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Fredericksburg Academy

EST. 1992

Founded in 1992 by parents in search of the ideal school for their children, Fredericksburg Academy has become a top college preparatory school rivaling schools around the nation.

As one parent said,

“When I mention FA all I hear is ‘Wow, that’s such a great school.’” We Encourage Our Students to Constantly Evolve With a Mission That Inspires Their Best. Gold Standard in Teaching Rigorous Art, Music, Drama

Access to Excellence for Your Family Winning Teams, Playing for Fun

A Real Community and Extras That Matter In Upper School, Close Friendships and Independence A College Admissions Edge Two decades after our founding, there is still no other school like Fredericksburg Academy in the region. Our students are surrounded by friendly, motivated peers with lots of talent. We also develop caring, responsible human beings in a nonreligious program.

An FA education pays off today with engaged students who love school and in the future with graduates who make the most of their college educations and are successful in life.

Fredericksburg Academy

EST. 1992

Gold Standard in Teaching “Passionate, wonderful teachers make FA a destination school,” says one of our parents. Another says, “The teaching is so clearly better and so clearly different.”

What makes it so different is a

them very well, their interests, talents,

combination of two things: 1)

writing styles, ambitions. When you

Outstanding faculty with an average of

really know your students you can keep

12 years’ teaching experience. They not

pushing them in the direction they need

only care about their students but they’re

to go to be successful.”

experts in great teaching. They’ve been published in their fields and honored for

What you get at FA that you don’t get at

excellence and innovation in teaching by

other schools, says one of our parents,

organizations such as the Smithsonian

is “an actual education. Students learn

Institution and the National Association

problem solving, critical thinking,

of Independent Schools. 2) Small classes

citizenship, writing, and technology

(10-18 with a 7:1 student-teacher ratio)

skills rather than testing.” This “actual

that give excellent teachers the time to

education” is what our faculty calls “the

maximize each student’s potential. As

enduring skills” – an extraordinary

one of our teachers says, “We help young

foundation for anything a student

people grow as students. We get to know

chooses to do in college and life.

↘ FAct: Enrollment cap of 14 students in 3-year-old prekindergarten class (with two full-time teachers).

“I love teaching at FA because there is a real sense of community here. I’ve worked here for over ten years, and I have been able to watch students I have taught grow up in front of my eyes! Often I’ve had the privilege of teaching not just one child from a family but all the siblings. I’ve gotten to know families very well this way.” -FA Second-Grade Teacher

Reflections of an FA Parent

“She has blossomed, developed her sense of self, found her place in time. Is she a clown, a poet, an inventor, a psychiatrist, a runner, a libertarian, or perhaps a philosopher? Is she all of these? She knows she can be; you have given her the world, the keys to all the doors, possibilities.�

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“It’s really hard to choose my favorite thing about FA, but the main thing for me is the travel opportunities. In eighth grade I was able to go to Costa Rica, and it was the best time of my life. Now I am preparing to go to the Galapagos this summer!” –Jenna, sophomore

The LeMay Family Occupation: Janet – Admin Assistant Children at FA: Jenna, sophomore Distance from Home to FA: Half-mile How They Heard About FA: Jenna was attending Dawning Point Daycare next door and the owner/director told me I should try to get her at FA; she’d heard wonderful things about the school. I didn’t even think it was a possibility until I found out there was financial aid. Since then, it’s been the only school for Jenna!

Favorite Thing About FA: My favorite thing about FA is the nurturing teachers. The teachers have an open-door policy and welcome all students seeking help or just needing to talk. They are also known to take part in musical performances and school plays to the delight and laughter of the audience.

Best FA Memory: My favorite memory is Jenna being accepted into the Global Explorers program. She had worked very hard on her application and was ecstatic when she found out she got in.

What They Want Prospective Parents to Know About FA: FA is not only preparing children to be successful in college but also in their adult lives by teaching them what it means to be responsible and giving back to the community, whether it’s volunteering at a hospital or taking part in a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Students at FA are shown the “bigger picture” of what it means to work together and how they have the ability to shape and change their lives as well as the lives of others. I would also tell prospective parents that you might not think it’s affordable, but you owe it to your child to get the facts about financial aid.

Fredericksburg Academy

Beyond Words Percentage of college acceptance for our graduating seniors

Age of the youngest child served by FA (Prekindergarten-3 Class)

Maximum class size in first through twelfth grades

Student-teacher ratio

Meters in FA’s indoor pool

Average years of teaching experience for FA teachers

Full-time college counselor

Field Hockey state championships (2002 and 2008) Seats in FA’s state-of-the-art Reed Theater

Percentage of students receiving financial aid

Laptop for each Upper School student Acres constituting the FA campus

Average number of colleges and universities to which our seniors are accepted

FA’s founding year

Access to Excellence for Your Family If cost is a barrier for your family, you should know that merit or need-based scholarships are available at FA, with 30 percent of students receiving some form of financial assistance. Every FA family gets an exceptional

the experience of team sports. Lower

value for its tuition because this

and Middle School students whose

school provides quality on par with

families want their children to realize

programs throughout the country that

their potential and be top students.

cost twice the tuition. FA has a diverse

FA students love coming to school,

socioeconomic community, yet we share the common goal of wanting the best education possible for our children.

whether they are fifteen or five. As one teacher says, “Talents that might have been overlooked in other schools due

Who should come to FA? Upper School

to a lack of program or time will be

students who are engaged, capable,

developed here.”

and interested in lots of different things. Students who want to take advantage of many opportunities such as top academics and arts, an

Another teacher says, “Students can go to the best colleges. They can be three-sport athletes without being

award-winning newspaper, service

overwhelmed. They can be involved

trips around the world, and science

in plays, write for the newspaper, and

teams in robotics and marine biology.

take part in so many opportunities for

Students who are championship

leadership. That’s something I want for

athletes, or novice athletes who want

my own children.”

↘ FAct: Annual Founders Merit Scholarship provides four outstanding rising ninth-grade students with half of their tuition for their four years in Upper School.

“At FA, independent thinking, well-developed writing, poise and comfort with public speaking and performance, and development of healthy life choices are emphasized literally from the moment our students are welcomed into Pre-K until the moment they walk out the door, diploma in hand, to tackle the world.� -FA Board of Trustees member and FA parent of students in the Classes of 2016, 2018, and 2021

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“FA is really different. It’s more of a family than a school—everyone has each other’s back.” –AJ, junior

The Topps Family Occupations: Dr. Jacinta Topps – Pediatrician; Andrew Topps – Attorney Children at FA: AJ, junior; Carolyn, eighth grade Distance from Home to FA: 2.3 miles How They Heard About FA: Jacinta first heard about FA through discussions with parents of her patients.

Favorite Thing About FA: Our favorite thing about FA is the nurturing environment that encourages students to explore different interests without being pigeonholed into preconceived stereotypes. We believe the feeling of the FA community allows students to experiment and try new things, which creates a greater sense of self and self-worth.

Best FA Memory: While both AJ and Carolyn are three-sport athletes, our favorite memories have transpired off the court/pitch/course. Our best FA memories are: Carolyn being awarded the Faculty Prize during the fifth grade recognition ceremony and AJ making his theatrical debut in Neil Simon’s Rumors last spring.

What They Want Prospective Parents to Know About FA: What sets FA apart from other schools in the area are the meaningful opportunities available for your child to achieve in arts, athletics and academics.

Rigorous Art, Music, Drama The visual and performing arts are a focus at FA. As our teachers have said, the arts program is as rigorous as the academic program. Students with a natural love for the arts have the courses and performance opportunities they need to cultivate their talents. Other students discover their musical, acting, and artistic talents throughout their years at FA in an expansive program that includes visiting artists, courses through the AP level, instrumental and choral instruction and ensembles, and major stage productions each year, with students in all divisions performing. Our arts teachers are working artists and trained

educators in visual art, music, and theater. Campus resources include art and music studios and the 413-seat Donald and Susan Reed Theater. FA’s ability to nurture creativity is borne out by group and individual student accomplishments, a high degree of involvement by the entire school community in performances, and admission to top art schools and university theater and music programs. Individual FA students have been

↘ FAct: Music Ensembles: Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir (Women’s and Mixed), Chorus, A Capella Club, Rock Band

featured in USA Today and selected for the national Honor Choir, and have had their creative works published.

“With many opportunities for students to grow and develop, Fredericksburg Academy is a school that supports each and every one of its students.” -Blair, FA Class of 2012

Reflections of an FA Parent

“She sang in The Three Piggy Opera, wore her dog-studded Easter bonnet for Grandparents’ Day, donned tissues on her head for phonics and carried a baby to America. She wrote poems in class and after school, and created figurative rhymes while she literally jumped from one desk to the next. ”

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“At FA, you’re not afraid to express yourself. We feel open to dress in our own style, to create true relationships with our teachers, and to speak up in class.” –Makenna, seventh grade

The Page Family Occupations: Rob–Software company executive; Cheryl–Staff member, University of Mary Washington

Children at FA: Makenna, seventh grade; Matthew, kindergarten Distance from Home to FA: 4.4 miles How They Heard About FA: A fellow parent at Makenna’s preschool. She told us about FA’s Open House. We attended and were hooked.

Favorite Thing About FA: We don’t have one favorite but three, although they are all related: small classes that allow for more individual attention and teacher enthusiasm!

Best FA Memory: Makenna: Our best memory of FA is when the fifthgraders presented at the podium for the fifth grade recognition ceremony. They wrote their speeches and presented with impressive poise and confidence. Each picked a favorite FA moment and a teacher he or she wanted to thank. Matthew: Our shy preschooler was PROUD to be in a play; he performed as one of the three little piggies. MARVELOUS!

What They Want Prospective Parents to Know About FA: FA doesn’t teach to standardized tests/SOLs even though the student body produces distinguished marks on such exams. If it weren’t for small class sizes, individual attention and enthusiastic teachers, this might be our favorite thing about FA!

Winning Teams, Playing for Fun At FA you can be a champion athlete or you can simply play for the love of the game. Some of our teams, such as Girls Field

even if you’ve never played before.

Hockey, Girls and Boys Lacrosse, Boys

You can be a competitive player in

Cross Country, Girls and Boys Tennis,

one sport and try another. You can be

and Girls and Boys Swimming are fast

a three-sport athlete. Our players are

becoming the ones to watch, and the

consistently All-Conference and All-

ones to beat.

State. We emphasize sportsmanship,

What makes us really proud is that these players are kind people and

camaraderie, and development of the scholar-athlete.

great students in addition to being

We also have beautiful facilities,

winning athletes. FA has pockets of

including a 25-meter indoor pool, a

athletic power in some of the most

gymnasium housing a regulation

popular sports today. So if you are

NCAA basketball court, fitness room,

a top athlete, we want you to know

two outdoor play areas, and a sports

you can excel at FA. At the same time,

complex including a cross-country

unlike a lot of schools, FA lets you

course, five playing fields, and four

have the experience of team sports

tennis courts.

↘ FAct: Fall Teams: Cross Country Girls Field Hockey Boys Soccer Girls Tennis Winter Teams: Swimming Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Dance Spring Teams: Golf Girls Lacrosse Boys Lacrosse Boys Tennis Girls Soccer

Falcon Pride

A Real Community and Extras That Matter Is genuine respect, caring and friendship in a school community a necessity for learning? We think it is. “At FA you don’t have to lock your locker,” says one student. “The receptionist greets me like an old friend,” says a Lower School mother. “What impresses me is the collaboration between teachers and kids here,” says one of our teachers. “There’s an incredible energy here.” That energy feeds our school spirit on the field, in plays, in the hallways, in classes. It feeds our push for excellence and lots of other “extras” we think are essential: • A schoolwide Honor Code • Welcomed parent involvement • Life-changing service trips to Costa Rica; the Arctic; Baja, Mexico; and Machu Picchu

• Foreign languages beginning in Lower School • A swimming pool and lessons so everyone learns to swim by fifth grade • Personal laptops for every student in Upper School • A full-time college counselor • An intensive senior capstone project • Signature trips like the Middle School overnight to the Chesapeake Bay

↘ FAct: International trips offered to FA students include England/ Scotland, the Galapagos Islands, India, Spain, China, Italy and Greece.

• Language trips to France and Spain. These are some of the rare and meaningful extras that set an FA education and our graduates apart.

“I love the inquisitive nature of many of the students at FA, and I love that there is a community of trust that enables everyone to live up to their potential.” -FA Middle School history teacher

“Fredericksburg Academy’s small classes, diverse curriculum and caring attitude are what we have found to be their winning formula. We believe that the education our children have received and continue to receive at Fredericksburg Academy will help them to reach their potential.” -FA parents of students in the Classes of 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2018

“Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places I have been. But I think if I had visited on a normal vacation I would not have appreciated all of its attributes. I would never have gone hiking through the rainforest or gone bird watching. I would never have played soccer with all the kids in Ostional or talked to them for an hour and a half. My Costa Rica experience is so full of surprises that I would run out of ink writing them all. I will never forget this trip.” -Chris, participant in FA’s Global Explorers program

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“[My teacher] Mr. Evans is fun and funny. He finds a way to make learning fun and comes up with really cool ideas. Instead of sitting and talking to us, he lets us try things out.” –Noah, fourth grade

The Adams Family Occupations: Michael and Elizabeth Adams–co-owners of a commercial real estate development firm

Children at FA: Noah, fourth grade; Olivia, second grade Distance from Home to FA: 5.8 miles How They Heard About FA: We first heard about FA through several friends of ours in town. When our son was about to enroll in kindergarten we wanted to visit to see what FA was all about.

Favorite Thing About FA: Our favorite thing about FA is that it is an independent private school with small classes.

Best FA Memory: One special memory is when Noah had to write about his family and what made each individual special. He then had to read it aloud in front of his classmates as well as the parents that were there. It was very nice to hear him talk about all of our family members in his own words.

What They Want Prospective Parents to Know About FA: FA is a small independent school that focuses on individual students’ needs and requirements, while also helping them become well-rounded individuals. They focus on academics yet also offer athletics and the arts to all children.

Fredericksburg Academy Student Ambassadors

Top 10 Reasons We Love FA ↘ FAct: Student Ambassadors are Middle and Upper School students who spread the word about FA in the community, give tours to prospective families, and help make new students feel welcome.

This is Simone Wicker, Class of 2012, chair of the Student Ambassadors.

We are driven and dedicated students. We have a strong sense of school spirit. We Are a family and Have a sense of community.

We care about the Honor System. We care about equality.

We have teachers who care.

We have small classes.

We have a passion for learning.

We have a lot of opportunities.

We are focused on college.

In Upper School, Close Friendships and Independence It’s true FA is probably smaller than a typical high school, but if you think that means you’ll have a small experience, it’s just not true. There’s nothing small about having incredible friends and amazing teachers who are experts in their fields and just all around terrific people. There’s nothing small about getting into the best colleges, taking science class on the Galapagos Islands, designing a robot for a major robotics competition, or practicing your Spanish in Spain. You’ll find that there’s nothing small about building your AP Studio Art portfolio, writing for an award-winning student newspaper, or staging major theater productions like Fiddler on the Roof, Once Upon a Mattress, Into the Woods, The Sound of Music, and Les Miserables. As one student said, “It’s more exciting here because you not only get to go into greater depth in your classes

and everything you want to do – sports, plays, art, service – your friends do too. It’s more exciting because people know you and you know them.” Or as another student said, “It’s the best of both, really. You can have great, close friends and real bonds day to day and a bigger social scene when you want it. We invite lots of guests to homecoming, dances, performances, and games.” What’s big here is the range of people you’ll meet, the independence and responsibility you’ll develop, and the way this school will push your talents. It’s a big high school experience so that you’re ready to make the most of everything your big life has to offer you.

↘ FAct: 6 Issues published per year of FA’s student newspaper, The Falcon Flier, which was named the area’s Best Overall Student Newspaper in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011.

Reflections of an FA Parent

“I see her as lovely and sensitive, determined and just, thoughtful and imaginative, alive and fun. John and I take some credit, but we strongly believe that she is the person she is today because of her collective village. You have all been a great part of that village, and we thank you for helping us. �

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“It’s so friendly here, and all the teachers try to help you out. The expectations are really high, so I’ve learned not to be afraid to ask for help.” –Ismael, ninth grade

The DelaRosa Family Occupations: Cheri, Licensing and Accreditation Specialist; Ismael, Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps

Children at FA: Ismael, ninth grade; Sophia, third grade Distance from Home to FA: 4.7 miles How They Heard About FA: When we decided that we wanted a private school education for our children, we began researching private schools in the area and picked FA.

Favorite Thing About FA: From the first day we walked into the school, we were received and treated like family. FA has high expectations of our children and encourages them to rise to their potential. FA teachers love being teachers, and they actively participate in our children’s educational journey in the most loving and supportive way.

Best FA Memory: Our favorite memories of FA are when we have gotten a call or an email from one of our children’s teachers to tell us about an academic achievement or simply to tell us something wonderful they did or said that day. In those moments we are not only extremely proud of our children, but we are also amazed and appreciative of the teacher for taking the time to highlight the uniqueness of our child.

What They Want Prospective Parents to Know About FA: Although FA is a difficult financial investment for our family, you will have a hard time finding any other school that will partner with you not only to prepare your children academically, but to also to help them become the best versions of themselves.

A College Admissions Edge One hundred percent of our graduates are accepted into colleges and universities, including some of the nations’s most selective institutions. Our students score significantly above

One recent alumnus had this to

the national and state averages on the

say: “FA fully equipped me with not

SAT. They consistently score three or

only the skills and knowledge that

higher on AP exams, and each year

I need to succeed in college, but

several graduates are AP Scholars.

also with a sense of confidence in

Our full-time college counselor works individually with students and provides guidance to families on every aspect of the college selection and application process.

the classroom that many students don’t have.” As our college counselor says, “We take to heart what colleges and universities have told us about the importance of personal responsibility as an indicator of

Our graduates have been accepted

college success. It’s not just making

into elite schools including Carnegie

a smooth transition to university

Mellon, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke,

work and life; it’s being able to

Emory, Kenyon, NYU, Savannah

maximize all the opportunities

College of Art and Design, Smith,

your university will offer you.

Swarthmore, Tulane, USC, UVA,

Self-motivation and responsibility

Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and

are absolutely critical.” An FA

William & Mary. Seniors in the most

education is designed with this

recent class were accepted into an

goal in mind. As students grow

average of three universities each

through the FA program they

and received an average of $56,667

develop motivation, independence,

in merit scholarship monies. And

and responsibility so they can fully

when they get to college, an FA

engage in college and ultimately be

education continues paying off.

more successful in life.

↘ FAct: Expert guidance through the college selection and application process begins with individual parent and student meetings with the college counselor junior year.

FA Fa m i l y S t o r i e s

“I like the smaller classes because the teachers can focus on each of us individually. You learn more in-depth in every subject; you learn better because you can get that attention you need.” –Aleisha, seventh grade

The ThompsonHeinz Family Occupations: Valerie - Full time mom; Chris - Owner of consulting firm Children at FA: Aleisha, eighth grade; Colin, fifth grade; Ian, Class of 2010 and currently a student at the University of Mary Washington

Distance from Home to FA: 5 miles (but it was 20 miles for our first three years at the school)

How they heard about FA: We first saw FA on the internet in 2000 when we were getting ready to move to the area. We originally settled in Stafford, which we were told had a good public school system. Both of us received some of our education at private Catholic schools, so we already were aware of the benefits of a private school education. FA was always in our minds as an option if the public schools did not live up to their reputation and the cost was affordable.

Favorite Thing About FA: Our favorite thing about FA is the focus on letting each child be himself or herself in the context of the larger community. Individuality is encouraged, but the responsibility to the larger community to be a productive and cooperative member of the FA family is just as important. All three of our children have thrived in this atmosphere.

Best FA Memory: With three kids in the school, we would have to say our best overall memory was the day we realized that our children were going to and coming home from school happy. They enjoyed being at FA. No complaining or whining. They were chatting and sometimes singing on the way home.

“No matter how old I get or how far away I travel, I will always remember my Senior Exhibit, and there are several key reasons for that. I’d like to think that I would remember any endeavor that took me over a year to complete, but my Exhibit means way more to me than just a lengthy time commitment. Through it, I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail, as long as I stay determined; that communication is vital for success; that a smile goes further than you’d think; not to underestimate people; to take chances; and, most valuably, that my once dreamed-about career is still something I wish to pursue.” -Jamie, FA Class of 2009, Virginia Tech Class of 2013

We would love to welcome your family to campus for a personal visit. See our teachers and students in action, feel the warmth of the FA community, and learn more about the application and financial aid process.

Gold Standard in Teaching Access to Excellence for Your Family Rigorous Art, Music, Drama

Visits can be scheduled on any weekday school is in session and during summer hours. Contact the Admission Office at 540.898.0020

Winning Teams, Playing for Fun

or Learn more about our curricular and

A Real Community and Extras That Matter

co-curricular offerings on our website,, where our online application is available.

10800 Academy Drive Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

In Upper School, Close Friendships and Independence A College Admissions Edge


Thank you for your interest in Fredericksburg Academy. We look forward to meeting you!

Fredericksburg Academy

EST. 1992 10800 Academy Drive Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408 540.898.0020 There shall be no discrimination by the school in the selection of the Board of Trustees, in the employment of personnel, in the admission of students, or in the administration of the school programming because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, or handicapped status in violation of existing state or federal law or regulations.

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