2020 Annual Report

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2019 1 2020 Annual Report

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Our Vision Our vision is to be a premier law enforcement agency committed to delivering unparalleled service.

Our Mission Our mission is to provide outstanding service through innovative policing techniques and community partnerships to improve the quality of life for everyone. We embrace the City Values that inspire us to take pride and ownership in our Department by promoting leadership at all levels.

Our City Values Abundant Compassion

Agile Innovation Energized Work Environment Essential Engagement Outstanding Customer Service Unwavering Stewardship


Message from Police Chief Looking back at the year 2020, its clear life as we knew it was completely turned upside down for everyone across the world. Globally, we experienced an unexpected health pandemic that changed everything – businesses and restaurants closed temporarily and when they reopened, they changed how they operate. Employers went to maximum telework. Schools closed mid-year and when the new school year began, schools went to virtual learning forcing teachers, students, and parents to adjust to a new, foreign approach to learning. Everyone’s daily routine shifted dramatically, from how they shop to how they interact with one another. Nationally, the country watched body camera footage of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota unjustifiably take the life of George Floyd which sparked outrage across the country. As I have stated before, Chauvin’s behaviors are not reflective of the values of our organization. I am proud of all my employees, especially the sworn staff, who selflessly took an oath to protect our historic City and its residents. Locally, we experienced many challenges but also had many successes during 2020. Following the avoidable death of George Floyd, the City of Fredericksburg encountered civil unrest in May and June as we’ve never experienced. Our agency was called to navigate new challenges and performed well in many aspects but it was clear there were areas needing improvement. In an effort to fulfill our mission of being dedicated to fair and just policing while safely serving our community, we immediately began an internal after-action review of our response to civil unrest. While performing our internal review, City Council was leaning forward and hired the Police Executive Research Forum, or PERF, to conduct an external review of our response and use of force from May 31st through June 2nd, 2020. PERF completed its review and provided it to us in February 2021. I was grateful for the third-party review and we are currently reviewing and implementing many of the recommendations. During an unprecedented year, it was clear to see the strong bonds we have with our community residents, business owners, youth, and leaders. We received overwhelming support from the community in various forms to include food donations, parades, live-music, letters of appreciation, and more. When looking for new ways to collaborate with the community, whether it was expanding our Citizens Advisory Panel or partnering with local faith-based organizations, we received positive responses from community members ready to work hand-in-hand with us. I know with the support of our outstanding community, there is nothing our agency cannot overcome or achieve. 4

Even as I write this message in 2021, it is clear to see we are not out of the unforeseen storm just yet. Police reform is a national conversation and COVID continues to rear its ugly head across the world. We mustn’t let the storm raging on around us deter us from the important work we are doing together as a community here in Fredericksburg. I encourage everyone in my agency and the community to view one another as neighbors. I am dedicated to having our agency be the very best for our entire community. While facing the COVID pandemic over the past year, the slogan has been “we’re in this together.” Let’s never forget this simple yet profound phrase and apply it to our everyday actions, choices, and relationships. We are in this life together so let’s enhance our community together regardless of what storm comes our way.

Chief of Police Brian Layton

“During 2020, we saw how dedicated our employees are to this noble profession and the community they serve as well as how resilient they are during challenging times.” 5

Dedication Outreach to Senior Citizens

Department Response to Health Epidemic

Armed with bouquets of flowers, boxes of choco-

In March, COVID-19 spread across the country

lates, and cards signed by Department employees, sev-

and completely changed everyone’s routine, to in-

eral officers visited senior citizens across the City on

clude how our agency operates and responds to calls

Valentine’s Day. In addition to brightening their day,

for assistance. Social distancing practices were put into

officers provided each senior citizen information about

place, reports that didn’t require an in-person re-

community resources and brochures on various types

sponse were taken telephonically, employees adjusted

of scams targeting the elderly. The annual outreach ef-

telework, and masks became part of the uniform. De-

fort is as meaningful to officers as it is to the elderly

spite several adjustments occurring at once, Fredericks-

they visit.

burg Police employees continued to provide the high-

“I love my police department,” she said. “They’re

quality exceptional service citizens

are accustomed to.

sweethearts.” - Debbie Zimmerman 6

COVID Awareness Patrol Vehicle As part of its ongoing effort to show and raise support for various causes, the police department wrapped one of its patrol vehicles in response to COVID -19. The wrap served two purposes: to educate the public on how to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to thank

the health care profession for working tirelessly and risking their own lives during the health pandemic.

“The specially-wrapped vehicle is a great way to celebrate healthcare workers and the partnership between Mary Washing-

ton Healthcare and the Fredericksburg Police Department!” Eileen Dohmann, Chief Nursing Officer for MWHC


Department Learns from Civil Unrest After the country watched George Floyd’s life

aspects, while also showing there were areas needing im-

tragically taken by Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneap-

provement. The Department is committed to excellence

olis, Minnesota, people took to the streets to exercise

and will be better prepared to handle civil unrest in the fu-

their first amendment right and express their outrage


over the avoidable death. Hundreds of men and women

of all ages protested his death in the City of Fredericks-

Use of Force Policy Revised

burg in a manner never seen before. The Department

Before the Agency experienced civil unrest in May

faced new experiences and learned from the civil un-

and June, the Police Chief and Professional Standards Lieu-

rest. Immediately following unrest, the Department

tenant were already closely reviewing the use of force poli-

conducted an internal after-action review of its perfor-

cy. They wanted to ensure it encompassed best practices

mance, which showed officers performed well in many

while building public trust and safeguarding staff. In July

after extensive research, the Department implemented



progressive change to include a duty to intervene by all police department employees.

Citizens Advisory Panel Expanded Chief Layton expanded the Citizens Advisory Panel to ensure it was inclusive and representative of the City his department serves. The panel went from five to nine members and its newest additions brought representation to downtown businesses, City youth, diverse population, and military.

“I want to thank our police department for their steadfast commitment to transparency and ethical policing. Chief Layton

and his team of officers serve and protect our City every day.” Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw. 9


Mike Athenry

Paul Dooley

Crystal Hill

Brian Layton

Promoted to Lieutenant

Promoted to Sergeant

Promoted to Lieutenant

Promoted to Chief

Jen Moore

Katie Pearce

Mike Presutto

Promoted to Sergeant

Promoted to Captain

Betsy Mason Promoted to Captain

Promoted to Sergeant


Department Awards

Finbarr Murphy

Linda Skinner

Officer of the Year

Employee of the Year


Employee EmployeeAchievements Achievements

Officer Carr

Lieutenant Lynch

FOP Officer of the Year

Homes for Heros

Officer Starkston MADD Award

Detective Schafer Chamber of Commerce Investigative Award



Nikki Gentry

Rick Pennock

24 Years of Service

35 Years of Service


Video Productions Behind the Badge: Officer McCurdy

Behind the Badge: Officer Carr


Thank You, Fredericksburg!

Project Lifesaver

A Day in the Life of Our Watershed Manager


Crime Stats 2016




Murder/ Homicide*





Forcible Rape*










Aggravated Assault*





Burglary/ Breaking and Entering

















Larceny Motor Vehicle Theft Total


Clearance Rate 2020

National Clearance Rate 2020

This statistical chart represents the number of reported major crimes from 2016 to 2020. The data in the chart may differ from data published in the Virginia State Police Crime Report and/or previous FPD annual reports for one or more reasons, most commonly because the case status or classification of a report may have changed since the publication of either document.

*count by number of victims, not by number of incidents


“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic suspending several narcotics operations, the Narcotics Unit made more arrests and served more direct indictments than the previous year.” - Captain Mason

In 2020, the Vice/Narcotics Unit seized approximately $36,000 in assets from the distribution of narcotics cases. These investigations were from distributions of fentanyl, heroin, LSD, scheduled pills, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, synthetic cathinones, and crack cocaine. The Vice/Narcotics Unit has detectives assigned to the Fredericksburg Regional Narcotics Task Force, which partners with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Virginia State Police, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, and the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. This partnership gives the Fredericksburg Police Department the ability to investigate drug cases stemming from the City of Fredericksburg or drug cases from inside or outside of the Commonwealth with ties to the City of Fredericksburg. In 2019, the Vice/Narcotics Unit worked investigations with the FBI, DEA, ATF, ABC, USPS, US Marshals, the Virginia State Police, the Stafford County Sherriff’s Office, the Spotsylvania County Sherriff’s Office, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the King George County Sherriff’s Office, the Caroline County Sherriff's Office, the Fauquier County Sherriff’s Office, the Prince William County Police Department, the Fairfax County Police Department, and the Army National Guard. In total, the Narcotics Unit made 27 arrests, obtained 24 Direct Indictments, and obtained/executed 31 Search Warrants.

Narcotics Stats


Acknowledgements Sarah Morris, Public Information Officer Debbie Mars, Crime Analyst