-receive errors to come out with a win,” McBee said. She added, “We have one match left for the season. We will play Navarro at home on Monday.” Next game: Monday, Nov. 5, Navarro, FMS Gym, 5 p.m. (last game of the season).

FMS cross country Fredericksburg Middle School cross country teams were “on the run” at the District 27-3A Junior High Cross Country Meet in Seguin on Wednesday, Oct. 24. The Billies brought home a first-place finish in the team standings in the seventh grade boys division. The seventh grade girls and eighth grade boys and girls each finished second in their divisions in the team standings. “Coach Scott Vazquez and

I would like to congratulate these runners on a job well done,” Coach Wanda Prejean said. Seventh grade boys Bringing home a first-place from the district meet in their division were the FMS seventh grade boys. “The brightest spot of the day was the seventh grade boys who finished in first place for the first time this season,” Prejean said. The seventh graders were led by Eloy Alvarez in first with a

time of 11:52. Coming in behind Alvarez were Adrian Olvera in third, Jose Castro in 12th, Broque Constantine in 10th and Jorge Hernandez in 20th place. Finishing just out of the scoring in 21st place was Joey Leal. Eighth grade boys Although the FMS eighth grade boys finished with a score of 39 points, they were edged out of first place by just Cont. on B7

ROUNDING THE CORNER in search of more trio of Navarro defenders. — Standard-Radio yardage is Fredericksburg sophomore running Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter back Wyatt Brannan as he tries to outrun a

FMS 8th football FMS 8th FOOTBALL Navarro 36 — FMS 8A 0 Oct. 25 in Navarro FMS 0 0 0 0 -- 0 Navarro 14 14 8 0 -- 36 Outstanding offensive players: Wyatt Hebert and Michael Robles. Outstanding defensive players: Joel Chavarria, Wade Davis and John Adam Castaneda. Coach’s comments: “It was a tough night for us,” Coach Derrick Dietrich said. “Our kids played with a lot of heart and determination, but we just couldn’t get anything going.” He said, “Navarro has a very good football team, and it showed as we couldn’t manage to keep them out of the end zone.”

“Offensively, we sputtered, committing four turnovers,” he said. “Defensively, I thought our kids played hard. They were just a better football team.” He said, “The thing we have to do is keep our heads up and to keep competing. There is no doubt we are getting better. We just have to keep working.” Next Game: Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, there, 6 p.m.

Navarro 6 — FMS 8B 0 Oct. 25 in Navarro FMS 0 0 0 0 -- 0 Navarro 0 0 0 6 -- 6 Outstanding offensive players: Luis Velez. Outstanding defensive players: Michael DeLoof. Coach’s comments: Coach Steve Castillo reported that

the FMS 8B football team lost a close game to Navarro. “Navarro scored with two seconds left to play in the game to take the victory,” Castillo said. “It was a very defensive sided game,” he said. “In games like these, it comes down to someone making one big offensive play, and unfortunately it was a Navarro player this week.” Castillo said that Luis Velez ran the ball well and on defense, Michael DeLoof played very well. “We just could not get things going on offense, but our kids did a great job of keeping themselves in the game and played hard to the very end,” Castillo said. “We are very proud of their effort and hope to get back on track against Wimberley.” Next Game: Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, there, 4:30 p.m.

St. Mary’s volleyball ST. MARY’S VOLLEYBALL • SMS A Team Oct. 16 St. Mary’s falls to Mt. Sacred Heart: 25-9, 25-17 Aces: Julia Maenius 2, Hannah Wilson 1, Grace Allen 1. Kills: Jessie Jarreau 2, Claire Lukacs 1, Maenius 1, Hayli Wells 1.

Assists: Allen 2, Maenius 1, Kathryn Rodriguez 1. Digs: Lukacs 2, Allen 2, Jarreau 1, Maenius 1. Record: 6-12; District: 3-3. Coach’s comments: Coach Bobbi King expressed special appreciation to Lori Studebaker for helping coach the teams this season. Season complete.

SMS B Team • Oct. 16

St. Mary’s B bested by Mt. Sacred Heart: 25-16, 25-23 Aces: Vanessa Viveros 3, Morgyn Granville 2, Abbey Eckhardt 1, Paige Perez 1, Emery Boettcher 1. Kills: Viveros 2. Assists: Eckhardt 1. Digs: Eckhardt 5, Boettcher 2, Ryann Brodnax 1, Talyn Wehmeyer 1, Granville 1, Jessica Hardin 1, Calissa Vollmar 1. Record: 3-16; District: 1-5. Season complete.

Mon-Sat: 9:00am - 9:00pm | Sun: 11:00am - 7:00pm



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| B5


HITTING THE COURT this fall for the Fredericksburg High School varsity volleyball team are (seated, from left) Tori Robertson, Kara Kyzar, Payton Robertson, Peyton Kneese, Ali Doucet, (kneeling) Monica Montgomery,

Ashton Parkey, Maddy Johnston, Brittani Loth, (standing) Coach Carrie Grona, Coach Stefanie Roemer, Katie Kuhlmann, Trista Hartmann, Rachel Finn and Coach Jason Roemer. — Photo courtesy Mike Keith



FHS Varsity — Friday, Nov. 2, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 7:30 p.m. FHS JV — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, there, 7:30 p.m. FHS Freshmen — Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 7:30 p.m.

FHS Varsity — Saturday, Nov. 3, La Grange (Area round), at New Braunfels Canyon High School, 2 p.m

BASKETBALL FHS Varsity Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Faith Academy and St. Stevens (scrimmage), there, 5 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 3, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 12 noon; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 6:30 p.m. FHS JV Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Robert Lee High School (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 11 a.m.; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 5:15 p.m. FHS Freshmen Girls — Thursday, Nov. 1, Robert Lee High School (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, Kerrville (scrimmage), FHS Gym, 10 a.m.; Tuesday, Nov. 6, Llano, there, 5:15 p.m.

CROSS COUNTRY FHS Varsity Boys, Girls — Saturday, Nov. 3, Region IV-3A Meet at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. The girls run at 11:40 a.m. and the boys at noon.

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| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Harper girls, boys earn district titles in cross country

AFTER PICKING UP YARDAGE, Fredericksburg running this run, Martinez tucked the ball on nine carries for a gain back Paco Martinez is finally up-ended just before crossing of 56 yards and one touchdown in Friday night’s game. — the goal line by a Navarro player during Friday’s contest Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter played in the FHS Stadium. While he was stopped short on

WITH CLEAR SAILING ahead of him, Billie quarterback Kyle Grona takes off on an extended run during Friday’s 54-23 loss to Navarro. Teammate Matthew Itz (70) helps keep a defender away from Grona with a much-needed block. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa Treiber-Walter

Of the six events run at Wednesday’s District 29-1A cross country meet held on the Harper High School campus, the host Longhorns captured five first place titles, including tops in both the varsity girls and boys divisions. As a result of their top showings, the varsity teams will advance to Saturday’s Region IV championships slated for San Antonio. The girls will run at 10 a.m., with the boys taking to the course at 10:20 a.m. The top three teams and top 10 individuals will move on to the state meet set for Round Rock on Saturday, Nov. 10. As a team, the girls’ varsity squad took top honors at the district event with a score of 23, well ahead of second place finisher Brackett (with 62 points). Four of the top finishers were from the Harper squad — Crystal Schlueter (second, 12:52), Payton Reid (third, 12:57), Kayla Inmon (fourth, 12:59) and Sydney Collins (fifth 13:09). For the boys’ varsity runners, Jacob Krebs finished first in a time of 18:00, while teammate Drew Stracke took fourth in 18:56. The Longhorn junior varsity teams also captured first place awards, as did the junior high boys’ team. The junior high girls’ squad earned third in its division. District Meet — Harper (Wednesday, Oct. 24)

Heritage hunting TAPPS title By Danny Hirt After months of practice in the hot sun of August, followed by the intense games of September and October, the TAPPS District 4, 1-A six-man championship boils down to one game on Nov. 2. Sporting identical 4-0 league marks, Heritage School travels to Seguin Lifegate Friday with the district title going to the winner. Regardless of the outcome,

however, both schools have already wrapped up post-season positions. In preparation of this week’s contest, Lifegate defeated Corpus Christi Annapolis 60-14 last Friday while the local Eagles enjoyed an open date during the school’s fall break.

District results

(Friday, Oct. 26) San Marcos Hill Country Christian 52,

SA New Life 6 SA Castle Hills 55, Selma River City Believers 54 SA Town East 1, Humble Legacy Christian 0 Heritage — OPEN (Saturday, Oct. 27) Seguin Lifegate 60, CC Annapolis 14 •

District schedule

(Friday, Nov. 2) Heritage at Seguin Lifegate, 7:30 pm Selma River City Believers at SA Town East SA New Life at SA Castle Hills San Marcos HC Christian — Open (Friday, Nov. 9) Selma RC Believers at Heritage, 7:30 pm

Seguin Lifegate at SA Castle Hills San Marcos HC at SA Town East SA New Life — Open

• TAPPS six-man football standings District 4, Division II (as of 10-29-12)

Heritage 4-0 Seguin Lifegate 4-0 SA Castle Hills 3-1 SA Town East 2-3 San Marcos Hill Country 2-3 SA New Life 1-4 Selma RC Believers 0-4

Start of flu season means it’s time for shots With flu season officially underway, the Texas Department of State Health Services urges everyone at least six months old to get vaccinated. A vaccination now will provide protection through the flu season through May. “Flu is very unpredictable,” said DSHS Commissioner Dr. David Lakey. “We don’t know exactly what this flu season will look like, but we do know the flu is circulating in Texas

and getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your family.” The Centers for Disease Control says that children under age nine who are getting the flu vaccine for the first time should get two doses at least four weeks apart. The flu is caused by various influenza viruses. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat, aches, chills and fatigue.

Most healthy people recover without problems, but people 65 and over, pregnant women, young children and people with chronic health conditions are at higher risk for serious complications and even death. The flu vaccine protects against three viruses and is reformulated each year to match the influenza viruses researchers expect. In addition to getting vaccinated, people should help


stop the spread of the flu and other illnesses by covering all coughs and sneezes, washing their hands frequently and staying home when sick. People can contact their health care provider, local health department or dial 2-1-1 to find out where to get a flu shot. Flu information and tips for protecting against the flu are at

Varsity Girls Team Standings 1. Harper (23) 2. Brackett (63) 3. Stacey (81) 4. Mason (88) 5. Nueces Canyon (130) 6. Center Point (155) 7. Sabinal (188) Harper Individual Results 2. Crystal Schlueter (12:52) 3. Payton Reid (12:57) 4. Kayla Inmon (12:59) 5. Sydney Collins (13:09) 9. Taylor Reid (13:37) 10. Rebekah Lester (13:39) 15. Emily Richards (14:14)

• Varsity Boys Team Standings 1. Harper (34) 2. Stacey (40) 3. Center Point (87) 4. La Pryor (110) 5. Sabinal (114) 6. Brackett (131) Harper Individual Results 1. Jacob Krebs (18:00) 4. Drew Stracke (18:56) 7. Micah Middleton (19:12) 8. Michael Montoya (19:16) 17. Shelby La Quey (20:18) 19. Sam Lester (20:32) 24. Daniel Anaya (21:02) Junior Varsity Girls Team Standings 1. Harper (23) 2. Mason (37) Harper Individual Results 2. Hope Dillon (13:51) 3. McKenzie Carmack (14:08) 5. Rachel Maner (14:10) 6. Amber Rauhut (14:37) 7. Alex Richards (14:39) 8. Kara Strange (15:03) 11. Brittany Sanders (15:38) 13. Leeanna Montoya (15:49) • Junior Varsity Boys Team Standings 1. Harper (29) 2. Stacey (48) 3. Center Point (62) 4. Sabinal (75) Harper Individual Results 1. Derringer Fritz (21:10) 2. Chris Jackson (21:17) 3. Chance Hale (21:45) 6. Jordan Richardson (22:39) 18. Dennis Land (25:45) • Junior high results Girls: 1. Mason (43); 2. Stacey (57); 3. Harper (69); 4. Brackett (83); 5. Nueces Canyon (114); 6. Hunt (130). Harper girls individual: 7. Elizabeth Haines (14:43); 13. Julia Mauldin (15:01); 14. Mikinna Richards (15:05); 32. Maria Anaya (16:09); 34. Adriana Ceballos (16:23); 37. Michaela Richards (16:33); 39. Sydney Herrington (16:49); 43. Janell Rogers (17:18); 50. McKenzie Mayfield (18:36); 60. Julie Krebs (21:12). • Boys: 1. Harper (34); 2. Brackett (36); 3. Junction (50); 4. Hunt (120). Harper boys individual: 4. Alain Peralt (12:39); 5. Julio Ramirez (12:54); 9. Brett Dunning (13:15); 10. Jordan Rodriguez (13:15); 14. Michael Dean Marbach (13:39); 21. Gerardo Mujica (14:13); 26. Christian Abbott (15:16); 29. James Wells (15:36); 41. Josh Walker (18:09).

Heritage’s Lady Eagles take tumble in playoffs In four close games that decided the area championship, the Heritage School volleyball team saw itself on the wrong side of three of those contests played Friday at Seguin Lifegate. After splitting the first two games by scores of 17-25 and 26-24, the Lady Eagles dropped the next two by scores of 21-25 and 20-25. Heritage had earlier advanced in the TAPPS postseason action by topping McAllen South Texas Christian in the bi-district round. “I am so proud of our Lady Eagles,” said head coach Carol Bell. “They have worked hard, fought all season, come from

behind in many matches, never gave up, encouraged one another, gave me 100 percent all the time, kept perfecting their skills, and showed heart and character throughout the season. While praising the entire team for a great effort, the Heritage mentor cited the play of Kami Jones “with the best offensive performance of the season with 17 kills and over 16 effective attacks.” Bell also mentioned the “precision setting” from Christina Harpold as well as front line attacks from Harpold, Jamie Hoermann, Lindsey Pressler and Sydney Richburg.

6767.21 & 23

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


October 31, 2012

| B7

FMS 7th football FMS 7th FOOTBALL Navarro 16 — FMS 7 Red 14 Oct. 25 in FHS Stadium

and want to keep striving to get better,” he added. Next Game: Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 6 p.m.

FMS 0 6 0 8 -- 14 Navarro 0 16 0 0 -- 16 Scoring plays: 2nd quarter: Navarro scored on a seven-yard pass, PAT run good; FMS scored on a 56-yard run by Franky Gonzalez, PAT run no good; Navarro scored on a 59-yard run, PAT run good. 4th quarter: FMS scored on a 16-yard run by Bryce Raders, PAT run good by Gonzalez. Outstanding offensive players: Franky Gonzalez, Clayton Duecker, Bryce Raders and Dustin Nielsen. Outstanding defensive players: Bryan Baker, Ryan Cates, Franky Gonzalez and Bryce Raders. Notable plays: Franky Gonzalez caused a fumble that allowed Kenneth Klier to recover it. Coach’s comments: “Our kids have now played four games in which we have tied with how many times we get it into the end zone,” Coach Chad Zenner said. “We have struggled with two-point conversions, and that is now our emphasis for improvement.” Zenner said, “Navarro is undefeated and we went toe-to-toe with a great football team and came up just a little short.” “Our kids know how close they are to accomplishing great things

Navarro 14 — FMS 7 White 6 Oct. 25 in FHS Stadium FMS 0 6 0 0 -- 6 Navarro 8 0 6 0 -- 14 Scoring plays: 1st quarter: Navarro scored on a 78-yard run, PAT pass good. 2nd quarter: FMS scored on a two-yard run by Dax Meccico, PAT run no good. 3rd quarter: Navarro scored on a six-yard run, PAT run no good. Outstanding offensive players: James Gray and Bayan Padron. Outstanding defensive players: Kole Kuhlmann and Gavin Correa. Coach’s comments: “This was a hard loss because the team has been improving by leaps and bounds and had many opportunities to stop them and to also score,” according to Coach Chris Weirich. “With that said, we need to execute when it matters and limit the amount of big plays we give them.” “We have had great support every week from the parents, fans and community and are excited to again play at home next week when we will be taking on the Wimberley Texans for our last home game,” Weirich said. Next Game: Thursday, Nov. 1, Wimberley, FHS Stadium, 4:30 p.m.

SURROUNDED BY BILLIES — A Navarro runner finds the and Adolfo Enciso. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Lisa going a little bit difficult as several Fredericksburg players Treiber-Walter close in for the tackling, including Sammy Studebaker, left,

Heritage football Heritage Junior High FOOTBALL — ‘A’ team

St. Mary’s football

Heritage 54, St. Luke’s 18

Holy Spirit 8 – St. Mary’s 0 Oct. 27 at St. Mary’s Field Holy Spirit 0 0 8 0 -- 8 St. Mary’s 0 0 0 0 -- 0 Scoring: 3rd quarter: Holy Spirit player handed off ball to a recipient who runs it in for a five-yard TD, the point-after good. Holy Spirit SMS 9 First Downs 11 124-19 Yards Rushing-Carries 164-31 Yards Passing 31 53 6-12-1 P asses Att.-Compl.-Int. 4-9-0 Punts-Average 2-25.5 1-29 Rushing: Brandon Kneese carried the ball seven times for a 64yard gain; Riggs Threadgill had nine carries for 59 yards; Ian Kendrick tucked the ball twice for three yards and Nick Pena had one rush for a loss of two yards. Passing: Threadgill, 6/11 for 60 yards; Kneese was 0/1 for no gain or loss and the team posted a loss of seven yards for a total gain of 53 yards. Receiving: Peter Romanick, 3/3 for 34 yards; Kneese, 1/3 for 16 yards; Pena, 2/2 for 10 yards. Season record: 6-2 Coach’s comments: “This was a very exciting game from start to finish. We just didn’t make plays at critical times and they did,” said Coach Rick Loth. “Our kids played very hard and never gave up as we moved the ball very well all night. We were just not able to cross the goal line.” “This was a very fun season. I would like to thank all of the parents for their support and a special thanks to Royal Henk, Scott Hartmann and Rene Avalos who helped coach the Apaches this season.”

Oct. 27 at St. Luke’s Heritage ‘A’ 19 15 6 14 -- 54 St. Luke’s 12 0 0 6 -- 18 Scoring: Jacob Huser (6 TDs), Dillon Roberts (1), Abe Hinterlach (1). Outstanding Offense and Defense: Dillon Roberts, Jacob Huser, Parker Given, Jackson Able, Lane Sawtelle, Daniel Meek, Dylan Sione, Bryce

Kitzmiller, Abe Hinterlach, David Waterson, Elliot Armes, Jonathan Hoermann, Kyle Ritter. Outstanding Team Managers: Stephen Marshall, Tim Borman. Coach’s comments: “The boys had a great week of practice and knew this was the last game of the year,” said Coach Tony Roberts. “I really enjoyed coaching this last game, and was so proud to see the progress each boy has made over the season. Coaches Matt Roberts and Jamey Parsons have been such a blessing to this team and

deserve much of the credit for our success.”

• FOOTBALL — ‘B’ team CASA ‘A’ 54, Heritage ‘B’ 6

Oct. 27 at St. Luke’s Heritage ‘B’ 6 0 0 0 -- 6 CASA ‘A’ 28 26 0 0 -- 54 Scoring: Harley Pedregon pass to Lane Pressler. Outstanding Offense and Defense: Sam Tucker, Ben Ashley, Austin Furber, Eli Oosterbaan, Marty Hearn, Lane

FMS Cross Country one point, Prejean reported. The top scorers for the FMS eighth graders were Edgar Monroy in fourth, Jesus Aguilar in seventh, Corbin Styles in eighth, Cole Jenschke in ninth and Sky Rose in 11th. Also running for the Billies were Hayden Schneider, 14th, and Sergio Neri, 16th.

Pressler, Daniel Metzger, Wilson Martin, William Fritzsch. Outstanding Team Managers: Stephen Marshall, Tim Borman. Coach’s comments: “The Heritage ‘B’ team played the ‘A’ team from CASA (Christian Academy of San Antonio) on Saturday,” Roberts said. “We filled an open date against a much older and experienced team. It was a real challenge for the boys; however, they were happy to have had the opportunity to play one more game.”

Cont. from B4

Seventh grade girls The FMS seventh grade girls missed a first-place finish by two points on Wednesday at the district meet. Scoring for the Billies were Addie Styles in second, Megan Daley in third, Gladys Tamayo in sixth, Autumn Adams, 11th, and Taylor Wilder, 14th.

Also running were Avery grade girls were Clarissa SanStapleton in 29th and Haley chez in third, Mandy Yocham Roach in 31st. in seventh, Kate McMahon in 13th, Alondra Perez in 16th Eighth grade girls and Cristina Hernandez in The FMS eighth grade girls 26th place. Rounding out the runners also finished second in the team standings at the district for the eighth grade girls were Nicole Penick in 28th place meet. Scoring for the FMS eighth and J.J. Willome in 29th.

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| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

FHS Volleyball during that stretch.” The Billies’ mentor said he was proud of the way his team responded to adversity in the second set. “Down 17-18, we got two kills, an ace and a block to push the lead to 21-18.

POWERING THE BALL back over the net is Fredericksburg’s Trista Hartmann in Region IV bi-district volleyball action from last night. The Billies managed to take the match in a three-game sweep. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Danny Hirt

Cont. from B1

Then we come out of a time out and Monica serves two aces and Allie Doucet ended it with a kill. Set three, we started to a 15-5 lead and cruised to finish the night.” Going up against Leopards Roemer admitted that Saturday’s next series will not be easy for the Billies. “We will have our hands full in our area round match with La Grange,” he said. “They won their district and are a very talented team. We scouted them last Friday (and) we will have a good game plan going in.” But Roemer cautioned that it boils down to “a matter of executing the game plan and playing defense well enough to give us a chance at the end of each set. We are playing our best volleyball of the season right now.” Billies play warm-up game Playing a warm-up match on Friday night, the FHS varsity squad lost to San Antonio Alamo Heights in three, 25-18, 25-19, 25-18. “We played okay against a quality opponent,” Roemer said. “Warm-up matches are tough. You are excited about the playoffs, then you go play in a gym on a Friday afternoon with only parents and not too many people in the gym. It’s a weird deal.” He said, “We did not play with much intensity or the sense of urgency you need in playoff volleyball.” However, Roemer said he did see some good things. “They played at a fast pace and played good defense. We made

LIBERO Payton Robertson eyes the competition as she prepares to serve the ball to Pleasanton Tuesday evening in bidistrict volleyball post-season play. Fredericksburg won the match and will advance to Saturday’s area match with La Grange. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Danny Hirt

some adjustments on things that gave us trouble early in the match,” he said. “I was proud of the way we responded in set three, jumping out to a 10-3 lead, but we could not make it stick late in the set.” Roemer said that “we will see a different Billie team on Tuesday.” Katie Kuhlmann “played well,” Roemer said, with nine kills and 18 digs. He added that Alamo Heights played very efficiently

BUMP TIME — Tori Robertson keeps the ball alive in last night’s post-season volleyball contest against Pleasanton. The Billies won the match and will advance to Saturday’s area round when they’ll play La Grange at 2 p.m. in New Braunfels Canyon High School gymnasium. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Danny Hirt

and “did not make many mistakes where we were forcing things and made a few too many errors.”

Varsity girls basketball

Cont. from B1

Then, on Saturday, the varThe new season starts to- for a scrimmage with Faith on what we are doing right,” sity will scrimmage Kerrville she said. “It’s the little things morrow, Thursday, Nov. 1, and Academy and St. Stevens beTivy in the FHS Gym in a 12 the varsity will be on the road ginning at 5 p.m. that are big for us.” noon game. The regular season opens on FREDERICKSBURG HIGH SCHOOL Tuesday when the Billies head north to Llano to play the • Girls Basketball 2012-2013 • Yellowjackets in a 6:30 p.m. game. Date Opponent Site Teams Times Nov. 1 Faith/St. Stevens (scrimmage) There V 5 p.m. Along with the regular Nov. 1 Robert E. Lee H.S. (scrimmage) Here F, JV 4:30 p.m. schedule, Grona said she has Nov. 3 Kerrville (scrimmage) Here F, JV, V 10, 11, 12 Nov. 6 Llano There F, JV, V 5:15, 5:15, 6 p.m. scheduled some “tough” tourNov. 10 Liberty Hill Here F, JV, V 1, 1, 2:15 p.m. naments in which the Billies Nov. 13 Mason There F, JV, V 5, 6:15, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 15-17 American Bank of Texas Tourney There V TBA will be the only 3A team. Nov. 16-17 San Marcos Tournament There F, JV TBA On the schedule are the Nov. 19 Ingram Here JV, V 5, 6:15 p.m. American Bank of Texas, Nov. 27 Kerrville Here F, JV, V 5, 7:30,6:15 p.m. Nov. 29-Dec. 1 Northside Varsity Tourney There V TBA Northside Varsity and Elgin Nov. 29-Dec. 1 Harper Varsity Tourney There JV TBA Wildcat tournaments. Dec. 4 Lago Vista Here F, JV, V 5:15, 5:15, 6:30 p.m. Dec. 6-8 Elgin Wildcat Tourney There V TBA District 27-3A play for the Dec. 8 Fredericksburg Tourney Here F TBA FHS varsity squad opens on Dec. 11 Medina Valley There F, JV, V 5, 5, 6:30 p.m. Dec. 13, 15 Medina Varsity Tourney There JV TBA Friday, Jan. 4, when the Billies Dec. 14 Hondo Here F, JV, V 5:15, 5:15, 6:30 p.m. host Canyon Lake in a 7:30 Dec. 17 Burnet There F, JV, V 5:15, 5:15, 6:30 p.m. p.m. game. Dec. 21 Johnson City/Marble Falls Here F, JV, V 2, 3:15, 4:30 p.m. Jan. 2 Blanco There JV, V 12 noon, 1:30 p.m. The district schedule conJan. 4 *Canyon Lake Here F, JV, V 4:30, 6:15, 7:30 p.m. tinues with Boerne (there) on Jan. 8 *Boerne There F, JV, V 5, 6:15, 7:30 p.m. Jan. 11 *Navarro Here F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. Jan. 8, Navarro (here) on Jan. Jan. 15 *Wimberley Here F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. 11, Wimberley (here) on Jan. Jan. 18 *Bandera There F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. Jan. 22 *Canyon Lake There F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. 15 and Bandera (there) on Jan. Jan. 25 *Boerne Here F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. 18. Jan. 29 *Navarro There F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. The second round of district Feb. 1 *Wimberley There F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. Feb. 5 *Bandera (Parents’ Night) Here F, JV, V 5:30, 5:30, 7 p.m. play opens on Tuesday, Jan. Feb. 12 Bi-District Playoffs TBA V TBA 22, when the Billies travel to Feb. 15 Area Playoffs TBA V TBA Feb. 19 Regional quarterfinals TBA V TBA Canyon Lake. Feb. 22-23 Regional Tournament TBA V TBA Rounding out the district Feb. 28-March 2 State Tournament TBA V TBA schedule are Boerne (here) on * Indicates District Games Jan. 25, Navarro (there) on Jan. 29, Wimberley (there) on Head Coach: Carrie Grona; Assistant Coaches: Kristy Danz and Jason Roemer Feb. 1 and Bandera (here) on Feb. 5. This year’s 2012-2013 varsity squad has six returning lettermen, including seniors MoThe body will lie in state at Wilke Family Cemetery at Al- riah Smith, Amanda Lochte, Maenius Schaetter Funeral Home until bert. Hailey O’Neill and Reagan Hugo Maenius, 87, of Albert, 8:15 a.m., Friday, Nov. 2, and Memorials may be made to Herber. died Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012. from 9-10 a.m., at Trinity Lu- Hill Country Memorial HosJunior returning lettermen Arrangements are under the theran Church in Stonewall. include Anissa Kneese and Aldirection of Schaetter Funeral Funeral services will be held pice, Trinity Lutheran Church lie Doucet. Home where visitation will be Friday, Nov. 2, at 10 a.m., at or to the charity of choice. Rounding out the squad are A complete obituary will be seniors Emily Limon, Kathryn held Thursday, Nov. 1, from Trinity Lutheran Church. 4:30-8 p.m. Interment will follow at the published next week. Kunz and Rachel Finn; juniors

Ali Laratta, Erin McPherson, Molly Marshall and Robyn Remschel, and sophomore Abby Ottmers. “This is a great group of girls,” Grona said. “They are fabulous on and off the court. “They are doing everything I’m asking. They are wanting to work and they are here to work.” She added, “This is one of the most athletic teams I have ever coached, and I keep telling them that.” Grona comes to Fredericksburg with 12 years of coaching experience, including the past five years as a varsity assistant in Marble Falls under Stephanie Gamble. Prior to Marble Falls, she coached at Leander and at Round Rock Westwood high schools. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State University and a master’s degree

from Texas A&M University where she was a graduate assistant with the women’s basketball team. She is joined by Kristy Danz who is returning as the girls junior varsity coach and Jason Roemer who is taking over as the freshmen girls coach. The freshmen and junior varsity teams are also opening their season this week. While the varsity is on the road tomorrow, the freshmen and JV will host Robert Lee High School from San Antonio in a scrimmage in the FHS Gym. Both games start at 4:30 p.m. Then, on Saturday, the freshmen and JV will also scrimmage Kerrville Tivy at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., respectively, in the FHS Gym. On Tuesday, the freshmen and JV games are both at 5:15 p.m. in Llano.

Death Notice

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“We aim to please ... Your aim helps” 2162 North US Hwy. 87 (Mason Highway) 1 mile north of Post Office on right Open 8-8 every day during season Cell - 830-889-3337 (DEER) Days - 997-6043

Llano Country Opry SATURDAY, NOV. 10

REFLECTIONS OF PATSY CLINE with LISA LAYNE 7:30 PM $15 (325) 247-5354 **********

Marble Falls Opry SATURDAY, NOV. 17

JOHNNY BUSH & FRANKIE MILLER 7:30 PM $20 (325) 597-1895



GILLESPIE LIFE Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



October 31, 2012

Homecoming Harper High School faithful make traditional visit back home

THE MENACING FACE of the Longhorn mascot atop the inflatable entrance tunnel, above, glares down on the opponents — the Ozona Lions — prior to Friday’s Homecoming contest.

SCHOOL ROYALTY — Newly crowned queen and king at Friday’s Harper High School Homecoming festivities were Alicia Perkins and Drew Vick. — Standard-Radio Post photos by Danny Hirt

KEEPING the Homecoming fans energized is Harper High School cheerleader Tiffany Adair. Cold temperatures COLOR GUARD member Cydney Walker provides a large could not dampen school splash of color during the halftime show. spirit on the special night.

THE AWARD-WINNING Harper High School Marching Band, left, performed its “Exploration, Discovery and Conquest” program during the halftime ceremonies at Friday’s Homecoming football game. Heading up one row of musicians are Rebecca Lester, front, and Emily Giedeman.


The Fourth Appealsisisone one most important in Texas. It deserves justice who is experience The FourthCourt Court of Appeals of of thethe most important courtscourts in Texas. It deserves a justice awho is experienced, fair justicewho whowill will uphold values the court, while respecting theyour law rights. and your rights. fairand andtough. tough. A justice uphold the the values of theofcourt, while respecting the law and For over overseven sevenyears, years, Justice Simmons has proven to be kind of justice. For Justice Simmons has proven to be that kindthat of justice. about Rebecca More More about Rebecca Simmons:Simmons: “I’m Rebecca Simmons— “I’m Rebecca Simmons— havea strong a strong proven record I Ihave andand proven record ofofservice to to thethe people of Texas service people of Texas and for for youryour votevote in thein the andI am I amasking asking general for for Place 3 on 3theon the generalelection election Place Fourth Court of Appeals.” Fourth Court of Appeals.”

• years Sevenofyears of experience on the Fourth Court of Appeals • Seven experience on the Fourth Court of Appeals • Former DistrictDistrict judge, 408th Judicial Court in Bexar County • Former judge, 408thDistrict Judicial District Court in Bexar County • Served as a briefing attorney for the Texas Court • Served as a briefing attorney forSupreme the Texas Supreme Court • Served as an adjunct professorprofessor at St. Mary’s of Law for over years • Served as an adjunct at School St. Mary’s School of 15 Law for over 15 years • Endorsed by the Texas andTexas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Farm Bureau AgFund • Endorsed by the and Southwestern Cattle RaisersTexas Association, Texas Farm Bureau AgFund and theand Santhe Antonio Professional Firefighters Association San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association • Married to Dr. Richard Clemons for 29 years, Rachael, SarahRachael, and Patrick • Married to Dr. Richard Clemons forwith 29 three years,children: with three children: Sarah and Patrick • A fifth-generation Texan Texan • A fifth-generation



| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Helen Rode recognized with ‘Best of Show’ quilt

Couple plans December rites in Washington Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gayle Williams of Fredericksburg announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Brittany Williams, to James Hunt Flowers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul William Flowers of Dallas. Miss Williams is a 1996 graduate of Clark High School in San Antonio and a 2000 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She is employed by Hoffman Media. Mr. Flowers is a 1996 graduate of Highland Park High School and a 2000 graduate

Brittany Williams and James Flowers of Rhodes College. He is employed by the U.S. State Department. The couple is planning a Dec. 15, 2012, wedding in Washington, D.C.

Don Irwin to perform benefit concert Nov. 29 Pianist Don Irwin of Kerrville returns on Thursday, Nov. 29, for a concert to benefit the Hill Country Youth Orchestras. Set for the Riverhill Country Club in Kerrville, the evening will begin at 7 p.m. with the HCYO string students and sweet treats. Irwin’s performance begins at 7:30 p.m. While he is a classically trained musician having studied piano performance at the University of Illinois where he earned a bachelor of music degree, he also has an extensive non-classical repertoire.   Irwin maintains a busy concert schedule which began early in his career when he performed at age 16 at Royal Albert Hall in London, England, that led to performances in Berlin, Russia and South Africa.  He performs with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, and has played for Carol Channing for her biography book tour and done a benefit with Betty White for the Morris Animal Foundation.  He toured the Midwest with the Blue Gershwin Steinway piano honoring Gershwin’s 100th birthday.  That piano is now on display at Steinway Hall in New York City.  In 1998, Irwin became a member of the international roster of Steinway Artists from Steinway & Sons. Irwin recorded his first solo recording at age 18 in Johannesburg, South Africa.    Today his CD releases include “In the Shadows” orchestrated piano, “Favorite Movie Themes” and “Wild Horses” piano instrumentals, and “Merry Christmas” which includes two original compositions “The Snow” and “Sound of Snow.” Irwin founded the Caravaggio Foundation to provide music education scholarships for music student throughout the United States.

Catholic women to hold meeting Nov. 12 at church Catholic Daughters will meet Monday, Nov. 12, for a social at 6 p.m. followed by a 6:30 p.m. meeting in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Center, located in the 300 block of West San Antonio Street. On the agenda will be the committee chairman reports regarding the tamale fundraiser, cookbook sales and the dinner/fashion show benefit. An anointing service will be held in the big church at the conclusion of the meeting. Those interested in donating items for the silent auction are asked to contact Martha Juenke. Anyone interested in hosting a table for the luncheon should contact either JoElla Lewis or Ilene Crenwelge. All members are encouraged to attend, including Catholic women who are interested in joining or finding out more information about Catholic Daughters. Those who need a ride to the meeting are asked to contact Beverly Pesek at 830-9977204 or email lbpesek@ctesc. net or Toni Schandua at 830456-5339.

Purpose of the Hill Country Youth Orchestras is to provide the opportunity for children in the Texas Hill Country to participate in classical music and be involved in a performing orchestra. The Hill Country Youth Orchestras consist of five orchestras allowing students to progress from a very beginning ensemble experience to advanced orchestra repertoire. Currently there are more than 100 children who are members of the Hill Country Youth Orchestras.  Students from Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Ingram, Harper, Center Point, Comfort, Bulverde, Boerne and San Antonio present numerous concerts and special performances throughout the Hill Country as well as performing with the Symphony of the Hills.  The Hill Country Youth Orchestras, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and offers scholarships to young musicians. For more information about Irwin, visit

Helen Rode of Fredericksburg won Best of Show honors at the Uptown Blanco Art Center’s Second Annual Quilt Show Oct. 12-14 in Blanco. “Wildflowers” was the theme for the show. Over 100 quilts were featured in various categories, with 60 of those quilts entered in juried judging. Over $2,000 worth of prizes were awarded to the winners while those attending were awarded door prizes throughout the show’s run. More than 500 visitors and guests attended the show. A highlight of the show was the display of a quilt once owned by the late Lady Bird Johnson. The quilt was created to support breast cancer awareness and was signed by the celebrities who donated personal clothing for its creation. Celebrities included Twiggy, Sara Cox, Elizabeth Hurley and others. The Johnson City Quilt Guild provided volunteers to assist with the show as well as the country store and prize

drawing. Activities included demonstrations and a fabric pumpkin make-and-take. Plans are already in the works for the 2013 show, “The Sky,” which will be held Oct. 11-13. The 2013 show will feature cash prizes, nationally and internationally-known quilting teachers, prize drawings and a silent auction. Preliminary entries are already being received for the evening. Winners of the 2012 event included the following: Art Quilt 1. “Artists’ Garden,” Group Quilt designed by Connie Hudson.

2. “Songbird” by Barb Forrister. 3. “Austin Tatious” by Barb Forrister. Bed Quilt 1. “William Morris in Appliqué” by Jan Graetzel. 2. “Chocolates & Flowers” by Janice Thompson. 3. “Americana” by Janice Thompson . Wall Hangings 1. “Crosses, Stitched from My Heart” by Helen Rode. 2. “Flying Geese in Autumn

Fredericksburg MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) will meet Friday, Nov. 2, at First Baptist Church from 9-11:45 a.m. Kate Shields, executive director at The Heidi Search Center, Inc., will be the guest speaker. Shields has proven herself to be one of the leading experts in missing person cases, according to a spokesman. Her primary objective is to bring awareness to parents of children about predators in their communities and on the Internet regarding prevention of child abduction. Her presentation, “Keeping our Kids Safe,” is a power-

ful tool needed to safeguard It is a place to find comchildren from predators, the munity, friendship, support, spokesman said. spiritual hope and resources, She will provide kits to fin- according to the spokesman. gerprint each child. More information at the The group meets at First Baptist Church on the first and third Friday of the month from 9-11:45 a.m. Childcare is free. Segner’S JewelerS MOPS is a non-denomina(997-2559) tional Christian organization Tara Payne & Bill Erickson of mothers of children ages infant to five years old, as well as expectant mothers.

2. “In Full Bloom” by Sherilea Brown. 3. “Springtime In Texas” by Linda Rogers.

All entries received a participation ribbon. Best of Show and first-place winners all received place ribbons and prize baskets from the Uptown Blanco Art Center.




Fredericksburg MOPS is available by contacting Melissa Mabery at 830-456-2513 or by going online to www.mops. org.


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http://www. fredericksburgstandard.

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Splendor” by Joanie Wyatt. 3. “Stars Across Texas” by Sherilea Brown. Youth Quilts 1. “Zebra” by MyCala Jordon. 2. “Girly Patch” by MyCala Jordon. 3. “Obaachan’s Quilt” by Sophia Fisher. Theme Category (Wildflowers) 1. “William Morris in Appliqué” by Jan Graetzel.

MOPS group to meet Friday at First Baptist Church

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| C3

Hospitality hostess welcomes newcomers in September Newcomers were welcomed into the community during September by Fredericksburg Hospitality Hostess Jennifer Schandua. Persons who are new to the community are urged to contact Schandua at 997-4597 (home) or 456-6992 (cell) or email her at to let her know they are now living here. A report on Schandua’s visits follows: Joel and Rene Griffin moved here from Gonzales. He is the youth director at the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church and she is a labor and delivery nurse. They have three children, Reese, 8; Robbie Jane, 6, and Ryan, 4. They like to be outdoors, play soccer and watch sports. Tim Squyres and Karen Brune like to exercise, cook, hunt, fish, spend time with family and friends and theater. Formerly from Houston, they have a daughter, Maddie, 11. He is a real estate agent and she is a dentist. Shelley Brandes is in project management in public

communications. Formerly from Houston, she likes to cook, travel, read and dance. Charlotte Zwinggi is retired from Weber Aircraft Manufacturing. Formerly from Gainesville, she likes to watch television and spend time with her family. She has six children, 14 grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. Jerry and Noemi Cain moved here from Laredo. He is a retired attorney and she is a retired nurse. They have a son and three grandsons. They like to travel, care for their horses, read and shop, especially for antiques. Katherine Deslatte moved here from Bandera with her five-year-old son, James. They like to watch movies, visit family and friends and eat out. Stacy Knight and Justin Beccus like to shop downtown, bowl and eat out. They were married on Oct. 27. She works in Dripping Springs at Open Mortgage and he is a Chicken Express manager for the Comfort location. They moved here from Mineral Wells. Joe and Florie Hernandez

like being outdoors, antique shopping, knife shows and going to Trade Days. He works at the Law Enforcement Center and she works at the Methodist church. Their co-address is Mason. Marshall and Dena Burr moved here from Montrose, Colo. He works at Swissomation, which is a machine shop, and she is a former marriage counselor and kindergarten teacher. They have seven children and seven grandchildren. They like to be outdoors, and she likes to decorate. Beth Preston owns The Batina Group (insurance and investments). Formerly from Burleson, she has two grown children and three grandchildren. She likes to read and spend time with her grandchildren. Kaleb and Rachel Brewer have three children, Jack, 7; Lily, 5, and Sam, 3, and are expecting their fourth child in April. Formerly from Weatherford, they like to play Wii, watch movies, walk Main Street, hunt, fish, read and cook. He owns Phoenix Construction.

Lilyan Jenkins marks 100th birthday Lilyan LaBauve Jenkins of Fredericksburg celebrated her 100th birthday recently with friends and family on two different occasions. On Sept. 29, Mrs. Jenkins celebrated her birthday at the Pizza Hut. Three years ago while dining at the local Pizza Hut, Mrs. Jenkins mentioned to shift manager Eileen Itri that she would be celebrating her 100th birthday in 2012. Itri invited her to come back

and celebrate her 100th birthday with them at Pizza Hut. A second party was held on Sept. 30 at her home and was attended by nieces, great-nieces and great-great nieces from Lake Charles, La., Austin and Killeen. Mrs. Jenkins was born Sept. 30, 1912, in New Iberia, La., the oldest of six children. She is the only surviving sibling. She moved to Fredericksburg seven years ago and lives with her daughter and son-in-law, Arlene and George Tilley.

Lilyan Jenkins

Local Zonta Club celebrating anniversary Zonta Club of Fredericksburg is celebrating its 58th anniversary. The club, established on Aug. 28, 1954, is a member of Zonta International, a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Zonta’s membership includes more than 31,000 members who belong to more than 1,200 Zonta Clubs in 65 counties. Members all over the world volunteer their time, talents and support to local and international service projects and educational programs. Zonta Clubs sponsor Z Clubs for high school students and Golden Z Clubs for college or university students to develop leadership skills, promote career exploration and encourage members to participate in school, community and international service projects. The Z Club at Fredericksburg High School is one of 208 Z and Golden Z Clubs in 16 counties around the world. Among other projects, the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg has provided numerous col-

lege scholarships for local students and has provided assistance for native women of Guatemala to buy equipment

for dying the yarn they spin and weave by hand to produce scarves, shawls and other items.

AT THE CONFERENCE — Members of the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg who attended the recent District 10 conference in Longview met with many of the organization’s officials.

In the photo, from left to right, are: Marti Barth, Jo Ann Krauskopf, Frankie Hohenberger, District 10 Governor Donna Dodgen (from Seguin), Bonnie Baseke and Ginger Mitchell.

Zonta members attend conference Five members from the Zonta Club of Fredericksburg attended the 65th District 10 Conference held in Longview, Oct. 18-21. Local member attending the event were club delegate Jo Ann Krauskopf, treasurer Frankie Hohenberger, board members Ginger Mitchell, and Marti Barth, and vice president Bonnie Baseke. In all, there were 120 Zonta members from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas in attendance. The women of Zonta work to eliminate violence against women and children, human trafficking, and to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Awards were presented in many categories from reports submitted to District 10 for the year’s service and accomplishments. This year, the Pressbook and the Status of Woman/Service Committee won first place, the club newsletter and the Public Relations/Communication Committee took second, the United Nations Committee

earned third place, and the club was presented with numerous membership awards. The club also received The Bell Award and a check from District 10 for increasing their membership. The Zonta International president, Lynn McKenzie,

is from New Zealand and she sent a taped message to District 10 outlining the goals for the new biennium 2012-2014. The members also attended the Status of Women Luncheon and the Amelia Earhart Luncheon as well as several workshops.

MDO (Mother’s Day Out)  We have openings for ages  4 months thru Pre K,  Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9am to 2 pm.  Activities for the children include Chapel Services,  Music Program, Bible Lessons, Art Projects, and  Playground time.  Contact Heidi Spence at   997‐9511 or email her at 

First Baptist Church  1407 E. Main   Fredericksburg, TX  78624 ‐ 997‐9511  5832.19tf

20th AnnuAl Fine Art Show And SAle PreSented by die KünStler von FredericKSburg (The Artists of Fredericksburg)


november 9-11, 2012 Free AdmiSSion - oPen to Public locAted in hiStoric St. JoSePh’S hAlle Friday Opening Reception - November 9 from 6pm to 9pm Saturday Show - November 10 from 10am to 5pm Sunday Show - November 11 from 10am to 4pm


Credit Cards Accepted 212 W. San Antonio in Fredericksburg, Texas With assistance from the City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County



| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Die Künstler to host demonstration Nov. 1 Painters of America, a signature member of American Plains Artists, and is on the roster of Artists in Residence with the Texas Commission on the Arts. She is currently represented by Galerie Kornye West in Fort Worth. The Die Künstler (“the artists”) von Fredericksburg group sponsors live art demonstrations as part of its goal to promote the visual arts in Fredericksburg. Monthly meetings are open to the public and are held on the first Thursday of the month. Demonstrations are partially funded by a grant from the local Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance. On Nov. 9-11, Die Künstler will be hosting their 20th annual Fine Art Show and Sale. For membership information, call membership chairman Sharon Smith at 9979251. For additional information or questions, call Tom Dance at 990-2241.

‘Make a soldier’ a card drive underway here The local community is being asked to reach out to a soldier and share a holiday greeting by writing out a Christmas card and putting it in one of a few drop boxes to be stationed around Fredericksburg. Among those allowing drop boxes to be stationed in their establishments are HEB, 407 South Adams Street, and the Fredericksburg StandardRadio Post, 712 West Main Street. Collections will be taken through Dec. 1, at which time

they will be shipped overseas to military units by local resident Jae Layton. Having been in the U.S. Army for four years herself, Layton said she realizes just how much a Christmas card from a stranger can mean to those serving far from their homes during the holidays. She said she would love to gather 500 cards to share between two different units. Those who have questions may contact Layton at

CELEBRATING a reunion on Saturday, Oct. 20, were members of the Fredericksburg High School Class of 1950. Originally, the group consisted of 74 classmates, of which 33 are now deceased. Those attending the recent gathering at the Tatsch House inside Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park were (from Fredericksburg, unless otherwise noted): (front row, from left) Lee Harry Eckhardt; Marion Schroeder Welgehausen; Elsie Meier Burrer; Janet Weirich Beckmann; Doris Land Schaeferkoeter; Eva Jean McCandless Liebur of San Antonio, and Joyce

New arrival The following birth anAt birth, the baby weighed nouncement was received five pounds, 12 ounces. during the past week by the Welcoming the baby are Fredericksburg Standard-Ra- brothers, Venancio Jr. and dio Post: Jorge. Grandparents welcoming Mariela Albiter the baby are Venancio and Norma and Venancio Albiter Guillermina Albiter and Jose announce the birth of their and Clementina Valadez. daughter, Mariela Albiter, on The baby is also welcomed Oct. 18, 2012, in Hill Country by great-grandparents, MagMemorial Hospital. daleno and Virginia Valadez.

Christmas Open House!

(Saturday, Nov. 3 only)

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1 - 3 pm Book Signing by Edith Royal of “DKR, The Royal Scrapbook”




The Kyle Sisters 11 am - 4 pm Holiday Fare

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Watch for Pictures with Santa December 1st, bring your own camera.

• well child exams • adult physicals • immunizations • family planning • newborn care • hospital care 1305 N. Milam St 830/997-7626

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An evening of singing. Gemuetlichkeit 6:30 to 7:00 Singing begins at 7:00

2 Corinthians 11:14 tells us that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light. He is called many things in the Bible and “the deceiver” is one of them. He changes his form to deceive all those he can to worship things other than God. (Matthew 4:9)

Now through October 31st

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St. Joseph’s Halle 214 W. San Antonio Street In Fredericksburg, TX Hermann Sons Mixed Choir And Arion Men’s Choir Mark Hierholzer, Director

Jesus tells us, in John 8:44, The devil…was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.


Alkyd Effect™ (409)

103 East Trailmoor • Fredericksburg, Texas 78624


It would appear that since God created Satan, he must have started out good but, turned from good to bad at some point.


“Providing a dignified community for independent living.” - Elegant Private Rooms with Private Baths - Call System in Each Room - Beautiful Sitting Rooms and Library - Three Nutritious Meals Daily - Housekeeping and Laundry Services - Daily Recreational Activities and Transportation Services - Beauty Shop and Recreational Room - Respite Rooms Available - Rehabilitation Therapy Services - Pet Friendly Ask manager for details Personal Care Services Offered in Facility: 1. Assistance with Medications 2. Assistance with bathing, dressing & grooming 3. Assistance with ambulation to and from meals 4. 24 Hour Staff Assistance

Serving the the Texas Serving Texas Hill HillCountry Country

The enemy, Satan, is mentioned many times in the Bible but not much is said about his beginning. Since God created all things, Satan was surely created by God. Genesis 1:31 tells us all God makes is good.


830-864-5665 Office 830.864.5665 Office 830.864.5665 Serving the Texas Hill Country

Free admission, beer, wine, sodas, snacks Donations gladly accepted

Accepting New Patients

Specializing Specializing in Resurfacing Resurfacing



1 - 3 pm Holiday Music by

Yvonne Haug, M.D. David Cantu, M.D.


November 4, 2012

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Saturday, Nov. 3rd • Unique Gifts & Accessories • Custom Furniture • Toys • Designer Fabrics & more...

Hennig Robertsen. Also (back row, from left), Kermit Lochte of San Antonio; Jone Hagee Bohl of Hiwasse, Ark.; Oliver Rode; Edwin Eckhardt Jr.; Corwin Anderegg; Kermit Burrer; Victoria Kramer Loeffler; Alton Ernst; John Ed Knopp, of Arlington; Betty Stroeher Olfers; Delbert Grona; Corrine Anderegg Bonn; Vernell Evers Arhelger; Edgar Priess Jr.; Elroy Behrends and Dudley Althaus. Also attending, but not pictured, was AnnaBelle Voight Behrends.

1324 S. State Hwy. 16 • Fredericksburg • 830-997-8413 6377.19

Come visit us at the

Fredericksburg church oF christ 507 N. Llano Street to hear the message. Bible Study begins at 9:30 a.m. and worship at 10:30 a.m. Call 830-997-4632 for any information.


Die Künstler von Fredericksburg will hold a painting demonstration by Kathy Tate at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1 at the EMS Building on Friendship Lane. “There have been many artists that have impacted Kathy’s work,” a club representative said. “Robert Summers’ use of color and George Hallmark’s sunlight and shadow have been major influences. She has studied with outstanding artists such as C.W. Mundy, Martin Grelle and Richard Goetz.” Tate’s work has received numerous awards and been exhibited with Oil Painters of America; “The Russell,” CM Russell Museum; Greenhouse Gallery’s Salon International; Mountain Oyster Club; Night of Artists; Gilcrease Museum; Bosque Art Classic; and “Artists for the New Century” at the Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vt. She is a member of Oil


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Harper News the fire department and you have a good time doing it. The Turkey Shoot takes place the day before on Friday. This is put on by the American Legion and folks always enjoy this day; getting ready for the bigger day the next day. The Community Thanksgiving Service will be held Sunday, Nov. 11, at 6 p.m. the Lighthouse Fellowship Chapel. Come one, come all. This benefits the Harper Help Center and you will get to hear and join in the best music in these parts. Lots of old songs and some new ones, too, will be sung. The pastors of all seven churches will also take part.

Doss News Good news for deer and turkey hunters in our area. The Doss County Store will have a cold storage unit for lucky hunters as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have deer feed for sale. This Doss News reporter has not been told anything about the advertisement in last week’s newspaper about our rural country school. I am sure some more information will be coming soon. Servicing Doss fire trucks for Oct. 29 were Joe Schaefer, Warren Hahn, Clyde Haley and Tom Pledger. Servicing the trucks Nov. 5 will be Mark Geistweidt, Stephen Stengel, Kenneth Priess and James Priess. Deepest sympathy to the Habecker family on the death of Frank’s son, Jimmy, who lived in Colorado. Ladies of St. Peter Lutheran

Church in Doss will be hosting a bake sale on Saturday on the porch of the Doss Country Store beginning at 9 a.m. Ladies are asked to bring items by 8:30 a.m. The bake sale will feature cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies and more. Donations are always welcome. Peggy Crenwelge dropped a great white-tail buck with a 21-inch spread and nine points. The deer was very fat and about 4½ years old. This was her first buck with a bow. The regular deer season opens up on Saturday, Nov. 3. It’s been wonderful to see the players and coaches of the NFL football teams and college players remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink in some way. Folks, be an American and

By Peggy Ernst Refreshments will follow the service. The following day is a holiday for the banks and post office, as well as some county offices. The high school will be hosting the annual Veterans Day Program and meal for veterans and their families. Call the school for more information. Congrats to Bonnie and Newell Stewart on winning a place and a little money at the National Team Roping Finals in Oklahoma City this past weekend. Traveling with them were Tristan, Jimbo and Jalyn Sivells. Tristan and Jimbo were contestants also.

By Shirley Lange get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Here in Doss, voting is at the Community Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Happy Birthday to our November folks. Celebrating will be Kamrynn Bell Baethge, Nov. 2; Kevin Geistweidt, Nov. 4; Ben Arhelger and Sharon Garza, Nov. 6; Dacy Hartmann and James Teschner, Nov. 7; Chase Stengel, Nov. 10; Evelyn Geistweidt and Marsh Weiershausen, Nov. 11; Nicole Elizabeth Crenwelge and Karsann Clair Baethge, Nov. 16; Dana Baethge, Nov. 17; James Crenwelge, Nov. 22; Brenda Sieckmann, Nov. 26; Georgie Schmidt and Mike Eckert, Nov. 28, and Terri Mund, Nov. 30. Happy anniversary to Felix and Emabelle Hahn, Nov. 3; Clyde and Peggy Crenwelge, Nov. 7, and James and Elouise Teschner, Nov. 29.

Marine Corps birthday party Nov. 10 at Hondo’s Local Marines, friends and family of Marines are invited to the 237th birthday celebration of the United States Marine Corps at Hondo’s, Nov.

10, beginning at 4:30 p.m., with the cake cutting at 5:30 p.m. The Marines have been celebrating their birthday at

| C5

Hondo’s, located at 312 West Main, for the past 18 years. Dress for the celebration is casual, and Marine apparel is encouraged.

FHS Class of 1957 holds reunion Members of the Fredericksburg High School Class of 1957 gathered for a reunion at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park on Oct. 20. Attending the reunion included, in front from left, Wilburn Peese, Sammie Sembritzky Knopp, Henriette Hohmann Humes, Barbara Schmidt Heinen, Lottie Helen Gold Demel, Dalton

Herbort, Alton Herbort and Louise Feuge Friedrich. Second row: Wayne Zimmermann, Betty Nagel Allen, Joanna Scherer Schmidt, Annette Gold Maner, Mable Schneider Wilke, Esther Kramer Weber, Sylvia Crenwelge Izard, Shirley Treibs Keyser, Joyce Grona Moritz, Betty Ann Houy Basse, Dorlene Houy Teltow, Berta Ann

Welge Boyce, Joe Moellendorf, Emma Jane Klaerner O’Neal and Evelyn Riba Fritz. Back row: Richard Smith, Olin Weiss, Kermit Sultemeier, Martha Virden Harrison, Bobby Heinen, Keith Keller, Wilbur Pressler, Daniel Schneider, William Wilke and Wilbert Mueller. Attending, but not pictured, was Fred Petmecky.

Contemporary Masters Invitational show to be held at local art gallery Fredericksburg Art Gallery is presenting new works of art from eight nationally celebrated Texas artists at the 14th Annual Contemporary Masters Invitational. Featured in the exhibit are Phil Bob Borman, Fran Rowe, Kay Walton, Travis Keese, Greg Glowka, Jack Terry, Donald Darst and Glenn Lyles. The Opening Artists Reception and Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, Nov. 2, from 6-8 p.m. Refreshments and wines from Grape Creek Vineyards will be served. Saturday will continue with Order reprints of our photos at

http://www. fredericksburgstandard.

artists demonstrations and casual art talks from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The show will run through the end of November and all show paintings are available

for viewing on line at www. Gallery hours are from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and by appointment.


A fine evening for Homecoming; a little brisk and cold, but the festivities went just great. The team made a great effort, but Ozona came out on top. Chosen as Homecoming Queen was Alicia Perkins and Homecoming King was Drew Vick. Our condolences to the family of Pat Rogers who passed away on Monday morning. Survivors include his wife, Vivian, of Harper. Services were pending at this writing. Come on out for the Harper Volunteer Fire Department’s Fish Fry this Saturday. Lots of prizes and good food being prepared. The event benefits

| October 31, 2012

25% off Antique Roses

Continuous beauty Spring thru Fall. Terra cotta, glazed and earthenware available in a large variety of colors. Come see our great selection today. • “LIKE” us on Facebook Tuesday - Saturday • 9 am to 5 pm • 830-995-5610 Hwy 87 & I-10, Comfort • a German owned family business

50th annual st. Mary’s school Turkey Dinner



BIG Thanks!

we wish to thank all the businesses and individuals who through their generosity, made the st. Mary’s school Turkey Dinner a success. To all who volunteered and donated towards the Carnival, Paddle wheel, Prize Drawing and those who cooked, helped in preparation, serving, and cleaned up.

we wish everyone a happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! Thanks to the many people who helped! We apologize if anyone has been left out.

1.** 42” LG LCD TV - Jeanette Hartmann 2.** iPad 3 16GB WiFi - Randy Alford 3.** PS3 320GB – Ed Melcer 4.** 65 quart YETI – Craig Hunt 5.** Dell Inspiron Laptop – Norman Koger 6.** Kindle Fire 8GB – Stephanie Cavanaugh 7.** $250 Script Card – Jeannine Frost 8.** XBOX 360 4GB – Donald Weed 9.** Sony Cybershot Camera – Joe Bell 10.**LG Smart 3D BluRay – Robyn Eckhardt 11.**iTouch 8GB & $15 iTunes – Shirley Higdon 12.** $200 Script Card – Gus Stehling 13. $450 Gift Cert. to Segner’s – Samantha Brickner 14. 36 inch Cast Iron Griddle Gas Grill – Diane Reeh 15. $300 Script Card - Valerie Miller 16. Sorrento Necklace & Bracelet – Kevin & Sharon Klein 17. $250 Visa Gift Card – Debbie Crenwelge 18. 20 inch Fire Pit – Aimee Martin 19. 6 Months Membership to Curves – Barry Medlock 20. Frozen Yogurt/Wk/Yr at Sweet Marley’s – Leslie Haight 21. Scenic Flight around the Hill Country – Connie Crenwelge 22. Kitchen Cart – Jennifer Jung 23. 24 inch Fire Pit – Kurt Weinheimer 24. $100 Script Card – Julia O’Dowd 25. $100 Gift Card to Bejas Grill – Martha Juenke 26. Dinner for Four at Rathskeller – Daniel Pohler 27. $100 Script Card – William Klawon 28. $100 Gift Card to Zertz – Linda Ottmers 29. 12X12 Canvas Painting by Jill Holland Art – Charlie Kiehne 30. $100 Gift Card to HEB – Steve Usener 31. A One Night Weekday Stay for 2 at Queen Anne B&B –Agustin Avalos 32. $100 Visa Gift Card – Kyle Danz 33. Gas Grill – Jennifer Jung 34. $100 Gift Card to HEB–Willie Mae Wied 35. Keurig B40 Elite Coffee Maker – Jennifer Bryla 36. $100 Gift Card to Dutchman’s – Maggie Klenzing 37. One Ice Cream a week for a Year – Bill Gold • 830.997.3914 • Pre-K through 8th Grade • 202 S. Orange St. TurkeyDinner-ThankYou.indd 1

38. $100 Gift Card to Bejas – Rick Hartmann 39. $100 Gift Card to Zertz – Alvino Rivera 40. $100 Gift Card to Wal-Mart – David Sullivan 41. Scenic Flight – Martha Neitsch 42. Case of Wine – RO Molder 43. 90 Min Hot Rock Massage by Brandon Porter – J.R Franis 44. Three Decorative Pillows – Pat Boulette 45. $100 Gift Card West End Pizza – Gloria Burns 46. Scentsy Gift Basket – Bill Huffman 47. $100 Script Card – David and Erin Mills 48. Mary Kay Gift Basket – Debbie Wahl 49. Two Months of Storage Rental – Malinda Ottmers 50. Sonicare Toothbrush – Douglas Fritz 51. Case of Wine w/Apache Logo – Blake Castro

** Items 1-12 were purchased with contributions made by donors listed below American Bank of Texas Arrowhead Bank Mr. and Mrs. Leonhard R. Aschenbrener Blanco National Bank Dr. Tim Barsch Dr. and Mrs. Michael Braden Mr. and Mrs. John Calkins Creative Awards/Wayne and Sherry Rode Crenwelge Trucking, Inc. Edward Jones Eilers Steel Erection, Inc. Fredericksburg Inside Story, LLC Hill Country Propane, Inc. Herb’s Home Inspection, Herb Vorauer Dr. and Mrs. Darin Holmes Kent Stehling Insurance Agency Knights of Columbus Lehne Construction, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Loth Frederick E. Kraus Dr. and Mrs. Michael Majors Dr. and Mrs. Meeks NAPA Auto Parts Pedernales Medical Group Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reavis Ronald’s Cabinet Shop Schaetter’s Funeral Home, Inc. Southwest Granite Company


st. Mary’s Catholic school To inspire a lifelong love of God and service to neighbor.

10/24/11 9:18 AM


| October 31, 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post















NATIONAL FORECAST: The remnants of Sandy will continue to produce rain through the northeastern U.S. as well as back into the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley. Snow will fall through the higher elevations of the central Appalachians. A ridge of high pressure will push the storm track through the Pacific Northwest into Canada. Rain showers will be likely through the Pacific Northwest as the next system arrives to the shores. Sunshine will be seen through the rest of the West.

HI 78 LO 51

HI 80 LO 56

HI 78 LO 56

HI 75 LO 57

HI 74 LO 55



Seattle 57/52

Wednesday’s high / Wednesday night’s low

Amarillo 75/43


Wichita Falls 79/45




El Paso





City Abilene Amarillo Austin Brownsville Corpus Christi Dallas Del Rio El Paso Fredericksburg Houston Laredo Lubbock Lufkin Midland San Antonio Texarkana Waco Wichita Falls



Midland 79/50







Del Rio


Houston 82/62

San Antonio



Corpus Christi




Brownsville 88/70

Thursday 82/56/s 77/43/s 83/58/pc 87/67/pc 82/68/pc 83/58/s 84/61/pc 78/55/s 80/56/pc 83/62/pc 90/67/pc 81/47/s 81/54/s 82/54/s 82/61/pc 78/52/s 84/57/s 84/53/s


San Antonio Almanac Temperatures



High Monday Low Monday Normal high Normal low Record high Record low

69 41 78 56 89 in 1971 33 in 1970

Precipitation Monday Month total Year total Normal month-to-date Normal year-to-date

0.00” 2.40” 38.76” 3.88” 27.85”

Sunrise today Sunset today Sunrise tom. Sunset tom.

7:49 a.m. 6:48 p.m. 7:50 a.m. 6:48 p.m.

7a 1p Wednesday


1a Thursday

MODERATE: 45 minutes to burn Today’s ultra-violet radiation risk for the area on a scale from 0 to 10+.

Moon Moonrise today Moonset today Moonrise tom. Moonset tom.

Nov. 6 Last

Nov. 13 New

8:09 p.m. 9:24 a.m. 8:55 p.m. 10:15 a.m.

Nov. 20 First

Nov. 28 Full

Forecasts, data and graphics © 2012 Weather Central, LP, Madison, Wis.


Friday 84/58/s 78/44/s 82/59/pc 91/68/pc 84/71/pc 82/59/s 86/61/pc 79/56/s 78/56/pc 85/64/pc 91/69/s 82/50/s 82/57/s 83/55/s 82/62/pc 78/53/s 83/59/s 83/59/s


70° 60°


(Tuesday 5 a.m.)

On this date in 1987, Halloween was a wet one in the southwestern U.S. Heavy rain in southern California resulted in numerous mudslides. Mount Wilson, Calif. received 3.14 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Boise 70/44

San Francisco 63/55 Los Angeles 70/58

Las Vegas 82/56

Minneapolis 50/32

Billings 66/40


Rapid City 68/39

Omaha 66/39

Denver 70/34

Albuquerque 76/40 Phoenix 91/59

Chicago 51/35

Oklahoma City 74/49


Houston 82/62

Memphis 66/45

New Orleans 77/58

Bangor 62/47 Showers


Detroit 45/40

St. Louis 57/38

Dallas 79/54

Cincinnati 46/34 Charlotte 58/34

Boston 63/50

MONDAY’S NATIONAL EXTREMES Monday CITY Hi/Lo/Pcp. Albany NY 65/53/.13 Albuquerque 73/39/0 Atlanta 56/44/0 Atlantic City 63/50/4.44 Baltimore 54/46/5.50 Billings 62/41/.02 Birmingham 57/37/0 Bismarck 54/27/.03 Boise 70/45/0 Boston 61/54/1.06 Buffalo 48/41/1.42 Charleston SC 64/48/0 Charleston WV 40/33/1.14 Charlotte 54/42/0 Cheyenne 59/40/0 Chicago 51/36/0 Cincinnati 47/40/0 Cleveland 43/41/1.73 Columbia SC 64/47/0 Dallas 68/41/0 Daytona Beach 67/50/0 Denver 68/39/0

T-Storms Rain

New York 56/48


Washington D.C. 55/41

Ice Cold Front

Atlanta 62/38

Warm Front

Stationary Front

Orlando 75/58

Occluded Front

Miami 74/63

High: 91°, El Centro, Calif.

Low: 14°, Sparta, Wis.

Today Hi/Lo/W 57/43/sh 76/40/s 62/38/s 59/46/sh 55/41/sh 66/40/pc 63/42/s 55/30/c 70/44/s 63/50/sh 48/45/sh 64/41/pc 44/36/sh 58/33/c 66/38/s 51/35/pc 46/34/rs 49/42/sh 62/39/pc 79/54/s 73/55/s 70/34/s

Monday CITY Hi/Lo/Pcp. Des Moines 52/36/0 Detroit 44/37/0 El Paso 80/41/0 Fairbanks na/na/0 Greensboro 51/43/.01 Hartford na/na/0 Honolulu na/na/0 Houston 71/1/0 Indianapolis 52/36/0 Jackson MS 60/40/0 Jacksonville 65/45/0 Kansas City 55/39/0 Las Vegas 80/54/0 Little Rock 60/37/0 Los Angeles 72/57/0 Memphis 58/37/0 Miami 74/62/0 Minneapolis 45/31/0 Mobile 62/39/0 New Orleans 65/49/0 New York 63/53/.61 Oklahoma City 66/34/0

Today Hi/Lo/W 59/38/pc 45/40/sh 77/53/s 12/0/pc 55/35/pc 59/43/sh 85/68/s 82/62/c 47/33/pc 73/49/s 70/50/s 68/43/pc 82/56/s 68/45/s 70/58/s 66/45/s 74/63/pc 50/32/s 74/55/s 77/58/s 56/48/sh 74/49/s

CITY Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland ME Portland OR Raleigh Rapid City Reno Richmond Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Tampa Tucson Washington

Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp. 57/41/0 69/51/0 63/50/2.38 89/61/0 43/39/1.56 60/51/.86 68/57/.55 50/42/.51 64/32/0 78/39/0 53/43/1.96 79/50/0 56/34/0 73/45/0 69/41/0 76/55/0 70/54/0 60/51/.43 63/46/.29 68/55/0 89/56/0 55/46/3.84

Today Hi/Lo/W 66/39/pc 75/58/pc 57/44/sh 91/59/s 44/39/sh 59/47/r 61/51/r 57/37/c 68/39/pc 70/43/pc 57/40/c 69/53/pc 57/38/s 74/51/s 81/60/s 74/58/s 65/56/c 57/52/r 61/48/sh 75/59/pc 91/57/s 55/41/sh

Today Hi/Lo/W 87/74/pc 48/36/c 75/65/pc 66/55/s 45/27/s 47/34/pc 73/59/s 85/67/pc 52/35/pc 79/65/pc 36/33/pc 75/65/sh 85/77/ts

CITY La Paz Lima London Madrid Mexico City Montreal Moscow Nairobi Nassau New Delhi Oslo Panama Paris

Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp. 61/39/0 68/63/0 55/45/.13 55/32/0 73/48/0 63/48/0 34/28/0 81/59/0 77/70/0 100/59/0 34/27/0 82/75/0 52/43/.03

Today Hi/Lo/W 62/42/sh 71/62/pc 51/45/sh 57/39/pc 75/51/ts 59/44/sh 40/30/rs 81/59/ts 76/68/pc 86/64/s 41/35/sh 85/75/c 52/39/s

CITY Rio Rome St. Thomas VI San Juan PR Santiago Seoul Singapore Sydney Tel Aviv Tokyo Toronto Vienna Warsaw

Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp. 88/88/0 55/43/0 87/82/0 91/80/0 79/48/0 59/43/0 90/79/0 72/55/0 84/61/0 72/59/0 41/37/0 36/32/.19 36/18/0

Today Hi/Lo/W 94/75/ts 62/53/r 87/79/ts 90/78/ts 71/53/s 54/36/pc 88/79/ts 81/59/pc 84/69/c 67/49/c 51/45/sh 48/31/pc 43/27/pc

INTERNATIONAL CITY Acapulco Amsterdam Athens Auckland Beijing Berlin Buenos Aires Cairo Geneva Havana Helsinki Hong Kong Kingston


Salt Lake City 74/51

International Falls 41/25


Portland 61/51

REGIONAL FORECAST MAP for Wednesday, October 31

3 p.m. today

Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp. 90/81/0 50/43/.54 78/66/.15 70/55/0 61/45/0 45/23/0 70/63/3.69 84/64/0 43/30/0 79/68/0 39/27/.01 82/79/0 84/77/0

KEY TO CONDITIONS: c=cloudy, dr=drizzle, f=fair, fg=fog, h=hazy, i=ice, pc=partly cloudy, r=rain, s=sunny, sh=showers, sn=snow, ts=thunderstorms, w=windy.

Texas Music Coffee House program at Schreiner Schreiner University’s Texas celebrating American Indian Music Coffee House Series is Heritage Month with a performance by The Sideshow Tragedy at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7. The performance will take Planning a get-together for place in the Lion’s Den in the your family, high school class or Floyd and Kathleen Cailloux old military unit? The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post pub­ Campus Activity Center on


Yard Mowing Service Grass planting, tree trimming, and shrubs ~ All landscaping service ~ Javier S. Holguin

830-997-4678 Leave message 24 hours a day 830-889-7923 830-889-7924

Locally owned & operated • born in Fredericksburg, Texas


School Reunions

•The Fredericksburg High School Class of 1977 will hold a 35th anniversary gathering on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 2-5:30 p.m. at Hondo’s. Cost is $10 per family (cash only, no checks). For more information, contact Nina Nixon-Mendez at or call 210348-5434.

to the public and is co-sponsored by Schreiner’s Center for Innovative Learning, the Texas Heritage Music Foundation and the Schreiner Student Activities Board. For more information about the event, call Dr. Kathleen Hudson at 830-792-7409.

Order reprints at

News Updates at the Touch of a Button

Serving the entire Hill Country


lishes announcements of such gatherings taking place in Gillespie County. Please include the name of the group; date, place and time of the reunion, and contact person and submit the information in person at 712 West Main Street or by mail to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, P.O. Box 1639, Freder­icks­burg, TX 78624, by fax to 830-990-0036, or by e-mail at the following address: Anyone desiring to include more information is welcome to purchase advertising space, and information following the event may be submitted for news coverage.

the Schreiner campus in Kerrville. The Sideshow Tragedy, a new band from Austin, is named after a Rimbaud poem, and features a mix of blues, rock ‘n’ roll and garage. The Texas Music Coffee House Series is free and open

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Highest Quality Metal Building Construction Metal Construction Projects of All Sizes Professional Welding


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D elicious c hef ’ s s pecials D aily Lunch, 11:30-2:30 & Dinner, 5:30-9pm, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday n Located in our beautiful Native Plant Garden Center n Featuring an outdoor wood burning oven & grill n Using the freshest, home grown Texas ingredients available n Reservations suggested: Call 830-995-4045 n Only 20 min. from Kerrville, Fredericksburg & Boerne n





at Riven Rock Ranch

YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD’S BEEN REZONED OR HADN’T YOU HEARD? When local governments make decisions they are required to publish a newspaper notice to let you know. But that could change. Local governmental entities across the state want to bury their public notices on little seen, rarely visited government websites. What you don’t know will affect you personally! If it is not in the newspaper, you won’t know about it.

Comfortable temperature year round! 6284.21eo

390 Hermann Sons Rd., Comfort, TX 78013 • For menu & directions:


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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post 8735.40tf

COMMUNITY Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



October 31, 2012

A jug of wine... Annual Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest gives public chance to sample local, area eats and drinks

TENNIS AND WINE ANYONE? — What better way to dress up a “naked” bottle of wine than to use a Metal Men Wine Caddy? These creative gizmos were available at one of the vendors’ booths. ENJOYING THE DAY — Brian Janner and Shae Pauler, above, take a moment out of their busy schedule while working at the Pleasant Hill Winery of Brenham booth to enjoy a meal. What started out as a cool morning turned in to a warm afternoon for visitors to the annual Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest. — Standard-Radio Post photos by Danny Hirt

THE AUSTIN-BASED BAND El Tule, below, keeps the audience entertained with their style of musical performance based on Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Cuban and Reggae influences. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE file through the gates at the beginning of Saturday’s Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest held at Marktplatz in the downtown part of the city.

ADDING A BIT of ground pepper to his beef and mushroom ragu is Doss Country Store chef Matthew Cavin during a cooking class at Saturday’s Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest held at Marktplatz. In the background is Johanna Dailey, South Texas Market Manager for Llano Estacado Winery.

Fredericksburg’s Newest Dedicated Memory Care Living! CAREFULLY POURING out a sampling of wine is volunteer Cory Phillips of Horseshoe Bay.

STAYING WARM — Crazy Crepes vendors, left to right, Sergei Giterman, Roy Lotz and Mickie Burton use the heat from the cookers to keep their hands warm at the beginning of the event when temperatures were still in the 40s.



Hester WindoW Coverings

Final Week!

Serving The Texas Hill Country Since 1951

(fixtures for sale)

...with everything for the window, except the view

Mon. - Sat. 11am - 6pm Sun. 11:30 - ?

Experienced professionals who take care of you from start to finish! • Custom Drapes • Top Treatments • Wood & Mini Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Custom Shutters • Shades - All Types

151 E. Main Street • 830-997-0900

• Replacement Windows • Storm Windows & Doors • Aluminum Screens • Room Enclosures • Awnings-Metal Canvas • Sunscreen • Patio Covers & Carports

“Product Knowledge... Product Quality” 412 Quinlan • Kerrville • (830) 896-5663 or anytime Mon.-Fri. 8-5 by appt. Local 990-8465


Reopening at New Location November 16 715 S. Washington (87S) (across from Craig’s Charlie’s Grill)


When a loved one’s needs may increase, we are JUST what you have been looking for. We offer a Family living environment, where you can feel completely at ease, and where your loved one can thrive and enjoy living life to the fullest. Our Compassionate staff, specially trained in Alzheimer’s care, will provide 24 hour care, in a fully secure environment, meeting the needs of the resident, while the stimulating relationships and events will enhance and enrich lives. Our residents enjoy home style cooking, choosing many of their favorite foods, shared in an intimate setting. Personalized Care is provided for Activities of Daily Living, Medication Supervision, housekeeping and laundry services, while promoting independence and dignity. What did they enjoy? Perhaps a game of cards, cooking, golfing, animals, book clubs, church, painting, exercising, dancing, fishing, or simply sitting in the courtyard, while watching the grandkids play. At Morning Star, we tailor a specialized activity program that enhances memory stimulation, by blending in the activities residents have enjoyed a lifetime.

830-990-9007 106 Heritage Hills Drive - Fredericksburg We invite tours daily and invite you to visit us on the web: License #132719



| October 31, 2012


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COMMENTARY Be civil in voting line Acts meant to intimidate bring bad name to parties, process


t seems that politics — a necessary evil in steering our democratic process — brings out the worst in some. This newspaper has received letters and calls complaining of boorish behavior during this campaign season. One complained of a person who took it upon himself to curse out a resident that had a sign supporting a candidate he did not care for in front of their home. (She called the police.) Others have called about stolen or defaced yard signs. But some calls and emails were from locals who are afraid to write a letter to the editor for fear of retaliation. One caller said someone went into her yard and tried to place a candidate’s sign near the homeowner’s bedroom window. Two other women complained of abusive and racist language — directed against the president — while standing in or exiting the early voting line. After the first two days of early voting, signs were posted in the early voting line that read, “No political talk, please.” The vast majority has voted without incident, and we are appreciative of that. To those who wanted to make a fuss, we implore them to get over the tendency to try and direct the actions of every other voter. That’s a losing battle that will only further raise blood pressure. Some questions for those who do this type of thing: Whose vote do they think are changing by this type of behavior? Do they think they are a fine ambassador for their party? Lastly, do they wish to invite an investigation on charges of voter

intimidation? Also a note of caution: Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person might be considered fighting words. Going onto someone’s property to steal or deface a sign, or place a sign of the opposition candidate, might get you a backside full of buckshot — or worse. Many voters feel that the policies of President Barack Obama have contributed to the economic malaise, and that has driven many to the polls. Those feelings are perfectly legitimate and can be backed up by any number of arguments. But an Associated Press poll last week suggested a more sinister reason for driving some to the voting booth. The poll found that 52 percent of Americans harbor prejudicial feelings against blacks. (Poll results showed 48 percent in 2008.) At least one person in the local voting line confirmed that was a reason he was not voting for the president. It seems that for all the progress the nation has made on race issues, there are still periods where our society inches backward. Most voters, of all parties, have gone to the polls quietly and cast their votes without incident. We thank them for exercising their right to vote. For those few who have taken it upon themselves to try to intimidate others, we implore them to try a more constructive route to supporting their favored candidates. Like a schoolyard bully, they may not like it when they are held to account for their actions.

Shine a light on ‘Dark Sky’


hese days, not many people look at light fixtures and their effect on astronomy as a problem. But a “Better Lights for Starry Nights” program, set for Nov. 15 at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, is an easy way locals can learn how to protect the beautiful Hill Country night skies with minimal changes and without any additional tax burden. Those who implement the suggested changes also will get a nice surprise in savings on their electric bill. Bill Wren of the McDonald Observatory will share his expertise on the importance of protecting the starry skies. Wren has been an astronomer at the observatory for more than 20 years. Like many of us, he developed an interest in looking at the stars as a child. He will do so with a gentle hand, eschewing the loaded phrase “light pollution” in favor of talking about the redirection of existing lights or using fixtures that are low-wattage or better directed so as not to bleed into the atmosphere. Anyone who has been to the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis appreciates the remote expanses of West Texas, called

the best place in the nation for viewing stars. Area ranch owners can experience many of the same great views, and an active Hill Country Astronomers group regularly takes field trips for “star parties.” Even people in their backyard in the middle of town have a better view of the stars than those in metropolitan areas. That is something to be valued. But the National Park Service has predicted that unless the current rate of growth for light escaping into the atmosphere is slowed, no dark skies will remain in the U.S. by the year 2025. That should cause concern, and learning what simple steps we can take to combat this is the first step. We appreciate the efforts of the sponsors of this program: Friends of Enchanted Rock, the Hill Country Land Trust, Hill Country Alliance, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Biedermann’s Ace Hardware. Having more “sky-friendly” fixtures, or simply adjusting current fixtures, is a small thing we can do to protect the beautiful views of the cosmos in our Hill Country area.


“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves, and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt CHIME IN   Send letters to the editor to P.O. Box 1639, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 or email to CONNECT   Sign up for our Daily Update email newsletter by sending a request to or connect via Facebook or Twitter

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Gun powder in her veins


’m not sure about any of you other deer hunters, but I’m ready for hunting season to begin this weekend. I sighted in my rifle last Saturday afternoon in a yearly ritual when siblings, nieces and nephews in my family gather out behind the garage the weekend before hunting season begins to shoot rifles, swap stories and plot our strategies for the first hunt of the season which arrives at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, Nov. 3. I’ve gotten used to the ribbing I receive from my brothers as they fire shot after shot at a target a distance away. I usually wait until last to take my turn since, as I joke with them, practicing will not make my shot any better. But since it was the first time to shoot my new rifle, a 223 I won at the Band Boosters turkey dinner year before last, I figured it might be best to take it for a “test spin,” since my brothers had shot it more than I had when they sighted it in. While they are checking the accuracy of their rifles, they “split hairs,” so to speak, if they are one-half inch to the left or right. For me, if I hit anywhere in the neighborhood of the three-inch black circle on the cardboard target, I’m delighted. As I remind them, with enough endurance, a blind hog will eventually find an acorn. When my turn finally came around Saturday afternoon, I took a deep breath, pulled − no, I squeezed − the trigger, hit the circle both times I fired and declared a victory. (I have to ration my ammo since I’ve spent more money on target

Time Pieces By Sherrie Geistweidt

shooting than actually shooting at wild game!) - - Coming from a family that spends a great deal of time hunting whitetail deer during the autumn months, it comes naturally that I also like to hunt. I joke that I was born with a sewing needle in my hand and gun powder in my veins. I’ve been sewing since I was a child, and going hunting equally as long. For my family, big game hunting has been a source of survival since my family settled in the Hill Country back in the 1800s. Like most ranchers in the Texas Hill Country, yes, we admire the antlers, but depend on venison “for the table” to keep the family fed throughout the year. I’ve spent countless hours over the years sitting at my “sanctuary”as I call it — an old dilapidated blind tucked away in one of the draws on the ranch. There’s no telling what might show up at my feeder to pick up the corn scattered underneath. In addition to white-tailed deer, I’ve watched raccoons, opossum, quail, foxes, feral hogs and birds of all kinds. One afternoon, I watched a flock of cranes circling overhead, looking for a spot to rest for the night while on their way

south for the winter months. Another time, I listened as a couple of foxes were barking back and forth across the draw. There’s also nothing more therapeutic than sitting on a mountaintop watching nature. It’s a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in the Texas Hill Country. One afternoon, as I sat at one of the blinds on the mountainside, I noticed that the deer grazing on the grass field were snorting and stamping their feet. A good distance away, peddling toward me along the fence line was a large bobcat minding his own business. I watched him for a long time, thinking he’d come close enough to get a shot, but instead, he turned and ducked into the persimmons, never to be seen again. - - Stepping back in time 50 years or so, hunters would have to wait two more weeks before hunting season opened. Yes, there was a time when the season opened on Nov. 16, no matter which day of the week it fell. And, many will remember that here in the Hill Country back in the early years, it was illegal to shoot spike bucks or does. And add to that the fact that there weren’t many deer, it was a challenge for a hunter to even see a legal buck to shoot. And, hunting was for the men of the family. The woman’s job was to prepare the venison — not harvest it. Speaking of the Nov. 16 opening day, all of the die-hard hunters planned their vacaCont. on D3

What’s your message in a bottle?


ne of the benefits of reaching middle age is that experience rewards even the most obtuse among us with perspective. Over time, it becomes easier to decide between what’s important and what will turn out to be a passing fancy, between an event that merits attention and one that will be forgotten in hindsight. Which explains why, firmly ensconced in that in-between stage of life, I’ve been wondering what message I would include in a bottle tossed out to sea. This is no idle exercise. Just the other day, I listened, fascinated and amused, to an NPR story about Capt. Sean Bercaw, who had thrown hundreds of messages in bottles into the ocean during his travels and received dozens of responses in return, sometimes years later. He began doing this when he was 10 years old and his family set off on a 3-1/2-year voyage around the world. Later, as a naval officer and then while working on a school ship, he continued to release bottles, his notes more formal as he explained that he was conducting an experiment on ocean currents. Sending off messages in bot-

By Ana Veciana-Suarez THE MIAMI HERALD

tles is a practice as ancient as glass, a time-honored (and quixotic) attempt to reach out, to connect, especially in the days before phone, Internet or air mail. If the response to the story of Bercaw is any indication, the allure of a grimy bottle with a handwritten note remains strong, even in this age of instant communication. There’s a certain romance to it, I suppose, a dreamy-eyed gamble and hope for human contact across the unknown. Ocean currents can be fickle, as can river banks and lake bottoms, and a bottle can take a long time, a very long time, to be retrieved. Oh, but when found: the joy, the surprise! This past summer, a long lost message in a bottle was found 75 miles downriver in Vermont. Sean Keown had thought the bottle he had set adrift with a buddy 35 years earlier was lost — until he got a call from Justin Shepard, a 14-year-old boy. The recovery inspired Keown to search for the childhood pal who had helped launch the bottle from a favorite swimming hole.

One couple I read about spotted a champagne bottle with a note while beachcombing in Alaska. Turns out the bottle had been thrown into the sea by another couple on their honeymoon 20 years earlier. When Ashley and Seth Cooper tracked them down, the second couple were not only still married but also still happy — a feat worthy of celebration. So what would I celebrate? What insightful message would I pen to a stranger who might get it decades later and miles away? I’d include a photo of my family with a caption that is self-explanatory: Happiness and headache. I’d jot a Latin proverb that describes my life more accurately than a multipage biography: When there is no wind, row. And, in a nod to midlife maturity, I’d assure the recipient what all of us want to know, whoever we are, wherever we go: Fellow castaway, you’re not alone. Ana Veciana-Suarez is a family columnist for The Miami Herald. Write to her at One Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132, or send e-mail to aveciana@ © 2012, The Miami Herald, Distributed By Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| D3

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ‘Unnecessary behemoth’

Dear editor, Recent coverage by the Standard-Radio Post of the town meeting on the proposed 96bed jail facility was very useful and informative. I commend those citizens who showed up and asked good questions. One is forced to consider two motivations for the proponents of this $15 million facility: an expectation that our crime rate will multiply dramatically, or the creation of a revenue stream by selling jail beds to surrounding counties. What a cynical vision for Gillespie County! It leads me to one very big question for those who promoted this behemoth, unnecessary (in its proposed form) jail facility: “What were you thinking?” All of us understand the need to upgrade and expand the current facility — a new (48-bed or less) jail and dispatch facility would make sense — there is no issue there. However, once again we are faced with individuals in positions of power who love to spend other people’s (the taxpayers) money. How much was spent on architects and consultants? This kind of behavior is a prime example of why our federal government is in so much trouble.

All of you should know that the committee that worked on this tried to avoid a bond election, therefore denying taxpayers the opportunity to weigh in on this very important issue regarding their money! All of you should also know that commissioner Donnie Schuch and others insisted that the taxpayers be allowed to decide this question. Thank you, Commissioner Schuch, and all of you who spoke up on behalf of the taxpayers and common sense. Forty-eight beds, maybe. Ninety-six beds, office spaces, new courtrooms, and more, no way! Please vote “no” on Nov. 6 and force the proponents of the new jail facility to act responsibly and sensibly. Johnny Nicholas Doss

If jail vote fails, liabilities still exist

Dear editor, We are concerned with some of the letters that are focusing only on the costs of the new jail versus present costs and not on the real reasons for why we need the new jail. We are originally from here having left here in the latter ’50s and early ’60s. We came back in 2006, living in Fredericksburg, and have been following various events since then.

The most important reason for having the new jail is to not have to transport prisoners back and forth from our community to other communities. This is a very dangerous liability situation in the possibility of having accidents and prisoners escaping, while en-route to these other jails. It also takes our deputies away from our community where they may be needed in emergency situations. They should not be put in “harm’s way” by making trips across Texas.  We feel that our priorities are not in order. We spend money on a golf course and two new pools but give the jail lower priority? We have been in trouble with the justice department for years. We visited the present jail on the open house. It is way too small for the amount of potential criminals we have today.  Fredericksburg should not have put itself into the situation where it continuously had to patch up its jail to meet state requirements.  Having a new and better jail does not mean prisoners will have a luxurious good life in jail. It is better protection for our citizens and our officers and others who work in the jail system. Les and Elaine Meurer Fredericksburg

County services praised

Dear editor, I wish to thank the Gillespie County Sheriff ’s Department for their judicial and continued services to all of us who live in and around Upper Live Oak Road. The department immediately responded to my call several months ago when I felt myself endangered on our road. That danger no longer exists, and I believe it is due to their continued surveillance in our area. I also wish to thank the good drivers that use this road. They are mostly early and late drivers that are on their way to and from work. They are extremely courteous and considerate of us who walk (some with dogs) on Upper Live Oak. Many go out of their way to make room for us on this country road and always wave hello to us. I don’t know names but I do know the friendly faces. Thanks, everyone! Lastly, I’d like to thank our commissioner, Billy Roeder. Over the years, he has been extremely responsive to our needs and requests. Indeed, he has been a good friend to most of us. Sincerely, Mary L. Pearson Fredericksburg

The original friendly, chatty weatherman Writer’s Roost By Willis Webb our climate and who has the type of personality needed to attract viewers. Many stations use trained meteorologists. In the blossoming of TV news and weather reporting in the 1960s-70s, there wasn’t an abundance of specifically trained individuals to do that. There was some quick-study training, but a good on-screen persona was as important then as it is today. My all-time favorite TV weatherman was from those early times. Sid Lasher was Houston’s original friendly, chatty rain-or-shine man. While, it was easy to like Sid in his on-air job, it was even easier to care about such a nice, warm, considerate human being in person. He was immensely popular and in demand for public appearances at civic and charitable events. And, Sid couldn’t say no. He worked a grueling schedule. He was at the station before noon each day because, in those days, many weathermen per-

formed a number of other functions, usually “hosting” some time slots with movies or other canned entertainment as well as being responsible for some technical control. Then, there were the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. weather reports to prepare as well as bulletins as needed. Sid averaged a half-dozen or so public appearances a week on top of a 50-60 hour work schedule. As an officer in a few civic and social organizations within my community as well as publishing a weekly newspaper, I often had need for not only programs for those groups, but also a “celebrity” to be the host or master of ceremonies. I asked Sid to host perhaps four to five events a year. He rarely declined ... my group or any other public service organization. Then, one day came word that Sid had suffered a mild heart attack. He would be away from his television job for at least a couple of months. He was missed both on TV and in his many stints as headliner for public service/fundraising events. When Sid returned, the clamor for his presence at such functions did not let up. But, under doctor’s orders, the affable TV

weatherman had to say a word he’d had trouble with before — no. Those of us who’d used him to draw crowds to our fundraisers and functions, had to find other ways to fill the house. However, there weren’t many with his drawing power available without some notice and some preparation. Of course, Sid worked for free, for the good will it created for his employer, KHOU-TV, the Houston CBS affiliate. And, people with any drawing power for such events were beginning to command fees. Within weeks after his return to the air, one night in the 10 p.m. news opener, anchor Ron Stone came on screen and announced that Sid had suffered another heart attack and died just minutes before air time. KHOU’s news team somehow managed through tear-blurred eyes to deliver the news that evening. The original friendly, chatty TV weatherman went to meet his maker. It was a sad day for me, and I’m quite sure, for anyone who was drawn to his weathercast. Willis Webb is a retired community newspaper editor-publisher of more than 50 years experience. Email him at

More Time Pieces


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

the private label house brands the rest of us buy! And, they park right in the center of the aisle! - - Years ago in downtown Fredericksburg, virtually all of the grocery stores and hardware stores were located between the 100 and 300 blocks of East Main Street. And in those days, there wasn’t much more parking than now in that part of town. To add to the traffic congestion, hunters would double park their hunting rigs in the middle of the street in what we now call “the chicken lane,” pile out and visit the various stores in each particular block to buy groceries, hardware

items and other necessities for their hunting camps. The more seasoned hunters would send in a grocery list beforehand of things they would need. As the days before the season drew closer, the grocers would gather their merchandise, pack it in boxes, and have each box ready to be paid for and picked up when the hunters arrived. - - Even though times have changed, there’s one thing for sure. This part of the Texas Hill Country still holds the same allure for hunters and lovers of nature that it did years ago.


Your first visit is $49

The twice-defeated bond issue for the construction of a new Fredericksburg High School in the city carried during Saturday’s election and voters of the district favored the Kerr Road site. A record number of 1,963 voters cast their ballot on the bond issue question and of these, there were 1,137 who favored the bond issue and 826 were opposed, to give the bond issue a 311 vote margin. The annual election returns party, co-sponsored by the Fredericksburg Lions Club and the FHS Band Boosters, will be held Tuesday evening at the Fair Park Exhibition Hall. The St. Mary’s Parent Teacher Club is sponsoring its annual turkey dinner in the basement of St. Mary’s School, Sunday. Adult plates will be $1.25, and children’s, 60 cents. Heavy rains, some measuring more than five inches, fell

Travis ‘Victory or Death’ letter to return to Alamo Texas State Library and Archives Commission on Oct. 24 voted to allow the return of Col. William Barret Travis’ “Victory or Death” letter to the Alamo in March. This will the first time for the letter to be at the Alamo since it was written there on Feb. 24, 1836, at the beginning of the historic battle. Travis wrote the letter as Mexican forces under President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna laid siege. Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson made the request for the historic return, the General Land Office reported. Patterson said he is working to raise $100,000 in private donations to pay for transportation and security expenses to display the letter. Redistricting appeal is filed Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Oct. 19 filed an appeal asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse the D.C. district court’s decision to deny preclearance to the redistricting maps enacted by the Texas Legislature during the 2011 legislative session. Abbott claimed the Legislature satisfied legal requirements


1.Exam 2.Consultation 3.X-rays

O 113 E. Grothe St. c Trailmoor entrance

Knopp Nursing Home

in the county Sunday. Clarence Lochte who lives at Bear Creek recorded 5.50, along with some hail, while up at Doss, Fred Itz Store measured only 60 points. Two girls and four boys were born in local hospitals during the past week. Girls were born to Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Maurer, Oct. 27, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Hartmann, Harper, Oct. 25. Boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. Benno Wunderlich, Oct. 24; Mr. and Mrs. James Kraus, Oct. 27; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Doebbler, San Antonio, Oct. 28, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Journey, Austin, Oct. 30. The St. Mary’s Indians are in the top spot in the Southwest Texas Academic League after a 12-0 victory over the St. Anthony Yellowjackets Saturday evening. The Indians host St. Ed’s Saturday evening. The Mason Cowpunchers defeated the FHS Hillbillies 26-14 Friday. The Billies are traveling to San Saba Friday night.

State Capitol Highlights By Ed Sterling TEXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION

in drawing new district boundaries and asserted the lower court “improperly extended the Voting Rights Act beyond the limits imposed by the Constitution and created new standards that have never been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court.” 85 mph extension opens Texas Department of Transportation on Oct. 24 reported that it and the State Highway 130 Concession Company opened SH 130 between Austin and San Antonio. The new roadway featuring a speed limit of 85 mph spans 41 miles from Mustang Ridge southeast of Austin to Interstate 10 in Seguin with the idea being to relieve congestion on Interstate 35 in and around Austin. State Highway 130 Concession Company is under contract to operate and maintain the roadway for 50 years at no cost to the state. Non-TxTag drivers will be billed.

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that hunting has become more of an economic issue instead of recreational. Eventually back in the 1990s, opening day was moved to the first Saturday in November. - - Gosh almighty, have you been to the grocery store the last day or so? I stopped by ‘to milk the cow’ yesterday at noon and had to park practically in the hinterlands as nearly every parking slot was taken. There were also a number of hunting rigs parked on the lot — easily distinguishable with trailers pulling four-wheelers of one sort or another. Once I made my way into the store, it was nearly “bump and shove” down the aisles which were filled with what seemed to be hunters gathering groceries and other necessities for hunting camp. It’s not hard to notice which hunters don’t frequent grocery stores very much. Their carts always include all of the name brand products — not

Trailmoor Drive

tions around that date so as not to miss the first day of the season as well as a chance “at the big one.” Sometimes, school students would be absent with a “mysterious” bug, and if opening day fell on a Sunday morning, there would be lots of good parking spots at church. When I was a youngster, I remember that hunting season always began on the Saturday nearest Nov. 16. Ask nearly any rancher and he will agree that opening day should still be set this way. Ranchers agree that one advantage of opening the season later in November is the fact that the breeding season is well underway and the trophy whitetails have more time to “share their heritage” with the rest of the herd, so to speak. The quality of today’s whitetails continues to improve, thanks to the efforts of landowners, game associations, game wardens and biologists and the hunters themselves. But in recent years, it seems

Cont. from D2

Grothe Street


t’s amazing how important tomorrow’s weather is. Mothers want to know what’s likely so they can have the proper clothing ready for their children come morning and it’s time to get ready for school. Farmers and ranchers need to know about tomorrow’s weather because it affects so many things they do (or can’t do). Schools like knowing tomorrow’s forecast as well as long range since it dictates preparations for operations in every department in a public education system. That’s why several times a day, every day, most of us are glued to a radio or TV to get the latest weather update. Newspapers, particularly dailies and other multiple days of publication in a week, carry fairly extensive forecasts. Radio and TV stations devote a significant segment of their news programming to weathercasts, TV complete with maps, charts and other data. Television, of course, changed how we get the weather report. With TV, picking the right person to do the weather became significant. It has to be someone believable, who handles the techno-scientific aspects of

50 YEARS AGO In The Standard

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| October 31, 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



Schandua Robert Louis Schandua, 74, of Elgin, died Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012. Funeral services were held Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Providence-Jones Funeral Home in Elgin. Schandua was born Aug. 1, 1938, in Fredericksburg, the son of Emil (Shiney) Schandua and Norma Henke Schandua. In 1949, he contracted polio and spent the rest of his

Seiter Robert A. Seiter, 88, of Fredericksburg, died Sunday, Oct. 28, at Knopp Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Funeral services will be held Thursday, Nov. 1, at 11 a.m. in the chapel of Schaetter Funeral Home. Visitation will begin

life confined to a wheelchair. He graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 1956 and received a certificate in accounting from Nixon Clay Business College. He worked in the Austin area as an accountant for most of the remainder of his life. Schandua is survived by his wife, Freda, and children Rickey Glosson and Mary Thatcher Garrett, along with seven grandchildren and 17 foster children. He is also survived by a sister, Karen Burson of Ingram; a brother and sister-in-law, Emil (Jackie) and Toni Schandua of Fredericksburg, and a sister-in-law, Sarah Schandua of San Antonio. In addition to his parents, Schandua was preceded in death by two brothers, Charles David Schandua and Richard Michael Schandua Memorials may be made to the charity of choice.


ning, Oct. 26. Detjen was born Oct. 27, 1922, in Fredericksburg, the son of Henry and Emmie Detjen. He married Anne Stehling over 68 years ago and she survives. A United States Air Force veteran, Detjen served from 1940-1961, and held the rank of senior master sergeant at the time of retirement. After retiring from the USAF, he worked for 22 years at Western Southern Life Insurance. He also served as a volunteer at Seton Northwest Hospital, and sang in the USAF Catholic Base Choir, the Austin Saengerrunde Maennerchor and the Chorgemeinschaft of Texas. In addition to his wife, Detjen is survived by a daughter, Terri, and four sons, including Wayne and his wife, Carolyn; Karl and his wife, Donna; Jon and his wife, Choon Jung, and Robert; 15 grandchildren, and 21 greatgrandchildren.

SMSgt. Albert Henry Detjen (USAF, ret.), 89, of Austin, died Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012. A funeral mass was celebrated Saturday, Oct. 27, at noon at St. Albert the Great Catholic Church in Austin. Graveside services with full military honors and interment were held Monday, Oct. 29, at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. Arrangements were under the direction of Austin-Peel & Son Funeral Home of Austin at 10 a.m. where visitation and a rosary Interment will follow at service were held Friday eveGreenwood Cemetery. A funeral mass will be celRogers Memorials may be made to ebrated Thursday, Nov. 1, at 10 the American Cancer Society, L.P. (Pat) Rogers, 81, of a.m. at St. Anthony Catholic Campus Crusade for Christ Harper, died Monday, Oct. 29, Church in Harper with inter“Jesus Project” or to the char- 2012. ment following at St. Anthony ity of choice. Arrangements are under the Catholic Cemetery. A complete obituary will be direction of Schaetter Funeral Memorials may be made to published next week. Home where visitation will be St. Anthony Catholic Church, held today, Wednesday, Oct. the Harper Volunteer Fire 31, from 4:30-7 p.m. Department or the Harper A rosary and vigil service VFW. will begin at 6 p.m., today, in A complete obituary will be published next week. the funeral chapel. raiser for the society. Funds raised are used for For E-Delivery of Funeral Notices, altar flowers; supplies for sign up today at funerals and church socials; tray favors for the nursing homes and hospital in Fredericksburg and the Kerrville VA, and other projects of March 1, 1926 - October 25, 2012 the society for the benefit W.A. “Skeeter” Orton Jr. died of of the parish and community.

St. Rose Society planning annual bake sale Friday St. Rose Society of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church is hosting its annual bake sale on Friday, Nov. 2, at Weinheimer & Son Store in Stonewall. The bake sale will begin at 8 a.m. and continue until sold out. This is the only annual fund-

W.A. ‘Skeeter’ Orton Jr.


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Annie Roberta Mosel Lange October 21, 2012

Our loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother, Annie Roberta Mosel Lange passed away on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 at the age 85 years. A funeral mass was celebrated Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m., at St. Mary’s Catholic Church with Msgr. Enda McKenna officiating. Mary Ann Murchison was the pianist and Tricia Eilers, the vocalist. Graveside services and interment followed in the St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery. Pallbearers included Tom Cooper, Joe Favaro, Bart Hollis, Keith McMahan, Fred Mosel Jr. and Mark Pape. A vigil service and visitation were held Tuesday evening. Oct. 23, in the chapel at Schaetter Funeral Home. Annie was born in the Petersburg community to Walter A. and Lillie Reeh Mosel. She married Charles Joseph Lange on Feb. 17, 1947 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, where they were lifelong members. Annie and Charles lived happily in Fredericksburg their entire married life where they raised their three children. They enjoyed ranching and traveling. Annie worked at Mooney Aircraft for 25 years and retired in 1986. With retirement came volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul and friendship with patrons of the Golden Hub. Annie is survived by her children and spouses, Sharon and Roy Kasper of Harper, Brenda and Wes Hollis of Fredericksburg, and Tim and Rhonda Lange of Harper. She is also survived by five grandchildren: Sheila Kasper McMahan and husband, Keith; Bart Hollis and wife, Wendy; Hayley Hollis; Hillary Hollis; and Gina Lange Eckhardt. Survivors also include five great-grandchildren: Jackson and Regan McMahan, Stacie Linebaugh, Robbie Hollis and Madison Eckhardt; great-great-granddaughters: Elena and Isabella Linebaugh; a sister and brother-inlaw, Mildred and Robert Wheatley of San Antonio, and a brother, Frederick Mosel of Fredericksburg. Annie was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Charles, and a sister, Norma Mosel. Memorials may be made to the Golden Hub Community Center. Arrangements were under the direction of Schaetter Funeral Home. Expressions of sympathy may be sent at 6740.21pd

heart failure Thursday, Oct. 25, in Fredericksburg, where he had lived since 1994. A memorial service will be held Saturday, Nov. 3, at 3 p.m., at Beckmann Funeral Home. He was retired from Exxon in Baytown and later served on the board of directors of the Hill Country ExxonMobil Retirees Club. In Baytown, he spent many years coaching Little League, YMCA football and basketball teams. Born March 1, 1926 in Baytown, he graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1944 and played on the Gander football team that reached the state semi-finals. He also lettered in football at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. When he served in the U.S. Army in the early fifties, he played on a military football team that won the European championship in Germany. Skeeter’s earliest participation in sports was as a bat boy for the Humble Oilers semi-pro baseball team in Baytown. He married the former Wanda Jones in 1954. She survives, along with daughter Jan Kay McGowen and granddaughter Olivia Beth McGowen, all of Fredericksburg, and grandson Scott McGowen of Baytown. He was preceded in death by his parents, W.A. and Carrie Orton of Baytown. Skeeter received his bachelor’s degree in government and physical education at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, where he served as president of the Baytown Club, composed of students from his hometown. After his discharge from the Army, he was hired to coach at Baytown Junior High but decided instead to follow in his dad’s footsteps and work at Exxon, then Humble Oil and Refining Co. He retired in 1986. In the 1960’s, he received the Optimist Club Youth Award for his work in sports and also received the Baytown Community Service Award. He served on the first board of directors of the Baytown YMCA and was a charter member of the Bay Area Heritage Society. A member of First Baptist Church in Baytown, he attended the Methodist Church after moving to Fredericksburg and he especially enjoyed the Bible study and friendship in his Sunday School class. Besides sports, Skeeter loved music, all kinds of music from opera to pop tunes and old gospel hymns, and he enjoyed plays and movies. He often related the story about how he met his wife when they acted in a play a Lee College in Baytown. Backstage during a rehearsal, he asked Wanda for their first date. Going from the stage to real life, they spent 58 great years together. Skeeter was a loyal fan of Fredericksburg High School and St. Mary’s School teams and the St. Mary’s cheerleaders once awarded him the Spirit Stick for faithful attendance at games. He also received autographed baseballs and basketballs from various teams through the years in appreciation of his being one of their biggest fans. On two different occasions Skeeter was asked to pitch the first ball at an opening game of the Billies’ season. He was fascinated by history and on road trips he always scrutinized historical markers along the way. He also was interested in genealogy. He was also a member of the American Legion. Skeeter served as an assistant scoutmaster for many years and was a member of the East Harris District Scout Board and the Sam Houston Area Council in Houston. Condolences may be sent to the family on-line at Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Beckmann Funeral Home. 6775.21pd

Stoever Frankie Lorraine Stoever, 82, nee Thurman, of Stockdale, died Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Funeral services were held today, Wednesday, Oct. 31, at 10 a.m. at Finch Funeral Chapel in Stockdale with the Rev. Scott Jones officiating. Interment followed in the Stockdale Cemetery. Mrs. Stoever was born March 16, 1930, in Harper, the daughter of Frank Thurman and Edna Merl Sweatman Thurman. Her husband, Eugene Stoever Sr., preceded her in death. She is survived by one son, Eugene Stoever Jr. and his

Weaver Lt. Col. (ret.) Russell Edward Weaver Jr., 85, died Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012, at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. Graveside services with full military honors and interment are being held today, Wednes-

wife, Carmen, of Adkins; two daughters, Karron Childress and her husband, Verne, and Louise Stoever, all of Stockdale; 10 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grand­child­ren. Survivors also include a brother-in-law, N. J. Stoever of San Antonio, and two sisters-in-law, Ida Matocha and her husband, Al, of Houston, and Dorothy Baldwin of Kerrville. In addition to her husband and parents, Mrs. Stoever was preceded in death by a brother, Forrest Thurman. Memorials may be made to First Baptist Church of Stockdale or to the Melvin Neill Scholarship Fund. day, Oct. 31, 2012, at 2 p.m. at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. Arrangements are under the direction of Schaetter Funeral Home. A complete obituary will be published next week.

Charles Albert Kessler

September 25, 1927 ~ October 19, 2012 Charles Albert Kessler, 85, of Fredericksburg and formerly of Arlington Heights, Ill., Texas died Oct. 19, 2012, at Hill Country Memorial Hospital. Graveside services with military honors and interment were held Thursday, Oct. 25, at noon at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio with the Rev. Rick Hartmann officiating. Visitation and a prayer service were held Wednesday evening, Oct. 24, in the chapel at Schaetter Funeral Home. Charles was born Sept. 25, 1927, in San Antonio, the fourth and youngest child of Laurence Albert Kessler and Emma Alberthal Kessler. In addition to his parents, Charles was preceded in death by his oldest sister, Esther Fox; his brother, James Kessler, and his daughter, Barbara Kessler. Charles graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio where he was in ROTC, the ham radio club, and involved with the school annual. He took art lessons from well-known Texas artist Hugo Pohl for many years. After serving in the U.S. Army as an x-ray technician, he attended two years at the Kansas City Art Institute and then two years at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ill. On Aug. 26, 1949, he married his high school sweetheart, Jane Dale Porter. They moved to Chicago where Charles worked as an illustrator at Whitaker Guernsey Art Studio until they closed in 1958. Charles was able to use his talent in art to acquire work in the advertising industry. He started his long advertising career at Clinton E. Frank Advertising Agency, then D’Arcy McManus, and eventually to Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, all in Chicago. He was then offered a position at Bozell Jacobs Advertising Agency in Detroit, Mich., where he was Vice President and Executive Art Director until his retirement in 1996. Charles had multiple hobbies and interests during his lifetime. His true loves were painting, music and golfing. He would be at the local driving range every night after coming home from work. His passion for golf was so intense, he thought his calling in life was to teach everyone the perfect golf swing. He taught himself to read music and learn to play the string bass and electric bass guitar. He was a member of the Northwest Symphony outside Chicago and he played in the orchestras for Music on Stage and Off Broadway Theatre Companies in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. In San Antonio, Texas, he played with the Lamp Lighters, a big band, as well as playing with the church choir for Zion Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg. One of his proudest achievements was auditioning and becoming a lifetime member of the Chicago Musicians Union. He was very proud of his Musicians Union card and always carried it with him. Other hobbies included being an Amateur Ham Radio Operator, building and flying radio-controlled airplanes, fly fishing, especially in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Live Steam Model Railroading, restoring his 1956 MG TD antique car, and touring on his BMW motorcycles. He always found time to enjoy all of these interests. He is survived by his loving wife, Jane, of 64 years; a daughter, Linda Kessler Spencer and her husband, Carlton Spencer, as well as a son, David Laurence Kessler and wife, Marla Nelson Kessler. He also has five grandchildren: William A. Kessler, Timothy D. Spencer, Griffin C. Kessler, William H. Kessler and Halle P. Kessler. He is also survived by his sister, Dorothy Kessler Weber of Mountain View, Calif. Charles loved life and lived every moment to the fullest. He always made a friend with anyone he met and could maintain a conversation with anyone from any walk of life. He could paint a picture with his words and you could visualize the scene. His family and many friends loved and adored him. He will be truly missed. In lieu of flowers the family wishes that memorials be given in his memory to the Zion Lutheran Church, Alzheimer’s Association or to the charity of your choice. Expressions of sympathy may be sent at Funeral arrangements were under the direction of the Schaetter Funeral Home, Fredericksburg. 5640.16pd

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| October 31, 2012

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| October 31, 2012


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SCHOOL NEWS Fall Fling draws 100 to park Special needs students, families enjoy games, activities A Fall Fling Fest for special needs students and their families was held Saturday, Oct. 20, at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. Hosting the event were special education teachers Renata Vanderburg, Sheryl Stafford, Mij Conway and Randi Sargent, along with assistants from the Fredericksburg Independent School District. The event included games and activities like bean bag and football toss, pumpkin

Theater troupe to put ‘St. Louis’ on FHS stage Actors in the Fredericksburg High School Competition Theater Productions Class and One-Act Play Prep will present “Meet Me in St. Louis” on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 10 and Nov. 12-13. Curtain times will be 7 p.m. those dates in the Fredericksburg High School Auditorium. The production lasts approximately 40 minutes without intermission. Admission will be $3 for students and $5 for nonschool staff adults. (No checks will be accepted.) Based on the book by Sally Benson, “Meet Me in St. Louis” was adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel. “It’s rare for a play to capture truly a special moment in time, a particular moment in the lives of some real people. What makes this play so exceptional is not only that it does this so beautifully, but that it’s done with fun, excitement, and some broad comedy scenes that often stop the show with laughter,” said instructor Jacki Maenius. This Thislogo logocan canbe be

and face painting and a large castle bounce house and slide. Hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled by Albert and Ginger Holzscheiter and served with all the trimmings. Kyle Treibs provided music for the event. Businesses donating to the event included Walmart, HEB, Dutchman’s Market, Craig’s Charlie’s Grill and Golf, Fredericksburg Bakery, Clear River Pecan Company, Tootie Pie Company, Vogel Orchards

St. Mary’s releases honor roll FHS students earn 123 students receive academic recognition in first term One hundred and twentythree students in grades four through eight received academic recognition for the first nine-week grading period at St. Mary’s School. In all, 60 students received High Honors (average of core subjects is 94 or higher) and 63 earned Honors (average of core subjects between 85 and 93). High Honors went to 21 fourth graders, 17 fifth graders, seven sixth graders, 11 seventh graders and four eighth graders. Earnings Honors were seven fourth graders, 15 fifth graders, nine sixth graders, 22 seventh graders and 10 eighth graders. The following students were recognized:

High Honors Fourth grade: Lauren Beyer, Brittley Bowers, Kannon Danz, Mary Danze, Hal Degenhardt, Parker Feuge, Kailey Fisher, Kolby Fryburger, Anna Gold, Karson Hagel, Alonna McCaffrey, Michael Meeks, Caleb Olfers,

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PAINTING PUMPKINS at the Fall Fling Fest on Oct. 20 at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park were Desare Cantu and Samantha Holzscheiter, right. Approximately 100 people attended the event that included games, activities and food.

and First Baptist Church. Helping make the event a success were Mary Chiles and Leesa Sagebiel, according to organizers. Chris Turner from Fredericksburg Middle School helped create the games. Volunteers from the NJROTC at Fredericksburg High School included Chief Joseph Powell, Maverick Maxcy, Elisa Rivas, Casandra Camancho, Fernando Arredo, Carlos Neri and Ashley Smith.

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Enzo Perrin, Molly-Kimber­ lyn Ross, Isabella Sanchez, Jakob Schandua, Baylie Seegers, Cade Terry, William Vorauer and Carlotta Wilkinson. Fifth grade: Bethany Crenwelge, Amy Dittmar, Taylor Erwin, Katherine Haight, Elizabeth Lindsay, Ryan Majors, Hunter Metzger, Camryn Mikosh, Karlie Nebgen, Quentin Petsch, Emilia Smajstrla, Jaci Spies, Dana Stableford, Avery Stephens, Annette Viveros, Landon West and Joshua Wienecke. Sixth grade: Emery Boettcher, Brant Bowers, Morgyn Granville, Trent Henk, Rain Skelton, Maddie Squyres and Ethan Williams. Seventh grade: Abbey Eckhardt, Bryce Erwin, Julia Maenius, Sean Majors, Tyler Maurer, Isabelle Mohon, Daylon Nebgen, Dominick Petsch, Hayden Schan­dua, Harrison Spisak, and Hayli Wells. Eighth grade: Bryce Bowers, Christopher Bowser, Jacob Duderstadt and Ian Kendrick. Honors Fourth grade: Kinley Kott, Nicholas Lewis, Shanty Lopez, Ambriel Mitchell, Lucas Perez, Dillon Rabon and Mary Catherine Westfall. Fifth grade: Adam Albiter,

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Opa’s Smoked Meats Kiolbassa Slovacek Sausage Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods Gillespie County Fair Association Ben E Keith – Budweiser Keg 1 O’Neal Real Ale Brewing Company Stroeher & Olfers Weinheimer & Son Behrends Feed Lochte Feed Woerner Feed Big Daddy’s Guide Service Rockin’ U Taxidermy Chämpe Jennings Jewelry Adobe Custom Golf Pro-Build Eilers Steel Arrowhead Bank Gillespie Auto Supply – NAPA DR Welding Reeh Plumbing Biederman’s Ace Hardware Dutchman’s Meat Market Capital Farm Credit – Fredericksburg William Chris Vineyards Becker Vineyards Round Mountain Vineyards Woodrose Winery Grape Creek Vineyards Fredericksburg Winery Fovel Family Vineyards James Avery Craftsman Gästehaus Schmidt Reservation Service Metzger’s Sunday Haus Rockbox Theater Reiki & Reflexology Anytime Fitness Charles Beckendorf Gallery Wal-Mart Boone Schneider/72 Degrees Marilyn Fovel Richard & Joann Rangel Larry & Diane Reeh Carolyn Schultz John & Melinda Eilers Jed & Brenda Eilers Matt & Lorena Seidenberger

The Knights of Columbus would like to thank everyone who attended Bestfest. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Congratulations to the winners of our Kawasaki mule, gun and ‘bucket-prize’ drawings! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GUN WINNERS.

Phyllis Klett Gary Stahl Kelton Duecker George Stehling Steven Mohr Barry Bradley Buddy Eilers Bob Tassan Duane Delawter Johnny Fox Gina Enderlin Daniel Reeh Dennis Henke Chris Obermeier

Andrew Pesek Marcus Grahmann Robert Bernal, Jr. Sherman Durst Jim Appelt Alonzo Peña Cord Switzer BJ Spisak Donald Woehl Charles Donaubauer Jason Pesek Jim Patak Brett Davis

Brent Cossey Michael Atkins Marissa Weinheimer Buddy Eilers Kendal Gebauer Alvin Weinheimer Melodi Frederick Betty Eckhardt Eduardo Cvercko Lisa Knight Buddy Eilers Kayla Eckhardt Amy Crenwelge Jackie Stump Matthew Fisher Wanda Reeh Laura Nelson Karen Powell

Ryan Patton Robert Rendon Sam Aldrich Chuck Hughes Mark Meeks Beverly Pesek Johnny Vasicek Bruce Reeh David Weinheimer Nathan Walter Larry Wunderlich Hector Pedregon Rene Avalos Larry Rabalais Jeff Laird David Murray Ray Gilbert

Augustine Danze, Victoria Danze, Judah Farmer, Marilyn Gonzalez, Tommy Johnson, Lauren Kennedy, Trent Kozielski, Isabel Menendez, A.J. Rawls, Davis Reeh, Clay Rode, Daniel Sauer, Kora Young and Santiago Zurita. Sixth grade: Hayden Ahrens, Lea Cantu, Andrew Coleman, Jessica Hardin, Dalton Rabon, Ryan Vick, Calissa Vollmar, Elena Walch and William Westfall. Seventh grade: Grace Allen, Ryann Brodnax, Elizabeth Calhoun, Chris Calzada, Celeste Carson, Blake Castro, Bobby Johnson, Connor Kennedy, Trevor Kozielski, Chance Lange, Nicholas Pena, Sache Perrin, Kathryn Rodriguez, Mary Grace Romanick, Peter Romanick, Melissa Ruano, Corbin Smajstrla, Riggs Threadgill, Holt Vestal, Vanessa Viveros, Mason Wagner and James Westfall. Eighth grade: Mila Avalos, Elijah Farmer, Jessica Jarreau, Rylan Johnson, Brandon Kneese, Justin Larremore, Claire Lukacs, Tyler Montemayor, Loic Rhyne and Hannah Wilson.

Merit Scholarship program honors Hinton, Itz cited

Two Fredericksburg High School students — Amanda Hinton and Matthew Itz — were recently named Commended Students in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program, according to an announcement from FHS principal Lynn Blackwell. A letter of commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), which conducts the program, will be presented to the two seniors by Blackwell. About 34,000 commended students throughout the nation are recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Although they will not continue in the 2013 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the

top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2013 competition by taking the 2011 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®). “Recognizing academically talented students plays a fundamental role in the advancement of educational excellence within our nation,” commented an NMSC spokesperson. “The young people recognized as Commended Students represent some of the best and brightest minds in the country as demonstrated by their outstanding performance in our highly competitive program. We sincerely hope this recognition will provide them with additional educational outlets and motivate them in their pursuit of academic achievement.”


1904 North Llano Fredericksburg, TX 78624


Dear Friends of Gillespie County Children: Would you be surprised to know that our community has not escaped all the destructive forces of the big cities? Child abuse and child neglect occur here, too, and the number of victims is growing. This letter is a request for your help to provide these children the support they need to achieve recovery and prepare to live normal lives. The Gillespie County Child Services Board, Inc., an organization of community volunteers, acts as a liaison between the community and the Child Protective Services Program. The Gillespie County Child Services Board (GCCSB) helps provide funds for school supplies and clothing, gives birthday and Christmas gifts, and assists with other needs as they arise. The GCCSB receives a limited amount of funding from the county, but receives no state or federal funds. Your donation makes you an advocate for the children in our community. Early support is critical to help these children achieve success in life. Please make a donation; any amount is appreciated. You may wish to honor friends or relatives by giving a donation in their name(s). Thank you for your generosity and support of the abuse and neglected children and atheir foster families in our area. All funds will support the abused and neglected children. Sincerely,



SAVE THE DATE FOR BESTFEST 2013 OCTOBER 19th, 2013 6712.21

Gillespie County Child Services Board Enclosed is my donation of____$25____$50____$100____$250 ____$500 or more I would like to give this donation ______in honor of ______in memory of ___________ Name___________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________ Please return to GCCSB. Thank you! Building a better tomorrow for children who are abused and neglected.

Elizabeth Althaus Mary Jo Brooker Marjorie Cardwell Henry Etta Collier Jane Crone Kristie Elliott

Board Members Peggy Hannon Kathryn Harrison Paula Kaiser Janet Lindemann Carol Pace

Betty Phillips Lucille Rochs Kathy Sanford Lyda Slayton Shirley Truitt 6745.21

AG & OUTDOORS Farm Bureau urges reform Gillespie County families are calling for aid from legislators to help preserve family farms by establishing permanent estate tax reform during the lame duck session. “Estate taxes can be devastating for a family business, including farms and ranches that have been handed down for generations,” said Elgin Pape, president of the Gillespie County Farm Bureau. The tax requires families to pay on land and assets owned by a family member when that person dies. The estate tax exemption is $5 million in assets, and assets above that are taxed at a 35 percent top rate. “If Congress doesn’t act on estate taxes before the end of the year, the estate tax exemption will drop to $1 million and the top rate will increase to 55 percent,” Pape said. “Farmers are asset rich and cash poor, and those changes could really devastate our family farms as they’re already experiencing the loss of a loved one.” Farm Bureau supports a lower estate tax top rate and higher exemption as well as a permanent extension of the 15 percent capital gains tax. The capital gains tax is set to increase from 15 to 20 percent if Congress does not take action before year’s end.

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October 31, 2012

| D7

Livestock Auction Report Gillespie Livestock Co., Inc. Market Report October 24, 2012 CATTLE — 974 head Cows & Bulls ............ 1-2 lower Cows ............... 60.00-82.00 cwt Bulls ................ 80.00-98.00 cwt Steers ........................... Steady Heifers ......................... Steady Bred Cows ................... 900.00-1350.00 hd Cow & Calf Pairs ................... 1000.00-1650.00 pr

FIRST BUCK — Eight-year-old Derek Whitworth of Fredericksburg shot his first white-tail deer, a nine-pointer on Saturday, Oct. 27, on the Whitworth Ranch near Stonewall during the Special Youth-Only Season that was offered over the weekend.

THUMBS UP — Six-year-old Kadence Simmons of Fredericksburg shot her first white-tail buck on Sunday, Oct. 28, around 8 a.m. on the Wilson Ranch in Gillespie County. The nine-pointer dressed 128 points, and was shot during the Special Youth-Only Season held this past weekend. Simmons is the daughter of Steve Wilson and Laurie Ottmers.

Tax relief due to some sellers Farmers and ranchers in Gillespie County who were forced to sell draft animals, breeding livestock or dairy animals early because of drought, flood or weatherrelated conditions have been granted more time to defer payment of capital gains taxes on replacement animals, according to Elgin Pape, president of the Gillespie County Farm Bureau. “The deferment for purchasing replacement animals is normally four years,” Pape said, but the Internal Revenue Service has extended the replacement period because of the drought. Gillespie County has a replacement period for livestock that has been extended to the first taxable year after the drought ends. More information is available by reading IRS Notice 2012-62, which can be found at irs-drop/N-12-62.pdf.

DELANEY WHITORTH, 12, of Fredericksburg bagged this nine-point white-tailed buck on the Whitworth Ranch near Stonewall on Sunday, Oct. 28, while hunting during the Special Youth-Only Season over the weekend.

Medium to Large Frame #1 Steers 200-300 lbs .. 185.00-240.00 cwt. 300-400 lbs .. 175.00-230.00 cwt. 400-500 lbs .. 145.00-200.00 cwt. 500-600 lbs .. 140.00-172.00 cwt. 600-700 lbs .. 125.00-152.00 cwt. Heifers 200-300 lbs .. 160.00-222.50 cwt. 300-400 lbs .. 150.00-200.00 cwt. 400-500 lbs .. 140.00-175.00 cwt. 500-600 lbs .. 130.00-155.00 cwt. 600-700 lbs .. 120.00-141.00 cwt. Lower Quality Steers: 60.00-100.00 cwt. Lower Quality Heifers: 70.00-110.00 cwt. Sheep & Goats – 2841 head Lambs and kids steady. No. 1 Wool Lambs 40-60 lbs ................... 130.00-175.00 cwt. No. 1 Wool Lambs 60-80 lbs ................... 110.00-170.00 cwt. Packer Ewes ... 50.00-95.00 cwt. Sp/Boex Kids (20-40 lbs.) ................... 150.00-215.00 cwt. Sp/Boex Kids (40-60 lbs.) ................... 150.00-200.00 cwt. Sp/Boex Kids (60-80 lbs.) ................... 150.00-200.00 cwt. Packer Sp/Boex Nannies ..................... 80.00-150.00 cwt. Stocker Sp/Boex Nannies ................... 100.00-160.00 cwt. BBDO Lambs 40-60 lbs. .................. 145.00-175.00 cwt. DORPX Lambs 40-60 lbs. ................... 150.00-210.00 cwt. DORPX Lambs 60-80 lbs. ................... 140.00-200.00 cwt. Sp/Boex Muttons .................... 140.00-180.00 cwt. Angora Nannies ..................... 60.00-110.00 cwt. Angora Kids (Shorn) ................... 135.00-160.00 cwt. Boex Billies . 110.00-185.00 cwt. Slaughter Lambs 100-150 lbs. ...................... 95.00-120.00 cwt. Slaughter Lambs 45-80 lbs. ................... 140.00-205.00 cwt. DORPX Ewe Lambs ................... 180.00-220.00 cwt. 1 1 4 1 1 1

Representative Sales: red str, 500 lbs @ ... 172.00 blk str, 620 lbs @ ... 149.00 blk str, 403 lbs @ ... 196.00 gry hfr, 320 lbs @ .. 200.00 blk hfr, 405 lbs @ ... 170.00 char hfr, 590 lbs @.. 141.00

cwt cwt cwt cwt cwt cwt

The Shutter Factory, Inc.


Polycore & Wood Shutters Blinds & Shades on Shutters & Blinds *Repaint, Repair & Rehang Shutters* 18 yrs. Family Owned & Operated 17 yrs. Family Owned & Operated

Located off Loop 534 & Legion Dr.

(830) 896-7110 • 1-800-308-9881 3301 Legion Dr. • Kerrville, TX


Howdy HVA C/R Services

We fix deer coolers & more TACLA 26902R




BAGGING his first white-tail buck on Saturday, Oct. 27, around 8:30 a.m. while hunting on the Rahm Ranch off U.S. Highway 87 was 10-yearold A.J. Rawls. The St. Mary’s fifth grader shot the eight-pointer during the Special Youth-Only Season that was held over the weekend.







Coverage continues on Friday, November 2nd from the Fredericksburg Jaycees’ Turkey Shoot, then on to the first day of Hunting Season. We’ll visit with hunters from around the Hill Country, taping their hunting stories and reporting all the numbers hunters want to know, which will be aired on KNAF-AM 910 from 1-3pm Sunday, November 4th. Encore presentation, 3-5pm. Listen for our series of Hunting Safety Tips, November through December!

6816.21 6716.21


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

© 2012 by Vicki Whiting, Editor

Uh-oh! This little monster chewed up some of the words in the article below. Can you find where each word belongs?

Jeff f Schinkel, Graphics

Pretend you are a reporter for the Monstrolot City newspaper. Write a news story telling the results of the election. Be sure to tell who, what, when, where, why and how! Cut and paste the pictures below into your article.

Vol. 28, No. 46 V

Find one or more facts and opinions in each monster candidate’s speech. This election is about the future of Monstrolot City. Do we want to spend the year sneaking around, vanishing when seen, and being reduced to causing goose bumps? I think not!

Right now, we can only scare between midnight and 5 a.m. Monsters should not have limits!

Standards Link: Writing Applications: Write expository compositions using newspaper format.

Vote for me and every monster, great and small, will screech whenever he or she wants, leap out during quiet campfires and howl at ALL hours!







It’s no secret that scares are down 10%. More monsters onsters are leaving our city than are moving about ving in. This election is abo out maintaining monsters ining the dignityy of monste ers everywhere. everyw wheere.


My plan for mysterious creepiness will result in moree shivers and runaway imaginations!

I believe it’s what we can’t seee that scares us most. A vote for me is a vote for the creepy traditions that have made Monstrolot City great!

V factory t .


Find the words in the puzzle. Then look for each word in this week’s Kid Scoop stories and activities. C S D I C N A R Y E D C R E E F P K W L Y A Y K A E R C H I E R Y C C U C O I D I E T L M A W R S O W S A N I L L K P C O E S O O G S B M O H S R E V I H S U R S H A D O W S T B C Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognized identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.

Facts vs. Opinions People, like the monsters in Monstrolot City, use both facts and opinions to persuade others to vote for them. Choose a Letter to the Editor from this newspaper. Underline the facts in red and the opinions in blue. Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Expository critique, students distinguish between fact and opinion in text.

Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Expository Critique, students distinguish between fact and opinion in text.

The Winner is … Can you rearrange the words on each sign so that these monsters make sense?

Cut out and paste numbers from the newspaper into each box. Add these “votes” and see who wins the election!

Flora Whisp

Howie Jumpalott

Imagine that you are the first human to run for office in Monstrolot City. What campaign promises would you make to monsters?

Standards Link: Math: Calculate sums.

Ugandan tapestries, goods to be featured in weekend sale Handmade tapestries made by village women in Uganda will be available for purchase this weekend at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 601 West Creek Street. The sale will run from 2-6 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3, and from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4. The exhibit will include many stitcheries ready to be framed, as well as those that have already been made into pillows and book bags. Additionally, beads, Ugandan dresses and shirts will also be available. The goods are brought here through a mission project of

Did you know. . . people have known The

Creek Street Dental

Benefits of reading

General Restorative Dentistry

the newspaper for

“Continuing a tradition of excellence.”

a long time . . .

New patients welcome

a very long time

the Episcopal Diocese of West 101 West Creek Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 Texas called “Threads of Blessing” in which village women are empowered through 339.47tf establishment of their own micro-enterprises. The program returns 100 percent of the cost of each item back to the individual woman who made the work. Mission groups from this ® area go to Uganda several times a year to teach classes and act as liaisons between the village women and the Episcopal Diocese, through which the articles are sold. Bill & Kim Nash In an agrarian economy in which the average yearly salaNew & Used Sales ry is $1,000, money earned for Parts, Service & Rentals a tapestry can make a signifi4220 Loop 534 & 173 Bandera Hwy • Kerrville cant contribution to the family and is oftentimes enough to buy seed, send a child to Cont. from D6 “$250 XRT Bonus Cash for Oct. & Nov.”6226.19eo school or seek health care. The play revolves around four attractive sisters who are all excited over the World’s Fair that is about to open in St. Louis. They are also all “Flooring Specialists” in a state over the love life of their only brother, whom they Warm up with the richness of hardwood flooring! suspect of ditching his sweet hometown girl in favor of a “snob” from the East. In the midst of the sisters’ humorous maneuvers to rule (or ruin) their brother’s new romance, their father finally breaks in with his announcement that he’s been offered a better job in New York. This means the family will leave their home in St. Louis Also see our tile, and miss the fair. At this, the natural stone, girls unite for action.

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Cars & Care f l o G


FHS play

Hill Country Home Center Luxurious, yet practical ShawDanner-Rustic Natural Red Oak flooring.

carpet and window covering sales

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Knopp Assisted Living Center, Inc. Available for Long Term Living and Short Term Vacation Stays.

Now offering private suites! Each suite offers a private bedroom with sitting room and private bathroom! Come visit our beautiful new rooms! They provide the comfort of home with the peace of mind of 24 hour assistance.

Amenities & Personal Care Services Private rooms with shared or private baths – furnished or unfurnished Home cooked meals and snacks Housekeeping and Laundry Daily Activities, Frequent Outings and Guest Entertainment! Beauty and Barber Shop Services Gated Property for Independence and Safety 24 hour staff assistance Medication Assistance Assistance with Dressing, Bathing and Grooming Medicare B Therapy and Restorative Therapies Available Transportation, if needed We work with home health, hospice and private duty sitters to meet your family’s needs.


401 S. Lincoln ~ Showroom is Located Inside Kingwood Studios Building 830-997-8375 • 830-990-7585 fax • Open from 8 - 5 Monday - Friday and 8 - 12 Saturday


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New On the Market! 3/2 popular Medina plan has many upgrades, fireplace, bay windows and a fantastic private backyard. $249,500 304 Heritage Hills Drive 1437 sq.ft. $225,500 211 Peach Tree Lane UNDER CONTRACT 2404 sq.ft. $265,000 305 Chase Oaks Place 2177 sq.ft. $293,500 125 W. Creekview 2451 sq.ft. $322,500 UNDER CONTRACT All properties are located in Heritage Hill Country, an active adult community. One occupant must be 55 yrs or older. Luxury clubhouse, heated pool/spa, nature trails, live creek, workout facility.

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Town & Country

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WE HAVE RANCHES, BUILDING SITES IN TOWN AND IN THE COUNTRY, COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, BED AND BREAKFAST, INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, WINERY AND VINEYARD PROPERTIES AND MORE. CALL ANY OF OUR AGENTS TODAY! $185,000 – 1940’s within walking distance of Main St w/3 beds, 2 bath, garage, smaller lot and Zoned C-1 for an office business. Remodeling allowance offered by seller. #64444 $240,000 – in the country w/views on 2+ acres is this warm and cozy 3 bed, 2 bath w/dbl. detached garage. 5 minutes from downtown but with country quiet. #65399 $282,500 – Heritage Hill Country home is 3 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage w/easy access to clubhouse, pool, walking trails and mailbox. Enjoy your retirement. #64717 $335,350 – large 4 bed, 2 baths on 15+ acres, with ag use, spacious living. Bring your animals or your 4-H/FFA project, plant your garden and ride your horse. # 65174 $349,900 – 20 acres southwest of town w/large open kitchen, formal dining, upstairs has 2 extra bedrooms, 3 beds, 3 baths total and wet weather creek. #64492 $359,000 – working B & B or your weekend get-away in this 1800’s frame home one block south of Main w/3 beds, 2 baths on corner lot, move right in. great yard #65020 $443,880 – turn of the century frame on large corner lot with 3 beds, 2 ½ baths, detached garage, large rooms, open living/dining concept, garden or pool space. #65038 $457,350 – 2 miles out on 10 acres, 2600+ square feet has 3 beds, 2 ½ baths, country kitchen w/work island, great outbuilding, sandy/ loam soils, fenced. #65191 $475,000 – residential home in Central Business District zoning has 3 beds, 2 baths in this 1940’s restored brick home, office, B & B or your home close to Main. #65326 $549,500 – look no more, 1800 limestone home, running creek, close to town on acreage, 3 bed, 2 bath, barn, windmill and in-ground pool. It’s waiting! #64208 $575,000 – 5200 square feet in great condition on 1.4 acre lot with 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, formal living, den, great kitchen/breakfast area, office, patio, apartment, storage on quiet street in great neighborhood. #65097 $775,000 – nearly 60 acres w/3300 square foot home, secluded, super views, spring, fenced, 5 beds, 3 baths, storage, tile and wood floors, granite countertops and more. #64628 $2,695,000 – contemporary Hill Country by Rhotenberry Wellen Architect. This home has it all 5 beds, 6 baths, 2-half baths, open kitchen-dining, exercise room, family room, pool w/pool house, four separate patios, large amount of furnishings and accessories remain, just 5 minutes from town, beautiful grounds, 3-car garage. Must See $2,985,500 – this residential compound on 11 acres emulates an 1860’s farm house with 2 bed, 2 ½ bath main home w/attached garage, pool, pool house, 2-bedroom guest apartment, workshop w/ detached garage and tree-house apartment, barn, garden area, seasonal creek,1500 book library room, 12-seat dining room, large great room. #65322 $3,400,000 – 131.25 acres with Hill Country estate including 2 bed, 2 bath main home w/large kitchen, outdoor living/dining/entertaining room, 2 bed, 2 bath guest quarters, exercise room and 3-car garage. Also separate 4274 square foot workshop, 1 bed, 1 bath guest apartment, office, canning room, potting shed, pool, 500 bottle wine cellar with views, seclusion & quiet but only 12 minutes from Main Street.

For All Things Real Estate

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HOMES NEW! 3bdrm, 1bath, lg lot for expansion, walking distance to Main St, garage w/wkshop/storage $134,900 REDUCED! 3bdrm, 2bath, wood flrs, open floor plan, granite countertops, master opens to deck $249,000 REDONE INTERIOR! 3bdrm, 1bath, granite w/tin backsplash, recent flooring, w/storage building $139,500 HILLTOP TOWNHOUSE! 2bdrm, 2bath, lg living area, new carpet, wood burning fp, great views $312,000 VIEW FROM PATIO! 2bdrm, 2bath, brick, lots of built-ins & work space, master w/access to deck $225,000 ESTABLISHED NEIGHBORHOOD! 2bdrm, 1bath, laminate wood flooring, lg back yard, by schools $149,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION! 3bdrm, 2bath, custom cabinets, detailed ceilings, cul-de-sac, Stone Ridge $279,900 RICH IN HISTORY! 4bdrm, 2bath, orig log home, reno &updated, loft, turnkey w/furnishings,B&B $405,000 HOMES W/ACREAGE WELL BELOW APPRAISAL! 4bdrm, 2.5bath, 6+ac, custom home, extensive lighting, fp, red barn $495,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION! 3bdrm, 2.5bath, 8+/-ac, cathedral ceilings, open concept, wooded land $450,000 PRIVATE HOME! 2bdrm, 1bath, 1.5ac, brick, ‘12 texture & paint, laminate floors, move-in ready $125,000 BREATHTAKING VIEWS! 2bdrm, 2.5bath, 4.9ac, estate quality, antique doors, hand-cut stone, fp $945,000 MINUTES TO TOWN! 3bdrm, 2bath, 15ac, new paint, roof &appliances, remodeled bath, fenced $345,000 HISTORY + VIEWS! 4bdrm, 3bath, 13+ac, red oak flooring, sunroom w/ceiling height windows,fp $799,000 CUSTOM RANCH HOME! 6bdrm, 5bath, 3.8ac, 2 master suites, guest house, expansive porches $489,500 LAND BEAUTIFUL ACREAGE! 99 ac, gated entry, paved rd to improvements, 2 metal bldgs, near town $1,350,000 GENTLY ROLLING 58ac, ‘08 custom home w/barn + living qtrs, minutes from Stonewall, private $777,000 RECREATIONAL LAND! 23+ac, mobile homes permitted, river, by airport, will consider dividing $447,000 CORNER LOT! Mature pecan trees, walking distance to Main St, storage building, FBG Addition $175,000 MANY POSSIBILITES! 10ac, multi-family residential, potential damming of waterway, lush land $107,107 TRACT IN ALAMO SPRINGS! 5ac, heavily wooded w/cedar, well&elect on property, great views $52,900 COMMERCIAL REDUCED! 3/2 zoned CBD, access to Barons Creek, high traffic area, by Nimitz, lg parking area $379,900 OFFICE/WAREHOUSE, 4.16 ac, well & septic, Hwy 16 frontage, 1 mi from city, willing to divide $299,900 MAIN ST RETAIL SPACE! 2story, historic rock bldg, living qtrs, basement, loading dock, porch $795,000

#65437 #65028 #65374 #65349 #65170 #62402 #64413 #63915 #65341 #65209 #64944 #64797 #64725 #64256 #63814 #64955 #64738 #64938 #63709 #64519 #65418 #65373 #65215 #65167

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| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Owner Says Sell! Prices Reduced! Just in time for Hunting Season!

20.77 ac., 36 mi. W. of Fredericksburg. Great Hunting Land. Only $3,290/ac. $68,364 or $607/mo. Convenient Horse Property 10.01 ac., 2.5 mi. N. of Harper Hwy. 783 w/400 ft. of Hwy. Frontage. Open and level. Great for horses, No Mobiles. $6,480/ac. or $575/mo. Water Property 8.12 ac., 1+ mi. of Harper, Building Site w/Pond, Water Well, Power, Big Oaks. Mobiles OK. $82,170 or $731/mo. Owner Financing Available on All Properties, Texas Vet OK 830-896-1020

Kerr Land Company






FSBO: 313 W. Park. 4 bed­ room, 1.5 baths. REDUCED to $149,000. Serious inquiries. 830‑456‑6523. FSBO: Sunday House style featured in Country Living Magazine. 3/2 home with dip­ping pool and separate cottage. Info and photos, go to buymy­home., 411 W. Burbank, Fredericksburg, TX. $339,000. No realtors. 830‑992‑ 7980. HISTORICAL RESIDENTIAL RANCH FOR SALE BY OWNER: Loma Ranch, 50+ acres 4.5 miles east of Freder­icksburg off RR 1631 with 1903 German rock house, three barns and mag­ nificent north view across 38 acre coastal field. Both sides of year‑round creek (Palo Alto). By appoint­ment only. 830‑997‑3521, lo­ 266 ACRES, Menard County. 288 Acres, Mason County. Ready for hunting season. Sammy Martin, Broker 325‑265‑ 4244, www. huntingpropertiesrus.­com.

BY OWNER: 1940’s 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, 950 s.f., 8 acres, 7 miles out FM 965. $169,000. David, 830‑456‑9467.

40+/‑ AC. Peaceful with large trees but less than 10 mi. from Fredericksburg. A great place to call home and priced to sell. 325‑396‑3050. FSBO: 65 Highridge Lane. 5 Acres, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 4514 sq.ft. Limestone Home, 3 car garage, stainless steel appli­ ances, wood floors. Move‑in ready. Serious inquires only 830‑ 990‑9300 $575,000. FSBO: Lot 35, Carriage Hills #10, Fredericksburg, TX, 114 Tanglewood Dr. $67,000. 830‑ 990‑9300.

INCOME PRODUCING, PRIME COMMERCIAL location, in­ cludes house, apartment and warehouse, includes 5 rentals. $349,000 or Make offer. Call LREB, 830‑456‑3967. DAS JAGER HAUS, INCOME PRODUCING CABIN ON 8.87 ACRES near Fredericksburg. Unique cabin, central AC, wire­ less internet, workshop, metal building, off paved road. Turn key operation, ag‑exempt, low property tax. $199,000. das­ 512‑347‑1325 by owner. FSBO: +/‑ 22 acres, tremen­dous hill top building sites with views, 3 minutes from town. Owner financing available. $369,000. 830‑456‑4158. HOME ON 36 FENCED ACRES, HARPER: Immaculate, like new, 12 yrs., 3/2/2 with screened room, barns, terrain nice for horse farm. 211 Jung Rd., 3+ miles off 290. $299,900. Call for a showing, Bitkower As­soc., 830‑257‑6592.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: Prime corner location. Historic District, includes 4 rentals. $299,000 or Make offer. Call LREB, 830‑456‑3967. FOR SALE BY OWNER: 3,317 sf, on 1 plus acre. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with large detatched garage with shop. Close to town, with nice grass and trees. $365,000. 830‑997‑9518. FSBO: LOT 3 High River Ranch, 4.2 Acres $125,000. 830‑990‑9300. VIEWS OVERLOOKING FRED­ ERICKSBURG: Minutes from town on 87 South, level building sites, private paved road ac­cess, good restrictions, lots of trees and wildlife, very private. 10.5 to 25 acre tracts. Tracts from $12,000 to $14,000 per acre. Call Terry at 830‑456‑ 2734.

SANDY, TX, RR 1323: 60 acres, secluded, cabin. 830‑385‑ 4415, agent. STILL TIME TO PICK FIN­ ISHES: Home for sale. 1,559 sf living, 2‑car garage, covered front and back porch, 1 block off Main, 1302 Pike Lane, over­sized backyard, high ceilings, large master suite, granite coun­ ters, standing‑steam roof. $239,000. 830‑990‑0501.


H NEW LISTING! 107 N. ORANGE ST. Ideal business location or residence. MLS#65432. Priced at: $459,500.

H NEW LISTING! BOOT RANCH 18.82+/- acre homesite!


Spectacular views. MLS# 65313. $1,395,000.

MLS# 64920. REDUCED $495,000.

H MORRIS RANCH ROAD 127 +/- ACRES W/ WELL and pond. MLS# 62436. $1,300,000.

H LOWER CRABAPPLE ROAD. 34.65 +/- ACRES W/ CABIN MLS #64037. $400,000.

H RANCH W/ HISTORIC HOME 134 +/- ACRES. With Nasse Creek. MLS #62661. $1,200,000.

H 93 BARBAROSA RANCH 3/2 HOME ON EITHER 5 ACRES OR 30 ACRES. MLS #63961. $360,000. MLS# 63930. $552,000.

H 97 DISTANT VIEW DR. 4283 +/- SQ. FT. 4/3 ON 3.76+/- ACRES MLS# 64452. $1,195,000.

H 33 OAK HAVEN 2514 +/- SQ. FT. 3/3 ON 1 ACRE.

H NEW LISTING! STONEWALL FARM 47.09 +/- Acres. 3BR/2.5BA 4713.19

There’s no place like ... There’s no place like ... There’s no place like ...


MLS# 65401. $929.000.

H 96 NORTHVIEW LANE 4766+/- SQ.FT. 5 BR/5.5 BA. 3.38 +/ACRES. MLS# 64891. REDUCED! $795,000.

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Travel Made Easier

Potluck Becomes Popular Ed Entertainment Trend Linda West Pat Boothe Wagner Daphne Krick

MLS # 62667. REDUCED PRICE. $299,500.

H NEW LISTING! 213 FOREST TRAIL DR. 3BR/2BA with a great location, back covered patio. MLS# 65389. $187.000.

H NEW LISTING: 406 E. COLLEGE.1093 +/- SQ.FT. 2/1.5. MLS# 65241. $183,500.

H 5 ACRE BUILDING SITE. MLS# 64230. $75,000.

830.990.0095 705 S. ADAMS STREET, FREDERICKSBURG 21-22


Help For College-Bound Students

(NAPSA)—A gift that makes (NAPSA)—Students and famidriving with small children safer or lies starting the college search * 1-800-606-4323 (NAPSA)—According to the 830-456-9504 210-213-3441 830-383-9200 830-998-5144 air travel easier could earn you Our E-mail Distribution! process have a place to turn to make siteAsk, potluck par- lwest@ktc.comAbout miles of smiles from grateful par145 E. Main the process a bit easier. A new guide ties are back in vogue—providing ents. for families helps simplify the process the answer for trendy, budget-conHere are two award-winning You can receive Featurettes by e-mail daily, weekly or monthly by request. We can of getting college-bound students scious entertaining. admitted to college. e-mail byaway your choice of topic or as you ,may prefer. accessories that may come in 303from S. Wformal, aShington St.all • Fstories rederickSburg texaS Shifting handy while traveling with a todThe Alliance for Affordable Sermulticourse dinners, potlucks (830) 997-5550 • t oll Free (888) 997-5550 dler or baby: To amake it even more convenient for editors to use our stories, NAPS has added an RSS vices produces the guide and offer low-key, casual get-to • The Snack & Play Travel LATEST LISTINGS sponsors a scholarship program to syndication to ourand Web site. Simply hit the RSS button onTray ourissite for automated gether that’s funfeed for guests $329,000 - 2002-built charming traditional 2/2/1 home offers quality craftsmanship & architecture appropriate for this a portable and lightweight help make these tasks more mancanupdates prove economical for the host. on available content. historic neighborhood. Master suite & garage converted from an older workshop offering original pine floors & lots of minitable that provides a comfortageable. Balance The College Preparation Blogger DeeAnn McArdle procharacter. was built new to blend with the old. Low-maintenance hardiplank siding. Custom features include The complements Handbook, available onlinefour-panel at vides tips oncontact how to plan nine-foot ceilings, crownfree molding, pinehandbook doors, granite counters, two wood-burning fireplaces, bathroom Please us topotlucks arrange to receive Featurettes in the format that works best for you Alliance Program,, vanities incorporating antique furnishings, the clawfoot tub &Scholarship more. Must see to appreciate! 889-2430 on at her(800) blog, 222-5551 UnleashYourInner or e-mail your request to us at We can which is open tolong eligible to 28shows and wooded their parents 3.42 AC students - phenomenal building site with sweeping range16easterly views. Top-of-the-hill cul-de-sac locale. Hosts can select the provide Featurettes on CD-ROM or you can download it online at Views get any thanduring this, especially for the price! Good mix of trees and other vegetative cover. HOA. Don’t year-old dependents of Alliance how do to not prepare forbetter college menu and provide recipes for miss on thischoose grandview located popular Mountain View! $159,900 889-5410 and presents $2,000 to highout school, thetract right col- inmembers, guests to bring, or the host can pro11.845 AC navigate - premier view with outstanding views, end-of-road ideal topography privacy and multiple building sites first-time recipients who are purlege and the tract admissions vide the main entrée and leave it from which to choose. Primary tree cover suing is Live Oak, cedar selectively removed. Spanish Oak, Shin Oak, Texas Red • Gary Lipton undergraduate degrees. process. up to guests to bring their favorite Mix up your next party with Bud & Possumhaw. Wildlife exemption, so interim holding costs are minimal! $225,000 889-2430 Media Relations Manager scholarships of $1,000 It also- beautiful offers assistance for Renewable appetizers, side dishes and potlucks and colorful drink recipes. $359,000 1920’s era Craftsmen-Style Home in Historic District on 0.45 acre! The 2/2/dbl cpt home boasts per year metal are available for to finding loans, grantsfront andporch scholarShake with ice and strain desserts. shiplap siding, spacious & standing-seam roof. Interior hasup ten-foot ceilings, Upson-board walls, nicely Phone: three consecutive years to scholarships towood helpfloors. pay the ever-increasrestored Dining/living areas feature wood-beamed ceilings and dining hutch. Small sunroom off master Stocking a1-(800)-222-5551 bar can be expen- into a chilled martini glass.Web site: www. napsnet .com ship recipients who maintain a 3.5area. 889-2430 ing costs of afor higher education. is ideal office use. Detached dbl carport has enclosed shop/storage Fax: e-mail: bedroom Garnish with an orange. sive, and1-(800)-990-4329 a bottle of wine doesn’t HOMES AND COUNTRY HOMES IN THE FREDERICKSBURG AREA grade point average. According to U.S. CITY Census Bureau Serves three go very far when entertaining a $119,500 – 1950-era 2/1 home, corner brkt/den. Bonus room, lots ofin storage. Most wood floors. Dbl carport. Since the program’s inception statistics, the average cost of lot. Liv, large group. Without spending a $145K – 1947-built w/adds, pt wood fls. 2/1½ bonus.than Deep$1.4 closets. 2010 has roof. patio, dbl gar & sgl carpt. 6 pecans million tuition and room and board for in- 1996,&more Melonade Mojito fortune, you can serve creative, $147,500 - 2/2 /’50s home, 2 blks N off Main. Spacious rooms wood flrs, some cvd. Great restoration project. 74’x200’. awarded; state students at aHaus four-year pubnew drinks for your party. Follow $149K - 2/2 Sunday style 0.5 ac. Pt been is ‘04 add-on. Large in deck2009, to enjoythe countryside. HO $70 includes Swim P. Alliance awarded $288,000 lic college forreal thecountry entirehome academic Traveling with little ones can be #2442 $225K -3/2/1 w/fpl. Huge front porch. Covd patio w/ rk Triple carpt, Large stg. Horses allowed. 1 11.2-oz. bottle Seagram’s these simple steps: 201 college-bound year is more than $15,000. made a lot easier, in the air and on $248,000 - Specialty! Pretty 3/2/2 brick &scholarships 506 sq.ft.+/- to craftsman shop w/supplies or guesthouse.Tree-dotted yard. Escapes Lime Melonade 1. Pick out some cool glasses. $251,900 - Brick 3/2/2 liv w/fpl. Split bdrm. Alarmthe sys,cov patio,The stg, sprkl sys. 85x110 lot. Priv fencing. students across nation. “The Alliance forwell-kept, Affordable the ground. 4 oz. White Rum 2. Grab plenty of ice. $300K– brick w/firepl, Harper. Dbl carpt. Barn,deadline wkshop, pens, SOLD application is outbldgs. Deer-pf yard. 36+ acs. Services3/2½ understands thatTivydale the costnearannual 8 oz. Club Soda 3. Serve Seagram’s Escapes able surface for eating and enter$345K – Historic! Basse adds. 15. Wood flrs, fpl,hi-ceilings 2-sty.Master dwsts. 50’x200’ lot. Near Main. of college weighs1900’s heavily on Block, hard-90’ June 4 lime wedges beverages, which conveniently $359K – 3/3 rock w/major updates. Profitable SOLD B&B 1856-era log cabin,1/1 gasthaus, 3 acs. Pond, fenced, gd. views. tainment. The easy-to-clean travel The Alliance for Affordable Serworking Americans,” says Paul 6 mint leaves combine multiple fruit flavors so $495K – Edge of city, 3.56 wooded acs. Renovated/spacious, 3 bdrm, 3 bath rock/hdbd. 2 firepls. Beautiful in/out! tray solves the problem of a child vices is a national, not-for-profit Pevsner, M.D., president of the there’s no need to buy additional $799K Unique & rustic! 3/3 2006-built Timber/Stone weekend or permanent home. Soaring ceilings, decked out repeatedly dropping items, a toy dedicated to helpingcreek. Peaceful and away from it all! association. why we make kitchen, master“That’s suite, warp-around porch. organization 49. 99 heavily-wooded acs/springfed Mix ingredients together. juices or sodas. rolling out of reach, or messy food live better save this handbook availableAND to all col- its members GREAT OPPORTUNITIES COMMERCIAL IN THE TEXAS HILL and COUNTRY Serve over ice and garnish 4. Add fresh-fruit garnishes. spilling in any direction. .309 AC. – vacant C-2 zoned commercial lot w/good some visibility from E.the Hwy St. Ideal small business use. $69,950 more.location, The Alliance leverages lege-bound students.” with an orange slice. • The Air Play tray table cover 1.97The AC –College edge of Fbg. Tree-dotted. HandFronts 279’ strength US 290 w/older home, old water tank w/stg, single garage. On-site parking. $179,000 in numbers to negotiate Preparation Serves three Planning a potluck is simple— 50 AC – prime home-bldg development property adjacent to citysavings limits w/utilities Oaksof & open field. County rd frontage. $1,100,000 set for flight is a double-sided, selfon a avbl. variety book can help any student plan- significant call up a few friends, plan a THREE PROF OFFICE TRACTS – Most prep work done. City utilities, UG 3-phase electic, cable, telephone. Deed restricted contained activity center that fits business, lifestyle and health care ning to attend a four-year uni Host Tip: Drink recipes can be casual menu and wow your guests w/architectural controls. Easy access to HCMH. 1.09 acre-$142,000, 2.2 acres - $299,000, 1.72 ac - $$225,000 snugly mostAvenue, airline tray 65th North Precis Syndicate, 350over Fifth Floor, New York, N.Y. 10118-0110 \ benefits for central its 90,000 members. versity, community college or MAIN ST OPPORTUNITY – Historic Downtown Property within business district of Fbg! Pioneer Rock home & Historic Stone retail increased to serve moreInc., with one of theseAmerican tasty drink easily tables. It has different features on Benefit depen - nearing Barons Creek banks w/heavily treed bldg w/generous open space to incorporate future commercial use.availability 100’ Main St ftg is & 400’ depth vocational/trade school. Filled guests by doubling or tripling recipes: each side so that a child can play creek bottom solo cypress w/canopythat spanning dent apx. 60’X70’. A get-a-way or income producing upon membership level, asset. Imagine the possibilities! $935,000 with tipshasand checklists ingredients. whether the tray is down or stowed BEAR RANCH – 11 Tracks 5+ topackage 13+ Acs. option Rolling hills, hilltop Melonade Martini anddistant member ’s views, pastoral lowlands, valley views, guideVALLEY students through the colFor more drink recipes, visit seasonal creeks, spring-fed ponds. Excellent tree cover, excellent diversity with a vast mix of mature post, live, Spanish, in its upright and locked position. state of residence, and may be lege search, admissions and 1 11.2-oz. bottle Seagram’s or black jack & shin oaks, escarpment cherries and more. Native grasses & shrubbery provide cover & grazing for deer, cattle For more information, visit subject to change. financial process, it10also and horses. aid Ag exemption. minsproSW of Fbg. Priced $139,000 to $335,000 Escapes Lime Melonade become a fan at or call ForOUT more visit TEXAS vides links to websites, ACREAGE organiza- IN AND OF information, GILLESPIE COUNTY, 4 oz. Orange Vodka SeagramsEscapes. (303) 887-9017. tions andHILLS government CARRIAGE – spaciousagencies 0.4 acre & live oak covered lot on RidgewoodorDr, back side wet-weather ck. $69,900 Manage Your Mortgage To Build Financial Security 2that LOTS – R-2: Mixed Residential. Vacant, multi-dwellings, duplex/combo. call for Alliance Member Services at Good location Blk off Main. $110,000 offer more information and ideal 3.10 AC – post oaks, In deep fertile soils. Gated subdv, paved/curbed sts, u.g. electric. Wildlife. Addl. acres avbl. $94,900 Tough Economic Times (800) 733-2242. assistance. 3.47 AC – heart of Texas Hills wine crty. Oaks,mesquites. Gated sudb, pvd. curb sts. Addl 10 acs w/river avbl. $99,900 may (NAPSA)—With childhood obe3.63(NAPSA)—Many AC – brush-cleared people tract w/Pedernales River ftg. Mature trees, HOA, paved road w/cul-de-sac privacy. $125,000 (NAPSA)—For entertaining have that the Chinese 4.08 AC heard – 200’+/Pedernales River frontage, pvd cty rd, wooded, bldg site, slopes to river. UG utilities. HOA. $164.000 sity continuing its dramatic rise, purposes, cheese and crackers expression for “crisis” consists of 4.22 AC – Pedernales Rv w/201’ ftg. Gently sloping deep soil. scattered trees. Pvt paved/concrete rds. UG el. $148,000 it’s clear that America’s weight remains a classic combo. But are twoACcharacters—“challenge” 4.4 – outstanding hilltop bldgand site w/massive views. Distinctive sunsets. Suited for an infinity pool. $175,000 problem has moved beyond just your crackers up to the task? If 6.08 AC – serene valley post oak, cherry trees. Rolling terrain w/natural draw! UG Utilities. Restricted. $164,000 “opportunity.” The views, expression affecting adults. 7.01 ACalso – amazing views, live oaks. End of cul-de-sac. Private pvd ctry spec rd. UG utilities, Ag exp. $160,000 you’re serving a spreadable could describedistant the dual nature *** According to the Centers for 8.0 AC –current grasses, housing non-restricted. Fenced & cross. Ag exempt, electricity, end of road. 70+/- gpm well. $198,000 cheese, your guests might be in of the market Disease Control and Prevention The man who puts into the marriage only halfpond of what he ownsend of cul-de-sac! Restrictd. $195,000 9.12 AC – overlooking seasonal spring-fed creek w/ideal site. Liveoaks, for a classic crumble. downturn—peril and potential. (CDC), nearly 14 percent of To chilAn Online Resource Please Fans Of Fine Food will get that out. 9.71 AC – postoaks/coastal B.grass. Bldgs sites. Allow 2 horses. Pt ag expt. 25% surface pond int. on 2.25 acs. $129,900 One of the reasons that cheese Whether you are taking advandren ages 2 to 5 are overweight, Reagan 10.59 AC – wooded, native, views. Blanco Cty. One mile to—Ronald U.S. 290 E & Blanco Rd. Easy drive to Austin/SA. $148,000 411.46tf and crackers is so popular is that (NAPSA)—There is good news tage of current prices to buy a putting them at increased risk of 11.42 AC – country peace, oaks, no cedar. ***Small draw w/pond possibilities. Deed restrs,gated, 50+/- gpm well. $139,500 there’s little prep for those who enjoy fine food and houseACor– trying to cope with a dif12.76 long range views, native grasses,few oaks,pond. Multiple bldg sites w/varying elevations. NE of Fbg. $259,900 becoming obese adults. work involved— are always the lookout forkey newto ficultAC financial situation to keep 12.84 – Large pond, wildlife/recreation. Massive oaks. Pvt pvd rd. UG utilities/restricted. Current ag expt. $295,000 Expertsonagree that the always a plus for restaurants. your AC home, it is important to homesite taxes, insurance andWindmill,concrete other related water stg.Wildlife exmpt. $199,995 12.97 - hilltop, nice views. Cleared & prop lines. In Your Hands or onstatisthe Web... combating these weighty busy hosts. Hav13+ AC – large how naturala pond, wildlife. Unique homesite overlooks water/massive oaks. Pvd rd, UC elec. $295,000 There a free, easy-to-use understand mortgage expenses. tics is tois get parents involved 16.02 – grand coastal grasses. Excellt for horses/potential for vineyard use. $188,000 ing a variety of website called worksACand whatviews, to dofertile if yousoils, start •If you Electricity. have an adjustable-rate with their children at an early 18.1 AC – 2007-blt partyproblems. barn. Peaceful, mortgage post oak/live oak trees, UD,well,septic. Ready for home! $239,900 UNDER CONTRACT cheeses on hand that great to encounter (ARM) loan, Electric make sure payment agewill to offer teachsuggestions them theofimpor20 AC - oaks,elevated w/potential for mid-range homesite,7can mins NE. BIG REDUCTION! $199,900 can be fun, espeyou knowviews. whenRural the payment to an HSBC-North According places eat—many on short tance to of healthy eating habits 30 ACS – exception long distance views. Building sites, live oak & wild cherry. Peaceful, off the beaten path! $360,000 cially if you throw in a few advenchange, by how much and what America consumer survey, one out notice. It will even book your table and exercise. That explains why 30.08 AC - post oak/hickory entry. CB grass, sandy soil,elevation w/views.Horse prop. BIG REDUCTION! $481,280 turous choices such as sheep and maximum can be.fenced, RR 965 ftg. Rd to hilltop. $399,000 of three don’tviews, eventree-covered know if the for a you n e w and p r oaward j e c t c adiscounts l l e d S p r oon u t D o c t o rs s ay h e a l t h h a b i t s 34.4 AC – people outstanding flat-top high CONTRACT hill.payment Deer, perimeter UNDER goat cheeses (your lactose-intoler•Do yousheds, have pens, money to stg. cover theyAC currently havew/firepl. a fixed-rate or Shop, future restaurant visits.behind The site 36.1 – 3/2½ brick 2-carport. barn, water Excellent for 4H-FFA projects. $395,000 Smart, from the folks the learned as toddlers can carry ant guests will costsgame, if your roof feeders. suddenly leaks or rustic home. Addl acs avbl. $799,000 adjustable-rate mortgage. Morealso features a blog focused PBS on 49.99 AC – wooded, spring-fed ck. Native/exotic Blinds. Timber/stone popular and well-respected into adulthood. certainly apprefurnace goes out? Set over, out ofwaterfront@confluence 10 consumers your 61 AC –three tremendous of Pedernales Rv/S Grape Crk. aside Apx 3000’(52’ of water ftg). Field. $969,000 food andtelevision restaurant KIDStrends SPROUT netciate the effort). 74.8 AC – tree-covered, oldabout homestead hunting. Hwy/RR frtg. Native, anexcellent emergency fund (3 percent of hill top view, some open. $546,550 surveyed have no idea of what reviews. (NAPSA)—To learn HIV site, “Kids in the Kitchen” work for preschoolers, is gener- AZZZs,” website is making it easier and for 83 AC –ofrecreational, secluded, convenient. Cedar, hardwoods ,open. 2-ac pond. ’80 Manuf home. Outbdgs. $746,500 In addition, havhome value) for maintenance types fees are associated with your Diners use the site can food vaccine research in the United “The lovers Power oftoPlay.” ating suchwho excitement. make restaurant 99.96 AC –what’s end of the road,done close-in. 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Seclusion, restrictions. $711,415 When Núñez de Balboaa hand can Vasco make quick preparation Consumer Affairs, says improving up with your mortgage payments, restaurants, and to things explains Mary L. make Gavin, MD, healthy habits and relation127 AC – liveoak-studded hilltop, stunning TX hill country panorama. Pond. Wonderful homebuilding sites. $1,206,500 crossed the Isthmus of Panama snap. mortgage know-how help con- boulders, remember that it’s never appropri1,000-point increments, and points even easier, membership is free. Medical Editor, KidsHealth, ships,” says Dr. Gavin. 130 AC – Enchanted views, granite 1900+’ seasonal ck, fishing pond. Wildlife, 2 wells. 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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| E3

Site MLS search is optimized for mobile devices! 112 E. SCHUBERT The best of the old & new combine with an unparalleled location to present a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy Fredericksburg as it once was. If 2’ thick limestone walls, 10’ ceilings, 5’ tall windows, long leaf pine floors and the full length upper porch aren’t enough to entice you, how about large, modern bathrooms the new kitchen or the amazing amount of storage an closets? Perhaps the separate storage/workshop/home office, the oversized yard or the walkability of the location will intrigue you. Nothing has been left undone in the re-birth of this historic gem, just sit back and enjoy! Call Jeff for details on MLS #65198 RESTORE, LIVE IN OR RENT OUT ONE OF THE MORE SIGNIFICANT EXAMPLES OF OLD FREDERICKSBURG’S CHARM. This craftsman masterpiece displays distinctive stylistic features and retains most (if not all) of the original materials. One BR even features the colorful sheet vinyl that was all the rage in the 1950’s! Most striking is the feeling of openness allowed by the tremendously high ceilings throughout. This does not feel like a 2/1 with 936 s.f. Call Jeff on MLS 64832, ONLY $203,000 54 ACRES ON PERRY RANCH ROAD. Enjoy magnificent views of the White Oak Valley from your own private hilltop. A great mix of healthy trees and privacy await. MLS#62969. Only $370,000! SETTLER’S RIDGE--This 4.5+ acre lot has a well in-place and is located in one of the areas most desirable neighborhood Priced to SELL! Call Royal for details! MINUTES SOUTH OF TOWN OFF 87 sit 15.24 acres on Prairie View Trail. A nice mix of live/post oaks and cedar elms shelter a small spring-fed draw perfect for a future pond. Electricity and a 17 rpm well are in place and property is Ag Exempt. Can be split into 6.38 and 8.86 ac. parcels. CALL ROYAL FOR DETAILS! A MARVELOUS COMBINATION OF OLD AND NEW lie behind walls of native greenery at this unique compound on S. Acorn St. This artful, self-contained world features an 1887 rock home that has been modernized and expanded with a thoroughly modern addition, ample storage, a large studio, guest room, old well house and a 4 unit B&B complex (built in 2000) complete the list of improvements on this oversized lot. MLS#61914. Now available as separate properties. Call for details! A $120,000 PRICE REDUCTION should be enough to interest someone looking to develop residential lots for the inevitable recovery. 10+/- acres on Highway St. with frontage on future extension of Sunrise. R-2 zoning will allow for 50’ wide, 5,000 s.f. lots or duplex or multi-family. Ample city utilities are available. MLS#61691. The Site is Part of Fredericksburg’s History and is now priced to be a part of its future. Just reduced by $125,000, it practically begs for a visionary to substantially alter this highly visible 3.71 tract, popularly known as The Peanut Factory. You know the site, you’ve talked about the possibilities, now is the time to act. MLS#60192

701 S. Adams, Suite B • 830-997-1505

CITY HOMES: 1306 N Milam 3 bedroom, 1 bath, MLS 65397 $179,000 306 W Schubert, 5 bedroom 3 bath, MLS 64610 $415,000 703 W Austin, 3bd, 2 b with guest house, mls 64529 $399,000 905 S. Adams, 3/2/2, 1860 SF living space, detached workshop & additional garage/storage $239,500 103 W. Mulberry, 3/2/1, carport, 1124 SF with large yard $145,000 508 Winding Way, 4/2/2 Condo, 2 story, views, fenced yard $259,900 HOMES WITH ACREAGE: 56 Falcon Drive, Chapparel Village,Mfg home,2/2, will finance. $ 70,000 SOLD 135 Birch Rd - 6 Bedroom/4 baths, 5034 SF, 9.60 acres REDUCED $279,000 1008 Ranch Rd 1888, on 3 ac., 5 bd, 4 b with pool, mls 64516 $499,000 762 Gold – Schaefer Rd 21.5 acres 2bd, 1.5 b, home, barn. Owner fin. $375,500 252 Old Comfort Rd - 2/2 on 1.5 acres REDUCED $299,000 3954 Morris Ranch Road, 2/1 on 46 acres of coastal fields REDUCED $675,000 ACREAGE & FARM/RANCH: 36 ac tract, Jenschke Lane frontage; Commercial possibilities $299,000 ea 817 Usener, 3/2 39 acres, pond, barn and exceptional views $699,900 7010 Old San Antonio Rd - 4 tracts left- seasonal creek, heavily treed, gated entry: Tract 2 - 25.06 acres $219,275 Tract 4 - 20.01 acres $175,088 Tract 6 - 15.38 acres $138,420 Highway 87 frontage, 250 Ac, wildlife galore, ranch property $3,250,000 LOTS: 1501 NT Journey, Rockin J Ranch, Blanco $29,000 322 W. Park - corner of Park & Milam, 50 X 150 $43,500 COMMERCIAL: 905 S. Adams, 3/2/2, 1860 SF living space, detached workshop & additional garage/storage $239,500 3 acres - Hwy 87 Frontage, Great Business location $240,000


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RE/MAX has the most productive sales force in real estate. According to Gillespie County MLS statistics for 2010, RE/MAX Town & Country agents average 41% more in $$$ sold than the nearest competitor. And, according to those *Virtual tours on website. cksburg based agents, same statistics, of Frederi #1, #7, #11 andWebsite: #13 are at RE/MAX.

s force in unty MLS ountry han the those d agents, MAX.

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NEW LISTINGS Within Past Thirty Days

PRIME GOLDEN BLOCK LOCALE, redone (2007) building on Main Street. Lg open room, vaulted ceilings, huge steel bar,UNDER w/2 backCONTRACT rooms, 2 restrooms, large parking lot. An active winery/ store current owner. MLS 64260 Jenny $ 1.5 Mil 18+ ACS w/frontage on 16S & Milam, C-1 & C-2 zoning allowing wide commercial uses & some residential such as apts. Location just across the street from high school & hospital, Dennis $1,450,000. WEST MAIN ST. location, 85 x 200 lot, home is currently used as B&B, property next door is also available, combine the two, zoning OK to build additional B&B units. Ask for Dennis OPPORTUNITY AWAITS. 2 buildings E Main St. 319 Main offers 2020 sq ft of space, 321 Main 987 sq ft + room in back for parking or expansion. Fabulous location, Mike BRADY TRAIN DEPOT, 100 yr old architectural wonder w/3800 SF. Just under 1.5 ac in downtown Brady, ideal for restaurant, art gallery, or sales center. Cobblestone parking, $389,000 Dennis COMMERCIAL LOCATION on N. Llano St with a 40’ x 70’ metal building. C-1 zoning, lot size is 100’ x 148’. Part interior is finished out for office/showroom area, one overhead door. $235,000 Dennis NE CORNER LLANO & AUSTIN, CBD zoning, structures have standing seam metal roof, room for addl improvements to be added, property extends across Town Creek to Schubert St. Dennis 1/2 ACRE FOR $139,000 WITH MORE LAND AVAILABLE in the city limits & zoned C-2, allows for possibilities such as; Hotel/Motel, Restaurant, administrative, business offices, retail sales, etc. Mike ONE OF A KIND FIND, 1.5+ acs ideal for hotel, borders on Barons Creek, 432’ ftg on E. Main St. Dennis 4.5 ACRES ZONED M-2 3 phase electric, city water & sewer available, can divide, many uses! MLS# 57351 & 58163, price $299,000 or 2.25 ac for $175,000. Call Darlene

VIEWS INTO DOWNTOWN is one of the first things you will notice about this country home on 5+ acres, 2385 SF + additional 291 SF that is unfinished, giant fireplace, vaulted ceiling, 3 car garage, even a built in safe. Ask for Dennis $460,000 26 ACRES, PAVED ROAD FRONTAGE, 1/1 guesthouse is already in place and there is a hill top building site that will provide you will miles and miles of views for your new custom home. $495,000 See Dennis STORYBOOK BUNGALOW! Renovated 1920’s 3/3 combines old w/new creating comfortable living within a charming ambience. 2 impressive fireplaces, ea. bdr has unique private bath & much more!! Picture perfect setting on shady corner lot w/picket fence! $395,000. Darlene PARADISE RANCH is the location of this 525 SF guesthouse on 5.33 acres. Pleasing setting with big oaks and nice views. Complete the package with your primary home on this tract or on ajoining land that is available. $185,000 Ask for Dennis PICTURESQUE 31.4 +/- AC RANCH, perfect for equestrian lover, vineyard, or peaceful spot to build your dream home. Manicured property offers some of the best soils in the county. Fenced & cross fenced. Just minutes to downtown Fredericksburg or Luckenbach! $392,500. Mike PEDERNALES RIVER ESTATE 4700+ sqft custom rock home on 19.3 acs. Gracious living area w/subtle elegance. 900+/- ft of river ftg which includes a concrete dam making for nice deep pools, indoor pool w/solar heat. Huge 60x40 workshop. Minutes East of town. $1,875,000 Mike CLASSIC EARLY F’BURG look with front porch and 2 front doors, located on everyone’s favorite, Creek St! In the historic district on a 70’ x 200’ lot, wood floors, tall ceilings, windmill in backyard, private well, tankhouse, $244,900 Ask for Dennis CLASSIC HILL COUNTRY ROCK IN STONE RIDGE! 3B, 2.5B, 1-1/2 story, 2500+ s.f, study/ library, formal dining, rock f/p, high ceilings, breakfast area, spacious rooms, beautifully landscaped corner lot! $345,000 Darlene ESTATE PROPERTY consisting of 73 acres with Pedernales River frontage, 6400SF of impeccable quality, details and amenities from the kitchen to master suite, to veranda, to guest bedrooms, truly a show stopper of a property, Ask for Dennis TWO COMMERCIAL LOTS ON BREHMER LN – Zoned C2 Lot 3 & 4 fenced on three sides. Underground utilities. Perfect Automotive repair location or Equipment repairs and sales. $85,000 ea. MLS 65362 & 65366. Darlene WHY PAY RENT? 3, 2 Rock perfect for retirement, first time buyer or small family! Open plan, great for family and entertaining, wood stove, breakfast area, storage building, alley, sprinkler, gutters! MLS 65332, $215,000. Darlene

WHISPER RIDGE, homesites with long, long range views, flat building surfaces and located only 6 miles from the city limits! There are only 7 on these tracts so don’t wait too long. Restrictions in place to protect home values, Ask for Dennis EARLY BIRD PRICING NOW! 8.5 ACRES ON EDGE OF TOWN This prime piece of Real Estate is ideal for someone looking for a spot to build their Fredericksburg Estate with great building sites & good soils for the equestrian lover. additional land available. Located on the very edge of town on Metzger Road, $148,750 Mike HILL TOP VIEWS! 35 +/- acres with gorgeous rolling hills dotted with mature oaks, great building sites, awesome views across the mostly open valley, good grass cover. Nice draw could be developed into lake. Plus 2 water wells fenced on 2 sides. All this just 10 miles to FBG & only $8,500 per acre. Mike 28+ ACRES ON CENTER POINT RD, about half is treed and rest is field land, level, easy to build on homesites, land is ag exempt and fenced on 3 sides, $243,865. Ask for Dennis THE PRESERVE! A Unique extension of the old neighborhood, homes built in The Preserve will create a neighborhood based on the Historical Architectural styles of Old Fredericksburg! Lot prices range from $55K to $65K. Call Re/max for lot prices & restrictions. Darlene OUTSTANDING VIEWS sweep north to south on this 7+ acre tract in established rural subdivision! Great building site graced with native grasses and outstanding distant views of the hill country await your dream home! Peaceful country living with views! views! views! $119,000, #64423, Darlene LARGE (AS IN 1.23 ACRES) residential, treed homesite within the city limits, street frontage on 3 sides and views into downtown, utilities in place, a rare find indeed. Call Dennis, $239,000 VIEWS THAT WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY. 7.44 ac tract in Mountain View. Looking for a perfect home site? Your search is over, underground utilities, big flat building site. $247,900 Mike CRABAPPLE GROVE LOTS FOR SALE! Garden Home and Residential. CALL DARLENE 30 PARK LIKE ACS at end of lane! Privacy & seclusion, big trees, fenced w/gated entrance, bldg pad, tank, & 60 GPM well! Addl land available/owner will consider dividing! $395,000. Darlene #59659 17+ ACRE HOMESITE/HORSE PROPERTY minutes to town! Outstanding views in several directions, soils excellent, paved road frontage, well, septic & electric in place & a barn w/some stalls. $299,000 Dennis. 18 ACRES WITHIN 5 miles of town, paved road frontage, fenced on 3 sides, rock free soils, a city water line is close by and a water tap can be installed at no cost to owner, ask for Dennis. 10 ACRE HOMESITE on Jung Lane with large trees including oaks and cedar elm, some outstanding view overlooking Pedernales River Valley, Stonewall and beyond, $249,000. Reasonable restrictions, call Dennis VIEWS, VIEWS AND MORE VIEWS on 5 exclusive homesites in Stonewall Johnson. Ranging from 5 to 12 acres, the road is paved/gated entry. Prices starting at only $139,000, Call Dennis for details. HILLS OF HICKORY SPRINGS located in the coveted Willow City area. Each tract offers wooded homesites, great views & mature hardwoods. 17 to 26 ac tracts starting at $9,880 per ac. Call Mike


THE GREAT ESCAPE. Whether you’re looking for a spot to prop up your feet on the weekends or a new place to call home this peaceful 5 acre property will help you escape the hustle & bustle. 2006 built, 3 bed 2 ba home, Big 30x52 shop & covered arbor with its own fireplace only $329,987, Mike COUNTRY RANCH! 3, 2 updates: new flooring, paint, granite counters and new range! Features fireplace, large utility w/cabinets sink & closet, formal dining w/French doors to covered patio, double carport, greenhouse, storage/workshop,1+acre, large oaks front and back! $250,000, Darlene JUST MINUTES TO DOWNTOWN, this 2653SF home, built in 2003 is family ready, high ceilings, open plan, in-ground pool, all on 5+ acres. Earn $$$ from the cabin which is used as B&B and comes furnished, all for $495,000. Call Dennis OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING, 5.39 acres, 6 miles E of Fredericksburg with HWY290 frontage! Includes 2 small homes & 1200 SF barn. Big Oaks around the homes make a beautiful setting while there is plenty of open ground for your winery, orchard, animals or business, Just $294,000 Mike HISTORIC ROCK HOME with 36.8 acres completely encircled with water! Located less than a mile from beautiful downtown Fredericksburg. Mid 1800’s pioneer rock home offers 3bd/4ba. Another 1 bd/1ba 1800’s rock guest home plus 3 other guest cottages offering 1bd/1ba. Must see to believe! Mike COZY LIVING ON THE FARM! Limestone Ranch on 14+ acres! Cozy & quaint, high ceilings, exposed woods, loft, woodstove, granite counters, tin backsplash, stainless appliances, screened porch, fruit trees/garden, livestock pens, horse stalls, workshop, Ag! #64787, $355,000. Darlene ATTENTION FAMILIES & HORSE LOVERS! This spacious 4B/3B, 3,500 SF custom ranch on 6+ treed acs 2+ mi to E Main. Lg living room, formal dining, bonus room, huge open den/breakfast/kitchen area w/stone f/p, wood ceilings, 3 car gar, cellar! MLS# 64912, $444,900 Darlene IMMACULATE STONE HOME for the discriminating buyer! Perched atop a gentle rolling hillside in the prestigious Cool Water ranch subdivision. This 3bd 2ba, 2600 +sqft home offers all the custom features you want. 100% limestone exterior, on 5.19 acres with 20x30 workshop. Just $498,750 Mike 7.78 ACRES zoned R-1 and located within the limits of F’burg is a rare find, it also has a 4/2 home D city CE REDU with basement, several outbuildings, good soils and lots of trees. Priced at $396,400, ask for Dennis WELCOMING VIEWS overlooking Pedernales River Valley are only the beginning of the amenities of this 3/2 with workshop and 1/1 guesthouse on just under 6 acres in the Cain City area. All stone/ SS metal roof, delightful kitchen, you need to see! Dennis, $739,000 IMPRESSIVE LIMESTONE Home on 25 beautiful treed acres in Lasso Ranch. Attention to detail with a stunning entry & living room w/ vaulted ceilings & fireplace, gourmet kitchen. Lots of windows take full advantage of the serene setting over looking spring fed pond! $690,000 Mike 112+ ACRES with 3000 SF home with large screened in porch, 4/3, views, spring fed pond, peaceful end of the road setting west of town. Also 2000 SF metal bldg, ideal for workshop, lots of wildlife in the area, Dennis, $854,500 REDUCED TO $798,800 VIEWS FROM MORNING TIL SUNDOWN! 2 YR. 3/2 Rock/Stucco, wood floors, cathedral & sloped wood ceilings, quartz counters, garden doors span living/dining area, private deck & bonus walk out basement w/windows spans the entire length of home! $315,000, #64440, Darlene 3800’ RUNWAY IN YOUR BACKYARD, hanger w/guest qtrs, 1950 SF, 3/2 home built in 2009 SF on 4 ac in Silver Wings, it is the complete package for the aviator. $534,000 Dennis BEAR CREEK PROPERTY includes great Texas Style Hill Country home offering 3000+SF,3/2.5 + separate 1/1 guest quarters. Relaxing pool w/deck & hot tub, 50x50 RV barn & workshop + horse barn, stables & plenty of storage, 36.3 manicured acs w/1500+ ft along Bear Creek $1,369,000 Mike 73+ ACRES with 2800SF timber frame home w/incredible details, views for 10-20 miles, workshop w/lots of room to party & an apartment, corrals, excellent fencing, 2 ponds, See Dennis, $1,675,000 IMMACULATELY MAINTAINED with stunning view. Solid 3/2 on 2.5 ac. Open & bright floor plan, vaulted ceilings, lots of windows, big back porch, 2 decks, workshop & storage. $334,500 Mike 2006 CUSTOM home w/4/3.5 & 3100+ SF of living area on 3.8 acres 5 minutes to downtown, granite, crown molding, fireplace, shaded patio, concrete driveway & country views, $795,000 Dennis A LOT OF LIVIN’ TO DO in this 3,126 S.F. 4B, 3B Hill Country Rock Home! Open plan; Master downstairs, kitchen & bonus game room! Privately set back on 10 treed acres! $365,000 Darlene 61377

RESIDENTIAL IMPECCABLE STYLE 4 bed, 2 full 2 half bath home offering over 3200 sqt with 2 living areas & formal dining, 2 fireplaces, hardwood floors, crown molding, solid wood interior doors, new carpet & fresh paint! Classic hill country stone exterior. All at best price per ft in Stone Ridge! Mike PEACH STREET is one of those peaceful, narrow streets with lots of charm and historical treasures like this circia 1911 home, 1.5 story with stamped metal siding that looks like Basse block, home has been updated and ready for move in. Ask for Dennis, $249,000 UNIQUE FLOORPLAN! Stone Ridge Craftsman, 4B, 2B, high/cathedral ceilings, molding, tile floors, formal dining & breakfast room, granite counters, tile back splash, under counter lighting, oak cabinetry, bar, gas log rock fp, gutters, sprinkler system, new landscaping! $355,000, Darlene SPACIOUS 3/2 Plus a study in Stone Ridge, wonderful front and back porch, 8’ doors, wood UNDER CONTRACT floors, fireplace, kitchen w/granite counters, gas range, large pantry. You will love the high ceilings, beams, and fenced backyard. $369,000 Call Dennis SUNDAY HOUSE STYLE in Mariposa that has recent updates including wood flooring & stainless appliances, granite counters over new cabinets. One of a kind backsplash in kitchen, made by the owner using glass. HOA pays for city water, community swimming pool. $175K, Dennis A GREAT BUY IN THE HEART OF TOWN, 1/2 an acre park like setting. Orig. wood floors lg bedrooms. Prime for you to come in and add your touches to make it a show place! 4+3, MLS65120, Call Jenny $249,000 SPRAWLING RANCH style home on Glenwood, 3/4 acre lot w/private well, and just wait till you see the transformation on the inside of this one, all the work has been done, just move in, entertain and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. $378,900 See Dennis WELL MAINTAINED 2, 2 ON CORNER LOT! Spacious rooms, tons of storage/closets, oversized double garage, built-ins, gutters, covered patio, privacy fence, sprinkler system, large lot w/mature trees! $179,000, Darlene PICTURE PERFECT CRAFTSMAN COTTAGE! 3B,3B energy efficient Garden Home, unique open plan, granite counters, hickory cabinets, island, landscaped/irrigation, gutters maintenance is very minimal!! A must see for retirees, snowbirds etc.! MLS# 65110,$265,000, Darlene EXTREME QUALITY in a home you can afford, 2012 built home offers features & workmanship you usually do not find in such an affordable pkg. Features wood flooring, granite counters, custom cabinets, stainless appliances, high ceilings, crown molding, lg garage & more all just $219,500! Mike BUILT IN 1919, this 4 bd/4ba 2-story home is on College St on big lot, upstairs front porch, has guest house in back, side patio with hand dug well, plus a private well and windmill. Wood floors, high ceilings, even a cellar! $459,000 $395,000 See Dennis CROSS MT. WEST location, all brick 3/2.5 plus a study, with mature landscaping & fenced yard, high ceilings & open living plan, master has huge closet, upgrade trim features, dining + breakfast, gas fireplace, Ask for Dennis, $279,900 $274,900 HISTORIC CRAFTSMAN, near Main, pine floors, high ceilings, 2 sunrooms, B&B, Main home 3+3.5 Studio complex 2+2 plus 2 living areas, shop, 1 car garage. RV Dock $485,000 MLS 64493 Jenny HIDDEN JEWEL, Spacious brick home offers 2958 SF (GCAD) impressive entrance, split floor plan w/3 bd/2.5 ba, office, breakfast area, dining D room. Massive 148x231ft lot, mature trees, seaDUCE REformal sonal creek in your backyard. On one of the prettiest most secluded Streets in FBG. $284,500 Mike QUAINT FREDERICKSBURG FRAME ON 3 LOTS in heart of town, Huge lot, Orig. wood floors in the living room w/ loads of windows. Large kitchen with old farm sink 2 + 1, $215,000 MLS 64325. Jenny 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1, 404 & 406 E Morse. 1920’s 2/2 home w/lots of attention to detail, plus a separate 2bd/1.5ba home, would make great B&B for extra income, very nice home for the in-laws, or separate guest house when friends come to visit, $474,900 $434,900 Mike BUILT AROUND 1920 on a large lot, College St location, 2/2, ideal for weekender or move existing and build new, alley access and well on site. $197,500 $187,500 Dennis LARGE CORNER LOT, unique home built by the Basse family using concrete walls. 2 bd/1 ba/ double garage, storage shed with cellar. $219,000 $197,500 Dennis OLD WORLD COURTYARD VILLA, impeccable craftsmanship & detail, traditional design & tasteful accoutrements create an ambiance of relaxed sophistication. 3/2.5 is all stone, chef’s kitchen & outdoor living area w/views & no backyard neighbor, Dennis NOW 695k DAS FRITZ HAUS, Only 3 blocks to Main offers one of the prettiest settings in F’burg! Currently a B&B, SOLD 3/2, hardwood floors, & unbelievable yard shaded by pecan trees & Town Creek. $245,000 Mike

OPERATING BED & BREAKFAST, This 3 unit complex is one of the best furnished, filled with amenities to please and make their guest comfortable that you will find anywhere. On 6+/- acres near town, complete with website and online reservation software. $525,000 See Dennis THE YELLOW HOUSE on Milam with the giant oak tree, everyone knows this famous landmark Bed & Breakfast on corner lot. Conveys furnished, $219,000 Ask for Dennis BED AND BREAKFAST property with an ideal location only one block from Main St. 2 units completely furnished, 3 baths all w/Jacuzzi’s, gas fireplaces, 2 decks and several storage bldgs, $297,500 Ask for Dennis

FARMS & RANCHES NATURAL BEAUTY ABOUNDS on this 50 acres offering rolling terrain studded with numerous mature trees, old well and windmill, underground utilities, paved County Rd frontage... Numerous Home sites. Located in the Lasso Ranch subdivision to provide private, luxury living. $494,047 Mike LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, you hear those words a lot but this 25 acres has it! Edge of city with frontage on Travis St. & Metzger. Ideal for someone looking to build their Fredericksburg Estate, or great investment with many different use possibilities. Includes small guest home, barn & 2 wells. Mike 120 PRISTINE ACRES If you are looking for a ranch to build your dream home, weekend getaway, hunting ranch or just a good investment - take a look at this 120 acres! Located 8 miles W of FBG offering beautiful views, frontage on HWY 290, Spring feed pond & Multiple home sites $749,000 Mike 800 ACRES ON HWY 83, just N or Garvens Store, high fenced and loaded with exotic game like Oryx, Sika, Red Deer, Elk and much more. Lodge, cabin, feeders, blinds all convey. Can be split in 498 or 302 acres. Ask for Dennis 50 AC RANCH Ideal for building, hunting, or just enjoying the beauty of the land, wildlife & birds. Gently rolling terrain w/great hunting, abundant wildlife & plenty of natural cover. $399,750 Mike SOLO GUAJILLO RANCH - 376 ac with 1/2 mile on Colorado River. 4bd 3ba rock home, 3 car carport , 3 hunters cabins, 50’ x 70’ barn w/20’ x 30’ shop. Also big 10 acre lake & 2 smaller tanks, excellent fishing, & hunting, deep soil & many Indian campgrounds. Mills County, $1,995,000. Mike 12 AC BEAUTIFUL HIDEAWAY close to town, heavily treed, rolling hills, views, combo barn/workshop/garage/living space w/open living room/kitchen, utility. 2 tanks. 1+1 $338,000. Jenny 63749 602 ACRES South of Brady, HWY 87 frontage high fenced, 15 ac mesa w/views ranging from 10 to 20 miles in all directions, 6,400 SF shop building deluxe serves as ranch headquarters, Dennis SERENE 96 ACRES offers a idyllic park like setting. Covered w/lots of mature trees along w/lush native grass. Seasonal spring, outstanding building sites, hunting & all high game fenced. $790,000 Mike SPRING FED CREEK with a dam providing deep holes of water, excellent soils, improved pasture, Hwy. frontage and as a bonus you have a 4/2.5 home w/3400+ SF, shop and corrals. See Dennis 2 CREEKS & 3 TANKS WITH BREATHTAKING VIEWS, 142+/- Acres. Gentleman’s Ranch has it all! 4/4 home, horse barn, workshop, Live Oak Creek, $1,600,000 Call Jenny 200 ACRES with large oaks, cedar elm, walnut, most cedar has been cleared. Springs, pond, paved road thru ranch and gated entry. 2 sides are high fenced, many prime homesites. See Dennis HEAVILY WOODED 118 ACRES, gently rolling land, a year round spring, good sites for ponds, 8 miles from town. Well with 30 GPM. See Dennis. NOW $7,750/ACRE 84 OR 115 ACRES 8 miles to town w/gated entry, paved road thru the property & several strong springs, one which feeds a good sized pond. Lots of tree cover & many homesites. Call Dennis 225 ACRES ON 290 between Stonewall and Johnson City, has been cleared of most cedar, beautiful oaks, a hilltop plateau that has many sites for your new custom home. Call Dennis



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E4 | October 31, 2012


Jay Jones, Broker

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

WE WANT YOUR JUNK! ............................................... We will clean up your real estate property & haul off the trash!


• All types of metal, appliances, wire, etc. • Trash hauling, dirt work, land improvements, demolition

BRENT’s Custom Odd Jobs 830-456-9479


That Texas Hill Country Ranch you’ve thought so often about has finally come on the market. With a 200 year old, meticulously restored 3Br/3Ba historic German Limestone home and a spectacular stucco & wood addition, on 78 well-treed (AG exempt) acres, it’s perfect; not too large to manage on your own; not too small for your horses or a dozen Texas Longhorns. It’s the retirement spread you’ve dreamed of, or a safe, secure place, in a wonderful community, to raise your family. Only 5 beautiful miles from Fredericksburg, you’ll find privacy, unbelievable views and a big ol’ pond full-o-fish, with a brand new Gazebo - just to start. It’s not cheap. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re serious, visit the website above. Then call Steve for more information: 830-992-7081 2447.02-03

Visit our website at www. SEE WEEKLY AUCTION REPORTS fredericksburg standard in the “Community” section. .com

JAY501 JONES, BROKER N. Milam P.O. Box 406 501 N. MILAM /P.O. BOX 406 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 FREDERICKSBURG, TX 78624


830-456-9184 - Cell (830) 456-9184 --CELL 830-997-3677 Office (830) 997-3677 - OFFICE - Fax 830-997-5301 (830) 997-5301 - FAX


151 W OAK VALLEY DR..3 br/3ba ..2,100 sf home on 2.82 acres with a garage and 660 sf separate living quarters. A great hill country style ranch home with many custom features only 3 miles from town is for sale for 450,000. LOT 87 BOOT RANCH...3.53 acres...on the golf course..membership included in Boot Ranch...575,0000 45 acres-Gillespie County- Doss-Spring Creek Road-16 acres is wooded hill top, 29 acres pasture with creek, $465,000 403 acres - Gillespie County - 3/1.5 home with working pens, barns, spring & great access. Located 18 miles W on Hwy 290 - $1,785,930 83.82 acres-Gillespie County- Reeh-Weinheimer Rd, 10 miles west of Fredericksburg, 1,760 SOLD s.f.,2br,1ba home, 2,400 s.f. barn, great views and hunting-- $622,920 Lot 46 Boot Ranch, includes membership. Great views, beautiful building site. $475,000 567 acres - Kimble County. Main lodge is a 5500 s.f. log home. high-fenced, game managed, great amenities with incredible deer herd. $2,950,000 226 acres - Menard County. This is a great hunting ranch. Nice 2/2 home with large tank stocked with fish. $989,000 - Owner financing available. 44+ acres - Gillespie County. Located just 7 miles out. Incredible 360° views from 1,885’ summit. Property has a fantastic 2/2 rock home with granite countertops, gourmet kitchen & cherry wood floors - $1,195,000 32 acres - Gillespie County. Lovely turnkey property, 1,136 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms/2 baths, most furnishings included. - $500,000 338.281 ACRES - McCulloch County This is a great hunting ranch with a nice 2/1 ranch home overlooking a beautiful large lake stocked with bass. - $727,304 28.22 acres - Gillespie County - 6 miles north of Fredericksburg on Hwy. 16. Creek with lowwater crossing, underground utilities & well in place. $564,400 Hye on Hwy. 290 E. Great highway frontage. - $720,000 80.25 acres - Blanco County -SOLD 178.48 acres - Blanco County - 16 miles east of Fredericksburg. Nice older home with tank, views & great hunting, - $1,293,980 / 7,250 per acre - 40 acre tracts may be sold at $6,750 per acre 534 acres - Bandera County - 2700 sq. ft. updated home - very secluded on fantastic creek w/ dams & springs. - $4,000,000

SOLD for more information

Can You Afford NOT To Advertise? 997-2155 KOWERT REAL ESTATE

Fredericksburgs Oldest Real Estate Company 120 E. Main St., Fredericksburg TX


Harper Branch Office 24448 W. US 290

ACREAGE— Harper Listings

HOMES - Fredericksburg Listings 13+ ACRES between Fbg. & Stonewall. 3 Bdr, 2 Bath Doublewide. Nice views. Fenced and crossfenced. Carport, Barn, even a chicken coop. Priced right. $169,900. 303 E. BURBANK ST. 3 bdr, 2 bath, large shady lot. Two car carport. Storage. Save Big Dollars by doing a little fixup. Priced below county appraisal $139,000. 1005 AVE A. Solid buildt 2 bdr, 2 bath home. Large lot. Fenced yard. Fireplace. 2 car garage. Quiet established neighborhood. $154,500. Solid Home 3/2 Large Lot w/ Big Trees Quiet NH close to HEB & Hospital. Detached Workshop, Garden Area. REDUCED to $199,000

ACREAGE & FARM/RANCH DOSS—62+ ACRES—Great hunting. Fenced & cross fenced. Cabin. Storage. Views. Great get-away place. Priced to sell $261,786. Great Getaway! 23.60 Acs. Historic Rock Home Ready for Restoration! 16 miles from FBG, off Lower Crabapple Rd. Quiet Place to Hide-Away! Reduced to $350,000.


.23 acre city lot—for RV or Motor Home parking, or storage. No

septic allowed. For details call Linda $9,000. 21.89 Acres — Harper Area—Great Building Site, Hunting—Dry Creek Bed—Wooded. $93,500

HOMES— Harper Listings

3/2 well maintained DW on ½ acre with Community water. Open floor plan, split master, wood burning fireplace, breakfast nook, & lots of kitchen cabinets. Lg. lot w/ room for a workshop, garage or greenhouse. Harper ISD. Call Linda $133,350 3/2 ½ Two story log home on 6.2 acres. Detached garage, workshop, above ground pool, barn & tack rm., drip irrigation for trees & shrubs, workable fields, gated entry. Ag Exempt. Harper ISD. A must see. Call Linda $385,000 2Bdr/1B New construction on city lot in Harper. Nice covered back deck with access to both bdrs. Move in ready. Harper ISD. Call Linda $79,500

For Info Email us at: OUR AGENTS Romney Kowert (830)889-3199 OJ Kowert 830)997-5555 Linda Harper (830)864-4674 Deborah Lindley (830)370-8532 Jennifer McSparin (830)992-1141














WE OFFER TRACTS FOR LUXURY DREAM HOME WITH VIEWS, COUNTRY ACREAGE FOR A WEEKEND CABIN, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. Visit and H H H SMALL TRACTS TO LARGE ACREAGE H H H 3.48 AC- Lg Post Oaks, sandy loam soil, seasonal creek, some restrictions, 18.20 AC-joins lg ranch, elect. access, wooded bldg site, gated. $191,100. underground elect. $105,000. 19.93 AC-N&W views, sm pond, paved rd, undergrnd Elect., 6 mi. $318,880. 3.61 AC. - Eagle’s Crest. Hilltop bldg. site, retaining wall, views to north & 21.11 AC- W. Views, creek, paved rd, treed, elevated bldg. site. $328,000 west. Gated. MLS #64131. 21 - 47 AC Wooded rolling terrain, hunting, elect, restricted. $87,150 & up 4.74 AC wooded hillside tract w/views, undergnd util. $154,050 25.89 AC- bldg. site overlooking field, seasonal spring/creek, strong water area, 5.01 AC - Residential tract 11+SOLD mi from town; gently rolling, wooded, partial gated. $258,900. fencing. $61,200. 28.48 AC-Hunting/recreational Tr. w/2Br cabin, well/septic, barn/wkshop, 5.11 AC - 4 MI out, wooded tract not in Subd, sandy loam, underground elect. $76,395 garage/storage. $349,000 REDUCED! 7.18 AC- Western hillside site; lighted/gated entry; paved rds. $179,250. 30.47 AC- Wooded tract, no restrictions, well, house & outbldgs. $7,000/ac. 9.62 AC- gated hilltop bldg. site, pad in place, 180° views, 5 mi. $325,000. 33.53 AC- mostly fertile field, fenced, Pedernales River frtg. $500,000 MLS#64666 10.20 AC- SE views off cul-d-sac lot w/restrictions in Valley View. $$153,000. 33.65 AC- Restricted residential wooded tract.w/views, hunting. $504,750. 10.5 AC Granite outcroppings, spring, trees, & views, restricted. $139,900 34.27 AC - beautiful wooded bldg site, water well, gated. $10,500/ac. 11.07 AC-180 views; SW treed hillside;fenced 2 sides; min: 2000 s.f. $399,500 35.44 AC- Rolling terrain, wooded, good hunting, restricted. $4,750/ac. 11.68 AC-Treed along paved rd frontage, fertile field, views! $146,000 40 - 51 AC Close-in, treed bldg site, improved grasses. $5,784/ac. & up. 11.93 AC- Big view, ag exempt, 20x30 metal bldg., & well. $127,500 46.7 AC- 43 ac. in Klinegrass & bermuda, rest is wooded, 100 GPM water well, 13.31 AC- Wooded bldg site, mostly field, views, restricted. $146,630. electricity, fenced, close-in. 7 mi. from town. $365,000. 14.11 AC- Fenced, secluded w/views, restricted, ag exempt. $137,572. 47.14 AC- Gently rolling wooded hunting/recreational, cabin site. $4,500/ac. 15 AC - Lush field, fenced, creek, well, surrounded by hills. $289,000. 52 AC Cherry Springs level treed tract, hunting, grazing. $225,000 15 AC- N. of Fbg., rd frontage 2 sides, 2BR w/office, several barns, pens, 56.85 AC Huge fishing lake, brush, trees,creeks, hunting. $682,000! CONTRACT PENDING well/septic. $250,000. 114 AC Rolling terrain, trees, part field, hunting, elect. $484,700! 16 AC- Level to sloping treed tract, views,well, septic, elect. $154,451. 217 AC- Cattle ranch operation w/1900’s home & 3 wells. $4,550/Ac. CONTRACT PENDING 17 AC- Mostly treed, possible dam site, Cherry Mt. Loop rd frtg. $154,700. 268 AC- W. of Harper rolling terrain w/good brush cover, ponds. $3,711/ac. H H H H H H H H H LOTS & COMMERCIAL H H H H H H H H H 406 & 412 E. Main St-l.635 AC runs street to street w/247.2’ ftg on Main St & 100’ ftg on Austin St. NOW REDUCED! $1,550,000. Call Vic for details. 2 LOTS - Oaks of Windcrest Residential lots #56 & 57. $55,900 & $57,400

TURNKEY B&B. High visibility location Hwy 16N 5 blks. from Main St prime shopping blks; 2BR/1BA in operation since 2006. Mechanical/storage room w/W/D, single garage connected for utility storage, minimal yard care. $169,900.

H H H H H H H TOWN & COUNTRY HOMES H H H H H H H Price MLS# $79,000 63660 Spacious addition makes this vintage modular home w/well, septic & dbl garage on 1.5 ac very convenient in downtown Harper. $119,000 65177 FIXER-UPPER! 2BR/1BA is ideal for starter home, rental, or retirement. Recently replaced roof, water heater, HVAC. $125,000 64087 Starter/Retirement Home. 2/1 with CH/A, bath w/jetted tu b, Lg covered porch, laundry room, garage, large yard with nice tree’s $159,000 65385 3/2/1 frame w/rock trim, living/dining/kit combo, split BR plan, appliances, H2O softner, small patio, fenced yard w/storage bldg. $159,500 64344 Ugly duckling outside, very attractive interior w/2br/2ba, CH/A & appliances all on .658 ac. zoned commercial. $160,000 65197 4BR/2BA Home w/11 ac. ideal for small animal operation. Deck w/hottub, appliances, pens & great outbldgs. Ag exempt. $169,900 63238 Turnkey B&B operating since 2006 W/I 5 blks of Main St shopping. Most furnishings, décor & laundry facilities, rights to website & bus. name incl. $172,500 64512 Fresh Paint, new landscaping at this 3/2 Modular home on 7.34 ac wood tract w/hwy frontage. Spacious, deck, metal shop/garage. $225,000 64244 Arts & Crafts 1930’s 3/2 frame with CH/A. Good storage, garage w/carport, well for watering and extra lot zoned C-2. UNDER CONTRACT $249,500 65336 Park-like setting w/huge private patio, 3/2/2 brick home w/lovely interior & many extras, great storage, & RV/boat cpt. $289,000 65411 - Spacious home(some finish work required) on 7.86 Ac w/both sides Willow Creek to enjoy from your lg deck. Good well! $294,500 64975 Wooded lot, custom built stately Traditional Style 3/2, w/appliances, 2 living areas, beautifully cared for. Over 2700 s.f. NEW PRICE! $349,000 64645 Wooded 28.48 ac. Country getaway w/new rustic metal cabin, storage & lg barn , well & septic, new fencing, good hunting, & paved rd frtg. $365,000 64235 Desired Features & upgrades plus rarely found “extras” in this 3/2 custom home on 5.78 ac, dog kennel, pool, ofc building & storage. $370,000 65440 1905 Limestone & Basse Block 2-story restoration project, relatively untouched. A step back in time. $399,500 64604 2009 built 3/2on 20.2 ac N/E of Fbg. w/nice amenities, spacious Mstr suite, dbl garage, dbl carport, spring-fed pond, & paved rd frntg. $450,000 63843 Tony Martin Built 2/2 stone home 3 blks from downtown, custom glass front kitchen cabinetry, period & imported doors, lg den & loft w/BR/BA. $469,000 65297 6.865 ac.close-in hillside, tremendous views, 3/3 2900+ S.F. dream home, & dbl garage w/gst qrters. Great price, great place! $895,000 63208 Edge of Town wooded, secluded 5.06 ac hilltop setting, Great Views. 2/2 limestone guest house w/hot tub & 5/3.5 2-story limestone main home. $1,199,000 65013 Large B&B, family compound, or retreat center near Enchanted Rock State Park. Commercial kitchen, total of 8Br’s/8Ba’s, & large commercial size pool. $1,795,000 62992/64367 52 AC River Property & Historic 1906 Family Home with over 3800 s/f offers eloquent living spaces & outbuildings. Home UNDER CONTRACT w/18.55 ac $1,325,000 or w/52 ac & 1,000 ft of Pedernales River for $1,795,000. Vic Nixon Broker/Owner Cell: 889-2325


Marian Nixon Assoc. Broker Cell: 889-0422


Larry Boyd Realtor Associate Cell: 830-456-8105


Marilyn Waldrop Realtor Associate Cell: 830-456-1284

Brad Mechler Realtor Associate Cell: 210-215-0968



1325 E. Main St. * Fbg., TX 78624 * 830-997-2187 * M-F 8:30am-5:30pm *Sat. 9:30am-3:30pm “35 Years of Serving Hill Country Buyers & Sellers”


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area’s Finest Live Water ranches Comfort – Water Valley+Stieler Springs is 580 acres, nicely positioned just off of US 87, about 20 miles S. of Fredericksburg. Picturebook hardwood-laden hillsides overlook a lush valley of big source springs, fertile soil and dam sites, giant pecan and oaks. REDUCED! $5,750/acre Comfort – Owl Creek Ranch comprises 879 acres of spectacular canyonlands, supremely located on US 87, 15 miles S of Fredericksburg. Rugged, cliffy canyons feature stunning, hard flowing spring creeks tumbling over falls into pristine, fern-laden pools. NEW! $6,950/acre Enchanted Rock – Enchanting Springs Ranch is 490 acres located in the big middle of the mystical Enchanted Rock/Oxford area, including stunning vistas of “The Rock” and surrounding granite mountain ranges. Awesome cabin, pecan bottom, mucho wildlife! NEW! $6,500/acre Hye - Pedernales Springs is 1,126 acres of high-octane river frontage coupled with strongflowing springs, coastal fields, cave, fabulous oak forests, pecan bottoms, and distant views, located only 20 miles east of Fredericksburg on pavement. $9,000/acre/offer Johnson City – Cypress Springs Ranch, 875 acres closer to Austin, features over 2,000’ of frontage and both sides ownership of some of the gaudiest water in the State. Deep holes, large overhanging cypress and karst cliffs create a magical, private environment. NEW! $13,500/acre Kerrville – Oak Knoll is 806 - 3,533 acres of “Divide” hunting/ranching land in western Kerr County. This is superb mixed species deer hunting, managed under high fence, accessed by interior paved roads passing thru scenic, clean oak savannahs. REDUCED! $2,150/acre Stonewall – Redstone Nebgen Ranch is a fine, 141 acre showplace farmstead on quiet RR 2721 north of Stonewall. Included are nice restored German rock home of 4,000 sf, awesome log/chink barn & smokehouse, clean fields, oak forests and staggering views. NEW! $1.25M Stonewall – Redstone Ranch is a 2,937 acre showplace on the Pedernales River near the LBJ Parks. Features include 14,000 sf mansion, spring creeks, many fields, little cedar, irrigation, abundant wildlife and good groundwater. REDUCED! $6,950/acre Stonewall – Wittington Creek Farm is a 212 acre potential showplace on a quiet, paved lane adjoining the LBJ Parks, featuring the reddish/pink sandy soils the area is famous for! Also included is a 3 BR, 2 BA ranch house, outbuildings, clean fields and creek. NEW! $7,950/acre Tivydale – Blue Hole Farm is a fine 99 acre potential showplace having an impressive, deep hole of water on the Pedernales River, with crazy-cool homesite overlooking! Also included are clean field, strong creek, nice oak/elm bottom and restorable home. REDUCED! $1.45M 1916.52tf Fredericksburg – Mason – – 210.422.4676 – 830.997.8616

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We’re the answer. 830.992.2110 150 East Main, Suite 310 6503.20tf


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| October 31, 2012

| E5







REMODELED 4 BEDROOM, 2 BATH DOUBLEWIDE: 1,800 sq. ft., 3 miles from town. $950/first and last month’s rent. $950/dep. 830‑889‑1110. CALL D&D MINI STORAGE for move‑in specials. 23 sizes. 830‑ 997‑4876. FOR RENT: 525 NORTH­WOOD HILLS DRIVE, 2/2/2 with 2 lev­ els, hot tub, bal­ cony, views, full kitchen, $1,000/mo. RR 965, 2‑story, 3/2.5 with carport, bonus room, appliances, no pets. $1,300/mo. 211 BENDING OAKS TRAIL, large 3/2/2 with upgrades, Heritage H.C. amen­ tities, $1,700/mo. 810 APPLE, 3/2/1, appliances, MBR with walk‑in closet, $1,050/mo. 412 CANDLELIGHT CIRCLE, 3/3/2, with 2 living areas, quiet, $1,550/mo. 802 N. LINCOLN, 3/2/2, open kitchen/dining, storage, $1,100/mo. Applica­ tion and security deposit re­ quired. Call Nixon Rental Ser­vices, 830‑997‑2187. FOR RENT: Cabin, $550/mo. $300 deposit. Two bedroom Apartment, $650./mo. $300 de­posit. All Bills Paid. Call 830‑ 456‑2641. 3 BEDROOM, 1.5 BATH: Large extra room, could be office, fam­ily room, etc. W/D hookups, CH/A, big yard, 5 miles out. $800/mo., lease and deposit. 830‑990‑1108. WE RENT, YOU MANAGE or we rent and manage your prop­ erty for you. Call NIXON RENTAL SERVICES, 830‑997‑ 2187.

FURNISHED ONE BEDROOM apartment, all utilities incuded, off street parking, pool/ spa, TV and WiFi included. $1000/ month. 830‑990‑4450. 2 BEDROOM/ 1 BATH, kitchen, living room. Apartment for rent $1000/ month + $200/ deposit. All bills paid. 830‑456‑6053. 2BR/2BA Mobile Home located at 1644 W US HWY 290. $650/ mo + $650 deposit. All bills paid except electricity including digi­tal cable. NO PETS/ NO EX­ CEPTIONS. Call Jeff 830‑456‑ 5333. RENT REDUCED! $825. This home needs a renter! 2 BR, 1 bath, large yard, garage/stor­age, new central heat/AC, new win­ dows, new paint, new floors, new bath. No smoking, outdoor pets. 301 W. Burbank. 830‑997‑ 8952. Photos at www.fbgrent.­com. HOUSE FOR RENT, 3 bed­ room, 2 bath, washer/ dryer con­ nections, dishwasher, ch/a. $950/ month + $400 deposit. Call 830‑456‑2054. 2 BEDROOM/ 1.5 BATH, previ­ ously a B&B, 1406 N. Llano. Ca­ ble ready, laundry in back. $850/month + deposit. No smok­ ing, no pets. Available Immedi­ ately. Furnished or Unfurnished. Handicapped accessible. 830‑ 992‑9120 or 830‑992‑9253. GREAT LOCATION FOR OF­ FICE OR RETAIL: 110 E. Austin Street. 1,100 sq. ft. com­ mercial property, handicap ac­cessible. 830‑992‑9737.

VERY CLEAN 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT: Located in re­s pectable Fredericksburg neigh­ borhood. CH/A, washer/ dryer hookup, kitchen applianc­ es. 830‑ 644‑2355. RENTAL AREA FOR LEASE: 4,500 sq. ft. on Hwy. 290 E. Could be used as a nursery. Call 830‑456‑2641. MOBILE HOME FOR RENT: 2 bedroom/2 bath, refrigerator, stove, A/C. $500/month + $500 deposit. No pets inside, outside ok. 830‑285‑6378. LARGE, LIKE NEW, FUR­NISHED Park Model Travel Trailer. Set up on private prop­ erty 5 min­ utes from town. Washer, dryer, large covered porch, carport. No smoking. No pets. All bills paid including WiFi. 979‑236‑3336. GUEST HOUSE FOR RENT: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Efficiency. 600 sq. ft., washer/dryer connection, kitchen appliances plus yard, shed and covered parking. $695/ mo. 830‑456‑5030. STONE RIDGE HOME FOR LEASE OR PURCHASE: Lease for 6 or 12 months, $1,800 per month, pets considered. 3/2.5/2. Bo Padgett, LREB, 830‑889‑ 5263. FOR LEASE, COMMERCIAL: 204 E. AUSTIN, 3,300+ s.f. Zoned CBD, off‑street park­ ing. RESIDENTIAL: 3/2, double garage, no smoking, no pets, $1,150/mo. All are no smoking. Contact Dennis Kusenberger, Re/MAX Town & Country, 830‑ 990‑8708. TWO OFFICE SUITES FOR RENT: At the corner of Schu­ bert and Crockett. Each suite is approximately 1,000 s.f. Call Sam at 830‑998‑5583.

NICE APARTMENT FOR RENT: 1 bedroom, 1 bath near high school and hospital. $650/mo. includes utilities, $350/dep. Call 830‑990‑0501 to see. BEAUTIFUL ONE BEDROOM HOUSE: Includes basic Dish Network. 10 miles from town. $600/ month + electric. $300 de­posit. Rent by the month. Pets OK. 830‑997‑7219. FOR LEASE: 4/2 on 2.56 acres, CH/A. Call Martha, Fredericks­ burg Property Management, 830‑997‑7895, 830‑992‑9430. OPEN LIVING, KITCHEN and dining area. Comfortable 3/2 with fenced back yard, screened porch and oversized 2‑car garage. West end of Seamoor St. Professionally cleaned and neat as a pin. $1,200/mo. with one year lease. Call Eric at Fred­ericksburg Realty, 830‑992‑ 0014. HISTORIC ROCK HOME: 3/2, fenced yard, W/D connections, outside pet only, 403 W. Schu­ bert. No smoking. $1,100/mo., $500/dep. 1 year minimum. Available Nov. 1. Senior dis­ count. 830‑997‑2471. COMMERCIAL FOR RENT: 810 N. LLANO, Office build­ ing, front reception area, 2 of­fices, restroom and large stor­ age/ workroom with overhead door. (1/2 rent 1st mo.). Call Nixon Rental Services, 830‑ 997‑2187. TOWNEPARK FREDERICKS­ BURG SENIOR APART­MENTS, 1125 S. Adams. Avail­able now. 1 bedroom with walk in shower. All electric with W/D connections, FF refrigerator with ice maker, microwave, ceiling fans, dish­ washer and garbage disposal. $590/mo., $300/sec. dep. Call Peggy at 830‑990‑ 9086. PASTEL CABINS: 1 large bed­ room, 1 bath cabin with car­ port. Park‑like setting on 9 acres with river. Only 1 mile from Fair Grounds on Hwy. 16 South. $750/ month, $300 deposit, with all bills paid. 830‑456‑2641.

WORKING IN THE FREDER­ ICKSBURG AREA? SAVE MONEY AND STAY WITH US! Best Sunday‑Thursday pack­ age or discounted nightly week­ day rates for workers. Includes breakfast with fresh German Pastries, HBO, refrigerator and microwave, FREE HIGH SPEED WIRELESS IN ALL ROOMS and even a complimen­tary computer station in the lobby for your use. 254‑913‑ 9030. 2 BEDROOM, 2 BATHROOM MOBILE HOME: New custom kitchen and bathroom, new hard­ wood floors, new paint. W/D, storage building and carport, scr­ reened‑in porch. $700/mo., 1st/ last security deposit re­ quired. References. No pets, no smok­ ing. 830‑456‑6443. WAREHOUSE WITH LOADING DOCK FOR RENT: 2,250 sq. ft. Call Alton Immel, 830‑997‑2129, ext. 143. 3,000 SQ. FT. WAREHOUSE FOR RENT: Share half or rent entire warehouse. $800/mo., plus utilities. 830‑285‑6000. FOR RENT: One bedroom Apartment, $550/mo. $300 de­posit. Hwy. 290. All Bills Paid. Call 830‑456‑2641. FREE WIFI! Daily, weekly, monthly. Best rates, best loca­ tion! Clean effeciency apart­ments at the Frederick Motel. All bills paid. Free cable. $189 weekly or $675 monthly. 254‑ 913‑9030.

IN STONEWALL, 16’Wx60’L MOBILE HOME: 2 bedroom, 2 full baths. $650/mo. $650/dep. No pets inside. 830‑644‑2749, ask for Robert or Amy.

5 STORAGE K Security Lighting Owner on Premises

830-997-3580 Located

290 West - 2 miles


2 Office Suites Approximately 1,000 sq. ft. each 1 block from City Hall







ASK ABOUT OUR ½ MONTH’S RENT FREE 1B1B From 527.00 + Electric 3B2B From 675.00 + Electric Income Sensitive, Gated Community, W/D Connections Hill Country Landscaping, Largest Apt. Pool, Laundry Center on Site. Sect. 8 Vouchers Accepted Must meet income requirements.

Brentwood Oaks Apartments 604 S. Eagle St. • 830-990-0296


$2000 - 33 Oak Haven, 3/3, Country $750 - 37 Scenic Ridge - 1/1 Furn. $875 - 710 Reuben - 2/2 $875 - 87 North - 2/1

COMMERCIAL: $600 - 235 W. Main $625 - 810 N. Milam - office $900 - 613 W. Main $1200 - 609 W. Main


CALL 830-997-7564



$620 & Up -- E-Z Move-In -- No Deposit*

CALL NOW 990-0304 Plush spacious units with laundry hook ups, pool,


tot lot, fitness center, club house, courtesy patrol and 24 hour maintenance service.

Located at 1019 Friendship Lane directly behind Wal-Mart.

*upon approved credit , restrictions apply



Includes Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Stove & Refrigerator CA & CH Yard & Building Maintenance On-Site Manager



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TexSCAN Week of October 28, 2012

Central Hill Country Board of REALTORS®


Larry Boyd, President

contract calls for the seller to make repairs prior to closing. Review closing documents ahead of time. There are pages of documents that buyers have to sign and you should understand what they all mean. There won’t be enough time at the closing to read them, so get copies in advance. Make sure that the money is available. Transfer funds, obtain a cashier’s check—do whatever must be done to have the funds on hand. The lender will provide a statement of the buyer’s actual costs a few days before closing, so he’ll know just how much that check should be. What if the closing is delayed? Even if the transaction doesn’t close on time, it doesn’t mean it won’t close in a week or two. Sometimes the seller has a problem clearing a title, which can lead to a buyer’s concern about a locked-in interest rate. Buyers should know how long their rate is frozen for and have a plan in place with another lender if the closing gets delayed beyond that point. In some cases, buyers may have trouble securing financing. In this case, sellers can entertain contingent contracts from other buyers. These contingent contracts usually don’t come into play. But when the original contract doesn’t close on time, the seller may move on to the next offer and sell the house before the first buyer can receive funding. Final steps to closing Prior to closing, you want to be

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 which make it illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status (families with children). The law applies to rental, sales or financing of housing and lots reserved for residential use. Advertising in a discriminatory manner such as “adults only” is now illegal. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. Call 1-800-424-8590 to file a complaint.

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President’s Column

Top tips for a trouble-free closing You’ve found the perfect house—or buyer—and you’re on your way to closing, where ownership of the property is officially transferred and money changes hands. This final stage of a real estate transaction has many steps. Your Texas REALTOR® can help you navigate the closing process and answer questions that may arise, but here’s some advice to help you prepare. Understand the closing process Before closing, buyers should review everything that has been done in connection with inspections, title work and surveys to make sure that there are no loose ends. If the contract calls for the seller to make repairs, the buyer should confirm that the work has been completed to his satisfaction. Ensure that the lender knows the time and date of the closing and has copies of any contract addenda. In addition, the buyer needs to complete several tasks before closing: Obtain homeowner’s insurance. The policy should be in place and ready to go in effect days before closing. Change the name on the utilities. The buyer should verify that the seller has canceled his accounts and have service scheduled to be turned on. Schedule a walk-through. Conduct the walk-through near the closing date, but leave a few extra days as a cushion if the

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certain that all the conditions of the contract, like seller repairs, have been met. Before signing your name to any closing documents, check that everything is correct, including the interest rate, fees charged and condition of the property. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, making a list is a great way to cover your bases. Here’s what it could include: Buyer’s closing checklist • A cashier’s check or money order for the amount specified on your final settlement costs statement • Your personal checkbook in the unlikely event other charges come up at closing • Proof of a homeowner’s insurance policy • Your lender’s good faith estimate • Some form of identification (i.e., driver license, passport, etc.) Seller’s closing checklist • Keys, padlock combinations and garage-door openers • Codes to security system (if applicable) • Owners manuals for all appliances • Checkbook for closing costs or other expenses paid by seller (as agreed to as part of the buyer’s final offer) Although few closings encounter m a j o r setbacks, it can happen. To ensure your transaction closes quickly, make sure you’re prepared. For more information on buying or selling a home in Texas, visit 6427.20

MATTRESS & UPHOLSTERY Sanitizing business. Earn $185+ hour. Green, dry, chemicalfree process. Removes dust mites, allergens & harmful contaminants. Many TX areas available. 1-888-999-9030

EXPERIENCED FLATBED DRIVERS: Regional opportunties now open with plenty of freight and great pay. 1-800-277-0212 or

AFFORDABLE RESORT LIVING on Lake Fork. RV and manufactured housing OK! Guaranteed financing with 10% down. Lots starting as low as $6900, Call Josh, 1-903-878-7265

OWNER OPERATORS Home every other night. Dedicated to one customer, lease purchase program with down payment assistance. Class CDL-A and 1-year experience within past 5 years. Call Tonya, 1-866242-4978. Text Greatwide to 30364

2.5 ACRES, San Diego, just off Hwy. 44. Level, clear of brush. Light industrial or business use. $69,500 with 20-year owner financing. Toll-free 1-866-286-0199.

$106 MONTH BUYS land for RV, MH or cabin. Gated entry, $690 down, ($6900/10.91%/7yr) 90-days same as cash, DRIVERS OWNER OPERATORS- Regional pay Guaranteed financing, 1-936-377-3235 YOU GOT THE DRIVE, we have the direction. increase. Multiple fleets available. Class OTR drivers, APU Equipped, Pre-Pass, EZ- CDL-A. Home weekly. Call 1-855-258-2001 TEXAS LAND BARGAIN! 5+ acres -$69,900. Picture postcard setting. Huge pass, passenger policy. Newer equipment. live oaks, seasonal creek, breathtaking long 100% NO touch. 1-800-528-7825 range views in prime Hill Country location. EDUCATION/TRAINING AVERITT KEEPS your wheels rolling. Hiring Ready to build when you are. Historically AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for hands CDL-A drivers and recent grads. Great benefits. low finance rates! Call now, 1-800-511on aviation maintenance career. FAA Weekly hometime and paid training. Apply now! 2430, ext. 431 approved training. Financial aid if qualified, 1-888-362-8608. EOE. housing available. Call Aviation Institute WEEKEND GETAWAY available on Lake DRIVERS - $2000 SIGN-ON. Excellent of Maintenance, 1-877-523-4531 Fork, Lake Livingston or Lake Medina. home time! SW regional, great benefits, Rooms fully furnished! Gated community ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. top pay. Minimum 6-month tractor trailer with clubhouse, swimming pool and boat Medical, Business, Criminal Justice, Hospitality. experience. Class CDL-A required. Paid ramps. Call for more information: 1-903-878Job placement assistance. Computer available. orientation/training. 1-888-518-7084, www. 7265, 1-936-377-3235 or 1-830-460-8354 Financial aid if qualifi ed. SCHEV authorized. Call 1-888-205-8920, STEEL BUILDINGS DRIVERS-OWNER OPERATORS and fleet drivers, Texas or Oklahoma CDL. New pay CAN YOU DIG IT? Heavy equipment school. STEEL BUILDINGS perfect for homes & package, sign-on bonus, return to Texas 3-week training program. Backhoes, bulldoz- garages. Lowest prices, make offer and low ers, excavators. Local job placement assis- monthly payment on remaining cancelled every 6-8 days. Call 1-800-765-3952. tance. VA benefits approved. Two national orders: 20x24, 25x30, 30x44, 35x60. Call DRIVERS- SOUTHERN REGIONAL and certifications. 1-866-362-6497 1-800-991-9251 ask for Nicole. National runs earn 32¢-45¢ per mile. HELP WANTED $1200 sign-on bonus. Assigned equipment, pet policy. deBoer Transportation PAID WEEKLY COMMISSION – Assisting 1-800-825-8511; O/O’s welcome! www. people to save on electric bills. Build long $ term residual income. No Investment! Call today:1-888-406-8815. 301 Newspapers, 942,418 Circulation DRIVERS- STUDENTS 18-days from start to finish. Earn your CDL-A. No out-of-pocket $ MISCELLANEOUS tuition cost. Step up to a new career with FFE., 1-855-356-7122 SAWMILLS FROM ONLY $3997.00. Make 98 Newspapers, 263,811 Circulation and save money with your own bandmill.Cut DRIVERS- TEAMS AND SOLOS dedicated $ lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. runs, recession proof freight. Class CDL-A Free information/DVD, www.NorwoodSaw101 Newspapers, 366,726 Circulation and one-year experience. Lease purchase 1-800-578-1363 Ext. 300N program with down payment assistance. Call $ REAL ESTATE 1-866-904-9230,

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Statewide Ad ................ 500 North Region Only ...... 230 South Region Only ..... 230 West Region Only ....... 230

EXPERIENCED DRIVERS- $1000 Sign-on bonus! Excellent regional truckload opportunities in your area. Be home every week. Run up to 2,000 miles/week., 1-855-289-2219

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST VIEW Lake Medina/ Bandera, 1/4 acre tract, central W/S/E, RV, M/H or house OK only $830 down, $235 month (12.91%/10yr), Guaranteed financing, more information call 1-830-460-8354

102 Newspapers, 311,881 Circulation

To Order: Call this Newspaper direct, or call Texas Press Service at 1-800-749-4793 Today!

NOTICE: While most advertisers are reputable, we cannot guarantee products or services advertised. We urge readers to use caution and when in doubt, contact the Texas Attorney General at 1-800-621-0508 or the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP. The FTC web site is

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9 a.m. Tuesday 830-997-2155 FAX 830-990-0036

100 Business Opportunities 180 Child Care 220 Classes, Courses and Instruction 260 Farm and Ranch 290 Pets 340 For Sale 380 For Sale-Vehicles 420 Found 460 Garage Sale

500 540 620 660 700 780

Help Wanted Hunting Leases Lost Miscellaneous Mobile Homes Travel Trailers and RVs 860 Wanted 900 Work Wanted

For Rents can be found at the end of the Real Estate Section.

w w w. f r e d e r i c k s b u r g s t a n d a r d . c o m




20+ YR. Business, mailing and shipping service company. Prime location. $40,000 or Make offer. Call LREB 830‑456‑ 3967. GREAT RESTAURANT LOCA­ TION AVAILABLE: Courtyard and shopping on complex. Lo­ cated on 290W, downtown John­ son City. 512‑568‑4546 for info.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING TO PLAY CHESS?...Or to play chess better?... Or, just come for coffee and chess!! Free in­ struction is available. Wo­ e rner Warehouse and Bakery, 305 S. Lincoln St., Fredericks­burg, Wednesdays 9‑10:30 a.­ m. Call Allen at 830‑456‑8633 before each Wednesday to as­sure a seat. CHL RENEWAL CLASS: November 24 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.­ m. Class will be held at 409 Pear St., Fredericksburg. For more information please email me at dstewart22@austin.rr.­com or call 830‑992‑0032. TEACHING VIOLIN AND GUI­ TAR since 1979. Gale Reddick Music Store/Studio. BA degree TLU, 6 yrs. post graduate stud­ ies. 830‑ 997‑9641. PARENTS! Want to foster ex­ citement and spark curiosity in your child? Teacher with 20 years experience seeks stu­ dents to inspire and ignite. Tutor­ ing, lesson planning, or help with curriculum planning. Call 830‑889‑3744 or email pcjwikan­

MATHEMATICS AND SCI­ ENCE TUTOR, certified through Schreiner University. Flexible schedule. Call 830‑992‑9253. Also Kindergarten assessment and reading tutorials 830‑992‑ 9120.

180 CHILD CARE REGISTERED HOME has opening for 2‑4 yrs. Pre‑school environment. Certified First Aid and CPR. Call Ms. Yvonne, 830‑ 997‑4280. LICENSED HOME CHILD CARE WITH 20 YEARS EXPE­RIENCE: One opening, full or part‑time, for child 12 months or older. Will give references. Jodi Hannemann, 830‑997‑7968 or 830‑456‑6709. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH MOTHER’S DAY OUT: We have openings for ages 4 months through Pre‑K, Tues­ days and Thursdays, from 9 a.m.­‑2 p.m. Activities for the children include Chapel Services, Music Program, Bible Lessons, Art Projects, and Playground time. Contact Heidi Spence at 830‑ 997‑9511 or email her at hei­

Sell it in the Classifieds

260 FARM & RANCH / CONSTRUCTION Rock Saw Trenching

ATV FOR SALE: KAWASAKI, 2007 FOUR WHEELER, Prairie 360 4x4, Excellent Condition $3,200.

Jeremy Gold

Leave message


830-456-7265; 830-685-3920 15tf

(830) 992-30406810.21-24


(830) 459-0434 Mobile

PURINA LIQUID FEEDER: 150 gal., barely used. $150. 830‑ 992‑1013. BARRELS: Metal and plas­ tic, feed and water storage. Also heavy duty burn bar­ rels. Lochte Feed and General Store, 509 Longhorn. COASTAL SQUARE BALES AND ROUND BALES FOR SALE: 830‑997‑0817. J.D. HICKMAN LIVESTOCK SERVICES: Don’t lose money by selling your calves un­worked, you’re giving away ten to twenty cents per pound. Let us help you process your cattle and maintain herd health man­ agement. Cattle, sheep, goats worked and hauled. Contract Cattle care available. Portable facilities can be provided. 830‑ 285‑8501. OXBOW EQUESTRIAN CEN­ TER: First class boarding facility located in Fredericksburg. Long/short term care. Christy, 406‑539‑8559 or Dale, 210‑863‑ 3516. ALPACAS FOR SALE: Geld­ings, $100; breedable females, $500. Call Jan or Tom, 830‑990‑ 0667, please leave message. WANTED: Pasture lease for grazing and hay. 830‑889‑2101 or 830‑997‑7409. GRAZING WANTED: Some field okay. Around Gillespie or surrounding counties. Large or small acreage. Call 997‑3321 af­ter 7 p.m.

(830) 990-2327 Home


Grape Creek Construction

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WANTED: Young female don­ key (jenny). 830‑733‑0993. BLACK BOER BILLIES: 18 months old, ready to work. 325‑ 651‑9159. FERTILIZER DEALER NEEDED to apply N‑TEXX 15‑5‑ 5 and organic N‑TEXX Plus Hu­ mas. Cut fertilizer costs, in­ crease growth and production. $22/acre. Damon Berry, 254‑ 793‑2318. FOR SALE: Full blood Royal White Rams. Born in spring but ready for service. 830‑997‑3210. SADDLE REPAIR: 25 years ex­ perience in building and re­pairing saddles and tack. 357 Chaparral Drive, Fredericks­ burg. 830‑522‑0335. www.kli­ HAY FOR SALE: 830‑889‑9969 MOUNTAIN CEDAR POSTS FOR SALE: Gate posts, staves and milling logs. We clear on ranches. Haynes Cedar Com­ pany, 830‑868‑2037 or 512‑567‑ 4748. FOR SALE: 50 Fertilized coastal 4x5 round bales, this year’s second cut. Stanley Keese 325‑247‑5201. LOST CATTLE in the Louden Rd./ Settlers Ridge area off 290 west of Fredericksburg.1 white/ red Hereford cow and 10 black­/ white Angus heifers about 350 lbs. Please call 210‑422‑8763, 830‑990‑0542, 830‑997‑4291 leave message. WANTED: Pasture lease for live­ stock. Will pay by acre or by the head. 830‑997‑1864 or 830‑997‑ 4558. ALFALFA HAY FOR SALE: Small and large square bales. By the bale or truck load. Deliv­ery available. 830‑997‑0817. 2004 CM DAKOTA BP TRAILER: 16’, 3H slant with drop windows and tack room. VGC, $3,000. 830‑998‑1444. RANCH LAND‑ perfect for horses. Buy 20 acres, enjoy 150 acres. Owner financing for quali­ fied buyers. 713‑725‑5047. NEED EXTRA CASH? Freder­ icksburg Metal Recycling is now open at 279 Shorty Crenwelge Rd. We buy scrap metal, ferrous and non‑ferrous metals, cars, appliances, wire, pipe, anything metal. Pickup service available. 830‑990‑4400.

DISABLED VETERAN with 2 small dogs, wanting to live and work on ranch. 830‑998‑4460. TEXAS LONGHORNS for ag tax exemptions and pets. Black and red heifer bulls, registered bulls, cows, heifers, trophy steers, roping steers. 830‑644‑ 2380, 1‑888‑458‑2386. 1970 CASE 970 AGRI‑KING TRACTOR: 93 hp, cab with cold air. Strong tract, clean, 4800 hours, rear tires 90%. Well main­tained. Asking $7,500. Call Brian, 830‑456‑1751. FREDERICKSBURG METAL RECYCLING will deliver rolloff containers to your property. Fill it with metal, we pay you. Fill it with trash, you pay us. Call Josh, 830‑990‑4400. WOULD LIKE TO HAVE a trust­ worthy party to thrash pecans on shares. Call 830‑990‑9262. LONGHORN HEIFERS‑‑BEAU­ TIFUL HERD‑BUILDERS: Se­lect one and two‑year‑old heifers sired by the outstanding BBR Rawhide and Shenandoah Warrior. Siblings have drawn top dollars at Longhorn auc­ tions. Colors: red/white, solid red, solid black. Four young steers also available. Stonewall area, we can haul. HH Cattle Co., 830‑868‑9137 (John) or chap@

NEW 4’X8’ STAKE SIDE FLATBED TRAILER: Found it was too small for my needs. Li­censed and road ready. Never used. $525. 830‑992‑9736. BLUEBONNET FURNITURE NEW MATTRESS SETS: Twin $179.99; Full $219.99; Queen $299.99. King $399.99. 905 N. Llano Street. 830‑997‑9740. BEAUTIFUL ROUGH CUT PINE BEAMS for sale cheap! 830‑997‑6503. STRIDECYCLE ELLIPTICAL with bicycle seat. Digital monitor measures speed, distance, pulse, calories burned and time. $75. 830‑997‑0401 after 5 p.m. SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR SALE: 20’ and 40’ available. Starting at $2,500 (includes de­ livery). Call Aaron, 830‑456‑ 1571. USA QUALITY solid Maple Dining set. Table 38”x70’x1‑ 1/4” with 2 leaves (101”). 6 chairs. $1450. 830‑644‑2555 or for photos. REGISTER FOR PRIZES to be given away Nov. 24! Knife sharpening Nov. 1‑2‑3. Hunting, Fishing and Lease licenses. Archery supplies including broadheads, targets, Gold Tip arrows. New Mission crossbow (100‑160 lbs.), Mathews and Mission bows; reduced prices on older model bows. Deer feeder supplies, deer corn and pellets, Record Rack Deer blocks, Wildlife Crunch blocks, Golden Nuggets, Trophy Rocks, milo, livestock feed. Ammo, reloading supplies, tripods, tree stands, popup blinds, scents, Doe ‘n Heat, cover ups, lures, and camo clothes. Knives, Lem meat grinders, butchering sup­plies. Wizard pecan harvester and dumper, Calcutta poles. Kramer’s Wood & Metal Works, 1 mile out 87N, 830‑997‑9457. ANTIQUE UPRIGHT PIANO $500. 830‑997‑7101. GOLF CARS AND CARE: We buy and sell used golf cars and chargers. 830‑896‑4455. WOOD STOVES, fireplace in­ serts, and fireplace accessories available at Fredericksburg Overhead Door, 144 Industrial Loop, 830‑997‑0521.

LAND CLEARING Cedar, Mesquite, Oaks, Etc. Free Estimates


Dozing & Welding



• Land Clearing • Ripping • Tanks • Root Plowing • Scraper Work Jason Jenschke 830-685-3344





“Tired of Waiting To Get Your Job Expedited?” We Pride Ourselves In Timely Execution of Your Project


Metal Buildings & Pole Barns

830-644-2379 • 830-998-5100

General Contracting Concrete & Dirt Work Marty Vaughn

830-990-0623 830-889-0000



We specialize in complete Farm and Ranch turn key maintenance for full and part time land owners, our skilled crews have over 50 years combined experience. • Custom Shredding, Fast and Economical with Our Large Batwing Shredder • Field Preparation, Wildlife Food Plots, Planting, Coastal Sprigging, Terracing • Road Building and Maintenance / Paving • Lake and Tank Building and Design / Lake and Tank Clean-out Service • Concrete & Rock Dams / Low Water Crossing Construction • Native Landscape Services / Granite Gravel & Decorative Moss Rock, Boulders Available • Pasture Clean-Up, Brush Removed / Fencing All Types


a division of Kneese Companies is now offering the lowest prices in the Hill Country on turnkey well drilling and pump installation!


SEE WEEKLY AUCTION REPORTS in the “Community” section.

Farm & Ranch

Brush, Mesquite & Cedar Clearing

Premium Top Soil

CALL • 456-6242


Clean Up and HaUl Off all SCrap Metal

We Love to Push Things Around!

Call for Details

Excellent References • Let Us Take Care of All Your Farm and Ranch Projects

Read all about it in The Standard!


Brent’s Custom Odd Jobs 830-456-9479

Donny Jackson

Weekend delivery by appointment only, Installation available,12 yard minimum.

Free Estimates • Douglas Wehmeyer - Owner

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Apollo Gate Openers

*Prices good for Gillespie Co. only

• Crushed Limestone Base

CKC REGISTERED MALE BOXER PUPPY FOR SALE: Born 8/24/2012, has had first shots, tail docked, dew claws re­moved, and dewormed. $150. Call 830‑456‑4232. LIGHT APRICOT MINIATURE POODLES: $300. 830‑816‑ 3261. PROBLEMS WITH YOUR DOG? I can help resolve behav­ ioral problems, housebreaking, socialization, etc. Paw and Or­ der C.I. (Canine Instruction). 830‑992‑0594.

Appliances • Vehicles Farm equipment Fencing wire • etc.


Granite Gravel

290 PETS

Roads, ponds, pads, cedar clearing, fencing & all welding needs. Stonewall, Texas

512-484-8132 Cell

Since 1995


Specializing in Ranch Management

Driveways • Parking Lots • Excavating • Culverts • Low Water Crossing • Stock Tanks • Building Pads • Ranch & Residential Roads

Power Screened


| F6



We Deliver!

| October 31, 2012



Kevin Kramer Construction



Serving the Hill Country Since 1951

Call Kris today for priCes 739 S. Washington Fredericksburg, TX 78624



Site Preps --Roads


Phone: (830) 997-3657 Fax: (830) 990-4693


Dirt, Dirt,

House Pads


Septic Systems


Free Delivery - Fbg. Area

Premium Topsoil • Sandy Loam • Dark Loam Clean Dirt Contractor Specials - Installation Available

(830) 997-1058 Over 25 Years Experience Donnie Reeh


Fully insured for your peace of mind 29tf

Paul Hartcraft III, Owner


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post 340 FOR SALE


BULLDOZER FOR SALE: Ka­ m atsu D31‑16. Engine has less than 900 hours. Call 830‑997‑ 7654. BRAND NEW KENMORE washer and electric dryer, used only 2 months, both for $850. 830‑990‑7531. FOR SALE: $400 OBO. .40 Cal­ iber carbine rifle with tactical flash light and red dot sights. Only shot a few times. Please call or text 832‑794‑8757. FOR SALE: Bunk beds with new mattresses, $385 com­ plete. Twin mattress, with box springs, new $155 set. Double mattress with box springs, new $180 set. Queen mattress with box springs, new $210 set. King mattress with box springs, new $295 set. Used appliances and furniture. 1‑830‑257‑4267. STAMPS: USA mint sheets from 1941‑2000. Some albums and inserts. Some first day is­ sues USA and Europe. Mint booklets. Miscellaneous foreign mint sheets. Block corners. 830‑ 997‑4917. 16’ ALUMINUM BASS TRACKER boat, 35hp Honda motor. Also flat pick‑up bed for a pick‑up truck $500. 830‑997‑ 2485. PROTECT YOUR TRUCK BED with a spray in bedliner. We also repair automotive headlin­ers and Armorguard the interior. Rick’s Custom Liners, 830‑997‑ 9346. SPLIT OAK FIREWOOD: You load, you haul. $90 long bed, $75 short bed. Call after 6 p.m. 830‑997‑3948, 830‑998‑1930. REFRIGERATOR IN GREAT CONDITION: $219 or best of­fer. 446 S. Lincoln. 830‑992‑ 0950. FIXTURES FOR SALE: 21’Lx8’H oak shelf unit, 10’Lx3.­ 5’H oak/ glass from Schreiner’s Dept. Store, 8’Lx4’H oak/glass angled display, 8’x42” oak/­ g lass, 50”Lx32”H oak/glass, slot‑ wall display units, others. 830‑ 997‑0900. Available by Nov. 5.

GE PROFILE TOP LOAD clothes washer, gentle cycles, $85. SMITH‑WESSON 1500 .30‑ 06 bolt with 3x9 Leupold VARI‑ XII scope, $450. ENFIELD MAIII 1942 Infantry .303 bolt, long range sight, brass stock end, 10 mag, $250. RABBIT CAGE 56”L with shelter, 28”H legs, sturdy, $40. 830‑992‑0581.

NEVER USED: 36‑pc. set of Pfaltzgraff “America”. 1983‑ 1989 discontinued mottled blue border, multimotif center. The decorations were inspired by au­thentic folk art from the Museum American Folk Art of New York City. 830‑997‑0244.

1201 E. Main 997-2659


SPLIT OAK FIREWOOD FOR SALE: You haul, or can deliver. Phone 830‑997‑4237 or 830‑ 644‑8254. APPLIANCES FOR SALE: Al­ mond Hotpoint electric range with self‑cleaning oven, $100/ al­mond Amana side‑by‑side refrig­ erator with ice/water dispenser, $400. Call 830‑997‑7991. BUYING AND SELLING old USA and foreign coins and cur­rency, tokens too. Highest buy prices for any gold, silver, jew­elry and scrap. 830‑997‑6339. APPLE IPOD NANO 8GB, 6th generation, less than one year old. Includes case, earbuds and connector, $70. InStyler rotating iron with travel case, $40. Call 830‑997‑0863. SPOUSE DECEASED. Have al­ most new hearing aids (high power over the ear) valued at $3,000. Will take $1,800. Please call George at 715‑518‑3240 if interested.

340 FOR SALE FURNITURE: Thomasville

Sofa $550, matching love seat $450, ornate coffee table $400, Dk wood Entertainment Ctr. $550, console/server table with two drawers $400 all from Stowers. Louis Shanks Bedroom Furniture includes leather and dk wood king bed, dresser w/mirror, bachelor chest, 2 night stands $2500. Leave message (830) 992-3040 OBO


We Build Custom Quality Homes Starting at $60/sq ft.


Bruce Kneese

Home: 830-997-5036 739 S. Washington • www.kneesecompanies.com11tf








739 S. Washington •

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General Contractor Bruce Kneese 830-997-5036

2001 SATURN L200: Fixer BUYING ALL GOLD AND SIL­ up­per/parts. $1,000. Call or text VER: Coins, Bullion, Scrap. Pay­ ing 10K, $18.55 per gram and 908‑418‑7192. 2007 FORD EXPEDITION EL: up; 14K, $26.65 per gram and Eddie Bauer edition, loaded, up; 18K, $34.25 per gram and in­ cluding navigation and DVD up. Sterling, 80¢ per gram and player. 95K miles. $18,500. Call up. 90% Coins, $20.21 per dol­ lar face and up. 40% Coins, $8 830‑456‑2665. per dollar face and up. Bullion GUNS: We buy, sell and trade 2006 BUICK LUCERNE, 41K (Gold and Silver) always bought old guns, spurs and Old West miles, one owner, fully loaded, at 95‑98% and up of spot. 830‑ antiques. Top prices. Single excellent condition. $13,600. 998‑5556. All prices based on pieces or entire collections. Call 830‑992‑9126. spot gold and silver. Charles or Mike at Texas Jacks, 2001 GRAND CHEROKEE SATURDAY, 8 A.M., corner of 117 North Adams Street, 830‑ LIM­ ITED 4X4: Silver, V‑8, very Live Oak and Silver Maple. 997‑3213. clean, power windows and Cleaning out storage unit, cabi­ YAMAHA PIANO FOR SALE: locks, sunroof, loaded. $6,000. nets and closets. In excellent condition. $2,500 830‑889‑2521. YARD SALE AT THE plus delivery. Call 830‑456‑ 1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE STONEWALL STORAGE UNITS: 2098 for additional informa­ SS 396/350HP, original, $7400 Fri., Nov. 2, 7:30‑?, 46 S. Ranch tion. OBO, email or call for details. Road 1623. Holiday items, boys SPLIT, SEASONED OAK FIRE­ 915‑208‑ clothes (sizes 8‑10), bedroom set, miscellaneous fur­ niture, WOOD: $150 per cord, free lo­cal 4485. delivery. Call Hunter at 830‑ 1997 JEEP WRANGLER quilts, games, toys, puz­zles NIB. 456‑5049. SPORT, 4x4, automatic, only 95K SATURDAY, 8am, 605 Prickly BUYING SILVER DOLLARS: miles, great condition, new soft Pear Ct., Cross Mountain. Too much to list. Great Prices! All With clear dates and mint marks, top $8000. 830‑997‑0709. items must go. crisp hairlines and wing feathers, $42 each. Will travel to view 10 or BACKYARD SALE: Sat., 8‑2, 510 420 FOUND more coins. Jack, 512‑231‑1032. Santa Rosa. Sleigh bed, a little of everything. Come see! Rain or CROWN DOUBLE OVEN DOU­ SOMEONE’S LOVED PET: shine. 830‑456‑3954. BLE BROILER 6 burner, 40” Large breed puppy found at the 1960’s stove. Works well, needs corner of Weinheimer and Pecan HUGE YARD SALE and Bake Sale. Nov. 2‑3, 7:30 am. 904 Bell one piece. $1,200 OBO. You pick Creek. Call 409‑363‑ 1280. St. Furniture, Elvis Memora­bilia, up in Willow City. 512‑858‑ 4545. lots of Christmas, kitchen­ ware, FIREWOOD, OAK, cut and 460 GARAGE SALE car misc. Proceeds are going split in smaller sizes for eas­ toward paying for our mother’s ier handling. Round and other SATURDAY ONLY 8‑3. No early funeral. Please stop by and take also available. Call Robert birds. Furniture, clothes, kid’s a look. 830‑997‑0859. clothes, home decor, small appli- HUGE YARD SALE: Due to cold HUGE COMMERCIAL WALK‑ IN ances, recliners, king size bed, weather last weekend we are COOLER: With 14 glass doors, rugs, dishes, etc. 219 Tim­ ber having yard sale again Nov. 3, total 6.5’Wx28’L, can be broken Ridge Dr. 8‑?, 928 Westoak Dr., 3 miles down into 3 sections. Call Robert YARD SALE: Sat.‑Sun., 9‑3, from Y out 87N on right, 1 mile up for more info, 830‑ 644‑2749. 204 E. Burbank. Furniture, hill on right. Everything from A‑Z. clothes, knick‑knacks, lots GOLDEN GIRLS: Insured and more. Proceeds benefit Rotary Permitted. Specializing in com­ 380 FOR SALE-VEHICLES Exchange Student Ali Stephens. mercial, residential, es­tate and ‘97 4‑DR. SATURN: A/C, heat, HENRY FORD AUCTION CO. moving sales. Refer­ences and 5‑speed, runs great. $2,300. Consignment Auction, Saturday, free consultations. goldengirls­ 830‑739‑0599. November 3, American Legion 830‑456‑2742. Hall. Preview at 8 a.m., Auction GARAGE SALE: 238 Martin Rd., 2002 FORD F150 KING RANCH: at 10 a.m. See large ad for Stonewall, November 2‑3, 8‑5. 4x4, leather, sunroof, loaded. more details, or go to www. Toys, clothes, antiques, tools, $6,500. 830‑456‑7623. hen­, Henry furniture, 2‑man Bass Boat, John 1989 CHEVY TRUCK 1500: Umphress, TX Lic. #16806. Deere mower, stained glass, AC, heat, runs great, depend­ MULTI‑ FAMILY GARAGE SALE: 4‑wheeler trailer, bicycles, 18 able, V8. $2,900 OBO. Call Matt, Furniture, equipment, clothes ft. pool, and lots more. HUGE 830‑456‑1022. and much more. 604 Ap­ ple St. SALE, MAN STUFF, MOM 1980 GMC CREW CAB: 3/4‑ ton, Sat. Nov. 3rd. 9‑1. No Early Birds. STUFF, KIDS STUFF! Located 454 runs good, camper top. Not BIG SALE: Saturday, Nov. 3, 9 in Stonewall, Texas off Hwy. 290, legal, needs work. $1,250 OBO. a.m.‑4 p.m., Old San Antonio look for yard sale signs. 830‑329‑3952, 830‑669‑ 2155. Rd., 0.8 mi. off 290E. Approx. COME ON BACK AGAIN! 2005 HONDA ODYSSEY 35 sections of iron fencing of Cleaning out storage unit of 12 TOURING: Excellent condi­ various sizes and designs. Log years! Many tables with LOTS tion, fully loaded, new Miche­ splitter, windmill motor and of collectibles, paperback and lin tires. Call Logan, 214‑415‑ fan, household items, kitchen hardback books, old and new items, outdoor furni­ ture and Christmas decorations, Christ­ 8881. decor. Outdoor light­ ing, log mas tapes and CD’s, kitchen 2009 TOYOTA TACOMA TRD saw, shop tools, hand tools, utensils, lots of jewelry and plus SPORT: 4x4 crew cab, 27,800 Lots of misc. Lots more if we sized ladies clothing. 308 Tan­ miles. EXTRAS: Toyota cool air get it dragged out. Some­thing glewood, Friday, Nov. 2, 8‑4; system, B.F. Goodrich all terrain for everyone. Saturday, Nov. 3, 8‑12. tires, backup camera. $27,250. GIANT GOURMET GARAGE AUCTIONS (LIVE AND 830‑997‑7820. ON­ LINE) and Estate/Tag Sales SALE: Salesman samples, all 2005 HONDA ODYSSEY MINI (since 1973). Call us for your types of kitchen gadgets, cook­ VAN: $6,495. Red. 713‑385‑ Es­tateFarm/Business liquida- ware, cutlery, kitchen electrics. 3844, 830‑997‑7478. tion needs! Honest. References Mostly new, deep discounts. One day only, Sat., Nov. 3, 8‑2, 807 HILL COUNTRY AUTOMOTIVE available. Don Hill TX9672 www.­ W. San Antonio. Don’t miss this, 830‑889‑ is now recycling your one! 7862. un­ wanted junk vehicles. No title okay. Insured and quick pick‑ up. 830‑990‑2235. 460 GARAGE SALE 1999 FORD RANGER XLT: Sin­ gle cab, 5‑spd., gold, only 128,000 miles! AC/heat, great tires, runs perfect, super clean. $4,500. 830‑456‑1022.

No Waiting - Call today and make your DREAMS a REALITY.




New Gift Items & Quality Resale FALL INTO GREAT SAVINGS

Carolyn’s Country Store

623 S. Washington (next to Germania Insurance) • 830-997-6874 New Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-4:30

Credit Cards accepted


High End Estate Sale in Mason, Texas

All items are in impeccable condition. Cash only accepted.

GARAGE SALE!! Must empty storage unit! Sat., November 3, from 8:30 a.m.‑12 p.m. at the 5K Storage (unit P) on 290 West, 3 miles out of town. King size bed with mattress, antique dresser and chest of drawers, antique buffet table, TVs, up­right freezer, small desk for child; ladies, boys and girls clothes. GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Time to clean out closets and clutter? Please do­ nate your gently used items to Hill Country SPCA Resale Store. Our store’s proceeds ben­ efit the Hill Country SPCA Ani­ mal Shelter, and your donations are tax deductible. Call us at 830‑997‑5700. COMFORT’S 3RD ANNUAL TOWN‑WIDE GARAGE SALE: Sat., Nov. 3rd, 8 am until ??? Sponsored by Comfort Cham­ber of Commerce, 830‑995‑ 3131. GARAGE SALE: Sat., Nov. 3, 9‑ 2, 1240 Hwy. 16 South. 4 Chevy tires/wheels, crafts, game chair, light fixtures, vacuum, doors, motorcycle items, juicer, clothes, lots of miscellaneous. BLC WEEKEND RESALE SHOPPE: 114 W. Austin (across from Marktplatz), Fri­ days and Saturdays, 10‑3. Jew­ elry, clothing, books, dishes and misc. LLANO, TEXAS: Large estate sale in airplane hangar. Nov. 2, 9‑5; Nov. 3, 9‑3. Includes an­ tique furniture, glassware, china, stained glass, antique tools, Christmas, much more! Hwy. 16 to RR2323 to CR114 to airplane hangar (full). Watch for signs. A Bill Marsh Sale. FRIDAY ONLY, 12‑5:30 PM. 507 E. San Antonio St. Our junk is your treasure! BACKYARD SALE: 308 S. Olive, enter through the double backyard gates. Friday, 7‑1; Sat­urday, 7‑11. Wells Cargo En‑ closed Trailer, Crown Stapler, Fichet Safe, Digital Camera, loads of Household/Kitchen Items, over 1,000 pieces of clothes, jewelry, belts and shoes, over 250 pairs of Shoes (many still new), huge collection of Beanie Babies, 45 RPM Records, Chil‑dren’s Books, Dog Carrier, Dog Clothes. YARD SALE. AM Saturday, November 3. 506 St. Mary’s. Furniture, Antique beds, clothes, weight equipment. YARD SALE: 112 Glenmoor Drive, Fredericksburg; Satur­ day, Nov. 3; 9 a.m.‑3 p.m. Baby/ toddler gear, furniture, books, bicycles, clothing, CDs, videos, DVDs. MUSIC STORE MOVING SALE: Start Oct. 17‑Nov. 3, Hill Country Music, 151 E. Main, Fredericksburg, 830‑997‑0900. HUGE CHRISTMAS SALE: Trees, pre‑lit, of most sizes, out­ door and indoor decor and lights, glass trees, 50’s decora­tions, silver tree with wheel, tall wooden snowman family. Sat., starting 9‑?, 113 Cristol Dr.


November 3rd & 4th • 11 am to 5 pm Lamplight Factory on Hwy. 29 1500 Industrial Park, Mason Directions: From Mason Square, turn on Highway 29 towards Llano about a mile out on the right hand side is a large white steel building. Follow signs. The contents are from a exquisitely decorated home, formerly the property of a European executive, who lived in Mason. Everything MUST GO, so prices will be more than reasonable and negotiable. Furniture includes Italian sofas and armchairs, glass tables, two solid oak book shelves by world renowned British cabinet maker Petter Southhall of iTre Furniture, British handmade lamps, several oriental rugs, British oil paintings, Polynesian sculpture, a top quality stereo equipment, including loud speakers and a turntable, vintage strollers (Swedish and British) expensive kitchen appliances and cookware.

SAT., NOV. 3, 8‑2, 504 N. WASHINGTON. Furniture, twin bedding, Christmas stuff, mater­ nity clothes and lots of baby items, tires, Dodge truck mir­rors, lots of household items from 3 families.


Ask us about our rebates on appliances!

LIKE NEW REFRIGERATED 6 ft. deli case and 8 ft. meat case with freezer storage. 830‑669‑ 2024 or 830‑285‑7867.



Multi-Family Garage Sale The Live Oaks Mobile Home Park, Hwy. 16 between Kerrville & Fredericksburg 12 Families = Lots of Goodies!

Friday, November 2 & Saturday, November 3 8 a.m.-3 p.m. 6708.21




WOOD‑ELECTRIC Antique cook stove in good condition $250 OBO. Electric meat saw, ideal for small hogs and for deer $150 OBO. Call 830‑864‑5835 if no answer leave a message.



MANUFACTURED HOME Fi­ nancing specialist! No credit, bad credit, no S.S. # all OK! Owner finance new single or DW. $0 Down with land, VA, SHA first time buyer. No applica­ tion fee. Call 1‑855‑625‑4040. www. mhfinancingspecialists.­com. RBI 36533.


| F7



| October 31, 2012

In your hands or on the web... www. fredericksburg

Henry Ford Auction Co.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, Preview at 8 am, Auction Begins 10 am American Legion Hall, 726 S. Washington, Fredericksburg Consignment Auction

Lots of good items from four different consignors. Roseville, Hull, Van Briggle, McCoy, Heisey, Capodimonte, Fiesta, cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers (over a hundred sets), pitcher & bowl sets, blue willow, depression glass, carnival glass, mixing bowls, transferware, vintage kitchen utensils, old Imperial Glass pitcher, shaving mug, black memorabilia, pottery, crockery, cast iron skillets & pans, large 16” cast iron dutch oven, beer steins, old mirrors, great prints (Atkinson Fox and others), nice tea set, chrome coffee pot, wassail pot with 8 cups, oil lamps, sleepy eye pitcher, stamp albums, first day issues, old movie star magazines from the ‘40s and ‘50s, painted chest, marble top tables, buttons, mantle clock, great old chest, two pieces from Claude and Vicki Miller pottery, accordion, Tom’s jar, wine steins and MUCH MORE. For more details and pictures of SOME of the items, go to 10% Buyer’s Premium, Concessions by Rudy’s Some-Kinda-BBQ. Henry Umphress, TX Lic. # 16806 830-992-9742 6821.21


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post







CARPORT SALE: Saturday, 8‑ 12, 706 Franklin. Coin sets, signs, collectibles, dishes, clothes, books, sports cards, misc. GOLDEN GIRLS present an ES­TATE SALE: 106 Tanglewood, Friday, Saturday, 9‑5. Sofa, Loveseat, Pine End Tables, Cof­ fee Table, Drop‑Leaf Dining Table, Chairs, Hutch, Corner Cabinet, Hall Tree, Cherrywood King Poster Bed, Dresser, Mir­ror, Chests, Nightstands, Ar­moire, Contour Adjustable Mat­ tress Set, Vintage Bed, Night­ stands, Chests, Dresser, Mirror, Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, Sec­ retary, Antiques, Chests, Sewing Machine, Misc. Furni­ture, Office Furniture, Wicker, Outdoor Items, Rugs, Home Dé­ cor, Lamps, Linens, Dishes, Pic­tures, Washer, PACKED GARAGE, Lots of Misc. Jew­elry, Sterling Silver, Gold, Gemstones. Great Sale! BUYING ALL gold, sterling sil­ ver, silver coins, silver dol­lars, even broken gold and sil­ ver jewels and gold teeth. Sterling silver tea sets and flatware. If you have it, I will buy it. Guaranteed to pay more. Call for appointment, 830‑456‑6523 or come by 406 E. Main. AFTER MOVING SALE: Sat. 8‑ 11, 411 Summit Circle. Three Stiffel lamps, beautiful black, taupe and gold double com­forter set, area rug 5’3”x7’7”, original Oriental silk painting 43”­ x35”, large framed magnolia print, black TV cabinet, Boos chopping block 24”x24”x33”, rooster canisters, fabric, misc items. No early sales or checks.

3‑FAMILY GARAGE/ESTATE SALE: Friday, Nov. 2, 7‑1; Satur­ day, Nov. 3, 8‑12; 742 Klaerner Rd. (3 miles out N. Olive and turn right, follow signs). An­tiques, dining table and 6 chairs, pinewood cabinet, book shelves, desk, vanity with mir­ ror, wicker furniture, queen size bed, washer/dryer (front load), bike, clothes, blankets, and something for everyone.

TUSCAN SUN RESTAURANT: Is now hiring for all positions. Apply in person, 1311 Highway 16 South.

STONE MASON WANTED: Set­ ting stone or marble according to layout pattern. Mixing mortar or grout and spreading of mortar or grout on slabs and founda­tion. Laying bricks to build struc­tures, replacement of missing masonry units in buildings, in­ stalling stone floors, fireplaces and tiled roofs. Polishing sur­ faces using handheld tools and power tools. Must have two years experience in the job or in the alternate occupation of con­ crete worker or cement worker. Employer will accept any suit­able combination of experience. Apply at Rojas Masonry, Attn: Pedro Rojas, 811 Bell Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624.

BUC’S BAR & GRILL: Looking for Bartenders and Kitchen Staff. Apply in person after 4 p.­m., 304 N. Llano. LONE STAR CANDY BAR is looking for long term experi­ enced retail associates FT/PT help. Must be available to work on weekends and most holi­days. Please come by 254 E. Main St. to pick up application. CARPENTER’S HELPER NEEDED: 512‑784‑5648 or 830‑ 997‑8568. TRINITY MISSION IN COM­ FORT, TEXAS: LVNs and CNAs for 2‑10 p.m. and 10 p.m.­‑6 a.m . shifts; Transport Central Supplies CNA. Contact Annie Dunn, 830‑995‑3747. EOE. CAREGIVER NEEDED: Dis­ abled child. Part‑time. $8.42/hr. or call 877‑946‑ 0442. BAIL AGENT WANTED: Look­ ing for talented, career minded, honest, reliable, customer ser­ vice oriented individuals to pro­ vide friendly, non‑judgmental service to prospective clients. All shifts, willing to work in a 24/7 field, sales experience pre­ferred. 1‑888‑643‑0888.

PART‑TIME WINERY TASTING ROOM SERVER: Looking for friendly people with the ability to make sales. No wine industry experience necessary. $10/ hr. plus commissions. Must be able to list 50 pounds. Apply in per­ son between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 315 RR 1376 or email rancho­ No calls please. RECEPTIONIST/NURSE POSI­ TION: Mon.‑Thurs., 8:30‑3. Wage based on qualifications and experience. Resume to: Ronald Stotz, MD, 1009 S. Milam, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. MAINTENANCE PERSON wanted for the new Holiday Inn Express. Apply in person at 501 E. Main St. LEASING AGENT OR REAL ESTATE AGENT WANTED: Part time to perform marketing in the local area in exchange for a plush 2 bedroom apt. near Walmart. Call 310‑292‑2819 for details. DRIVER/YARD MAN FOR LO­ CAL LUMBER YARD: Must have Class B CDL license. Steady work, good benefits. Ap­ply at Dittmar Lumber, 1776 S. US Hwy. 87, Fredericksburg.


Accepting Applications for Housekeeping Room Attendants Applicants need to be energetic, dependable and self-motivated. Must be able to work weekends, holidays and some evenings. Full time positions offer benefits. Please come by in person to fill out an application at 201 S. Washington. 6469.20tf


for deliveries, furniture moving and assembly, shipping and receiving. 2+ yrs. experience needed. must work Saturdays and lift up to 80 lbs. Competitive compensation, paid time off and health benefits. Apply at red, 307 East Main St. 6847.21-22


Pasta Bella


Mahaley’s Cafe

Help Wanted

Holiday Inn housekeepers, maintenance & laundry.

has openings for • Waitstaff • Breakfast Cook • Pastry Baker

Apply in person at

Sunday House Inn Lobby 501 E. Main

Please call Sharon at 830-889-9276

106 Heritage Hills Drive Fredericksburg,Tx 78624 830.990.9007 Fax 830.990.8000

We are growing! We are currently accepting applications for Personal Care Attendants, for Night shifts (12 hours). Are you that just right person for nights? Then you are just what we are looking for! Assisted Living/Long Term Care/Home Health experience desirable, but not required. Must be positive, energetic, have a passion of working with people, and possess a superior work ethic. Excellent wages, holiday, and PTO pay, amazing team work environment. Please stop by or apply online. Phone for further information. Manager: Keith Rayl 2270.21-22

Hill Country MHDD Centers ECI Program Manager

Bachelor’s degree in related field for credential as ECI provider with current license or certifications required by law. Experience with Early Childhood Intervention with experience with the birth to three (3) year old population. Supervisory experience and bilingual a plus Kerrville/Gillespie/Uvalde/Medina. Salary commensurate with experience.

is accepting applications for Now Hiring

Experienced Waitstaff

Line Cook

Apply in Person \ 103 S. Llano St. Fredericksburg

ECI Early Intervention Specialist

Apply in person at 209 East Main St. Ask for Chevy 6848.21-22



Nytex Automatic Products Now hiring Secretary Full/Part Time


Apply in person at 323 East Main Street

Fill out application at:

Competitive Wages PLUS ++ • Cashiers Full-time & Part-time Available

• Kitchen Manager


NYTEX AUTOMATIC PRODUCTS 835 Pyka Rd. • Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-997-8986 or email resume to


Retirees Welcome

Full and Part-Time Benefits Available



Bilingual a plus

Applications are available on line at




Bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited 4-year college or university. Previous ECI experience. $17.94/hr., must be able to travel / bilingual preferred. Paid health insurance, excellent benefits w/vacation, sick pay, retirement, life insurance.

Hill Country MHDD Centers is an EOE

Experienced Cooks Waitstaff

Flexible Hours Be able to multi task Computer experience Quick Books, Word, and Excel

Must work Weekends & Holidays “Time and a Half” for Sundays & Holidays

Apply in person only! 1110 E. Main

We Drug Test! 528 W. Main 08tf

Now HiriNg


A Spirit of Calling

Experienced CDL Class A Driver

Family owned company in need of experienced CDL-A driver. Position requires driving routes within the State of Texas. Occasional overnight trip, but most routes are same day trips. Needed: • Current CDL-A License • Minimum Experience - 3 Years • Verifiable Tractor/Trailer Experience • Strong Work Ethic • No DUI/Drug Convictions • Comprehensive Background Check Required Offered: • Salaried Position • Regional Trips • Paid Holidays Immediately/Vacation After One Year of Service • Health Insurance Option Available Apply at

More than a job, these are opportunities to be part of a culture

where a spirit of calling improves patient outcomes and fulfills Allied Health Nursing goals. Medicallife-time Technologist, Lab, PRN RN, PACU, Full-time Physical Therapist, PRN RN, Home Care, Part-time Family Practice Office Manager Phlebotomist, PRN Registrar Emergency Department RN in Marble Falls, PRN RN’s for Telemetry & SpeechExperienced and Language Certified Nurse Aide, PRN Patient Care Coordinator / House Supervisor Pathologist, Part-time RN Circulator, OR, Full-time CentralHillServices Supervisor - hospital serving Country Memorial, is a non-profit 86-bed RN, ICU, Full-time the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Processing Patient Care Tech, Full-time Certified Board Sterile & Distribution Patient Care Tech, ONLINE APPLICATION AVAILABLE Pharmacist, Full-time Wound Clinic, Full-time or call Wynnette Salinas (830) 997-1312 Pharmacist, PRN Guaranteed RN Scheduled Hours

SupportVisit us online: Mammography Office Assistant, Part-time Switchboard Operator/ER Patient Registration Clerk, Full-time

410 South Washington St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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Professional/Clerical Medicare Biller, Full-time Full-time Remarkable Hospitalist, Health Care RAC/Denial Coordinator, Full-time Executive Administrative Assistant to CNO, Full-time

The Hill Country’s Hospital /




TRINITY MISSION IN COM­ FORT, TEXAS: Has opening for full‑time HR Payroll/Accounts Payable. Please contact Tera, 830‑995‑3747. WAITSTAFF NEEDED at Fried­ helm’s Bavarian Inn. Full‑time and Part‑time. Apply in person at 905 W. Main. ROSE HILL MANOR, a AAA Four Diamond inn and restau­ rant near Stonewall, Texas is looking for full‑time dining room and housekeeping employees. Requirements: no smoking, well‑ groomed, own transportation, dependable, some computer skills, wine knowledge helpful. Starting pay at least $12 per hour. Send resume to rose­hill@ HELP WANTED: Hill Country Broadcasting is hiring for our front office. Please contact J.D. Rose at 830‑997‑2197 or come by our studios at 210 Woodcrest to fill out an application. Also you can email your resume to PHLEBOTOMIST: Certifica­ tion Class (Blood Drawing) Fredericksburg, Nov 10 and 11, $410. Visit our website to register today at www.central­ texasphlebotomyinstitute.­com or call 830‑822‑1481. Looking for a career in the medical field? We can get you started!


IN‑HOME CAREGIVERS NEEDED: Call 830‑431‑1509. PART‑TIME LEGAL ASSIS­ TANT and Office Manager wanted for local law firm. Experi­ence with Sage Timeslips, ProDoc and Abacus preferred. Bookkeeping experience is a plus. Contact NECESITA DINERO? Yo com­pro 830‑998‑4408. oro y plata. Se habla es­ panol. LICENSED PLUMBERS: Apply Gustavo 830‑456‑2641. at Kneese Plumbing, 739 S. Washington, 830‑997‑5036. 500 HELP WANTED PRECIOUS MOMENTS MONTESSORI PRE‑SCHOOL L A N D S C A P E R / G A R D E N E R has opening for a part‑time with strong sprinkler repair expe­ teacher, 25‑30 hours per week. rience wanted for local apart­ment 830‑307‑3059. near walmart $9‑$12 DOE. Call SALES CLERK needed for new 310‑292‑2819 for de­tails. Holiday Inn Express. Apply in HELP WANTED: Housekeepers person, 501 E. Main St. and Laundry Personnel need- MEDICAL OFFICE SPECIAL­ ed at Holiday Inn Express and IST needed for our Fredericks­ Hampton Inn. Apply in person at burg Austin Heart Clinic. Two + 501 E. Main St. years experienced required in a P‑T HELP WANTED: Retail clinic setting providing check‑in­/ sales. Apply in person. Dodds check‑out/ins verifications. EMR Family Tree Nursery, 515 W. (Electronic Medical Records) experience a Plus. Ex­ cellent Main. benefits, 401K and gen­ erous REEH PLUMBING is currently seeking licensed plumbing tech­ PTO. Email resumes to HCAPS. nicians with service experience. HRAustinHeart@hca­healthcare. We offer high pay, job secu- com or fax to 512‑ 407‑1817. rity, paid training, paid vacation, EXPERIENCED BOOK­KEEPER: Books and bonuses, retirement benefits, Knowledge in Quick­ pleasant work environment. To Excel. Also, must have expeobtain an application you may rience in payroll and financial go to our website at www.reeh­ statements. Apply in person to and fax it to 830‑ Fredericksburg Enter­prises, 501 990‑0384 or call our office M‑F at E. Main, 9 a.m.‑4 p.­m. 830‑997‑0020.

Online application available For additional information contact Karena Hindman at 830-990-7912 6861.21tf

Visit us online:

ExpEriEncEd SErvErS cocktail WaitrESS BuSSErS Handy Man door Man 5765.17tf

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| F9







KNEESE COMPANIES has an opening on our construction crew for metal buildings and houses. Apply at 739 S. Wash­ ington, Fredericksburg, TX. KINDERNEST MONTESSORI SCHOOL in Fredericksburg needs assistant teacher for our flourishing school. Please apply in person from 7:30‑4. Child care experience required. Kindernest Montessori School will be accepting applications at 113 E. San Antonio St., 830‑ 997‑8939. RANCH HELP WANTED: Part‑ time or full‑time. Chain saw, skid steer (Caterpillar) experi­ ence a plus. 8 miles south of Harper. Send resume or letter of interest to Ranch Hand, P.O. Box 9, Aledo, TX 76008 or email NOW HIRING: Servers, full time, part time; full time dish­ washer. Must be available week­ ends. Apply at Catfish Haven, 816 W. Main. GENERAL BOOKKEEPING PO­ SITION W/PR, Job costing expe­ rience in a construction environ­ ment, QuickBooks Proficiency. Send resume to contact@tim­b erandstonebuilders. com. BUSY PRIMARY CARE CLINIC seeking experienced LVN. Must have strong computer, communi­ cation and organizational skills. Full time with benefits. Fax re­sume to Lisa Pool at 830‑997‑ 4453 or drop resume by 1308 S. State Hwy. 16. Will call appli­cant for interview appointment.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION HELP NEEDED: Experience re­ quired. Please call 830‑377‑ 6143. PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE seeking experienced Medical Assistant with clinical experi­ence. Must have strong com­puter and communication skills. Full time with benefits. Fax re­sume to Lisa Pool at 830‑997‑ 4453 or drop resume by 1308 S. State Hwy. 16. Will call appli­ cant for interview appointment.

SECURITY STATE BANK & TRUST has an opening for an IT Support Specialist ‑ Respon­ sible for End User Support utiliz­ ing ticket/inventory tracking soft­ ware, installations, updates, and deployment of hardware and software, network monitoring, anti‑virus monitoring and backup schedules. Require­ments: Advanced computer skills in Windows XP/Vista/7, TCP/ IP Networking and MS Of­ fice suites, excellent written and verbal communications, strong analytical and time manage­ment skills, and flexible work schedule. Preferred: Skills in Windows Server 2003/2008, Ac­t ive Directory, Citrix and 1 – 3 years related experience. Bene­fits for full time employees in­clude paid vacation, 401(K), in­surance, paid holidays, sick leave, and much more. Security State Bank & Trust is an equal opportunity employer; back­ ground checks are preformed. Apply in person at 201 West Main Street or send your re­ sume’ to humanresources@ssb­ RETAIL SALES HELP WANTED: Local company seek­ ing permanent part‑time help 20 hours per week. Must be able to work 3 Sundays per month. Re­ tail and computer experience re­ quired, able to lift 20 lbs., peo­ple person and flexible team player. Chance for advance­ment. Benefits available. No smoking. Random drug testing. Send resume: Dept. R‑12, P.O. Box 1639, Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

CLASS A RENTALS: Hiring yard person/ equipment mainte­nance. CDL License a plus. Ap­ ply by calling 830‑990‑4333 or visit store at 1381 Highway 87 S.

WE MOVE AND SET UP MO­BILE HOMES: Also do re‑levels. Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 830‑367‑3194, email mover­ s@ I#004474. Superior Mobile Home Movers.

PECANS WANTED TO PICK UP ON THE HALVES: You are not able? Call 830‑990‑0177. I thrash trees also. Papershell only. A BETTER DEAL: Cash for fur­ niture, appliances, equipment and estates. 830‑257‑4267. WANTED: Extra large metal/­iron Bar‑B‑Q pit. 361‑332‑2158. WANT TO BUY: Lift recliner for handicapped. 830‑997‑4788. PRECIOUS METALS DEALER, buying gold and silver at top prices. 128 Kneese Rd. 830‑ 377‑7527.

IMMEDIATE OPENING for high energy, experienced retail sales associate with management po­ tential. We offer great em­ ployee discounts, incentives and flexible hours! Experience with POS systems required. Must be able to work weekends on a rotation basis. Bring your resume to Heirlooms, 212 E. Main St., Fredericksburg. THE HILL COUNTRY SPCA THRIFT STORE has an immedi‑ ate opening for a Full Time As‑ sistant Manager and a Part Time (25‑30 hours a week) em­ployee. The ideal candidates will have excellent customer ser­vice skills, be outgoing and ener­getic with a love for retail. Candi­dates must be able to work flexi­ble hours and have a successful employment history. Experience in a Thrift Store environment and managing employees pre­ ferred but not required. Please email your resume to phyllis.­ whittington@ or stop by our store at 3025 South Hwy 16 to submit your resume in per­son. No phone calls please.

IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN and a fun work environment, come see us at Fitz and Hollerin, 247 E. Main. Must be able to work evenings and weekends.

40’ MOBILE HOME: New win­ dows, water heater. Needs work. Must be moved. 830‑329‑ 3952, 830‑669‑2155.

NEED PERSON TO WORK 2‑3 days per week. Must have knowl- 780 TRAVEL TRAILES-RVS edge of livestock and be able to pass drug test. Only qualified RONNIE BOCK’S KERRVILLE need apply. To apply come by RV: Will pay cash for your RV 621 Longhorn St. on Mondays or ask us about our no cost con­ only. signment. Shop online at www.­, 830‑792‑3646. 540 HUNTING LEASES 1998 ALJO: Everything works but needs minor repair. $3,000. Call 3‑DAY PACKAGE HUNTS 281‑683‑3542. AVAILABLE: White Tail and/or Axis. For more information 830‑ BARONOX LLC NOW OFFER­ ING COVERED AND OPEN 997‑9457; 830‑889‑9457 (cell). SE­ CURE STORAGE: 207 Jack UPLAND BIRD HUNTING: Quail, Nixon Rd., 830‑456‑1571, Aaron Pheasant, Chukar. Fast flying Cox. birds and hard working dogs. www.serengetigamer­, I BUY MOTORHOMES: 830‑ 257‑0044, cell 210‑215‑3724. 830‑370‑8831. 2001 FLEETWOOD PROWLER TRAVEL TRAILER: Clean, 27 660 MISCELLANEOUS ft., slide out, queen bed.Can be seen in Fredericksburg. $8,500. ALTRUSA IS COMING! Are you 956‑821‑8402. interested in making a differ­ence in your community? In stepping out of the box? Making new 860 WANTED friends? Learning new lead­ership skills? Open to all, there is a free reception, 7:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. WE BUY GOLD, SILVER AND 9 at the Inn at Baron’s Creek, GUNS: We give top dollar. We 3087 S. Wash­ ington Street, also resize jewelry, replace Fredericksburg, or call Bobbi, watch batteries. Texas Pawn, 972‑998‑0160 for more informa- 830‑997‑6786. tion.



is now accepting applications for a

Under New Management

Apply in person at 603 FM 2093, Suite 1608 Office hours are M-F, 9-5

• COOKS Please apply in person 1035 Hwy. 16 S. Fredericksburg, TX

Service Technician


• Kitchen • Hostess • Retail



Good Hours, Benefits Must be able to work weekends! Apply in person with: Britta Rupley or Debbie Tiemann

Hostess • Cooks Dishwashers be 18 Servers (must years old) All positions require evenings & weekends

The Peach Tree Gift Gallery & Tea Room 210 S. Adams St. 830-997-9527



Apply in Person after 3:30 p.m.

232 West Main St.


Apply in person

Sonic Drive-In

1106 E. Main, Fredericksburg


CLIENT: Pink Pig Provisions

Coming in NOVEMBER AD CODE: Now Hiring


Do you love fashion? Are you great with people? Haberdashery is looking for someone great to help part time on the weekends. Please stop by and talk to Jill or Teri

203 East Main Street Fredericksburg, TX 78624

830.990.2462 3268.19tf

Knopp HealtH Care FaCilities Family Owned & Operated

Knopp HealtHCare & reHab Center 1208 n. llano - 997-3704 RN - Every Other Weekend CNA - Full or Part-time, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am LVN 7am-3pm & 3pm-11pm Full and Part-time Housekeeping - Every other weekend Contact Jane Perry, Kathy Douglas or Pam Diaz Dietary Aide Alternating Shifts Contact Becky Vargas

Knopp retirement Center - License #552 103 e. trailmoor - 997-4426

Cook Full time 10:30am to 7pm & One day a week, 5am-1pm Dietary Aide 6am to 7pm Part-Time Weekends PT Med Aide 3-11pm or Nurses Aide for Weekends Housekeeper 6am to 2pm Part-Time Every Other Weekend Contact Sandra (If willing, we can train you for more than one job that is listed, to give you more hours instead of just part-time, you need to be able to work flexible hours as each job has different times that we will need you.)

Knopp nursing & reHab 202 billie Dr. - 997-8840

RN Director of Nursing - Full-time Med Aide - PRN CNA - 10pm-6am Part-Time LVN - 11pm-7am PRN * Major Medical health * Paid vacation

* Dental Plan Available * Excellent Staff Ratios

Providing Excellence in Patient Care Since 1965



Bussers • Bartender • Waitstaff

215 E. Main 997-0870

Marcos.Mar@MarSilver 21


Knowledge in QuickBooks and Excel. Also, must have experience in payroll and financial statements. Apply in person at

HOME REMODELING SER­ VICES: Carpenter with 30 years experience. Clean jobs. On time and on budget. Small jobs o.k. Bernie, 685‑3414. KEVIN’S LAWN CARE AND HANDYMAN SERVICE: Com­ plete lawn care, tree trimming and removal, gutters, painting, hauling, yard clean up, etc. 830‑ 456‑1315. HOWDY SERVICES HVAC/R: Coolers, freezers, ice makers, refrigerators and more. Roy An­derson, TACLA26902R, 830‑ 342‑7888; 830‑997‑3025; REASONABLE & RELIABLE Construction and Remodel. 30 yrs. experience. No job too small. 830‑456‑6427. I AM A SITTER FOR ELDERLY, light housekeeping, meals cooked. 4 hour min., $25/hr. Ref­ erences. Ruth, 830‑998‑0538. CORK MORRIS, CARPENTER: Remodeling, cabinetry. Contrac­t/ hourly. 685‑3431. CARPENTER: Construction and additions. Quality work, refer­ ences. Call Nelson Fluitt, 997‑ 0290. SENIOR CARE: In home care, hospital or nursing home sitting. References available. Mary Knight, 830‑955‑3123. BOBCAT SHEARING, CHAIN­ SAWING, fencing and concret­ ing. 20 years experience. Not underbid. 830‑998‑0280. LOCAL CARPENTER SINCE 1984, new construction, remod­ eling, home repairs. No job too big or too small. Free estimates. 830‑997‑6176. CUSTOM CARPENTRY AND BOBCAT SERVICES: Small re­ pairs to custom rooms and stairs. Any wood work in be­tween. Dirt work, land clearing and fencing. 830‑928‑1035.


FREDERICKSBURG ENTERPRISES Super Service, LLC - VCOR Davis 501 E. Main, Bonding Company 12-ZDEDT-1012-TX2 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 406 S. Adams St. 10/11/12

Pick up applications or call 830-285-7569

Restaurant at Rocky Hill 6 miles out Hwy. 290 East

Sales and Back Office Position Available. Flexible Schedule. Reach us at:




Driver Attention Drivers! Driver Immediate Openings Attention Drivers! Immediate Openings for for DEDICATED TEAMS DEDICATED TEAMS $2,500 Sign-On Bonus $2,500 Sign-On Bonus Per Per Driver! Driver!


Human Resources Supervisor Texas Tech University in Fredericksburg, Texas is seeking a highly motivated individual to fill the position of Supervisor-Administrative Business Assistant. Duties include providing administrative and fiscal management support. Typical tasks may include: preparation and tracking of preliminary budgets, purchase orders, travel applications and arrangements, maintaining staff an faculty files, tracking student enrollment, requesting fees with appropriate academic departments, maintaining organized and accurate records, answering phones and other duties as assigned. Preference will be given to candidates with proven and exemplary customer service, familiarity and proficiency using Microsoft Word and Office applications, Outlook, Excel, Banner and Cognos. Apply online at and search for requisition #87303. Position is benefits eligible. TTU is an EEO/AA/ADA Employer. 6795.21-22

▪ Dedicated Routes Weekly Mileage ▪▪ High Dedicated Routes ▪ Excellent Equipment ▪ High Weekly Mileage ▪ Home Weekly ▪ Excellent Equipment ▪ CDL-A Required ▪ New Service Center Coming Soon! ▪ Home Weekly ▪ Students With CDL-A Welcome ▪ CDL-A Required

Don’t missService out on Center this great ▪ New new opportunity Coming Soon! !

866-955-6957 ▪ Students With CDL-A Welcome

Don’t miss out on this great new opportunity!

Fredericksburg Lowest prices in Texas!

~ Bail Bonds ~

877-990-4994 (toll free) 990-4994 Local Agent

24 Hour Service Gillespie & Surrounding Counties






If Internet is MANDATORY, please note the following: HEARTLAND Enterprises Fredericksburg

in Fredericksburg Posting location: City your paper is located Company name: Super Service, LLC Machinist Trainee Heartland Enterprises Phone Number: 866-955-6957

(a very successful, high tech manufacturing firm) is training individuals for a well paid career as machinists $11/hour to start + 10% shift differential + Regular overtime + Monthly bonus + Profit Sharing + Excellent benefits + Advancement in pay as skills develop

is now looking to hire team players in the following positions: • Cashiers - Open Availability • Overnight Stockers 10 p.m.-7 a.m. • Bakery 4 a.m.-3 p.m. • Sporting Goods 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Great Benefit Package Must be able to work weekends & evenings. ay P Apply during store hours on e Bas ates ! hiring Kiosk computer at site R ased to store area e Incr (takes approx.45 minutes or online at Wal-Mart is an EOE

(New employees must rotate through night shift)

Call Barbara at (830) 997-9434, ext. 19 6715.21-22




| October 31, 2012



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post LEGAL NOTICE

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE This Texas Lottery CommisTo All Persons sion Scratch-Off game will Having Claims Against close on November 4, 2012. The Estate of You have until May 3, 2013, EVAN R. BOHNERT, to redeem any tickets for this Deceased game: #1448 VIP Club ($20) Notice is hereby given that overall odds are 1 in 3.03. original Letters Testamentary This Texas Lottery Commis- for the Estate of Evan R. sion Scratch-Off game will Bohnert, deceased, were close on November 10, 2012. issued on October 10, 2012, You have until May 9, 2013, in Cause No. 9406, pending to redeem any tickets for this in the County Court of Gilgame: #1413 $50 Grand ($5) lespie County, Texas, to: Wil­ overall odds are 1 in 3.87. liam E. Bohnert. This Texas Lottery CommisThe post office address of sion Scratch-Off game will such Independent Execuclose on November 17, 2012. tor is: c/o Patrick M. Dooley; You have until May 16, 2013, Attorney at Law; 516 West to redeem any tickets for this Main Street; Fredericksburg, game: #1411 5X Fortune ($5) Texas 78624. overall odds are 1 in 3.83. All persons having claims These Texas Lottery Commis- against this estate, which is sion Scratch-Off games will currently being administered, close on November 30, 2012. are required to present them You have until May 29, 2013, within the time and in the to redeem any tickets for these manner prescribed by law. games: #1410 Triple Lucky Dated this the 24th day of Numbers ($2) overall odds October, 2012. are 1 in 4.81, #1415 7X The Patrick M. Dooley Money ($5) overall odds are Attorney at Law 1 in 3.48. These Texas Lot516 W. Main St. tery Commission Scratch-Off Fredericksburg, TX 78624 games will close on January 830-997-4304 2, 2013. You have until July 21 1, 2013, to redeem any tickets __________ for these games: #1214 Ulti­ mate Casino Jackpot ($50) NOTICE overall odds are 1 in 2.46, To All Persons #1389 Find The 9’s ($1) Having Claims Against overall odds are 1 in 3.76, The Estate of #1392 Spicy Hot 5’s ($5) BETTY L. BOHNERT, overall odds are 1 in 3.40, Deceased #1405 Texas Tea ($1) overall Notice is hereby given that odds are 1 in 4.30, #1406 original Letters Testamentary Instant Powerball® ($5) over- for the Estate of Betty L. all odds are 1 in 3.56, #1409 Bohnert, deceased, were Fast Cash ($1) overall odds issued on October 10, 2012, are 1 in 4.24, #1412 Red in Cause No. 9407, pending Hot & Blue 7’s ($1) overall in the County Court of Gilodds are 1 in 4.42. The odds lespie County, Texas, to: Wil­ listed here are the overall liam E. Bohnert. odds of winning any prize in The post office address of a game, including break-even such Independent Execuprizes. Lottery retailers are tor is: c/o Patrick M. Dooley; authorized to redeem prizes Attorney at Law; 516 West of up to and including $599. Main Street; Fredericksburg, Prizes of $600 or more must Texas 78624. be claimed in person at a All persons having claims Lottery Claim Center or by against this estate, which is mail with a completed Texas currently being administered, Lottery claim form; however, are required to present them annuity prizes or prizes over within the time and in the $1,000,000 must be claimed manner prescribed by law. in person at the Commission Dated this the 24th day of Headquarters in Austin. Call October, 2012. Customer Service at 1-800Patrick M. Dooley 37LOTTO or visit the Lottery Attorney at Law Web site at for 516 W. Main St. more information and location Fredericksburg, TX 78624 of nearest Claim Center. The 830-997-4304 Texas Lottery is not respon21 sible for lost or stolen tickets, __________ or for tickets lost in the mail. Tickets, transactions, players, and winners are subject to, and players and winPEOPLE WHO READ ners agree to abide by, all applicable laws, Commission NEWSPAPERS ARE rules, regulations, policies, directives,Dinstructions, condiVitamin Deficiency: Is Your Family At Risk? tions, procedures, and final (NAPSA)—According to some decisions of the Executive experts, nearly 50 percent of Director. A less Scratch-Off game Americans have than optimal may continue to be even blood levels of vitamin D. sold Is your when all the topofprizes have family getting enough this very been vitamin? claimed. Must be 18 important “Most know vitamin yearsAmericans of age or older to purD helps bones and chasestrengthen a Texas Lottery ticket. teeth, but there is a wealth of newThe PLAY RESPONSIBLY. evidence helps promote Texasshowing Lotteryit supports Texas colon health and also helps supeducation. It all starts with port the immune system function. 21 That’s important, because a _________ healthy immune system is critical

CITY OF FREDERICKSBURG ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed Bids Identified On the Envelope For the Construction Of Sign Improvements to: The City of Fredericksburg Welcoming and Guiding Signage Enhancement Project PHASE 2 Shall be addressed to the attention of Kent Myers, City Manager, City of Fredericksburg, 126 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 and will be received at City Hall, City of Fredericksburg, 126 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 until 2 p.m. on Thursday, November 29, 2012. Late bids will be returned unopened. Plans, specifications and bid documents are available from Brian Jordan, AICP, Director of Development Services, City of Fredericksburg, 126 West Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, or online at Pre-bid conference will be held on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, at 2 p.m., 126 West Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. It is recommended that all prospective bidders attend. Cashier’s check or acceptable bidder’s bond payable to the City, in the amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the total bid submitted must accompany bid. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Plans and specifications are available to download on the City’s website at www.fbgtx. org or may be purchased with a non-refundable payment of $50 per set. Shelley Britton, City Secretary 20-24 __________





NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of Section 232.009 of the Local Government Code of the State of Texas, the Commissioner’s Court of Gillespie County, Texas provides notice of the Application filed by Live Springs Ranch, LP, owner of various lots and roads or portions of roads of the proposed vacation (as shown on two schematics located in the County Judge’s Office) on the subdivision plat for Live Springs Ranch Subdivision, filed at Volume 4, Page 25-28 of the Plat Records of Gillespie County, Texas. The Commissioner’s Court will consider the application to vacate and will hear protests to the vacation of various lots and roads or portions of roads of the plat at a meeting to be held November 9, 2012, at 9 o’clock a.m. in the Commissioner’s Courtroom, Gillespie County Courthouse, Fredericksburg, Texas. Mary Lynn Rusche, County Clerk, Gillespie County, Texas 19-21 __________

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of Section 232.009 of the Local Government Code of the State of Texas, the Commissioner’s Court of Gillespie County, Texas provides notice of the Application filed by Gordon E. Sauer on behalf of Tom and Kay Enloe, owners of Tracts No. 6R, 7R, and 8R, of the proposed revision of the said tracts on the subdivision plat for Triple Creek Ranch filed in Volume 2, Page 71 of the Plat Records of Gillespie County, Texas. The application will be considered by the Court and the Court will hear protests to the revision of the plat at a meeting to be held on November 9, 2012, at 9 o’clock a.m. in the Commissioner’s Courtroom, Gillespie County Courthouse, Fredericksburg, Texas. Mary Lynn Rusche, County Clerk, Gillespie County, Texas 19-21 __________ NOTICE To All Persons Having Claims Against The Estate of HELEN I. WAHL, Deceased Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of Helen I. Wahl, deceased, were issued on October 10, 2012, in Cause No. 9402, pending in the County Court of Gillespie County, Texas, to: JoJoyce McBride and Randall McBride. The post office address of such Independent Co-Executors is: c/o Patrick M. Dooley; Attorney at Law; 516 West Main Street; Fredericksburg, Texas 78624. All persons having claims against this estate, which is currently being administered, are required to present them within the time and in the manner prescribed by law. Dated this the 24th day of October, 2012. Patrick M. Dooley Attorney at Law 516 W. Main St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830-997-4304 21 __________

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Pursuant to the provisions of Section 232.009 of the Local Government Code of the State of Texas, the Commissioner’s Court of Gillespie County, Texas provides notice of the request by Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Youngblood of the proposed revision of Lots #51R and 90, being combined into Lot 51-R2, of the subdivision plat Boot Ranch, Phase 1 in Gillespie County, Texas, filed at Volume 4, Pages 36-42 of the Plat Records of Gillespie County, Texas. The request will be considered by the Court and the Court will hear protests to the revision of the plat at a meeting to be held on November 9, 2012 at 9 o’clock a.m. in the Commissioner’s Courtroom, Gillespie County Courthouse, Fredericksburg, Texas. Mary Lynn Rusche, County Clerk, Gillespie County, Texas 19-21 __________


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for overall health and wellness,” To learn your vitamin D levels, said Marie Spano, MS, RD, a vita- ask your doctor about a rapid vitconsultant for amin (NAPSI)-Here’s a sweet min idea:expert Serveand yourself and those you Dlove test that measures your ™ Wellesse supplements. “What’s bloodthe levels of the vitamin. a hint of a seaside vacation in a tasty drink that also offers troubling is the number of people real warmth and cozy feelings of hot cocoa by the fire. who are unknowingly vitamin D one-half had low blood levels of deficient,” added. 1 serving) vitamin D. The elderly, too, are Salted Caramel Hot Cocoashe (Makes Spano says many experts often vitamin D deficient. ¾ cup low-fat milk,believe heated the current Recommended W h a t ’s Yo u r E t h n i c i t y ? Pinch of sea salt Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin African Americans and those Whipped cream, caramel cocoa (optional) D is too syrup low. “It’sand double jeopardy. with a darker skin pigment Many Americans don’t meet theHot make far Mix less vitamin D than 1 envelope Rich Milk Chocolate Flavor Nestlé Cocoa RDA of 400 International Units other populations. 1 to 2 tablespoons caramel syrup [IUs] of vitamin D and many You and Drink Enough Milk? Pour milk into large mug. Stir in hot cocoa mix, caramelDo syrup salt. Top with experts recommend consuming an Eat Beef Liver? Fortified milk is whipped cream. Drizzle even withgreater additional caramel syrup.a Sprinkle with cocoa. D. To amount, up to 1,000 good source of vitamin IUs of vitamin D daily.” meet the RDA from milk alone, What To Give To determine if your family is adults need to drink four cups of After you’ve enjoyed this yourself, youtomay caretheto share the delight with dietary at risk, Spano says consider milk daily. Nonfortified others. Pack the non-perishable jars,ofwrite out recipe following: ingredients in attractive sources vitamin D the include sarWherehostess, Do You Live? dines, mackerel, herring beef and wrap them up for a friend, letterVitamin carrier, teacher or anyone to and whom is sometimes called the sun- liver. For most Americans, these you’d like to give a sweetDtreat. shine vitamin since our bodies are not daily food choices, so alterWhat You Get create vitamin D3—the preferable nate vitamin D sources are Because this is made with Nestlé Hot Cocoa, you getneeded. the kind of quality form of vitamin D—from sunlight ingredients that come from over 100 years of creating memories. exposure. However, living in chocolaty To learn your vitamin D levels, Northern states mug whereof sun expoyourevery doctor packet about a rapid You also get a rich, creamy, chocolaty hot cocoaask with in vitasure is reduced, especially during mina Dvariety test that measures your the signature red box, less than 100 calories per serving, of delicious, the winter, or living in smog-filled blood levels of the vitamin. To indulgent flavors, and added natural antioxidants to make any urban calcium areas, mayand make it difficult increase vitamin D intake, Spano moment even better. to attain sufficient vitamin D from suggests families add a liquid vitaLearn More the sun alone. Plus, many derma- min D supplement, such as new tologists recommend getting Wellesse Vitamin D3, to their daily You can find further facts, giftdon’t ideas, tips and recipes at www.NestleKitchens. vitamin and D from the sun, with due toloved regimen. supplements are com.Create warm connections memories ones“Liquid through this skin cancer risk. an easy way for the whole family delicious Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa treat. Do You Spend A Lot Of Time to get enough vitamin D. They are Indoors And/Or Wear Sun- especially helpful with young chilscreen? If you’re indoors a great dren and teens who don’t like deal or wear sunscreen when out- swallowing pills.” side, you may also be vitamin D Wellesse Vitamin D is available deficient. at Walgreens and Stop & Shop. Are You Young Or Old? One For more information, including a study of more than 380 children coupon for $2.00 off Wellesse Vitaand teens found that more than min D, visit

LEGAL NOTICE JOHN TATE Let it be known to you that a landlord’s lien has been placed on your property at the address below: American Mini Storage, 1669 R.R. 1631, Fredericksburg, TX. If your storage rent is not paid on or before November 7, 2012, your items will be put on public sale to satisfy the debt of past due rent. Signed, Shirley Tipton, American Mini Storage 1669 R.R. 1631 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 21 __________

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Vitamin D Deficiency: Is Your Family At Risk? (NAPSA)—According to some experts, nearly 50 percent of Americans have less than optimal blood levels of vitamin D. Is your family getting enough of this very important vitamin? “Most Americans know vitamin D helps strengthen bones and you’re teeth,(NAPSA)—Whether but there is a wealth of new sending a holiday gift promote to a friend evidence showing it helps abroad or and merchandise your colon health also helpsfor supbusiness overseas, it could pay to port the immune system function. follow important, a few tips. because a That’s Experts saysystem that international healthy immune is critical often specificTo learn your vitamin D levels, forshipments overall health andneed wellness,” paperwork to clear customs, said Marie Spano, MS, RD, a vita-andask your doctor about a rapid vitsometimes they require export min expert and consultant for amin D test that measures your ™ licensing or special paperwork Wellesse supplements. “What’s toblood levels of the vitamin. meet governmental requirements. troubling is the number of people Sound complicated? ThereDareone-half had low blood levels of who are unknowingly vitamin ways toshe make it simpler. A goodvitamin D. The elderly, too, are deficient,” added. first step is tomany hit the Web. Alloften vitamin D deficient. Spano says experts necessary shipment forms can be W h a t ’s Yo u r E t h n i c i t y ? believe the current Recommended downloaded DHL’s Web siteAfrican Daily Allowancefrom (RDA) of vitamin Americans and those It’s important to have the right site letsw i tpaperwork D is too low. “It’s doubleThe jeopardy. h a d a r k efor r sgifts k i n being p i g mshipped ent international use athe Web-make Many Americansshippers don’t meet far less vitamin D than abroad. based Trade AutomationUnits Serviceother populations. RDA of 400 International to take the guesswork of esti- Do taped. additional [IUs] of vitamin D andout many You For Drink Enough reinforceMilk? mating duties—allowing all an costsEatment, stripsmilk of tape experts recommend consuming Beef apply Liver?extra Fortified is to to be known prior to the bottom top of theD. box. even greater amount, up shipping. to 1,000 Ita good sourceand of vitamin To also help users know exactlymeet the •Computers IUscan of vitamin D daily.” RDA from and milkelectronic alone, what’s requiredif to ship, including equipment shouldfour be cups shipped To determine your family is adults need to drink of in the says import and export separate boxes. When possible, at all risk,ofSpano to consider the milk daily. Nonfortified dietary requirements, and the companysources use the original packaging. following: of vitamin D include sar- If even provides packaging original packaging isn’tbeef availWhere Do Youfree Live? Vitamin fordines, mackerel, herring and able, a good idea tothese use the D international is sometimesshipping. called the sun- liver. Forit’s most Americans, expertssince offer this method. Suitable shineIts vitamin our additional bodies are double-boxing not daily food choices, so alteradvice to anyone shipping a pack-nate packing material for computers create vitamin D3—the preferable vitamin D sources are age,ofwhether headedsunlight abroad orneeded. and other fragile electronics form vitamin it’s D—from staying inHowever, the U.S.: living in includes inserts, exposure. To learn yourStyrofoam vitamin D levels, • Provide exactsun description polystyrene, Northern statesan where expo- askmolded your doctor about a rapidchemical vitaof is the shipment contents or packing peanuts.your sure reduced, especially duringandminfoam D test that measures ensure your deliveryblood DHL thequantities winter, orto living in smog-filled levelsserves of the120,000 vitamin.destinaTo isn’tareas, delayed customs in theincrease tions vitamin in more Dthan 225 Spano countries urban may at make it difficult intake, country. and territories around the world, to destination attain sufficient vitamin D from suggests families add a liquid vita• Use shipping boxesdermathat areminand customers cansuch benefit from its the sun alone. Plus, many D supplement, as new new ordon’t in good shape and wrapWellesse knowledge of D3, local tologists recommend getting Vitamin to procedures their daily in materials individually each country. Additionally, vitamin D from the sun, in dueBubble to regimen. “Liquid supplements are the Wrap, or risk. use Styrofoam inserts soan company provides quick door-toskin cancer easy way for the whole family they don’t touchAeach Frag-to get door delivery. Do You Spend Lot other. Of Time enough vitamin D. They are ile itemsAnd/Or can also be double boxed.especially For helpful more information, Indoors Wear Sunwith young chil-visit Pack the item inindoors a box. a great dren speak screen? If you’re and teens who or don’t likewith • Seal box using good-swallowing one of the deal or wear the sunscreen whenaoutpills.”company’s shipping quality shipping EnsureDthat Wellesse experts Vitamin by calling side, you may also tape. be vitamin D is1-800-CALLavailable all seams and flaps are securelyat Walgreens DHL. deficient. and Stop & Shop. Are You Young Or Old? One For more information, including a study of more than 380 children coupon for $2.00 off Wellesse Vitaand teens found that more than min D, visit

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Probiotic Powerhouse (NAPSA)—Beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics, naturally live in our digestive tract, but they need regular replenishing. This dynamic community of microorganisms is disrupted by antibiotics, stress, alcohol, smoking, pollution and simply growing older. Fortunately, it’s possible to achieve the optimal balance you need for digestive and immune health, simply by eating a cup of organic yogurt.

Organic yogurt fortified with probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, can help improve digestive health. All organic yogurts include the starter cultures Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Meanwhile, Stonyfield Farm adds four additional cultures, including the premium probiotic culture Lactobacillus rhamnosus, to create a probiotic powerhouse in each cup. “This unique blend has been clinically proven to enhance infection resistance, reduce intestinal discomfort, improve lactose tolerance and create a barrier effect against pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract,” explains Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN. To learn more, visit the Web site at

Visit our website at Is Your Family Ready To Choose The Right Pet? (NAPSA)—For children, having a pet can mean a lot of things,


(N know in ou need dyna organ otics, lution Fortu achie need healt organ

Organ biotic help i

Al starte garic moph Farm tures biotic nosu power “T clinic tion r discom ance again intes Koen To site a

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| F11


North American Precis Syndicate, Inc., 415 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017

Cool Food For Kids How To Teach Children Perseverance Spread The Joy And Share Some Memories By Baking Up Seasonal Cookies Dentists Can Save Lives

(NAPSA)—Cookies have a way of brightening any day, especially around the holidays, when they offer many delicious opportunities to spread seasonal cheer. It’s not just eating cookies that’s enjoyable. The mere act of making cookies with your family can help create some of the best memories. Giving everyone a task makes the job easier, and baking cookies together is a delightful way to spend time with the children. Cookies make an appetizing gift, a thoughtful way to show you care and a one-of-a-kind creation to give during the holidays or for special occasions. Sharing homemade cookies is a wonderful way to thank friends and families, a much-appreciated gift for a hostess or a delicious treat for a church, school or work function. Some of the best cookies are made with Argo Corn Starch and Karo Syrup, products that have been classic staples for bakers. For example, did you know that cornstarch is the secret ingredient for softer shortbread cookies? The right blend of cornstarch and flour is found in Peppermint Candy Shortbread Cookies. The rich color and flavor of dark corn syrup is an essential ingredient of moist, chewy Oatmeal Hermits, an old-fashioned cookie favorite. Peppermint Candy Shortbread Cookies Prep time: 20 minutes Bake time: 25 to 30 minutes Makes: 31⁄2 dozen Cookies: 1 cup butter (no substitutes), softened

(NAPSA)—Whether it’s multiplying fractions, reading, hitting a baseball or completing a pirouette, at some point, children face tasks they find difficult. While it’s common to want to quit when activities become challenging, you can help your child learn to persevere. Here are some tips from Dr. Mary Mokris, education specialist at Kumon Math and Reading Centers, on how to help your child persevere through tough times in One way to teach perseverance is and out of the classroom. to serve as a good example. Lead by Example If you want your child to have a Offer a Perseverance Reward Reward systems work, and “never-give-up” attitude, it can help if you exhibit this behavior. they can be very effective when Peppermint Shortbread Cookies offer mingling of flavors that you are atrying to teach the imporWhetherCandy you try a challenging sums up happy holiday memories. Making with the until familythe is job the tance them of persevering recipe or attempt a do-it-yourself besthome way to make even more memories. is done. You can come up with the improvement project, stay positive when tasks get difficult reward together. It can be as easy 1 ⁄4 cup sugar and see the project through to the as letting your child pick what’s 1 ⁄4 cup crushed peppermint end, even if you need to bring in for dinner or selecting his or her candy outside help. This shows your favorite movie to watch on family 1 teaspoon pure vanilla child the importance your family night. extract Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help places on perseverance. 2 cups flour If difficulty at school makes Identify the Cause 1 ⁄4 cup Argo® Corn Starch If your child shows signs of frus- your child feel like giving up, conParchment Paper tration in or out of class, try asking sider an after-school enrichment if anything bothers your child. Your program. For generations, Kumon Frosting (optional): son or daughter may not want to Math and Reading Centers have 1 cup powdered sugar talk about it right away, so keep helped millions of children 1 to 2 tablespoons milk prodding. Give your child some strengthen math and reading 1 ⁄2 teaspoon pure vanilla time to open up to you. Then, if skills, increase self-confidence and extract your son or daughter still won’t develop study skills that last a 2 tablespoons crushed lifetime. Hermits offer delicious open up, reach out to important Oatmeal peppermint candy goodness for an excepTeaching perseverance can be people in your child’s life such as chewy cookie. but when children a challenge, teachers, coaches and friends. Ask tional Mix butter, sugar, crushed if they have seen any changes in finally make a breakthrough, Bake in a preheated 300˚ F candy and vanilla thoroughly your child when certain subjects they will show increased confor 25 to 30 minutes, or using an electric mixer. Grad- oven are taught or when performing par- fidence and feel good about thembottoms begin to brown. ually blend in flour and corn- until ticular tasks. Once you know what selves for seeing the job through. Cool for 5 minutes; remove starch. your child struggles with, you will For more information, visit a wire rack toor cool comForm into 1-inch balls and call (877) be better prepared to meet the Combine powdered place on parchment paper-lined pletely. 586-6673. challenge. baking sheets. Gently press sugar, milk and vanilla and down on each cookie to flatten mix until frosting is smooth. using fingers or a flat-bottomed Drizzle cookies with frosting drinking glass (dipped in sugar and sprinkle with crushed candy. to prevent sticking).

Recipe note: For European(NAPSA)—Although the Oral style turn dough Cancershortbread, Foundation estimates that onto floured surface close ato lightly 37,000 Americans will be and knead with untiloral smooth, diagnosed cancerabout this 1 2year, minutes. Patbeinto -inch you may able ato ⁄3avoid thick being rectangle one of them.measuring 11 x 8 inches. Cut into 2 x 1-inch strips. Place 1 inch apart on parchment paper-lined baking sheets. Prick with a fork. Bake as above. Oatmeal Hermits Prep time: 10 minutes Bake time: 15 minutes per batch Makes: 3 dozen cookies 2 cups quick-cooking oats A1⁄2small, cordless device brown enables cup firmly packed dental professionals to screen sugar for signsraisins of oral tissue abnormal1 cup 1 ities with flour greater accuracy. 1 ⁄2 cups 1 ⁄2 Oral teaspoon cancersalt kills one person 2 teaspoons baking powder every hour of the day, each day of 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon the year—mostly because it’s often ® 1 ⁄2 cup Karo Dark ORhowever, with diagnosed too late. Now, Real Brown Sugar is Corn an advanced technology availableSyrup that can help your dentist ® 1 ⁄2 cup Mazola corn oil abnorand hygienist better detect 2 eggs of the mouth, throat, malities tongue and tonsils that may possioats, sugar raisins in blyMix be the early signsand of cancer. large addscreening flour, salt, bakIt’sbowl; an oral device ® ing powder and cinnamon and known as Identafi , which uses mix well. three separate wavelengths of Whisk together syrup, light combined withcorn an angled oil and eggs mirror in a small bowl. examination to identify Add dry ingredients. oraltotissue abnormalities that Drop rounded might notdough be visibleby to the naked tablespoons 2 inches on eye and under normal apart lighting greased baking sheet. conditions. This small, cordless deBake 12 tosize 15 enables minutes at vice’s compact pain375° until lightlyofbrowned less, Feasy inspection hard-toaround edges. cookies reach areas in Remove the mouth. The todevice wireisrack to cool. marketed under the StarDental brand of DentalEZ Group. For recipes, call visit Formore moreholiday information, w(866) w w. aDTE-INFO r g o s t a r c hor . c ovisit m www. and

Help Your Pet Shed Pounds

(NAPSA)—If your pooch is looking a little pudgy or your feline seems a bit fat, vets say it’s important to take action. Obese pets face many of the same health problems that threaten people—and, as in the human population, pet obesity has become an epidemic. Sixty-three percent of American homes now own a pet, and as many as 40 percent soup of those petswith arefrozen estimated to A hearty made vegetables can be easy enough for overweight. yourbe kids to help you make—so nutritious you’ll be glad they eat it. Kid-Friendly (NAPSA)—Many are con“Two extra families pounds on a 10Vegetable Soup stantly on thecat go, with time to pound is 20little percent—that’s prepare a lot. an elaborate meal. 4 cans (14.5 oz) reducedFortunately, frozen vegetables, meats sodium vegetable or and seafood, pizza, “Whether you’ve got two legs or chicken broth entrées, desserts four, effective weight management 1 16-oz pkg. frozen mixed and hundreds of is an absolute must. In fact, studies vegetables balanced frozen show that limiting a dog’s caloric 1 can (15 oz) red kidney food options can intake could extend his life by as beans be prepared in much as two years,” says veterinary 1 12-oz pkg. frozen cooked minutes so you nutritionist Dr. Edward Moser. meatballs can sit down with the family and enjoy So how do you tip the weight 1 14.5-oz can diced a meal you feel good about. loss scales in your pet’s favor? Dr. tomatoes, with juice You can make mealtime family Moser says pets lose weight the 1 Tbsp tomato paste time in your home and involve same way people do—through diet 1 tsp Italian seasoning your child in planning and preparand exercise. Try these tips: Salt & pepper to taste ing meals. There are lots of ways to • Choose a Balanced Diet— make mealtime special and make Dr. Moser recommends the WellCombine all ingredients in the most® of time in the kitchen ness brand, with natural humana large pot. Bring mixture to a with your child. For example: quality ingredients that fulfill a • Involve your children in boil. Reduce heat to mediumcat’s or dog’s nutritional needs. planning family meals and talk low and cook (stirring occa• Controlled Portions—Conabout the importance of eating sionally) until vegetables are sider calorie count and healthy tender and meatballs are balanced meals. serving sizes. • Ask your child to help you heated through, about 15–20 • Walk It Off—Take your pet prepare family meals. He or she minutes. Serves 6. for frequent walks or at least be can read the recipe instructions certain they have room to romp. For more recipes, tips and and measure and mix ingredients, • See Your Vet—Ask your vetinformation, visit www.EasyHome prepare baking pans and so on. erinarian if your pet is at a • Play simple math games as and www.facebook. healthy weight. If he’s not, ask for you cook. Your child can practice com/EasyHomeMeals. You’ll also advice on shedding those pounds. counting, weighing, measuring, find rules for a Ski or Sea “Remember, two extra pounds Vacation Sweepstakes that the and working with fractions. on a 10-pound cat is 20 percent— • Finally, make grocery shop- National Frozen & Refrigerated that’s a lot,” says Dr. Moser. “It’s Foods Association created to ping a family activity, too. important to watch your pet’s Here’s a great recipe to try celebrate a Cool Food for Kids weight.” together—fun ingredients and a promotion, featuring special deals For more information on Wellon frozen foods. healthy meal for the family. ness, visit www.wellnesspetfood. com.

Tips On Portable Electric Heater Safety


(NAPSA)—Portable electric heaters can warm you up in cold weather or provide extra heat to (NAPSA)—The International your house. However, if not used Association of Fire Chiefs and Aggregate Automotive Builder/Remodeling Builder/Remodeling ® properly, they can be a fire or elecEnergizer batteries urge Ameri(NAPSA)—Americans are turntric shock hazard. The Association cans to change the batteries in their ing a corner on the war against canPALO ALTO MATERIALS Inc of Home Appliance Manufacturers smoke alarm and carbon monoxide • CARPENTRY dericksburg e cer; however, one of the most rapidly 830-997-7171 r (AHAM) offers forBase detectors when they change their Completeincreasing Auto Detailing Sand, these Gravel,tips Road types, non-Hodgkin’s • PAINTING safely using your portable electric clocks from Daylight Saving Time. lymphoma, is often overlooked. Due • Car Washing heater: Learn more at& and VINYL SIDING Wayne & Linda Mohr • ADD-ONS to advances in treatment, includ- ALUMINUM • Car Waxing • Read the manufacturer ’s James Sulak • Auto headlight J.B. HOME IMPROVEMENT lens restoring ing targeted therapy Rituxan, many emodeling o 4199 RR 1631 _____________________________________ • CUSTOM Owner instructions and warning labels * *Specialist” * • Auto shampooing interior “The Siding patients are now living with lymgenerAl consTrucTion Fredericksburg, TX _____________________________________ REMODELING before using your heater. If you’d rather enjoy the weather Many Colors To vinyl & leather restoring phoma. For more information, visit Windows serVing Fredericksburg • Do not leave an78624 operating & Trimthan worry about your yard, you Choose From & THe Hill counTrY For 21 YeArs • Free Estimates (830) 997-2800 Frank Greco John Banfield, Fredericksburg Texas 78624 device. It employs the same basic heater unattended and always can callBuilder a Lawn 24tf Doctor professional Fredericksburg, TX • 830-992-5022 • (830) 998-1938 cell 21-24 32tf unplug the heater when not in for a free evaluation. For lawn care technology mechanics use to diaguse. tips, visit LAWNDOCTOR.COM or nose and remedy “Check Engine” Allen light problems. • Do not use yourKeller heaterCompany with a call 1.800.4.LAWNDR. Bail Bonds RICKY CAREY DURST LICENSED • OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE • BONDED power strip or extension Over- base, We Deliver: Crushedcord. limestone gravel, * *DURST * *** Heaters should be kept away from 830.997.8587 830.997.2820 When selecting a college, heating of a power or extenYou can start to winterize your granite gravel,strip topsoil, select fill, rocks and not be placed in a children experts say cost should not elimision cord could result in a fire. deck with a specially formulated room without supervision. We Construct: Residential roads, child’s driveways, • String outstructural cords on concrete, top of and culverts deck cleaner like Wolman nate a school from your short list. building pads, area rugs or carpeting. Placing in use by pulling the plug DeckBrite™, which restores wood An expensive school may offer an . We Haul: Your equipment, your material, etc anything, including furniture, on straight out from the outlet. to its natural, like-new look with- excellent financial aid package. Inspect the heater’s cord perioditop of the Kramer cord mayCell: damage it. out bleaching or degrading its This and other tips are available Buddy 210-237-8333 830-997-2118 “College • KeepOffice: combustible materials, cally. Do not use a heater with a structure, like chlorine bleach in the College Board’s • fax 830.990.8537 Serving the Hill Country 60 years.damaged cord. To PARADISE learn more, visit such as furniture, pillows,over bedding, solutions can. Visit www.wol Handbook.” 357 RANCH RD. • FREDERICKSBURG, TX 78624 • Do not plug any other elecpapers, clothes, curtains, paint, gas or call (732) 469-8100. 46tf *** trical device into the same outlet cans and matches, at least three * * * *** Automatic Gates Children and anyone who Experts suggest safeguarding a feet from the front of the heater as your heater. This could result The RE*Generation is an inilives with or cares for them home and family finances with in overheating. and away from the sides and rear. tiative launched by no-contract Tree Trimming, Tree Removal should be vaccinated against the life insurance. According to New • H e a t e r s s h o u l d b e k e Bookkeeping pt Do not block the heater’s intake wireless provider Virgin Mobile & Stumpair Grinding flu every year. To learn when or away from children and not be or exhaust source. USA and itsHOMES, charitableREMODELING partners, York Life, if an adequate amount Established where to get a flu vaccine, con- u CUSTOM of life insurance is purchased, the1982 • Unless the heater is designed placed in a child’s room without StandUp For Kids, YouthNoise tact your doctor or the local B’s Bookkeeping Service & ADDITIONS pay Contractor for outdoor use or in bathrooms, supervision. and Children’s Health Fund. death benefit can be used to Building health department. For more Specializing In Quickbooks out the remaining payments on a Woodworking • Place the heater on a level, do not use in damp or wet areas. Information on how to get u LICENSED, BONDED & INSURED Custom information, call 1-800-CDCScored & Stained Concrete Parts in theHenke, heater Owner may be 830-992-0600 dam- flat surface. Only use a heater on involved and connect with chari- home. Visit I COME YOU Neil INFO or visit tabletops when specified by the aged by moisture. table efforts can be found at * * * Pat Smith, Owner 155 Industrial Loop KENNETH RAUTE DARREL KOTHE Service, Installation One way to foster children’s • Check periodically for a manufacturer. It could fall, 830-997-9860; Cell 456-6524 Fredericksburg, TX 78624 General Bookkeeping & Fabrication of Automatic Gates 830-997-5135 830-997-0234 33tf interest in the solar system is secure plug/outlet fit. If the plug lodging or breaking parts in the eration. 45tf Jo Lynn Baethge 36tf Bank Reconciliations with a new line of preschooldoes not fit snugly into the outlet heater. * * * Sales Taxes For more safety1-830-990-1380 information or or if the plug becomes very hot, There are easy ways to diag- appropriate action figures that 1-830-456-6024 Payroll Taxes 50TF AHAM’s free the outlet may need to be re- to receive a copy of nose hidden problems and ensure represent each of the planets. To Made inwith San Antonio for 15 Years Licensed • 27car years experience • Bonded learn more about the Planet “Air Heater Safety” brochure, visit placed. Check a qualified that your remains road-trip or call (888) electrician to replace2 the outlet.- 1 Yr. ready. One of these is the CarMD Heroes line from Fisher-Price, Guarantee: Yr. Parts Labor Quality Built Homes & Remodel Maner Remodeling & diagnostic Restorationvisit • Unplug the heateron when ( ookkeeping olutionS Installed yournotgate785-7233.

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ENTERTAINMENT Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post



October 31, 2012



Nov. 1

Fredericksburg Fall Farmers Market

Nov. 2

First Friday Art Walk

Nov. 2

First Friday Lunch

Nov. 3

Central Standard Time returns (at 2 a.m., local time)

Nov. 6

Election Day

Nov. 8-10

Big Band Bash

Nov. 10

Pacific Combat Living History program

Pre-Owned Trucks, Cars & SUV’s

A YOUNGSTER takes a moment out from last year’s candy gathering to sample some of the tasty delights already acquired. Be sure to watch out for the little hob-goblins as they travel around the local neighborhoods in search of candy and other goodies. — Standard-Radio Post photo

w w w. i m m e l m o t o r s . c o m

1279 US Hwy. 87 S • (830) 997-2129


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

A ‘Welcome’ Challenge in San Antonio, they took a cursory trip to the River Walk and toured the Alamo, then headed for the Hill Country. Arriving late on Friday night, they were able to make it to two clubs: Hondo’s and Silver Creek, which are pretty representative of the types of local venues that feature Hill Country singer-songwriters. The next day, the pair sampled the Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest, leaving for a short time to head over to St. Barnabas to catch a concert by the Fredericksburg Community Orchestra. After that, they strolled the shops lining the widest Main Street in Texas. One of the authentic Texas “experiences” on their list was to shoot a gun — something not so easy to do in Massachusetts. (Just realized I’ve never written “Massachusetts” before — I only put in one extra “s.”) So they called up a friend and spent some time at one of the half dozen local shooting clubs, turning pumpkins into pumpkin pieces using four different guns. Food is always focus for Super Crossword first-timers, and we managed Puzzle Can Be Found to arrange a Saturday night On Page 12 spread featuring beans, coleslaw, potato salad, Texas tea, and a fresh brisket prepared by David Strackbein, topped with his new “That There BBQ” sauce (available at Hondo’s and Rustlin’ Robs). We were slow getting off the mark on Sunday, but after a brunch with Texas Toast, eggs, and sausage topped with some Fischer & Wieser chipotle sauce, the adventure contin-

KFWS • MindGym

October 29, 2012

The challenge: Show someone a typical Texas time in Fredericksburg in only two days. In this corner: The Host. In that corner: The Guest. Last weekend, my son, on his way from somewhere to somewhere else, dropped in on us to 1) surprise his mom on her birthday, and 2) give his friend the quintessential “Fredericksburg, Texas” experience. The challenge was to do it only two days. Since my directive in writing this column is to share the entertainment scene, I thought it would be interesting to look at the experience from the perspective of someone who had never set foot in town — or even in the state of Texas. Let’s call her Erin — since that is her name. She grew up in Boston, and even though only in her early 20s, she has traveled quite a bit and lived in different states. She had no preconceptions about Texas. After getting off the plane

ued. This day included a trip to famous Luckenbach, Texas. After enjoying that destination’s longnecks, longnecked guitars, and bandannabedecked cowboys, the pair ended the waning day with a trek to the top of Enchanted Rock in time to witness the sun going down in the west and the full moon rising in the east. What struck me as I chronicled the activities was what they didn’t have time to do. Having lived in Fredericksburg since the days when there were auto parts shops, hardware stores and laundromats downtown, I realize the number of clubs, restaurants and music venues has grown so quickly that I have not been able to write about them all. But only when you try to introduce someone to the town, do you realize how much we have to offer. Hitting every one of these sites would take a month of Sundays and 30 Saturdays. Here is a quick list of “places they didn’t have time to visit”: The Nimitz Museum and George Bush Gallery; The Historic District; The Rockbox; The LBJ Ranch; The Pioneer Museum; Cross Mountain; Any of the dozens of wineries lining every approach to town; and, Any of the countless bed and breakfast accommodations. Events alone were impossible. Although they hit the Food and Wine Fest, the list of festivals, plays, shows and concerts would take a year to catch up with, and even then you could not make them all because many are held on the same day. I know readers will think of many more entertainment opportunities missed: the plays at Fredericksburg Theater Company, the First Friday Art Walk, the Gillespie County Fair, Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park and golf course. But the point is that Fredericksburg has a lot to offer. Yeah, I know. You already know that. But until you try to show it all to a brand new visitor, you don’t really know it. What to do?

WELCOME TO FREDERICKSBURG. What would you do if you only had one weekend to show a visitor the town?

I guess those first settlers had the answer all along. It’s found in the first letters of the streets leading out of town: Crockett; Orange; Milam; Edison; Bowie; Acorn; Cherry; Kay — COME BACK. Details For an up-to-date, all-inclusive, non-apologetic listing of everything there is to do in Fredericksburg, go to www. • For online listing of events: www.VisitFredericksburgTX. com. To comment or suggest a topic:

To be included in the free listing of live music events: To read columns online: www.fullhouseproductions. net. • Holiday gift idea: Self-Guided Tour Through Historic Fredericksburg. Available at local shops: Journey Lane, Pioneer Museum, Gästehaus Schmidt, Choo Choo Patio Shoppe, Berkman Books, Rockbox Theater, Luckenbach, Peach Tree Gift Shop, Hill Country Music, Remember Me Too, T-Shirts Etc. Or order online at

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By Rubye Hallford Allergy Season, Again! It seems that we have an neverending allergy season. Our recent big rains were a great blessing, but they unfortunately helped the baby ragweed plants grow to giant size. You might not have noticed them, but in the creek areas, in vacant lots, old unused fields, etc., they are growing well. One ragweed plant can reportedly produce a billion bits of pollen in a season. It is a light green plant that has bloom

spikes on top. It spreads by seeds and rhizomes underground. Most humans are sensitive to ragweed pollen. This may be the only time of year that you notice allergy responses. You are fine during cedar blooms, oak blooms, pecan blooms, and now, you are sick. We carry several products that actually help to desensitive us to the allergens. Celletech’s Texas Allergy Relief, Allergena’s Zone 5, Telos Labs’ Texas Airborne Allergen Formula are all very helpful. We also have a lot of products that treat the body’s symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, etc. It is a good idea to not let the symptoms go on until you have an ear infection or a throat infection or bronchitis. Ragweed was something from the New World that became an invader to Europe. It might have been as bad as the English Sparrow and the starling were for us!


334 W. Main 997-4533

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post (830) 990-8289 Ross Hardin - 6 p.m. • Patio Shoppe 614 W. Main St. (830) 990-2622 Gale Reddick & Friends Open Mic 6 p.m. • Rockbox Theater 109 North Llano (830) 997-7625 $32-$42/ kids $17 - 8 p.m.

Live Entertainment October 31-November 6

No cover charge unless indicated; times listed are show times. Call venue to confirm artists and times, as changes may occur after publication. This list compiled weekly by the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau. Wednesday, October 31 • Hondo’s 312 W. Main St. (830) 997-1633 Songwriters’ Showcase - 7:30 • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 E (830)997-3224 Dale Mayfield - 1 p.m. Penny Ney - 5 p.m. • Silver Creek 310 E. Main (830) 990-4949 Lonnie Lett - Noon Sol Patch - 6 p.m. Thursday, November 1 • The Auslander 323 East Main Street (830) 997-7714 Casey Hubble - 7 p.m. • Crossroads 305 West Main Street (830) 992-3288 Braken Hale - 8 p.m. • Hondo’s 312 W. Main St. (830) 997-1633 T-Roy & Candace - 7:30 p.m. • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 E (830)997-3224 Dale Mayfield - 1 p.m. ShAnnie - 5 p.m.

• Pioneer Museum 325 West Main Street (830) 992-9192 Fall Farmers Market Graham Warwick - 4 p.m. • West End Pizza Company 232 West Main Street (830) 990-8646 Aaron Kothman - 6:30 p.m. Friday, November 2 • The Auslander 323 East Main Street (830) 997-7714 Texas Renegade Duo - 7 p.m. • Crossroads 305 West Main Street (830) 992-3288 Cooper Wade - 9 p.m. • Frontier Outpost 10 miles north on RR 965 (830) 997-0099 Open Mic - 7 p.m. John Hardaway, 30-06 - 9 p.m. • Hondo’s 312 W. Main St. (830) 997-1633 Shelley King - 8 p.m. • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 E (830) 997-3224 T-Roy & Candace - 1 p.m. Hayden Whittington - 4 p.m. Drew Womack, dance - 8 p.m. • Navajo Grill 803 E. Main St.

Plan your

Saturday, November 3 • 4.0 Cellars 10354 U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 997-7470 Lonnie Lett - 2 p.m. • The Auslander 323 East Main Street (830) 997-7714 Cade Baccus Band - 7 p.m. • Becker Vineyards 11 east on U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 644-2681 The Raggedy Cats - 1 p.m. • Crossroads 305 West Main Street (830) 992-3288 Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes 9:30 p.m. • Frontier Outpost 10 miles north on RR 965 (830) 997-0099 Open Mic - 7 p.m. John Hardaway & 30-06 - 9 p.m. • Grape Creek Vineyards 10 miles east on U.S. 290 East (830) 644-2710 Jeff Wood - 2 p.m. • Hondo’s 312 W. Main St. (830) 997-1633 Dust Devils - 8 p.m. • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 E (830) 997-3224 Kim Dunn & W. Green - 1 p.m. Hunters Ball w/Chris Wall 9 p.m., $10 • Navajo Grill


803 E. Main St. (830) 990-8289 Ross Hardin - 6 p.m. • Patio Shoppe 614 W. Main St. (830) 990-2622 Gale Reddick & Friends Open Mic 6 p.m. • Pat’s Hall 406 Post Oak Road (830) 997-7574 Hunters Dance Tony Booth Band - 8 p.m., $10 • Rockbox Theater 109 North Llano (830) 997-7625 $32-$42/ kids $17, 4:30 & 8 • Torre di Pietra Winery 10915 U.S. 290 East (830) 644-2829 Thomas Michael Riley - 1 p.m. • Turner Hall 103 West Travis Street (830) 997-2509 Fredericksburg Dance Club The Troubadours - 8 p.m., $10 Sunday, November 4 • 4.0 Cellars 10354 U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 997-7470 Lonnie Lett - 2 p.m. • Becker Vineyards 11 east on U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 644-2681 Ben Beckendorf - 1 p.m. • Grape Creek Vineyards 10 miles east on U.S. 290 (830) 644-2710 Jeff Wood - 1 p.m. • Hondo’s 312 W. Main St. (830) 997-1633 Gospel Sunday - 1 p.m. Flyin’ A’s - 7:30 p.m. • Luckenbach, TX

News Updates at the Touch of a Button


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| 3

| October 31, 2012

FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 E (830)997-3224 Kevin Welch - 1 p.m. Bill Lewis Pickers Circle - 5 p.m. • Patio Shoppe 614 W. Main St. (830) 990-2622 Kris Newton - 4 p.m. • Rockbox Theater 109 North Llano (830) 997-7625 $32-$42/ kids $17 - 2 p.m. • St. Joseph’s Halle 212 West San Antonio Street (830) 997-3936 Harvestfest German Chorale Concert 6:30 p.m., by donation Monday, November 5 • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 997-3224 Dale Mayfield - 1 p.m. Pickers Circle with Royce Laskoskie - 5 p.m. • Silver Creek 310 E. Main, (830) 990-4949 Lonnie Lett - noon Blues Monday w/Ben Beckendorf - 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 6 • Luckenbach, TX FM 1376, four miles out U.S. Hwy. 290 East (830) 997-3224 Dale Mayfield - 1 p.m. Pickers Circle w/Sol Patch - 5 p.m.

FREDERICKSBURG DANCE CLUB (a non-profit organization) Saturday, Nov. 3 8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Turner Hall - 103 W. Travis Music by

The Troubadours

$10 per person • Visitors Welcome Bring a Friend!



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

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| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Gail Reagan

PITCH PERFECT: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson. Pitch Perfect is a bright and breezy comedy brimming with energy (based on a behind-thescenes book by Mickey Rapkin) that follows an all-girl a cappella group called the Barden Babes of Barden University who are out to “pitch-slap” their competition. Beca (Anna Kendrick, who was quite deservedly Oscar® nominated for her performance in Up in the Air) leads the cast as the wannabe DJ who reluctantly joins the college group to appease her professor father. The group is determined to triumph over the long-standing national champions at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition. The perennial winners, The Treblemakers, are a male group led by the obnoxious Bumper (Adam DeVine — who delivers some of the movie’s funniest lines). The wonderful ensemble cast also includes Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Elizabeth Banks and Rebel Wilson, among many others. They gleefully emerge themselves into their exuberant, wisecracking characters. And while Anna Kendrick can sing as well as act, her co-stars out shine her, especially Rebel Wilson as Adele (What to Expect When Are Expecting), a sassy character who has named herself Fat Amy and who has a wonderful anything-goes spirit — and can she sing! The story, told through auditions, riff-offs, and road trips, is cleverly driven by the use of old and new pop songs, with lyrics that often match the action. While there were a few too many gross-out jokes for me, the film is saved by the amazing big finale. And if you really appreciate talent, Pitch Perfect is for you — guaranteeing that you will go home with a smile on your face. PG-13.

CLOUD ATLAS: Tom Hanks. Not quite sure what to say about Cloud Atlas. It’s timetraveling stories that explore BIG themes, and it is long, almost three hours. The stories, driven by the themes, are laced together and take place in mostly imagined worlds. The large cast — wearing prosthetic masks — in addition to Tom Hanks, includes Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. And while it does have some imposing themes, fate and density, freedom and bondage, power and corruption, it is often quite easy to lose your way. So be prepared to pay close attention, and for the mythic story telling. The movie takes itself very, very, very seriously, but does have the courage of its convictions — whatever they may be. I am not going to grade the movie and I will leave it up to you to decide. Cloud Atlas has violence, language, sexual content, nudity and drugs. R. On DVD Now for a few hidden gems (something for everyone): BOWFINGER: (1999) Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy. Bobby Bowfinger (Martin) is a wannabe filmmaker and actor. When his accountant and part-time receptionist, Afrim (Adam Alexi-Malle), writes a cheesy sci-fi action script called Chubby Rain, Bowfinger sees the film he was destined to make with the help of his ragtag group of friends on the far fringes of the film industry. After sneaking the film to producers, he tries to convince America’s biggest action star, the extremely paranoid and unstable Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), to take the lead. After Kit throws Bobby out, Bowfinger decides to make the film anyway, only shooting the actor without his knowledge. With the other actors running up to him and spouting crazed dialogue about an alien invasion, Kit just slides closer to the

edge. (This is one of my all-time favorite funniest films.) Bobby, of course, has his crazed posses to help. Foremost is Daisy (Heather Graham), an ingénue fresh off the bus from Ohio who will happily strip or sleep with anyone or anything that will further her career. The charmer is Kit’s body double, his idiot brother (Eddie Murphy). This allows Eddie Murphy to play both ends of the spectrum around Bowfinger and completely steal every scene he’s in. The point of all this? Just watch two of the funniest guys in the country do what they do best, without a bad script to get in the way. Some brutal jabs at Scientology are a nice added bonus. Who knows? You might actually learn a little something about filmmaking, though this is probably not the best way to go about it. PG-13.

BIG NOTHING: (2007) David Schwimmer. Charlie (Schwimmer), a struggling writer, reluctantly takes a job at a customer call center. There he befriends Gus (Simon Pegg), who persuades Charlie, along with Josie, the only one with brains (Alice Eve), to help him with a blackmailing scheme. As expected, everything goes wrong. The evening that was supposed to bring the big bucks, brings them instead multiple corpses. The cast shows a wonderful knack for screwball pacing. Big Nothing is a work of dark comic insanity that never gets away from itself. The lunacy is close to the ground and the comedy rolls forward at a feverish pace. The combination allows for large laughs throughout. R.

APPALOOSA: (2008) Ed Harris. Appaloosa takes the traditional notion of a lone lawman fighting injustice and turns it successfully on its head. The film follows the exploits of Virgil Cole (Harris) and Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen), gunslinging partners in the peacekeeping business. But when the partners are hired by the town officials of Appaloosa, the job tests not only

THE NEW RELEASE Pitch Perfect follows an all-girl a capella group in this R-rated film.

their friendship but also their mettle. Rogue rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons) has shot up an Appaloosa marshal, and the city elders want him stopped. Cole and Hitch eventually capture him, but a distraction in the form of the widowed piano player Mrs. French (Renée Zellweger) comes into town and pretty soon all sorts of chaos follows. Ed Harris, who also directed, brings a dusty realism to the setting. Alternately tough and amusing, he’s the perfect actor to play this gruff but secretly vulnerable character, who engagingly transforms from man-of-few words to nervous suitor whenever Mrs. French arrives on the scene. The real love story here, though, is between Cole and the laconic West Point-educated Hitch, whose genuine affection for the older man turns out to be the film’s heart. Watching him casually supply words while Cole struggles for them is a treat – the two actors play off each other with a delightful, understated comic timing. There’s is a partnership for the ages, and the crafty creators of Appaloosa make great use of it. R.

THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD: (2004) Isabella Rossellini. Every moment is odd in Saddest Music, which might not be for everyone. The musical comedy film centers on a competition for the world’s most sorrowful song in 1933 Winnipeg. Musicians pitch tents in the

snowy city in hopes of claiming the $25,000 prize. Presiding over the contest is a legless beer baroness (Rossellini). Luxuriating in grand-dame entitlement, Isabella Rossellini sets the tone for a talented cast, winking only occasionally at the film’s absurd developments. Embittered by a botched roadside surgery (warning: shown in detail) that took her legs, the baroness nonetheless retains her lust for her driving companion. He’s a charlatan would-be stage producer named Chester (Mark McKinney) out to claim the prize. Mark McKinney captures the glib fast talk of the 1930s comic leading men as Chester twotimes the baroness with a nymphomaniac amnesiac (Maria de Medeiros). The real fun starts once the contest begins; Scottish bagpipers challenge Serbian cellists while radio announcers offer play-by-play. Winners of each round descend a metal slide into a vat of beer. Most of the musical content is confined to the stage, but people also erupt into song on the street, and in one clever scene, fail to erupt. A highly stylized film with few sympathetic characters is difficult to sustain, but the wildly inventiveness outweighs any of the movie’s weaknesses. The lasting impression of The Saddest Music in the World is of mad ingenuity without a hint of arrogance. The movie contains innuendo, sexual situations, unsettling images. R.

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(CC) With Program Program Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scene Movie: The Game Plan›› (2007) Dwayne “The Rock” Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Investigation Investigation Investigation Johnson, Madison Pettis. (CC) The Mentalist Patrick The Mentalist Murdered Movie: The Book of Eli›› (2010, Action) Denzel Washington, Gary Movie: War of the Worlds››› (2005) Tom Cruise. A man and his Movie: Wild Wild West› (1999, Action) Will Smith, NUMB3RS An heiress is leaves the CBI. high schooler. Oldman. (CC) (DVS) children try to survive an alien invasion. Kevin Kline. (CC) abducted. Two and Half Two and Half Movie: The Karate Kid›› (2010) Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan. 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| October 31, 2012


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Program Program Animals Adv. Win! Sesame Street “Latiniza- Thomas & Dinosaur Super Why! Biscuit Bros The Daytrip- R. Steves’ This Old Hometime Texas Sara’s Simply Ming Cooking Mexican Lidia’s Italy Cook’s Test Kitchen Texas Victory tion of Marco” Friends Train per Europe House (N) (N) Gardener School Table Country Gardener Garden (6:00) CBS This Morning: Doodlebops Doodlebops Busytown Busytown Liberty’s Liberty’s Great Big Texas Music Paid Paid Paid Football College College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Saturday (EI) (EI) Mysteries Mysteries Kids Kids World Program Program Program Spec. Football Good Morning America (N) Good Morning San Jack Hanna Ocean Born to Sea Rescue College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Antonio Saturday Mysteries Explore (N) (6:00) Today (N) (In Noodle/ Pajanimals Poppy Cat Justin Time LazyTown The Wiggles Young Icons World Car Paid To Be An- Tim McSports Illustrated (N) (In College Football Pittsburgh at Notre Dame. (N) (In Stereo Live) Stereo) Doodle (EI) (EI) (EI) (EI) Program nounced Carver Stereo) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Atmosphere Paid Paid Paid Married... Movie: Smokey and the Bandit››› (1977, Comedy) Movie: Smokey and the Bandit II›› (1980, Comedy) Burt Reynolds, Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program With Burt Reynolds. (In Stereo) Jackie Gleason. (In Stereo) Mad About Career Day Paid Glamour Paid Paid Paid Paid College Football Tulsa at Arkansas. (N) (Live) Sports Stars Ring of Honor Wrestling Access Hollywood (N) (In (EI) Program City Program Program Program Program Stereo) Paid Paid Matlock “The Suspect” Matlock “The Suspect” Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Program Program Intent (In Stereo) Intent “Delicate” Intent (In Stereo) Intent (In Stereo) Intent (In Stereo) Intent (In Stereo) Intent (In Stereo) Muffin Top? Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Old Christine Old Christine Movie: Derailed›› (2005) Clive Owen. Adulterous Movie: The Bad Son (2007, Suspense) Catherine Movie: The Craigslist Killer (2011) Jake McDorman, Program Program Program Program Program lovers face a violent blackmailer. Dent, Tom McBeath. (CC) Billy Baldwin. (CC) Paid Paid American Guns (In Stereo) American Guns (In Stereo) I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It I (Almost) Got Away With It (In Stereo) Program Program (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (6:00) Confessions of a Movie: Bring It On›› (2000, Comedy) Kirsten Dunst, Movie: A Cinderella Story›› (2004) Hilary Duff, Movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding››› (1997) Julia Movie: Stepmom›› (1998, Drama) Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon. Time Wife Eliza Dushku. Jennifer Coolidge. Roberts, Dermot Mulroney. Shopaholic›› Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle Movie: Christmas Magic (2011) (CC) Movie: Moonlight and Mistletoe››› Movie: A Season for Miracles›› (1999) Movie: The Christmas Pageant (2011) SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Teenage Kung Fu The PenRobot, Power Odd Parents Kung Fu Kung Fu Kung Fu SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Victorious Victorious Mut. Panda guins Monster Rangers Panda Panda Panda (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Mickey Never Land Phineas and Phineas and Phineas and Gravity Falls A.N.T. Farm Dog With a WizardsWizardsGoodGoodAustin & Ally Shake It Up! Shake It Up! Shake It Up! WizardsWizardsGoodAustin & Ally Mouse Ferb Ferb Ferb Blog Place Place Charlie Charlie Place Place Charlie Beyblade Pokemon Ben 10 Star Wars Dragons Dragons NinjaGo NinjaGo Johnny T Johnny T Johnny T MAD Annoying Annoying Adven Adven Adven NinjaGo NinjaGo Regular CNN Saturday Morning (N) Bottom CNN Saturday Morning (N) CNN Newsroom (N) Your Money (N) CNN Newsroom (N) Gupta CNN Newsroom (N) SportsCenter SportsCenter (N) College GameDay (N) (Live) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Score College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) No. Amer. Woods N’ Sthwst H S Plyr High-School Scoreboard Hometown Big 12 College Football Houston at East Carolina. (N) (Live) College Football Kansas at Baylor. (N) (Live) Hunter Water (N) Outdoors Week Kids Shwcse Flip This House “Brotherly Flip This House “The Flipping Miami Flipping Boston Flipping Boston (N) Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Love” Rookie” Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars We There Meet the House of According Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Movie: Kicking & Screaming›› (2005, Comedy) Will Movie: The Longest Yard›› (2005) Adam Sandler. Prisoners train Friends (In Friends (In Friends (In Friends (In Yet? Browns Payne to Jim mond mond mond Ferrell, Robert Duvall. (CC) for a football game against the guards. Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Paid Say No to Covert Affairs “Man in the Movie: The Game Plan›› (2007, Comedy) Dwayne Movie: Eat Pray Love›› (2010) Julia Roberts. A divorcee embarks Movie: The Break-Up›› (2006) Vince Vaughn, Jen- Movie: Good Luck Chuck› (2007) Dane Program Botox! Middle” “The Rock” Johnson. (CC) on a global quest to change her life. nifer Aniston. (CC) Cook. (CC) Law & Order “Faccia a Law & Order “Innocence” Franklin & Bash “Viper” Rizzoli & Isles “What Law & Order “DWB” (In Law & Order “Sundown” Movie: Wild Wild West› (1999, Action) Will Smith, Movie: War of the Worlds››› (2005) Tom Cruise, Faccia” (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Doesn’t Kill You” Stereo) (In Stereo) Kevin Kline. (CC) Dakota Fanning. (CC) How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Two and Half Two and Half Movie: The Karate Kid›› (2010) Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan. A Chinese master College Football Stanford at Colorado. (N) (Live) Two and Half Men Men schools an American boy in the martial arts. Men Paid Paid Xtreme Horse. Trucks! Muscle Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Pocoyo Backyardi- Zigby (EI) Maya y Dora the Go, Diego, Crema de Crema de Delicioso Sabadazo Como Dice el Dicho La Familia P. Luche Comediant. gans Miguel Explorer Go Concha Concha Mouse Storykeep The Lads Auto Gd Come Bugtime Monster Hopkins God Roc Goliath Ishine Inspir. Hermie Caterpillr Tails Heroes & Legends News Movie: Misty››

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Daryl’s TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls Americus Paid Movie: Forever Mine› (1999, Drama) Joseph Fiennes, Ray Liotta. House Diamond Program (2:30) College Football Texas News Inside That ’70s That ’70s (12:35) (1:05) Hollywood (1:05) Movie: ElizabethTeams TBA. (N) Tailgaters Nightbea Edition Show Show Bloopers Bloopers town›› (2005) College Football Wheel of Horse Racing Breeders’ Chicago Fire “One Minute” Law & Order: Special KXAN News (10:29) Saturday Night Live Host Louis (12:02) 30 (12:32) 30 (1:02) Law & Order (2:02) (2:32) Fortune Cup. (N) (In Stereo) Victims Unit C.K.; Fun performs. (N) Rock Rock “Charm City” Scrubs Scrubs (2:30) College Football Wheel of College Football Alabama at LSU. (N) (Live) News (10:35) Criminal Minds (11:35) (12:05) CSI: Miami Shock- (1:05) Cold Case “Novem- (2:05) Paid Teams TBA. (N) Fortune “Lauren” Friends ing discovery. ber 22” Jeopardy! Program College FOX College College Football Oregon at USC. (N Subject to Blackout) (In Stereo Live) Fox 7 News Edge at Nine MasterChef A food truck 30 Seconds Big Bang TMZ (N) (In Stereo) Access Hollywood (N) (In Paid Football Local news. (N) challenge. Theory Stereo) Program Market Warriors Unique Antiques Roadshow Austin City Limits Acoustic Land Girls “Darkest Hours” Call the Midwife (N) (In Doc Martin “Better the Doctor Who “The Doctor’s Globe Trekker (In Stereo) Austin City Limits Acoustic Ferrets: The Pursuit of lighting. (N) “Unique Antiques” music. (N) (In Stereo) Stereo) Devil” Wife” music. (N) Excellence (2:30) College Football K-Eye News Two and Half College Football Alabama at LSU. (N) (Live) K-Eye News CSI: Miami Shocking Ring of Honor Wrestling Cold Case Files (In Paid Cold Files Paid Teams TBA. (N) Men discovery. (In Stereo) Stereo) Program Program (2:30) College Football 6 O’Clock Inside College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) News Y100 Texas Music Tejano Y Americus (1:05) Entertainment Paid Paid Teams TBA. (N) News Edition Nightbeat Country Mas Diamond Tonight (N) Program Program College Football Troubadour, Bronco Horse Racing Breeders’ Chicago Fire “One Minute” Law & Order: Special News 4 at (10:29) Saturday Night Live Host Louis (12:02) The Closer “Pilot” (1:03) The Closer Puzzling (2:03) 1st Open House TX Roads Cup. (N) (In Stereo) Victims Unit 10pm (N) C.K.; Fun performs. (N) murder. Look NUMB3RS Don and NUMB3RS A genius helps NUMB3RS “Uncertainty NUMB3RS “Vector” (In NUMB3RS “Structural NUMB3RS “Prime NUMB3RS “Sabotage” (In Movie: Smokey and the Married... Married... Inspiration Today Camp Charlie are at odds. solve crimes. Principle” Stereo) Corruption” Suspect” (In Stereo) Stereo) Bandit››› With With Meeting King of King of TMZ (N) (In Stereo) Pre-Game NBA Basketball Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs. From the AT&T Two and Half Two and Half Engagement Engagement Cheaters (N) (In Stereo) Old Christine Old Christine Rescue Rescue Queens Queens Sho Center in San Antonio. (N) (Live) Men Men Heroes Heroes Law & Order: Criminal America’s Funniest Home America’s Funniest Home America’s Funniest Home WGN News at Nine (N) (In Bones A killer buries his Bones “The Killer in the 30 Rock (In 30 Rock (In 30 Rock “I 30 Rock (In America’s Funniest Home Intent (In Stereo) Videos Videos Videos Stereo) victims alive. Crosshairs” Stereo) Stereo) Do Do” Stereo) Videos Movie: Blue-Eyed Butcher (2012, Docudrama) Sara Movie: The Eleventh Victim (2012) Jennie Garth. A Movie: The Pastor’s Wife (2011) Rose McGowan, (11:01) Movie: The Eleventh Victim (2012) Jennie (1:01) Movie: The Pastor’s Wife (2011) Rose McPaxton, Lisa Edelstein. (CC) killer targets a therapist’s patients. Michael Shanks. (CC) Garth, Colin Cunningham. (CC) Gowan, Michael Shanks. (CC) I (Almost) Got Away With It Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Outlaw Empires (In Paid Paid (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Program Program (4:30) Movie: The Time Traveler’s Wife›› (2009) Movie: P.S. I Love You›› (2007) Hilary Swank. Premiere. A widow gets messages Movie: Dirty Dancing››› (1987) Jennifer Grey. A sheltered teen Fresh Prince Paid Paid Paid Paid Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana. left by her husband to help her cope. falls for a street-wise dance instructor. Program Program Program Program The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (CC) Movie: Christmas Song (2012) Premiere. Movie: The Christmas Card (2006) (CC) Once Upon Movie: Mistletoe Over Manhattan (2011) Christmas Page Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious iCarly (N) (In Victorious Big Time How to Rock The Nanny The Nanny Friends (In (10:33) (11:06) (11:39) George (12:45) George Lopez (In To Be Announced My Wife and (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) (N) Rush (N) (N) Stereo) Friends Friends Friends Lopez Stereo) Kids Austin & Ally Shake It Up! GoodGoodGoodA.N.T. Farm Jessie (In Austin & Ally Gravity Falls Jessie (In A.N.T. Farm GoodPhineas and Jessie (In Phineas and Phineas and Austin & Ally Fish Hooks Movie: The Color of Charlie Charlie Charlie Stereo) Stereo) Charlie Ferb Stereo) Ferb Ferb Friendship›› (2000) Regular Regular Movie: Over the Hedge››› (2006) Venture Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Cleveland Dynamite Boon Bleach Samurai 7 Casshern Eureka 7 Titan Thundr. Fullmetal Fullmetal The Situation Room CNN Newsroom (N) Romney Revealed: Family, Faith Obama Revealed: Man Romney Revealed: Family, Faith Obama Revealed: Man CNN Presents CNN Newsroom (N) Football Score NASCAR NASCAR Racing Score College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) Football Final Football Big 12 Live (N) (Live) College Football Texas at Texas Tech. (N Same-day Tape) College Football Kansas at UEFA Mavericks Mavericks NBA Basketball Charlotte Bobcats at Dallas Mavericks. From Ameri- Mavericks My Own Live (N) can Airlines Center in Dallas. (N) (Live) Live (N) Words Baylor. (N) Magazine Insider Parking Parking StorageStorageStorage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Parking Parking Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Paid Ult. Quarters Wars Wars Texas Texas Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Program King of King of King of King of Big Bang Big Bang Movie: Big Daddy› (1999) Adam Sandler, Joey Movie: Eurotrip›› (2004, Comedy) Scott Mechlowicz, National Lampoon’s Married... Married... National Lampoon’s Queens Queens Queens Queens Theory Theory Lauren Adams. Premiere. (CC) Michelle Trachtenberg. (CC) European Vacation With With Loaded Weapon 1 Good Luck Movie: Knocked Up››› (2007) Seth Rogen. A one-night stand has Movie: The Ugly Truth› (2009) Katherine Heigl, Movie: Knocked Up››› (2007) Seth Rogen. A one-night stand has Cheers (In WWE A.M. Raw (N) House Treating a seizure Chk an unforeseen consequence. (CC) Gerard Butler. Premiere. (CC) an unforeseen consequence. (CC) Stereo) patient. War of Movie: The Book of Eli›› (2010, Action) Denzel Washington, Gary Movie: Jonah Hex› (2010) Josh Brolin. (9:45) Movie: Jonah Hex› (2010, Action) Josh Brolin, Movie: Blade: Trinity›› (2004, Horror) Movie: Biker Boyz› (2003, Action) Laurence FishWorlds Oldman. (CC) (DVS) Premiere. (CC) (DVS) John Malkovich. (CC) (DVS) Wesley Snipes. (CC) burne, Derek Luke. (CC) Two and Half Movie: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer›› (2007, Science Movie: Armageddon› (1998, Science Fiction) Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. A BrandX With Totally Always The League BrandX With Totally UnsuperUnsuperMen Fiction) Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba. hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid. Biased Sunny Biased vised vised Repo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Movie: Kick-Ass››› (2010, Action) Aaron Johnson. Movie: Romeo Must Die›› (2000) Jet Li. (In Stereo) TBA Tenants Tenants Tenants Paid Paid Noticiero Fútbol Mexicano Primera División América vs Pachuca. (N) (En Vivo) Sábado Gigante (N) Comediant. Noticiero Desmadrugados ¿Y Ahora Qué Hago? Clásicos de Sábado Gigante Misty›› Gods At Precious Memories In Touch Hour of Power Graham Classic Not a Fan Travel Movie: Cutback (2010) Justin Schwan. Oak Tree Virtual H Lindsey Gospel College Football

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Paid Paid This Week in AgriBusiness Garden This Old Movie: Sleepwalkers› (1992, Horror) Brian Krause, Movie: Crazy Little Thing (2002, Romance-Comedy) ’Til Death (In ’Til Death (In Madchen Amick. Jenny McCarthy, Chris Eigeman. Program Program Travels House Stereo) Stereo) This Week With George... Hot On! Texas Recipe Food for Movie: XXX›› (2002) Vin Diesel. A spy tries to stop Paid Paid New York City Marathon Highlights From New York Homes Reporter Rehab (N) Thought an anarchist with weapons. Program Program City. (N Same-day Tape) KXAN News Today (N) Today Lester reports from Meet the Press (N) LazyTown The Wiggles Paid Paid Paid World of Adventure Sports MLS Soccer Conference Semifinal: Teams TBA. (N) (In Stereo Live) Ohio. (N) (EI) Program Program Program (N) (In Stereo) Eyewitness News Sunday CBS News Sunday Morning (N) (In Texas Hot on Face the The NFL Today (N) (Live) NFL Football Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans. From Reliant Stadium in Houston. NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants. (N) Stereo) Reporter Homes Nation (N) (N) (Live) (N) (Live) Paid Riverbend Paid Paid FOX News Sunday With Paid Ninja FOX NFL Sunday (N) (In NFL Football Regional Coverage. (N) (In Stereo Live) FOX NFL English Premier League Soccer: LiverProgram Church Program Program Chris Wallace Program Stereo Live) Postgame pool vs Newcastle United Sesame Street “The Furry Daniel Tiger Clifford-Dog Texas MotorWeek Parks and Growing To the McLaughlin Washington Overheard Access Arts in Context (In Stereo) Sky Island POV Students on Navajo Jim Thorpe: World’s GreatFour” Gardener (N) Wildlife Bolder Contrary Group Week Evn News reservation. est Athlete Shoreline Paid CBS News Sunday Morning (N) (In Face the Joel Osteen We Are The NFL Today (N) (Live) NFL Football Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans. From Reliant Stadium in Houston. NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants. Chr. Program Stereo) Nation (N) Austin (N) (Live) (N) (Live) Good Morning America (N) Good Morning San This Week With George... Joel Osteen Sunday First Baptist Church Recipe Food for The Crook and Chase Americus Paid New York City Marathon Highlights From New York Antonio Sunday Special Rehab (N) Thought Show Diamond Program City. (N Same-day Tape) Today Lester reports from Meet the Press (N) Paid In Touch With Dr. Charles Paid Paid Paid Ninja Cook- MEGA Ninja! To Be An- World of Adventure Sports MLS Soccer Conference Semifinal: Teams TBA. (N) (In Stereo Live) Ohio. (N) Program Stanley Program Program Program ing! nounced (N) (In Stereo) In Touch With Dr. Charles Paid Catholic New Life Paid Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (In Stereo) My Name Is My Name Is Movie: In the Line of Fire››› (1993) Clint Eastwood. A veteran Secret Service Law & Order: Criminal Stanley Program Mass Christian Program Earl Earl agent battles a vicious assassin. (In Stereo) Intent “Seizure” Paid Fat Loss Paint Like Paid SHARK Jesse Paid The Right Paid Free Wen! LatiNation Latin Movie: Exit Wounds› (2001, Action) Steven Seagal, Movie: My Baby’s Daddy› (2004, Comedy) Eddie GrifDMX. Program A Pro Program Cleans Duplantis Program Side Program (N) Lifestyles fin, Anthony Anderson. (CC) Key of David Beyond Matlock Zoo holds clues to Matlock Zoo holds clues to Movie: Brother Bear›› (2003) Voices of Joaquin Movie: Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over›› (2003, Adven- Movie: My Baby’s Daddy› (2004, Comedy) Eddie Grif- 30 Rock (In Funny Today (N) a murder. a murder. Phoenix, Jeremy Suarez. (CC) ture) Antonio Banderas. (CC) fin, Anthony Anderson. (CC) Stereo) Videos Hour of Turning Point Joel Osteen Paid My Life Is a Lifetime Movie My Life Is a Lifetime Movie My Life Is a Lifetime Movie Movie: Abandoned and Deceived› (1995) Lori Lough- Movie: Killer Among Us (2012, Suspense) Tess Atkins, Movie: Fatal Honeymoon Power Program lin, Gordon Clapp. (CC) Tom Cavanagh. (CC) (2012) (CC) Joel Osteen (7:27) In Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction Auction MythBusters (In Stereo) MythBusters (In Stereo) Touch Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Kings Movie: Dirty Dancing››› (1987) Jennifer Grey. A sheltered teen Movie: The Time Traveler’s Wife›› (2009, Romance) Rachel Movie: P.S. I Love You›› (2007) Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler. A widow gets mes- Movie: A League of Their Own››› (1992) Tom Hanks, McAdams, Eric Bana. Geena Davis. falls for a street-wise dance instructor. sages left by her husband to help her cope. Movie: Twice Upon a Christmas›› Movie: A Season for Miracles›› (1999) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Movie: Christmas Song (2012) (CC) Movie: The Christmas Card (2006) (CC) Power SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Odd Parents Odd Parents Victorious Victorious Winx Club iCarly (In iCarly (In iCarly (In SpongeBob SpongeBob Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious Rangers (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (N) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Mickey Never Land Phineas and Phineas and GoodJessie (In Jessie (In Gravity Falls WizardsWizardsGoodGoodAustin & Ally Shake It Up! A.N.T. Farm Phineas and Phineas and Phineas and GoodGoodMouse Ferb Ferb Charlie Stereo) Stereo) Place Place Charlie Charlie Ferb Ferb Ferb Charlie Charlie Beyblade Pokemon Ben 10 Star Wars Johnny T Johnny T Movie Johnny T Johnny T Gumball Gumball Annoying Annoying Regular Regular Adven Adven Adven Saturday Morning State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS Reliable Sources (N) State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS Next List Newsr’m Your Money (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) NASCAR Countdown NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: AAA Texas 500. (N) (Live) Big 12 Live Paid Paid Big 12 No-Huddle (N) Inside the Horseman- Griot’s Performance Sports Unlimited (N) Women’s College Soccer Big 12 Tournament, Final: GameTime Stars Live NHL Hockey: Stars at Program Program Huddle ship Garage TV Teams TBA. From San Antonio. (N) (N) (Live) Capitals Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping American American American American Parking Parking Parking Parking Exterminator Exterminator Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Wars Wars Wars Wars Hoggers Hoggers Hoggers Hoggers Wars Wars Wars Wars Friends (In Friends (In Friends (In Friends (In Movie: Cop Out› (2010, Comedy) Bruce Willis, Tracy Movie: Paul Blart: Mall Cop›› (2009) Kevin James, Movie: Big Daddy› (1999, Comedy) Adam Sandler, Movie: Fun With Dick and Jane››› (1977) Jane Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Morgan. (CC) Jayma Mays. (CC) (DVS) Joey Lauren Adams. (CC) Fonda, George Segal. (CC) Atmosphere Joel Osteen Movie: Casino Royale››› (2006) Daniel Craig, Eva Green. James Bond plays Movie: Quantum of Solace›› (2008, Action) Daniel Craig, Olga Movie: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra› (2009, Action) Channing Tatum, Law & Order: Special poker with a man who finances terrorists. (CC) Kurylenko. (CC) Dennis Quaid. (CC) Victims Unit Law & Order “Under God” Law & Order “Working Law & Order “Blue Bam- Law & Order “Avatar” (In Movie: Jonah Hex› (2010, Action) Josh (12:45) Movie: Blade: Trinity›› (2004) Wesley Snipes, (2:45) Movie: Terminator Salvation›› (2009, Science Terminator 3 (In Stereo) Mom” (In Stereo) boo” (In Stereo) Stereo) Brolin. (CC) (DVS) Kris Kristofferson. (CC) Fiction) Christian Bale. (CC) (6:00) Movie: 12 Rounds› (2009) John Movie: Déjà Vu››› (2006) Denzel Washington. A time-folding agent Movie: The Taking of Pelham 123›› (2009, Action) Denzel Wash- Movie: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer›› (2007, Science Movie: Armageddon› Cena, Aidan Gillen. ington, John Travolta. falls in love with a murder victim. Fiction) Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba. (1998) Paid Paid Xtreme Horse. Trucks! Muscle Tattoo Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Movie: Jurassic Park III›› (2001) Kick Vecinos Vecinos Para Volver a Amar (N) Al Punto (N) Fábrica de Risas República Deportiva (N) Fútbol Mexicano Primera División Toluca vs Monarcas República Deportiva (N) La Vida Es Mejor Como Dice el Dicho (En Vivo) Morelia. (N) (En Vivo) (En Vivo) Cantando (6:30) Touching Lives Franklin Turning Rhema Win Walk Miracle Redempt. Love In Touch PowerPnt. Is Written B. Conley From His King Is Franklin J. Hagee Marriage Prince G. Dickow In Search


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Cold Case Files (In Law & Order “Custody” (In Private Practice (In Stereo) Private Practice Addison’s Castle A dead man is Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hollywood Whacked Americus Paid Movie: Vanilla Sky›› (2001, Suspense) Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz. Stereo) Stereo) brother visits. tangled in tree limbs. Out Diamond Program World News KVUE News America’s Funniest Home Once Upon a Time “Tal- Revenge “Illusion” (N) (In (9:01) 666 Park Avenue News (10:35) Entertainment (11:35) Extra (N) (In The Insider Paid Paid Paid World News at Videos (N) lahassee” (N) Stereo) “Diabolic” (N) Nightbea Tonight (N) Stereo) (N) Program Program Program KXAN News Nightly News Football Night in America (N) (In Stereo (7:20) NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons. From the Georgia Dome in KXAN News GameNight Love-Ray- Castle A dead man is Castle Castle bets with Cold Case “November 22” at 5 Live) Atlanta. (N) (In Stereo Live) mond tangled in tree limbs. Esposito. (In Stereo) (3:00) NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers 60 Minutes (N) (In Stereo) The Amazing Race (N) (In The Good Wife “The Art of The Mentalist “Cherry News (11:05) Criminal Minds (In (12:05) (12:35) Extra (N) (In (1:35) CSI: Miami “Flight Face the at New York Giants. (N) Stereo) War” (N) Picked” (N) Stereo) Friends Stereo) Risk” Nation (N) EPL Soccer News-Sun- The Simp- Cleveland The X Factor The vocalists perform. (N) (In Stereo Fox 7 News Edge at Nine Big Bang The Simp- Burn Notice Michael must Bones A killer buries his Burn Notice An operative Fox 7 News Edge at Nine day sons Show Live) Local news. (N) Theory sons recruit a spy. victims alive. hunts Michael. Local news. NOVA “Ghosts of Machu Nature Family of urban Call the Midwife (Series Masterpiece Classic (N) Broadway: The American Idina Menzel Live -- Bare- Doc Martin “Uneasy Lies Call the Midwife (Series Masterpiece Classic (N) Call the Midwife (Series Picchu” raccoons. Finale) (N) (In Stereo) Musical foot Symphony the Head” Finale) (N) (In Stereo) Finale) (N) (3:00) NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers 60 Minutes (N) (In Stereo) The Amazing Race (N) (In The Good Wife “The Art of The Mentalist “Cherry K-Eye News KEYE Two and Half Texas Music Criminal Minds “Lauren” CSI: Miami “Flight Risk” (In Ring of at New York Giants. (N) Stereo) War” (N) Picked” (N) Sports Men (In Stereo) Stereo) Honor Wr. World News KSAT News America’s Funniest Home Once Upon a Time “Tal- Revenge “Illusion” (N) (In (9:01) 666 Park Avenue News Instant Inside M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Americus Comedy.TV (In Stereo) ABC World News Now (N) Videos (N) lahassee” (N) Stereo) “Diabolic” (N) Nightbeat Replay Edition Diamond News 4 Nightly News Football Night in America (N) (In Stereo (7:20) NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons. From the Georgia Dome in News 4 at Sports Bloopers (N) Paid American News Judge Judy Dateline NBC (In Stereo) WOAI Live) Atlanta. (N) (In Stereo Live) 10pm (N) Sunday Program Latino TV Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal Law & Order: Criminal House Cuddy’s handyman House The spread of House “Daddy’s Boy” (In House “Spin” (In Stereo) Movie: Jumanji›› (1995, Fantasy) Robin Williams, Paid Paid Intent (In Stereo) Intent (In Stereo) Intent “Badge” falls. tuberculosis. Stereo) Bonnie Hunt. Premiere. (In Stereo) Program Program Bones A killer buries his Bones “The Killer in the Movie: Passion Fish››› (1992, Drama) Mary McDon- How I Met How I Met The Office The Office 30 Rock (In 30 Rock (In Always Futurama (In That ’70s That ’70s Iron Man: Justice victims alive. Crosshairs” nell, Alfre Woodard. (CC) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Sunny Stereo) Show Show Armored League Funny Bloopers! (In Bloopers! (In How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News at Instant 30 Rock (In 30 Rock (In Engagement Engagement Scrubs (In Scrubs (In Always Always ’Til Death (In ’Til Death (In Videos Stereo) Stereo) Nine Replay Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Sunny Sunny Stereo) Stereo) (4:00) Movie: Fatal Honey- Movie: The Eleventh Victim (2012) Jennie Garth. A Movie: Left to Die (2012) Rachael Leigh Cook, Barbara (10:01) Movie: The Eleventh Victim (2012) Jennie (12:01) Movie: Left to Die (2012) Rachael Leigh Cook, Paid Paid moon (2012) killer targets a therapist’s patients. Hershey. Premiere. (CC) Garth, Colin Cunningham. (CC) Barbara Hershey. (CC) Program Program MythBusters (In Stereo) MythBusters (In Stereo) MythBusters (N) (In Battlefield Cell (N) (In America’s Doomsday Plan MythBusters (In Stereo) Battlefield Cell (In Stereo) America’s Doomsday Plan MythBusters (In Stereo) Paid Paid Stereo) Stereo) (N) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Program Program (3:00) Movie: A League of Movie: Secretariat››› (2010, Drama) Diane Lane. Premiere. The Movie: Remember the Titans››› (2000, Drama) Denzel Washing- Joel Osteen Kerry Shook Z. Levitt Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid ton, Will Patton. Their Own story of the 1973 Triple Crown winner. Presents Program Program Program Program Program Movie: Mistletoe Over Manhattan (2011) Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (CC) Movie: A Holiday Engagement (2011) (CC) Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Victorious Victorious Victorious iCarly (In See Dad Movie: Legally Blonde›› (2001) Reese Witherspoon, The Nanny Friends (In (10:33) (11:06) (11:39) George (12:45) George Lopez (In George George My Wife and (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) Run (N) Luke Wilson. (In Stereo) (CC) Stereo) Friends Friends Friends Lopez Stereo) Lopez Lopez Kids Austin & Ally Shake It Up! Dog With a GoodDog With a Austin & Ally Shake It Up! Jessie (In GoodShake It Up! Austin & Ally Phineas and WizardsWizardsSuite Life on Suite Life on GoodMovie: Jumping Ship›› (2001) Joey Blog Charlie Blog (N) (N) (N) Stereo) Charlie Ferb Place Place Deck Deck Charlie Lawrence. (In Stereo) (CC) Movie: Over the Hedge››› (2006) Ben 10 Dragons Cleveland King/Hill King/Hill Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Dynamite Chicken Aqua Metal Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Dynamite Chicken Aqua CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Presents Piers Morgan CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Presents Piers Morgan CNN Newsroom CNN Presents Piers Morgan NASCAR Racing SportsCenter (N) (Live) BCS MLS Soccer SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter Football (4:00) NHL Hockey Dallas Stars at Stars Live The Texas A&M Football Inside Sooner Football Texas A&M No-Huddle (N) XTERRA H.S. Cowboys World Poker Tour: Season College Football Kansas at Baylor. Washington Capitals. (Live) (N) (Live) Show (N) With Bob Stoops Advent. Spotlight Night 10 Beyond Scared Straight Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Shipping Shipping Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Movie: Yes Man›› (2008, Comedy) Jim Carrey, Zooey Movie: The Hangover››› (2009, Comedy) Bradley (9:15) Movie: Yes Man›› (2008) Jim Carrey. A man tries to change (11:32) Movie: Fun With Dick and Jane››› (1977) (1:32) Movie: Paul Blart: Mall Cop›› Deschanel. (CC) Cooper, Ed Helms. (CC) (DVS) his life by saying yes to everything. Jane Fonda. (CC) (2009) Kevin James. Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Movie: Casino Royale››› (2006) Daniel Craig, Eva Green. James Bond plays Movie: Quantum of Solace›› (2008, Action) Daniel Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit poker with a man who finances terrorists. (CC) Craig, Olga Kurylenko. (CC) (4:45) Movie: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines››› Movie: Clash of the Titans›› (2010) Sam Worthing- (9:15) Movie: Clash of the Titans›› (2010, Fantasy) Sam Worthing- Movie: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines››› (2003), (1:45) Movie: Biker Boyz› (2003) (2003) Premiere. (CC) ton, Liam Neeson. (CC) (DVS) ton, Liam Neeson. (CC) (DVS) Nick Stahl (CC) Laurence Fishburne. (CC) (4:00) Movie: Armageddon› (1998, Science Fiction) Movie: Salt››› (2010, Action) Angelina Jolie, Liev Movie: Salt››› (2010, Action) Angelina Jolie, Liev Movie: Shaft›› (2000, Action) Samuel L. Jackson, Paid Hair Loss Paid Hair RestoBruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. Schreiber. Schreiber. Vanessa L. Williams. Program Solutions Program ration (4:30) Movie: Kick-Ass››› (2010, Action) Movie: The Punisher›› (2004, Action) Thomas Jane. Movie: The Punisher›› (2004, Action) Thomas Jane. Ink Master Ink Master Entou Entou Comediant. Noticiero Aquí y Ahora Mira Quién Baila (9:05) Sal y Pimienta Comediant. Noticiero La Hora Pico Al Punto Como Dice el Dicho Vecinos Vecinos Jakes

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(In Stereo) Program Program Big Bang Big Bang Access TMZ (N) (In 90210 “Hate 2 Love” (N) Gossip Girl “Monstrous How I Met How I Met Dish Nation TMZ (In Family Guy King of the American Baggage 30 Rock (In The Office Always The Office Theory Theory Hollyw’d Stereo) (In Stereo) Ball” (N) (N) Stereo) Hill Dad Stereo) (In Stereo) Sunny (In Stereo) Old Christine Old Christine America’s Funniest Home America’s Funniest Home America’s Funniest Home WGN News at Nine (N) (In America’s Funniest Home Engagement Engagement 30 Rock (In Scrubs (In 30 Rock (In Always Futurama (In ’Til Death (In Videos Videos Videos Stereo) Videos Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Sunny Stereo) Stereo) Movie: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous›› Movie: Made of Honor›› (2008) Patrick Dempsey, Movie: Rumor Has It...›› (2005, Comedy) Jennifer (11:01) Movie: Made of Honor›› (2008) Patrick (1:01) Movie: Rumor Has It...›› (2005) Jennifer (2005) Sandra Bullock. (CC) Michelle Monaghan. (CC) Aniston, Kevin Costner. (CC) Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan. (CC) Aniston, Kevin Costner. (CC) I (Almost) Got Away With It American Chopper (In American Chopper (In American Chopper (N) (In Jesse James: Outlaw American Chopper (In Jesse James: Outlaw American Chopper (In American Chopper (In Paid Nopalea with (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Garage (N) Stereo) Garage Stereo) Stereo) Program Movie: Remember the Titans››› (2000, Drama) Denzel Washing- Movie: Gone in Sixty Seconds› (2000) Nicolas Cage. A retired thief The 700 Club (In Stereo) Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Paid Paid Paid Paid The 700 Club (In Stereo) ton, Will Patton. must steal 50 cars to save his brother. 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OutFront Anderson Cooper Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan SportCtr Monday Night Countdown (N) (Live) NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints. (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) NFL PrimeTime (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter Hometown Griot’s Performance SportsDay Mavericks NBA Basketball Portland Trail Blazers at Dallas Mavericks. From Mavericks Dallas Big 12 SportsDay College Football Houston at East Carolina. Kids Garage TV OnAir Live (N) American Airlines Center in Dallas. (Live) Live (N) Cowboys Replay OnAir Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight (10:01) Beyond Scared (11:01) Beyond Scared (12:01) Beyond Scared (1:01) Beyond Scared (2:02) Beyond Scared Straight Straight Straight Straight Straight King of King of Seinfeld (In Seinfeld (In Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Conan (Season Premiere) The Office “A Benihana Conan My Name Is My Name Is Movie: The Women›› Queens Queens Stereo) Stereo) (N) Christmas” Earl Earl (2008) NCIS A survivalist is NCIS: Los Angeles WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (In Stereo Live) (10:05) CSI: Crime Scene (11:05) Law & Order: (12:05) CSI: Crime Scene (1:05) Movie: Pistol Whipped› (2008, Action) Steven wanted. (In Stereo) “Standoff” Investigation Special Victims Unit Investigation Seagal, Lance Henriksen. (CC) The Mentalist “Paint It The Mentalist “Crimson The Mentalist “Redemp- The Mentalist “The Scarlet The Mentalist Lisbon is CSI: NY “Murder Sings CSI: NY A suspect disap- Cold Case 1979 murder Falling Skies Weaver The Closer “Blindsided” Red” (In Stereo) Casanova” tion” (In Stereo) Letter” accused of murder. the Blues” pears. case re-opens. remains in command. Two and Half Two and Half Two and Half Two and Half Movie: The Incredible Hulk››› (2008) Edward Norton, Liv Tyler. Bruce Banner Movie: The Incredible Hulk››› (2008) Edward Norton, Liv Tyler. Bruce Banner Paid Paid Paid Paid Men Men Men Men faces an enemy known as The Abomination. faces an enemy known as The Abomination. Program Program Program Program Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of Sith Movie: Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith››› (2005) (In Stereo) Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Repo Repo Repo Entou Unsolved Mysteries La Casa de Noticiero Abismo de Pasión “La Abismo de Pasión “Gran Final” (Series Finale) (N) Amor Bravío (N) Impacto Noticiero Uni Al Diablo con Los Guapos Mar de Amor (N) La Jaula Par de Ases La Rosa de Guadalupe la Risa Univisión Gran Noche” (N) Extra (N) Praise the Lord Lucado Potters Behind Living Franklin Duplantis Praise the Lord J. Osteen Manna Holy Land Creflo D. Praise the Lord

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(N) (In Stereo Live) Charlie Rose (N) (In Tavis Smiley Newsline (In America Revealed “Food America Revealed (In Speaks ness Stereo) Stereo) (N) Stereo) Machine” Stereo) K-Eye News Evening Campaign 2012: CBS News Coverage of Election Night (N) (In Stereo Live) Cold Case Files (In Two and Half Two and Half News Stereo) Men Men KSAT 12 World News 6 O’Clock ABC News Your Voice Your Vote 2012 (Joined in Progress Left in Progress) (N) (In Stereo Live) KSAT 12 News Nightbeat (11:05) ABC News Your Voice Your Vote 2012 (N) News To Be An- Entertain- World News News at 5 News (N) Nightbeat nounced ment Ton. News 4 Nightly News 2012 Election Night (N) (Live) To Be Announced WOAI Criminal Minds “Soul Criminal Minds “Bloodline” Criminal Minds “Snake Criminal Minds “Closing Criminal Minds “A Thin Flashpoint “Eyes In” (N) (In Flashpoint “Whatever It Movie: No Way Out››› (1987, Suspense) Kevin Paid Teleworld Mates” (In Stereo) Eyes” Time” Line” (In Stereo) Stereo) Takes” Costner, Gene Hackman. (In Stereo) Program Paid Prg. Big Bang Big Bang Access TMZ (N) (In Arrow Oliver tries to help a Emily Owens, M.D. “Pilot” How I Met How I Met Dish Nation TMZ (In Family Guy King of the American Baggage 30 Rock (In The Office Always The Office Theory Theory Hollyw’d Stereo) framed man. (In Stereo) (N) Stereo) Hill Dad Stereo) (In Stereo) Sunny “Hot Girl” Old Christine Old Christine America’s Funniest Home How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met WGN News at Nine (N) (In America’s Funniest Home Engagement Engagement 30 Rock (In Scrubs (In 30 Rock (In Always Futurama ’Til Death (In Videos Stereo) Videos Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Sunny “Rebirth” Stereo) Abby’s Ultimate Dance Abby’s Ultimate Dance Abby’s Ultimate Dance Abby’s Ultimate Dance Prank My Prank My Prom Prom Abby’s Ultimate Dance Abby’s Ultimate Dance Prank My Prank My Prom Prom Competition Competition Competition Competition Mom (N) Mom Queens Queens Competition Competition Mom Mom Queens Queens Deadliest Catch (In Deadliest Catch (In Deadliest Catch (In Alaska: The Last Frontier Deadly Seas (In Stereo) Alaska: The Last Frontier Deadly Seas (In Stereo) Deadliest Catch (In Deadliest Catch (In Rev. Peter Paid Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) (N) (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Popoff Program Melissa & Melissa & Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen 2›› (2005, Comedy) Movie: The Pacifier›› (2005, Comedy) Vin Diesel, The 700 Club (In Stereo) Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Paid Paid Paid Paid The 700 Club (In Stereo) Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt. Lauren Graham. Joey Joey Program Program Program Program Movie: 101 Dalmatians›› (1996) (CC) Movie: Puppy Love (2012, Romance) (CC) Movie: You Lucky Dog›› (2010) (CC) Gold Girls Gold Girls Gold Girls Gold Girls Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier SpongeBob SpongeBob Figure It Out Drake & Full House Full House Full House Full House The Nanny The Nanny Friends (In (10:33) (11:06) (11:39) George (12:45) George Lopez (In George George My Wife and Josh Stereo) Friends Friends Friends Lopez Stereo) Lopez Lopez Kids Phineas and GoodWizardsJessie (In GoodMovie: Princess Protection Program›› (9:10) Jessie Phineas and Austin & Ally Gravity Falls WizardsWizardsSuite Life on Suite Life on GoodGoodWizardsWizardsFerb Charlie Place Stereo) Charlie (2009) Selena Gomez. Ferb Place Place Deck Deck Charlie Charlie Place Place Regular Gumball Adven Dragons Looney Adven King/Hill King/Hill American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Chicken Aqua Franken. American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Chicken The Situation Room E. B. OutFront Anderson Cooper Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan SportsCenter (N) E:60 (N) SportsCenter Special Skills Chall. SportsNation (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) College Football LSU Football Hometown The Stam- Stars Live NHL Hockey Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues. From Scottrade Center Stars Live Stars Insider Big 12 World Poker Tour: Season College Football Stanford at Colorado. (N Same-day Tape) Kids pede (N) (Live) in St. Louis. (N Subject to Blackout) (N) (Live) (N) Replay 10 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars King of King of Seinfeld (In Seinfeld (In Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) The Office The Office Conan My Name Is My Name Is Movie: Win a Date With Queens Queens Stereo) Stereo) Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Earl Earl Tad Hamilton! Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Covert Affairs (N) (10:01) Law & Order: (11:01) Law & Order: (12:01) Covert Affairs Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Special Victims Unit Special Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit The Mentalist “Scarlett The Mentalist “Bloodshot” Rizzoli & Isles “Living Rizzoli & Isles “Brown Rizzoli & Isles “Cuts Like Leverage “The Broken The Closer “Armed Cold Case “Fireflies” (In Falling Skies The Closer “Culture Fever” (In Stereo) Proof” Eyed Girl” a Knife” Wing Job” Response” Stereo) Shock” How I Met Two and Half Two and Half Movie: Takers›› (2010, Action) Matt Dillon. Premiere. Skilled Sons of Anarchy “Andare Sons of Anarchy “Andare Sons of Anarchy “Ablation” Sons of Anarchy Jax gets closer to the FXM Paid Paid Men Men thieves plan the biggest heist of their careers. Pescare” Pescare” truth. Presents Program Program Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master (N) Tattoo Tattoo Ink Master Ink Master Tattoo Tattoo Entou Entou La Casa de Noticiero Destino Destino Destino 2012 Destino Destino Destino 2012 Destino Destino Destino Destino Destino 2012 Destino Destino La Rosa de Guadalupe la Risa Univisión 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 Praise the Lord Master Potters Behind J. Meyer Prince R. Parsley Praise the Lord ACLJ Full Secrets Creflo D. Praise the Lord News



| 9

’Til Death (In Stereo) KVUE News at 5 KXAN News at 5 News




’Til Death (In EP Daily (In Frasier (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) World News KVUE News Entertainat 6 ment Ton. Nightly News KXAN News Wheel of at 6 Fortune Evening News Wheel of News Fortune Fox 7 News Edge at Five TMZ (N) (In Big Bang Local news. (N) Stereo) Theory Martha Nightly Busi- PBS NewsHour (N) (In Speaks ness Stereo) K-Eye News Evening K-Eye News Two and Half News Men KSAT 12 World News 6 O’Clock EntertainNews at 5 News ment Ton. News 4 Nightly News News 4 News 4 WOAI WOAI WOAI Leverage “The Miracle Leverage “The Bank Shot Job” (In Stereo) Job” (In Stereo) Big Bang Big Bang Access TMZ (N) (In Theory Theory Hollyw’d Stereo) Old Christine Old Christine America’s Funniest Home Videos Trading Spouses: Meet Trading Spouses: Meet New Mommy New Mommy American Guns (In Stereo) American Guns (In Stereo)

7 PM


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NUMB3RS “The Art of NUMB3RS “Under PresReckoning” sure” (In Stereo) The Middle The Neigh- Modern Suburgatory (N) bors Family (N) (N) The Voice “The Live Playoffs, Part 2” (N) (In Stereo Live) (Part 2 of 2) Survivor: Philippines (N) Criminal Minds “The Ap(In Stereo) prenticeship” (N) The X Factor “Top Finalists Perform Live” The top 12 finalists perform. (N) Lonesome George-Battle NOVA “Mystery of Easter for Galapagos Island” (N) Survivor: Philippines (N) Criminal Minds “The Ap(In Stereo) prenticeship” (N) The Middle The Neigh- Modern Suburgatory (N) bors Family (N) (N) The Voice “The Live Playoffs, Part 2” (N) (In Stereo Live) (Part 2 of 2) WWE Main Event (N) (In Leverage “The Stork Job” Stereo) (In Stereo) Arrow Oliver is arrested for Supernatural “Southern murder. (N) Comfort” (N) Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement

9 PM

9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 12 AM 12:30 1 AM


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Law & Order: Criminal Frasier (In Cold Case Files (In Cash Cab Americus Paid We There House of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) (In Stereo) Diamond Program Yet? Payne Intent (In Stereo) Nashville “Move It on News (10:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (In The Insider That ’70s Paid (1:36) Katie (In Stereo) World News Over” (N) Nightbea Nightline Stereo) (N) Show Program Chicago Fire “Hanging KXAN News (10:34) The Tonight Show (11:36) Late Night With Last (1:05) Today (In Stereo) Mad Money On” (N) With Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon Call/Daly Pre-Game NBA Basketball San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers. From Late Show With David The Late Late Show With (2:02) Extra (2:32) Sho Staples Center in Los Angeles. (N) Letterman Craig Ferguson (N) Friends Fox 7 News Edge at Nine Big Bang The Simp- The Simp- TMZ (N) (In Dish Nation Access King of the Paid Fox 7 News Edge at Nine Local news. (N) Theory sons sons Stereo) (N) Hollyw’d Hill Program Local news. Nova scienceNOW (N) (In Austin City Limits Acoustic Charlie Rose (N) (In Tavis Smiley Newsline (In NOVA “Mystery of Easter Nova scienceNOW (In Stereo) music. (N) Stereo) (N) Stereo) Island” Stereo) CSI: Crime Scene Investi- K-Eye News Late Show With David The Late Late Show With Two and Half (1:07) Cold Case Files (In Paid Paid gation (N) Letterman Craig Ferguson Men Stereo) Program Program Nashville “Move It on KSAT 12 News Nightbeat (11:05) Jimmy Kimmel Live (In Americus News Be a MilEntertain- World News Over” (N) (N) Nightline Stereo) Diamond Nightbeat lionaire ment Ton. Chicago Fire “Hanging News 4 (10:34) The Tonight Show The Insider (12:06) Late Night With News Last (2:05) Today (In Stereo) On” (N) WOAI With Jay Leno (N) Jimmy Fallon Call/Daly Leverage “The Wedding Leverage Evidence is on Leverage “The Snow Job” Movie: F/X››› (1986) Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy. Paid Knife Job” (In Stereo) a plane. (In Stereo) Premiere. (In Stereo) Program How I Met How I Met Dish Nation TMZ (In Family Guy King of the American Baggage 30 Rock (In The Office Always The Office (N) Stereo) Hill Dad Stereo) (In Stereo) Sunny (In Stereo) WGN News at Nine (N) (In America’s Funniest Home Engagement Engagement 30 Rock (In Scrubs (In 30 Rock (In Always Futurama (In ’Til Death (In Stereo) Stereo) Videos Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Sunny Stereo) The Hous- The Hous- The Hous- The Hous- My Life Is a Lifetime Movie To Be Announced The Hous- The Hous- The Hous- The Hous- (1:01) My Life Is a Lifetime To Be Announced tons tons tons tons tons tons tons tons Movie American Guns (In Stereo) Sons of Guns (Season Moonshiners “Rise ’n Sons of Guns (In Stereo) Moonshiners “Rise ’n American Guns (In Stereo) American Guns (In Stereo) Rev. Peter Paid Premiere) (N) Shine” (In Stereo) Shine” (In Stereo) Popoff Program Melissa & Melissa & Movie: The Pacifier›› (2005, Comedy) Vin Diesel, Movie: Beetlejuice››› (1988, Comedy) Michael The 700 Club (In Stereo) Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Paid Paid Paid Paid The 700 Club (In Stereo) Lauren Graham. Keaton, Alec Baldwin. Joey Joey Program Program Program Program Movie: You Lucky Dog›› (2010) (CC) Movie: Hachi: A Dog’s Tale›› (2009) (CC) Movie: Accidental Friendship›› (2008) Gold Girls Gold Girls Gold Girls Gold Girls Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Victorious Victorious Figure It Out Victorious Friends (In Friends (In My Wife and My Wife and Yes, Dear (In Yes, Dear (In Friends (In Friends (In Hollywood Heights (In George George Hates Chris Yes, Dear (In Yes, Dear (In George (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Kids Kids Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Stereo) Lopez Lopez Stereo) Stereo) Lopez Phineas and GoodWizardsJessie (In Austin & Ally Movie: Underdog›› (2007) Voices of Dog With a Phineas and Gravity Falls GoodWizardsWizardsSuite Life on Suite Life on GoodGoodWizardsWizardsFerb Charlie Place Stereo) Jason Lee. (In Stereo) Blog Ferb Charlie Place Place Deck Deck Charlie Charlie Place Place Regular Gumball Adven NinjaGo Dragons Johnny T King/Hill King/Hill American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Chicken Aqua Franken. American American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Chicken The Situation Room E. B. OutFront Anderson Cooper Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan Anderson Cooper E. B. OutFront Piers Morgan SportsCenter (N) (Live) NBA NBA Basketball: 76ers at Hornets NBA Basketball: Spurs at Clippers SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N) NBA Basketball Cowboy Big 12 Big 12 Cowboys Mavericks NBA Basketball Toronto Raptors at Dallas Mavericks. From American Mavericks Football SEC Gridiron LIVE (N) College Football Oregon at USC. (Taped) Replay Shwcse Insider Live (N) Airlines Center in Dallas. (Live) Live (N) Prev Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage StorageStorageDuck DyDuck DyDuck Duck Storage Storage StorageStorageDuck Duck Duck Duck Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Wars Texas Texas nasty (N) nasty (N) Dynasty Dynasty Wars Wars Texas Texas Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty King of King of Seinfeld (In Seinfeld (In Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) The Office (In Stereo) Conan My Name Is My Name Is Movie: The Sure Thing››› (1985) Queens Queens Stereo) Stereo) Theory Theory Earl Earl NCIS “Marine Down” (In NCIS “Left for Dead” (In NCIS A satellite specialist NCIS The severed leg of NCIS A sniper kills Marine Covert Affairs (11:01) NCIS “Yankee (12:01) House “Twenty (1:01) House “Larger Than (2:01) House “Carrot or Stereo) Stereo) sees a murder. a corpse. recruiters. White” Vicodin” Life” (In Stereo) Stick” (In Stereo) The Mentalist “Carnelian The Mentalist “Russet Castle “Vampire Weekend” Castle Female rock star’s Castle “Kill the Messenger” Perception “Lovesick” Southland “Integrity Cold Case Unattractive Major Crimes The Closer “Lover’s Leap” Inc” Potatoes” (In Stereo) murder. (In Stereo) Check” (In Stereo) woman’s murder. Two and Half Two and Half Two and Half Two and Half Movie: Predators›› (2010) Adrien Brody, Topher American Horror Story: American Horror Story: American Horror Story: American Horror Story: Sons of Anarchy BrandX With Totally Men Men Men Men Grace. Premiere. Asylum (N) Asylum Asylum Asylum Biased Gangland (In Stereo) Movie: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift›› Movie: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift›› Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Entou Entou Entou Entou La Casa de Noticiero Un Refugio para el Amor Por Ella Soy Eva (N) Amores Verdaderos Amor Bravío (N) Impacto Noticiero Uni Al Diablo con Los Guapos Mar de Amor (N) La Jaula Par de Ases La Rosa de Guadalupe la Risa Univisión (N) (Series Premiere) (N) Extra (N) Praise the Lord Billy Graham Behind Turning Prince End Billy Graham Birthday Special Good Duplantis Easter Creflo D. Praise the Lord


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

— Movie Listings — THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2012 MORNING 7:00 FX › “The New Guy” (2002) D. J. Qualls, Eliza Dushku. A prisoner shows a teenager how to act cool. 9:00 KCWX ›‡ “Sleepwalkers” (1992) Brian Krause, Madchen Amick. Evil beings feed on the life force of teenage virgins. FX › “Tomcats” (2001) Jerry O’Connell, Shannon Elizabeth. A desperate cartoonist tries to trick his friend into marriage. 11:00 FX ›‡ “Me, Myself & Irene” (2000) Jim Carrey, Renée Zellweger. A cop’s two personalities fight over the same woman. AFTERNOON 4:30 FX ››‡ “27 Dresses” (2008) Katherine Heigl, James Marsden. Young woman is always bridesmaid, never a bride. 5:30 FAM ›‡ “Wild Hogs” (2007) Tim Allen, John Travolta. Four friends take motorcycle road trip. EVENING 7:00 FX ›‡ “Grown Ups” (2010) Adam Sandler, Kevin James. Friends learn that maturity does not always come with age. HALL “The Good Witch’s Gift” (2010) Catherine Bell, Chris Potter. A criminal threatens the wedding of a witch and a lawman. Å 7:30 FAM ››‡ “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010) Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel. Master wizard takes on a reluctant protege. 10:00 USA “Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe” (2011) Bruce Campbell, RonReaco Lee. Lt. Cmdr. Sam Axe embarks on a 2005 mission to Colombia. Å 11:00 SPK ››› “A Dangerous Man” (2009) Steven Seagal, Byron Mann. Vigilante wages war against drug dealers and corrupt cops. 3:00 TBS ››‡ “Angels in the Outfield” (1994) Danny Glover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Spirits provide major-league hope to a lonely foster child. Å

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2012 MORNING 7:00 FX ›‡ “Me, Myself & Irene” (2000) Jim Carrey, Renée Zellweger. A cop’s two personalities fight over the same woman. 9:00 KCWX ›‡ “Haunted Honeymoon” (1986) Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner. A radio duo’s wedding plans are supernaturally interrupted. 9:30 FX ››‡ “27 Dresses” (2008) Katherine Heigl, James Marsden. Young woman is always bridesmaid, never a bride. 11:30 DISN ›››‡ “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) Voices of Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy. Animated. A pet spaniel loves a jaunty mutt. AFTERNOON 12:00 FX ›‡ “Grown Ups” (2010) Adam Sandler, Kevin James. Friends learn that maturity does not always come with age. 1:30 DISN ››‡ “16 Wishes” (2010) Debby Ryan, Jean-Luc Bilodeau. The wishes of a teen magically come true on her birthday. Å EVENING 6:00 FAM ››‡ “Bring It On” (2000) Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. High-school cheerleaders vie for a coveted national title. FX ››‡ “The Karate Kid” (2010) Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan. A Chinese master schools an American boy in the martial arts. 7:00 TNT ››‡ “The Book of Eli” (2010) Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman. A lone warrior carries hope across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Å (DVS) HALL “Annie Claus Is Coming to Town” (2011) Maria Thayer, Vivica A. Fox. Elf hires actor to woo daughter of Santa Claus. Å 8:00 FAM ›› “A Cinderella Story” (2004) Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge. A teenager meets a high-school quarterback online. 9:00 TBS ››‡ “The Longest Yard” (2005) Adam Sandler, Chris Rock. Prisoners train for a football game against the guards. Å HALL ››› “Moonlight and Mistletoe” (2008) Candace Cameron Bure, Tom Arnold. Nick

and his daughter fight to keep their theme park open. Å 9:30 SPK ››‡ “Unleashed” (2005) Jet Li, Bob Hoskins. A blind man teaches an enslaved fighter humanity. 11:00 HALL “Christmas Magic” (2011) Lindy Booth. To gain entry to heaven, a woman must help a family. Å 11:30 TBS ››‡ “Kicking & Screaming” (2005) Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall. Father and son go headto-head as soccer coaches. Å 12:00 TNT › “Wild Wild West” (1999) Will Smith, Kevin Kline. Secret agents fight to stop a presidential assassination. Å 1:00 HALL ›› “The Ultimate Gift” (2006) Drew Fuller, James Garner. A young man makes a journey to claim his inheritance. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2012 MORNING 5:00 DISN ›››‡ “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) Voices of Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy. Animated. A pet spaniel loves a jaunty mutt. HALL “Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle” (2009) James Van Der Beek, Erin Karpluk. A single man hires a nanny for his 6-year-old twins. Å 6:00

FX ››‡ “The Karate Kid” (2010) Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan. A Chinese master schools an American boy in the martial arts. 10:30 TBS ››‡ “Kicking & Screaming” (2005) Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall. Father and son go headto-head as soccer coaches. Å 11:00 KTBC ››› “Spy Kids” (2001) Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino. Children of two secret agents battle an evil madman. USA ›› “Eat Pray Love” (2010) Julia Roberts, James Franco. A divorcee embarks on a global quest to change her life. Å AFTERNOON 12:00 FAM ››› “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997) Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney. A food critic seeks to sabotage her buddy’s nuptials. 12:30 TBS ››‡ “The Longest Yard” (2005) Adam Sandler, Chris Rock. Prisoners train for a football game against the guards. Å 1:00 TNT › “Wild Wild West” (1999) Will Smith, Kevin Kline. Secret agents fight to stop a presidential assassination. Å LIFE “The Bad Son” (2007) Catherine Dent, Tom McBeath. A policewoman searches for a killer whose mother aids him. Å 1:30 USA ›› “The Break-Up” (2006) Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston. A couple end their relationship, but neither is willing to move. Å

FAM ›› “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (2009) Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy. A financial maga2:00 zine’s advice columnist is drowning in debt. FAM ›› “Stepmom” (1998) Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon. 7:00 A woman tries hard to make her HALL “Debbie Macomber’s lover’s children accept her. Call Me Mrs. Miracle” (2010) 3:00 Doris Roberts, Eric Johnson. A new employee saves a store in TNT ››› “War of the Worlds” trouble at Christmas. Å (2005) Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning. A man and his children 8:00 try to survive an alien invasion. FAM ››‡ “Bring It On” (2000) LIFE “The Craigslist Killer” Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. High-school cheerleaders vie for (2011) Jake McDorman, Billy Baldwin. Medical student Philip a coveted national title. Markoff becomes a murder sus9:00 pect. Å USA ›› “The Game Plan” 3:30 (2007) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Madison Pettis. A care- USA › “Good Luck Chuck” free football player learns he has (2007) Dane Cook, Jessica Alba. A cursed dentist cannot find true a daughter. Å love. Å 10:00 4:00 FAM ›› “A Cinderella Story” TBN ››‡ “Misty” (1961) (2004) Hilary Duff, Jennifer David Ladd, Arthur O’Connell. Coolidge. A teenager meets a Orphaned siblings love a wild high-school quarterback online. Virginia pony.

4:30 FAM ›› “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009) Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana. A time-traveler keeps moving in and out of the life of his true love. 5:00 LIFE “Blue-Eyed Butcher” (2012) Sara Paxton, Lisa Edelstein. Susan Wright stands trial for the murder of her husband. Å 5:30 USA ››› “Knocked Up” (2007) Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl. A one-night stand has an unforeseen consequence. Å FX ›› “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007) Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba. An intergalactic messenger arrives to prepare Earth for destruction. EVENING 7:00 FAM ›› “P.S. I Love You” (2007) Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler. Widow gets messages left by husband to help her cope. LIFE “The Eleventh Victim” (2012) Jennie Garth, Colin Cunningham. A killer targets a therapist’s patients. Å 8:00 USA ›‡ “The Ugly Truth” (2009) Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler. A romantically challenged woman faces outrageous tests. Å FX ›‡ “Armageddon” (1998) Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. A hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid. 9:00 LIFE “The Pastor’s Wife” (2011) Rose McGowan, Michael Shanks. Mary Winkler faces accusations of murdering her husband. Å HALL “The Christmas Card” (2006) Ed Asner, John Newton. A soldier falls for a woman who wrote a well-wishing card. Å 9:30 SPK ››‡ “Romeo Must Die” (2000) Jet Li, Aaliyah. Asian and black gangsters vie for control of prime property. 9:45 TNT ›‡ “Jonah Hex” (2010) Josh Brolin, John Malkovich. A supernatural gunslinger faces an old enemy. Å (DVS) 10:00 FAM ››› “Dirty Dancing” (1987) Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze. Sheltered teen falls for a street-wise dance instructor. TBS ›› “Eurotrip” (2004) Scott Mechlowicz, Michelle

Cont. on G11

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| 11

— Movie Listings — Cont. from G10 Trachtenberg. A teen and his friends have misadventures in Europe. Å 11:00 TBN “Cutback” (2010) Justin Schwan, Angel Cruz. Luke Harris dreams of becoming a pro surfer. HALL ›› “Once Upon a Christmas” (2000) John Dye, Kathy Ireland. The daughter of Santa Claus must prove the spirit of Christmas. Å 11:30 TNT ›› “Blade: Trinity” (2004) Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson. Blade and a pair of vampire slayers battle Dracula. 12:00 TBS ›› “National Lampoon’s European Vacation” (1985) Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo. The Griswold family wins a free trip to Europe. Å 1:00 KCWX › “Forever Mine” (1999) Joseph Fiennes, Ray Liotta. A love affair from the past has serious repercussions. TNT ›‡ “Biker Boyz” (2003) Laurence Fishburne, Derek Luke. Young man joins the world of illegal motorcycle racing. Å 1:01 LIFE “The Pastor’s Wife” (2011) Rose McGowan, Michael Shanks. Mary Winkler faces accusations of murdering her husband. Å SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2012 MORNING 6:00 FX › “12 Rounds” (2009) John Cena, Aidan Gillen. An escaped convict kidnaps a cop’s fiancee. 8:00 USA ››› “Casino Royale” (2006) Daniel Craig, Eva Green. James Bond plays poker with a man who finances terrorists. Å 8:30 FX ››› “Déjà Vu” (2006) Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer. A time-folding agent falls in love with a murder victim. 9:00 TBS ›‡ “Cop Out” (2010) Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan. Two NYPD detectives must retrieve a valuable baseball card. Å 9:30 FAM ›› “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009) Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana. A time-traveler keeps

moving in and out of the life of his true love.

Australian authorities accuse Gabe Watson of killing his wife.

FBI agent seeks revenge for the murder of his family.



TNT ›‡ “Jonah Hex” (2010) Josh Brolin, John Malkovich. A supernatural gunslinger faces an old enemy. Å (DVS) FX ››‡ “The Taking of Pelham 123” (2009) Denzel Washington, John Travolta. Criminals hijack a New York subway train.

SPK ››› “Kick-Ass” (2010) Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. An ordinary teen decides to become a superhero.

FX ››‡ “Shaft” (2000) Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams. A former cop vows to bring a murderous racist to justice.



AFTERNOON 12:00 KCWX ›‡ “Sleepwalkers” (1992) Brian Krause, Madchen Amick. Evil beings feed on the life force of teenage virgins. LIFE › “Abandoned and Deceived” (1995) Lori Loughlin, Gordon Clapp. The state refuses to help a woman collect child support. Å 12:45 TNT ›› “Blade: Trinity” (2004) Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson. Blade and a pair of vampire slayers battle Dracula. 1:30 USA ›‡ “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” (2009) Channing Tatum, Dennis Quaid. Elite soldiers battle a corrupt arms dealer named Destro. Å FX ›› “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007) Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba. An intergalactic messenger arrives to prepare Earth for destruction. 2:00 KCWX “Crazy Little Thing” (2002) Jenny McCarthy, Chris Eigeman. Romance blossoms between a reporter and a waiter. LIFE “Killer Among Us” (2012) Tess Atkins, Tom Cavanagh. A girl helps a detective investigate the murder of her mother. Å 2:45 TNT ››‡ “Terminator Salvation” (2009) Christian Bale, Sam Worthington. Humanity fights back against Skynet’s machine army. Å 3:00 FAM ››› “A League of Their Own” (1992) Tom Hanks, Geena Davis. A women’s professional baseball league debuts in 1943. TBS ››› “Fun With Dick and Jane” (1977) Jane Fonda, George Segal. Couple turn to crime to support lavish lifestyle. KMYS ›‡ “My Baby’s Daddy” (2004) Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson. Three footloose men deal with fatherhood. Å 4:00 LIFE “Fatal Honeymoon” (2012) Harvey Keitel, Amber Clayton.

TNT ››› “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl. A cyborg protects John Connor from a superior model. Å 5:00 TBS ››‡ “Yes Man” (2008) Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel. A man tries to change his life by saying yes to everything. Å EVENING 6:00 FAM ››› “Secretariat” (2010) Diane Lane, John Malkovich. The story of the 1973 Triple Crown winner. 7:00 TNT ›› “Clash of the Titans” (2010) Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson. Perseus, son of Zeus, embarks on dangerous journey. TBS ››› “The Hangover” (2009) Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms. Three pals must find a missing groom after a wild bash. HALL “Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade” (2012) Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo. A parade coordinator falls for a consultant. Å 7:30 NICK ››‡ “Legally Blonde” (2001) Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson. A sorority queen enrolls in Harvard to win back her boyfriend. Å 8:00 LIFE “Left to Die” (2012) Rachael Leigh Cook, Barbara Hershey. Tammi Chase fights to free her mother from an Ecuadorean prison. Å 8:30 FAM ››› “Remember the Titans” (2000) Denzel Washington, Will Patton. A black man coaches high-school football after integration. 9:00 FX ››› “Salt” (2010) Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber. Accused of being a counterspy, a CIA agent goes on the run. HALL “A Holiday Engagement” (2011) Jordan Bridges, Bonnie Somerville. A man is hired to pose as a woman’s fiance. 9:30 SPK ›› “The Punisher” (2004) Thomas Jane, John Travolta. An


TNT ››› “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl. A cyborg protects John Connor from a superior model. Å 1:00 KCWX ›› “Vanilla Sky” (2001) Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz. A disfigured womanizer cannot distinguish dreams from reality. MONDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2012 MORNING 6:00 FX ››‡ “Shaft” (2000) Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa L. Williams. A former cop vows to bring a murderous racist to justice. 8:00 FX ››› “Déjà Vu” (2006) Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer. A time-folding agent falls in love with a murder victim. 9:00 KCWX ››› “Five Corners” (1987) Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins. Urban youths meet a crazy ex-con with a score to settle. 10:30 FX ››‡ “The Taking of Pelham 123” (2009) Denzel Washington, John Travolta. Criminals hijack a New York subway train. AFTERNOON 1:00 FX ›››‡ “The Departed” (2006) Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon. An undercover cop and a criminal lead double lives. 2:00 SPK ››‡ “Jurassic Park III” (2001) Sam Neill, William H. Macy. A search party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror. 4:00 SPK ››› “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” (2005) Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman. Anakin Skywalker joins the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. 5:00 FAM ››› “Remember the Titans” (2000) Denzel Washington, Will Patton. A black man coaches high-school football after integration.

LIFE ›› “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous” (2005) Sandra Bullock, Regina King. FBI agent Gracie Hart must save two kidnapped friends in Las Vegas. Å EVENING 7:00 FX ››› “The Incredible Hulk” (2008) Edward Norton, Liv Tyler. Bruce Banner faces an enemy known as The Abomination. LIFE ›› “Made of Honor” (2008) Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan. A man schemes to prevent his best friend’s wedding. Å 7:30 FAM ›‡ “Gone in Sixty Seconds” (2000) Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie. A retired thief must steal 50 cars to save his brother. 9:00 LIFE ›› “Rumor Has It...” (2005) Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner. A woman stumbles onto a family secret about her heritage. Å 10:00 FX ››› “The Incredible Hulk” (2008) Edward Norton, Liv Tyler. Bruce Banner faces an enemy known as The Abomination. 11:01 LIFE ›› “Made of Honor” (2008) Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan. A man schemes to prevent his best friend’s wedding. Å 1:01 LIFE ›› “Rumor Has It...” (2005) Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner. A woman stumbles onto a family secret about her heritage. Å 1:05 USA › “Pistol Whipped” (2008) Steven Seagal, Lance Henriksen. A mysterious man asks a former policeman to kill. Å TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2012 MORNING 6:00 FX ›››‡ “The Departed” (2006) Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon. An undercover cop and a criminal lead double lives. 9:00 KCWX ››› “Dick” (1999) Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams. Two ditsy teens land in the middle of the Watergate scandal.

Cont. on G12


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

— Movie Listings — Cont. from G11

FX ››‡ “Blow” (2001) Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz. A smalltime pot dealer becomes a major cocaine supplier. 5:00 HALL ››‡ “101 Dalmatians” (1996) Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels. A flamboyant fashion plate plans to skin pups for a coat. Å EVENING 6:00 FAM ›› “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” (2005) Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt. The Bakers’ vacation turns competitive. 6:30 FX ››‡ “Takers” (2010) Matt Dillon, Paul Walker. Skilled thieves plan the biggest heist of their careers.

HALL “Puppy Love” (2012) Candace Cameron Bure, Victor Webster. A ballplayer claims to be the owner of a woman’s new dog. Å

USA “John Sandford’s Certain Prey” (2011) Mark Harmon, Lola Glaudini. A lawman investigates murders, while an assassin runs amok. Å



DISN ››‡ “Princess Protection Program” (2009) Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato. A princess stays with a covert agent and his daughter. Å

KCWX ››‡ “The Billion Dollar Hobo” (1978) Tim Conway, Will Geer. An heir must travel as a hobo to claim his fortune.


FX ››‡ “Blow” (2001) Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz. A smalltime pot dealer becomes a major cocaine supplier.

FAM ›› “The Pacifier” (2005) Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham. A Navy SEAL becomes the guardian of five siblings. 9:00 HALL ››‡ “You Lucky Dog” (2010) Natasha Henstridge, Harry Hamlin. A woman uses a sheepdog to search for a group of missing children. Å WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2012 MORNING 7:00 FX ››‡ “We Own the Night” (2007) Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg. A nightclub manager tries to remain neutral in a drug war.


AFTERNOON 12:00 FX ›‡ “Bad Company” (2002) Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock. A hustler is recruited by the CIA to pose as his brother.

thieves plan the biggest heist of their careers. 5:00

KFWS • MindGym



October 29, 2012

9:30 FX ››‡ “We Own the Night” (2007) Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg. A nightclub manager tries to remain neutral in a drug war.


HALL ››‡ “You Lucky Dog” (2010) Natasha Henstridge, Harry Hamlin. A woman uses a sheepdog to search for a group of missing children. Å EVENING 6:00

FAM ›› “The Pacifier” (2005) Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham. A Navy SEAL becomes the guardian of five siblings. SPK ››‡ “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” (2006) Lucas Black, Zachery Ty Bryan. An American street racer takes on a Japanese champion. 7:00

DISN ››‡ “Princess Protection Program” (2009) Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato. A princess stays with a covert agent and his daughter. Å

FX ›› “Predators” (2010) Adrien Brody, Topher Grace. Fearsome aliens hunt a band of human fighters. HALL ››‡ “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (2009) Richard Gere, Joan Allen. A college professor forms a lasting bond with a dog that he finds. Å




FX ››‡ “Takers” (2010) Matt Dillon, Paul Walker. Skilled

DISN ›› “Underdog” (2007) Voices of Jason Lee, Jim

Belushi. A canine superhero protects the citizens of Capitol City. Å 8:00 FAM ››› “Beetlejuice” (1988) Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin. Two ghosts try to scare away their home’s new tenants. 8:30 SPK ››‡ “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” (2006) Lucas Black, Zachery Ty Bryan. An American street racer takes on a Japanese champion. 9:00 HALL ›› “Accidental Friendship” (2008) Chandra Wilson, Kathleen Munroe. A police officer befriends a homeless woman. Å 2:00 TBS ››› “The Sure Thing” (1985) John Cusack, Daphne Zuniga. Bickering college students go cross-country to California. Å 3:00 KCWX › “Clifford” (1994) Martin Short, Charles Grodin. An L.A. uncle baby-sits his bratty 10-year-old nephew.


—1—On Page 2 Answers To Super Crossword Puzzle Are Found In The Entertainment Section


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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Hunting Guide 2012

Gillespie’s ‘crop’ of Whitetails to be strong this season Hunters’ prospects improved this year with healthier deer following drought By Danny Hirt Following last year’s dry conditions, hunters should find the prospects better for harvest more and bigger deer when the 2012-13 season opens Saturday, Nov. 3. “The (deer) population looks pretty good to me,” said Gillespie County Game Warden Sam Harris. The animals, he added, are looking healthier this year than in recent years because this part of the Texas Hill

Country received “good rains at the right time.” Harris went on to say that he wouldn’t be surprised if the deer tend to shy away from feeders, especially during the early going, because of plentiful vegetation. “The acorn crops and pecan crops are much better than last year,” the local game warden commented, adding that the deer should feed on the naturally-occurring nourishment before turning to the feeders. Statewide hunting season prospects “The white-tailed deer herd in Texas is doing well and stable. Despite one of the worst droughts on record last year, the deer population came

GOOD RAINS have helped the Gillespie County white-tail population recover after a historic drought had a negative effect. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Yvonne Hartmann

through with minimal population impacts, which I think in part is a tribute to hunters and landowners doing a better job of managing deer popula-

tions and the native habitat across the state,” Alan Cain, deer program leader with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said. “Most areas

experienced a low fawn crop last year, as to be expected, but we had very few reports of any significant adult mortality Cont. on page 5

2012 Wild Game Dinner

Saturday, November 17, 2012 Doors Open 5:30 p.m. • Dinner served 6:00-8:30 p.m. Gillespie County Fair Grounds • Hwy. 16 South • Fredericksburg, Texas DINNER/ADMISSION TICKETS $20 each

(includes Wildlife Expo, Dinner, Drinks & Door Prize Tickets) PRIZE DRAWING TICKETS $2.00 each or 6 FOR $10.00


(over 200 items, including guns, prizes & auction items for the whole family - men, women & children)

Benefitting Agriculture & Youth educAtion in the hill countrY For more information: 1-888-789-0571 or

Fr e


Still the Off-Road King A True ‘American Legend’ family

GRAND CHEROKEE The most awarded SUV ever and just named ‘SUV of Texas’ for the third consecutive year in a row by the Texas Auto Writer Association




sburg k c W i r e To All Hunters & Visitors

| October 31, 2012

m co el


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


Capability, Versatility, Efficiency

* Welcome to the new Breed of Ram * Ram 1500 - Just named ‘Texas Truck of the Year’ by Texas Auto Writer Association

RAM 1500 CREW CAB 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 * All Models Ready For Work or Play *

R A M 3 5 0 0 C R E W C A B D U A L LY Regular, Quad, Crew or Mega Cabs * Choose Your Ride *

Crenwelge Motor Sales, Inc. CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAM SALES • FULL SERVICE CENTER • PARTS Service Since 1927 H Sales Since 1940

413 W. Main • Fredericksburg • 830-997-4331 • 1-800-314-9333

| 3


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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Hunting Guide 2012

Jaycees to take aim Friday A chance to hone their skills will be offered to hunters on Friday, Nov. 2, when the Fredericksburg Jaycees host their 61st Annual Fredericksburg Jaycees Turkey Shoot. Set for the Tivydale Shooting Range (15.3 miles from Fredericksburg out FM 2093 — Tivydale Road), the event will have a live turkey head shoot, a sight-in range and a separate archery section to give hunters some practice ahead of the general season’s Nov. 3 start. No hand guns allowed. The Turkey Shoot takes place from 10 a.m. to dusk and also includes food and beverages available for purchase and daily attendance prizes. Chances will also be sold for prizes to be awarded in a paddle wheel game and a prize

•1st prize — Core 15-AR-15 (223). •2nd prize — Savage 10x Predator Camo Package. •3rd prize — Weatherby Vanguard 308 Cal. with scope and case. •4th prize — Remington 700 Special Purpose Synthetic Cal. 7mm08.

Rick Wilson 830-456-9141. rlwilson@

Two events are planned this weekend in Harper to coincide with the opening of the of the 2012-2013 big game hunting season. First on the schedule is the Harper Turkey Shoot on Friday, Nov. 2. Then, on Saturday, Nov. 3, members of the Harper Volunteer Fire Department and EMS will host their annual benefit fish fry. Turkey Shoot (Friday, Nov. 2) Sponsored by Harper American Legion Post 650, the Turkey Shoot will begin on Friday at 10 a.m. at the rodeo grounds in the Harper Community Park. Offered will be archery targets and rifle targets. There will also be a paddle wheel with a large selection of prizes for the winners. The auxiliary will be offering food and drinks throughout the day. Persons can also purchase tickets for a prize drawing that features a $500 savings bond donated by Security State


t 61s al u Ann

Country Fly Fisher Shop


Martin Pursch 830-990-9453








Check us out on the web at


wanted: Meat! You keep the horns...

•5th prize — Rossie Circuit Judge 45LC/40MSS. •6th prize — USSG, Inc. Over and Under 12 gauge. •7th prize — Thompson Ctr. Arms Venture Pred. Camo Cal. 308. •8th prize — Mossberg Model 484 Brush Gun Cal. 30-30. •9th prize — Kramer Deer Feeder. •10th prize — Ruger 10/22 Carbine Stainless Steel Cal. 22. •11th prize — Hog hunt archery or crossbow only. •12th prize — Nikon Pro Staff Scope Matte BDC 3-9 x 50. •13th prize — Bushnell Powerview Binoculars 10x mag. •14th prize — Bushnell H203 Binoculars 8x25 Waterproof. •15th prize — LEM Jerkey Cannon, Heavy Duty 1.5 pounds capacity. •16th prize — Nut Wizard with Dumper. (The first day of the Turkey Shoot was held Oct. 28.)



Your complete Hill Country fly fishing service with local guide, fly shop, and lodging located in historic H FR Fredericksburg. ED E

drawing. Featured in the main prize drawing will be 16 prizes, including rifles, a deer feeder, binoculars and more. The tickets are $2 each or six for $10. They may be purchased at the event or in advance at Kneese & Son, Kramer’s Wood and Metal Works, Woerner Feed and from any Jaycees member. Winners need not be present, but must claim their prizes within 60 days of the official drawing on Nov. 2.

Turkey shoot, fish fry to kick off season of hunting in Harper

...we'll take the meat.

Fredericksburg Jaycees Turkey shooT

Fri., Nov. 2, 10 a.m.-dusk

Tivydale ShooTing Range • Tivydale Road (see map) - Prize Drawings $2.00 Donation


1st Prize: Core 15-AR-15 (223) 2nd Prize: Savage 10x Predator Camo Pkg. 3rd Prize: Weatherby Vanguard 308 Cal. with Scope & Case 4th Prize: Remington 700 Special Purpose Synthetic Cal. 7mm-08 5th Prize: Rossi Circuit Judge 45LC/40MSS 6th Prize: USSG Inc. Over & Under 12 Gauge 7th Prize: Thompson Ctr. Arms Venture Pred. Camo Cal. 308 8th Prize: Mossberg Model 484 Brush Gun Cal. 30-30




9th Prize: Kramer Deer Feeder 10th Prize: Ruger 10/22 Carbine Stainless Steel Cal. 22 11th Prize: Hog Hunt Archery or Crossbow only 12th Prize: Nikon Pro Staff Scope Matte BDC 3-9 x 50 13th Prize: Bushnell Powerview Binoculars 10x mag 14th Prize: Bushnell H203 Binoculars 8 x 25 Waterproof 15th Prize: LEM Jerkey Cannon, Heavy Duty 1.5 lbs. Capacity 16th Prize: Nut Wizard with Dumper Tickets available at Kneese & Son, Kramer’s Wood & Metal,

Prizes given away Nov. 2, 2012, must be claimed within 60 days of drawing! Woerner Feed & Garden Supply Follow signs 15.3 miles on Tivydale Road (FM 2093)

Donations of deer to The Fredericksburg Food Pantry may be taken for processing to either Rabke's Table Ready Meats, 3875 Eckert Rd., Willow City, 830-685-3266 or Stonewall Smokehouse, 12862 E. U.S. Highway 290, Stonewall, 830-644-2006.

Cont. on page 5



Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Hunting Guide 2012

Season outlook related to the drought.” The Texas deer hunting season opened Saturday, Sept. 29, for bow hunting and will open Saturday, Nov. 3 for the general gun season after a special youth-only weekend season on Oct. 27-28. The general season runs through Jan. 6 in North Texas and Jan. 20 in South Texas. A late youth-only season is also slated for Jan. 7-20. For additional late season deer hunting opportunities, consult the 2012-13 Outdoor Annual of hunting and fishing regulations. “Whenever a wildlife biologist talks about hunting prospects, weather is the caveat. It’s the one variable that land managers, biologists and hunters have no control over, yet it plays a critical part of the hunting equation,” Cain said. “Couple the results of good management, lower harvest in 2011 and some late winter and spring precipitation and the stage is set for a good deer season in 2012.” TPWD Big Game Harvest survey results confirmed that the 2011 deer harvest was

down compared to 2010. Last year’s estimated harvest was 574,808 white-tailed deer; 309,207 being bucks and 265,601 antlerless deer, while the 2010 season’s harvest was estimated at 647,975 deer; 336,550 being bucks

LAST YEAR’S estimated harvest in Texas was 574,808, compared to 647,975 in 2010. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Yvonne Hartmann

and 311,425 antlerless deer. The 11-year average for annual total harvest is 574,423 deer with the lowest estimated harvest occurring during the 2007-08 season with an esti-


TURKEY SHOOT Friday, Nov. 2, at 10 a.m. at rodeo grounds in Harper Community Park (Harper) American Legion Post 650




Sat. Nov. 3, 11 A.M. - 2 P.M. Harper Fire Station PRIZE DRAWING AFTER THE MEAL. Grand Prize: 30-30 Marlin

(engraved by master jeweler Terry Theis)

Prizes - Ruger .22 Knife • BBQ Pit • and more


Come One, Come All and Spend the Weekend With Us. Traditions Run Strong in the Hill Country.

| October 31, 2012

| 5

Cont. from page 2

mated 512,852 deer. “Winter and spring moisture was much better compared to last year, and most of the state has received much-needed rain this spring to boost forage resources needed for antler development and fawn rearing,” Cain said. The abundant forage, critical to help deer meet nutritional demands, will help to bolster fawn production as well as antler quality. Late summer rains should help bucks bulk up and insure good fat reserves to make it through the rigors of rut and improve overall survival this winter. The only downside to the late summer rains is deer may not readily come to feeders or food plots early this fall so hunters may have to change up their strategies to bag a deer during the first weekend or two of general season. Hunters can expect to see fewer bucks in the 1½-yearold age class as fawn production was very low across many regions of the state in 2011. However, good fawn crops in 2005, 2007 and 2010 should translate into more bucks in the 7½, 5½, and 2½-year-old age classes as compared to other age classes. “Hopefully, hunters will find what they’re looking for this fall,” Cain said. “I’ve already seen pictures of an eight-point harvested in Bandera County this year that scored on the 159 Boone & Crockett scoring system, maybe sign of good things to come this season. Keep in mind this is well

above the average antler quality for bucks 6½ years of age or older.” Based on over 30 years of TPWD’s age and antler data, the average estimated B&C score for 6½-year-old or older bucks is 125.34. The South Texas and Eastern Rolling Plains regions have the highest estimated average B&C scores for bucks 6½ or older at 134.59 and 129.82, respectively. The remaining regions produce great quality mature bucks with estimated average B&C scores in the low to mid 120s.

“As always we encourage hunters to harvest antlerless deer to help with overall population management, which is an important component to maintain quality native habitats for all wildlife,” Cain said. “One thing for sure is that we are blessed with the largest white-tailed deer herd in the nation, approximately 3.3 million deer, and opportunity can be found in nearly every region of the state. So don’t sit on the couch this fall watching the hunting shows, get outdoors and be a part of what will hopefully prove to be a great deer season.”

Harper shoot, fish fry Cont. from page 4

Bank and Trust in Harper as well as a gas grill. Tickets for the drawing are $1 each or six for $5. The winning tickets will be drawn on the first Thursday in December. Benefit Fish Fry (Saturday, Nov. 3) On Saturday, Harper Volunteer Fire Department and EMS will host their annual benefit fish fry from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the HVFD station. The cost for a plate of food, including all of the trimmings, is by donation. A prize drawing will follow master jeweler Terry Theis. the meal for nearly 100 prizes. Among the many other prizThe grand prize is a Marlin es are a Ruger 10-22, Rossi 30-30 custom rifle engraved by 22-20 combo, wine tasting, gift certificates, jewelry, ice chests, barbecue pit and more. Tickets for the prize drawing are $1 each or six for $5. Tickets will be sold at the event. In advance, prize drawing tickets are available from department members as well as at Waldo’s, Bode’s and Dauna’s, all in Harper. GUNS, KNIVES, AMMO, ACCESSORIES, COINS, JEWELRY, COLLECTIBLES Prize drawing tickets are also available at Bee Creek ComGillespie County Fair Grounds - Hwy. 16S munications in Fredericksburg, located in the Tivydale Business Park, and at Allied Ag in Hours: Sat. 9-5 & Sun. 10-4 Stonewall. Admission $5 adults - under 12 FREE (2 for 1 first hour both days) KRNH Ranch Radio will have a live remote, sponsored Contact Kim • 806-253-1322 - by Security State Bank and Trust, during the fish fry.





DECEMBER 15 & 16


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Hunting Guide 2012

Archers to ‘draw down’ during final two days of season able by logging onto the Texas ment’s internet website: www. Those who prefer to hunt need to pick up a migratory ment ($7). Gillespie County with bow game bird stamp endorseMore information is avail- Parks and Wildlife Depart- and arrow have two more days to enjoy their special season before it closes Friday, Nov. 2. Archers tradtitionally get the “first look” and a chance to “draw down” on this area’s white-tailed deer and wild Rio Grande turkeys prior to the start of the 2011-2012 general rifle season, scheduled Nov. 3 through Jan. 6, and the subsequent “special late antlerless and spike season” Jan. 7-20. Young Gillespie County hunters had a “Special Youth Season” Oct. 27-28 with another set Jan. 7-20. Also, for youths, turkey seasons include a season Jan. 19-20, and spring seasons: March 9-10 and May 4-5. As far as other wild game is concerned, Gillespie County’s season for hunting Bobwhite and scaled quail began Oct. 27 and will continue through Feb. 24, 2013. The daily bag limit is 15 birds (possession limit of 45.) Wild turkey hunting (for which there will also be a spring March 16-April 28 gobblers- and bearded hensonly season), the bag limit for all seasons combined is four birds per license year (only one of which may be an Eastern turkey). The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department scheduled a javelina season for Gillespie that began Oct. 1 and runs through Feb. 24. Limit of two per season. Meanwhile, hunting for other game like rabbits and squirrels is permitted Celebrating 84 Years year-round with no bag limit. As for dove hunting, the season in Gillespie and other Central Zone counties opened Sept. 1 and ran through Oct. 24. A second season is scheduled, though, from Dec. 22 through Jan. 6, 2013. – Serving the Hill Country since 1928 – The daily bag limit is 15 mourning, white-winged and white-tipped doves in the aggregate, including no more than two white-tipped (whitefronted) doves. The possession limit overall is twice the daily M40106X7BW bag limit (30), with the possession limit of white-tipped M40106X7BW doves no more than four. In addition to a valid Texas hunting license, dove hunters

stroeher & olfers, inc. 509 South Adams • Fredericksburg, Texas 830-997-4382

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post


| October 31, 2012



Welcomes Hunters

OPENING NIGHT CELEBRATION! Brisket Dinner - $12 with trimmings from 5 to 8pm

Live Music from 7pm - 11pm!

Hunters & Ranchers General Store Restaurant H Gas H Livestock Feed H Groceries H Ice H Deer Corn & Feeders H Beer H Deer Storage

Visit the Women of the St. Peter Lutheran Church Bake Sale Saturday, November 3rd, 9am - â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;til ? in front of Doss Country Store.


14394 RR 783 North H Doss, Texas, 78618 830-669-2160 H Fax 830-669-2180


| 7


| October 31, 2012


Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Setting their sights on a new generation Special seasons introduce, encourage youth wildlife hunters to the sport Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has established statewide Youth Only open seasons for deer, turkey, squirrel and, with cooperation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, waterfowl. The purpose of these Youth Only open seasons is to provide young people with opportunities to learn about wildlife conservation through an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience and allow parents and mentors to introduce them to safe and responsible hunting. The Youth Only open season hunts are scheduled to occur at times when youth are out of school. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department encourages experienced hunters to seek out youth and provide the guidance to make the event both enjoyable and educational for the beginning hunter. Youth Only seasons for only licensed hunters 16 years of age or younger. Special Hunting License Required (Type 169). include: White-tailed Deer While the first session of the fall season has just expired (as of Oct. 27-28), young people will have another chance at deer hunting when the special season reopens Jan. 7-20. Cont. on page 13

Hunting Guide 2012

ring b o t t forge r special t ’ n o D you behind r o f t a gif e you left . . . n someo is weekend th


Secret Garden


Jewelry Trunk Show by Jacqueline Smiley Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Storewide Sale Join us Friday evening for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from 5 to 8 p.m. Open Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. • Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

102 E. Main N 830-997-5507

Hunting Guide 2012

Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

| October 31, 2012

| 9

Quail season ready to rebound But experts still predicting ‘iffy’ outcome for 2012 excursions

AN EXTRAORDINARY drought last year led to limited production of quail in many parts of the state, and questions about the 2012 season. — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department photo

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website (www., this year’s quail season should be better than in 2011, but still below average. Bobwhite quail hunting can be “iffy” in Texas, considering the birds exist here on the western edge of their distribution here. There are still vast expanses of suitable Bobwhite habitat in the South Texas rangelands and in the Rolling Plains, where in some years over a 100,000 hunters flocked. Bobs are limited in these regions by rainfall, more specifically the lack thereof. Statewide surveys began in 1978 to monitor quail populations. This index uses randomly selected, 20-mile roadside survey lines to determine annual quail population trends by region. This trend information helps deter-

mine relative quail populations in Texas. Comparisons can be made between the mean (average) number of quail observed per route this year and the long term mean (LTM) for quail seen within an ecological region. The survey was not designed to predict relative abundance for any area smaller than the ecological region. The Edwards Plateau The Edwards Plateau region (which contains Gillespie County) continues to exhibit numbers that are considered well below its “long-term mean” (LTM), stated the TPWD. It’s possible there could be a few quail hunting opportunities remaining in the region, the TPWD survey is not designed to detect changes in localized populations, especially in fragmented landscapes.

Due to “extraordinary” drought conditions last year, there was limited production of quail in many parts. Because last year’s season was well below average throughout Texas, with some new record lows noted in the bird surveys, many ranchers opted not to hunt last season in hopes to aid recovery. Therefore, the quail population was sparse heading into the breeding season. But most of the core Texas quail hunting regions did in fact receive rainfall in the spring of 2012 which resulted in a flush of new vegetation and insects. Looking forward, climatologists report the beginning of an El Niño year that could mean a wet winter and spring. This scenario could improve conditions and lead to greater quail densities in 2013.

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‘Eavesdropping’ on the Whitetail deer

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breathing! I became invisible tions are an important com- eyes steadily aimed in a fixed to deer’s eyes while sitting in munications mechanism. direction, the message is “I plain sight. If the head is held high with see something odd but I’m not One overwhelming advan- ears cocked forward and the Cont. on page 11 tage to being close to the deer — and unnoticed by them — John Wootters, who has been was the insight it gave me into called “The Father of Quality the animals’ reactions, habits, Whitetail Trophy Deer Hunting,” is communications and sensitivia semi-retired outdoors writer with ties. I learned to read whitetail a lifetime of experience. body language so easily that I He was executive editor of Petersen’s Hunting magazine and often knew what a buck was author of the monthly column going to do before he did it. “Buck Sense”. He has also written This is a two-step process; pieces for Shooting Times, Rifle, first, one has to notice a parHandloader, Guns & Ammo and ticular distinctive action, and Petersen’s Hunting magazines. then be curious enough to try Wootters penned the all-time to figure out why he did it best-selling book on deer hunting, Hunting Trophy Deer, and what significance, if any, which sold 37,500 copies in the first 90 days and has it might have. now far surpassed the 100,000 mark since its release in An example might be head 1976 and its revision in 1997. He has also served on the board of directors for the position. We all know that National Rifle Association, was president of the Houston whitetails’ heads are in pretty chapter of Safari Club and has been a member and officonstant motion as they feed cial with Safari Club International. or scan for danger, and most He and his wife of 60-plus years, Jeanne, reside in of us attach no more meaning neighboring Kerr County. to it than that. But head posi-


Sadly, many hunting-license holders know very little about whitetail deer … other than what time the feeder goes off. Even sadder is the fact that very few youths today who want to be hunters have anybody who can help them get started in the right direction and answer their questions. That’s a shame, because the whitetail deer is one of the most fascinating animals on the continent, so the kids are deprived of the opportunity to learn to know him, as well as the chance to become part of the essential wildlife conservation effort in America, which is largely hunter-based and hunter-funded. During my teen years in the 1940s, deer hunting was pretty much a one-on-one activity

— one hunter and one buck. There was no such thing as a prefabricated deer blind, automatic corn feeder or high-tech camouflage clothing. Hunting was mostly done on the ground, either walking or sitting with one’s back against a tree. We learned to notice and read deer tracks and other sign in order to choose a place to sit, and we learned how to sit still, by which I mean motionless, letting our eyeballs do all the roaming. It was mostly very short-range hunting, where we had to see the buck before he saw us. That was a challenge. Once, my non-hunting mother sat with me to watch the deer. She had her back against another oak slightly behind mine. She found my ability to sit like a statue “eerie” and said she often glanced at me to make sure I was still

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sure what it is.” If this pose is held for more than a minute, all other deer nearby will become nervous, stop feeding and stare in the same direction. If the tail is slowly raised, all the deer are on the verge of flight, which will follow within seconds. On the other hand, if a buck holds his head high but with his chin tucked in, ears drooped back and antlers tilted slightly forward, he’s looking at a possible rival male and a fight may be about to commence. The head held low and suddenly lifted and lowered several times, accompanied by a front hoof being stamped repeatedly, signals “There’s something over there and I don’t like it.” Often, the alarmed animal — usually a doe — will advance slowly. If the “something” won’t move or otherwise respond to the display, everybody may relax and go back to foraging.

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Cont. from page 9

Finally, a buck’s head and neck held low and extended, pointed at a doe with the muzzle slightly lifted, is courting activity, something like “Hi, Beautiful! How about a date?” The buck makes short rushes at the doe, testing her willingness to stand for him. Meantime, the other end of

‘... a feeding deer almost always switches his tail before he raises his head. It’s useful information for a hunter.’ the deer — the tail — is sending signals, too. We all know the raised white flag, wagging back and forth as the animal flees. It’s the source of his name, “whitetail.” If, however, you have shot at the deer and it runs with tail clamped down tightly, it’s probably seriously wounded. But did you know that a

feeding deer almost always switches his tail just before he raises his head? It’s useful information for a hunter trying to sneak up on a foraging buck. Watch the tail and freeze when it switches! As mentioned above, slowly lifting the tail as the owner stares fixedly in one direction signals suspicion and uncertainty, and attracts the attention of every nearby deer that sees it. Also, a buck that trots or runs, with his tail at half-mast, sticking straight out behind him, toward a hunter who is rattling antlers to simulate a buck fight is completely fooled. The tail position shows he’s convinced. This is just a sampling of what can be learned by watching whitetails. Much additional information can be derived from more subtle body language signals. It’s almost as if you have their phones tapped, and it starts with curiosity, saying, “I wonder why he did that.”

DEER URINE conveys powerful messages. When a doe (above) enters estrous, a hormone scents her urine and attracts males, perhaps causing fights. THE HEAD-UP alert position (at left) is assumed every few minutes, but doesn’t mean alarm. Earand tail positions modify the message. — Photos by John Wooters


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Hunting Guide 2012

‘Gillespie County Hoggers’ hit the mark Family eradicates nuisance wild pigs for landowners around the state By Ken Esten Cooke Ronald and Darrell Corbyn are Gillespie County’s “Hog Stoppers” and the father-son duo tries to make a dent in the massive population of destructive feral hogs. The Corbyns began hunting hogs for landowners as a hobby about nine years ago, but it has since grown into a six-day-a-week job for Ronald and when time allows for Darrell, a Gillespie County ranch manager. “I feel like I’m helping to make an impact for people who are having a problem with hogs,” Ronald, a retired archeologist, said. “After I retired, I began doing tree work, and I saw hogs at a ranch off of Tivydale Road. I came from a good hunting background,

so we started shooting hogs on that ranch and expanded from there.” Corbyn said they don’t like to kill anything they can’t use for meat, but there are problem areas where landowners need large number of hogs killed quickly. Darrell Corbyn is a former computer technician, but spent seven years as an infantryman in the U.S. Army, sharpening his shooting skills. He said Hog Stoppers now has about 50,000 acres that they hunt regularly. Most jobs are in Gillespie and surrounding counties, but they have been called to Abilene, Tyler, the Houston area and all over South Texas. “We just got back from a job near Johnson City,” Darrell

DARRELL CORBYN, left, and father Ronald with their Labrador team of Buddy, Splash and Ben, celebrate a kill in South Texas. — Photo courtesy the Corbyn family

Cont. on page 13

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‘Gillespie County Hoggers’ said. “These landowners have 200 acres on a creek — just a beautiful place — and they had hogs camped out right below their house. They were destroying flower beds and other land, so we took care of it.” Corbyn said that hogs are a problem all over the state, but that the area from Victoria to Houston is the thickest he’s seen. ‘Hoggers’ The Corbyns have made the outings a family affair with two of Ronald’s other sons, Richard and Byron, often taking part, and Darrell’s children Adrian, age 19, and Brook, 15,

sometimes joining the hunts. When “hogging” began to catch on as a reality TV genre, the Corbyns were approached to be subjects by one production company. “We never came to an agreement,” he said. “They wanted to put a female as the lead on the team and stage a lot of cussing and fighting. That’s just not us. I’ve seen a lot of these shows, and they go out and get one hog and call that hog control. But we need to get seven to 15 a day to make a dent.” Darrell said some days he feels they are fighting an uphill battle against the nuisance swine. He said the hogs

are clever and can learn to avoid hunters without dogs. “They don’t mind being shot at, but when you find them in their daytime hiding spots and get dogs and guns on them, they’re never going back to that spot,” Darrell said. Corbyn said landowners can walk across their acreage and never see a hog, so it can be hard to gauge when a problem exists. It can also seem futile since some hunters won’t acknowledge the hogs or allow hunting on their property. “We always find that there’s one property that’s a holdout,” he said. “It becomes a breeding ground — we call it a BROOK CORBYN, 15, has recently begun to hunt with her father, Darrell, and grandfather, Donald. She has interited her father’s good aim. — Family photo


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‘pig factory.’ Most of the time “Eventually they do call they just don’t want anyone when it gets bad enough,” he on their property, or they’re said. afraid that we are deer hunters. But hogs end up hurting Methods the deer in the long run. They The Corbyns use satellite compete for food and they kill technology, topographic maps fawns. Cont. on page 14

Youth-only seasons

Cont. from page 8

The season is open in all counties where there is a general open season for white-tailed deer. All legal hunting means and methods are allowed, except Grayson County is archery only. For much of the state, including Gillespie County and the remainder of the Hill Country, the bag and permit requirements are the same as for the first two days of the general season in the county. Turkey While the early part of this season ended this past weekend, there’ll be another opportunity for youngsters to hunt for turkeys during the weekend of Jan. 19-20, 2013. Only licensed hunters 16 years of age or younger may hunt turkey during this season. Bag limit as specified by the general fall turkey season. The annual bag limit for turkey, in the aggregate for all counties, is four (4), no more than one of which may be an Eastern turkey. A special youth-only season for Rio Grande turkeys runs in two segments during the spring of 2013 — March 9-10 and May 4-5. New for the Youth-Only Spring Season (Rio Grande turkey only): All counties with a four-turkey bag limit: North Zone, Saturday and Sunday, March 23-24, 2013 and May 18-19, 2013, and South Zone, Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10, 2013 and May 4-5, 2013. • For more information on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Youth-Only hunting seasons, as well as other general hunting information, log onto the website: www.tpwd.


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Hunting Guide 2012

‘Gillespie County Cont. from page 13

and a team of dogs. Ronald Corbyn can end up hiking four to five miles each day, even at age 69, following the dogs as they sniff out hogs. In his trademark floppy hat and suspenders, his planning and knowledge of land and tracking leads to kills almost daily. The Corbyns use Google Earth to identify where hogs would be, approach from downwind and rely on the dogs. They have a trio of Labrador Retrievers, as well as two Border Collies they use, with two Lab pups in training. Ronald methodically trains pups to become canine hoggers. Where many hog hunters let pit bulls go, then find them when they hear barking, the Corbyns follow the dogs, then use either a shotgun or a .44 Magnum to make the harvests. “The dogs are just like family to me,” Ronald said. “We

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use Labs and Border Collies because they’re very smart and obedient. They don’t run all over the place, and they stay close.” Ronald remembers one hunt between Abilene and Fort Worth where the hogs seemed huge. In fact, Darrell killed a 500-pound sow. “I asked the landowner why the hogs are getting so big,” Ronald remembered. “He said ‘Because I’m feeding them.’ He was putting out high-protein feed into troughs for his cattle, and the hogs would eat it up, then go sit in the bushes and burp all day.” Even as the hogs continue to multiply, the Corbyns will continue to make a difference, one kill at a time. “We’ve probably killed a thousand of them just around Fredericksburg,” Darrell said.

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Blaze orange clothing can save a life   A condition known as “early blur” is a menace to hunters that can potentially lead to tragic results if safety measures are not taken beforehand. “Early blur” is simply a combination of sight and sound factors that can cause a hunter to mistake another person for a deer. Hunter safety programs always have stressed the importance of positively identifying any target before shooting. But there’s another way a person in the outdoors can be protected from his careless fellow

outdoorsmen — the use of “blaze orange” clothing. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says studies by the military, universities and clothing industries have shown this color to be the best for hunters’ protection. The department feels the use of daylight fluorescent orange is important enough that it requires all participants in public hunts on wildlife management areas to wear at least 400 square inches of the material on their outer clothing.

Ear protection is essential to hearing health   An often forgotten aspect of ‘Safety First’ while hunting is keeping your ears covered. The noise of gunfire might diminish quickly, but when the ringing in the ears disappears, hearing damage may already have been done.   A few shots fired while hunting might not cause immediate harm but the noise of a 12-gauge shotgun blast has a momentary sound pressure level higher than

the takeoff of a jet airliner. A wide variety of protection devices are available which enable every shooter to find a comfortable and effective means of preventing hearing damage. The familiar earmuffs provide excellent protection. Other gunners prefer one of the several types of earplugs. Shooting glasses should also be a part of every hunter’s equipment.

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Answering the critics’ call about hog killing Left unchecked, wild hogs will decimate deer population Once Ronald and Darrell Corbyn launched their website to help publicize their services, they began receiving hate mail from animal rights activists (mostly in other countries). Corbyn posted an article on the site for the uninitiated in hopes of raising awareness as to how big a problem feral hogs pose.   Corbyn asked readers to consider these points before making up their minds: 1. Feral hogs are an alien species to the U.S. They have few natural predators, and they breed at alarming rates. 2. Feral hogs kill and eat fawns, young livestock, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians. 3. Wild hogs compete with and steal food, land and other resources from native animals that are supposed to be here. To let them get out of control is essentially signing the death warrant for many of those

animals. Add on to that hundreds of millions of dollars in crop damage, erosion, habitat destruction and countless damage to property, and people should begin to see that feral pigs have no business in the U.S. Corbyn points out details about the following “solutions”: Relocation — In most cases, this transfers the problem to somewhere else. “It’s not a realistic solution considering that in Texas alone there are several million feral pigs. Trapping — A good way to catch feral pigs, but with relocation not an option, killing them remains the only effective control device. Poisoning — A less humane way, and could kill other animals. Oral contraceptives — Must be added to the food supply of wild pigs and administered during the ovulation cycle of the female. Would also be ingested by other animals and be similar to the use of poisons. Sterilizing — Yes, people suggested this to Corbyn. If hunting can not keep up with reproduction rates, trapping and sterilization would be even

less effective. “Besides,” Corbyn said, “I would bet no one wants to be the one to reach into a trap and castrate a 300-pound boar.” Hunting — Reduces numbers and can alleviate landowner problems. “Using dogs is the best way to reduce their numbers quickly,” he said. “If we leave feral pigs alone, native wildlife will die, and our fragile ecosystem will be greatly disrupted,” he added. Corbyn said states are spending millions trying to get bureaucracies to find a solution. The state of Texas awarded a $500,000 grant for the study and removal of feral pigs. The result was the removal of roughly 3,000 feral pigs — a cost of $166 per hog indirectly removed. Additional landowner costs to factor in include trapping equipment, gas, ammunition and more. On the other hand, Van Zandt County offered a $7 bounty for each wild pig eliminated, resulting in the removal of over 2,000 wild pigs at a cost of just $14,000. “I would prefer to see my tax dollars

O X E T I S ’ C C S I V VICTOR HOLLENDER 101 High Point Ranch Rd. Harper, TX 78631 Cell 325-374-8049 • Fax 830-864-4574 email: Services include:

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being spent at $7 per hog rather than $166,” he said. Corbyn said the problem would be best handled at the county or local level. “Every area and wild pig is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to hog removal,” he said. “There are over a million licensed hunters in Texas that could be used as a resource.”

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Hunting Guide 2012

Rewards offered for info catching wildlife criminals Offering rewards as high as $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction for wildlife crime, Operation Game Thief is Texas’ wildlife Crime Stoppers program Started in 1981 as a result of laws passed by the 67th Legislature to help curtail poaching, the program, a function of the law enforcement division of Texas Parks and Wildlife, is highly successful, having been responsible for the payment of over $195,000 in rewards. Privately funded, the program is dependent on financial support from the public through the purchase of OGT memberships and merchandise, donations, sponsorships, and gifts. MORE THAN $195,000 in payments as rewards Thief seeks to stop illegal hunting and help Because Texas is a large state for wildlife crimes has been divied out by Texas keep the population of the state’s white-tail — more than 262,000 square Parks & Wildlife Department. Operation Game bucks healthy. — Standard-Radio Post photo miles with 24 million people

living in its 254 counties — it’s difficult for the 530 wardens to patrol the state looking for those people who break the hunting and fishing laws. OGT is important because it uses the public’s “eyes and ears” to assist in the intervention of the ever-increasing, money-driven exploitation of the wildlife resources of the state. Numerous examples of this exploitation exist. Mature white-tailed bucks are killed on midnight runs, then beheaded, leaving the meat behind, in anticipation of selling the bragging-sized rack to a well-to-do, unsuccessful hunter. Various freshwater and saltwater fish, including white

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post Every deer hunter in Texas and many from out of state are aware of the ‘Golden Triangle of south Texas’. This area Eagle Pass east to Cotulla and south to Laredo consistently has the greatest number of deer with the largest antlers of anywhere in the country. Here in the Texas Hill Country we have our own ‘Golden Triangle’ which includes Gillespie, Llano and Mason Counties. This area, which attracts hunters from all over the state, as well as out of state, consistently has the largest whitetail deer population of anywhere in the country. For the 2011-12 season the Texas Big Game Awards largest typical whitetail under low fence came from Gillespie County with a Boone and Crockett score of 176 2/8. The largest non-typical under high fence also came from Gillespie County and was taken by Jimmy Slayden with a net score of 224 1/8. Sean Heep, with his 176 /18 Boone and Crockett typical whitetail taken under low fence, has been hunting his whole life. His 2011-12 trophy was shot near the Gillespie-Llano County line on a ranch that has been in his family since 1929. This deer placed first out of 344 entries throughout the entire state. The closest competition had a score of 149 7/8. The next three biggest entries came from that other Golden Triangle. There are some great deer in numbers and in size to be found in this Golden Triangle of the Hill Country. Since 1965 Fredericksburg Realty has been listing and selling ranches in this three county area. When you are ready to quit leasing and have that place of your own, give our experienced and knowledgeable agents a call so you can be a winner every day. Here are just a few of the great hunting properties currently for sale…. 35 ACRES – get in on the action of the US 290 Wine Cor- to market frontage, could be divided, deer, turkey, hogs ridor and the growing Texas wine industry. Four acres is and great home sites. #55555 $853,060 already high fenced and one acre is in cabernet grapes. 96 ACRES – great family get-a-way or hunting with the Water system is in place and the tasting room has been guys or children, nice improvements with most furnishing started. The 290 Corridor has the second largest visitors to remain. Cabin sleeps six, fenced yard, barn/workshop to a wine area after Napa. #63816 $625,000 w/concrete floor, well, deer and turkey hunting and addi42 ACRES – two tracts to chose from with views of En- tional acreage possible. It’s Ready to Go! #64848 $645,000 chanted Rock on both and either Crabapple Creek or Keen- 98 ACRES – end of the road privacy with small home/caber Branch Creek. Granite outcrops, deer, turkey and hogs, in, enclosed porch, well in a beautiful setting with distant hardwoods, cedar elms, persimmon and mesquite. Lo- views. Great location in Kimble County that is off the councated between Llano and Fredericksburg with ranch road ty road, possible additional acreage with plenty of deer and frontage and perimeter ¾ fenced. #57068 $504,000 turkey. It’s nearly ready for the upcoming hunting season. 60 ACRES – west of Fredericksburg on paved coun- #64543 $535,000 try road, great small hunting tract near Harper, two wet 151.6 ACRES – a proven hunting tract year in and year weather creeks, fenced on 3 sides with nice building out surrounded by larger ranches with high hills and deep sites. #65078 $327,350 canyons, seclusion, hunting cabin, views, hardwoods and 60 ACRES – secluded hunting preserve in Kendall County cedar just inside Mason County. This is a rough property near Comfort, off the county road with nice pond, lots of that is perfect for your company or family hunting retreat. cover, easement access, 10-acres in dormant field, draw #60033 $682,200 with live oak, post oak and Spanish Oak. This is a great 247 ACRES – you can get it all in the ranch near Center family hunting tract. #62280 $450,000 Point/Comfort with paved county road frontage and paved 71 ACRES – views, views and more views with a barn do- road into the ranch. Development, family residential comminium that has one bed and one bath, living, dining and pound, hunting tract or corporate/business opportunities. kitchen on one end of a 40 x 60 barn with patio, fire-pit, Superb views, underground utilities, good soil, wildlife ex45-gpm well, and the historic unrestored Peter Berg Her- emption in place, deer, Axis, turkey, seasonal creek, well mit Cave. Off the main highway with easement access on and wooded/native pasture. #64143 $1,750,000 new gravel road, perimeter fenced deer, turkey and spring. 334 ACRES – Mason County hunting ranch southwest You get seclusion, living, hunting and history all in one. off FM-1871, county road frontage, fenced well, whitetail #65106 $785,000 deer, turkey, hogs, surrounded by larger ranches great 85 ACRES – near Enchanted Rock with both Keener Branch forbs, two draws on property. An affordable hunting ranch and Crabapple Creek, pond, granite outcrops, woods, farm 20-minutes from Mason, Texas. $998,995

217 East Main St. Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 800-880-5055 • 830-997-6531

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| 17

Game thief Cont. from page 16

bass, crappie, striped and hybrid striped bass, catfish, redfish, specked trout, flounder, black drum and others are being taken through the use of illegal nets in large quantities, and without regard for size or bag limits. Shrimp and oysters are often harvested in illegal quantities and from areas closed to harvest. The product is then sold, both in and out of state, to select restaurants, wholesale and retail fish dealers, even to individuals from vacant city lots located in high traffic metropolitan areas. Resolving the problem What can the citizens of Texas do to help resolve this problem? The answer is simple: Get involved. Alert observation by concerned citizens, followed by immediate reporting of the suspected violation, gives the local warden a much-needed edge in catching the criminals. Operation Game Thief is the mechanism that allows citizens to get immediately involved and quickly get that information to the warden. Receiving a tip on illegal activity while it is occurring can make a significant difference in whether or not the violator is apprehended. Even if the offender has left the scene before the warden can get there, there may be critical evidence, or even other witnesses with important information, that can be used to make a case in court. Make the poachers know that citizens won’t sit idly by while they exploit resources. People who have information on law-breakers are asked to call (800) 792-GAME (4263). The reward hotline is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the life of the program, more than 28,000 calls have been received and over $1,180,000 in fines assessed. For more information on the Operation Game Thief program, contact Lewis Rather at (512) 389-8801. Thanks to the concerned Texans, more than $200,000 in rewards have been paid.


| October 31, 2012


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Hunting Guide 2012

Management program aims for ‘big bucks’ Thinning of white-tail ranks will help larger bucks to thrive By Ken Esten Cooke

USING THE MANAGED LANDS Deer Permit program, administered by Texas Parks & Wildlife, Sean X. Heep felled this record buck on his land after four years of the management program.

Some landowners may pause to invite a state management program onto their land in an effort to increase the quality of whitetail deer, but for Sean X. Heep, who helps manage a familyowned ranch near Willow City, the proof is in the antlers. Heep and cousin Donovan Hohmann each have nearly 400 acres near the GillespieLlano County line and run a co-op program with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Deer Permit program (see sidebar for description). Through conservation, selective harvesting, supplemental feed

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and an extended deer season, Heep has noticed a healthier deer population since they began the program five years ago. “It’s made an unbelievable difference,” said Heep, an avid lifelong hunter. “The first two years are kind of a shock, because you are passing on bucks and taking out deer with trait sets that you don’t want. But in years three, four and five, we have really seen a difference.” In fact, Heep harvested a buck that made the Boone and Crockett record book, considered the benchmark of hunting excellence. The buck scored 176 1/8, and it is the only typical whitetail buck from Llano or Gillespie counties recorded since 1887. Heep also took the award for “Best Typical Whitetail” out of 344 entries at the Texas Big Game Awards in San

Antonio. He and his record buck were on the cover of a recent issue of Texas Trophy Hunter Magazine, and a feature story will follow in the spring. The program involves harvesting deer with unwanted traits, such as five-pointers or those without brow tines. “We call it ‘taking out the trash’,” Heep said, joking. Also, additional months of hunting — October through February — allow landowners to harvest more deer and speed up the benefits of the program. The program’s requirements are stringent, including measuring current deer population and tagging all deer harvested, among others. The program, which has three levels, can also include active habitat management, Cont. on page 19

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Hunting Guide 2012

Wildlife management as well as population management. Heep said the MLDP program may not be for everyone. But he and other family owners, and the six lessees that hunt each year, agreed to try the program in hopes of improving the selection of local harvests and getting them to resemble the larger bucks found in South Texas. “We use trail cameras, and keep extensive records of what we harvest,” Heep said. “There is a time factor because we monitor a lot of different things.” All deer must be tagged, and harvest-

deer and provide supplemental feed, they will see some of the benefits,” he said. “But they won’t get the extended season that way.” He said while the Hill Country is over-populated with deer, the MLDP program is set up to reduce the overall population. Once that happens, Heep said, the existing population has more food sources, both natural and supplemental, the does are healthier and the fawn survival rate increases drastically. As the bucks age, the additional protein supplemental feed goes straight to

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the antlers, increasing the size of the trophies most hunters want. Heep said though the success has been shown at his family ranch and other hunters may want a piece of the action, he is loyal to his lessees, six hunters from the Houston area. “They were open to the new program and they had patience,” he said. “In fact, they had the opportunity to come on opening day last year and get our record buck, but they were unable to make it.” “I could talk all day about the advantages,” he said.

Established 1937


30+ Years Meat Processing Experience

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ed deer must be logged immediately and the information sent to TPWD. Records are kept on age, weight, and antler measurements, if the deer are male. Heep said during the drought, they were using a lot of supplemental feed. Heep also keeps in contact with biologist Dale Schmidt of Llano, who helps them keep up with the program’s requirements. He added that landowners don’t have to be on the MLDP program to incorporate parts of it. “As long as they can harvest enough


| October 31, 2012

Celebrating over 70 Years of Service to the Discriminating Sportsman 1st Place 2009 Texas Taxidermy Association

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Hunting Guide 2012

What is the ‘Managed Lands Saturday, November 3 Deer Permit’ program?

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) allows landowners involved in a formal management program to have the most flexible seasons and increased harvest time. Participation requires a written Wildlife Management Plan approved by TPWD, prepared by a biologist or technician, a landowner or designated agent. Though the plans are required, there are no fees to participate. There are three levels of MLDPs (1, 2 and 3). Higher levels offer

5:30 - 10 p.m.

$20 Admission

additional harvest flexibility for the owner, but also have more stringent requirements. Permits are valid only for the property for which they are issued. An approved wildlife management plan will include an annually updated harvest recommendation for does and bucks, determining the number of permits issued. All deer harvested must be tagged with an MLDP by the person who killed the deer.


(Edited from TPWD documents.)

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Hunting Guide 2012

| October 31, 2012

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Got a trophy? Texas Big Game Awards to take entries through Feb. 15 The Texas Big Game Awards is more than a contest. It’s about showing proof there are big deer where people didn’t realize there were and what it takes to grow them. Started as a partnership between the Texas Wildlife Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Big Game Awards program is a free, certificate-based effort designed to recognize: the quality of big game animals in Texas, the hunters who harvest them, the landowners who produce such big animals through their management efforts, the importance of hunting’s heritage and the achievements of both young and new hunters. The contest is free to enter. Deadline for entries is Feb. 15, 2013. Hunters Scored Entry Division Texas licensed hunters who

harvest a white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, javelina or bighorn sheep this season which meets the minimum net score of Boone and Crockett (B&C) requirements for their respective region may be eligible to receive recognition in the “Scored Entry” category. The animal must be a native to Texas and have been wildraised. Animals that were born and bred in captivity and Texas Big Game Awards Official scorers include

Don Steadman 830-997-7217 and

Dan Geistweidt 830-997-4749 subsequently released into the wild are not eligible. The animal must also not have been trapped and/or released at any time during its life, except

under a TPWD-approved university/institute scientific study. The animals must be harvested lawfully in Texas during the current hunting season, with the exception of javelina, which will be accepted until Feb. 15 of the following season to allow for submittal of a clean skull. Any ranch in Texas is eligible for program recognition if a qualifying animal harvested on that ranch is entered into the scored category, the first harvest category or the youth division. Ranch recognition is optional at the landowner’s discretion. All scored entries must be scored by a certified Texas Big Game Awards scorer or an official B&C scorer. All animals making the “Top 5” in each of the low- and high-fenced categories will be rescored (or be initially scored) by an official B&C measurer and the original cape must be provided upon

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ommen Hunters! Willkommen Hunters! Willkommen Hunters!

Willkommen Hunters! Willkommen Hunters! Willkommen Hunters! Willk

request prior to the regional awards banquet. All qualifying scored entries will be placed into one of 10 categories and all scored entries must meet the minimum regional scoring criteria. The categories include: 1. Typical white-tailed deer high fence; 2. Typical white-tailed deer low fence; 3. Non-typical white-tailed deer high fence; 4. Non-typical white-tailed deer low fence; 5. Typical mule deer high fence; 6. Typical mule deer low fence; 7. Nontypical mule deer high fence; 8. Non-typical mule deer low fence; 9. Pronghorn Antelope and 10. Javelina. According to the rules, a “low fence” harvested deer

is one taken from a property with no game-proof fencing or a property that has at least one mile of its perimeter with no game-proof fencing. A “high fence” applies to animals harvested from a property which is completely surrounded by game-proof fencing or the property has less than one mile of non-gameproof fencing or no fencing. Eight regions have been established and coincide closely with the wildlife districts at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The regions and their minimum entry requirements, which follow B&C stipula-

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Big Game Awards tions, are as follows for whitetailed deer: Region 1. Trans-Pecos area, 125 typical and 140 non-typical; Region 2. Panhandle area, 130 typical and 145 non-typical; Region 3. Cross Timbers area, 130 typical and 145 nontypical; Region 4. Edwards Plateau area (of which Gillespie County belongs), 130 typical and 145 non-typical; Region 5. Post Oak Savannah area, 125 typical and 140 non-typical; Region 6. Pineywoods area, 125 typical and 140 non-typical; Region 7. Coastal Prairies area, 125 typical and 140 nontypical; Region 8. South Texas area, 140 typical and 155 non-typical. Mule deer minimum scores are 145 for typical and 160 for non-typical. Pronghorn antelope require a minimum entry score of 70. (Further detailed eligibility rules are lined out at www. First Harvest Division Hunters of any age who harvest their first big game ani-

Hunting Guide 2012

Cont. from page 21

mal in Texas are eligible for the “First Big Game Harvest” category — whether it is a buck or doe they harvest, and regardless of the score of the animal. A hunter may receive a “First Harvest” certificate only once during his/her lifetime. Youth Division Any young hunter under 17 years of age when they purchase their hunting license and hunting under the authority of a Youth Hunting License who lawfully harvests any white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, big horn sheep or javelin during the current year’s hunting season is eligible. Any hunter who has a quali- HUNTERS may enter their harvests in the Big com for more information on submissions fying scored entry and is also Game Awards, which are given by region and and eligibility requirements. — Standard-Radio eligible for either the First type of deer. See www.texasbiggameawards. Post photo Big Game Harvest category or Youth Division may receive certificates for both categories, however separate applications are required. A hunter may not receive both a First Big Game Harvest certificate and a Youth Division certificate during the same program year. Youths who enter the First Big Game Harvest category will not receive a Youth Division certificate during that program OPEN DAILY year.


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Hunting Guide 2012

| October 31, 2012

| 23

Hunters help feed the Hill Country’s hungry Hunters can make the most of their sport this season by donating their harvested deer — no mess, no fuss — to a program that helps the needy. “Hunters for the Hungry” is a statewide donation program designed to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in Texas by

connecting hunters with participating deer/meat processors. Since the program started over 20 years ago, the program has provided over two million pounds of meat — nearly nine million servings — to hungry Texans.

During the 2011-2012 season, hunters donated 152,962 pounds of venison, resulting in more than 600,000 servings. O fthat, 6,490 pounds were donated in Gillespie County alone. Gillespie County procesCont. on page 24

Brad Howard

1313 W. Liveoak Certified Taxidermist Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (830) 992-0293

‘HUNTERS FOR THE HUNGRY’ connects hunters to processors who participate in the program. In its 20 years of existence, the program has provided over 2 million pounds of meat to hungry persons around the state. — Standard-Radio Post photo


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OPEN 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MONDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon email: Website: “Serving Gillespie & Surrounding Counties Since 1952”

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Hunting Guide 2012

Hunters for the Hungry Cont. from page 23

sors accepting donations during the upcoming 2012-2013 hunting season are: •Hill Country Deer Processing, (830-997-6043), located at 2162 North U.S. Highway 87 in Fredericksburg; •The Butcher Haus LLC, (830-990-2803), located at 2688 U.S. Highway 87 North in Fredericksburg •LDR Processing and Meat Market, (830-669-2024), located at 16656 U.S. Highway 290 West in Harper. •Bell Mountain Deer Processing, (830-685-3017), 692 Legion Creek Road in Willow City. •Rabke’s Table Ready Meats, (830-685-3266), located at 3875 Eckert Road in Willow City. Other participating processors in the Hill Country area include: —Two near Ingram (Milton Bernhard Meat Processing in Ingram, 830-367-2995, and Woodbury Taxidermy and Wildgame Processing, 830367-5855); —One in Johnson City (Harvest House Farms, 830-8687253); —And one in Llano (Miiller’s Llano Smokehouse, 325-2474450).


For a complete list of Texas processors, visit the website of the Hunters for the Hungry sponsor, the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies, Inc., (TACAA) at: www. To donate deer for the Hunters for the Hungry program, hunters should bring their legally tagged and field dressed deer to a participating meat processor. Hunters are asked to pay the reduced processing fee, which in most cases from $30 to $40. The processing fee may be tax-deductible, and hunters will receive a receipt for their donation. The participating meat processor will then prepare the meat and provide it to a local food assistance provider. In keeping with state regulations, other wild game is not accepted through the program. Hunters for the Hungry cannot accept meat that has already been processed, but can help find a food assistance provider who may be able to accept it directly. More information about the program is asked to call, toll-free, 1-800-992-9767, ext. 506, or email

Serengeti Game Ranch

Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools, Inc.

Come and Visit the Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools Trail 12 Properties Listed in the Register of National Historic Places; Restoring and Preserving Our Historical Buildings “Living Histories Museums”

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Hunting Guide 2012

| October 31, 2012

| 25

Hunters urged to consider Mother Nature Despite being in the middle of Texas where year-round temperatures are generally moderate to warm, the Hill Country is subject to winter temperatures that can bring potential danger in the form of exposure to cold, otherwise known as hypothermia. In fact, people can die when two distinct steps occur: Exposure/Exhaustion The moment the body begins to lose heat faster than it produces heat, the individual is undergoing exposure. That means two things are happening: — An individual voluntarily exercises to stay warm. — His body makes involuntary adjustments to preserve normal temperature in the vital organs. Either response drains energy reserves, and the only way to stop the drain is to reduce are exhausted: not realize this is happening. the degree of exposure. — Cold reaches the brain, — He will lose control of his Hypothermia If exposure continues until depriving him of judgment hands. When this happens, hypoan individual’s energy reserves and reasoning power. He will

thermia has arrived. Internal collapse and death. temperature is sliding downLines Of Defense ward, and without treatment this slide will lead to stupor, Cont. on page 26


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| October 31, 2012


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Hunting Guide 2012

Heed Mother Nature’s chill To ward off exposure, exhaustion and ultimately hypothermia, there are four lines of defense an individual can take: 1. Avoid exposure: Beware of the wind. A slight breeze carries heat away from the skin much faster than still air. Wind drives cold air under and through clothing. Wind refrigerates wet clothes by evaporating moisture from the surface. Wind multiples the problems of staying dry. Understand cold. Most hypothermia cases develop in air temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees (Fahrenheit). Most outdoorsmen simply cannot believe such temperatures can be dangerous. They fatally underestimate the danger of being wet at such temperatures. Water that is 50 degrees is unbearably cold. The cold that kills is cold water running down neck and legs, cold water held against the body by sopping clothes, cold water flushing body heat from the surface of clothes. Don’t ask, “How cold is the air?” Instead, ask, “How cold is the water against my body?”


Use clothes to help by putting on raingear before getting wet. Put on wool clothes before the shivering starts. 2. Terminate Exposure: If staying dry and warm under existing weather conditions is not possible, terminate exposure by using the clothes that are available. Be brave enough to give up getting that buck or wild turkey. Get out of the wind and rain. Build a fire if staying outdoors and concentrate on making camp as secure and comfortable as possible. Never ignore shivering. Persistent or violent shivering is clear warning that an individual is on the verge of hypothermia. Forestall exhaustion by making camp while there is still a reserve of energy. Allow for the fact that exposure greatly reduces normal endurance. People may think they are doing fine when the fact that they are exercising is the only thing preventing them from going into hypothermia. If exhaustion forces an individual to stop, however briefly: — The rate of body heat pro-



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Dietzel Motel

Cont. from page 25

duction instantly drops by 50 percent or more. — Violent incapacitating shivering may begin immediately. — The individual may slip into hypothermia in a matter of minutes. For outdoorsmen like those in a hunting party, make the best-protected member of the group responsible for calling a halt before the least-protected member becomes exhausted or goes into violent shivering. 3. Detect hypothermia: If the group is exposed to wind, cold and wet, think hypothermia. Watch each member for the following symptoms: — Uncontrollable fits of

shivering. — Vague, slow, slurred speech. — Memory lapses. Incoherence. — Immobile, fumbling hands. — Frequent stumbling. Lurching gait. — Drowsiness (to sleep is to die). — Apparent exhaustion. Inability to get up after a rest. 4. Treatment: The victim may deny that he is in trouble. Believe the symptoms, not the patient. Even mild symptoms demand immediate, drastic treatment. — Get the victim out of the wind and rain.





Give Away in Cash


Ov er 45 Y Exp ears erie nce

For Deer Brought In To Be Processed or Mounted Best Overall High Fence Buck Best Overall Low Fence Buck Ladies’ Best Overall Buck Best Exotic Ladies Most Points Most Points Longest Spike Heaviest Buck Heaviest Doe Heaviest Hog

$100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

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PROCESSING 830-669-2024

Clean, Quiet, Comfortable Rooms “Willkommen”

— Strip off all wet clothes. — If the patient is only mildly impaired, give him warm drinks. Get him into dry clothes and a warm sleeping bag. Well-wrapped, warm (not hot) rocks or canteens will hasten recovery. — If the patient is semiconscious or worse, try to keep him awake and give warm drinks. Leave him stripped and put him into a sleeping bag with another person (also stripped). If a double sleeping bag is available, put the victim between two warm donors. Skin to skin contact is the most effective treatment. Build a fire to warm the camp.


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Hunting Guide 2012

| October 31, 2012

| 27

Want a photo in the newspaper? Submissions must meet these criteria As is tradition, the Freder- lowing qualifications: • All animals pictured must icksburg Standard-Radio Post legally-harvested following all will again publish photos of be Texas regulations; successful hunters and their •Either the animal or the treasured white-tailed bucks hunter must be from Gillespie during the 2012-2013 general County; •Only the hunter who shot the rifle season. deer may appear in the photo — To qualify for publication, no exceptions; •The animal’s entire carcass the photos must meet the fol-

WE WELCOME your submissions of deer photos. Please see guidelines so we can help you publicize your successful hunt. — Standard-Radio Post photo by Yvonne Hartmann

Snoring? Big one get away? Do your buddies and yourself a favor, plan one night in the HCM Sleep Lab.

must be present and attached to the head. (No caped out or head-only/antler-only photos will be accepted.) •Photos of does or spikes will not be accepted; •During regular business hours — Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. — available staff photographers will take photos of those stopping in at the newspaper office, 712 West Main Street. (Such images are in digital format and photo reprints will be made available for purchase at the newspaper’s website and • Hunters may submit their own color photographs in a

digital format by emailing the original, unedited image as a separate .jpg attachment to: (Digital submissions should be 300 pixels per inch or higher in resolution. Photos printed off home printers or that are of low resolution will not be accepted.) • All emailed photos should also contain text with the following information: name of the hunter, daytime contact phone number, the location of where the deer was harvested, time and date of the kill, a fielddressed weight of the deer (if available,) the buck’s number of points, size (width and height) of the antlers and a Boone & Crockett score (if applicable.) All photos from the 2012-2013 season will be published prior to the Feb. 13 2013, issue. Any hunters wishing to see their photos in print should submit them in a timely manner following the kill so that the photo may be processed in time for publishing prior to the cut-off date.


The HCM Sleep Lab, located in


Fredericksburg, can assess your sleep patterns, and a report can be directed to your physician so you can be treated.

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post

Hunting Guide 2012

Deer in headlights? Don’t swerve! The expression to look “like a deer in headlights” came about for a reason. Deer (and other wildlife, for that matter) often freeze when caught moseying across the highway at night and a fastWhile hunting for the Big One, be sure to stop by & find something for your Special One!

y r l e w e J z i Ambr 807 West Main Street Fredericksburg, Texas 830.990.4932

moving vehicle approaches out of the darkness with lights pointed straight at them. Deadly road hazards The scene of vehicle versus wildlife is replayed more frequently as roads continue to

be constructed, encroaching upon wildlife habitat. The time of year is also a factor, since most deer migration and mating season months see higher animal movement from October through December.

Each year, an estimated 200 roadway fatalities are from accidents involving vehicles and deer, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS.) Cont. on page 29

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Guided Day Hunts

Diamond M Ranch V V V V V V V

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830-997-7056 or 830-997-4562 Fax: 830-997-6808 In conjunction with the TPWD Game Management Program

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Deer in head lights?


__________________________________ Serving Texas Since 1981 __________________________________ 101A S. Adams (Kerrville Hwy.) • 997-8869 LARGEST SELECTION OF T-SHIRTS IN TOWN Side Street Shopping across from the Courthouse

Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 Saturday 10:00-6:00 Open Most Sunday Afternoons 12:30 - 4:00

| October 31, 2012

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•Don’t swerve. Since the most serious crashes occur when drivers swerve, a driver when encountering a deer in the road should hold on to the steering wheel tightly, continue along in his/ her lane of traffic and brake firmly. •Notice the landscape. If in an area where roads divide agricultural fields from woody areas, or in curvy roads that cut through passes between hills, drive with particular care. •Read the signs. Road signs often indicate where deer are likely to cross the road. These signs are posted in areas known to have large deer populations. •Watch the weather forecast. Changing weather often means more wildlife movement. Prepare for seasonal changes with fresh wiper blades, fully-functioning headlights, a full radiator and wiper fluid reservoir and a spare tire in good shape. As an extra precaution, always carry emergency gear such •Keep eyes peeled, scan- as flashlights, jumper cables ning alongside the road and and signal flares. into the distance ahead. If a •Look at the clock. Deer deer is spotted, slow down are more likely to move from because more are likely to be 6 p.m. to midnight. there, too. •Turn on bright lights. Use

There were an estimated 1.23 million deer-vehicle collisions in the United States between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 3012, which cost more than $4 billion in vehicle damage. Prevent accidents With Texas notorious as one of the top 10 states in which vehicles befall accidents with deer, it is always a good idea to watch for four-legged pedestrians along roadways in the Hill Country. Motorists should keep a close watch for animals that occasionally wander onto the highway, especially at night. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists say that, in years like this one where there has been ample rain, the environment supports an increase in wildlife population. To help protect against the rampant roadway intrusions, drivers should adhere to the following IIHS tips:

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high-beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams will reflect off deer’s eyes to warn of their presence. •Don’t rely on whistling. Drivers should not rely on unproven deer whistles. Likewise, don’t count on deer fences or reflectors to be an effective enough deer deterrent. All it takes is one deer on the roadway. •Buckle up. Always wear seat belts. •Don’t touch. If a driver strikes a deer, he/she should not touch the animal. An injured deer will be frightened and can act erratically, causing further injury to itself or anyone around it. If the deer is blocking the highway, call the police. “Drivers need to stay focused and alert at all times, but especially at this time of year when deer activity increases,” TxDOT spokesman John Hurt said. It’s unlawful to possess a deer or part of a deer that has been hit by a vehicle. More information on wildlife laws is available online at http://www.tpwd.state. general/penalties/.

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Hunting Guide 2012

Sunrise, sunset times listed for Gillespie County Daylight Saving Time goes into effect Sunday, Nov. 4 The times given below are the general times of sunrise and sunset for Gillespie County, Texas, for the general hunting season — Nov. 3 through Jan. 6, 2013. Hunters should take note that Central Standard Time returns at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4. Nov. 3, 2012 – Jan. 1, 2013

A.M. P.M. Day Rise Set NOVEMBER 3 7:51 6:57 4 6:53 5:45 5 6:53 5:45 6 6:54 5:44 7 6:55 5:43 8 6:56 5:43 9 6:57 5:42 10 6:57 5:41 11 6:58 5:41 12 6:59 5:40 13 7:00 5:40

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Hunting Guide 2012

| October 31, 2012

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From bucks to vixen to shoat...

Names reveal age, gender

Hunters and sportsmen animals and birds. alike have long argued over ••• the names of the sexes and Species, male, female, young: Antelope: Buck, doe, fawn. young of animals and birds. Bear: Boar, sow, cub. For once and for all, here’s a Caribou: Buck, doe, fawn. listing of the correct reference Deer: Buck, doe, fawn. for some of North America’s Elk: Bull, cow, calf.

Goat: Billy, nanny, kid. Moose: Bull, cow, calf. Sheep: Ram, ewe, lamb. Swine: Boar, sow, shoat. Beaver: Male, female, kit. Coyote: Dog, bitch, whelp. Duck: Drake, hen, duckling. Fox: Dog, vixen, kit. Swan: Cob, pen, cygnet.

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ADDITIONAL COPIES of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post’s Hunting Guide 2012 are available at the newspaper offices, 712 West Main Street, and at various other locations around the county.

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Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post General Excellence Issue 2  

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