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Bibingka Plain 15.00/doz Bibingka Salted Egg Topping 18.00/doz Buko Pandan Gelatin with Buko & Lychees Cassava Cake Palitaw

30.00/tray 30.00/tray 30.00/tray 20.00/tray

Puto sa Dahon Torta de Cebu

12.00/doz 16.00/doz

Pichi-Pichi Suman (Sweet Rice) WBL wrapped in banana leaves Cassava (Alupe) WBL


Mini Egg Pies

Parties. Simplified. Pinoy Specialties Re-defined.

10.00/doz 12.00/doz 8.00/doz


484.321.1637 Philadelphia Delaware

Parties. Simplified.

Philadelphia Delaware


The Elements of Fresh Visit us and join the discussions or leave us a testimony or comment at: ______________ March 2015 The Elements of Fresh.

Appetizers Empanada (Beef) 1.25 Empanada (Chicken) 1.25 Empanada (Veggie) with Chimichurri Sauce additional Chimichurri Sauce

$15.00/doz $15.00/doz $18.00/doz

Spring Roll (Chicken) Spring Roll (Veggie)

60.00/100 60.00/100

Eggroll (Shanghai) Frozen

60.00/100 50.00/100



Pasta/Noodles Palabok Palabok with Shrimp Palabok with Squid Pancit Bihon (Chicken) Pancit Bihon (Shrimp) Pancit Canton (Chicken) Pancit Canton (Shrimp) Pancit Sotanghon (Chicken) Pancit Sotanghon (Shrimp) Spaghetti (Pinoy Style) Pancit Bisaya (Bam-i) Chicken Pancit Bisaya (Bam-i) Shrimp


3 days ahead!

30.00/tray 35.00/tray 40.00/tray 30.00/tray 35.00/tray 30.00/tray 35.00/tray 30.00/tray 35.00/tray 30.00/tray 30.00/tray 35.00/tray

Party trays should be ordered ahead of time. Big orders should be a week before event. Call: 484.321.1637


Beef Beef Tapa Bistek Kare-Kare Kare-Kare with Tripe Beef Caldereta Embutido (Morcon) Pochero Pepper Steak Mechado

40.00/tray 40.00/tray 40.00/tray 45.00/tray 45.00/tray 8.00/roll 40.00/tray 40.00/tray 40.00/tray

Chicken Adobo Afritada Asado Barbecue Chicken with Pineapple Chicken Marsala Cashew Chicken

35.00/tray 35.00/tray 35.00/tray 40.00/tray 35.00/tray 37.00/tray 35.00/tray

Seafood Adobong Pusit (Specialty!) 45.00/tray Escabeche (1 Tilapia) 15.00 Steamed Mussels Wh.Wine Sauce 40.00 Steamed Fish (1 Fomfret) 15.00 Sweet & Sour (1 Tilapia) 15.00 Fish Black Bean Sauce (1 Tilapia) 15.00 Shrimp Tempura 60.00/tray

Pork Adobo Pork Afritada Pork Barbecue Pork Dinuguan Hamonado (Spanish Style Ham) Lechon Kawali (3) PorkMenudo Spare Ribs Black Bean Sauce Crispy Pata (1)

35.00/tray 35.00/tray 45.00/tray 35.00/tray 40.00/order 35.00 35.00/tray 40.00/tray 15.00 each

Vegetables Pinoy Chop Suey Amaplaya with Egg & Pork Ginisang Monggo Nilaswahang Gulay (Bisaya) Ginisang Sitaw at Kalabasa Pinakbet String Beans Almond Beef Mango-Jicama Salad

38.00/tray 28.00/tray 28.00/tray 25.00/tray 28.00/tray 30.00/tray 30.00/tray 28.00/tray

Soups Arroz con Caldo Pancit Molo Pancit Lomi (Kowloon style) Califlower Celery Bisque Squash, Sweet Potato Bisque

$35.00/tray $40.00/tray $35.00/tray $35.00/order $35.00/order March 2015

Menu March 2015  

Call Sherry at: 484.321.1637.

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