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Welcome to MultiDyneŽ Video & Fiber Optic Systems

Award Winning Inovation : MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has 40 years of experience leads the industry in developing pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, government, military, and healthcare markets. www.multidyne .com

Portable/Throw Down Products- Fiber Saver 12G Series More optical signals over fewer fibers: The FS Series helps engineers send and receive more optical signals over fewer fibers. When fiber is limited in metropolitan areas, stadiums and facilities, it can be a challenge or even impossible to get every optical signal on a CWDM wavelength for single fiber transport. The FS12G-Seiries offers wavelength ignostic inputs, giving the ability to multiplex any digital optical signal over one fiber in either direction. For example, a user can deploy one strand of fiber and have 9 SMPTE cameras at one and their 9 CCUs at the other or take the fiber from a distant HD transmitter and combine it with several optical matrix outputs in an OB van. www.multidyne .com

Conversion Products- Mini eXchange Converter (3G)

Highly Affordable and Convenient Signal Converters. The new MultDyneAV Series of compact ProAV signal converters includes an SDI to HDMI version that converts 3G/HD SDI signals to HDMI for display on affordable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) monitors. This converter supports up to 8 channels of HDMI embedded audio output, and features one 3G/HD SDI input port and one 3G/ HD SDI loop output. It is ideally suited for use with HD-SDI cameras or other SDI video sources to connect HDMI video recorders or monitors for image review and display. www.multidyne .com

Legacy Products- DAM-4000

Designed for Applications that Demand High Quality Video, Audio and Data Transmission Over Fiber. The DAM–4000 SERIES is designed for applications that demand high quality audio (24 bit) and data transmission over fiber. Applications include links from studio to transmitter (STL), studio to studio, studio to CATV head–end, common carrier, RBOC Telco circuits, distance learning, Intelligent Transportation Systems & back–haul feeds from special events. www.multidyne .com

SilverBack HD Fiber- SilverBack 4K5 & 4K6 A robust, full bandwidth fiber optic link solution. The MultiDyne family of SilverBack camera-mounted transceivers capture images from SD to 4K and beyond, that extend the range of any HD/4K camera system, reduce weight and save time and money. The newest member is the SilverBack 4K5 Fiber-Optic System for 4K Quad-Link 3G Camcorders. • One RU Base Station • Five 1.5 or 3Gb/s HD-SDI signals one-way and one SDI-HD/SDI Return path • Two channels of audio • Two channels of Intercom • Two channels of Data www.multidyne .com

Field Fiber Portable Transport-LiGHTCuBE Rack Mount

Rack Mount Kit for Cube Products. Compact, inexpensive method of extending the range of your JVC multi–core cable. With the LiGHTBoX–MC, you are no longer restained by the 300ft maximum length of the JVC multi– core. Works with LightCube Works with HalfCube (shown) www.multidyne Adjustable Rear Support .com

OpenGear- OG-5210-EMB 3G/HD/SD-SDI 16-Channel AES/8-Channel Analog Audio Embedder/De-Embedder The OG–5210-EMB 3G/HD/SD-SDI 16-Channel AES/8-Channel Analog Audio Embedder/De-Embedder offers full-flexibility AES and analog audio embedding/de-embedding in a basic, economical, high-efficiency openGear® card.

www.multidyne .com

Wavelength Shifter/Remapper CWDM Multiplexing Products- GenPlex High Speed Data Networks and SMPTE Camera Chains •

• • •

The MultiDyne GenPlex-12G can be strategically placed in the middle of long distance runs in order to regenerate the signal. With two inputs and two outputs, the GenPlex-12G is ideal for 10G data networks, as well as new 12G SMPTE camera chains, allowing the regeneration of a send and receive fiber. Regenerate 12G optical signals Ideal from high speed data networks and SMPTE camera chains. Data rate 1Gbps to 12Gbps. www.multidyne .com

RF Fiber Transport Products- CTV-2000

Increase Signal Capacity Without Installing More Fiber-Optic Cables. The MultiDyne FiberSaver is an innovative solution for combining as many as 18 HD-SDI feeds, or optical signals of any wavelength onto one single-mode fiber. Mobile trucks, OB vans and facility managers can now offer expanded video and audio capacity when hosting major events without having to deal with additional fiber cabling and the associated costs. The MultiDyne FiberSaver transport accepts SDI video signals ranging from 270Mbs up to 3Gbs and converts them into optical signals. These signals can then be combined with other optical signals of any wavelength and then transported over one fiber. www.multidyne


CONTACT INFORMATION MULTIDYNE - Video and Fiber Optic System 10 Newton Place, Hauppauge, New York 11788 Ph: 1 877-685-8439 Email: For more information please visit our website WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM www.multidyne .com

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Fiber transport|Field fiber transport  

MultiDyne is focused on helping their customers achieve more with less baggage, whether they are in a studio or venue, on a truck or on the...

Fiber transport|Field fiber transport  

MultiDyne is focused on helping their customers achieve more with less baggage, whether they are in a studio or venue, on a truck or on the...