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EPISODE 5: Does Cardio Help to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle?

A great cardio workout can really improve a lot of things.

Cardio exercises work by getting your heart pumping.

In return, your body will start using fat cell reserves as energy to burn.

When you start burning fat with a good cardio workout, you will start to gain muscle.

Cardio workouts are fun and can help you to lose weight by building the muscles and burning fat.

A leisurely walk at 2 miles per hour will burn around 300 calories.

You need to walk at least an hour a day at a brisk pace to get your blood flowing and to burn fat.

Jogging is a great cardio fat burner.

Stay positive!

You may gain a little weight, but don’t worry because it’s due to muscle gain.

Make sure

to drink

plenty of water when working out.

You need to replenish your muscles with water because you are tearing your muscles down the harder you work out.

Stay focused, be patient and you will get the results you desire.

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