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Front Royal

“I hear a lot of talk in town about economic growth, ‘our own building inspection department … – let’s get people coming to town.’ I’m telling you from people I talk to in the architectural community, people are not going to recommend people coming here.” - architect-planner Joe Duggan

Engle’s Angle: It’s Dirty Out There By Kevin S. Engle Warren County Report First stop, the dry cleaner. I have a few items to pick up. I hand the woman behind the counter my credit card and she swipes it through the machine. When the transaction processes, she places my card on the counter. I wish she wouldn’t do that. The counter doesn’t look all that clean. Couldn’t she just hand it to me? I pick up the card, wipe it on my pant leg and put it back in my wallet. Next stop, Lowe’s. We need some air filters for the furnace. As I’m headed to the correct aisle, I spot a penny on the floor. It’s my lucky day. Or is it? When I bend down to pick it up, something flashes through my brain. I wonder where it’s been? I already know where it is right now. On the floor. Where people have been stepping on it for who knows how long. I hesitate for a second, but pick it up anyway. It may be dirty, but it is money. Now where do I put it? Hmm. I consider my options and shove it in my jeans rear pocket, one that I hardly use. When I get back to the car, I squirt hand cleaner on my fingers. That should take care of any germs. Third stop, Costco® Wholesale Club. I’m thinking about joining. A half hour later, after checking out the place, I’m ready to leave. Before I do, I head to the bathroom. As I’m taking care of business, my sunglasses case falls out of my jacket and on to the floor. Wonderful.

You don’t want to be dropping anything in a public restroom. They’re not always the cleanest places. When I’m done, I carefully pick up my sunglasses case and head to the sink. I rinse the case with water and then wash my hands. I’ll scrub it with cleaner when I get home. Where do I put it in the car? Another dilemma. I stick it on the floor mat. It’s dirty too. Next stop, the library. My cousin suggested a book and I’m looking forward to reading it. I find it and go. When I pull in my driveway, I stop the car and get the mail out of the box. The gritty grimy mailbox that I only rinse out once or twice a year. No mail goes upstairs until I’ve wiped it off in the laundry room. House rule #17. The next day, while reading the book, I make a discovery. An unpleasant one. There’s a dried speck of something stuck to the page. My best guess? Food of some variety. Fantastic. This is exactly why my wife doesn’t get books from the library. I go upstairs to my office and look in the garbage can. The one I only use for ‘clean’ garbage. No food. I retrieve a piece of paper and go back downstairs where I use it to scrape the dried speck of food into the kitchen garbage can. I enjoyed the book, but not all of the other discoveries I made while reading it. Gross. It’s dirty out there folks. Be careful. The author doesn’t think he has OCD, although he may lean that direction. –kevinengle456@comcast.net

The implication of adding a total of five to six feet of paved space throughout a subdivision road system five miles long is the addition of 3.6 acres of paved surface, Barnett asserted. “And all the water falling on that must be managed. The more you do as a council to mitigate the amount of water in new subdivisions, the less retro-fit you’re going to have to do to existing town facilities,” Barnett said of the potential of revisiting the new standards if state and federal guidelines on water abatement become law. Waddaya doing to me, guys? Vazzana then addressed what he perceived as a lack of consistency between some of the proposed changes and guidelines in past town Comprehensive Plans that he and his staff have been dealing with as they have moved forward with the town planning department on developmental plans on his properties. He noted that many of those plans reflected not

Landscape architect and design consultant Joe Duggan asks if the town is not cutting its own economic throat by proposing what he sees as counterproductive, anti-environmental developmental standards. only past and existing town Comp Plans, but public input on citizen wishes for the future developmental look of the community. “Water is really, I believe, one of the biggest issues of the 21st Century.

Don’t forget to ‘Spring forward’ … … At 2 a.m., Sunday, March 8th, when Daylight Saving Time begins.

We’ve been addressing and working with town staff, with the planning commission for almost eight years on this, guys, and we’ve finally gotten to this point and we’re appreciative to be here but … the Comprehensive Plan doesn’t really mean much if you can’t implement what’s in it,” Vazzana observed. “So, we’ve got the 1997 and 2007 Comprehensive Plans that say See TOWN, 16

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Mid March 2015 Warren and Frederick County Report  

Local news for Front Royal, Linden, Bentonville, Browntown, Middletown, Stephens City, Winchester, Warren County and Frederick County, Virgi...

Mid March 2015 Warren and Frederick County Report  

Local news for Front Royal, Linden, Bentonville, Browntown, Middletown, Stephens City, Winchester, Warren County and Frederick County, Virgi...